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Report from our correspondent (reporter Yang fengli) modern because sit for a long time the reason such as office, drive, motion little, often feel backache. Doctors caution that sticking to your back muscles can help alleviate the problem.

Liu jiajia of doctor of Beijing ji shuitan hospital introduces, strong lumbar back muscle resembles the strong protective umbrella of spinal column, con-tend to maintain, enhance the stability of spinal column, still can prevent acute and chronic lumbar injury and lumbago. So how do you work your lower back muscles? Can exercise above all "small swallow flies", lie prone on the bed when exercising, take out pillow, backside of both hands, slowly exert oneself to raise the head bosom to rise, make head bosom leaves bed face, at the same time knee joint unbend, two ham exert oneself to leave bed face backward also, last 5 seconds or so, next muscle is loosened, lie prone on the bed afresh. Rest for three to five seconds, then continue with the workout. Usually do 20-30 at a time, and keep practicing 1-2 times a day. If you have weak psoas or are obese, it is difficult to practice "small bird flying". You can use alternative methods, such as lifting the head and chest only.

Secondly, can also do exercise, "five support" lie on your back in bed, pillow to bend your knees, standing up to bed, double elbow and back abdomen and hips up, rely on the shoulders, elbows and feet to support the weight of the whole body, lasts for 5 seconds, and then the waist muscle relaxation, 3 ~ 5 seconds for a rest from your hips cycle.

The expert still reminds, lumbago back muscle exercises number and intensity to want to differ from person to person, should step by step, increase exercise quantity gradually. If the next day after exercise feel waist pain, discomfort, stiffness, etc., should be appropriate to reduce the intensity and frequency of exercise or stop exercising. Don't suddenly push too hard, in case you twist your waist from exercising your psoas. And, if you have pain, stiffness, discomfort and other symptoms of the back, should stop or reduce the back muscle exercise; You should stop practicing when the pain in your lower back and legs is acute.

Is backache backache very normal after be pregnant? If it is these kinds of circumstances go to the hospital quickly, do not wait for a moment – pain healing | back pain/backache/lower back/reduce back pain/pain in your lower back

Some time ago, a fan friend in the backstage private letter happy dad, said that she is now in the third trimester.

The body is good, the weight on the whole also increased 15 jins or so, it is pregnancy figure to maintain very good. But recently often feel back pain, asked around the pregnant woman, they all said, pregnant back pain that is normal.

But the fan's mother always felt a little uneasy, so she came to consult happy dad.

Why can lumbar acid back ache after be pregnant

On the one hand, it's a normal physiological reaction after pregnancy.

As the baby gets older, there is a big change in the mother's hormone levels and the production of hormones. Changes in these hormones, to a certain extent, can stimulate the back and back, causing pain.

On the other hand, it is caused by the change of center of gravity.

Especially in the third trimester, as the baby grows, the uterus also grows, for mothers, the center of gravity will unconsciously lean forward when standing, in this case, is not stable. So, at this point, the mother's back and back muscles and back on both sides of the muscles will unconsciously excessive contraction, so that they can barely maintain balance.

Time grows, muscle acid aches, the most intuitionistic expression is backache.

How does backache alleviate

In fact, as long as you know why mothers have backache after pregnancy, it is not difficult to alleviate it. In general, we tend to do it for the latter reason.

Sit more and stand less. Stand well

Pregnant mothers can sit less stand, sit, try to put a cushion in the back, let the back have a place to rely on, so can greatly alleviate the feeling of backache.

When standing, tilt your pelvis slightly back and lift your upper body forward. This will help relieve stress on your back muscles and reduce back pain.

Appropriate exercise

After pregnancy, whether in order to enhance physical fitness, for the subsequent delivery of a good reserve of productivity; Or control the figure, so that the baby will not be too fat, reduce the pain of childbirth, are required to carry out a certain amount of exercise.

Common ways to do this include walking, yoga for pregnant women, and swimming.

Calcium supplements

For pregnant mothers, especially in the third trimesters, is the need to timely calcium, so it can also relieve backache in a certain extent.


Of course, if you can, let dad give the mothers every night massage, is also a very good effect.

When do I need a doctor

Above happy father said back pain, that is a normal reaction during pregnancy, through some targeted measures, is able to alleviate their own. If it is below a few kinds of case, need to go to a hospital in time, ask a doctor to help check.

For example, you may suddenly have severe pain in your lower back or back that won't be relieved by lying down or getting a massage. The pain could be a bone ailment that needs to be examined by a doctor before it can be diagnosed.

For example, intermittent backaches, bouts of pain, and if accompanied by contractions, can be a sign of premature labor. It also needs timely medical examination.

The last

In general, back pain is normal after pregnancy. But there are several types of pain that can be caused by other illnesses that require mothers to go to the hospital in time to make sure they and their babies are healthy and safe.

German orthopaedic experts to create the "support" artifact, sit 9 hours waist is not painful,20 years of neck and spine disease… – null | sciatica/back pain/backache/lumbar spine/lower back/reduce back pain/sciatica/back pain/backache

Protect the lumbar spine from injury

If you sit for more than 90 minutes

You're at great risk!

When it comes to sitting, you have to talk about the germans

Germany, with a population of 80 million, has such limited manpower

And created itMore than 2,300 world-class brands

High quality means spending moneyMore and moretimeandenergy

In small Numbers they have toAdd! Class!the

Statistics from the European commission show that:

The average number of hours germans actually work per week is zero50.5 hours

Well beyondUnder labor law37.7 hours

theirovertimeIn the European UnionNumber one

The world health organization already has"Sedentary"As aOne of the top ten causes of death and illnessDespite frequent warnings, howeverThere are still some every yearMore than 2 million people die from sitting for too longcars only

This is not alarmist, look at two live cases!

In November 2018, xiao wu, a 21-year-old journalist from China Daily, was in good health and full of life.

Doctors say the cause of the journalist's death,The cause of death was a pulmonary embolism caused by sitting for a long time after the sprained ankle.

(source: thepaper.cn)

In December 2018, a 34-year-old man in Taiwan died after sitting in an Internet cafe for a day and a night.

The cause is also a sedentary pulmonary embolism.

(news source: chinanews.com)

In addition to the aboveSudden pulmonary embolism, sudden deathEtc.

Sitting still quietly causeChronic critical illness

The pelvis is in a"Nest"The state of the

Obstructed the smooth flow of blood

triggerConstipation, prostatitis, infertilityEtc.The phenomenon of

At present our countryColon cancertheThe incidence of

It is growing by 4.2% a year

Among themPeople most at risk for cancer

Has been focused onSedentary office workerandmotoristsIn the

butLong hours of sedentary workGerman not only

Low incidence of lumbar spine disease, sedentary sudden death rate

evenLongest life expectancyThe country

According to the world health statistics 2018 report

German life expectancybeyondGlobal life expectancyExactly ten years old

Also sedentary

Why are the results so different?

Because German residents tend to be sedentaryTake protective measures

It's common to put one on your chair

canReduce lumbar stress by 65%the3 d shu backThe waistby

In Germany,No qualityThe product is considered to beMake no sensethe

German meticulous, rigorous

Without reservationIn the production of products to playacme

They don't screw four and a half turns when they're supposed to screw five

It is their fastidiousness for quality and attention to detail

Let the germans take itNearly a thirdtheThe Nobel Prize

let"Made in Germany"byMark of originTurned out to beHigh quality mark

This one is for the germansFive years

Six tons of raw materials were usedFor theSedentary peopledesign

Because of the lack of labor force, long hours of sitting

Germany was once the worldThe lumbar spineMost seriously illThe country

"Sitting for a long time"Is their norm

This position keeps the spine in place"Arch"The state of the

Body weightTotal pressureAt the base of the vertebra

Lumbar blood circulation, stagnation of qi and blood

Backache, swelling and numbness of lower limbsAnd so forth

The lumbar spine is the body's entire skeleton and muscles

Main supporting force

Just likehousebuildingWorking really hardandpillars

Once the lumbar spine is compressed, the whole body is out of shape

After sitting, the lumbar spine becomes stressed

hipPoor blood flow to bear the weight of the upper body

In the long run, buttocks becomeFlat, flat, large

The back is not supported and the trapezius is stretched

causeSore, stiff, thickened shoulders, torticollisEtc.

The formation ofRound shoulder humpThe posture of

The lumbar spine is also connected to a number of spinal nerves

If protection measures are not taken in time

Compression of the nervous system

Leading to the spinal cordIrreversible damage

It's caused by pain in the lower backMore than a dozen lesions

lumbarstraightencars onlyThe bow

Psoas muscle weakness and paincars onlySex life is not harmoniousEtc.

Stiff backcars onlynumbnesscars onlylimpAnd evenLower limb paralysis

forhealthandlifeAll bringHuge negative impact

Sitting for too long can lead to serious diseases

Let the German official media start to actively popularize the health knowledge of sitting for a long time

The most important thing is to find a good backer for the waist

"Never sit with your waist dangling."

The scheliu research team in GermanyThe joint

University hospital of Heidelberg, GermanytheOrthopaedic surgeons

According to ergonomic structure design

Physiological bending value according to lumbar science Angle

Built oneFit the curve of lumbar back spinecars onlyComfortable decompressiontheThe waist by

The German blood is for excellence, rigour and care

It's on the waistThe quality ofandprocessTop is the best

Today small make up recommended

It's this one75° Angle of goldthe

The seleucid 3d slams back

As a back rest

Do you have good support? Do you sit comfortably

Must be your biggest concern

The inner core at the waist

It directly affects the dispersion of pressure

Fill a waist to rely on commonly on market

Elasticity is too full, supporting force is not enough, fixed

Ten days and half a monthDeformation deflatedthe

Many people even take itHold pillow,dollUse as a back

Suspension of the back, instead aggravating the stress of the lumbar spine

This 3d slouches the backpressuretheThe key lies in

Using space memory cotton

Also known as"Zero pressure memory pad"

No matter youHow do you squish it

useDozens of millions of times

It can beRapid dispersion of stress

And it bounces back

Because this memory cotton is a kind ofOpen cellular structure

The cross-section is filled with tens of thousands of cellular pores

Unlike ordinary foam, it is only partially compressed when subjected to pressure

The memory of cottonEach pore can be completely compressed

At the same timeAbsorb more than 90% of the impactcars onlyLower lumbar stress

Student: when you go upNaturally fit the back curve of human body

Comfortable, pressure-bearing and breathable,Effectively reduces lumbar stress by 65%

The ability of the spine to supply blood is not blocked

Promote the bloodSmooth circulation

thusSit for a long time waist does not hurt acid, pain does not swell

This material is widely used in spacecraft

To lower the astronaut's spine

Double the pressure in space

According to the professional statistics center

inNo waist

The pressure on the lumbar spine can change depending on how you sit

The desk,There is no lumbar support

Withstand stress up to standingAlmost three times as

The equivalent of having three adults standing on your lumbar spine at the same time

After using 3d to relax the back

The lumbar spine gets extensive support

Distribute lumbar pressure evenly throughout the lower back

Under pressure from140% of the average chair

That's down to about 75%

I put two raw eggs on it

Waist on the maximum stress point

Step on it, eggStill intact

Scattered decompression effect can be seen

General pain on the back only to consider the waist

The upper back is always suspended when you lean on it

More sitting, more pain

Signewka3d is used for slouching

Unique lengthening back support

Top hump shape, increase back acupuncture pointsPoint massage

Don't let your back spine hang halfway up

easeThe shoulderandCervical spinetheStiffness tight

When you have enough support for your shoulders and back

The shoulder blades open naturally

The spine and lumbar spine are in the same vertical and horizontal line

Effectively correct rounded shoulders and humpThe posture of

In the otherBottom auxiliary flank area

Widen and thicken,"M" shaped design

Horizontally widened to 45cm

Like hands around your waist

Comfortable and secure

Bottom thickened to 170mm

Stronger support, faster dispersion

Come to a screeching halt or bump while driving

Causes the lumbar disc stress to increase suddenly

It can beAbsorb 90% of the shock in secondsTo quickly disperse the pressure and protect the lumbar spine

This waist rests on the design

It is 88 percent better than ordinary back support

The area fitting the waist and back of the human body increased by 1.6 times

It can effectively hold both sidesWaist, hip, fixed posture

Don't spread the meat around your hips

The tail bulges out in a t shape, increasing circulation in the buttocks

Avoid flat, flat hips

Give lumbar support force adequately, sit coxal more become warped more

Orthopedic surgeon at the university hospital of Heidelberg, Germany

Ergonomically designed

Science buildingGold 75° back inclination

Points minutes toOrdinary back chairbecomeErgonomic chair

Promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue

effectiveReduce back painandsciaticaThe occurrence of

This kind ofLengthen type back support + embrace type waist protection design

Plus 75 degrees of gold retrograde Angle

So that the entire back has been firmly supported

The longer you lean, the more relaxed your back

To help restore the normal physiological curvature of the spine

With itStand up for you

No longer afraid ofBack pain, lumbar muscle weaknessSeek the

Effectively reduced intervertebral joint force by 8% on average

Muscle load is reduced by an average of 15%

To maximize the lumbar coccyx distraction decompression

Just lean on it

You'll automatically find the right sitting position

Naturally correct bad posture

Comfortable and waist – protecting

Sheliu's memory cotton waist rests in the making process

afterViolet light is completely bactericidal and bacteriostatic treatment

Dust-free particles can be achieved

The realAnti – bacteria, anti – dust mites, anti – mold

And every memory pad is

The whole! Block! Slice! Cut!

Material, looks complete, the strength bears

afterMore than 1,000 bends,Squeeze without distortion

No matter how long you use it, how do you break it

The ability to disperse stress remains the same

Cloth cover surface has4500 two-way air vents

Fast heat dissipation and quick perspiration

Lean on it, even in the hot dog days

I don't feelAny sense of heat and humidity

Detachable jacketThe touch is soft and delicate

usingsturdyZipper design

Easy to remove and replace, easy to clean

Wear-resisting durablecars onlyNo ball deformation

evenSoak in high heat for 2 hours

Wash with other clothes

Don't worry about itString dyeing for fadingThe problems such as

Genuine materials, quality and durable

This is also the German brand has always been

Worldwide product quality modelThe reason why

But the German market has always been limited

forExpand market and reduce production cost

Help more people get rid of the pain of lumbar spine diseases

Signewka's research and development team

willOriginal technologyandProfessional equipmentTo China

Set up factories in mainland China

zhangHigh tariffandThe customs of freightafter

During the promotional period

You can useHalf the original priceThe price of

Use signewka3d for back rest

Since the domestic listing

There's been a lot of powdering

"It's very good for a round shoulder hump."

"Good support, very comfortable."

"Just up against the waist, very good support."

· · · · · ·

Signewka3d slings the back

Designed three new colors for 2019 in the us and Europe

For your choice, it is resistant to dirt

Barbie powder

Coffee brown

Hidden deep blue

Suggest a car, an office, a home

Created by the sheroo team in collaboration with orthopedic surgeons

Signewka3d slings the back

It has helped hundreds of germans get rid of lumbar diseases

inThe original price in Germanyfor26 euros (199 yuan)

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3d slouch

Address your concerns at the root

Keep your back from swelling after sitting for too long!

Selections of 99 yuan

Anti – mold and anti – bacteria away from fatigue

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