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October 11th is world pain relief day. One speaks of lumbago, everybody thinks of lumbar disc herniation first, but 10 people nine lumbago, lumbago ten thousand kinds, not only lumbago this one kind.

October 11th is world pain relief day. One speaks of lumbago, everybody thinks of lumbar disc herniation first, but 10 people nine lumbago, lumbago ten thousand kinds, not only lumbago this one kind. Sun yanjun, deputy chief physician of the pain department of the affiliated hospital of southeast university, said that in addition to diseases related to internal organs and immunity, trauma, lumbar protrusion and fracture may cause lumbago with different reasons and treatment methods.

Herniated lumbar disc

Herniated discs are known to cause lower back pain. It is mainly because of the degeneration sex change of each part of lumbar intervertebral disc of different degree, cause intervertebral disc to protrude, press adjacent blood vessel, nerve, dural sac to wait, cause ache thereby. The pain that lumbar intervertebral disc herniation causes, the mainest expression is progressive aggravation. At the beginning, there was only local pain in the waist. As time goes on, pain and numbness in one or both lower limbs may appear, and even some people could not walk, claudication and other manifestations. Among them, the incidence of lumbar 4/5 and lumbar 5/1 was the highest. The main manifestation is lumbago, lower limbs radiate pain. The majority of the elderly population, but there is a trend of younger.

Treatment: lumbar mri is the first choice for diagnosis of a herniated disc. After identifying the herniated disc and the extent of the herniation, the appropriate treatment should be selected according to the situation. Mild protrusion can rest more, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and other conservative treatment to relieve symptoms. If protrusion is heavier, have apparent oppressive expression, or protrusion is bigger, prolapse is dissociated even the patient, must choose operation treatment as soon as possible.

2. External force or sprain

Acute psoas injury caused by external sprain is a more common type of pain. This pain is often due to improper movement or inadvertent force. Patients with acute lumbar sprain often experience persistent pain after the injury, or only mild discomfort in the lower back after the sprain, but significant pain the next day. The injury can also result in limited movement, cramps and other symptoms.

Treatment: after acute lumbar sprain, must pay attention to more rest. Local hot compress, or plaster paste. Most patients can relieve their pain by themselves. For severe sprain, severe pain patients, it is recommended to go to the hospital formal acupuncture, physical therapy and other treatment, promote inflammation and edema regression, is conducive to the relief of lumbago.

3. Vertebral compression fracture

Vertebral compression fractures are more common in older women and postmenopausal women. Because the hormone level of postmenopausal female is maladjusted, cause endocrine disorder, cause osteoporosis, bone density and bone quality decline, bone intensity decreases. In everyday life, a minor injury or just reaching for something, or even coughing or sneezing, can cause a compression fracture of the vertebral body. Patients with compression fractures have different degrees of back pain, sleep at night to turn over the pain increased, unable to turn over, cough pain will also increase. Compression fractures have a distinctive feature that causes significant pain in the lower back when the hand is struck with an empty fist. When the elderly and menopausal women appear waist tenderness and percussion pain should be vigilant, screen for fracture.

Treatment: clear from compression fracture, as soon as possible in the hospital. Under the guidance of a professional doctor, minimally invasive surgery with bone cement can be performed to prop up the flattened vertebral body, prevent further collapse of the vertebral body and maintain the stability of the spine.

4. Muscle membrane inflammation

In addition to the three main causes of lower back pain, myofascitis can also cause lower back pain. Generally, it is manifested as the pain in the waist, which is intensified during activities and relieved after rest. Most patients are not obvious to non-steroidal analgesics. This kind of pain happens not only in patients with chronic lumbar muscle strain, but also in pregnant women, lactating women, and even obese people.

Treatment: after the diagnosis of myohymenitis, under the guidance of the doctor, small needle knife, pain point injection and other methods, to relieve the pain.

The expert reminds, appear lumbago should have an examination to regular hospital, after the disease that removes viscera and other system, clear lumbago type. The professional doctor chooses the appropriate treatment method according to the situation, and carries on the corresponding function exercise instruction. (correspondent gao zhao liu min)

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How to prevent pregnancy backache – AllPainHealing | backache/slipped disc/pain relief

I remember when I was pregnant, also is very good, early to late start waist sour backache, sometimes he goes to bed at night also leg cramps, one night in the middle of the night, I fell asleep asleep cramps, just a moment, and then a kick to the husband, the second day in said I kicked him hurt, the result is short of calcium, originally a day to eat one, the results have to every day I a.

At that time often waist sour backache, so to learn some method of pain relief is usually pay attention to the correct position, then every time I hurt I will go to lay for a while, don't hurt, because I have a slipped disc, lay all the hard bed, pay attention to turn over, be sure to slow, if it is lying down to turn into a side slowly up, sleeping of time how comfortable how to lie, it is better to left side.

Share the correct position during pregnancy:

1. While standing — place your weight on your heels and keep your feet 30 cm apart for balance.

2. When sitting – the chair should be slightly lower so that the heels can touch the ground, preferably with the knees higher than the wide joints.

3, try to avoid standing for a long time, if unable to avoid, should be under one foot cushion a low footstool, and constantly replace.

4, when taking the goods on the ground, should bend the knee to replace the bending of the waist, to take the goods.

Pregnancy must pay attention to maintain the correct posture, avoid cross legs, bow to lift heavy objects, sit for a long time, often change posture, appropriate activity.

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Back pain, how to relieve through stretching? – AllPainHealing | back pain/lower back/pain relief

3. Spinal torsion

Stretch your lower back and oblique abdominals

Hold for 20 seconds, switch sides and repeat.

Tip: accept the abdomen before twisting.

4. Piriformis stretch

Stretching hip

Hold for 30 seconds, switch sides and repeat.

Tip: fold the abdomen in before placing the ankle on the opposite knee.

relief for back pain in

V. hip flexor stretch

Stretch the buttocks in front of the thighs (quadriceps)

Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

Tip: tuck in, press down on your shoulders, and stretch your back.

Six, supine quadriceps stretch

Extend front of thigh

Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

Tip: tuck in your belly and grab your ankles so your waist is as close to your hips as possible.

relief for back pain in

Back stretch

Stretch your entire back for 1 minute

Tip: strengthen your legs as much as possible and stretch your back

8. Lateral stretching

Stretch your shoulders, back, arms;

Hold for 10 seconds and repeat by changing sides.

Tip: keep your feet shoulder-width apart and tuck in your belly.

relief for back pain in

If you feel stiff and sore in your lower back (common chronic pain in the chair office), try these 7 individual stretches. We suggest you stretch three times a day. After the pain relief, the frequency was fixed 3 times a week.

Neck and shoulder muscle pain in the office. Is stretching enough? Therapist: it's not that simple – AllPainHealing | neck and shoulder pain/lower back/pain relief

With the spread of health knowledge, more and more people begin to pay attention to stretching.

Especially after a day's desk work, when neck and shoulder fatigue and soreness appear, people like to do some stretching and relaxing exercises of cervical vertebra or shoulder to relieve the fatigue of neck and shoulder.

But have you noticed these problems?

Although we feel comfortable and relaxed during or after stretching, it seems that after a while these neck and shoulder aches and pains begin to appear again.Even if you stretch every day, the benefits of stretching seem to decrease, and sometimes it's just a few minutes of comfort.Ever wonder why you don't stretch enough and need more stretching?

Today we look at the following:

Why can stretching relieve neck and shoulder fatigue in the office?Why is stretching less effective in relieving office neck and shoulder fatigue? Attached to deal with office neck and shoulder pain method.Why can stretching relieve neck and shoulder fatigue in the office?

This needs to be explained from two perspectives.

First, let's talk about the causes of neck and shoulder fatigue and soreness in the office.

This is usually related to the bone, muscle, ligament and other tissues in the neck and shoulder that are under constant pressure.

When persistent stress builds up and slowly exceeds the tissue's capacity, it is likely to cause some minor damage to the tissue.

If these small injuries start to outpace the body's ability to repair itself, the damage can build up and we can easily get sore. This kind of injury and soreness can make muscles weaker and less powerful.

relief for back pain in

In addition, due to the continuous pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles, some muscles will be contracted for a long time in order to reduce the impact of pressure.

For example, we often hit the keyboard with the mouse, cervical vertebra and shoulder will unconsciously move forward. At this point, the muscles that control the forward movement of the neck and shoulders will often contract.

relief for back pain in

To reduce stress and increase the efficiency of contraction,The muscles that control the forward movement of the neck and shoulders become tense.

relief for back pain in

Next, let's find out why stretching can quickly relieve sore neck and shoulder muscles.

Stretching can be understood as stretching the muscles to the sides.

In this process, it will change the continuous stress state of the muscles and reduce muscle tightness, so as to ease the pain of neck and shoulder muscles and make yourself feel relaxed.

For example, we spend too much time typing in front of a computer, causing neck and shoulder muscle pain due to constant stress. But by changing your posture, or simply lifting your head/side up/shoulders shrug, you will always feel more relaxed after releasing stress.

relief for back pain in

In addition, as muscle tension decreases and activity increases, the nerve threshold (critical value) for pain is reset, which increases one's tolerance for pain.

As a result, after stretching, our tolerance for pain increases and we experience pain relief more quickly.

Why is stretching less effective in relieving neck and shoulder fatigue and soreness? Attached to deal with office neck and shoulder pain method.

As mentioned above, the occurrence of neck and shoulder muscle soreness is usually associated with persistent stress. Constant stress not only tightens muscles, it also damages them and reduces their strength.

Stretching, on the other hand, temporarily changes the stress state and resets the pain threshold. Although it relieves tension in neck and shoulder muscles, it does not directly restore the strength and stress tolerance of neck and shoulder muscles.

So it's easy to see that even though the muscles aren't as tight after stretching, the fatigue and soreness don't seem to go away completely.

So what should we do about office neck and shoulder muscle soreness?

First, change the state of persistent stress

Changing the constant stress state, in other words, is to avoid holding a position for too long.

Accordingly, suggest a small alarm clock might as well be set in office process, every interval 30-60 minutes or so, simple activity neck shoulder is loosened, specific motion also can refer to below agitate stretch action.

relief for back pain in

Second, add muscle strengthening exercises

Muscle-strengthening exercises increase muscle strength, improve the ability of muscles to withstand stress, and help relieve muscle soreness.

Common neck muscle strengthening exercises:

relief for back pain in

Action points:

Stand with your upper body upright and try to keep your ears and shoulders in line.Put your hand on your forehead, the back of your head, or the left and right sides of your brain, and apply pressure.Finally charge the cervical vertebra, against these pressures, hold 5~10 seconds.Note: the muscles in the cervical spine are small in size, unlike those in our lower back.If dizziness or other discomfort occurs, the action can be reduced or temporarily stopped.Common shoulder back strengthening exercises

For the relief of shoulder pain, it is usually recommended to strengthen the muscles in the inner shoulder blades of the back.

Back strengthening not only reduces the pressure on the shoulders, but also prevents shoulder blades from moving up due to long periods of forward movement, such as keyboarding. (the shoulder blades move up, which increases the friction between bones and muscles/ligaments, aggravating pain.)

relief for back pain in

Stretch out your hands in a "w" shape.Grip your shoulder blades inwards while swinging your hands back.Be careful not to hunch over the whole time.If uncomfortable, reduce the number of movements or pause the movement.Third, stretch your muscles properly

While stretching doesn't seem to relieve pain in the long term, it helps relieve tension in the muscles and relieve pain and discomfort more quickly. We can do it properly. Such as:

relief for back pain in

In a standing or sitting position, place your hands behind your back to let your shoulders sink and hold them in place.Turn your head to one side and gently stretch one side of your neck to the shoulder.If not, the head can be pulled by hand to one side more; Hold for 10 seconds.If dizziness or other discomfort occurs, the action can be reduced or temporarily stopped.

relief for back pain in

In a standing or sitting position, place your hands behind your back to let your shoulders sink and hold them in place.Turn your head to one side at a 45-degree Angle, then lower your head to slightly stretch one ear to the shoulder.If not, the head can be pulled by hand to one side more; Hold for 10 seconds.If dizziness or other discomfort occurs, the action can be reduced or temporarily stopped.conclusion

With that said, let's wrap up today's talk:

Admittedly, office neck and shoulder soreness can be alleviated by stretching.In the long term, however, relieving office neck and shoulder muscle soreness also requires attention to changing the continuous stress state (simple activities with 30-60 minute intervals), and attention to adding muscle strengthening exercises to improve the ability of muscles to withstand stress.Note: if neck and shoulder muscle pain is accompanied by hand numbness, dizziness and other symptoms, it is recommended to seek professional doctors or rehabilitation therapists to provide sports rehabilitation program.Previous articles:

Is bone hyperplasia of cervical vertebra long bone spur very serious? Does the bone spur break the skin?

How long have you been fooled by the idea that exercise is better than bed rest? Rehabilitation process of retroankle sprain

How should office worker protect cervical vertebra? Doctor: learn these four tips well, and keep cervical spondylosis away from you

【 recommended 】 lumbago unbearable sit for more than half a year, was a thoracic fracture! She was able to lie flat with 12 steel nails implanted – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

Let ruxueliang feel very pity isguangxioauntThe vertebral fracture wasOsteoporotic brittle fracture, if she had timely and active treatment and minimally invasive surgery, she could recover quickly without too much impact on the body. More importantly, she did not need to suffer from pain for more than half a year. "After fracture, there is no timely surgery, patients with fracture section of the vertebral body was almost no has been compressed, so the patients waist straight up, after the protrusion deformity, not pain relief, and fracture time is too long, minimally invasive surgery has been unable to process, the need for spinal bone cutting protrusion deformity after correction, operation becomes very complex, and the operation risk big, the high cost of."

guangxioauntSuffering from the pain for too long, she and her family agreed to the operation when they heard there was still a chance.

Ru's team performed osteotomy and correction for traumatic kyphosis of the spine + vertebra 12 with old nonunion vertebra plasty + thoracic 12 spinal canal expansion and decompression + lumbar 1.2, lumbar 2/3 interlamina fusion + screw fixation. Say simply, it is the vertebra weight that guangxi auntie is compressed new prop up, give osteotomy correction to hind protrusion, fix with screw at the same time. Twelve visible screws were inserted into her spine, and five days after surgery,guangxioauntHe was able to stand up with the support of the brace.

severe lower back pain treatment home

The curved spine stood upright,guangxioauntHer height gradually recovered and she was able to lie flat. She said that it was the first time in half a year that she could lie so comfortably.

Ru xuanliang said, likeguangxioauntSuch fractures, which are very common in the elderly, must be treated actively at the first time,guangxioauntConservative treatment, the body to bear great pain, but also delay the condition, originally a minimally invasive surgery can be completed, but now the operation, and the late sports will be affected to a certain extent.

Elderly osteoporosis brittle fracture, be careful

Ruxuangliang introduction, young children and adolescents, high content of organic matter, good bone elasticity, not easy to fracture; After adult, the content of organic matter and inorganic matter reaches the best proportion, the hardness and elasticity of bone is the best state. In old age, the content of organic matter in bones gradually decreases, bone elasticity decreases and brittleness increases, inorganic matter content decreases, bone hardness decreases and bone becomes soft. Because the bones of the elderly become brittle and soft, prone to fracture, this kind of fracture is called brittle fracture, also known as osteoporotic brittle fracture.

Osteoporotic brittle fractures are most common:The spine, hips, and wrists. Compression fractures of the spine occur in osteoporotic brittle fractures of the spine, also known as compression fractures of the spine. Its expression is: because the old person suffers from osteoporosis, in low energy injury, probably just fell an flatt squat, be equivalent to the human body to fall in the height of less than one meter, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and conduction to the spine, focus on one or two vertebra, vertebra because of strength drop and then be pressed.

Symptoms are mainly lower back pain, inability to sit or stand, reduced pain when lying flat, but increased difficulty in turning over when lying, especially during the waking process from lying to standing, and even the inability to turn or stand up.

If the compressed vertebral body is not well supported, the degree of compression will gradually increase, leading to severe kyphosis of the spine, leading to intractable back pain, and even the need to perform spinal osteotomy long segment fixation to solve the problem.

Another kind of osteoporotic brittle hip fracture mainly refers to femoral neck fracture and intertrochanteric fracture, which is also a kind of fracture common in the elderly. Immediately after a fracture, the patient becomes incapacitated and unable to stand or walk. Many old people, when the night a night, because the mind is not very clear, poor night vision, fell down, after a hip fracture, the patient can't action won't be able to inform others, if a patient cannot be found in time, most had to endure pain with night, wait until the next day was a bail-out, lung infection tend to occur.

The affected limb that produces fracture as a result of intense ache cannot move, cannot move for a long time, blood flow is stagnant, plus fracture traumatic the injury to hemal endothelium, patient often appears thrombus, lower limb deep vein thrombosis falls off drift to pulmonary artery, can produce pulmonary infarction. After hip fracture, no matter secondary lung infection or pulmonary infarction, will seriously endanger the life of the patient.

Ruxueliang remind that the elderly no matter what kind of fracture, need timely treatment, active treatment.

severe lower back pain treatment home

∆ luliang and patient GUI aunt

Prevent osteoporosis exercise more sun exposure

In daily life, osteoporosis is easy to be ignored by everyone, once the occurrence of osteoporosis fracture is too late. Therefore, the fight against osteoporosis must beGuard against dangerForm a good life habit.

In your diet, eat foods rich in calcium, such as milk and nuts. Get enough exercise and get plenty of sun exposure, because sun exposure can promote the conversion of vitamin d into active vitamin d, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in our body.

Develop good habits of life, disease away from us. The elderly should regularly go to the hospital for physical examination, if there is osteoporosis, to treat as early as possible.

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Guide expert


severe lower back pain treatment home

Chief physician, director of department of orthopedics (1) of zhejiang hospital. Part-time professor of zhejiang university of Chinese medicine, zhejiang mathematical medical orthopaedics branch of the standing committee, China medical education association of professional committee of the orthopaedic spinal branch bone science branch, zhejiang medical association member, combining Chinese and western medicine of zhejiang province institute of orthopedics committee, zhejiang province association of bone and soft tissue tumor professional committee. Engaged in orthopedic clinical work for nearly 30 years, accumulated rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic diseases in the elderly. Especially for some refractory osteoporotic fractures, such as comminuted fracture of the elderly hip, comminuted fracture of the distal radius of the elderly, comminuted fracture of shoulder joint, etc., they are good at using internal fixation and artificial joint replacement. Published more than 20 papers.

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Chinese medicine balance cupping, relieve back pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

A 45-year-old woman surnamed chang (hua surname) has been suffering from stiffness, chills and pain in her lower back for nearly half a year. After examination in the hospital, she was initially diagnosed as myofascitis after excluding skeletal problems in her lower back.

Myofascitis is good hair in lumbar back, it is to point to the aseptic sex inflammation reaction of muscle and fascia, call again "lumbar dorsal muscle injury", namely the lumbar backache that often says. Its pathogeny is cold, damp, traumatic or morpheus position is improper and chronic strain, make local lumbar back muscle fascia namely muscle tissue, produce edema, exudate and fibrous denaturation wait for a symptom. Clinical manifestations are often persistent or intermittent chronic muscle heaviness, pain, weakness, numbness and stiffness, which seriously affect the quality of life.

Combined with chang's pain symptoms, the doctor suggested chang to use balanced cupping therapy. The first treatment, chang felt back stretch, warm, pain relief. After treatment with the equalized cupping system once a week, a course of treatment for 4 times in total, chang's lower back pain disappeared, and her stiffness and coolness were relieved.

At present, the method that treats lumbar dorsal muscle injury is very much, western medicine is given priority to with anti-inflammatory analgesia more, but long-term medication has the side effect such as gastrointestinal tract and rash. In the treatment of Chinese medicine, myofascitis belongs to the category of bi syndrome of Chinese medicine. It is believed that the disease is mainly caused by the weak vital energy of the meridians and the loss of vital energy and blood due to the feeling of cold evil.

Balanced cupping therapy is a kind of cupping therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, this therapy selects acupoints according to the classics, and develops the traditional cupping therapy into more than 10 techniques, such as flassing, kneading, walking, rotating, shaking and vibrating cupping, so as to perform benign stimulation such as ironing, rubbing, pulling, squeezing and plucking on the waist and back muscles and "pain sensitive points". At the same time, the use of cupping warm, negative pressure effect, stimulate meridian qi, dredge meridian, regulate zang-fu organs, balance Yin and Yang, improve local blood circulation, relax spasmodic muscles, improve the fatigue state of the tissue, so that the meridian qi and blood smooth operation, to assist the treatment of back pain. During the procedure, the patient is usually placed in the prone position, first passing the bladder through the flashover tank on both sides of the spine in the back. When the pot is hot, apply a small amount of lubricating oil on the back and rub the pot along the vein and bladder meridian. Then shake the pot along the back bladder meridian, and then push the pot along the vein and bladder meridian with moderate suction. Wipe the back, according to different diseases in the corresponding acupuncture points and the lumbar back of the tank 5~10 minutes, at any time to ask the patient to feel and make adjustments. Balance cupping is not only used for the treatment of lumbar back muscle injury, but also for the auxiliary treatment of cold, cough, insomnia, periarthritis of shoulder, chronic fatigue syndrome, acute gastroenteritis, dampness-heat constitution conditioning and sub-healthy people.

"Glucosamine" ate, still can treat lumbago? Orthopedic doctors tell you the truth! – AllPainHealing | back pain relief/lower back pain/back pain

In recent years, glucosamine, which is said to be beneficial to the repair of articular cartilage, has gradually entered the public's eyes with the popularization of medical science and the advertisement of businessmen. Many elderly people with poor knee joints take the drug for a long time.

But now there seems to be something new about glucosamine:

I know this because two of my best friends, including several patients, have asked me this question. At first I thought it was strange, but as more people asked, I began to wonder if my knowledge had not been updated.

severe lower back pain treatment home

So, to find out whether glucosamine, taken, has any effect on lower back pain, I searched the authoritative medical literature. It turns out that authoritative randomized, double-blind, controlled trials on this question have been available for about nine years.

Time is tight, want to see the result of the friend directly, can directly pull to the end of the text to see the conclusion.

In 2010, the leading medical journal jama published an article on whether glucosamine, taken, can help lower back pain.

Professor wilkens p's team designed the legendary randomized double-blind controlled trial. They randomly divided 250 patients over the age of 25 with chronic low back pain and lumbar spine degeneration into two groups of 125.

severe lower back pain treatment home

One group was given glucosamine sulfate (1, 500mg/ d) and the other was given an identical looking placebo. All were fed for six months, followed up for a year, and compared their lower back pain relief.

The results showed that:

# # the rumor

Simple said.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Although waist cannot treat, but to conventional knee joint, hip joint osteoarthritis, glucosamine still has certain curative effect.

severe lower back pain treatment home

As for whether glucosamine consumption is beneficial to knee osteoarthritis, authoritative evidence-based medical evidence shows that:

Yes, it's better than placebo. One.

Just because of such a controversial existence, different countries hold different attitudes towards ammonia sugar:

In Europe, glucosamine is a "prescription drug" because doctors acknowledge that it has some benefits and may have side effects.

In the United States, however, since the fda considers ammonia to have only "adjuvant therapeutic effects," in the United States and Australia, ammonia is classified as a supplement and substitute, known as a "health supplement."

severe lower back pain treatment home

In China, ammonia takes a median value and is otc. However, it is still a drug, so there are indications, contraindications, course of treatment, side effects and a series of problems, can not be taken all the time.

The substance of cramp of leg of lumbar acerbity backache, it is cold evil to hurt a person more than be short of calcium! – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/pain relief

Remember a period of time, TV ads often play a calcium tablet, there is a line "waist sour backache leg cramps, calcium", causing many people now think waist sour backache leg cramps are caused by calcium deficiency, and added a variety of calcium, ate also not better, but this does not mean that calcium deficiency, but typical characteristics of cold evil cuts.

A cramp is called a spasm in the medical term, and this is called a contraction in the cold property. Close lead, it is the meaning that contract holds fast. Skin surface cold, pores will shrink; Cold evil further invades meridian joint, meridian will be tight, muscles and muscles will spasm, resulting in joint flexion and extension adverse. Because cold is the performance of Yin qi, the most easy to damage the human body Yang qi, Yang qi damage lost warm function, the human body or local will appear obvious cold image, such as fear of cold, cold hands and feet hair. If cold gas invades human body interior, meridian qi and blood loses the warmth of Yang qi, can cause qi and blood to clot block, not smooth. When we don't know what to do with pain, a series of painful symptoms appear: headache, chest pain, abdominal pain, and back pain.

Therefore, when we are in health, we should pay special attention to the cold. Cold is the main gas in winter, cold pathogenic factors in winter, so winter should pay attention to warm, avoid wind. Cold alone can not enter the human body, it must be carried into the wind. So the cold winter, the north wind, we go out to wear a cotton hat, scarf, is to avoid wind chill.

It is worth noting that the winter outside temperature comparisonLow, people are easy to feel cold, warm up and down the effort will be a little more, basically will not neglect. In march, when it is warm and cold, the ancients said that it is the most difficult time to relax. If you are not careful, you will catch cold and typhoid fever. Therefore, we should pay special attention to dressing in spring. The ancients said "covering the spring and freezing the autumn", which means that you should not take off thick padded clothes in spring. Spring is the time when all things revive and evil spirits spring up. It's windy in spring, and the wind is cold. It looks warm, but it's actually blustery. You need to be careful.

So, sorching summer, the person is hot swing sweats like rain, also need to prevent cold? Of course. Summer we often eat cold food and drinks, iced watermelon, cold beer, ice cream, ice lolly, etc, tend to stay in air conditioning room one day again, in the evening, go out from work, stiff leg muscle contraction, calf grieved heaviness, head faint, even the walkway will feel uncomfortable, don't feel my legs like his own. This means that the evil cold has invaded your body.

If you're really suffering from back pain and leg cramps, don't rush to get a calcium supplement. Here are two tips to give it a try.

Peony and licorice soup

Back ache is actually muscle ache, leg cramp is muscle spasm. Spleen main muscle, liver main veins, muscles and veins have problems, we must find the main cause, reconcile the liver and spleen.

Peony acid, sour taste into the liver, licorice sweet, sweet taste into the spleen, so the peony licorice soup is known as a good medicine for pain relief, and not bitter. Peony and licorice soup preparation is easy, peony and licorice these two herbs in the general pharmacy can be bought.

Take white peony root 20 grams, licorice 10 grams, or brew with boiled water, or boil with warm fire, can be drunk when tea. Note that here said peony, licorice must be raw white peony, raw licorice, not processed, processed medicine on the change.

Two, press knead crus

When crus cramps, press down the affected leg with the thumb a little hard, according to the clockwise, anti-clockwise rotation knead by 60 circles each; Then, the thumb in the chengshan hole of the straight line up and down the number of rubbing, the local skin has a sense of heat; Finally, beat crus place with the palm, make the muscle of crus place flabby. After a few minutes or even seconds, calf cramps disappear.

However, although this mark is temporary in addition to, the root of the disease is still in, from the surface to the inside, this has not recovered. Knock by rubbing some meridian points, can be scattered knot blockage, activating qi and blood, but from the root of the cause of disease, or put cold thoroughly removed from the body, so that you can light as yan, jianburufei.

how to get relief from backache

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What reason is abrupt waist ache to cause? Instant back pain relief tips are simple and reliable – AllPainHealing | back pain relief/sciatica/back pain

Retired aunt zhang, when getting up carelessly, the waist pain is severe, unable to bend. Similar to this situation, very common, there is a saying called: ten people nine back pain. So, what reason is sudden backache caused? Lumbar ache, have simple and reliable alleviate lumbar ache little clever move immediately? Let's talk about a sudden back pain

Retired aunt zhang, when getting up carelessly, the waist pain is severe, unable to bend. Similar to this situation, very common, there is a saying called: ten people nine back pain. So, what reason is sudden backache caused? Lumbar ache, have simple and reliable alleviate lumbar ache little clever move immediately?

Let's start by talking about what causes sudden back pain. There are many reasons, such as lumbar disc herniation, sprain, fracture, tumor, infection, and so on.

Lumbar intervertebral disc herniation besides lumbar ache, companion has the strip that buttocks aches and one side leg more, discharge kind is painful, right now namely lumbago adds sciatica.

Standing with the upper body tilted to one side because of the pain, the shoulders on both sides are obviously high and low. When you're in bed, you can't keep your legs straight. Instead, lie on your side and bend your knees. The disease has a high prevalence and is common in life.

Acute lumbar sprain is more than a casual movement such as turn around, get up and suddenly feel waist flash, waist pain unbearable, dare not bend, walk carefully, serious turn over is difficult, even cough back pain will increase.

A lumbar fracture, such as a sudden pain after slipping in the bathroom, can be caused by a fracture.

A history of malignant tumors in the lumbar spine, or a recent bout of back pain with significant weight loss, should be suspected.

A sudden bout of back pain, if accompanied by fever, may be caused by an infection.

What reason is abrupt waist ache to cause? In addition to the above by the lumbar or lumbar lesions caused by orthopedic disease, may also be internal diseases caused by the viscera.

If one side waist is painful suddenly, ache rise to death, companion has nausea, vomiting, hematuria to wait for a symptom, want to suspect is kidney stone.

If it is a woman suddenly back pain, also exclude gynecological emergencies.

Visible, what reason is sudden lumbar ache caused? The etiology of sudden back pain is various, and should be combined with the patient's own medical history, as well as the incidence of the disease to judge. The aunt zhang at the beginning of this article is the acute lumbar sprain after the action of flicking the waist.

No matter what causes the sudden back pain, it is best to see a doctor in time, identify the cause, follow the doctor's advice for appropriate treatment, and then supplemented with immediate relief of back pain tips to help ease the pain.

What are some simple and reliable ways to instantly relieve back pain? The details are as follows:

1. Bed rest: for patients with severe pain, short-term bed rest can not only alleviate the pain in the back, but also play a positive role in long-term rehabilitation. However, bed rest is generally not recommended for more than 2 weeks. As the pain subside, moderate daily activities are needed.

2. Hot compress after cold compress: it is recommended to apply cold compress within 48 hours after the occurrence of waist pain, and apply hot compress after 48 hours.

3. Waist circumference: waist circumference can relieve pain and prevent acute aggravation by restricting spinal activity. During wearing, it is recommended to loosen the belt at least 1-2 times a day.

4. Oral drugs: oral medications for pain killer is clinically very commonly used a small coup, immediately relieve back pain while painkillers such as ibuprofen has some relief, but take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, the long-term effect is not good, acute orthopaedic backache can take proprietary Chinese medicine lumbago ning capsule, has a good promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, local repair.

The drug is mainly used in clinical treatment of common cold and wet type lumbar disc herniation, sciatica and other diseases, prominent performance is when cold pain is increased, when temperature is light. Lumbar tongning capsule powder cold dehumidification, temperature channel tongluo, detumescence pain, similar to the internal body of a comprehensive heat treatment. And pharmacological studies have confirmed that it effectively inhibits inflammation, promote swelling, pain relief.

Moreover, the cost of lumbago capsule is not expensive, about 35 yuan per day, and many places are covered by medical insurance, quite affordable. Most people take it for 7-10 days and feel relief. But there are also individual patients may have a mild but severe pain, which is a "therapeutic response." Remember, you don't need to stop taking the medicine, just keep taking it. If we stop taking the medicine, all our efforts will be wasted. Lumbago ning capsule cost-effective, is a good way to relieve the pain in the immediate small action.

A sneeze out lumbar disc herniation? Spinal nerve correction medical technology to help – AllPainHealing | drone/lower back pain/back pain

On September 24th, the department of rehabilitation medicine of the affiliated hospital of southeast university and the non-profit charity organization "chiropractors without borders" jointly held a public consultation activity. Spinal disease is not the patent of the elderly, because do not pay attention to the health of the spine and prevention, once excessive load will cause spinal instability, the most common is the occurrence of low back pain. .

The lower back, which provides support and protects the spine, is also the area of the body that exerts the most force. In life, some casual movements and incorrect posture will cause the injury of the waist, but spinal diseases are not the patent of the elderly, because do not pay attention to the health of the spine and prevention, once excessive load will cause spinal instability, the most common is the occurrence of low back pain.

severe lower back pain treatment home

American experts conducted reduction treatment for the patient. Zhang Xin/taken

On September 24th, the department of rehabilitation medicine of the affiliated hospital of southeast university and the non-profit charity "chiropractor without borders" jointly held a public consultation activity. Li, 30, sprained her back lifting heavy objects three months ago and was diagnosed with a herniated disc and repeated pain. On the same day, Dr. Gina villa, chiropractor without borders, chiropractic neurocorrection medical doctor, examined her carefully and found out the pain points. After 10 minutes of chiropractic therapy with rehabilitation techniques, Ms. Li felt much relieved and her lower back pain was improved.

severe lower back pain treatment home

American experts examined the patients. Zhang Xin/taken

A sneeze herniated a disc

Wu auntie of 50 years old increases because of age, the job is busy together with long sit do not move, lower half body is fatter and fatter. At first, wu suffered from back pain after occasional fatigue, but she soon got better and ignored it. Until one day she sneezed and suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower back that radiated down to the soles of her feet. The acute pain made her realize the seriousness of the problem, and she rushed to the rehabilitation department of the university hospital for examination. Finally, she was diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation.

How did a good sneeze become such? This makes wu auntie puzzled. Wang hongxing, chief physician of the department of rehabilitation medicine of cuhk hospital, explained that when a person sneezes, the instantaneous explosive force and pressure are very big, plus the lumbar intervertebral disc itself is weak, a careless person is easy to squeeze the spinal cord out of the spine, resulting in the lumbar intervertebral disc herniation. Besides sneeze outside, be like brush one's teeth when washing a face upper body forward tilt, bend down to pick up weight or turn about suddenly wait for these casual little action, can make spinal ministry is damaged, produce lumbago thereby. Immediately, director wang hongxing made a treatment plan for aunt wu. After two weeks, the symptoms of aunt wu's back pain were basically relieved through rehabilitation training, physical factor therapy and some rehabilitation techniques such as traction.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Chinese and American experts jointly treated the patients. Zhang Xin/taken

Bad exercise can also cause back pain

Lumbago is a symptom, the reason that causes lumbago disease is very much, more common have lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion disease, facet joint disorder, force line structure changes, bone spur, lumbar acute and chronic trauma, lumbar bone hyperplasia, lumbar muscle strain.

In life, which people are easy to fall into this trap? Director wang hongxing pointed out that obese people, pregnant women, sedentary people (desk workers, drivers, etc.), long-term weight lifting, improper exercise easy to cause lumbar spine injury."In our clinic, we had a patient who developed lumbago during the exercise of lifting barbell, accompanied by a series of symptoms such as stoop difficulty, roll difficulty and finally diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation. "In daily life, if too much emphasis is placed on lifting weights and the strength training of spinal muscles is neglected, it is easy to lead to poor trunk stability, resulting in spinal instability."

It may seem unexpected, but it can be prevented. Experts point out that the first thing to do is to maintain a good posture, avoid a long time in one movement; Secondly, to avoid being too fat, adhere to exercise such as walking, swimming, jogging, etc. Again, for people who have already had lumbago symptoms also need to pay attention to avoid using soft mattresses. Additional, lumbar exercise can strengthen lumbar back, abdomen even muscle strength of lower limb (namely so-called core muscle group), strengthen the stability of spinal column thereby, avoid lumbar injury, still can promote the clearance of local metabolite, rise to alleviate the effect of ache jointly. For example, small yanfei, sit-ups and other movements can be on the back pain prevention and effective relief.

The treatment of weak spinal health consciousness in China is relatively single

As the increase of age, the place such as neck waist leg degenerative venereal change avoids very hard. In China, many people have a weak awareness of spinal health and suffer from low back pain, which they either ignore or rush to the hospital.

Director wang hongxing said that in many hospitals in China, the treatment of spinal diseases is relatively single, only the surface pain relief for degenerative diseases, but rarely based on the patient's situation from a fundamental evaluation, the development of relevant rehabilitation training to achieve the essence of treatment. ifAt that time, the symptoms were relieved, but no attention was paid to prevention and exercise. In fact, the symptoms would recur again. With the extension of time, the symptoms would become more serious, and the vertebral deformation would become more obvious.

In the advanced international concept, the treatment of these diseases is to use exercise and biomechanics, according to the changes in the physical strength line to achieve a holistic assessment, and through the core muscle group rehabilitation training to achieve a fundamental solution to the problem. Chiropractors without borders chief exercise rehabilitation director Dr. Juan told reporters that patients with low back pain are common abroad, but only a small number of surgical intervention, most of the positive ridge manipulation reduction treatment, but also good results.

The expert reminds, the spinal column disease that causes lumbago wants early discovery early treatment, follow doctor's advice, ascertain cause of disease, do not treat blindly or long procrastinate not to treat, lest delay illness, make illness aggravation. In fact, many spinal diseases in the rehabilitation department after comprehensive evaluation can be symptomatic, effective conservative treatment.

Deliver love to the United States and the United States joint public consultation

Chiropractors without borders is a non-profit charity founded in the United States by a group of people from different cultural backgrounds. It is committed to cooperating with medical institutions in various countries to organize free clinic activities to provide local patients with complete treatment and rehabilitation services of the spinal nervous system.

On September 24, the "chiropractor without borders" rehabilitation clinic held by cuhk hospital treated nearly 200 people free of charge. More than 10 Chinese and American experts participated in the clinic. The public consultation further promoted the exchange and integration of rehabilitation medicine between China and the United States. At the same time, doctors in nanjing also learned the mature spinal nerve correction medical technology in North America, which improved people's awareness of spinal health and health care awareness, so as to benefit more people. (correspondent wei qiwen, cui yuyan)

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