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"Ouch! My old waist!" "This often by the elderly while holding waist side issued a lament, now has become many middle-aged" catchphrase ", but also from the mouth of young adults in their 30s and 40s.

What's wrong with the modern waist? Many patients struggle with the question of whether to treat their waists conservatively or operate on them.

Let's start with a case.


Mr. Wang, an accountant, is known as an "iron abacus" by his colleagues because of his strong working ability and never making mistakes. His workload is large, working posture is also very single, often sitting in front of the computer for a whole day. As a result of long desk work, less than 40 years old his waist is not very good. His most noticeable sensation of late has been a sore back less than half an hour after sitting down to work, and a swelling in his left leg that didn't work with patches or massages.

After checking to the hospital, Mr. Wang is diagnosed as lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, the doctor suggests to do minimally invasive operation treatment, in order to get rid of the trouble of lumbago and leg pain. But Mr. Wang's friends hold the opposite view: "if you don't get it right, you'll be dead for the rest of your life. I heard someone had surgery on a lumbar spine and never stood up again!" This says, can frighten Mr. Wang, it is hard to choose to minimally invasive operation, but the waist leg pain that breaks out repeatedly is his heart disease.

1 "low back and leg pain" due to the lumbar spine disease

In the clinic, Mr. Wang is one of a number of patients with lumbering back problems. They ask all sorts of questions about whether my waist is going to be cured, whether I want to do it conservatively, what will be the after-effects of the surgery, etc. In conclusion, what patients want to know most is the choice between conservative treatment and surgical treatment.

This is probably what happens to everyone when they reach middle age. For example, whereas it used to be ok to drive for seven or eight hours on a road trip, now driving for more than an hour makes your legs ache. Before doing housework every day did not feel tired, now pull back to the waist straight not up. Serious people can't even sit down to attend a dinner party or play chess with old friends. They have to get up and move around several times. These signs, too, are beginning to show up in young people.

Everyone in life should have such experience: people around, many have complained of back pain, some of them 30 or 40 years old, let alone the elderly. Has waist disease become a public disease? This is not an exaggeration.

Lower back pain is associated with leg pain, which clinicians collectively refer to as "lower back and leg pain." According to statistics from the Chinese branch of the world pain physicians association, 1 out of every 10 patients who visit the hospital every year in China is a patient with low back and leg pain. The most common cause of these patients is known as herniated discs.

Low back and leg pain is a common symptom in clinical spectrum. In general, for patients with chronic lumbar disc herniation, lower back pain and leg pain tend to appear successively. Patients with early lumbago because of lumbar muscle injury, resulting in waist dare not bear weight. The weight bearing of the lumbar muscle can account for one third of the lumbar load, when the lumbar muscle strength is weakened or unable to bear normal weight, all the weight of the human body will fall on the disc, causing the disc to form herniation under the action of great pressure, thus pressing on the sciatic nerve and causing leg pain. Lumbago and leg pain can also occur at the same time, this is mostly due to the acute injury is more serious, such as lifting heavy objects beyond the waist muscles and disc bearing capacity, resulting in acute lumbar disc herniation and compression of the sciatic nerve.

Why are human lumbar discs vulnerable to injury

The lumbar intervertebral disc of the person is easy to injure, because be concerned with "person". This is not a tongue twister. Because human lumbar disc herniation is closely related to human upright walking.

When humans sit or stand, the lumbar spine bears almost all of the body's weight. In this respect, the quadruped, which is also a mammal, is fortunate in that it moves with its limbs to share the weight of its body and has little or no bearing at the waist.

Scientists found that the pressure on a human disc in the upright position is four times that in the supine position. The pressure when leaning forward in the sitting position is 7 to 8 times that in the supine position. Bending down to lift heavy objects is 10 times more stressful than in the supine position, which equates to a load of up to 220 kilograms on a lumbar disc.

Therefore, human physiology and lifestyle are indeed prone to lumbar disc injury. This is especially true for some professionals, such as accountants, drivers, teachers, it workers and heavy manual laborers, who are at higher risk of health problems in the lumbar spine due to their working posture and weight-bearing characteristics.

In fact, as a result of the long-term stress on the lumbar disc, humans begin to undergo degeneration in this area at the age of 20. A lumbar magnetic resonance imaging (mri) scan shows a herniated disc in the patient. At the same time, because of lumbar disc herniation, disc nucleus can overflow, contact with the immune mechanism of the body and immune response to produce pain, and secrete inflammatory substances leading to chemical stimulation and immune response, aggravating the symptoms of lumbar leg pain, this is called lumbar disc herniation.

What is the limit of surgical treatment

At present, there are three types of treatment methods for lumbar diseases: conservative treatment, minimally invasive surgery and open surgery. How do patients choose?

Generally speaking, the waist leg pain of inchoate or first attack is more because posture is bad, constant fatigue, exert oneself uncoordinated bring about. This kind of lumbar and leg pain is rarely related to lumbar disc herniation, mainly caused by lumbar back muscle tension or aseptic inflammation of the waist, which is commonly known as lumbar muscle strain. With timely conservative treatment, most people can recover their health.

Conservative treatments include topical plasters; The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers, such as fenbide, futalin, etc. Local physical therapy, such as ultra – laser irradiation, local massage. These methods can relieve muscle tension, promote local blood circulation, eliminate local inflammatory substances and play a therapeutic role.

Need what point reminds is, must carefully choose to massage. In clinical practice, the old person that companion has osteoporosis, because massage forces too much and bring about lumbar fracture, bone fracture is not uncommon. Above all, massage should choose regular medical establishment; Next, not all lumbago can undertake massage treatment, if lumbar spondylolisthesis, lumbar tuberculosis, lumbar tumour does not suit to undertake massage, when lumbago reason is not clear, do not want massage as far as possible, lest bring about illness aggravation, delay treatment.

For patients with chronic recurrent pain in the lower back and legs, first to the regular hospital imaging examination, such as ct, mri and other clear etiology. If a herniated disc is diagnosed, conservative treatment is often ineffective and surgery is ultimately needed to relieve or eliminate the pain.

In this case, the patient should not be afraid to seek medical advice. Modern medicine is changing, and surgery is not always what they think it is. Minimally invasive surgery, which has developed rapidly in recent years, is suitable for patients with early and intermediate diseases. The minimally invasive surgery does not require an operation. Under the guidance of the image, a special needle is used to puncture the disc herniation, and then the disc is melted and vaporized.

If long-term lumbago leg pain is not treated in time, the health harm to the person is great. When lumbar intervertebral disc disease aggravates, can produce intervertebral disc protrusion calcification, bony vertebra canal stricture, lumbar vertebra is medium above slippage to wait. At this point, the indications for minimally invasive surgery were exceeded, and only more invasive open surgery was performed. At present, the main methods of open lumbar spine surgery include artificial disc replacement, screw system implantation, etc., which have more complications than minimally invasive surgery.

Accordingly, the patient of long-term lumbar leg pain, should listen to the remedial proposal that professional doctor gives seriously. No matter conservative treatment, or minimally invasive surgery, open surgery has its clear surgical indications. For patients, it is indeed not necessary to do surgery at the beginning of early or acute stage lesions, but it is really not worth the cost to miss the conservative treatment period due to neglect of the disease, miss the optimal period of minimally invasive surgery due to fear of surgery, and finally have to do open surgery.


Lumbar muscle strain has nothing to do with bone injury

Psoas strain is also known as psoas fasciitis, a sterile inflammation characterized by soft tissue pain and tenderness in the lower back. Cold, strain, trauma and other factors related, and bone injury has nothing to do. The main characteristics of psoas fasciitis include local superficial pain after fatigue or cold, local soft tissue tenderness, palpable painful nodules or cord feeling, imaging examination usually no abnormal findings. Symptoms can be quickly relieved by injecting anti-inflammatory painkillers into the inflamed area of fascia.

The difference between prolapse and herniation of a lumbar disc

Lumbar intervertebral disc is bulging or protrusion, according to the main lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion in imaging diameter measurement to determine. General disc herniation in the lumbar spine line within 3 mm is called extrusion, protrusion 3 mm to 6 mm is called herniation, protrusion more than 6 mm is called prolapse or prolapse.

Clinical treatment of disc protrusion or herniation should not be based on the size of disc herniation as the main basis of treatment, but should be based on the patient's symptoms and combined with imaging findings to develop a treatment program. Prolapse or herniation of intervertebral disc in early and middle stage are indications for minimally invasive surgery.

Prevent lumbar disease from developing early

Lumbar muscle strain, disc protrusion, disc herniation 3 have distinction, have connection mutually again, belong to the same disease of different stage, with lumbago or lumbago leg pain is main clinical manifestation.

The onset of lumbar muscle strain is relatively urgent, mainly manifested by low back pain. There is aseptic inflammation in the lumbar muscles. Imaging examination shows no signs of disc degeneration. However, if the lumbar muscle strain persists for more than 3 months, most of them will develop disc protrusion or herniation, and produce intractable lumbago with lower limb pain. Imaging examination has the same conclusion.

Therefore, for acute onset, lumbago obvious patients can first oral analgesic drugs or local physical therapy, if lumbago can not continue to alleviate more than 1 month or lower limb pain symptoms, should be timely to the hospital.

(author: deputy chief physician of pain department of Beijing xuanwu hospital)

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80% of "lumbar protuberance" without special treatment, remember five words formula, back pain 10 years not recurrence! – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve

Lower extremity radiate painful: because lumbar intervertebral disc herniation happens in lumbar 4 ~ 5 or lumbar and sacral vertebra space more, it is sciatic nerve root place, ache property gives priority to with radioactivity sting. Radiative pain of lower limbs can precede lumbago, also may appear after lumbago symptom appears, these two kinds of circumstance differ from person to person.

Lumbar restricted movement: this is also one of the characteristics of patients, the patients daily action caused great influence, if patients are not basic fiber ring is broken, and lumbar flexion position before, after stretch limited, lies in the lumbar spine proneness, yellow ligament tension between lamina, added behind the vertebral canal volume and intervertebral space, so symptoms arise.

Sciatica: low back pain, sciatica is a common symptom of lumbar disc herniation. Sciatica typically manifests itself as radiating pain from the buttocks, back of the thigh to the outside of the lower leg, heel or instep.


The exercise method of lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, teacher friend, circle often shares the treatment method of lumbar vertebra disease to see these a few kinds first!


Walk backwards. When reverse walk, choose a flat and safe place to walk backwards. When you want to keep your chest in front, look straight ahead, the hands of natural before and after waving, as far as possible less back, back to go the speed according to their specific situation, to step by step, every time the general reverse 15 minutes, twice a day.

severe lower back pain treatment home


Supine pedal: lying on your back in bed with your legs up like a bicycle. Every morning and evening, 10~15 minutes each time, this method is the majority of patients recommended a method of exercise for lumbar disc herniation.

severe lower back pain treatment home


That is, support exercise, not appropriate to do drape exercisers can do support exercise. Feet shoulder-width apart and body relaxed. Breathe in slowly through your nose as your arms slowly rise. Raise your arms above your head, look up into the sky, and hold your waist up to full height, then pause for a moment. Then, with the arms slowly down while slowly exhaling with the mouth, together a fall into a movement, continuous 20-30.

severe lower back pain treatment home


Use the thing such as door frame or horizontal bar to undertake overhang to take exercise, the waist and lower limbs should be loosened when overhang, make weight nature droop, in order to achieve pull the purpose that pull. Overhang action must be slow and light, avoid jumping up and down to operate the lumbar spine. Movements should be gentle, slow up and down, as far as possible to let the family in the side to help protect.


Stand upright, feet slightly apart, hands on the back of the waist, fingers together. Fingers back, with both hands as support, as far as possible the waist above the body back bent, knees to keep straight. Hold for a second or two, then return to the starting position. Each time you repeat, try to bend your upper body back and back more than you did before to get the most stretch possible.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Note: consult your physician before performing the above exercise to ensure that the vertebra is not displaced and that the nerve and ligament muscles have been unjammed and pulled.

In addition, the acute period of low back pain should not do the above action, should pay attention to bed rest, reduce exercise as far as possible.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Back pain, leg pain, knee pain, pain can't sleep? These tips will help you get a good night's sleep – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve

Sleep well, the body is healthier, especially the elderly should pay more attention to their sleep. But insomnia is too common, a few common occurrence rate of extremely high back pain, leg pain, knee pain, also seriously affect the quality of sleep.

Patients reflect, joint pain can not sleep, pain, difficult to fall asleep again after awake, especially after the cloudy day, rain, tired is more serious, in order to sleep well, many people will eat painkillers, this really is a way, but given painkillers to gastrointestinal and cardiovascular side effects of larger, will cause serious disease, myocardial infarction in the elderly is not recommended.

Lumbago, leg is painful, knee is painful, how ability sleeps good sleep?

First, what are the common causes of lumbago pain?

1. Sciatica

Sciatica is an illness caused by compression of the sciatic nerve caused by lumbar disc herniation, piriformis syndrome, lumbar spinal stenosis, and lumbar osteophytosis.

As the sciatic nerve travels on the foot from the waist, once it is compressed, it will show pain from the lower back to the back of the thigh, the lower leg and the foot. The pain is quite severe, and some patients describe it as like fire or electric shock.

severe lower back pain treatment home

2. Osteoarthritis and chronic synovitis

Chronic synovitis and osteoarthritis are common diseases of the elderly. Synovitis is a joint disease in which the synovitis is stimulated to produce inflammation, resulting in fluid imbalance and fluid accumulation. Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage between the bones is worn away and the bones grind against each other while walking, which can lead to pain and mobility problems.

The pain range of these two diseases is limited to the knee joint. The joints are swollen and stiff, which are reduced after rest and aggravated by more activities. The pain is more severe especially when going up and down stairs and half squatting.


Obviously, pain is the reason why you can't sleep. The solution is chronic bone and joint pain.

Medications are the most common treatment, and some have been shown to aid sleep. For instance sciatica can take lumbago ning, before going to bed every day half an hour with yellow rice wine to send to take, in addition to at night can better play wen jing tongluo, powder in addition to cold dampness, swelling analgesic effect, also have help to the pain can not sleep crowd, this is because yellow rice wine helps sleep effect, so by many patients favor.

In fact, in addition to choosing drugs, there are some tips to improve sleep.

1, before going to bed external application effect is good

Hot compress can help improve blood circulation, promote blood flow, accelerate inflammation discharge, help relieve pain, and help sleep. Patients with sciatica can use hot water bag to heat the painful area before going to bed.

Knee joint painful patient does not want hot compress, want cold compress knee, cold compress can reduce redness and swelling, reduce pain thereby, apply towel to wrap ice bag when cold compress, avoid frostbite.

2. Soak your feet in Chinese medicine before going to bed

Safflower and ginger have the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, dredging channels and collaterals, and clearing damp to relieve pain.

Can choose 5 grams of safflower, 3 pieces of ginger, put into 1500 ml of warm water (about 40 degrees) soak feet for about 30 minutes, to achieve the whole body sweat, body and mind stretch state. Caution: do not use in patients with hypertension, allergy or ulceration.

3. Choose a pain-relieving sleeping position

For patients with sciatica, try to bend the knee joint slightly when sleeping to make themselves feel very comfortable, which is also helpful for sleep, so as to avoid aggravating the pain caused by the pressure on the sciatic nerve due to sleep position, and even cause insomnia.

Sleep by lying on your side curled up (a cushion between your knees), or lying on your back with a small pillow under your knees, can reduce pressure on your back.

If patients with synovitis and knee bone spurs are accompanied by edema, they can sleep with pillows placed high above the knee to reduce edema.

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

Some of the pictures in this article are from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete.

"Three axes" for pain treatment after spinal cord injury (doctor shu chat pain series 001) (original) – AllPainHealing | sciatic nerve/pain treatment

You can do it… If… ?

Method two: close a cotton ball.

Block a cotton ball, if still can not adapt to!! Can consider to put the eardrum puncture, 😱! Well, there are people in the world who do this to avoid interference with eardrum pressure!

severe lower back pain treatment home

The whole world is really quiet!

Easy, you can read a book quietly! How can I practice my English interview?

Step 3: wear noise-canceling headphones

Active noise-canceling earphone sends out sound wave, cancels noise signal, and can hear audio clearly.

The surgical treatment of pain is similar.

The human sensory system is constantly attacked, destroyed, pain, the common method is also this "three. Plate. Axe" :

Remove, block, or disturb.

Method 1: avoid pain signals

Eliminate etiology and protect sensory system, such as discectomy for sciatic nerve and trigeminal nerve decompression.

Method 2: block pain signal transmission

Block and destroy the pain transmission path, so as to prevent the brain from feeling pain. For example, the pain of spinal dorsal root into medullary area is treated for residual limb pain.

Method 3: interfere with pain signal transmission

It interferes with pain signal transmission. Neuroregulatory surgery USES drugs and electrical signals, such as spinal cord electrical stimulation, to replace "pain and discomfort signals" with "comfort signals".


(possibly redundant words)

Ten years ago, I graduated from neurosurgery and started working with patients. Patients have been in a coma, lying quietly flat; Patients with spinal cord injuries, on the other hand, experience pain, crying and agitation. The heart cannot bear to think: to the family misfortune, to the coma patient itself does not have too much pain; Spinal cord injury, on the other hand, causes serious injury to the patient's family and conscious patients themselves, which is a long suffering…

Spinal cord injury patients often have severe pain, because the pain can only be perceived by the patients themselves, inevitably lead to strange eyes, resulting in misunderstanding: "no sense, how to still shout pain", "melodramatic", "mental problems". In fact, not so, I have treated spinal cord injury pain patients, the vast majority of patients self-reliance material self-improvement, mental toughness is far superior to ordinary people: organize patients to lead the team to travel all over China (including treasure island and Taiwan), wheelchair running exercise basketball regional games have it, independent business service network marketing communication positive energy also have it… After successful surgery, these patients are glad that the pain is gone, and often complain about the difficulty of seeking medical treatment.

This kind of surgery is rarely carried out in China, and many peers are not familiar with it, so our publicity and promotion work is not good. Patients are often referred by fellow patients or even referred to medical journals. I hope that with the help of the Internet, I can explain what we can do and what we can do in simple and understandable words as much as possible, and spread it. We are also welcome to forward and give more Suggestions.

Moxibustion is very helpful in treating sciatica (lumbar disc herniation, lumbar pain and lumbar acid, leg pain and leg acid) – AllPainHealing | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

| moxibustion female

Id | ajny66

Editor | Amy

Lumbar disc herniation, sciatic nerve, lower back pain, lower limb numbness, more and more serious

Sciatica is the most common cause of sciatica and lumbar disc herniation, manifested as radiation lumbago pain, pain often from one side of the waist, hip to the back of the thigh, popliteal fossa, the lateral leg and foot dorsolateral scattered. Pain varies in nature, from mild to severe, often aggravated by coughing, bending, and exertion.

Dish between the waist is outstanding, modern also is more general, lumbago, leg aches, numbness is fierce, ache of a certain place feels, activity is very difficult, cure very hard however, what reason causes after all that dish between the waist is outstanding? What simple way can we cure it?

First, I would like to share a story with you:

Pain and numbness on the waist and legs, please try moxibustion, because the effect is really great. I came into contact with a lot of people through moxibustion to disappear the pain, numbness. One of them is my own mother, my uncle. I Shared with you in the summer of 2017 my mom's treatment for a herniated disc.

Summer vacation my mother to help me take the child, said leg sore, jump around that position pressed down very painful, check out is lumbar disc herniation. I asked her to use moxibustion treatment, at that time my mother moxibustion several times said that the pain has obvious relief, before the morning to go out to the nearby market to buy a dish will hurt, let her carry the child out to play that is really painful. Moxibustion to nearly 20 days the pain will be repeated, but the pain is less severe than before, moxibustion until at the end of two months, that is my daughter started kindergarten my mom go back a few days ago, she said there have been no hurt for a week, back after she went to work, no continue to moxibustion, until now she said no more pain.

Because of my mother's benefit, my mother and let my uncle moxibustion, my uncle is two legs of the seam pain is very severe, not to say walking pain, even sleep at night has been seriously affected, took a lot of medicine did not improve. My mother asked me to send a big box and some packets of moxibustion, and she taught my uncle how to make moxibustion. Because the operation is relatively simple, my mother a little guidance, uncle himself will moxibustion. Because the pain is really uncomfortable, the moxibustion is very serious and very persistent, at the beginning of my mother gave him a good shot, "if the moxibustion several times without effect don't give up, I was almost two months before the good. After moxibustion for a period of time, my uncle told my dad that he had been sleeping well and the pain was not as bad during the day. According to my father and my uncle's own analysis because of overwork and running. My uncle will kill pigs. The period before the Spring Festival is the peak time for killing pigs in the countryside. Because of this, the disease caused by repeated, he began moxibustion, and soon recovered.

If there is lumbar disc herniation not moxibustion, every day to bear those pain in vain, that you are really a big loss!!

severe lower back pain treatment home

Moxibustion on lumbar disc herniation of sciatic nerve

Lumbar disc herniation is one of the more common diseases, mainly because various parts of the lumbar disc have different degrees of degenerative changes, especially the nucleus pulposus prolapse, compression of the sciatic nerve, and cause lumbar leg pain, a side of lower limbs or lower limbs numbness, pain and a series of clinical symptoms. The incidence of lumbar disc herniation was the highest, accounting for 95%.

Main clinical expression is long-term and repeated lumbago is numbness, leg painful show radiative ache more, tingle painful or burning painful, have intermittence limp. When standing or walking, the numbness can appear and become more severe over time, so that you cannot walk and are forced to stop and rest. This happens again and again. Why does it happen? Because intervertebral tract stenosis, blood line blocked, nerve lack of enough blood to support. Anaesthesia is an ischemic reaction.

Traditional Chinese medicine through the theory and clinical verification, can completely through the needle, moxibustion, massage method of lumbar disc herniation cure. Moxibustion with moxibustion box smoke moxibustion lesions and muscle strain, moxibustion gas and blood enough, can make the strain of the muscle gradually relax, so that the left and right bending of the lumbar spine gradually straight, make the physiological curve of the lumbar back to normal. Moxibustion makes the local meridian gas enough, so that the compressed vertebral space gradually restored to the original width, the gap widened, the internal pressure decreased, the prominent nucleus pulposus will be automatically sucked back to the original position. Heavy moxibustion can then be used to make the torn ring heal quickly.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lumbar disc herniation is caused by impassability of channels and collaterals, stagnation of qi and blood stasis, muscle and bone failure, impassability of blood and qi, and involves the meridians of the vessels and legs. Moxibustion on the back and lower limbs related acupuncture points, can warm the meridian, circulation of qi and blood, powder wind pain.

severe lower back pain treatment home

For example, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar sprain and lumbago can all be treated with moxibustion, and point selection can be unified:

Moxibustion points: the moxibustion site is mainly the waist ashi point focus, shenshu, mingmen, large intestine shu, waiyangguan, mainly the bladder meridian. If the leg pain or numbness, in addition to the affected side of the leg jump, weizhong, fengshi, feiyang point, chengshan, hanging zhong, kunlun, if you see weizhong point with blood collaterals, you can point puncture bleeding, the disease will be better faster.

Wei zhong is the confluence point of two branches of the lumbar back foot sun meridian in the popliteal fossa, "waist back wei zhong beg", can thin adjust the lumbar back meridian of qi and blood, but also can be in wei zhong bloodletting; Waist for kidney mansion, kidney yu can strengthen the waist kidney; Large intestine yu, waiyangguan, ashi point can drege local meridians, collaterals and muscle qi and blood, through the pain.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Moxibustion tools: shenyu, mingmen, large intestine yu, waiyangguan with our big moxibustion box can be all covered.

Circular hole can be large box moxibustion can also be tied on both sides of a small wooden box. Weizhong, fengshi, feiyang, chengshan, hanging bell, kunlun legs of these points can also be used to move moxibustion from the big box to the bottom, the box is put, mesh yarn toward the top, the leg directly on the side of the mesh can be. Moxibustion on top of the big heat, move to the bottom, you can cycle back and forth moxibustion a few times.

Next, I will show you some operating pictures of friends:

severe lower back pain treatment home

(this is the operation diagram of xiushenyu, mingmen, dachangyu and waiyangguan, which is directly covered with a big box of our home.)

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

(also with this big box can moxibustion at the same time two legs, this moxibustion is the back of the leg, from the top down moxibustion, big heat is moving down a section, can repeatedly cycle moxibustion, which the pain of the local moxibustion times and time can be longer, which wezhong, feiyang, chengshan can moxibustion into, no need to find specific acupuncture points.)

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

(if the pain is just in front of the leg, then use the same big box moxibustion in front of the leg, from the top down, the big heat will move down a section, can be repeated cycle moxibustion, pain of the place the number of times and time can be longer)

severe lower back pain treatment home

The above picture is the operation demonstration, moxibustion can not wear pants, box directly on the skin moxibustion.

Moxibustion on the side of the leg can be done with the big box in front, or with the box with 2 needles, the big box cannot be tied on the thigh, the box with 2 needles can be tied directly with the rope, with two boxes, both legs can be moxibustion at the same time. If there is no pain on the side, then the side of the thigh will be fine. If there is pain and pain in the moxibustion, the order is the same from the top down moxibustion.

Moxibustion if there is a feeling of channeling channeling, or channeling channeling is not in place, then continue moxibustion at the location of channeling channeling can not go down, make channeling channeling to the end. That is, to clear collaterals. Usually feel sore parts and in the process of moxibustion of sore parts to focus on moxibustion. After moxibustion acid tong parts may appear the situation of displacement, this time, with the transfer of the sore parts moxibustion focus should also transfer, in addition to moxibustion points, must be in the sore parts moxibustion.

Lumbar disc herniation, backache, leg pain, direct moxibustion on the pressure points of vital gate, waiyangguan, huantiao, chengshan, xuanzhong and other acupoints, can warm the meridians, regulate local menstrual qi, improve blood circulation, remove local soft tissue edema, spasm, in order to achieve the purpose of pain relief, so the effect is fast and obvious.

Moxibustion time: in the small of the back with big moxibustion box moxibustion 30 minutes, other leg points also use this big box from top to bottom moxibustion, moxibustion a total of 40 minutes, 7 days in a row, rest 1-2 days, can reduce or completely good cycle until the symptoms so the moxibustion 3-4 times a week

Stick to it

Use the bat to hit both sides of the hip, around the jump, waist, or both hands clenched fist with the Angle of the ring jump. Beating method is still adhere to, feel convenient, effective, can play the role of activating blood circulation channel, beating, feel very comfortable after beating, beating area is now very popular.

▲ long press the picture to save or identify the qr code to view details

This is the beating tool carefully selected by moxibustion woman. The handle is very long and the whole body can be patted. The patting is comfortable and has a very good stimulating effect. Need to go to our taobao or directly find moxibustion female WeChat 594048726 to buy oh

Now backache, leg pain can be said to be very much, especially in the countryside, the elderly can be said to be half of the recruit, I heard that some people exaggerated to go to the hospital are carrying the car. This disease is not too big, but very suffering, every day to bear such pain is very painful, we usually carelessly cut hands, long mouth ulcer is feeling very uncomfortable, not to mention the disease caused by the daily pain. If you or a loved one or someone you know has pain in the back, pain in the legs or numbness, ask them to try moxibustion.

Most of these diseases are caused by blocked meridians and cold, moxibustion can play a warm and cold, dredging meridians, moxibustion up super convenient and simple, good curative effect, low cost. If there is anything unclear, please add my WeChat 594048726 for consultation.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Ancient examples of square formation

Heavy pain in the back is difficult to go, zhang men (cold pain in the back), wei zhong (swelling pain and bleeding in the waist and knee), kunlun 7 strong —

It is not good to bend with swelling and pain on the knee. Yingling spring is 7 strong to 77 strong, and zhongwan needle has no effect. — (acupuncture integration)


Disease walk injection pain, or arm, waist, foot, knee cramps, two elbow pull urgent, moxibustion at painful place 50 strong. If the cold dampness lumbago, lumbar Shu moxibustion 50 strong – (bian que heart book)

Calendar section pain, but in the pain moxibustion 27 strong, good. — (thousand pieces of gold)

< / p > < p > kidney weak lumbago not when, shi for the line is very very, if you know the kidney yu two points, ai fire frequency plus body from health. — (jade dragon song)


Lumbar disc herniation

Liu mou, female, 42 years old, worker, see a doctor on December 1, 2006.

Patients with low back pain, leg pain more than 2 years, when the light was heavy, cramping pain, was once a 2 times in the shandong yantai lumbar minimally invasive surgery, the first time in May 2005 after improving, November recurrence, the pain, the western medicine, Chinese medicine, closed, poor treatment such as massage, traction, ct examination: waist, waist 5, 4 lumbosacral disc herniation.

Resistance to "o" positive, tenderness at waist yangguan, huanzao, chengshan and other points, skin numbness, positive straight leg elevation test, heavy pulse, white tongue light moss. The diagnosis was lumbar disc herniation. Treat appropriate temperature channels, regulate qi and blood, point selection: waist yangguan, mingmen, big vertebus, guan yuan. Once a day, the affected side of the loop, chengshan, yangling spring, zusanli, xuanzhong points with foaming moxibustion. After 7 days of treatment, the pain and numbness symptoms of the waist and lower limbs were relieved, and the symptoms disappeared after 15 days. After 1 month, the patient went to work normally, and no recurrence was found after 5 months of follow-up.

Basis. 2:

Diabetes mellitus with lumbar disc herniation

Yang mou, male, 70 years old, retired cadre, saw a doctor on July 10, 2009. Diabetes patients with more than 10 years, has been oral medications, blood sugar stable, low back pain with the right leg radiation pain more than 1 year, 3 months due to catch cold catch cold is aggravating, unable to walk, the traditional Chinese medicine, massage, traction treatment the effect not beautiful,, a hospital to blood sugar levels 11 millimoles/liter, ct inspection report and herniation, recommended surgery. At ordinary times, the patient's hands and feet are not warm, weak, present symptoms: lumbar and lumbosacral department and right circular jump, chengshan point tenderness, straight leg elevation test positive, pulse thin, tongue light coating white teeth mark. Chinese medicine diagnosis of thirst elimination and arthralgia syndrome. The disease is deficiency of liver and kidney. To nourish liver and kidney, point selection: dazhui, mingmen, yiyangguan, guan yuan. Once a day. After 15 days of treatment, the pain in the waist and right leg was significantly reduced. Suggest to continue moxibustion, can cure diabetes. Teach the family members of patients moxibustion method, with medicine home from moxibustion, patients are very cooperative. Moxibustion at home for 1 year, blood sugar is normal, hypoglycemic drugs have been stopped.

How to relieve sciatic nerve pain? Seven minutes of movement can help, and diet is just as important – AllPainHealing | sciatica/sciatic nerve pain/sciatic nerve

Guide: do you suffer from sciatica? Do you know what sciatic pain is? This is a stabbing pain that can appear in your waist, back, hips and legs. It's a nightmare for those with the condition, and many are willing to resort to invasive surgery to get rid of him. But more than 75 percent of the time, it's not even necessary. To combat sciatic pain, take a look at the seven minute nerve pain relief exercise.

how to get relief from backache

Of course, before starting this short exercise program, don't forget to consult your doctor, especially if you are pregnant and I have a serious or chronic illness. Only your doctor can tell you whether your body can afford the exercise and what improvements you can add to make it more suitable for you.

how to get relief from backache

If you really enjoy these exercises, you should definitely try yoga.

how to get relief from backache

First, it helps relieve sciatic pain. In addition, practicing yoga regularly can help your body function more smoothly, reducing your chances of falling into positions that can aggravate sciatica, according to James conson, Ph.D., a psychologist at the comprehensive pain center at the health and science university of Chicago. So if you've never tried yoga before, it's definitely time to go for it, because it's also good for your body and mental health.

Now let's get started. You can also use a yoga mat or simply place a blanket on a flat surface. Don't forget to close all the Windows and doors so there is no airflow and make sure it's not too cold in the room.

how to get relief from backache

Nutrition and weight loss expert yuri elkham says eye stretch is one of the most effective exercises you can do to relieve sciatic nerve pain. So why don't you give it a try?

how to get relief from backache

Lie on your back with your knees bent, then lift your right leg and place your right ankle on your left thigh. Wrap your hands around the back of your left thigh and pull it toward your body.

how to get relief from backache

Hold this position for at least 30 seconds without lifting your head and do two to three reps on each leg for maximum results.

how to get relief from backache

For this you keep your knees bent and lie on your back, but this time your arms are next to your body.

how to get relief from backache

For this exercise, you need a tennis ball, lying on top of it, with it under half of your hips, and then gently move to find the painful area. When you find it, just place your body on the ball and press it carefully for about 30 to 60 seconds.

how to get relief from backache

You can also scroll up and down in this area, and then try to find another point with the same pain and do the same movement.

However, while rolling the ball, avoid the area of the spine and stop immediately if you feel severe pain. Repeat once or twice a day for optimal results. Five to ten minutes in a row.

how to get relief from backache

The first is actually a yoga pose, known as the "half fish king," which not only relieves sciatica, but also energizes the spine, stimulates the liver and kidneys, and provides good stretching for the muscles.

how to get relief from backache

So sit on the floor with your bent legs in front of you and start exercising.

how to get relief from backache

Depend on the left leg, right leg on the left thigh, moving legs still bend, unbend arm and lower it to the floor now bend your left arm at the elbow, and put it on his right knee, will be completed the head and the body gently twist to the right, like a pretzel maintain this pose about thirty seconds, and then repeat the same action for your left leg.

how to get relief from backache

how to get relief from backache

Sit in a chair with your left ankle on your right knee, then carefully lean forward while keeping your back straight. Hold this position for ten breaths, then return to your starting position. Repeat this exercise five times with each leg. You need to move your butt and stick to the last few times.

how to get relief from backache

To do our first standing workout, you must place one foot on a surface as high as a chair or table while keeping your leg and toes straight.

how to get relief from backache

From this position, gently extend the leg as close as you can until you feel significant resistance in the thigh. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Without raising the thigh. Then return to your starting position and don't forget to repeat this exercise two or three times with each leg.

how to get relief from backache

Complete the workout and eliminate sciatic nerve pain completely, bend the left leg and place it on the elevated surface again

how to get relief from backache

Take a small step back with your right leg, gently stretching as close as possible to your left leg, and hold the breath in this position.

how to get relief from backache

Repeat the same thing for the other leg and you're done.

Over time, you'll see the pain in your back, hips, and legs go away, and as an added bonus, your hips will have more flexibility and better range of motion, which is a win-win.

One way is to use essential oils such as ginger oil or peppermint oil. Regarding the method that will be used, you must add four drops of essential oil to a tablespoon of coconut oil mixture and apply the final mixture to the affected area, which will have a powerful soothing and anesthetic effect that can quickly relieve pain.

how to get relief from backache

Peppermint formula is exactly the same and is also known as the miracle formula for sciatica because of its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

A study by Italian researchers confirms that regular vitamin d intake can help treat sciatica. Experts also add vitamin b12 and c to your diet, so be sure to eat foods rich in these elements to stay healthy.

how to get relief from backache

The best products for vitamin d are salmon, oysters, egg yolks and mushrooms. Vitamin b12, to name a few, is found in large quantities in beef, tuna and dairy products.

how to get relief from backache

To boost your life's vitamin c, add field, yellow, chili, parsley, kiwi, broccoli and lemon to your diet.

Every day to make a cup of celery juice, also will be a wonderful thing to happen, just pick up some fresh celery, cutting water, then put everything in a blender, ready after the fruit with a little honey, drink at least twice a day, celery, can immediately alleviate pain and inflammation, which is required for any people with sciatica.

Pay attention to your posture first, because it can determine your sciatic state.

how to get relief from backache

I can do that. If you work in an office and usually spend most of your workday sitting, make sure you do some light exercise. Stand every 20 minutes to relieve the pressure on your back. Basically, the more active your lifestyle, the better, but if it doesn't work and things slowly and steadily spiral out of control, make sure you see a doctor as soon as possible.

how to get relief from backache

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how to get relief from backache

Backache back pain, flash to the waist, sitting do, 4 simple self – therapy – AllPainHealing | back pain/sciatic nerve/backache

Low back pain caused by fatigue and momentary inadequacies

The gas with bad waist is necessary from bottom of the foot yongquan acupoint eduction, so do baseboard to turn a circle to guide gas downward, do sole of the foot again fluctuation educates gas, finish can improve sleeping quality. Weekdays do waist to pull up and down and ham to move before and after, take exercise rear lumbar and crotch, flesh strength is strong it is not easy to flash waist.

Be aware, however, that increased pain in the lower back that extends down the leg or foot is most likely a herniated lumbar disc. At this time for safety reasons, do not recommend rash exercise, should go to the hospital for diagnosis.

Baseboard turns a circle: guide bad gas of waist crotch to foot

Foot plate rotation can pull ankle joints (both inward and outward), reduce the disease to the foot, and help improve the pain caused by osteitis and back pain.

how to reduce back bone pain

Up and down the sole of the foot: promotes the discharge of bad air from the foot

Sole presses repeatedly from on, make tiptoe face down, pull ankle joint, stimulate sufficient 3 li acupoint, insomnia acupoint, yongquan acupoint, conduce good sleep and gastric ministry motion, reach can improve low blood pressure, cramp, pregnant morning sickness.

Lumbar pull-up: strengthens lumbar and lumbar muscles

Centralize force in lumbar muscle, pull up and down repeatedly, can move connection upper body and the vertebra between lower body, improve lumbar acid directly, ankylosing sex spondylitis, bone spur. Waist injury can be done slowly, find a painless Angle to do.

how to reduce back bone pain

Thigh forward and backward: strengthens crotch muscle strength

Sit upright in the 1/3 place of the chair, double leg knee before and after light move (left into right to retreat, left to retreat right to advance, sole does not move), in order to pull ham, hip, tail vertebra wait for acupoint. This action can help the tail vertebra, the hip movement, stimulates the sciatic nerve, improves the back pain, the constipation, the knee weakness.

Kidney pain is it? Back pain? How do you tell – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve

Kidney pain may occur in the back, groin or thigh

Renal pain may occur below the ribs on either side of the spine. Although the pain comes from deep inside the body, it still feels painful.

Whether pain occurs on one or both sides depends on whether the disease affects one or both kidneys.

Kidney pain can radiate to other areas, such as:

Side of the body

The abdomen

In the groin

The thigh

Type and severity of pain

Smaller kidney stones can often pass through the urinary system without causing severe pain. However, larger kidney stones can cause acute pain. When kidney stones move from the kidney to the ureter, the pain is usually worse. The ureter is a small tube that connects the kidney to the bladder and forms part of the urinary system.

Kidney infection can cause stable pain or soreness.

03 concomitant symptoms

Diseases that affect the kidneys may cause other symptoms, such as:

Cloudy or hematuria

The urine pain




Constipation or diarrhea




Signs of severe kidney damage or problems may include:

Bad breath

Metallic taste

Shortness of breath

Swollen legs, ankles, or feet



Muscle cramps

The cause of kidney pain

Symptoms of renal pain include:

Urinary tract infection (utis)

Kidney stones

Kidney infections

Kidney blood clots

Kidney trauma or injury

Back pain

Back pain is very common. Most of the back pain is back pain. Problems affecting muscles, bones or nerves in the back can cause back pain. The location, severity, and accompanying symptoms of back pain depend on the cause.

01 pain position

Back pain can occur anywhere in the back. However, most people suffer from back pain in the lower back.

Muscle pain is a feeling of dull pain or soreness. Certain physical activities can trigger or exacerbate muscle pain, which can range from mild to severe, and can fluctuate as a result of stretching.

People with nerve pain experience burning or tingling pain that spreads to other parts of the body.

Sciatica is a nerve pain that affects the back. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or compressed, causing a burning pain that can radiate into the buttocks.

Bone pain can result from a fractured vertebra or irregular shape of the spine. This type of pain can occur suddenly. Bone pain ranges from moderate to severe and is usually aggravated with exercise.

Other possible symptoms of back pain include:

Pain or stiffness in the spine

A sharp, tingling pain in the neck

Difficulty standing up straight because of pain or muscle spasms

Trouble walking

Numbness or tingling in the back, radiating to the extremities

One or both legs are weak

The bladder cannot be emptied

Urinary incontinence

Diarrhea or constipation

The cause of back pain

A person may have back pain due to poor posture

A pulled muscle or ligament in the back is a common cause of back pain. People can strain their backs by overstretching, carrying too much weight or using the wrong way to lift weight.

Other causes of back pain include:

Poor posture

Sit or stand for long periods of time

Muscle tension

A back injury, such as a fracture or fall

Disc damage, slippage, or rupture

Abnormal curvature of the spine

The tumor

Diseases that can cause back pain include:

Inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and spondylitis


Herpes zoster

Spinal tumor


Cauda equina syndrome affects the nerves at the base of the spinal cord

Abdominal aortic aneurysm


When do you go to see the doctor

Mild back pain is usually treated with home rest, heat therapy and over-the-counter pain killers. However, if pain is caused by trauma, see a doctor.

It is important for people with kidney stones or signs of kidney infection to see a doctor.

You should also seek medical advice if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Persistent or severe pain, no improvement after rest

Back pain is getting worse with time

Pain, numbness, or tingling radiating downward in the leg or arm

Difficulty walking or standing

Unexplained weight loss

Bladder or bowel problems crop up


The kidneys sit below the ribs on either side of the spine and lean against the muscles in the back, which means it is sometimes difficult to tell whether it's back pain or kidney pain.

Renal pain may occur on one or both sides of the lower back ribs. Causes of renal pain include urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and blunt instrument injury to the kidney.

Back pain affects the entire back, but most back pain occurs in the lower back. People may have back pain from lifting heavy objects, poor posture, sitting or standing for long periods of time. Some diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis and infections, can also cause back pain.

Recognizing the difference between kidney pain and back pain can lead to early diagnosis and better treatment.

Backache of the man, can not be regarded as a small matter, may hide 3 diseases – AllPainHealing | back pain/sciatic nerve/backache

Man waist sour backache may be caused by kidney deficiency, excessive sex frequently easy to cause the man kidney, can appear man kidney back pain symptoms, waist sour backache may also be caused by prostate disease, man waist sour backache for specific reasons, and to do a good job in the waist of the nursing man waist sour backache what are the reasons?

Analyze several causes of backache in men

1. Kidney deficiency:Backache and back pain may be caused by kidney deficiency, patients with kidney deficiency will appear backache and back pain. Excessive frequent sexual life will easily lead to kidney deficiency, and excessive fatigue will easily induce kidney deficiency. Men with kidney deficiency should timely take appropriate methods to regulate, try to choose food with nourishing effect, which can effectively alleviate the problem of backache and back pain.

2. Lumbar disc herniation:Lumbar back pain may be caused by lumbar disc herniation, it is best to bend less to lift heavy objects bending lifting heavy objects, prone to lumbar disc herniation, which will compress the sciatic nerve, easy to appear lumbar acid symptoms, usually pay attention to the combination of work and rest to avoid excessive fatigue, or serious injury to the waist health.

3. Prostatitis:Prostatitis patients will appear the symptoms of backache and back pain, and will appear the symptoms of lethargy, prostatitis to men brings great harm, we should do a good job in the maintenance of the prostate, and also to do a good job in the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, prostatitis patients easy back pain.

How does backache of the man alleviate

1, increase the intake of nutrition, back pain can be treated by food therapy medicine diet, back pain may be kidney deficiency, try to eat more food to nourish the kidney, and pay attention to control the frequency of sexual life, excessive sexual life will affect kidney health, so easy to induce kidney deficiency.

2, insist on physical exercise, men should adhere to physical exercise, more outdoor activities are good for the body, can alleviate the symptoms of backache, and to avoid strenuous exercise, strenuous exercise may cause injury to the waist, and even aggravate the patient's condition, often participate in outdoor exercise, can promote blood circulation.

3, physical therapy can effectively alleviate the symptoms of back pain, can be alleviated by traditional Chinese medicine, massage, acupuncture, massage and other methods, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of chronic disease effect is significant, traditional Chinese medicine can effectively improve the physical condition of patients, patients had better understand the main causes of back pain, according to the cause of symptomatic treatment.

Lower back pain? May be lumbar disc herniation, fitness you should be careful! – AllPainHealing | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

1. Lumbago and leg pain: after most patients with lumbar disc herniation fall sick, lumbago and hip pain will occur repeatedly. After lumbar dysparegia rests in bed, it will gradually reduce or subside. A few days or a few weeks later, gradually feel a side of lower limbs radioactive pain, standing, walking, coughing, sneezing and forced defecation, backache aggravate.

Lower back pain: this pain occurs before and at the same time as leg pain. Pain is mainly in the lower waist or lumbosacral region, mainly manifested in the low back fatigue after aggravation or take the same position for a longer period of time, but rest or bed pain can be reduced.

how to reduce back bone pain

3. Simple pain and numbness of lower limbs: although the condition of simple pain and discomfort of lower limbs in lumbar diseases is relatively rare, it can still be the first symptom in some chronic degenerative lumbar diseases. Some middle-aged and elderly patients can come to see a doctor because of simple numbness, acid distension or rigidity of lower limbs.

4. Muscle paralysis: when lumbar disc herniation compresses nerve root seriously, nerve paralysis can occur, muscle paralysis, performance is foot drop; Severe symptoms, the course of the elderly, more muscular atrophy, especially the small leg muscle atrophy is more obvious.

how to reduce back bone pain

5. Limited spinal movement: after lumbar disc herniation, when the spine flees, the front part of the disc is squeezed, the posterior space is widened, and the nucleus pulposus moves backward, increasing the tension of the protrusion, while the nucleus pulposus moves up, pulling the nerve root and causing pain. When lumbar hind extend, protrusion also increases, and yellow ligament rubric protrudes forward, cause front and rear to squeeze nerve root and cause ache, ache limits the activity of spinal column so.

6. Lower extremity radialgia (sciatica) : the pain mainly along the buttocks, through the back of the thigh to the back of the calf or to the lateral malleolus and toes to gradually become dull pain.

7. Intermittent claudication: what intermittent claudication points to is the patient when walking increases along with the distance and feel lumbago painful attack or aggravation, be forced to stop, squat down to rest to alleviate to go again.

8. Defecation disorders: in lumbar spine diseases, some patients may find incontinence or secretions and urine retention, which is more common in spinal cord injury and intramedullary diseases, leading to spinal cord dysfunction and loss.

how to reduce back bone pain

9. Numbness and paresthesia: local and involved compression of nerve root contact area can result in compression of nerve root fibers and blood vessels, leading to ischemia and hypoxia. Therefore, pain, numbness and other abnormal sensations may occur in the affected nerve root area.

10. Decreased back extension of big toe and ankle joint: it is caused by different degree of innervation of the long, short extensor and anterior tibia muscles of the affected limb.

how to reduce back bone pain

"How does a herniated disc recover?"

When it comes to this issue, many people's first reaction is "it's really hard to recover from lumbar disc herniation!"

Yes, it is believed that many people have tried many methods to recover from lumbar disc herniation, but in the end, all of them are in vain.

Bedridden: unable to stay in bed for long periods of time with a job and family to support.

Traction: only relieves pressure on the disc.

Acupuncture and moxibustion: need to insist all the year round, time consuming and laborious.

Massage: treat the symptoms, not the root cause, can only play an anti-inflammatory role.

how to reduce back bone pain

In fact, as long as the right method, to recover lumbar disc herniation is not difficult.

Thirty minutes a day for a month can improve your lumbar disc herniation symptoms in a short time.

Gao jinling, from a white-collar worker suffering from chronic diseases to a well-known rehabilitation tutor, has come up with an effective "rehabilitation system training for lumbar disc herniation".

how to reduce back bone pain

Gao Jinling

Former seminary rehabilitation tutor

Home to the business school founder

China sports rehabilitation teacher certification

Spy stretch founder

American chiropractic professional certification

Many people are suffering from chronic diseases such as the lumbar spine, shoulder and neck, but most choose to endure and do not know how to recover.

But gao jinling teacher, because of the chronic disease contact rehabilitation knowledge, completely changed his life.

She used to be an ordinary white-collar worker

Suffering from chronic diseases

Teacher gao jinling, once like all college students, chose to enter a good company after graduation and became a white-collar worker. Work hard every day, more than 10 hours of sitting.

In an important project of the company, she stayed up one day and one night. She happened to be sitting in the window again and suffered from the wind all night. When she stopped working the next morning, she found that she could not lift her arms and had severe shoulder pain.

For the next two years, she tried massage, acupuncture, cupping… But the pain in her shoulder persisted, and chronic disease was taking its toll.

The work efficiency drops, the temper becomes extremely irritable, at this time gao jinling becomes hard to approach in the family's eyes, no one can understand her suffering at that time.

So she began to learn yoga to adjust her mind. The stretching that yoga does relieve the pain to some extent, but it still doesn't help.

how to reduce back bone pain

Quit your job

Focus on recovery and fitness

Become a rehabilitation tutor

By chance, gao jinling ran into a rehabilitation tutor in the gym, and her shoulder and neck pain was actually alleviated through his evaluation and treatment.

All kinds of treatment can not solve the pain, through the training effect, from then on gao jinling began to have a strong interest in rehabilitation knowledge, resolutely quit the job, focus on rehabilitation, fitness.

Some people thought it wasn't worth it, but it changed her life. After their unremitting efforts, she relied on what she learned to recover their shoulder and neck pain, but also by the way a good figure.

how to reduce back bone pain

Later, she became a rehabilitation instructor at sepp fitness college, where she met many like-minded people, learning, exercising and competing with heart, which she never thought she would be today.

Recovery lumbar disc herniation

After many years as a rehabilitation tutor, gao discovered a secret. It turned out that his mother was a patient with lumbar disc herniation for many years. But in order not to worry about gao's mother, she never showed her pain in front of her.

Until a trip with his mother, high teacher's mother can not walk after the plane, high teacher with his mother to check, at this time, she did not know that his mother lumbar disc herniation, and has jammed the sciatic nerve, leg pain paralysis, so can not walk.

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