sharp pain in lower spine – Tai chi secret – to the spine line fist

1. The composition of the human body

Taijiquan is a whole-body movement, or whole-body movement driven by the lumbar spine, so it should start from the human structure.

According to TCM theory, the human body is composed of qi, blood, meridians, bones, marrow and viscera.The five zangs refer to:Heart, liver, lung, spleen, kidney;The six fu organs refer to:Large intestine, small intestine, bladder, stomach, gallbladder, three jiao.These organs are connected by many meridians, each of which has a number of acupoints, which are equivalent to the energy bank of qi and blood. Adjusting them can not only prevent and cure diseases, but also change the quality of life.

Yu points of zang-fu organs are located around the spine. According to the theory of qi and blood of traditional Chinese medicine, methods such as massage, sticking plaster and plum blossom magnetic needle on meridian points can clear up qi and blood of zang-fu organs, so as to achieve the purpose of internal and external treatment, and the effect is very good.According to clinical experience, many visceral diseases can be cured by spinal massage, massage, acupuncture and other therapies.In disease of cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra in clinical make a diagnosis and treatment, the patient that has half companion has plant nerve mussily and corresponding viscera disease, when vertebra disease is cured, these corresponding viscera disease also was cured.Tai chi can also play such a role.Taijiquan takes the activity of waist ridge as the main operation method.Requirement is dominated by the waist, lumbar ridge has not moved.Due to lumbar spinal movement continuously, make human body produce all sorts of attitude, cooperate with boxing potential and inner gas well up, breathing rhythm of expansion of the backbone relaxation, as long as the spine movement, are around the spine get massage and exercise of shenshu point of the zang-fu organs, especially the waist on the opposite side of the ridge "Ming, after the beneficiary before folding idea is more intense, make two kidney gets very good massage, demonstrated to enhance gas, dredge qi of zang-fu organs, achieve the goal of fitness cure.Only full belly gas, can Yin pingyang secret, solid life this.Dantian gas is the foundation of life, is the key to coordinate Yin and Yang and resist the invasion of disease and evil.

2. Composition of the spine

The human spine consists of five lumbar vertebrae, seven cervical vertebrae and twelve thoracic vertebrae.24 bone joints, both successively relax and cover, and virtual alignment, in the right overlap, supporting the weight of the whole body, shaking a lot.The various postures of the human body are formed by the changes of the spine and the movement of the limbs.The natural spine of the human body is s-shaped, which is formed by the posterior curvature of the thoracic vertebra and the anterior curvature of the cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra.In order to form taiji body style, these two curves should be basically filled in, and the s-shape curvature of the spine can be reduced by the functions of such techniques as empty collar and top strength, chest pulling out the back, loosing the hips and collecting the hips, which is required by Chinese internal kung fu and fitness qigong, so as to facilitate the cultivation of internal kung fu and the storage of internal qi.

The spinal canal is formed in the middle of the spine, which contains all the bone marrow. There are many nerve cell bodies in the bone marrow, such as motor neurons, sensory neurons, and walking nerve fiber bundles, which are the pathways connecting the brain and nerves.Fists receptor when received information of the outside world, through the spinal cord to the brain, the brain make a comprehensive analysis, issued orders to the spinal cord to the relevant parts of the body, react, produce tai chi — stroke, squeeze, press, mining, spliting, elbow, depend, forward, backward, left and right are determined in thirteen, potential actions.

Taijiquan qi shen dantian, the tail is the result of lumbar activities;Contain chest to pull out the back, air to stick the back, force sends by the ridge, these are the result of thoracic vertebra activity;Empty collar top strength, vertical item god through the top, these are the results of cervical vertebra movement.As long as the line fist, under the command of the idea, with the life door as the locomotive, drive the spine and limbs movement, directly related to the back bone marrow nerve.Every movement of taijiquan, first by the foot of Yin and Yang change, and waist of the virtual and real change, through the spine and limbs successively through, can cause the shape of the limbs change, and successively through, must be the whole body loose, loose through the premise can be completed.Song is the method of practicing boxing, but also the soul of practicing boxing, and successively string together is the purpose of practicing boxing, without successively string together, you can't train inner strength, body loose not through is impossible to achieve successively string together.

Boxing by yue:A move around the body with light spirit, especially must endure.This shows how important it is to practice successively in taijiquan.Sash limb and limb motion, have the loose of the waist first, sink, turn, put long, what ability has limb next is forward, retreat, go up, sink, left look forward to, right look forward to.The whole process of boxing, is the process of spinal activity, so not only the governor two pulse and wuzangliufu yu point get massage, at the same time the spinal cord nerve also get good exercise, enhance the governor two pulse of qi and blood smooth, wuzangliufu can follow robust, these parts of the bone and muscle group also get exercise.

sharp pain in lower spine

3. The important role of waist and hip

The waist plays a very important role in the spine. It is composed of five lumbar vertebrae, and the third segment is composed of the tail.The birth of the two kidneys beside the point of the mingmen, corresponding to the shenque point (navel), below the qi sea point (gas sea point is the storage of gas), this area is commonly known as the field of life, is the key part of practicing tai chi.Boxing by yue:"Dominate in the waist", "always pay attention to in the waist", "the source of life in the waist gap" and so on, these explain whether it is disc frame or push hand, waist always plays a key role.Waist is the key to the transformation of body shape, is the total power of the use of thirteen potential, eight kinds of strength and change, and the loose empty waist is the premise of the body round live, sensitive change, so loose waist is the key in the key.No matter be "lumbar gap" still be "between the waist" say, explain a kind of important condition of the waist, that is the waist is empty with loose, only the waist is loosened, lumbar section ability leaves, there is space between lumbar vertebra, so loose waist just is the source of meaning.

Yang chengfu taijiquan ten points of the third special mention of the waist:The waist is the master of a body, can loosen the waist then two feet can be powerful, the footwall is firm, the change of the virtual reality all turns by the waist.To loosen your waist, you have to slide your hips.Only loose waist just can enter the door of tai chi, only slip buttock just can enter the door of loose waist, so the waist can only loose, and cannot use hard force.

Waist is loose, the foot is difficult to relax, knee hip jiang, the waist is presented and the large joints, waist is loose don't open a piece of plate formation, blocking channel up and down, upper body of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand four joints back not to drop, the force in the whole power operation, so it is difficult to realize the change of Yin and Yang, light spirit, line steps such as cats, yun jin the ounce of tai chi.

Although waist crotch is joined together, but each has each action.Flat crotch is also called sitting crotch, and hanging the head is an important rule of taiji upright posture.Tell from the function, hang with imposing manner and light spirit are concerned, collapse crotch and sink spirit, sink strength, change strength, send strength to wait to be closely related.Collapse crotch is those who obtain hip joint is agile, only crotch joint height is agile, lumbar crotch and integral ability have the floating feeling that rises to float sinking probably, left rotate right turn advance and retreat follow the heart.Lower abdomen is a body center of gravity, the so-called loose waist collapse crotch, crotch shen qi, gas shen dantian and other statements, but it is to emphasize the reduction of center of gravity and flexible and stable, plus with the axis of the waist, rotation freely, in order to resolve the other side to force, stable undefeated.Waist main rotation, with flexible for use, to drive limbs, this is practice soft foundation;The crotch is composed primarily, stabilizes the center in the flexible displacement.Although the waist crotch is connected together, the effect is different, the kung fu is a bit deeper, the waist crotch is actively used when doing the fist.The activity of limb is the exterior outspread of action of waist crotch only, or the expression form that calls action of waist crotch;And the person of kongfu shallow, see hand and foot blind move, move carelessly, do not see the motion law of waist crotch.

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sharp pain in lower spine – Many children have this spinal deformity! You can get free screening here!

A team of doctors from the department of rehabilitation medicine came to the school to screen students for scoliosis. Scoliosis is the most common disease in young people under the age of 18, with an incidence of about 3-5%. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out screening for scoliosis to detect abnormalities early.

Gu jiao of zibo hospital of Peking University medical treatment:

The protractor is placed in the measurement position, and the value must be zero to start the measurement. Ask the children to bend their left leg, and the protractor should be on the scale of 2 or 3 degrees.

Peking University medical zibo hospital ma jianzhong:

When I saw the child, his left back was significantly higher than his right back.Our normal spine is in a vertebral line,When we draw a line along the spine, ifThe childWe have scoliosis, which turns to one side.

sharp pain in lower spine

This time, the opening of the adolescent scoliosis summer camp activities, mainly to check whether the child door shoulder height, whether scoliosis, pelvic tilt and other symptoms, the purpose is early detection, early treatment.

sharp pain in lower spine

Peking University medical zibo hospital ma jianzhong:

When we screened, we found that some of the students had scoliosis, and we suggested that it would be better for the child to have a full spine X-ray to confirm the diagnosis, to see where his spine was going, and then to do an assessment. If the degree is less than 20 degrees, learn some simple corrective exercises. If it is more than 20 degrees, use the instrument to push his spine back to its normal position.

sharp pain in lower spine

Hospital address: no. 2, xishan 5th street, shanlu, zhangdian district, zibo city

Doctor Lao zhang:18816189745

Complaint number:18853329455

Consultation by appointment: 2344485

Official website:

sharp pain in lower spine

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sharp pain in lower spine – How much do parents know about the dangers of scoliosis? | back pain at base of spine

non surgical spinal decompression

That must be taken seriously

You have to be careful

Adolescent spinal health has gradually become the third killer after myopia and mental health problems. Among them to adolescent scoliosis and adolescent neck pain these twoThe problem is particularly acute.

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. It is the most common spinal deformity in children and adolescents. More manifestations of lateral curvature of the spine, the two sides of the shoulder is not high, bending when the single shoulder blade protruding backwards, crooked neck and other abnormal posture. According to relevant statistics,At present, there are about 5 million teenagers suffering from scoliosis in China, and the incidence rate is increasing at the rate of 300,000 every year. The incidence rate is 2% to 3%, and the majority of them are women, accounting for about 80% of the incidence group. Most of the age groups are 10-16 years old. Adolescence is the period of physiological and psychological maturity of teenagers. Abnormal appearance often brings greater psychological burden, especially for girls. The psychological trouble is often greater than the physical pain. And the part did not add intervention, progress quickly or side bend more serious crowd, as the growth of age, thoracic deformity will gradually aggravate, affect the normal function of the heart and lung.

non surgical spinal decompression

Adolescent scoliosis is the most common orthopedic disease among teenagers under the age of 18. Since children with scoliosis in the early stage have no symptoms, it is easy to be ignored. When children are found with uneven shoulders and hump on one side of the back, it is already in the middle and late stage, and the optimal conservative treatment period is missed. Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions have long listed scoliosis screening in the annual physical examination of primary and secondary school students, so as to achieve early prevention, early detection, early treatment.

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sharp pain in lower spine – Spinal health education for children (graphic)

A normal spine, like a bamboo one. It's straight from the front and straight from the back.

Bamboo crooked, look very uncomfortable! The same is true of the spine.

sharp pain in lower spine

Spinal column crooked body also can crooked oh ~ very ugly?

sharp pain in lower spine

You don't want a hunchback that looks like a "crawfish," do you?

sharp pain in lower spine

This bending can check for scoliosis[just stand – bend over]See if the height is the same twice.

sharp pain in lower spine

If the cobb Angle is > ° 20, it will affect the height development of children and cause back pain and other symptoms.

Cobb Angle > 100 degrees can cause restrictive lung disease, pressure on the heart, affect thoracic development and so on.

sharp pain in lower spine

Braces can control the progression of early scoliosis and are usually applied between 20° and 40° cobb angles.

It is not suitable for immature scoliosis of cobb Angle > 45°, and it has poor therapeutic effect for mature growth and development.

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

Treatment of mild scoliosis :(traction, support, manipulation, physical therapy, exercise rehabilitation)

Prevention is better than cure

Develop good daily habits

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

Picky eating can affect spinal growth

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

Dietary guidelines for preschool children in China (3-6 years old)

Dietary guidelines for children over 6 years of age

Zhao Zhexun





Intervertebral disc


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sharp pain in lower spine – Can upper bone spinal rehabilitation therapy really be safe and cure spinal disease radically? | back pain at base of spine

I. the whole process of diagnosis and treatment

1. Medical personnel:

Director song, therapist, nurse.

2. Diagnostic steps:

Song director of touch examination, data analysis of the affected position.

3. Treatment steps:

The journey takes about three hours.

4. Medical supplies:

lower spine pain reliefMedicated wine TDP lamp

Ii. Safety analysis

Every step from diagnosis to treatment to analyze the safety of this treatment.

1. Diagnostic steps

The whole process is operated by director song.

Touch check procedure: the ventral radial side of thumb is distributed in the shape of "eight". In order to understand the dislocation of the vertebral body, the left and right sides of the vertebral body are dislocated from top to bottom along the longitudinal axis of the spine of the patient.

What about director song's touch level?

Director song was born in a family of traditional Chinese medicine, from the age of 10 began to learn traditional Chinese medicine, practice for 30 or 40 years. Song director sheet by feel can check out that vertebra dislocationAnd the form of dislocationAnd you can tellThe position of distension, the position of acid hemp, whether can giddyAnd so on.

It's not magic, it's based on 30 or 40 years of clinical experience, and it's based on science. Every nerve in the spinal segment is associated with the related organs. Therefore, the abnormal position of the vertebral body can cause the nerve and blood vessels at each segment, and thus cause the corresponding disease.

lower spine pain reliefMeridian figure

In addition, director song will combine the X-ray or ct film taken by patients to further support the diagnosis results, and customize the treatment plan according to the patient's age and body mass index.

2. Treatment steps

A. the nurse put on no. 1 medicinal wine while shining TDP lamp.

It is applied externally, from the back of the patient, to the muscles around the spine.

No. A medicated wine

TDP lamp is a very commonly used medical instrument in hospital, widely used in diseases such as spondylosis, rheumatism and cold. The purpose of the TDP lamp is to accelerate the penetration of the drug and enhance its efficacy.

lower spine pain reliefTDP lamp

B. therapistEarly treatment of spine

The therapist USES a technique known as pre-supraconital bone therapy, which is taught by song himself that forces the spine to relax its muscles and nerves. Different from common massage techniques.

C. director song points according to the meridian

Meridional fluidity is the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which holds that human body functions and pathological changes show certain rules under the influence of natural climate change and time.

The materials are recorded in the great achievement of acupuncture and moxibustion, which was written by Yang jizhou, a doctor of acupuncture and moxibustion in Ming dynasty. According to this rule, patients come to treatment at different times, and director song needs to select acupoints according to the time at that time. Has been verified by several generations, safe and effective.

lower spine pain reliefMeridian lingers

D. the patient lay still, waiting for the vertebral body and the annulus fibrosus to loosen.

After the point, the patient needs to lie still at theUnder the comprehensive effect of medicinal liquor and point, cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra the vertebral body, soft tissue, fibrous ring of the whole spineSection by sectionRelease and the whole spine becomes soft and flexible. Just like a flexible rope, if you do not go out of your way to cut, fold and knock, no accident will happen.

lower spine pain relief

E. director song accurately located the affected vertebra and returned it to its original position.

In the patient's spineAs soft and flexible as a ropeIn this case, Dr. Song can accomplish this most important step by accurately locating the affected vertebra and quickly returning the misplaced vertebra to its original position.

Why do you do this in three to five minutes?

Because after the point, the spine in song director did not touch the situation, from the basisPoint, medicine, etcThe time from the lower release to the contraction is one hour, that is, two hours.

Once director song began to touch, will resolve the point, the spine will be completed in 3 to 5 minutes "back to the original position of the vertebral body" this step.

lower spine pain relief

Does this step hurt?

This step is painless, and there is no click sound, there will be no "head kill" situation.

In case retreat not to return to original position, perhaps move much how to do?

In case this step is not completed, or not done well enough, you need to point again to loosen the spine.

In order to ensure the efficacy and safety of the treatment, only one vertebra should be treated at a time. Time rush and multiple vertebra movement should not be forced.

So enough to rest assured that if the spine is not enough soft, between the vertebral body is not enough to loosen, director song will not force the vertebral body back to the original position, and can not move.

Why can't other treatments do that?

A lot of treatmentsDare not or cannotPutting the dislocated vertebra back in place, or even paralyzing it during treatment, is becauseNot achieve theGet the spine soft enough.

Traction, for example, can pull the spine apart, but muscles and nerves doTight stateTherefore, the vertebral body cannot return to the original position. If the vertebral body is forcibly moved, it will cause irreversible consequences such as nerve fracture.

F. The nurse applied no. 2 and no. 3 medicine for better spinal contraction and anti-inflammatory.

Suffer from vertebra to retreat after in situ, can produce inflammation, this step should do only good antiphritis, after a day or two painless. Treatment for the next vertebra begins three days later.

lower spine pain relief

Three, cure degree analysis

We all hope that the disease can be cured, so we need to know our ownWhat causes it, as well asWhat is radical cure.

Identify the source of the disease

A large number of clinical scientific research confirms: the spine disease of 80% above and vertebra amlposition, nerve, hemal by oppressive concern. This is summarized from the X-ray of a large number of patients and the touch examination of professional doctors.

Clear the meaning of radical cure

"Radical cure" has the following connotations in the treatment of diseases:

In fact, in the consensus of doctors, more "radical cure" connotation isThird case, rather than the first two, much less the second.

Be aimed at the pathogeny of spinal disease, it is vertebra amputate, bring about spinal nerve and hemal to be oppressed, go up so bone spinal column is rehabilitated curePut the dislocated vertebra back in place,Restore to normal physiological curvature, to achieve the effect of complete cure.

So why is it that medication, conservative treatment, surgical treatment, etc., can't cure it?

Drug treatmentIt is easy to understand that taking medicine does not allow the misplaced vertebra to return to its original position. So there's no cure.

Conservative treatmentAcupuncture, massage, dressings, traction, exercise therapy, physical therapy, etc., all provide temporary relief and relaxation to the oppressed blood vessels and nerves, howeverYou don't really have to put the affected vertebra back in place. So that's why it feels good after every treatment, but it comes back a little bit later.

The surgical treatmentIt's the same reason why it's not completely cured. Some use external force to forcibly move the vertebral body, will produce complications and sequelae or even paralysis. Or simply remove the oppressive parts without changing the nature of dislocation. So it's not going to be a complete cure.

Therefore, when we want to know whether we can cure a disease or not, we need to know what is the cause of our disease and what is the connotation of radical cure, so that we can judge which kind of treatment can achieve radical cure.

Four, suitable and taboo groups

Suitable crowd:

1. Cervical spondylosis: headache, dizziness, and numbness of both hands caused by cervical compression of nerves.

2. Scoliosis: three-dimensional deformity of the spine, resulting in deformity of the body shape, affecting cardiopulmonary function, and even paralysis.

3. Lumbar disc herniation: lumbago caused by nerve compression, numbness in both legs, sciatica, and symptoms of wheelchair patients unwilling or unable to operate.

4. Ankylosing spondylitis: inflammation of the sacroiliac joint and spinal attachment points, lumbago pain at night, difficulty in turning over in severe cases, stiffness of the waist and back in the morning, and pain of the hip, knee, ankle and heel in some patients as the first symptom.

Taboo groups:

Patients with pregnancy, menstrual period, congenital scoliosis, spinal surgery, osteoma, etc., should not use this treatment method temporarily.

Dr. Song reminds us:Spinal disease there are many kinds of processing way, patients can choose suitable treatment, if the spine disease also is not very serious, we suggest that the preferred way of conservative treatment, but if the patient has arrived the degree of pain, and not willing to accept the surgery treatment, as suggested by bone spine is complex therapy on treating spine disease.

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sharp pain in lower spine – It's not just the spine that doesn't straighten.

The clinical manifestations of The as mainly include arthritis of the spine, other than the spine, respiratory and systemic symptoms. It is most common in men aged 20 to 40, with a male to female ratio of 10:1.

The initial symptoms are lumbosacral pain, stiffness, or sciatica. As the progress of the disease, pain from intermittent to persistent, lesion sites also to the thoracic vertebra, cervical vertebra or other joint development. Some patients may have heart, kidney, eye or other extra-articular damage, as well as systemic symptoms such as general malaise, fatigue, lack of appetite, wasting and low fever.

As usually alternates between spontaneous remission and relapse.Because its condition develops slowly, continue, if cannot be controlled, pass commonly 10~20 years, can develop for spinal ankylosis.About 85% patients have good prognosis.65 percent of the patients were able to live and work normally after proper treatment.There are a few patients serious illness, severe deformity, can cause disability.But unless there are complications, there are usually very few deaths.

sharp pain in lower spine

Figure source baidu


Smoking does not only affect the treatment progress of as patients

As is believed to be caused by a complex interaction between environmental and genetic factors.Smoking is one of the most serious health problems and has been identified as one of the major environmental risk factors for rheumatic diseasesIncluding rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Tobacco and alcohol consumption is reported to cause nearly seven million deaths worldwide each year. Smoking is involved in the development of many rheumatic diseases, and it is much more difficult to treat smokers than non-smokers.

A previous study of 1,178 patients by zhang hui et al. demonstrated that the risk of active disease (basdai≥4) in smoking patients was significantly higher than that in non-smoking patients.The risk of basdai≥4 increased with the number of years of smoking, or the frequency of daily smoking, and the number of daily smoking.What other functions does smoking affect besides the progress and treatment of as? Let's take a look at the latest research.

In a recent prospective study, ilknuraykurt Karl 29bela et al. included 67 male patients. Patients were divided into smokers (47) and non-smokers (20). And according to the nicotine dependence experiment divided intoMild dependence group, moderate dependence group, heavy dependence group.

Exclusion criteria include the presence of significant neurological or endocrine disorders; Systemic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and renal failure; Use antidepressants; Mental retardation; Severe arthritis; Age <18 years old or >65 years old; No sexual partner or marital status; And the use of artificial limbs.

Patients with no smoking history or no smoking for at least one year were included in the second groupVisual analogue scale (vas), basdi, basmi, basfi, asqol, iief, bdi.

table1The disease parameters were compared according to the degree of dependenceiiefscore

sharp pain in lower spine

table2Smokers and patients were compared by dependency categorybasmiscore

sharp pain in lower spine

table3:iiefScores andasThe relationship between clinical and psychological parameters, smoking intensity and dependence of patients

sharp pain in lower spine

The results show that:There was no significant difference in vas, vas, basdai, basfi, asqol and iief scores between the mild, moderate and heavy dependence groupsThe basmi scores of the lightly dependent group were significantly lower than those of the moderately dependent group and the heavily dependent group.However, there was no significant difference between moderate dependence and severe dependence.

In male as patients, there was a significant negative correlation between erectile function and pain, fatigue, disease activity, functional status, physical activity, disease-related quality of life, depression and cumulative smoking.In addition,Increased smoking dependence was associated with increased basmi and worsening sexual function.Therefore, the study suggests that smoking and smoking dependence are risk factors for sexual dysfunction in patients.

sharp pain in lower spine

Patients with as must say no to smoking

Currently, the main treatment goals of as are to control symptoms, improve function, and relieve pain and fatigue.Functional exercise and healthy lifestyle are important components of self-therapy.Studies have shown thatSmoking cessation and proper exercise can not only improve the condition, but also help maintain a good functional position of the spine and joints, increase lung capacity and significantly improve the quality of life of as patientsSo as patients must say "no" to smoking.

Braun j, sieper j. ankylosing spondylitis.[j]. Lancet,2007, 369(9570):1379-90.

[2] zhang h, wan w, liu j, et al. Smoking quantity determinesdisease activity and function in Chinese patients with ankylosing spondylitis[j]. Clinical biology, 2018.

[3] ilknur aykurt Karl husbel, seyhan dulger, meliha kasapo g luaksoy, muhammet guzelsoy, ali r husza turko g lu, lale altan & tekin y husld (2018): Effects of cigarette smoking on sexual functions, psychological factors, and poultry eactivity in male patients with ankylosing spondylitis, the agingmale, 2018.1477935.

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Does the topic of Chinese traditional medicine injection have concern recently?

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sharp pain in lower spine – What harm can scoliosis cause? How to prevent scoliosis in children?

Scoliosis is a common spinal disease, more than 80% of which occurs in teenagers, followed by the elderly. The causes of scoliosis are complex and common: 1. Nerve diseases or nerve paralysis; 2. 2. Empyema, tuberculous pleurisy and thoracoplasty in juvenile patients; 3, malnutrition, such as rickets patients have the possibility of scoliosis, and more occurred in the upper thoracic vertebra; 4. Nerve compression and stimulation. Diseases such as lumbar protrusion. 5. Spinal injury caused by uneven length of lower limbs and radiotherapy. 6. Excessive secretion of hormones and rapid growth of height.

Mild scoliosis usually results in no apparent discomfort and no apparent physical deformity. Severe scoliosis can affect the growth and development of infants and adolescents, making the body out of shape. In severe cases, it can affect cardiopulmonary function and even involve the spinal cord, causing paralysis. Delayed or incorrect treatment of scoliosis may cause serious injury to patients, the most common is complications, followed by spinal nerve injury resulting in hemiplegia or paraplegia. Clinical complications are common:

1. Respiratory dysfunction. Rib goes change, rib cavity transverse section becomes flat, rib cavity volume decreases, the change of rib makes the functional obstacle of the respiratory muscle on adherent its again, long chest wall becomes stiff, breath is laborious, can cause respiratory muscle to be tired.

Pulmonary heart disease. Scoliosis severe patients, small airway and capillary bed in the lungs can produce distortion, respiratory and blood circulation resistance increase, insufficient blood gas exchange, and then appear pulmonary artery compression heart, even pulmonary heart disease.

3. Chest visceral changes, heart and lung failure. Due to curvature of the spine and rotation of the vertebral body, chest deformity and respiratory muscle fatigue were caused, and lung expansion was limited. After pulmonary dysfunction, can lead to hypoxia, hypoxemia can cause blood volume increase, and then lead to increased blood viscosity, increased microcirculation resistance, pulmonary artery pressure, increased right cardiac load. In severe cases, heart and lung failure can result.

4, spinal canal changes, spinal nerve compression produces lumbar pain. Due to curvature of the spine, physiological curve disappeared, spinal canal deformation, spinal cord and nerve root relaxation and tension, spinal cord deviation from the center of the spinal canal, often tend to concave side, close to the concave side of the pedicle, and thus deformity aggravates, can produce spinal cord compression or nerve root pull. Can also cause lumbar back and limbs of a position of hypoesthesia.

5. Changes in vertebrae and spinal torsion. Vertebral deformity is the basic pathological changes of scoliosis, in addition to congenital curvature, spinal curvature patients often with the aggravation of curvature and the vertebral body on both sides or vertebral body before and after the height of the difference, the whole vertebra backward rotation.

6, lumbar disc herniation. Scoliosis causes changes in the disc, and the disc shape changes with the wedge of the vertebral body. In the convex side, the disc thickens and the annulus layers increase, while the intervertebral disc is shorter and the annulus is thinner, and the nucleus pulposus moves to the convex side.

7. Deformed chest and deformed ribs. Scoliosis results in the changes of ribs and thorax. With the rotation of vertebrae, one side of ribs is raised and one side is concave, and the rib Angle on the convex side becomes sharp, while the rib Angle on the concave side increases, resulting in thoracic deformity. Ribs are also often changed from flat to triangular.

Prevention of scoliosis in children

Scoliosis occurs quietly, with no symptoms or discomfort in the early stages. Many children with scoliosis discover a hump in the shower, or walk with their torso askew and shoulders unequal in height, before their parents notice. In recent years, due to the increase of online games and video games, children are easily addicted to them and operate in bad posture for a long time. There are poor sitting posture, habitual posture in life, reduced normal activities and exercise, resulting in the increase of adolescent patients, health has been a serious threat. Therefore, active prevention should be carried out.

1. Infants should not sit too early. Some mothers sit up with their babies wrapped in quilts for hours when they are only 3-4 months old. By sitting in the same position for a long time, the muscles around the baby's spine are not strong enough to fatigue and support the body, leaving a potential for curvature of the spine.

2. Do not lift heavy objects on one side. Children as far as possible less weight, some of the children shouldering heavy loads should take turns to both sides of the shoulder burden, reduce long-term use of one side, so as not to cause lateral curvature of the thoracic vertebra.

4, the child's posture to be correct. Write, read a book to sit, do not lie prone on the table, at the same time should be appropriate to transform the body position and rest, stand to hold your head high, two shoulders is flat, ban bent head.

5. Sit upright. When sitting upright for a long time, the chair must have a backrest, and the backrest Angle should not be greater than 115 degrees, hip and back close together. Add a lumbar pad at the waist to maintain the normal curvature of the lumbar spine.

7. Exercise. Daily moderate exercise, strengthen muscle strength, increase joint flexibility, maintain good posture, prevent bone aging, slow down calcium loss.

8, the pillow height is appropriate. When sleeping, to maintain the normal natural radian of cervical vertebra, but the pillow should accord with the design of human neck engineering, prohibit the pillow is too high.

In addition, nutrition should be balanced. When the child grows a body, should eat the food that contains microelement rich as far as possible, the calcium element that assures bone growth is enough, bask more, promote calcium element to absorb. Prevent osteoporosis, contain calcium higher food cheese, milk, cabbage, tofu, etc., can eat more appropriate.

(dongfang hongxingwen/li lie; Sources: baidu wenku, family doctor, spinal literature,, department of spine, aviation general hospital, department of orthopedics, Peking University first hospital, map/network)

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sharp pain in lower spine – A trip to Australia was nearly fatal when a sea urchin punctured its spine

"Why do I get some black spots on my heels when I come back from the beach? Can someone explain this strange phenomenon to me?

The reddit post attracted thousands of comments from visitors to Australia. Now that the mystery has been solved, it could have deadly consequences.

Turns out, it wasn't just a matter of being bitten by some sea creature,Australians and local residents believe it is the mark left by a sea urchin spine piercing the skin.

Sea urchins are small, spiny sea creatures that live in oceans around the world. If they are disturbed, their spines protect their bodies and attack unsuspecting tourists.

The result was so frightening that local diving instructors advised britons to remove the remaining sea urchin spines from their heels and keep the area clean. One user added: 'there may be some mild local infection around your wound and some pain after a few days, but it does not threaten your life.'

Immediately after being stung by a sea urchin, there is a burning, sharp pain that lasts for several hours. There is bleeding on the skin. There are black or blue spots on the skin.In addition to the local infection, sometimes the victim may die from systemic poisoning.

If you are accidentally impinged, carefully check the skin for any remaining protrusions and remove them surgically if necessary. Then apply the anti – inflammatory, anti – itchy, analgesic potion to prevent secondary infection.

In case of poisoning, rescue should be carried out in time and antihistamine or corticosteroid should be given promptly. If nodular granuloma appears, it can be injected into the local skin lesions with acetaminophen acetate, prednisolone and triamcinolone a, 1-2 times per week, which can be gradually subsided, and surgical resection can be adopted when necessary.

July 2nd

sharp pain in lower spine – Improving the prevention of scoliosis, this yoga sequence is super effective! (collection level)

non surgical spinal decompression

As shown in the picture, stand with your hands in front of you and hold them together. Your body naturally relaxes forward and downward. At this time, the state of your back spine will appear. Related article link "if you have these 'symptoms', your spine may be scoliosis?!"

non surgical spinal decompression

non surgical spinal decompression

If you have back pain or mild scoliosis, or want to prevent scoliosis, today elementary school recommends exercises to ease mild scoliosis and prevent scoliosis.

1. Self-correcting mountain stance in front of the mirror

non surgical spinal decompression

2. Diaphragmatic breathing

non surgical spinal decompression

3. Mountain pose arms up

non surgical spinal decompression

4. Stand side bends

non surgical spinal decompression

5. Stand up and slide

non surgical spinal decompression

6. Standing side bends and twists

non surgical spinal decompression

7, climb the wall

non surgical spinal decompression

8. Push wall style

non surgical spinal decompression

9. Slow cat-cow pose

non surgical spinal decompression

10, four corner bench side bend

non surgical spinal decompression

11. Four corner bench to slant board

non surgical spinal decompression

non surgical spinal decompression

Lie prone to thread the needle

non surgical spinal decompression

13. Forearm side board pose

non surgical spinal decompression

14. "superman" exercise

non surgical spinal decompression

15. Diaphragmatic breathing

non surgical spinal decompression

16. Lay on your side in the corpse pose

non surgical spinal decompression

non surgical spinal decompression

Once you decide which side of the pose is more challenging for you, repeat the pose a little more on that side.

non surgical spinal decompression

Finally, I would like to remind you that if you suffer from severe scoliosis, you must first go to the hospital for medical treatment. Under the advice of the doctor, choose a professional physical therapy teacher to carry out rehabilitation exercises according to the type and degree of your scoliosis.

Delta 2019mo yoga art and life festival

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sharp pain in lower spine – Li's emulation BBB 0 copper emulation scraping twice to scoliosis without trace

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

The second scrapping:

sharp pain in lower spine

sharp pain in lower spine

The second scrapping heart reflex area qi and blood filled out more of the scrapping.During the second time of scrapping, I gave feedback that scrapping solved the heart problem. I felt that qi was not enough, so I needed to breathe more. (the first time the guest did not say the heart problem, solve it in one time)

Eight theories of li's emulation:Theory of spinal center dislocation disorder

Clinically we find that a lot of the problems are in the front, the roots are in the back, which is the spine. Because in the spine in addition to the central nervous system, there are du wei walk in the ridge, it from the middle of the spine to the top of the head, the side there are full of solar bladder meridian, bladder meridian acupoints have 134, and the front of the viscera is one by one corresponding.Nerves and meridians are two systems that jointly maintain human life and health, so we believe that spinal dislocation is also an important cause of many diseases.

According to the calculation of permutations and combinations, there are 128 possibilities of dislocation in the first and second segments of the cervical vertebra alone. Because each joint has six bones, and each bone has six ways of displacing itself. The spinal column is calculated to have more than 200 million mallocations, that is to sayDislocation is eternal, anteroposterior is temporary, even absolute anteroposterior is impossible.

General theory of li's emulation:To tong for health, to tong for diarrhea, to tong for health, to tong for cure. Nerve opened, blood vessel opened, lymphatic opened, meridian opened, the disease in the body was cured naturally.

Spinal scoliosis:

The foot sun bladder passes through the first lateral line, find the tendon junction, and let the small head pass through with hufu copper.Local one inch one inch back and forth repeatedly rub, point by rubbing, xu and techniques, slowly releaseUntil the local muscle relaxes and the knotted tendons are loosened, the tendons and cartilage are self-aligning.

sharp pain in lower spine

The first time after scraping back home to menstruation, fell off the size of persimmon blood clot (it is a pity that no photo).

Li's hufu tongjiu scrapping therapy:Even when you are recuperating a disease, other diseases on the body are also unconsciously adjusted.

About the author: ren ke, daosheng li's nipping and scrapping, 57 (Beijing) teaching class.

Text and photo: ren ke editor: ling LAN

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