my lower spine hurts – "Punch 29" so yoga not only relaxes the body and mind, but also gives spinal flexibility? | sore vertebrae lower back

"You are as young as your spine is healthy."

In the spine, there are many nerves that control the vital organs of the body.The external configuration of the spine has a great impact on the posture of a person, and the extension of the spine can make people look energetic, healthy and confident.

my lower spine hurts

Our common cervical spondylosis, round shoulder hunchback, lumbar pain and other problems, are related to the spine;So, when we practice yoga, we often need to do the routine practice of opening the chest and flexible spine;

But many people mistakenly believe that they do these exercises only to achieve or complete a difficult pose.

my lower spine hurts

In fact, the practice of opening the chest and moving the spine is not just about completing asanas.

Its biggest role is to help us effectively alleviate, avoid and prevent the spinal sub-health state.

my lower spine hurts

For instance,Work at desk for a long time, or lower the head to play a mobile phone, hard to avoid backache, serious still can bring about cervical vertebra disease, at this moment, exercise yoga alleviate again good however.

Therefore, today I recommend several yoga postures to you, with the help of foam axis, can effectively relieve cervical spine and upper back pain, but also make your spine more healthy, can also practice at home oh!

Action 1

Action 2

my lower spine hurts

Movement 3

my lower spine hurts

Action 4

my lower spine hurts

Action 5

my lower spine hurts

Action 6

my lower spine hurts

Action 7

my lower spine hurts

The above movements can be practiced every day to relieve stress, release body and mind and keep away from sub-health. From now on! Don't let your spine age you ahead of time.

my lower spine hurts

"Patience and persistence are better than intensity and fanaticism. No matter how much the environment changes, only the original intention and hope never change, can finally overcome the difficulties and achieve the goal.

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my lower spine hurts – Spinal exercise | sore vertebrae lower back

The key to exercise the spine is a "move" word, how to move is a great stress. Generally speaking, spinal exercise to achieve the "four movement", first is the pupa movement, natural standing, two eyes closed, the whole body to relax, natural breathing, in a quiet state from the tailbone first, from the bottom and up by section pupa movement to the large vertebra, and then from the large vertebra by section down pupa movement to the tailbone. Next is the swing, starting from the tailbone, from the bottom up to the left, right swing to the big vertebra, and then from the big vertebra down to the tailbone. Next comes the wiggle, still starting from the tailbone, the mill-like wiggle first to the left and then to the right and rear segments to the greater vertebra, and then from the greater vertebra down to the tailbone. Finally, there is wriggling. According to the above methods, the whole spine moves, wiggles and wiggles in combination with multi-directional movements, moving up and down together. In the "four movements", pay attention to the light, loose, slow, even, round, soft, must not use gentle force. The most direct effect of "four movements" is to increase oxygen intake, improve microcirculation and enhance immunity.

It's worth noting that spinal exercises don't have to be done outdoors, but can be done on your balcony or in your bedroom.

My limbs were limbering up, my mind was fresh, my eyes were bright, my head was hot and my head was cold.

Corrective action 2– knee holding (knee holding)

Adjust the femoral joint, remove the skew of the pelvis, instantly straighten the spine, restore the physiological curvature of the spine, remove the skew of the muscle system, relax and relax the body. The biggest effect and purpose of this correction method is to "correct the left and right skew of the spine", that is, lateral curvature. Note: spinal waist bending forward bending can not do this action, according to the disease design.

Corrective action 3 lie mechanics therapy the pillow mainly corrects the lumbar vertebra, the thoracic vertebra, the cervical vertebra. Let the waist back, lumbar forward bending, this can correct the spine before and after askew. Want to do before putting lumbar pillow hold knee motion, can correct the bend of vertebra left and right sides. Hold knee correction and lumbar pillow correction two groups of action combination, can restore the physiological curvature of the spine. The biggest effect and purpose of this correction method is to "correct the skew of ridge vertebra before and after", which is also known as posterior curvature, commonly known as "hunchback".

Corrective action 4 flexion and extension (flexion and extension movement and application of foot type)

Can correct the length of left and right foot, develop muscle system in correct Angle at the same time, let right and left foot can maintain correct balanced Angle, restore the physiology of vertebra to bend degree, prevent the ageing of the foot, promote blood circulation, improve heart and lung function. That is to say, flexion and extension can correct deviated muscles, lateral curvature of ridge vertebrae, posterior curvature, and make the whole body muscles develop normally through the activities of shoulder and knee joints. So after correcting the Angle of the femoral joint, do knee and lumbar pillow correction, and finally do flexion and extension exercises, so that the muscles developed towards the wrong Angle can maintain the correct bone system. Note: the foot type when standing is different from person to person, the different foot type two feet put is not the same, the teacher guidance will be better!

Corrective action 5 knee position corrective action adjusts the balance of the spine, pelvis and femoral joints to prevent various diseases. At the same time can prevent hunchback, remove muscle system bias. Note: patients with forward and backward bends should be adjusted in this position. In addition, I have changed this position to put the palms of both hands up on the thigh. In addition, the placement of kneeling feet is also exquisite, which is different due to different foot types. Here is only the introduction of the general posture, not targeted!

my lower spine hurts

Corrective action 6. After the kneeling and bowing correction exercise is applied, a bow correction shall be carried out. Bow correction can effectively improve the abnormal Angle of the femoral joint, leading to the body's original natural healing power. Note: the direction of the bow varies from person to person. If the lumbar spine bends to the left, bow to the right, and if the lumbar spine bends to the right, bow to the left.

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my lower spine hurts – Scoliosis, women have two optimal correction period | sore vertebrae lower back

People are born with a spine, but it's not fixed. The fetus in the mother is around the body, spinal profile is c-shaped, after birth slowly from c-shaped to s-shaped transformation, preliminary shape at the age of 14 — 15, fully mature at the age of 23 — 25. Surveys show that 60 percent of people over the age of 30 have chiropractic problems, 80 percent of people over 40 have chiropractic problems, and most scoliosis originates in adolescence and childhood.

From the perspective of onset time, it can be divided into four nodes: infants, adolescents, adolescents and adults. Infants and young children refer to the onset age of 0-3 years; The onset age is 4-10 years, usually before puberty; Adolescent onset age at 10 years, closed epiphysis puberty, is the most common type of preadult scoliosis; Adult idiopathic scoliosis refers to the scoliosis formed during the adolescent period, due to no treatment, or some treatment, but no significant improvement of the deformity, into adulthood there is further progress of scoliosis.

Scoliosis is the most common "razor back", some patients will also find bilateral shoulder joint imbalance and pelvic imbalance, forming our popular term back twisting, high and low shoulders, long and short legs, some children do not grow head and so on.

, said Dr Dong Anli clinical spinal scoliosis has three season, one is adolescent, one is pregnant and perinatal period, one is the menopause, and the sooner you find, the earlier treatment begins, the better, the best treatment period is 12 years old, 6 years old children can rectify and maintenance, Dr Dong clinical treatment also had many babies born two months to two years old, and such treatment as early as possible will be able to avoid the onset of scoliosis.

For women, do spinal correction during pregnancy and delivery, not only the treatment effect is good, but also can increase the probability of vaginal birth. Dong said, for example, that 100 percent of the pregnant women he treats give birth naturally, and the delivery time is greatly reduced. Some give birth in less than an hour, with the shortest time being 20 minutes.

back chiropractor

"Your spinal problems, it's like a debt you owe, and if you don't pay it back, it just keeps rolling over." Dr Dong spoke vividly of the significance and necessity of attaching importance to chiropractic diseases and early treatment.

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sore vertebrae lower back – Thursday's sports day ︱ driving every day so long, it is necessary to such maintenance neck vertebrae

Action site: neck muscle group.

Note: when your head tilts left or right, your shoulders should be the same height. When you tilt your head forward, be careful not to bow your back.

Driver health exercise shoulder stretch

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Role: shoulder muscle group.

Action: extend right hand to chest, do not make force, pull right elbow gently with left hand, last about 5 ~ 10 seconds. Switch left and right. Take advantage of the single gap, grasp the moment to stretch tight shoulder neck, can easily be a healthy driving group.

Driver health exercise to brush hair and eyes

back chiropractor

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Role:Health exercise combing hair and eyes can help drivers relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness and protect eyes.

Using your fingers instead of a comb, comb back from the hairline on your forehead to the occipital area, then comb over and behind your ears. Brush your hair 10 ~ 20 times each time, which can improve the blood supply of the brain, invigorate the brain, and reduce blood pressure.

Look out of the window for 1 minute every half an hour. Blink your eyes several times or do eye blink exercises to relax the eye muscles, promote blood circulation and rest your eyes.

back chiropractor

Look up first as far as possible hind Yang, bend the jaw to bosom again, make neck back muscle pulls tight, tilt to right and left both sides 10 ~ 15 times next rely on the back of the chair with lumbar back, embrace after neck of both hands for a moment. Stretch can accelerate blood circulation, relax the muscles of the whole body, correct excessive curvature of the spine forward, maintain body shape. This regimen can prevent and treat pain in the neck and lumbar vertebrae caused by sitting for long periods of time.

back chiropractor

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Kneading the abdomen and levitating the anus are the simplest, completely free of time and place restrictionsChinese medicine keeping in good healthMovement. Right hand clockwise around the navel knead 36 weeks, to prevent constipation, indigestion and other good results. Lift the anus up and then relax, one by one, over and over again. Anal exercises can be preventedhemorrhoidsEt al perianal diseases.

People who drive for a long time should focus on exercising shoulders, neck, lumbar and lower limbs, learn to steal time from their busy schedule, and find a little time to do the above mentioned health sports, so as to avoid and alleviate cervical spondylosis,Periarthritis of shoulderBone hyperplasia and sciatica.

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sore vertebrae lower back – Spinal adjustment for children? An Australian chiropractor gives a 2-week-old chiropractor, massage or child abuse?


A website called

Cranbourne family chiropractic

On their facebook page,

I posted a video.

Originally it was just a professional sharing video,

I didn't expect an uproar,

A lot of people who watched video,

All think this short 50 seconds video

It was very disturbing.

sore vertebrae lower back

In this video,

A massage therapist named Andrew Arnold,

In for aJust 2 weeks old,

Doing,spondyloplasty(spinal manipulations)

Massage therapy.

sore vertebrae lower back

So video you can see Arnold demonstrating

How do you massage a babyThe back of theHip and clavicle

He alsoRepeatedly tap the baby's head,

Will heLegs hanging upside down from his legs.

sore vertebrae lower back

Arnold also USES a method called"Activator"the

Spring-type chiropractic therapy equipment,

Apply the device to hisThe neck,

Tailbone and spine.

sore vertebrae lower back

At this point, Arnold says in video:

"He would scream."

Sure enough, babyWow, just crythe.

The crying was intense.

sore vertebrae lower back

The minister of healthJenny mikakosSaid,

The video"Very disturbing."

sore vertebrae lower back


Young children and infants are facing potential harm, "she said.

"The Australian chiropractic board must condemn it

This practice is unprofessional and unacceptable,

And ahpra must act quickly,

Stop these hooligans from continuing."

Micakos said,

Although spinal alignment of the kind shown in videoIs not illegal,

But there is "no reliable basis" for its effectiveness.


sore vertebrae lower back

Including the royal Australian college of general practitioners

And the royal Australian college of physicians

Had warned themDon't use this treatment on babies.

sore vertebrae lower back

Baby chiropractic has been popular in Australia for some time

It is said to be therapeuticEar infections

toThe tongueAll kinds of diseases.

But is it so magical?

sore vertebrae lower back

In 2012 byThe cochraneOrganizational research.

Review on the manipulation of abdominal pain in infants,

Which involves325 babiestheSix randomized trials,

The conclusion is that these studies are too small,

And the quality is not high

No reliable conclusion can be drawn.

sore vertebrae lower back

"Although in six trials,

There were five indications of manipulationMake the baby cry less.

But the cases in these studies,

Only the parents don't know

Whether their children had been treated,

There is no evidence that

Manipulation can improve abdominal pain in infants,"

The author wrote.

sore vertebrae lower back

It may be that old books are not read so much,

When you hear that massage can cure an infection or even abdominal pain,

The first reaction was

sore vertebrae lower back

This is obviously more like than our Chinese medicineThe metaphysicsAh.

But there are so many parents every year,

Send your baby for this treatment.

In Australia, where health care is so developed,

Is in thepuzzling.

sore vertebrae lower back

But there is growing controversy over the treatment,

While the effect is not guaranteed,

There's a lot at stake,

includingparalysisandCerebral hemorrhageDanger cannot be avoided!

In view of this,

Some doctors even hope

regulatorsA complete banChiropractic therapy for children.

sore vertebrae lower back

A name in ABC

In background briefing,

Chiropractic therapy for infants was proposedStrong questioning.

Reporter Ann Arnold investigated the details of chiropractic,

A lot of interviewsprofessionals.

sore vertebrae lower back

At last sheConclusions drawnIs this:

Risk of spinal adjustment in newborns

Far greater than any perceived benefit!

John CunninghamIs a

Melbourne,Spine surgeon,

He said he didn't understand

Why there are newborn spinal massages.

He stressed that the treatment could cause damage to babies.

He also said that,

As a doctor, he was used to all kinds of situations.

Ben should have been very calm.

But when he saw youtube,

When such a small baby is treated like this,

orI wanted to cry with anger.

sore vertebrae lower back

You know, newborn babiesVery fragile,

Pediatrician Jacqueline small says,

Spinal adjustment is likely to be injurious

The newborn'sBetween the spinal growth plate and the vertebraeThe location of the.

sore vertebrae lower back

And even more deadly,

A small babyDon't understand to speak,

Unable to express their feelings.

As a result,

The damage may not be immediately known to parents,

Perhaps in theIt's going to be a couple of yearsCome out.

The result will probably be alreadyCannot be redeemed.

sore vertebrae lower back

Every baby is the heart of the familybaby,

Ladies and gentlemen,

For this unproven "miracle" treatment,

Better hold onA sensible wait-and-see attitude.

After all,Protect good childrenThat's what matters.

– end –

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The New Year

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sore base of back – The headdress on the back of ancient costume woman close-up: fuyao identification degree is highest, can you recognize bai feifei at a glance | sore vertebrae lower back

< / p > < p > costume drama "fu yao" in the reincarnated, xuanji wang nvfeng unknown, married changsun wuji disguised xuanyuan min, think her back headgear feature?

In the costume drama "song in the clouds", liu ailing has become his wife. After liu ailing has become the emperor, he let his wife become the queen on the ground of "so the sword is deep". Does the phoenix hairpin on the queen's back look good?

stiff back remedy

When Chen guiren and the emperor hold a private wedding in the costume drama "three lives three generations ten miles of peach blossoms", the phoenix crest tassel close-up on her back comes into everyone's eyes. You can't imagine she is a fairy.

stiff back remedy

Costume drama "wu Lin waishi" in the vengeance goddess ghost palace master, when she is not the palace master, like weak willow fu feng, gentle and charming, wearing a string of pink red hair net tassels, the United States wins the fairy.

stiff back remedy

Period costume drama "Yang men tiger general" medium female one, pan renmei young daughter, her back headgear is clip of a blue butterfly, have blue tassel series in series.

stiff back remedy

The first empress dowager of the state of qin in the historical drama "legend of miyue", she returned to China after suffering a lot from the state of yan.

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sore vertebrae lower back – Neck pain, stiff stiff neck? This pillow can straighten the spine!

Cervical vertebra is curved, whole person posture becomes ugly

As the saying goes, nine out of ten people have spinal problems. Because the problem is so common, most people think it's a normal glitch.

However, cervical spine problems once serious is also a lot of people can not imagine the terrible.

In the earlyLike most people, shoulders and neck appearAcid bilges,Stiff painfulAnd occasionallyNeck stiffness;

Mid –The curvature of the cervical spine causes compression of the blood vessels and nerves to begin to appearnumbness,Dizzy and sick,Giddy tinnitusThe symptom such as;

In the lateSome people doUrine lossThe forbidden, evenQuadriplegia, breathing pain;

It's more serious laterAt this point, the cervical spine straightens into a back arch, the lower limbs become weak,Muscle atrophy.

sore back muscle relief

Do not feel this is in alarmist, because a lot of people do not attach importance to cervical vertebra problem at the beginning, to later period already neededSurgery is the answer.

Your cervical vertebra problem is about to begin to take seriously to rise from now!!!

sore back muscle relief

How many kilograms is your neck bearing?

Small make up is to listen to colleagues about the seriousness of the matter, panic colleagues to small make up the recommendationGrandpa cheng's cervical spine relief pillowBy simply lying down, the sore neck will gradually return to normal.

sore back muscle relief

Happy to take home a trial period of time, these days foundNeck soreness has really gone down a lotI feel more energetic when I write

Bone-setting and chiropractic works inherited in 69 years

Lie down 8 minutes in the morning and evening to restore healthy cervical vertebra

The inventor of the cervical spine soothing pillow is grandpa cheng, said to be scattered in the folkBone-setting and bone-setting master. In the bone-setting and chiropractic industryIn 69,.

sore back muscle relief

And this cervical vertebra relieves the backrest, also is precisely cheng grandfather after 69 years of time, developed together with his students disciples inheritance work.

The chiropractic methods that we have seen before are all enforced braces like the one on the back.

Grandpa cheng's cervical spine soothing pillow completely abandoned the mechanical correction, and adoptedYour own weight naturally traction cervical spine, sharing the cervical spine support burden, so as to achieve cervical correction.

sore back muscle relief

This method is more comfortable to correct, and can makeUnblocked vertebral arteryTo promote blood supply to the brain and avoid excessive pressure on the nerves from the head to the cervical vertebra.

Spatial pressure supports the weight of the head and stretches the neck in a fixed state,Ease shoulder and neck load,Eliminate so-called "soreness".

Correction doesn't take time, justLie down for eight minutes in the morning and eight minutes in the eveningYou can stay relaxed throughout the day.

Five functions

Solve cervical vertebra distress

Restore physical curvature of shoulder and neck

sore back muscle relief

By natural traction to enlarge the neck space,Effectively relieve joint stenosis, joint capsule and ligament calcificationWait for a problem.

You can lie downShoulder and neck return to normal curve, can also improve the lack of blood supply, relieve cervical discomfort and other symptoms.

Correct overstraightening of vertebral sequence

Some people's vertebral bodies are tilted forward too much, which will cause a lot of inconvenience in daily life. For example, they often feel neck pain and cannot lift their head.

Grandpa cheng cervical vertebra pillow can correct vertebra sequence, restore the space of interspace, let cervical vertebra no longer suffer compression.

sore back muscle relief

Cervical spine straight, even the height also followed back ~

Reduction of hyperplasia to control atrophy

Reduce the friction between vertebrae, make the force balance, inhibit the growth rate.

sore back muscle relief

Relieve compression of nerve vessels

Increase the gap to eliminate the compression of nerve and blood vessels, stimulate the normal circulation of qi and blood,The acid and numbness are gone.

sore back muscle relief

Restore natural health

Restore natural physiological curvature, nutrition and moisture into the vertebral body. Cervical vertebra is normal.Every day is full of vitality~

sore back muscle relief

Accessories precision, professional attitude

Eight gears, free and flexible combination

Grandfather cheng's cervical vertebra relief pillow, built-in Japanese seiko IC, the United States Texas instruments microcontroller IC.Intelligent upgrade, slow upgrade.

The 18 sets of accessories inside look like Jane instead of Jane. Each set of accessories is full of medical significance.

69 concentrated professional essence, cervical vertebra problem never treat as a joke.

sore back muscle relief

Join the neck regionFar-infrared composite fiber,10 minutes time preheat temperatureTo relieve neck stiffness and pain.

sore back muscle relief

Three heat selection,Automatic shutdown stops when time comes. Flexible combination of eight gears, pressure difference from weak to strong.

sore back muscle relief

You can choose the most suitable gear according to your degree of shoulder and neck pain.Natural comfort and tractionFor the best.

sore back muscle relief

Gear adjustment method is also very simple, just a little move can be.

sore back muscle relief

Base of 100 dense line segments, so that pillow tightly grasp the ground, useNo slippageThe phenomenon.

sore back muscle relief

At the same time has two national invention patents, can be assured to buy use.

sore back muscle relief

Lie down for a few minutes before going to bed every night. Because the intervertebral space is opened, blood flows smoothlyeasilyGo to sleep.

sore back muscle relief

Use it twice in the morning and twice in the eveningWill make you feel comfortable and natural.

sore back muscle relief

Should be tall and erect youth and prime years, but the shape of a bent old man,Cervical spine problems are urgent.

Not only can you use it, buy it and give itParents and elderly people with severe cervical pain, is a manifestation of filial piety.

sore back muscle relief

As the New Year approaches, it is not expensive to take home such a gift, but it is enough.

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my lower spine hurts – Vertebra is bad, can you cause what disease? | sore vertebrae lower back

Bad spine can cause dozens of diseases, no joke! In addition to specific organs of the human body, all by the spinal cord nerve innervation, once the spinal cord nervous system compression is easy to cause lesions.

Stroke, headache, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, shoulder and neck pain, upper limb acid numbness, cold, etc.

If we have problems with the upper cervical spine, cervical dislocation can cause compression of the vertebral artery, leading to a lack of blood supply to the brain, making the brain hypoxia. Cause dizziness, headache, insomnia and other symptoms.

Lack of blood supply to the brain is very likely to cause stroke, many people think that the elderly function degradation so memory decline, is actually related to cervical spondylosis.

Cervical vertebra above is cervical plexus nerve, below is brachial plexus nerve, it tube shoulder, elbow, arm and finger, once the lower cervical vertebra has a problem, can cause such as periarthritis of shoulder, 50 shoulders.

Paralysis, backache, lumbar muscle strain, dysmenorrhea, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, infertility, lumbar disc herniation, menopausal syndrome, endocrine disorders, etc.

Women should pay particular attention to the autonomic nerves in the lower lumbar nerves of the lumbar spine, which supply the uterus, ovaries, bladder and anus. When the lumbar spine has a problem, it can easily cause dysmenorrhea in young women.

Chinese medicine reminds: sterility also concerns with lumbar vertebra, because the nerve of lower lumbar vertebra can tube to uterus ovarian, uterine ovarian function is bad, ovulation can have a problem. Male compatriots mainly reflected in the lack of sperm ability, easy to cause infertility.

Chest stuffy short, vulnerable to wind chill, fatigue, indigestion, poor blood sugar control, etc.

The thoracic vertebra nerve runs along our costal shoulders to the anterior chest, and the muscular part of it affects breast development. Its internal organs run from the top down to the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, and other important organs in the thoracic vertebra.

Lower cervical vertebra follows thoracic vertebra this paragraph, tube arrives bronchi, the person that this paragraph has a problem, cause bronchitis very easily, cold.

The nerve tube of the lower thoracic vertebra goes to the pancreas, and the nerve of the lower thoracic vertebra is compressed, resulting in poor pancreatic function, poor insulin secretion and poor blood glucose control.

my lower spine hurts

In general, the following are the main causes of spondylosis:

1. Incorrect postureSuch as: sitting, standing, lying, and for a long time in the same position at the desk or other work;

2. Unreasonable bedding will cause excessive tension of ligaments and muscles, strain, disc herniation, and dysfunction of small joints;

3. The invasion of wind chill and humidity affects local blood circulation and accelerates tissue degeneration;

4, trauma will make the condition worse, chronic injuries gradually cause aggravation of the disease;

5. Psychological factors and poor general health may cause or aggravate the symptoms of spondylosis;

6. Genetic factors: about 1% of patients with spondylosis are hereditary;

7. Occupational factors: dancers, long-distance drivers, welders, office workers and people who work for a long time.

Most people's spinal problems are caused by improper habits or posture in daily life. Check out the correct posture:

Killer posture:hunchback

Hazard:After bending, it greatly increases the pressure on the lumbar vertebra.

Causes:Sitting for long periods of time causes fatigue in the stability muscles. There is no support in front, but there is a back of the chair, and leaning forward is more difficult than leaning backward. Therefore, the pelvis leans back to relax the stability muscles, and the waist bends. The eyes need to look straight, the head is raised, the cervical spine will bend.

Solutions:Sit behind the chair as far as possible buttocks, increase lumbar support. Get up and stretch regularly.

Killer posture:Half lying and sitting

my lower spine hurts

Hazard:Severe compression of lumbar disc, obstructing the natural curvature of the spine, easy to cause hunchback.

Causes:The seat such as sofa is too wide, buttock sits in the end, sit for a long time do not have back of a chair to support easy make muscle fatigue, the person can rely on in the back for relaxing, the waist is suspended without support, pressure is all on lumbar intervertebral disc.

Solutions:Sit to the end, allowing the back of the chair to provide lumbar support. If you can't sit to the end, change seats or give lumbar support in the air.

Killer posture:Your legs

my lower spine hurts

Hazard:Causes pelvic skew, lumbar kyphosis, scoliosis, cervical vertebra kyphosis.

Causes:Sitting pelvis backward, thigh open is not beautiful or unstable when you will want to cross the legs, this will make the pelvis more backward, lumbar kyphosis, cervical vertebra convex.

Solution: sit upright.

my lower spine hurts

In fact, the prevention of spinal disease, mainly to change the bad habits of life, more exercise, do not sit. The following back rolling exercises are mainly used to massage the spine and relax the spine for prevention.

Depending on each person's physical condition, there are physical differences, too old, bad health do not do this movement. WeChat public platform: spinal health alliance

Roll back action one

my lower spine hurts

And leg bend the knees to sit on the ground, two hands embrace crus, close abdomen arch back, the body in the back from tail vertebra, lumbar touch the ground one by one. Just begin foot need not cross a head, after doing a few more, inspect body condition again and decide, roll to thoracic vertebra, cervical vertebra, tiptoe is on, double foot crosses a head gradually, foot hits straight tiptoe to land.

Back roll two

my lower spine hurts

If you want to know more about physical health, I suggest you pay attention to princess: shande health management platform

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sore vertebrae lower back – To justify sitting down? Research shows: geyou paralysis beneficial to spinal health, promote the secretion of disc lubrication fluid?

When I read this,


For years, to protect our spines and prevent hunchbacks, we've been told the importance of sitting — like a clock. And British experts found that the appropriate slouch posture will be conducive to the relaxation of muscle pressure, can also stimulate the production of disc lubrication fluid.

herniated disc relief

This is certainly contrary to conventional wisdom.

In order to maintain the curvature of the spine, the traditional idea has always emphasized that the correct sitting posture is a straight posture, especially for people who have been sitting for a long time, maintaining the correct sitting posture will help relieve the occupational pain of the shoulders, neck, waist and back.

However, experts have found thatA lazy state helps relieve stress and increases the secretion of lubrication fluid between the discs.Not only does it help reduce joint stiffness, it also helps relax muscles in the back, legs and core. Especially after a long period of sitting, when both the spine and related muscles are activated, relaxation can aid recovery.

herniated disc relief

And experts caution that slouching doesn't mean sitting for long periods of time, whether it's sitting or relaxing,It is best to adjust your posture every hour.Get up and move around from time to time, whether at home or at work.

Children still need to develop good sitting habitsBecause the correction of the hunchback is very troublesome.(source: video pear)

So, although ge you was good,

Don't be paralyzed too long!

herniated disc relief

To highlight

Although sit cool, but always paralyzed, emmmm can not be straight! Note the word "appropriate."

The right approach:

1. Avoid sitting for too long. Get up and move around often

2. Sedentary people are recommended to "sit up"

3. Relax occasionally

The above pictures are from neusoft xikang, please do not reprint without permission.

If you need to reprint, please send the demand information to

herniated disc relief

The current problem

How often is it best to change your posture?

A 1 hour

B 2 hours

herniated disc relief

Cold knowledge is a great challenge

On Saturday, be there or be square

Good health hot style good goods

Please go toHealth answer person | xi mi homeLook at the

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sore vertebrae lower back – The spine, you have to understand those possibilities


Third cervical spine: pharynx, buccal, shoulder, diaphragm, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from the disease such as foreign body feeling of ministry of pharyngitis, pharynx easily, toothache, neck and shoulder ache, dyspnea, thyroidism.


The fourth cervical vertebra: mainly related to neck muscles, pharynx, arms, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to shoulder pain, toothache, trigeminal neuralgia, hyperthyroidism, chest tightness, hiccup (hiccup) and other diseases.

sore vertebrae lower back


The fifth cervical vertebra: mainly related to elbow, esophagus, trachea, diaphragm, heart, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from tracheitis, pharyngitis, asthma, arm ache, tachycardia or too slow wait for disease easily.

sore vertebrae lower back


The sixth cervical vertebra: mainly related to thyroid gland, esophagus, trachea, heart and lung, upper limbs, etc. If produce obstacle, easy to suffer from pain of upper arm or wrist, thyroiditis, hypotension, rhythm of the heart wrong, 50 shoulder, thumb acid hemp is painful wait for a disease.

sore vertebrae lower back


The seventh cervical vertebra: mainly related to thyroid gland, esophagus, trachea, heart and lung, brachial muscle, etc. If produce obstacle, easy to suffer from thyroiditis, hypotension, arm lateral, middle finger, brachial muscle, ring finger acid hemp is painful wait for a disease.

Damage to the spine of the thoracic vertebra

Diseases that may occur in the relevant parts or organs:

sore vertebrae lower back


The first thoracic segment: mainly related to the heart, trachea, esophagus, forearm, etc. Such as the occurrence of obstacles, prone to palpitations, palpitations, tracheitis, asthma, cough, dyspnea, left upper chest pain, wrist pain, arm pain and other diseases.

sore vertebrae lower back

Second thoracic segment: mainly related to the heart, trachea, esophagus, shoulder arm, etc. If produce obstacle, be apt to suffer from esophagus phlogistic, chest pain, asthma, cough, blood pressure is unusual, rhythm of the heart is wrong, shoulder arm acid hemp is painful, hand numbness wait for a disease.

sore vertebrae lower back

The third thoracic segment: mainly related to the lungs, bronchi, esophagus, heart, chest, etc. If the occurrence of disorders, prone to asthma, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, esophagitis, pleurisy, heart disease, chest tightness, chest pain and other diseases.

sore vertebrae lower back


Fourth thoracic vertebral segment: mainly associated with the lungs, bronchi, gallbladder, chest and ribs. If produce obstacle, suffer from easily pneumonia, asthma, icteric, pleurisy, breast painful, intercostal painful wait for a disease.

sore vertebrae lower back


Fifth thoracic vertebra: mainly related to liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach, chest wall, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from easily hepatitis, cholecystitis, splenomegaly, hypotension, gastritis, breast painful, chest wall painful wait for a disease.

sore vertebrae lower back


Sixth thoracic vertebra: mainly associated with the pancreas, stomach, bile, chest and back, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to liver pain, stomach pain, gallstone disease, abdominal pain, intercostal pain, loss of appetite, chest pain and other diseases.

sore vertebrae lower back


Seventh thoracic vertebra: mainly related to liver, gallbladder, pancreas, duodenum, etc. If the disorder occurs, it is prone to liver pain, cholelithiasis, gastric ulcer, type 2 diabetes, duodenitis, tonsillitis and other diseases.

Eighth thoracic vertebra: low immune function, hepatobiliary disease, diabetes, vomiting, frequent urination.

sore vertebrae lower back


Ninth thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, white urine, poor urine, allergies, cold hands and feet, epilepsy

The 10-12 thoracic segments

10th thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, etc

11th thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, urethral diseases, skin diseases, etc

Twelfth thoracic vertebra: lower abdomen cold pain, fatigue syndrome, infertility, rheumatism, etc

Lumbar spine damage

Diseases that may occur in the relevant parts or organs:

sore vertebrae lower back


First lumbar spine: colonic dysfunction, constipation, diarrhea, low back pain, lower abdominal pain.

sore vertebrae lower back


Second lumbar segment: lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, decreased sexual function.

Lumbar level 3-5

Third lumbar segment: bladder, urine, lumbar, knee medial pain and weakness.

Fourth lumbar segment: low back pain, sciatica, dysuria, frequent or low urination, leg pain radiating to the outside of the leg, hemorrhoids.

The 5th lumbar vertebra paragraph: leg blood circulates bad, lower limbs is weak fear cold, lumbar leg painful hemp arrives leg abdomen hind lateral menstruation is not moved. Sacral vertebra: lumbosacral joint disease, foot root pain and numbness, bladder disease, prostatitis.

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