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"Ouch! My old waist!" "This often by the elderly while holding waist side issued a lament, now has become many middle-aged" catchphrase ", but also from the mouth of young adults in their 30s and 40s.

What's wrong with the modern waist? Many patients struggle with the question of whether to treat their waists conservatively or operate on them.

Let's start with a case.


Mr. Wang, an accountant, is known as an "iron abacus" by his colleagues because of his strong working ability and never making mistakes. His workload is large, working posture is also very single, often sitting in front of the computer for a whole day. As a result of long desk work, less than 40 years old his waist is not very good. His most noticeable sensation of late has been a sore back less than half an hour after sitting down to work, and a swelling in his left leg that didn't work with patches or massages.

After checking to the hospital, Mr. Wang is diagnosed as lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, the doctor suggests to do minimally invasive operation treatment, in order to get rid of the trouble of lumbago and leg pain. But Mr. Wang's friends hold the opposite view: "if you don't get it right, you'll be dead for the rest of your life. I heard someone had surgery on a lumbar spine and never stood up again!" This says, can frighten Mr. Wang, it is hard to choose to minimally invasive operation, but the waist leg pain that breaks out repeatedly is his heart disease.

1 "low back and leg pain" due to the lumbar spine disease

In the clinic, Mr. Wang is one of a number of patients with lumbering back problems. They ask all sorts of questions about whether my waist is going to be cured, whether I want to do it conservatively, what will be the after-effects of the surgery, etc. In conclusion, what patients want to know most is the choice between conservative treatment and surgical treatment.

This is probably what happens to everyone when they reach middle age. For example, whereas it used to be ok to drive for seven or eight hours on a road trip, now driving for more than an hour makes your legs ache. Before doing housework every day did not feel tired, now pull back to the waist straight not up. Serious people can't even sit down to attend a dinner party or play chess with old friends. They have to get up and move around several times. These signs, too, are beginning to show up in young people.

Everyone in life should have such experience: people around, many have complained of back pain, some of them 30 or 40 years old, let alone the elderly. Has waist disease become a public disease? This is not an exaggeration.

Lower back pain is associated with leg pain, which clinicians collectively refer to as "lower back and leg pain." According to statistics from the Chinese branch of the world pain physicians association, 1 out of every 10 patients who visit the hospital every year in China is a patient with low back and leg pain. The most common cause of these patients is known as herniated discs.

Low back and leg pain is a common symptom in clinical spectrum. In general, for patients with chronic lumbar disc herniation, lower back pain and leg pain tend to appear successively. Patients with early lumbago because of lumbar muscle injury, resulting in waist dare not bear weight. The weight bearing of the lumbar muscle can account for one third of the lumbar load, when the lumbar muscle strength is weakened or unable to bear normal weight, all the weight of the human body will fall on the disc, causing the disc to form herniation under the action of great pressure, thus pressing on the sciatic nerve and causing leg pain. Lumbago and leg pain can also occur at the same time, this is mostly due to the acute injury is more serious, such as lifting heavy objects beyond the waist muscles and disc bearing capacity, resulting in acute lumbar disc herniation and compression of the sciatic nerve.

Why are human lumbar discs vulnerable to injury

The lumbar intervertebral disc of the person is easy to injure, because be concerned with "person". This is not a tongue twister. Because human lumbar disc herniation is closely related to human upright walking.

When humans sit or stand, the lumbar spine bears almost all of the body's weight. In this respect, the quadruped, which is also a mammal, is fortunate in that it moves with its limbs to share the weight of its body and has little or no bearing at the waist.

Scientists found that the pressure on a human disc in the upright position is four times that in the supine position. The pressure when leaning forward in the sitting position is 7 to 8 times that in the supine position. Bending down to lift heavy objects is 10 times more stressful than in the supine position, which equates to a load of up to 220 kilograms on a lumbar disc.

Therefore, human physiology and lifestyle are indeed prone to lumbar disc injury. This is especially true for some professionals, such as accountants, drivers, teachers, it workers and heavy manual laborers, who are at higher risk of health problems in the lumbar spine due to their working posture and weight-bearing characteristics.

In fact, as a result of the long-term stress on the lumbar disc, humans begin to undergo degeneration in this area at the age of 20. A lumbar magnetic resonance imaging (mri) scan shows a herniated disc in the patient. At the same time, because of lumbar disc herniation, disc nucleus can overflow, contact with the immune mechanism of the body and immune response to produce pain, and secrete inflammatory substances leading to chemical stimulation and immune response, aggravating the symptoms of lumbar leg pain, this is called lumbar disc herniation.

What is the limit of surgical treatment

At present, there are three types of treatment methods for lumbar diseases: conservative treatment, minimally invasive surgery and open surgery. How do patients choose?

Generally speaking, the waist leg pain of inchoate or first attack is more because posture is bad, constant fatigue, exert oneself uncoordinated bring about. This kind of lumbar and leg pain is rarely related to lumbar disc herniation, mainly caused by lumbar back muscle tension or aseptic inflammation of the waist, which is commonly known as lumbar muscle strain. With timely conservative treatment, most people can recover their health.

Conservative treatments include topical plasters; The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers, such as fenbide, futalin, etc. Local physical therapy, such as ultra – laser irradiation, local massage. These methods can relieve muscle tension, promote local blood circulation, eliminate local inflammatory substances and play a therapeutic role.

Need what point reminds is, must carefully choose to massage. In clinical practice, the old person that companion has osteoporosis, because massage forces too much and bring about lumbar fracture, bone fracture is not uncommon. Above all, massage should choose regular medical establishment; Next, not all lumbago can undertake massage treatment, if lumbar spondylolisthesis, lumbar tuberculosis, lumbar tumour does not suit to undertake massage, when lumbago reason is not clear, do not want massage as far as possible, lest bring about illness aggravation, delay treatment.

For patients with chronic recurrent pain in the lower back and legs, first to the regular hospital imaging examination, such as ct, mri and other clear etiology. If a herniated disc is diagnosed, conservative treatment is often ineffective and surgery is ultimately needed to relieve or eliminate the pain.

In this case, the patient should not be afraid to seek medical advice. Modern medicine is changing, and surgery is not always what they think it is. Minimally invasive surgery, which has developed rapidly in recent years, is suitable for patients with early and intermediate diseases. The minimally invasive surgery does not require an operation. Under the guidance of the image, a special needle is used to puncture the disc herniation, and then the disc is melted and vaporized.

If long-term lumbago leg pain is not treated in time, the health harm to the person is great. When lumbar intervertebral disc disease aggravates, can produce intervertebral disc protrusion calcification, bony vertebra canal stricture, lumbar vertebra is medium above slippage to wait. At this point, the indications for minimally invasive surgery were exceeded, and only more invasive open surgery was performed. At present, the main methods of open lumbar spine surgery include artificial disc replacement, screw system implantation, etc., which have more complications than minimally invasive surgery.

Accordingly, the patient of long-term lumbar leg pain, should listen to the remedial proposal that professional doctor gives seriously. No matter conservative treatment, or minimally invasive surgery, open surgery has its clear surgical indications. For patients, it is indeed not necessary to do surgery at the beginning of early or acute stage lesions, but it is really not worth the cost to miss the conservative treatment period due to neglect of the disease, miss the optimal period of minimally invasive surgery due to fear of surgery, and finally have to do open surgery.


Lumbar muscle strain has nothing to do with bone injury

Psoas strain is also known as psoas fasciitis, a sterile inflammation characterized by soft tissue pain and tenderness in the lower back. Cold, strain, trauma and other factors related, and bone injury has nothing to do. The main characteristics of psoas fasciitis include local superficial pain after fatigue or cold, local soft tissue tenderness, palpable painful nodules or cord feeling, imaging examination usually no abnormal findings. Symptoms can be quickly relieved by injecting anti-inflammatory painkillers into the inflamed area of fascia.

The difference between prolapse and herniation of a lumbar disc

Lumbar intervertebral disc is bulging or protrusion, according to the main lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion in imaging diameter measurement to determine. General disc herniation in the lumbar spine line within 3 mm is called extrusion, protrusion 3 mm to 6 mm is called herniation, protrusion more than 6 mm is called prolapse or prolapse.

Clinical treatment of disc protrusion or herniation should not be based on the size of disc herniation as the main basis of treatment, but should be based on the patient's symptoms and combined with imaging findings to develop a treatment program. Prolapse or herniation of intervertebral disc in early and middle stage are indications for minimally invasive surgery.

Prevent lumbar disease from developing early

Lumbar muscle strain, disc protrusion, disc herniation 3 have distinction, have connection mutually again, belong to the same disease of different stage, with lumbago or lumbago leg pain is main clinical manifestation.

The onset of lumbar muscle strain is relatively urgent, mainly manifested by low back pain. There is aseptic inflammation in the lumbar muscles. Imaging examination shows no signs of disc degeneration. However, if the lumbar muscle strain persists for more than 3 months, most of them will develop disc protrusion or herniation, and produce intractable lumbago with lower limb pain. Imaging examination has the same conclusion.

Therefore, for acute onset, lumbago obvious patients can first oral analgesic drugs or local physical therapy, if lumbago can not continue to alleviate more than 1 month or lower limb pain symptoms, should be timely to the hospital.

(author: deputy chief physician of pain department of Beijing xuanwu hospital)

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Lumbar acerbity backache, oedema, does pregnancy often sleep bad? 4 positions for a good night's sleep! – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/neck pain

Getting enough sleep during pregnancy is key

Since becoming pregnant, "did you sleep well last night?" Become a lot of mother-to-be's first words of greeting each other. After belly of a lot of people greatens regular meeting because oedema, urine frequency, pelvic ache or lumbar acerbity backache and night does not sleep, how ability sleeps comfortably in pregnancy? Letting your muscles relax and choosing the right position to fall asleep is the key, experts say.

Whether you're pregnant or not, the key to 'sleeping well' is to completely relax your muscles. It is thought that muscles relax automatically when you fall asleep, but the body is usually so tense during periods of light sleep and dreaming that you can't really relax unless you change your position from time to time.

Healthy adults turn over at least 2-3 times a night

Generally speaking, want bed to won't too narrow too soft, there is not much foreign body on the bed, sleep did not lean against wall, the person is in morpheus process can turn over automatically, won't maintain in same position continuously. Healthy adults roll over at least two or three times a night, on average every two hours. The premise that turns over smoothly lies in 'the body can be turned', this depends on bed is wide enough, a bed that is wide enough must be able to let a person go to left and right sides unbend both hands, fingertip does not exceed bed edge, such width is 150 centimeters about, the width of the bed if be less than 150 centimeters, can cause block to turn over.

1 a nap

Lying on your stomach will make your cervical spine rotate 90 degrees, which will cause extreme compression of the cervical joints and make the surrounding muscles extremely tight. In the long run, it is easy to cause shoulder and neck pain, and even cause the shoulder and neck to degenerate and grow bone spurs. Not only that, sleeping on your stomach can put pressure on your heart, lungs and abdominal organs, leading to high blood pressure. If you have bronchitis, sinusitis, bent/narrow midnasal diaphragm, heart valve atresia, or sleep apnea, sleeping on your stomach can make these problems worse. It's also because you can't turn over on your stomach, you can't fall asleep in this position and get a real rest.

2 and a half sit lie

It's not uncommon to fall asleep in a semi-sitting position during office siestas or on long-haul flights, but it doesn't allow for deep sleep, which can lead to aches and pains all over the body in the long run.

3 lie on your back with your hands over your head

Arm is lifted up to the shoulder blade bone shoulder peak impact rotary tendon squeeze each other, cause 'shoulder peak under crowded syndrome (subacromial impingement syndrome),' on the shoulder for (hands, raise my hand), period (at ease), horizontal adduction (with the hand to touch the other side of the shoulder), sports (handwaving action, such as playing table tennis, tennis) generated when pain, because over time even (transfer to arm, wrist pain, too. The best way to avoid this is to move from a flat position to a side position, preventing your hands from raising your head.

Lie on your side for a long time

Prolonged compression on one side of the body can result in damage to the brachial plexus, rib soreness, fifty shoulder, thoracic scoliosis, scoliosis, lateral hip pain (the pressed side) or blood clots.

The first, middle and late stages of pregnancy suggest the sleeping position

With a basic understanding of sleep patterns in mind, let's look at how you can sleep better at different stages of pregnancy:

Early stage: fall asleep in a position you feel comfortable in

Be pregnant trimester uterus has not changed greatly influence blood circulation, want to do not have bilge gas only, need not adjust sleeping position specially, no matter be lying flat still lie on one's side, it is ok to fall asleep with the position that feels comfortable with oneself. For a more comfortable sleep on your back, bend on one foot/both feet or place a pillow under your knee, the former helps relax muscles, the latter improves blood circulation.

Medium: side lie double foot clip pillow to disperse pressure

If the second trimester of pregnancy is relatively slow, sleep without breathing, stomach is against the feeling, you can first do not need to adjust sleeping position, such as the stomach significantly enlarged to adjust to the left or right side to lie. When lying on your side, prepare a long throw pillow or moon pillow for support under your stomach. Hold the pillow between your feet to spread the pressure.

Anaphase: left lie, lumbar back square cushion side sleep pillow

In late pregnancy to late pregnancy uterus becomes larger, lying flat and lying on the right side easy to pressure the inferior vena cava, when sleeping had better take the left side lying, and with a stronger support to spread the pressure of the stomach and feet; Right now can also be in the waist back side put a side pillow to support to avoid lumbar acid.

Although late pregnancy is recommended to sleep on the left side, but if you are not used to the left side, or feel left side sleep, or can be changed to the right side. When lying on your side, you can use a variety of assistive tools to make yourself sleep more comfortably, without having to restrict yourself too much.

Stretching and breathing before bed can help muscles relax

The main reason why it is recommended to lie on your side with your feet under the pillow is that this action can help open the hip joint outwards, stabilize the pelvic position, and relieve pain in the lower back and pelvis. Add clip pillow won't hinder turn over, wake up to sit up also won't have difficulty, pregnancy takes this kind of position to fall asleep can improve morpheus quality effectively.

It's important to note that it's easy to get cramps in the middle of the night or early in the morning after pregnancy. If you've been standing/walking long all day, it's a good idea to stretch or stretch your legs before bed to relax them. If you feel very tired, it's best to do some stretching exercises and breathing exercises before going to bed to relax the muscles, so as not to sleep too drowsy and turn over all night, and wake up with a sore back.

Q side lying fetal movement become more, stronger, is not the baby uncomfortable?

Foetus is lying on the left side when activity is particularly frequent because lying on the left side can increase placental blood flow, the baby gets a lot of fresh oxygen, naturally excited to be alive and kicking.

Are these symptoms keeping you awake? Experts teach you the sleeping position

Pregnancy unavoidably can produce sundry symptom to affect morpheus, among them again the following backache, lumbar acid/pelvic pain, shoulder neck ache, edema wait for 4 kinds of symptom to let a person sleep hard most, what position falls asleep ability to alleviate ache effectively? Here's how to do it:

how to reduce back bone pain

Pregnancy symptoms 1. Lower back pain

Suggest sleeping position

Left lie or right lie, both hands elbow before and after fold, natural bend, knee to crus middle clip a pillow, upper part knee bends 80 ~ 90 degrees substantially, foot of lower part unbend.

Expert analysis

Lie on the side when upper knee is bent greatly can help pelvis rotate, let lumbar vertebra maintain in normal curve, before going to bed with this kind of posture will upper arm is raised draw a circle backward can help lumbar back is loosened, can sleep smoothly more.

Pregnancy symptoms 2. Lumbar acid, pelvic pain

Lie on your left or right side, with your elbows folded back and forth and bent naturally, with a pillow thick enough between your knees and your calves.

Placing a pillow between the knee and calf helps open the hip joint, keep the pelvis in a forward position, and relax the lumbar spine and pelvic muscles.

Pregnancy symptoms 3. Shoulder and neck pain

Lie flat or side lie, put pillow below scapula, both hands hang naturally in the position that won't cause shoulder neck acid, hemp.

Sleep with your head and cervical spine fully supported so that you don't strain the surrounding muscles.

Pregnancy symptoms 4. Feet edema

Lie flat, double foot opens naturally, cushion two pillows below the knee to crus, let knee bend slightly, make force next pelvis is lifted upward, hold 2 ~ 3 seconds again put down, repeat to do 5 ~ 6 times.

Sleeping with your legs higher than your heart promotes blood flow and makes swollen feet more comfortable. If you're prone to cramps in the middle of the night or early morning, stretch your legs to relax and warm them up before bed.

Foot movements also promote circulation

Oedema in addition to pad high legs, lift the pelvis, can also do foot movement to promote lower limb blood circulation. The practice of this motion is lie flat, cushion a pillow in knee to crus lower part, repeat first baseboard steps downward again toward body direction unbend; Then repeat opening the toes out and then tightening them in. Raise ankle slightly finally, draw 10 turn clockwise first counterclockwise draw 10 turn again, repeat the motion that draws a circle, let double foot full activity fall asleep again.

how to reduce back bone pain

Test mattress support by lying flat and then sitting up immediately

Pregnancy want to sleep well, in addition to adjusting sleeping position, choose a strong support, can turn over the bed is also very important. How can you tell if a bed is strong or not? The bed that has complete support force can let a person sit up quickly normally, get up won't stagger, can lie flat first when choosing mattess sit up immediately again, the support force that observes a bed. If you prefer to sleep on a soft bed, a freestone mattress with sufficient support and the ability to soften depending on different parts of the body (it sinks under a single point of pressure) is a good choice. When sitting beside the bed, the sole of the foot had better be able to completely stick to the ground, knee shows 90 degrees right Angle, such ability suits the height that sleeps.

Sleep well during pregnancy

Sleep time must be regular, do not suddenly go to bed early or late, or the day before only 3 hours, and today sleep 8, 9 hours.

The mattress must support all parts of the body.

Do stretching exercises to relax your muscles before you go to sleep when you are tired.

Sleep must lie down pillow, can giddy, breath is not suitable otherwise.

Do not lie on your side with your arms under your body.

Supporting sore areas with a pillow can help relieve symptoms.

Force with uncomfortable, not accustomed to the position of sleep must not sleep well, side when you feel comfortable position to sleep on it.

Real Madrid official: marcelo has a sore back and Spanish media say he may miss the match against Paris – AllPainHealing | neck pain/sore back

Marcelo has been diagnosed with post-traumatic neck pain by real Madrid medical team, the club announced after training on September 16, Beijing time. Radio combe later revealed that marcelo would miss the Paris saint-germain match.

Marcelo sprained his neck during a fight with levante last week.

Since diaz's injury on July 14, real Madrid has suffered a succession of injuries: arsenio, mendi, jovic, kurtua, rodrigo, azar, diaz's second injury, hames, isko, modric, valverde, marcelo. It was the 12th and 13th injury suffered by real Madrid this season, with arsenio, isko, modric, valverde and marcelo still recovering.

In addition to marcelo, real Madrid also flander – mendi, nacho can serve as left-back. Real Madrid travel to Paris at 3am on Thursday for their first champions league group game of the season and are third in la liga with two wins and two draws.

The 2019-09-16 beneath

The 2019-09-16 21:59

The 2019-09-16 21:55

The 2019-09-16 21:28

Old driver waist leg "ache" cry, cure 20 days to become a pillar again; A large number of patients with neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain… – AllPainHealing | back pain/leg pain/backache

(building up loading and shipping)

On the morning of September 20, 2017, qi jian delivered goods to changsha from zhuzhou as usual. After arriving at the destination, he was busy helping customers unload.

He is 46 years old this year, youxian liquor port jiang town under the village ling ling group people, engaged in long-distance freight drivers for many years, is the backbone of the family.

Like many youxian people, he is hard-working and highly dedicated.But the long drive left him with an occupational hazard: a sore back.

"A twist in the waist hurt me terribly, and I cried a few times. I thought I would cure it with all I had." He told reporters that three months ago, his pain is unbearable, although seeking treatment, but the effect is not ideal. Introduced by a relative, he came to qi guohua clinic for treatment.

"Only 20 days of treatment, complete cure." He now drives eight to 10 hours a day, he says, delivering and unloading everything.

No hype

Popularity depends on "mentoring"

Yesterday morning, the reporter came to hetai big street jinghai kindergarten in hetang district (juxian tea village opposite) qi guohua clinic.

After entering the clinic, there are two overturned the impression of the reporter on the clinic: this clinic has a floor (about 700 square meters, general clinic only dozens – more than 100 square meters), the size of the zhuzhou clinic peers as "zhuzhou tall clinic"; Clinic beds are full of patients, and patients are dressing on benches in the hallways.

(spacious and clean qi guohua medical care center)

Learned that is the reporter to interview, many patients involuntarily qi doctor thumb up.

Xiao lixian, female, 50 years old, lixian county teacher. sheShe told reporters that she had severe periarthritis of shoulder and could not hold chalk in her right hand. In her nephew strongly recommended, she specially asked for leave to zhuzhou treatment.

Ask for leave before the last lesson, she sadly told her dozensStudent: "if I don't come to school in a month, this will be my last lesson for you."

After seven days of treatment, the arm is now forward and sideways. After extending treatment 3 days, already can oneself dress, wash gargle.

Mr. Wen, lusong market group clothingPin. Because of cervical pressureForced nerve can not turn his head, seek medical treatment around huge amount of money, little effect, to this treatment has been basic rehabilitation 15 days;

Mr Zhu, taobao shop owner, neckMinistry waist is badly damaged, be being consolidated treatment at present, already can normal "see shop".


"I rarely advertise, let alone hype myself." Doctor qi told reporters, to his patients here, are basically relying on the word of mouth of patients "bring" over.

(Dr Qi kwok-wah)

Halfway to change professions

Determined to be the best treatment of neck shoulder waist leg pain experts

Qi guohua, born in 1966, was admitted to hengyang medical college in 1984 and graduated in 1989. Qi guohua clinic was founded in 2007.

Talking and interviewing, qi guohua impressed the reporter with steadiness, sincerity, directness and professionalism.

"There are thousands of causes of neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, but from the general principle analysis, the main reason is due to patients' bad work habits, posture caused by channels and collateralismblocked, not vigorous qi and blood, Yin and Yang imbalance. He said that many patients, such as qi jijian and xiao, are treated in the same way and with similar principles:Mainly acupuncture, Chinese medicine oral or external application, with massage. The ultimate goal of various treatment means is to achieve "soft tendons, healthy bones, smooth collaterals and live blood".

"I originally studied western medicine, but by chance, I switched to traditional Chinese medicine." He said that more than 10 years ago, a relative of his suffered from protruding lumbar disc. Western medicine works quickly, but it seems difficult to eradicate similar diseases. Although he was a physician, he was unable to cope with the suffering of his loved ones.

"Ten years ago, I was lucky enough to meet professor gao shuzhong from shandong university of traditional Chinese medicine." He said he learned "one-shot therapy" from gao.

"I still remember the first patient I treated with acupuncture." He said the patient had joint pain eight months after giving birth and was unable to squat or, worse, stand up after squatting.

"At that time, I put two needles in the patient's right and left hand, and combined them with massage." He told reporters that the acupuncture point yangming tendon. In a few minutes, the patient was able to squat magically.

Since then, the doctor, who had been skeptical of traditional Chinese medicine, has become the most ardent admirer and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. He has paid homage to huang laoxie, a famous Chinese acupuncture expert — huang xiaochen to learn linshu acupuncture. Learn liquid acupotomy therapy from dang dongxu teacher…

(Dr. Qi is giving acupuncture treatment to the patient)

"Nowadays, many people seem to lose their souls without their mobile phones. "Even if I don't read a book on traditional Chinese medicine for a day, it's like losing my soul." Qi guohua laughed and said that he is now a "traditional Chinese medicine control". He explained that he did not want to flaunt how he loves learning, but the traditional Chinese medicine handed down from the Chinese nation is too extensive and profound, as a half-way to learn traditional Chinese medicine students, if not other classes of traditional Chinese medicine hard progress, is unable to appreciate the subtlety of it.

"More and more patients are recovering… This creates a virtuous circle." He said, at present, computer control, mobile phone control family is common, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain patients present younger, popular phenomenon, although he is over the middle of the year, but still determined to become the best neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain experts, return those who trust in his patients.

Through ten years of continuous study and practice, doctor qi finally mastered the "acupuncture + Chinese medicine + massage" treatment of shoulder, neck, waist and leg pain.

(an endless stream of patients came for diagnosis and treatment)

The biggest dream is to open a free hospital

"I grew up in the countryside and I know the sufferings of the common people." Qi guohua said that since he founded the clinic, he has always insisted on the principle of low fees, hoping that patients spend the least money to cure the disease. I have been practicing medicine for several decades. For patients who come here for treatment, the minimum amount is more than 100 yuan, and the maximum amount is no more than 4,000 yuan.

"Doctors put medical ethics first. If they blindly pursue economic benefits, it is difficult to become a good doctor." He said that his biggest wish now is to be a great and magical promoter of traditional Chinese medicine of the Chinese nation.

(moxibustion therapy hall)

(base of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases)

(children atomization room)

After the reporter interviews the end, qi doctor taught the reporter two moves on the spot, these two moves, is qi doctor for many years to practice summed up the effective move.The first action to relieve back pain – "press the hand sanli point + tiger point + cough twist waist", a bit backache reporters, immediately improved; The second action is used for emergency treatment of patients with cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction who are in coma and extremely dangerous — bend the middle finger of the patient's hands and press them down hard to produce a strong pain feeling, so as to wake up the patient and fight for the time to go to hospital.

"My biggest dream is to open an institution similar to a herdsman's hospital. He said, the dream or to have, in case it came true?

If you are not quite clear, you can call the zhuzhou daily new media center reporter consultation hotline (reporter xu)

The 0731-22593765185900889

Qq: 524306508

WeChat: x13975386601

If you want to know more professional knowledge, you can also call qi guohua clinic directly:

The 0731-22517779

13317337779 (same symbol WeChat)

Zhuzhou daily new media center

Looking for "unique" public medical notice

Our series of publicity reports are only for the benefit of patients and the alleviation of pain. The hope is that they, who are suffering from the disease, will spend the least money and get the best treatment.

Our series of publicity reports this time, only to find those hidden in the forefront of the folk, have "special skills" of the grass-roots doctors.

Our series is not medical advertising. Each of our patients' self-reported healing is a true presentation of journalists' front-line interviews.

If you are such a doctor, if you have ever been such a patient, please call the news hotline of our publicity team and recommend yourself and the folk doctors around you:

0731– 22593765,18569003889, reporter xu.

We hope that our propaganda reports, let the weak strong, let the pessimist forward.

How to alleviate back fatigue effectively? Three moves to say goodbye, back pain! – AllPainHealing | back pain/sore back/lower back

How to alleviate back fatigue effectively?

Recently there are also a lot of partners to me complain about this problem, often the body will appear back fatigue, that is, long-term maintenance of the same posture, do not take long, back will be very obvious, and even appear to contain chest hunchback phenomenon, this is simply too uncomfortable, affect their own posture also threatened health.

To be honest, I wasn't surprised when I heard about it, because it's so common now, in a world of highly developed electronics, that people get sore from holding still.

relief for back pain in

But let's analyze the causes of this phenomenon. Only by solving the source of the problem can we eliminate the problem better.

1. The back is not taken seriously. Different from arms and other parts in life, the waist and back can be trained actively and in front of people's eyes, while the back is not paid enough attention to, which also causes the situation of "asymmetric muscle development".

2: upper body muscle group is not stable enough, the body can not be stable, what talk about back muscle development?

relief for back pain in

This means sore back, easy fatigue, the general reason is: back muscle is not strong enough, back training is not enough attention, upper body stability is not enough.

So what can we do to help further relieve back fatigue?

One: use foam shaft

relief for back pain in

Foam axis is one of my favorite sports equipment, especially after training, when you relax your muscles, the feeling is indescribable if you find yourself with back fatigue.

Lie on a flat surface with the foam axis under your shoulder blades and lift your hips away from the floor. Don't touch the ground with your shoulders.

Two: locust style yoga

The locust pose is a great way to train your back muscles and create a perfect back curve. Prepare a yoga mat with your body flat on the mat.

relief for back pain in

Keep your hands tight and balanced, lift your legs first off the floor and keep them together.When your legs are in position, notice the muscles in your hips and hold for about five seconds.Inhale, stretch your head, neck, chest, and arms backwards and upwards at the same time, then exhale and return to the first flat stomach action.

I have been trying this movement for a long time. The third one is the most difficult. It is easy to raise and lower at the same time.

Ps: lower back soreness is a sign that you're not contracting your hip and leg muscles in time, which is something to watch out for.

3: hip bridge

Hip bridge is an excellent move, so why do you say that?

1. Exercise hip bridge regularly to eliminate most of the back acid swelling and fatigue.

2. Hip bridge can also improve the stability of the upper body and improve the flexibility while exercising the core.

relief for back pain in

Hip bridge also is relatively friendly action, you need to lie on your back only, double feet is flat on the ground, when beginning, coxal stick ground, use coxal force later, raise the body, coxal and ham lift from the ground, maintain this pose 10 seconds or so.

You need to keep your knees, hips, and shoulders in a straight line and feel the force of your hips.

relief for back pain in

A supplement to the above

1. If you're a regular exerciser, try to avoid putting more stress on your back when you're tired.

2. Do some gentle aerobic training, such as swimming, cycling, jogging, etc.

relief for back pain in

3. If back pain is worsening or you have previous back pain, it is not recommended to start training hastily. Consult a physical therapist.

Continuous health knowledge sharing, hope to help you, welcome attention!

Stunned! Baby fever with massage, simple and practical can also ease your back pain, do not learn to regret! – pain healing | back pain/sore back

Although a cold and fever can enhance the resistance of the baby, but Hong Kong really, who is not willing to make friends with the disease ah! So today, I'd like to share with you the 4 massage techniques I learned from teacher wang yeye, founder of wang's traditional Chinese medicine five-color therapy in tainan. It works for babies and adults.

how to get relief from backache

4 recruit massage, home must, a learning will

That…… Start now!

Massage: relieves a cold and fever

Illness: cold and fever.

Massage technique: push the baby's "qingtian river" with the thumb, from the horizontal lines of the wrist to the horizontal lines of the elbow from the bottom up, the force is gentle, not repeated.

how to get relief from backache

Baby massage 200 ~ 300 times,

400 to 500 times for adults,

It can clear away heat and reduce fever.

Illness cause: virus caused cold fever, not sweating.

Massage technique: push the baby's "take the water from the sky" with the thumb, and push the horizontal lines from the elbow down to the wrist evenly, with gentle and gentle force, without repeating.

how to get relief from backache

Can make the body sweat, play a role in reducing fever.

This manipulation,

Successfully captured the hearts of every mother in the company.

Really too! Real!!!! Use!

Even adults have colds and fevers.

Good technique, learn quickly, plant grass to people around

Typing at work, playing mobile phone after work. If your legs aren't bulging, your shoulders aren't sore. Either you're on your way to acid expansion or you're really gong li and hou.

how to get relief from backache

Tingting of our customer service department has been suffering from shoulder ache because she has to answer a lot of pollen problems every day. Ms. Wang asked her to sit on a chair, clench her hands and hit the "zusanli" acupoint of her left and right legs. After beating, tingting said the shoulder is not as sore as before, feel good relaxed.

This this this

It's like having doraemon

This one sits down and can be massaged,

It can promote blood circulation, smooth meridian and relieve fatigue.

how to get relief from backache

Massage: relax your back

Rub a rub

5 minutes for a stiff back


Five minutes left you tired and drained

Disappear, disappear, disappear


Tell me the secret of "rub" ~

The area of the massage is just below the palm of the hand. Simply speaking, is in the back collar under a palm position, around rubbing, as shown in the figure below. This massage should be done with the help of family members for 5-10 minutes. After the massage, you will say that it is so comfortable that you can relax your tight and sore back

how to get relief from backache

Massage: say goodbye to sleepy head

Are you stiff today

Come, come, come

Pinch it with your left and right hands

The day Mr. Wang gave a lecture, I had a slight stiff neck. The teacher took my hands, while helping me press and knead "stiff neck", while let me gently turn the neck, imperceptible, stiff neck even disappeared.

how to get relief from backache

The sisters of stiff neck, you can press and knead by yourself alternately with your right hand and left hand. The "dot 2" in the picture below is the position of the stiff neck. Press it for 5 minutes with moderate pressure to relieve neck discomfort.

I have always been a great believer in traditional Chinese medicine, so in my food and nutrition philosophy, I have always advocated the combination of Chinese and western, external nutrition + internal adjustment. I hope this simple and practical massage technique can help you and your family live a healthy life.

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