lower back pain not muscle related – Woman long – term lumbago leg is soft, seek a doctor to xi 'an, check is spinal column grows unexpectedly "pineapple" big tumor | persistent lower back ache, most common lower back pain

Well, this morning around 9 o 'clock,

Ms. Zhu arrived in good health

Tangdu hospital of xi 'an air force medical university,

And said thanks to a team,

What's going on here?

how do you relieve lower back pain

The story goes back to the summer of 2017, when Ms. Zhu suffered from unexplained back pain. She thought she had a herniated lumbar disc and had been treated at the local hospital. However, as time went on, her condition did not improve. At first, her back hurt and finally she could not walk.

how do you relieve lower back pain

For this reason, Ms. Zhu has been to a number of hospitals for treatment, but due to complex conditions, has not been able to get good treatment.

After that, Ms. Zhu went to tangdu hospital of xi 'an air force military medical university for treatment.The patient has a large tumor in the lumbosacral spinal canal. If not treated in time, erosion will be further aggravated, and the patient is likely to face the risk of paralysis.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Li weixin, associate professor of neurosurgery, tangdu hospital, air force medical university:

"When I came to our hospital, I had to lie on my back, not on my side, not even on my feetBecause it has been eroded by the tumor, there are few bone connections."

how do you relieve lower back pain

Ms. Zhu's tumor is large, and many nerves are wrapped in it. During the operation, the nerve roots in this area will be removed, which will affect the patient's movement and urine function. The tumor can be removed with conventional surgery, but nerve function is difficult to preserve.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Professor li weixin said, to use a common analogy, isTo remove the entire tumor, which is the size of a pineapple, while preserving the wires that line the nerves inside,These are two contradictory questions. Solving this problem is the most difficult part of the operation.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Before the surgery, professor weixin li's team studied it and decided to design titanium alloy prosthesis for the patients with 3d printing technology.

how do you relieve lower back pain

After eight hours of surgery, a pineapple-sized tumor was completely removed along with the affected lumbar hip, and a 3d-printed titanium prosthesis filled in the missing vertebra, sparing the most nerve function.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Li weixin, associate professor, said that in the previous literature reports, it can be seen that many of the waist weight reconstruction, the domestic 3d printing prosthesis implantation, is in the forefront of the world. butThis case is the first of its kind in the world, in which the whole lumbar joint is excised, the whole tumor is excised, and the 3d printed implant is used to preserve the function of urine and feces.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Ms. Zhu is recovering well from the operation and can walk four or five steps without crutches,At present is slowly returning to improve, has basically been able to normal life.

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persistent lower back ache – Cure lumbago, lumbar kidney cream reminds: the key points in the waist more in the abdomen

Sitting for a long time, strain, injury, catching cold and so on all can cause back pain, statistics show that: as many as 80% of adults in some stages will appear persistent back pain, back pain recurring to people's work and life has brought great inconvenience. Acupuncture points of traditional Chinese medicine for lumbago, a lot of people will be accustomed to knead pain to slow

Sitting for a long time, strain, injury, catching cold and so on all can cause back pain, statistics show that: as many as 80% of adults in some stages will appear persistent back pain, back pain recurring to people's work and life has brought great inconvenience.

Acupuncture points of traditional Chinese medicine for lumbago

To lumbago, a lot of people can press habitually knead painful place to alleviate unwell. In fact, Chinese medicine has long found that acupoint stimulation can be used to treat back pain. "Xiao pin fang" by Chen yanzhi in jin dynasty recorded: "moxibustion lumbago method. "

Sun simiao of the tang dynasty also recorded in qianjin prescription: "pain in the waist: moxibustion on the poor bone one inch seven strong, about one inch each moxibustion seven strong." The posterity medical expert treats the backache to the acupoint, the elaboration is also very detailed and accurate. Up to today, acupuncture is still very popular in Chinese medicine.

In clinical acupuncture and moxibustion, the treatment mostly follow the meridian dialectical, distinguish the waist pain belongs to the meridian, along the meridian point, or acupuncture, or moxibustion, or cupping, or massage, in clinical flexible application.

Guan yuan, waist eye, for back pain commonly used point

For the treatment of lumbago point selection, the doctor will choose single single point, or more through multiple points for treatment. Among them, in the treatment of multiple channels and multiple points, guan yuan point and waist eye point are commonly used points.

Guan yuan hole, located in three inches below the umbilicus, has peiyuan to fix the capital, to replenish the lower jiao of the power, where the qi loss can be used. Especially for the back pain caused by the deficiency of kidney, the therapeutic effect is obvious. Lumbar eye point in the waist, located in the fourth lumbar spine process, side open about 3.5 inches in depression, usually sitting, often feel the lumbar acid distend is. (hands on hips, thumb position)

In clinical treatment, patients can lie on their stomach first, use acupuncture or palm-rubbing method, act on the waist and eye points, warm the meridians to help kidney Yang; After lying back, with the same way on the abdomen of guan yuan point, conditioning qi, peiyuan solid.

Patch, more lasting effect

In order to make the treatment more lasting, traditional Chinese medicine also USES "acupoint plaster". The plaster is applied to the acupoints to "medicine" instead of "needle", and the drug is administered outside the body to treat back pain.

With waist kidney cream is an example, refine a variety of Chinese herbal medicine namely into plaster, stick apply at lumbar eye acupoint and guan yuan acupoint. Through the stimulation of these two points, local temperature increase, capillary expansion, drug through the skin, point absorption, direct action on the meridians on the viscera, in order to alleviate backache. Patients paste before going to bed and tear after waking up. It's also easier to use.

Because it is an external paste, it can stimulate acupoints for a long time. On the one hand, the decomposition and destruction of drug ingredients by the liver and various digestive enzymes and digestive juices can be avoided, so as to maintain more effective ingredients and better play the therapeutic role. On the other hand, it also avoids some adverse reactions caused by the stimulation of gastrointestinal tract.

Finally, experts said: the use of drugs through meridians in vitro is not to replace drug therapy, but can be an effective supplement to clinical treatment. In addition, lumbago patients should also develop good living habits in daily life, appropriate exercise, avoid bending over for a long time or maintain a posture, strengthen the protection of the waist, avoid catching cold by the wind.

persistent lower back ache – BMP TLIF has a good effect in the treatment of discogenic low back pain

Spinal joint fusion is currently the gold standard for the treatment of refractory lumbar pain. In the past few decades, tlif has been highly recommended by spine surgeons. Tlif surgery can achieve unilateral fusion of the anterior column and posterior column of the spine, and at the same time, less damage to the posterior structure of the spine, and reduce the interference to the dural sac and nerve root.

Almost all current conservative strategies for treating discogenic pain syndrome (DPS) have shown no significant efficacy. Intervertebral fusion is the gold standard for surgical treatment.

In order to further clarify the clinical effect of BMP in the treatment of single discogenic chronic low back pain syndrome and related surgical complications, scholars from the United States conducted relevant studies. The results were published in a recent issue of the spine journal.

Considering that there are many clinical standards for the diagnosis of discated lumbago, the author has formulated strict disease diagnosis standards based on previous literature reports to ensure the homogeneous diagnosis of all selected patients.

DPS diagnostic criteria is as follows: any chronic persistent low back pain patients, invalid conservative treatment more than 6 months you will need to consider whether there is any further DPS may, if the merger there are at least two conditions, the diagnosis was established: 1. When the lumbar load load, especially the seat vibration, serious tolerance to lower back pain, if the lifting load, pain relief; 2. Positive discography: if the lesion segment planned for surgery continues to be pressurized, the pain induced is consistent with the original pain and increases to more than 6 points; There was no pain in adjacent segments of the intervertebral disc, and ct examination suggested the presence of full-layer tears of the annulus fibrosus. 3. Diagnostic block joint facet joint or sacroiliac joint, with no pain relief; 4. Imaging revealed severe collapse of vertebral space, endplate hardening, modic changes and so on.

All patients diagnosed with DPS received tlif+ BMP surgery to fuse the lesion segments after 6 months of conservative treatment. The operation method was conventional tlif. During spinal fusion, BMP gel with gelatin sponge as carrier was added and placed in the intervertebral space, posterior joint fusion and other places. BMP was inserted at 12mg per segment.

A total of 45 patients were diagnosed as DPS and underwent surgical treatment (table 1-3). Thirty-six patients completed questionnaires. The mean follow-up time was 41.9 months. The postoperative odi was 16.4, the sf-36 was 10.0, and the pain score (numeric rating scale for back pain), 2.3, etc. were all significantly improved compared with those before surgery. The average satisfaction of patients was 9.0 (a total of 10 points), and about 84.4% of patients (27/32) returned to their original posts (table 3,6,7).

Table 1: patient demographics
persistent lower back ache

Table 2: demographic data of patients and preoperative medical conditions
persistent lower back ache

Table 3: job classification statistics of patients included
persistent lower back ache

A total of three perioperative complications, four renovations, 11 benign BMP phenomena (including ectopic osmosis, osteolysis, unexplained postoperative nerve root pain), no intraoperative dural tear, no nerve root injury, as shown in table 4-6.

Table 4: effect of demographic data on clinical functional prognosis
persistent lower back ache

Table 5: demographic data of patients undergoing revision surgery
persistent lower back achepersistent lower back ache

Table 6: clinical improvement at final follow-up
persistent lower back ache

Table 7: patients are finally restored to their original posts
persistent lower back ache

No workers' compensation (11/36, p > 0.17), preoperative depression (preoperative ', 15/36, p > 0.19), prior intervertebral disc resection or decompression (14/36, p < 0.37), and other are not the surgical treatment effect of forecast factors (table 4).

The results suggest that tlif+ BMP is used for the treatment of discogenic backache, with satisfactory therapeutic effect, good postoperative functional recovery, and basically the same daily working intensity as before. Although BMPP was found in more than 30% of patients, it was not significantly correlated with clinical prognosis. However, due to the limited number of patients included in the study, it is not enough to conclude that BMP +tlif has a good effect in the treatment of single discogenic lower back pain, which needs to be confirmed by further studies.

[editor's note] : the article on intervertebral disc source sex lumbago, made a special attributive, homogeneous diagnosis of discogenic pain syndrome, combined with the articles, personal understanding of diagnosis of intervertebral disc source sex lumbago patients with high homogeneity, because for most patients with low back pain, pain often possible with multiple factors, intervertebral disc stimulus is likely to be just a kind of pain. I don't know whether other comrades have a deeper understanding of this, because there is no similar on the Internet to check the relevant content.

In my opinion, discogenic low back pain may be an underrated disease in clinical practice, which may be due to its complicated diagnostic criteria. Meanwhile, for most patients with pain, they may be combined with one or several other lumbar degeneration, which causes certain difficulties in diagnosis. In fact, my current understanding of the disease is not very clear. My personal experience is that young to middle-aged patients have sudden severe pain with obvious pain during exercise, physical examination of lower back pain is greater than leg pain, clinical signs are not typical, and routine imaging examination does not show lumbar degenerative diseases, these patients need to be alert to the possibility of this disease.

Hope everybody comrade-in-arms can give directions on dish source sex lumbago. If have wonderful viewpoint, I can give ding ding privately.

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persistent lower back ache – Kidney disease is the first step of uremia,4 kinds of back pain hint kidney disease upper body!

Many people have heard of uremia, but they don't necessarily know that the first stage of uremia is kidney disease. For example, after a long day of sitting, we will inevitably feel back pain, this is a normal phenomenon, but back pain may also be an early sign of kidney disease, you can distinguish kidney disease caused by back pain?

There are four different types of back pain caused by kidney disease

1. Renal enlargement caused by renal substantive diseases: it is mainly seen in acute glomerulonephritis and acute progressive nephritis.

Manifestations of pain: the enlarged kidney involves the renal capsule, presenting with persistent distention and dull pain.

Accompanying symptoms: some patients also accompanied by gross hematuria, edema, hypertension and so on.

Experts warned: analgesics and kidney disease is not associated.

Clinical examination: urine can be tested for detection.

2. Infectious diseases of kidney: mainly seen in renal abscess, early symptoms of acute pyelonephritis, etc.

Presentation of pain: mostly unilateral lumbago, difficult to tolerate compression and percussion examination.

Concomitant symptoms: often accompanied by fever and chills.

Clinical examination: the diagnosis can be made by routine examination of hematuria and b ultrasound.

3. Renal tumor or cyst: such as renal cyst, polycystic kidney, benign and malignant tumor, etc.

Manifestations of pain: if a cyst or tumor is large enough to involve the renal capsule, it may cause persistent distention and dull pain.

Clinical examination: the diagnosis can be confirmed by b-ultrasound or ct.

4. Kidney stones

Presentation of pain: if the stone is embedded in the ureter, it may cause renal colic, which is characterized by intermittent severe colic and may radiate to the perineum.

Concomitant symptoms: sweating, nausea and vomiting, and gross hematuria in severe cases.

Clinical examination: the diagnosis can be confirmed by b-ultrasound or abdominal X-ray.

Other early signs of kidney disease

In addition to lower back pain, the following symptoms are early signs of kidney disease, and early detection can be a step away from uremia.

1. General weakness

When kidney function declines, the body's waste products are difficult to discharge from the urine, patients will have no energy, fatigue and other feelings of fatigue.

Some patients may ignore kidney problems, thinking they are too tired or otherwise.

2. Loss of appetite

When kidney disease develops to a certain extent, patients will develop gastrointestinal symptoms, such as poor appetite, anorexia, and even nausea, vomiting, which are common symptoms of early kidney disease.

Patients with long-term loss of appetite and other signs of kidney disease should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

3. Urine has foam

The appearance of a fine, persistent foam in the urine may be due to the decreased filtration function of the kidney, resulting in protein leakage into the urine, which is also a typical symptom of kidney disease.

4. Pee more and pee less

The number of urination times of healthy people is about 5~8 times per day, and the urine volume is about 800~2000ml. If the frequency and volume of urination are different from the usual, we should be careful.

Edema of 5.

Drink too much water, sleep time is too long, arrive quickly period of physiology wait for a reason, can let our eyelid, face, crus wait for a place to appear slight oedema, but this is transitory.

If the above causes of edema, it is suspected that there is a kidney problem.

persistent lower back ache – Painful so many years, do you know how dysmenorrhea also backache is to return a responsibility?

Dysmenorrhea refers to the occurrence of abdominal pain and distention before and after menstruation or menstruation, accompanied by lumbar acid or other discomfort, the symptoms seriously affect the quality of life. So how is dysmenorrhea still backache to return a responsibility? Take a look.

How is dysmenorrhea returning a waist to ache to return a responsibility

1, how is dysmenorrhea still backache to return a responsibility

Women during menstruation prone to dysmenorrhea back pain and other problems. A lot of female friends lack understanding to menstruation disease actually. When appear lumbago, often can be used to beat the waist, want to alleviate discomfort with this. However, this approach has no effect at all and is counterproductive. The location of a woman's uterus in the pelvic cavity is the most critical cause of dysmenorrhea.

Normally, the position of the uterus in a woman is anterior, median, and posterior. The body of the uterus in the posterior position will tip backwards and flex, similar to a tilting teapot. The cervix is the spout. After female of the uterus, the classics blood of uterine cavity is very hard from "pot bottom" eduction, strengthen uterine contractile only so, compress uterine cavity just can let classics blood outflow, from this can make uterine appear again the contractile of spastic sex, feel lumbar acid, lumbago thereby.

2, how does dysmenorrhea ache

Female period lumbar bilge pain had better be checked to the hospital. After the uterus, period waist abdominal pain, had better rest in bed, is conducive to bleeding, to avoid dysmenorrhea. When backache, do not lie prone on the stool casually, to prepare a small pillow for yourself, sit up straight, head out chest, strong posture can reduce waist abdominal pain.

Dysmenorrhea lumbar pain can also be hot compress guan yuan acupoint. The right hand in addition to the thumb, and together with the other four fingers, middle knuckle shall prevail, transverse width is about 3 inches. Find cave guan yuan. Add some lavender essential oil in hot water, wring dry a little after wet towel, apply on guan yuan point next, wait for towel temperature to drop again wet wring dry, hot compress again next, repeat 10 minutes or so can alleviate backache effectively.

3, the serious consequences of dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea although it is more common, and physiological menstrual cramps can be as married sex and fertility appear and disappear automatically, but according to statistics, sixty percent of patients with severe dysmenorrhea people appear low sexual desire, sexual ability is very bad, sex pelvic acid, metritis, etc., after the occurrence of these situations directly led to the marriage of husband and wife sex life disharmony, if the pain is severe and didn't get the suit the remedy to the case of the timely and effective treatment, may cause disease of department of gynaecology, serious and even can lead to infertility. So although dysmenorrhea does not say on is a serious disease, but the slightest does not allow to ignore, must be in time to treat the disease.

What are the diseases that cause dysmenorrhea


Endometriosis is the most common cause of secondary dysmenorrhea. Pain mostly in the lower abdomen and the lumbosacral region, can spread to the vagina, perineum, anus or big legs. Often begin in 1~2 days before menstruation, period the 1st day is the most intense, continue to fade gradually after menstruation, so period time is older often the time that ache lasts is long also, if ectopic condition is more serious, still can affect bearing.

Uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids cover the surface of the endometrium, and occupy space in the uterine cavity, affect menstrual blood discharge, therefore can cause abnormal contraction of the uterus, dysmenorrhea, and accompanied by menstrual volume and cycle disorder. Its adjacent organ can appear oppressive symptom, when flesh tumour denaturation or when the muscle tumour below serous membrane produces pedicle to twist, can produce acuteness abdominal pain.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease is also an important cause of dysmenorrhea. Once pelvic infection can be shown for be afraid of cold and calorific, inappetence, lumbar acerbity backache, leucorrhea increase, because of the weight of inflammation and the size of range and different, if inflammatory bag piece forms, can oppress bladder and rectum, cause anus to drop billow, frequency of urination and so on a series of complicated symptoms, often aggravate before and after overwork, sexual life, menstruation.

Congenital factors of uterus

Common causes of dysmenorrhea uterine factors are cervical canal stenosis, mainly blocked menstrual outflow, causing dysmenorrhea; Uterine dysplasia, easy to combine abnormal blood supply, resulting in uterine ischemia, hypoxia and dysmenorrhea; Abnormal uterine position, such as extreme posterior or anterior flexion of the uterus, may affect blood flow.

What does dysmenorrhea type have

Air stagnation and blood stasis

The main symptoms of dysmenorrhea in patients with gas stagnation and blood stasis include abdominal distention, difficulty in defecating, premenstrual breast distension, dry skin, occasional blood clots during menstruation, etc. The symptoms are more obvious when the mood changes greatly, and the patient's blood circulation is usually poor.

Cold blood stasis

Women who like to drink ice or cold limbs are usually suffering from cold blood clotting dysmenorrhea, and the pain symptoms will be more obvious after the cold, and less menstrual volume.

Weak type of qi and blood

Dysmenorrhea patient often feels systemic exhaustion, and companion has anaemic symptom, facial expression slant yellow or slant white, more bloodless, talk strength is insufficient, voice is lesser for gas blood weak model. Pain symptoms are often continuous falling pain, patients will have dizziness, headache phenomenon.

Hepatorenal insufficiency

Before menstruation and period all can feel lumbar acid, and try in period more apparent for liver kidney inadequacy model. Pain symptoms are also continuous falling pain, often accompanied by dizziness and headache.

persistent lower back ache – Why do you always have back pain? 1 feed 1 acupuncture point 1 action to do, insist on a few times good!

Back pain is the most common topic in daily life. It is reported that over 65% of people have experienced back pain in their lifetime. Why is total meeting backache backache? What's the best way to do it? Come and have a look!

Why do you always have back pain?

1, kidney empty,

The waist is the home of the kidney. Kidney main bone, living marrow, kidney fine deficit, lumbar spine loss, cause soft and weak, the pain is continuous, even more in the case of labor, yi is reduced, like knead despite violence, is another disease in chronic back pain. Kidney deficiency lumbago is caused by excessive injury of kidney essence and qi due to fatigue. Its pain for the whole waist continuous pain, dull pain, soft and weak.


Everyday, unexplained pain can be a sign that you're stuck. Because pain is the most common symptom of primary osteoporosis, low back pain is more common. Different from lumbar disease and cervical spondylosis, this kind of pain is not fixed in position, and often aggravates the pain after standing or sitting for a long time, and alleviates the pain after sitting or lying down. The pain was mild during the day and severe at night and early in the morning; Bending, muscle movements, coughing, stools hard when aggravating.

3, lumbar muscle strain

If sit for a long time, long stand or from the bending to the upright position holding heavy objects, lifting objects can make the lumbar muscle in a high tension state for a long time, as time goes by, it can lead to chronic lumbar muscle strain, leading to back pain.

4. Premature spinal decline

The rhythm of modern society life is fast, working pressure is big, a lot of people are long-term bend over a desk or sit for a long time, also have those who always look at a mobile phone to lower the head gens, as time passes, spinal column appears antedilutive. Clinic often see 80, even 90 after the neck pain or back pain to see the doctor, a test found that the physiological curvature of the spine has disappeared.

5. Other diseases

Some lower back pain is caused by other diseases, such as ankylosing spondylitis. This pain occurs in the morning after rest. Vertebral tumors: more common in the elderly, this pain mainly for persistent pain, obvious pain at night rest.

Feed 1 acupuncture point 1 action to fix backache, hold a few times good!

1, 1 food — pork waist

Pig waist, also known as pig kidney, is rich in fat, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. It has the effect of strengthening kidney, strengthening waist, strengthening Yang and benefiting qi.

How to eat: gutta-percha walnut pork waist soup

Pork kidney (pork waist)1 pair slice, big jujube 2 remove pit, with euzhong 10 grams, walnut 20 grams, ginger 2 pieces, rice wine 3 milliliters together into the stew cup, add water boil in total change small fire stew for 1 hour. Eat soup and meat, 1 dose/day.

Function: benefit qi and kidney, strengthen waist and help Yang. It is used for lumbar disc herniation with renal insufficiency.

2, 1 acupoint — mingmen acupoint

The point of mingmen is located in the depression under the lumbar spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra, opposite to the navel. Make a fist with your right hand or left hand, and place the tip of the fist on the point of the gate of life. Press and knead clockwise for 9 times, then counterclockwise for 9 times, and repeat for 36 times. Adhere to knead this point, can play the role of warm kidney Yang, lumbar ridge.

3, 1 action — wipe waist

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. The two hands make a fist, the thumb and forefinger side that fist eye makes a fist namely, press the waist to rub hard up and down move. The rubbing starts in the sacral region, up and down, as high as possible. Apply dozens of times until skin feels hot.


Zhi weimin. Etiology analysis of chronic lumbago [j]. Shanxi traditional Chinese medicine

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persistent lower back ache – Does backache mean lumbar disc herniation? Not necessarily, also may be caused by these 3 kinds of diseases!

Many people find themselves in usual life back pain after the first that comes into mind is if he has suffered from lumbar disc, it is not comprehensive, the cause of low back pain is to have a lot of, such as acute, chronic low back pain, strain of lumbar muscles, lumbar spinal stenosis, etc. These diseases are likely to lead to back pain, the following will give you explain it in detail the common sense.

herniated disc

1. Acute and chronic back pain

The vast majority of back pain occurs in adults aged 35-55 years old. Back pain is divided into two types, acute and chronic.

Acute lumbago: everybody's muscle or ligamentous tissue appears suddenly injury to cause, after passing short rest and massaging the waist below normal circumstance, the feeling of lumbago can have apparent improvement.

Chronic back pain: lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar degenerative diseases.

herniated disc

2. Lumbar disc herniation

Lumbar disc herniation is one of the most obvious symptoms of the disease is back pain, some patients with serious conditions will also appear numbness and pain of lower limbs, incontinence symptoms, lumbar disc herniation often occurs in sedentary white-collar workers, taxi drivers, teachers, salespersons, high-intensity workers.

3, lumbar muscle strain

The main manifestation of psoas muscle strain is chronic, intermittent, persistent back pain or muscle pain around the waist. The pain will increase when doing some intense labor, and gradually disappear after a good rest. However, patients with psoas muscle strain will not have pain below the knee joint.

herniated disc

Lumbar spinal stenosis

The pathological changes of lumbar spinal stenosis is relatively intervertebral disc mechanism is more complicated, stenosis is a very common disease in the elderly, is different from the pathological changes of lumbar disc is more widely than lumbar involves structure, is a simple dish of pathological changes of lumbar, lumbar spinal stenosis is not only a dish of pathological changes, also accumulated around the lumbar hyperplasia of small joints including ligament of intra-spinal canal, various pathological changes the overall accumulation of lumbar spinal canal stenosis caused by together.

In general, lumbar spinal stenosis is also a degenerative disease caused by long-term strain, and the ultimate cause is lumbar strain. The process of long-term strain results in the proliferation of bone tissue and the thickening of some ligaments, which eventually leads to lumbar spinal stenosis.

persistent lower back ache – Back pain did not care, examination found that it is pancreatic cancer! 3 types of back pain beware!

When it comes to low back pain, many people don't think it's a big deal.

However, some people did not pay attention to "back pain", caused a big deal! Back pain did not care, a check was "cancer king" — pancreatic cancer!

Here's what happened:

Wang auntie, 74, has been suffering from back and abdominal pain for a long time, but she dismissed it as an ordinary ailment.

Later, wang auntie was admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain. The diagnosis was superficial gastritis and proctitis. However, after treatment, aunt wang's back pain and abdominal pain have not been alleviated, accompanied by nausea, constipation and other symptoms.

Finally, after further examination, the final fish aunt wang got "cancer king" said pancreatic cancer! Doctors said wang suffered back pain and abdominal pain because the tumor invaded the abdominal plexus, and pancreatic cancer was in the advanced stage.

Pancreatic cancer is called the "king of cancer" because it has two characteristics:

1. Hard to find

The pancreas is not nearly as well known as the stomach or liver, and some people get cancer without knowing where it is. Also, the pancreas is buried deep in the back of the abdomen, making it difficult to touch in the early stages of pancreatic cancer.

In addition, pancreatic cancer is mostly asymptomatic in its early stages, or presents as abdominal pain, nausea and loss of appetite, which can easily be considered as other diseases.

As mentioned above, due to atypical symptoms, when diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the timing of surgery was delayed.

2. High degree of malignancy

Pancreatic cancer has a high degree of malignancy. Even after surgical resection, the five-year survival rate is only 3%~5%. This is because pancreatic cancer grows quickly, invades surrounding tissues and organs, and spreads in the blood.

Although the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is relatively difficult, poor prognosis, but by no means "terminal disease", early still have clues to find. Early diagnosis and early treatment can greatly improve the prognosis of pancreatic cancer and hopefully lead to recovery.

Often back pain, be careful is a sign of serious illness!

1. Kidney stones

Sometimes a small stone can easily destroy a kidney. So, appear such pain, but must not be taken lightly: the pain that kidney stone causes, expression is lumbar acid bilges unwell, or in physical activity increase when dull ache or blunt ache.

If it is caused by a small stone colic, it is really painful, like a knife in the general meat, usually will also appear cold sweat, blood pressure drop, collapse state, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. Anyone who has experienced this colic will say, "once in a lifetime is enough."

Advice: check as soon as possible, once diagnosed with kidney stones, must adhere to treatment and regular review.

Ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis, also known as "deathless cancer." This inflammation can invade the body's large buttock joints and nearby ligaments, leading to fibrous or osseous rigidity and even deformities.

And the difference of general back pain: ankylosing spondylitis often at night, especially late at night attack; Patients wake up in the morning, often accompanied by back stiffness (morning stiffness, unable to move), but activity will improve. And the general mechanical pain, such as muscle injury caused by pain, the more activities more pain, and often pain during the day, sleep at night when more comfortable.

Advice: there is such a situation need to see a doctor as soon as possible: back pain lasts more than 3 months, to be wary of ankylosing spondylitis, especially people younger than 45 years of age to pay special attention.

Bone tumors

Tumors in the lower back can cause back pain. Pain caused by bone tumors is usually severe, especially at night. And activity is not too big concern, from blunt pain to deep unbearable sharp pain has been aggravating, even when exert oneself to do STH., sneeze and cough can make painful aggravate.

Advice: if any of the above conditions occur, seek medical advice as soon as possible. Especially those with tumor history should be careful of bone metastasis. In addition, do not look for someone to knead ridge, massage, one may delay the treatment, two to massage may make originally fragile bone damage, and even make tumor spread.

Of course, for many people, back pain is mostly because of fatigue, but if back pain has been, please go to the hospital in time!

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persistent lower back ache – Women "back pain" don't take it lightly, may be the "precursor" of cervical cancer you noticed

For women, women are every month to menstruation, so during menstruation, if it is a series of symptoms, will cause the pop, especially some female friends, can appear the waist pain, the improper never happened, lumbago and our kidney empty, there is a close relationship, but this kind of situation is usually appear in the man's body, low back pain are mostly related to kidney, if is a woman, then nature will not be so simple, if appear the waist pain is the case, mostly cancer cells stimulate our organs in the body, which can produce a kind of pain, so, The body shows these three signs, then it is likely to cause cervical cancer.

1. Increased leucorrhea

If a woman appeared increased leucorrhea is the case, then it never ignore a phenomenon, it is likely to be the body out some problem, there is a lot of cervical cancer has a kind of situation, when you go out in the cancer cells is to stimulate the cervical glands hypersecretion, so can produce myxoid leucorrhea, so once that happens in life, should cause the attention of a woman, you can make an inspection to the hospital in time, otherwise it will be more and more serious.

2. Vaginal bleeding

If early performance for hemorrhagic leucorrhea, or bleeding, sexual contact, knew again, or at the time of bowel movement, also can appear a small amount of blood, with the development of the disease, probably will appear vaginal bleeding, and blood loss will sometimes more, sometimes less, vaginal bleeding of female friends once happen, even if is the phenomenon to eliminate cervical cancer, should also pay attention, do not ignore, possible ailment will become a big problem later.

3. Frequent "incontinence"

The urinary incontinence is a cervical cancer caused by vaginal drainage, if it is caused by vaginal drainage, so this kind of situation is a persistent, drainage volume, relatively will very much, it will receive our trousers, as if the urine pants, so he called urinary incontinence, if it is in this case, the girl at the time of cough, also will appear this kind of situation.

Suffering from cervical cancer of the female friends, we should pay more attention to the diet at ordinary times, can eat more carotene higher some food, beta-carotene into our body would be converted into vitamin a, so it can effectively protect our, immunity system, can improve the body's resistance, carotene, rape, spinach, etc. These foods contain carotene.

persistent lower back ache – A 30-year-old man with back pain for a month is suffering from a malignant tumor

Zhejiang online February 12, according to the "today morning post" reported that this year just in his early 30s Chen how also did not think that his repeated back pain is a tumor, and the tumor has spread to both sides of the lung, peritoneum, left collarbone and other parts. "There are more and more cases of young people getting cancer," he said. "cancer is not just for middle-aged and elderly people." Yesterday, zhejiang hospital oncology zhang yu deputy chief physician, in view of Chen's condition, issued such a reminder.

Mr. Chen developed recurrent back pain more than a month ago. At that time thought was the waist to give the question, after the local hospital examination, suspected for the lumbar spine disease to carry on the treatment. Unexpectedly, things didn't get any better.

Before long, Mr. Chen found a lump on the left side of his neck, which was getting bigger and bigger, but he never took it seriously.

Because his back pain did not improve, Mr. Chen finally went to zhejiang hospital for an examination, which revealed a malignant tumor. His back pain was actually caused by a retroperitoneal tumor, and Chen was eventually admitted to the oncology department of zhejiang hospital for treatment.

Qin guangyue, director of oncology department, said that with the change of people's lifestyle and the improvement of diagnostic methods, the cancer patients detected now have a younger age trend. Due to the lack of vigilance for young people suffering from cancer, coupled with the lack of specificity of early symptoms of cancer, it is easy to cause misdiagnosis and delay.

"Although the early signs of cancer are numerous and subtle, there are some telltale signs that should be noticed." Persistent pain for no apparent reason could be a sign of cancer, cheung warned.

If the lymph node inexplicable and painless swelling in the short term, and continue to increase, it must not be taken seriously, which is most likely a symptom of cancer. In addition, unexplained persistent fever, unexplained weight loss within a short period of time, unexplained indigestion for a long time, abnormal bleeding… No matter be old people or young people, discover this kind of unusual symptom, should cause enough attention, undertake to the hospital concerned specialized subject as soon as possible examination diagnosis.

Of course, not be to have afore-mentioned symptom to be cancer, should ask oncologist doctor to undertake special examination however, with a view to achieve tumour early discovery early cure. Our correspondent, wang ting, is huang miao jun

(credit: zhejiang online)

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