pain at base of back – How is backache to return a responsibility? How should prevent and treat

Speaking of back pain I empathy, I kind of desk is not white-collar workers, often back pain, always thought that is a question of cervical vertebra, there are a lot of patients with back pain, sitting at work every day in the long-term heavy friend or physical labor, often can appear the phenomenon of back pain, often have the time to take a good rest day is also good, not too on the heart, this is feel excessively, also don't have to go to the hospital to see, but if you often back pain, will special attention, so after is how to return a responsibility? How should prevent and cure? Here is a brief introduction.

One, back pain is how to return a responsibility

Some people experience back pain in their daily lives, but most don't know much about back pain. In fact, there are many causes of back pain in life, the most common are the following:

1. Ankylosing spondylitis

It can be said that ankylosing spondylitis is one of the main causes of back pain in some people, and the disability rate of this disease is very high. As a result, experts warn patients to rush to the hospital as soon as possible for detailed examination and treatment if they find any abnormality in their back pain. Patients with ankylosing spondylitis often have recurrent episodes of sciatica. These are the most common symptoms of this condition, so patients should be vigilant in general.

2. Functional reasons

In addition, some patients suffer from functional causes, which are also referred to as physical causes or primary causes in medicine. This is the most likely cause of patients' post-back pain. Damage to the structure of the back of the general human body is the least easy to detect, and once detected, usually the disease has been more serious. There are many causes of functional damage to the back, but most of them are caused by lifestyle, improper posture or psychological stress.

3. Early ankylosing spondylitis

There are some patients with early ankylosing spondylitis, life will often have different back pain, so this part of patients in daily life should pay special attention to, once there is back pain will be taken seriously. The symptoms of these patients are chronic generalized back pain, in addition to some phenomena, if the symptoms are more severe patients, there will be scattered or morning back stiffness.

4. Organ causes

Another factor is back pain caused by organ damage. It can be found by X-ray and scanning that most of these patients have organ damage or tumor, which are the causes of back pain. There are also infections or organ degeneration, which can affect the structure of the spine.

These are all causes of back pain, after understanding, patients should pay special attention to their back discomfort symptoms, if aggravated must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

How to prevent and treat back pain

How is backache to return a responsibility? For all the reasons, prevention is better than cure. Prevention is the maintenance of posture first. From the point of view of physical therapy, the following methods of prevention and treatment are proposed.

1. Recognize good posture

Recognize good posture and maintain at any time including all kinds of movements in daily life, to use the basic principles of human biomechanics, must make the waist to maintain a good normal curvature, and can use lumbar back pad to help support the waist, in order to reduce the burden of the waist.

2, waist health campaign

Relaxation exercises: whole-body relaxation exercises. After lying on your back, begin with your toes and work your way up to the joints. Lie on your stomach and back on your elbows.

Flat back movement: bend your knees to lie on your back, clamp hip hard, and then contract the abdomen, waist curve flat clingy floor. The main purpose of this activity is to allow the lumbar spine to move freely.

3. Elbow bending:Stand with the back against the wall, or lie on the back on the bed, bending the elbow with the upper arm close to the body, using the elbow point as a fulcrum, to perform external rotation

4. Climb the wall with your fingers:The patient stands facing the wall and slowly climbs up along the wall with the fingers of the affected side, raising the upper limbs as high as possible to the maximum, making a mark on the wall, and then slowly returning to the original place, and so on repeatedly and gradually increasing the height.

5. Body rear handle:The patient stands naturally, in the posture of upper limb internal rotation and backward extension, the affected hand or wrist is gradually pulled to the healthy side and upward.

6. Stand with arms outstretched:The upper limb of the patient naturally droop, stretch out the arms, slowly extend the palms downward, slowly and forcefully lift up, stop for 10 minutes after reaching the maximum limit, and then return to the original place and repeat.

Old through the description of the above, for you is how to return a responsibility after also have a more comprehensive understanding, back pain or more possible reasons, after if because overworked causes, you need not too worried, if long-term pain not moderate, it shall timely medical treatment.

relief for back pain in – Embarrassed back dare not wear back? "Jielun SAO" with the same beauty back you can have! | lower back cramps, pain at base of back

For example, recently, sister-in-law kun ling attended the wedding of lang lang, and lu's "good back" attracted a lot of attention. In the photos, the two are extremely romantic, with jay cuddling up to kunling, who was wearing a large, open-backed evening dress.

stop back pain

Speaking of the beauty of the back, must not be hard according to the queen ni ni. Charming eyes with her unique temperament, wear a big leak back whole people sexy bursting!

stop back pain

The zhong chuxi that has waistcoat line, big long leg good figure, tie up bun head, wear backless outfit to come also very jing, in dignified give a silk of cool and refreshing feeling fully.

stop back pain

Royal sister fan full of zheng xiuwen, wearing backless dress is also very domine! She is insisting on motion all the time, the line of perfect and firm back shows leak undoubtedly, sexy do not break goddess model again.

stop back pain

The sexy hill that back it may be said is a woman, why the back skin of star people always is so smooth without blemish, and the back of average person was full of however small a knot in one's heart, touch matchless and coarse?

Actually, back and cheek are same, having secreted more grease, the life work and rest is bad, seasonal change, clothings sheet is not clean, skin cleanness is improper wait for a factor, can bring about the generation of back skin problem.

stop back pain

Because the blood circulation in the back is weak,Fat and wasteEasy to accumulate and form acne. To keep your back clean, you need toExfoliate once a weekWork and massage back properly to remove dirt thoroughly.

stop back pain

In addition, due to the slow metabolism of the back skin, it is easy to dull. Clean back skin, should be daubedBody moisturizer with skin-lightening propertiesIt can eliminate the rough surface of the skin, relieve the aging of the skin, and make the back whiter and younger.

Two big countermeasure, return your attractive beautiful back

Step 1

Odc firming and lifting beauty body brightening massage cream

stop back pain

Massage cream contains brand patent"Hydrogen atom locking"The reduced hydrogen water developed has high permeability and strong antioxidant ability, which can penetrate deeply into cells in the body quicklyPromotes metabolism,Scavenging free radicals,Improve rough skinMake back skinTighten the tender.

stop back pain

Massage cream contains up to 70% beauty ingredients (general massage cream only accounts for 30%), and specially add melon placenta, pineapple fruit extract and apple fruit extract and other ingredients,Can changeGood skin inflammation and rough, increases skin moisture content, and has a strongantioxidantThe effect of comprehensive strengthening back skin barrier function!

stop back painstop back pain

Step 2

Odc firming and lifting skin lightening body lotion

stop back pain

Odc new generation spray body milk, gently press, milk like thick liquid directly to the target parts of the body, can be easily absorbed by the skin after pushing, endowed with sufficient nutrition, make the skin full of elasticity, no greasy feeling, stand now full tender and smooth skin.

stop back painstop back pain

Based on the patented reductive hydrogen and water, the exclusive dual texture formula combinesCream and milkIt can enhance and moisturize your skin and give you back beauty muscle that is full of whitening effect.

stop back pain

stop back pain

Still worrying back skin problem, dare not wear backless outfit?

Get thisThe back solution!

stop back pain

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pain at base of back – Chopsticks on the back of the gesture can cure? There are so many experienced old people! | lower back strain

Mr. Huang said the store is located on longhua road, yuxi town, fuqing city, fuzhouKanges healthy living pavilion. At about 6 PM, the shop is still brightly lit and old people enter from time to time.

back pain remedies

You can cure a disease by recharging it,

What kind of device is this?

The reporter entered the store to learn about the situation,

As soon as I entered the store,

I saw two men sitting in a chair,

The old man with chopsticks in front of him gesticulated with his back.

back pain remedies

Before long,

The chairs were filled with elderly people who came for free experiences.

According to the clerk,

Treatment begins.

back pain remedies

Is "recharging therapy" really that magical? How does it work? When the reporter asked the clerk, the clerk himself said not clear. As for the efficacy of the product, the staff did not say, but repeatedly stressed to experience.

back pain remedies

Older people who have experienced it say,

Every time I come to class,

Shop staff are

Claiming the wonders of the instrument,

And indicated that they wanted to buy the instrument.

back pain remedies

This high-potential therapeutic apparatus

Is it that magical?

The reporter went to connes' official website,

I looked for all the instruments that we had on potential therapy,

The findings do not indicate the specific therapeutic effect of the product.

back pain remedies


The website's customer service staff was contacted by phone.

However, customer service representatives have been vague about the specific efficacy of the treatment.

back pain remedies

Reporters learned that the formal treatment of insomnia, neurasthenia, analgesia has a certain auxiliary effect, but the effect is not claimed so magical. On the contrary, many diseases are not suitable for this kind of treatment.

back pain remedies

At present,

We have a look at the conens healthy living pavilion

To fuqing market supervision administration,

Officials say they will investigate as soon as possible.

High-potential therapeutic devices like this,

It's been reported many times on the gang,

At this point,

We want the old people

Never believe such claims,

It cost me money.

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pain at base of back – 2019 China spinal pain summit BBS successfully held in haikou!

Along with in recent years "the computer clan", "the mobile phone clan" the team day by day expands, lacks the daily movement to take exercise, plus long time incorrect sitting posture, the work habit, the head neck shoulder waist leg pain kind of disease patient is increasing, moreover presents the youth, the widespread tendency.

This peak BBS is in haikou, which will promote the overall improvement of the medical level of hainan orthopedic pain department. It represents that the orthopedic pain diagnosis and treatment in hainan will develop in step with the domestic pain rehabilitation industry, and also marks a new stage for the orthopedic pain diagnosis and treatment in our province.

(tang qingguo, President of hainan orthopedics hospital, host of BBS, delivered a welcoming speech)

And experts from home and abroad is introduced at the meeting, the promotion of various pain minimally invasive treatment technology, spine endoscopic technology, ultrasound guided minimally invasive interventional techniques, Chinese medicine minimally invasive technology, visual needle knife and so on, also will be as soon as possible in the widespread application in the province, for the vast number of patients with head and neck shoulder waist pain diseases, is undoubtedly a good news.

hip pain

(liu yanqing, chairman of Chinese pain society, BBS opening speech)

2019 China spinal pain peak BBS is hainan orthopaedic hospital held the fifth "Chinese spinal pain peak BBS", hainan Tang Qingguo orthopaedic hospital dean said: hainan orthopaedic hospital want to be able to borrow at "China spinal pain peak BBS" opportunity, bone pain of diagnosis and treatment can make hainan province in such aspects as concept, technology, have the opportunity to fully contact with the domestic advanced level, communication, for hainan development in the field of bone pain, for the patients with bone pain of hainan province can get a better recovery, contribute strength.

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pain at base of back – Back repeated acne, facial hair prone to oil…… Chinese medicine tells you what the reason is!

Back acne repeated, usually with the following habits:

1. After taking a bath, the water is not dried, and it is easy to wet the clothes and generate bacteria;

2. Many undergarments and bedding are not clean, causing bacteria to clog pores;

3, back cleaning is not in place, easy to breed bacteria;

4,Late nights, improper diet, and life pressure will cause back acne;

5, skin allergy person encounters allergic source backside chairman blain.

Backside grows blain, what reason is?

back pain

Chinese medicine believes that moisture is the source of all diseases, behind the acne and the body moisture is heavy also inseparable,The culprit behind the acne is moisture.

Many people do a lot of acne treatment but it works slowly or not at all because the moisture doesn't get rid of.

The dampness in the body is too heavy, which blocks the function of spleen to increase, clear and reduce turbidness. If the qingyang does not rise, the cloudy Yin does not fall, the qingqiao loses its nourishment, the brain loses its concentration, and the spleen deficiency loses its transportation, which will lead to acne on the back.Heavy moisture also has the following manifestations:

1.Heavy head, headache, limb weakness, malaise, joint pain;

2,Abdominal distension and poor appetite;

3,Edema, eczema blisters;

4,Soft and unformed stool, halitosis, ear oil wet, phlegm and sticky;

5,Thick greasy tongue coating, tongue edge teeth

6,Hair facial easy oil, facial easy acne;

7,Female pudendal moisture, itchy smell, male scrotum moisture.

So how do you remove moisture? Get rid of back acne?

1. Diet

Eat the food that a few strengthen spleen dehumidify more at ordinary times, wait like poria cocos, lentil, red bean, euryale fruit, orange peel, coix kernel, winter gourd, turnip, Chinese cabbage, yam, grass fruit, che chien grass, lotus leaf, hawthorn, grapefruit, oat.

Try to eat less spicy, cold, greasy, high fat, hair and other foods, eat more vegetables and fruits.

2, life conditioning

Wash your back with a clean towel when you shower; Clothes and bedding should also change frequently, pay attention to the air drying sterilization;

Keep a regular schedule to avoid staying up late,Go to bed before 11 o 'clock;

Daily attention to relieve stress, maintain a happy mood.

Proper exercise, exercise sweat can speed up the metabolism of the body, the body out of moisture.

3. Take proprietary Chinese medicine to strengthen spleen

Cold is easy to remove, a wet hard to go", due to the characteristics of stickiness and stickiness, therefore,If the moisture in the body is too heavy, eating food or external treatment is not effective,You can take some proprietary Chinese medicine to dehumidify.

Spleen is the main transport, like dryness and evil dampness, spleen deficiency is one of the important sources of dampness, soClearing damp must strengthen the spleen first,Jichuitang best spleen-strengthening clearing damp teaAdopting pure Chinese medicine formula, it has the effect of strengthening the spleen, the spleen movement is good, help to eliminate the moisture in the body.

Invigorating spleen clearing damp tea

cixinInvigorating spleen clearing damp teaNot onlyIt has the effect of strengthening the spleen, clearing damp, and soothing the liver.Liver qi is not comfortable, discharge less than is yu, long do not let go can become the basis of a variety of pathological changes, then pathological changes clumps, so sooth liver is very important also.

For oily facial symptoms caused by heavy moisture,Can be packedJichuitang best pure Chinese medicine facial maskThe jade white powderThe facial mask can effectively balance the oil, improve the symptoms of facial oil production, and whiten the skin at the same time.

The jade white powderTraditional Chinese medicine mask also has skin whitening, activating blood freckles, slow down skin aging and other effects.

Scan below xiaocui sister qr code can order oh!

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pain at base of back – Incident hai an: thumb thick steel bar, through the back straight into the thigh! Doctors, fire rescue life and death thrilling | sore base of back

The rescuers took hydraulic cutting pliers and other equipment to the operating room to help the doctors remove the steel bars from the injured patients as soon as possible.

The site

pain at base of back

Steel bar from the man's right shoulder into the body, from the chest out, finally tied to the right thigh position, steel bar more than 1 meter long, about thumb thickness. The situation is very dangerous!

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

Fire fighting personnel in full communication with the doctor, listen to the doctor's advice, ready to cut the steel bar.

❖ successfully cut

pain at base of back

In order to avoid cutting vibration too large, injury to the injured internal organs, fire officers and men use the electric cutting machine in the glass breaker, the steel bar is cut off and divided one by one.

pain at base of back

About 5 minutes later, the steel bar was successfully cut into three sections, winning valuable rescue time for the injured.

pain at base of back

At present, the injured are receiving further treatment in hospital, while the specific cause of the accident is still under investigation.


Three years ago, shandong university qilu hospital also once treated a similar patient, steel bar from the man's perineum straight through the top of the head, qilu hospital a nantong nationality expert to participate in the rescue, the operation caused a sensation at home and abroad.

Men fall from the sky, steel straight through the top of the head from the pubic! The operation caused a sensation at home and abroad, an expert from nantong took part in the rescue

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

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relief for back pain in – Efficient back training, 6 movements, abuse back muscle group, back training wide, shape inverted triangle figure | pain at base of back, sore base of back

To improve the poor posture, we need to do in addition to change the bad living habits, exercise is to strengthen the back, and often practice back benefits, is not limited to changes in the body, can make the waist shaping nabla figure look more fine, let's dress tall and straight, also will improve stability of the upper part of the muscle group waist sour backache phenomenon, can increase content of muscle increase basal metabolism let us easier to thin.

stop back pain

In the actual training, not only to practice the back wide but also practice thick, so in the choice of action will be targeted, to the entire back to form a complete stimulation. In the process of action, pay attention to squeeze shoulder blades to contract the back, in the reduction process to take the initiative to control, and, according to the ability do not blindly choose large weight.

Next, share 6 back exercises and choose the number of weights and weight groups according to your ability and training purpose.

Action 1: high pull down

stop back pain

Action two: narrow straight arm pull down

stop back pain

Movement three: kneel down with one arm

stop back pain

Action four: sitting row

stop back pain

Action five: upper inclined dumbbell row

stop back pain

Action 6: hard pull

stop back pain

For the purpose of muscle building, choose the large weight, 8-12 times per movement, 3-4 groups at a time. For the purpose of shaping, choose the small weight, 12-20 times per movement, 3-4 groups at a time.

Focus on the target muscles during the action, and don't cheat. Exercise fitness itself is not a comfortable thing, so don't give yourself an excuse to be lazy, insist!

I am October zhixing, thanks for reading and attention

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lower back cramps – Wuhan acne research points out that back acne treatment | pain at base of back, sore base of back

Change your clothes often

Normally, our backs sweat easily. If you sweat a lot, it's easy to get bacteria and acne. We should take a shower every day, keep our backs dry, change our clothes, and change our sheets. Only by loving our backs can we make sure we don't get pimples. Moreover, there are many mites on the sheets and sheets, and the reason for acne is that the mites are at work.

Get more exercise

Exercise is the best way to fight acne. Most acne on the back is caused by blocked pores and poor circulation. More exercise improves circulation and helps clear pores, so pimples aren't likely to grow on your back. Accordingly, often go outdoors when peacetime free activity, although cannot go outdoors activity, also can do simple gymnastics at home at ordinary times, gave the toxin inside sweat ability eduction body.

Keep your mood bright

Modern people's high pressure, easy to anxiety is also one of the important reasons to promote acne. Because women in a bad mood are prone to endocrine disorders, so there are a lot of acne back. Want to find the method that abreact pressure at ordinary times, let the mood become anemic. For example, you can go to sports and travel with your friends and encourage yourself with appropriate shopping.

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relief for back pain in – Back pain turns out to be more than just muscle strain. Could it be? | pain at base of back

The cause of back pain

1. Pulled muscle or ligament

Repeated lifting or sudden movements can strain back muscles and spinal ligaments, and if you're in poor health, repeated back strains can cause muscle spasms.

Graph source network

2. Disc lesions

The disc serves as a cushion between the bones of your spine (vertebrae). The soft material in the disc may swell or rupture in the nerve, however, in this case you may not feel back pain and disc disease is often found by accident when you are receiving spinal x-rays for other diseases.

back pain care

Graph source network

3. Arthritis

Osteoarthritis can affect the lower back. In some cases, arthritis in the spine can cause the space around the spinal cord to become smaller. This condition is called spinal stenosis.

back pain care

4. Bone deformity

If you have scoliosis, you may also have back pain.

back pain care

Graph source network


As your bones become weaker, compression fractures may occur in the vertebrae of your spine.

back pain care

Common ways of dealing with back pain

Most acute back pain only takes a few weeks to heal at home:

Use over-the-counter pain relievers and use a hot compress or ice compress to relieve the pain. Bed rest is not recommended and continue your activities as long as you can tolerate them. Try some light activities such as walking and daily activities. Stop any activity that may increase pain if possible, but don't let fear of pain keep you from doing it.

back pain care

If you don't feel better after several weeks of treatment at home, use stronger medications or other treatments.

In rare cases, back pain can signal serious medical problems. If your back pain is accompanied by any of the following conditions: incontinence, fever, back injury from a fall, seek immediate medical attention.

back pain care

When you suffer from pain trouble, please do not suffer silently, please give pain to us, let us work together with you, as far as possible to eliminate pain trouble, let you return to leisure, comfortable life, enjoy the joy of life!

back pain care

Blockmans d

Consultation expert of Shanghai international medical center

Chief physician of pain department, Oriental hospital affiliated to tongji university, Shanghai

[at]:Back pain, neck and shoulder pain, perineal pain, chest pain,Herpes zoster pain and backward pain, diabetic pain, postoperative pain treatment.

[personal introduction]:Chief physician, professor, director of Shanghai east hospital affiliated tongji university pain, anesthesia and intensive medical director, doctoral supervisor, pain branch of Chinese medical association standing committee, the Chinese medical association branch of the pain of the spinal pain source sex group leader, in order to promote regional anesthesia and pain medicine branch, deputy director of the committee members, pain medicine branch chairman of Shanghai social medical institutions, the Chinese non-public medical doctor association, vice director of professional committee of the pain, the Chinese physicians branch standing committee of the pain, pain, former director of professional committee of the Shanghai medical association member, deputy director of the China traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with anesthesia branch Chairman of Shanghai integrated Chinese and western medicine anesthesia and pain branch, vice chairman of the acupuncture anesthesia council of the Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion society, vice chairman of the acupuncture anesthesia branch of the Shanghai acupuncture and moxibustion society, chairman of the rehabilitation committee of the pudong medical association, China pain medicine journal, Shanghai medical editorial committee. In 2017, BBS, the first national famous doctor peak, was rated as a national famous doctor — excellent demeanor.

Outpatient service time:Every Friday starts at 10 a.m

Booking hotline:021-60236000

The end ~

Author: wang xiangrui

Edited and compiled contributions:Liu Lili

Review: cheer

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relief for back pain in – [shoulder back yoga] beautify neck and back with easy supermodel curves | lower back cramps, pain at base of back

With the intelligent of mobile phone, mobile phone has become an indispensable part of many people's palm treasure. No matter it is to have a meal, go to work, party, take the subway, or even go to the toilet, I never lift my phone above my head. Cell phones have changed our way of life and are a threat to our health.

Accompanied by "bow" crowd more and more people will be back muscles thickening, neck before led, especially often play mobile phone and office that a group of people, changes in this area, also means that the area of qi and blood circulation, fatigue, dizziness, such problems as lack of concentration, for a long time the prosperous package of ugly. Let's do some exercises today to improve the anterior neck insertion

The Shoulder repairshoulder repair

Thanks to inyoga instructor

Candy Xie Min:

ways to relieve back pain

Be good at: be good at breathing therapy, practice of mindfulness yoga, advocate of yoga healthy lifestyle

Since 2008, I began to practice yoga. With nearly 6 years of teaching experience, I have instructed nearly 10,000 individuals to practice yoga.

I have obtained the certificates of elite private education and rehabilitation physical therapy, rehabilitation yoga teacher qualification certificate, pregnancy yoga teacher qualification certificate, basic course of respiratory therapy, national public nutritionist level 2 and national psychological consultant level 3.

Yoga perception: learning is a valuable ability, wish we can always have. I teach what I practice.

Practice content

Practice contents

The first group

Abdominal breathing

ways to relieve back pain


Abdominal breathing is we are born, but because of life work pressure, breathing slowly become short, shallow breathing and easy cause shoulder neck tension, we through the abdominal breathing exercises, abdominal muscle activation, let the abdomen can strong stable torso, neck to quiet relaxation, back to nature extend state.


1. Supine or sitting position is recommended for beginners;

Place your right hand lightly over your abdomen and your left hand over your heart.

Breathe in deeply, keeping your chest still, and feel your belly lift up to push your handFurther, deepen the inhalation to make the inhalation fuller;

Exhale and slowly contract your abdomen, feeling your abdomen toward your spine

To go on

Exhale the exhaust gas from the bottom of your lungs.

Beginners #

At the beginning of the exercise, feel the expansion and contraction of the abdomen with the help of your hands. After you get familiar with it, you can take your hands away and feel the changes in the abdomen and the flow of air in the body with your consciousness.

The second group

The cat stretching

ways to relieve back pain

ways to relieve back pain


The cervical vertebra is a part of the spine, the cat style exercise can be flexible spine, very good to establish the internal connection of the spine, improve the awareness of the spine, stretch the chest, relax the shoulder and neck muscles, increase abdominal strength.

1 take a four-legged kneeling position, with the fingers spread and the middle finger facing forward, and place it under the shoulder, with the knee just below the hip bone;

2 now, following the inhalation, lift the spine, lower the waist, bring the chest forward, and bring the neck forward;

3. Follow the exhalation, close the tailbone, close the abdomen arch back, relax the neck, head heart toward the ground direction, feel the gravity pull the cervical vertebra downward extension, get traction;

4 breathe and breathe once, then repeat the 2 and 3 movements, followed by breathing do 3 times.

The third group

ways to relieve back pain

This exercise is an intensive version of the cat pose, extending further into the chest, shoulders and armpits to relieve muscle tension in the upper back and release the pressure here, allowing the cervical spine to return to its natural stretching state.

1 after three sets of cat pose, move on to the four-legged position.

2 both hands forward a palm is long distance, follow inspiratory, abdomen bosom extends ahead, follow expiratory, the hand pushes the ground, push coxal backward half, breathe in again, abdomen bosom extends ahead (center of gravity is not moved), expiratory, continue to push buttock backward, until forehead dot ground;

3 in the final most position, stay 3-5 breath, on the basis of maintaining abdominal chest extension and hand push the ground to push buttock backward force, as far as possible relax body and mind with the breath.

After 4 finish 5 breath, follow inspiratory look up, abdomen bosom is forward, enter prostrate slowly.

The fourth group

ways to relieve back pain

After the first two postures, the neck and chest are stretched and the muscles in the back and shoulders are relaxed. Then we use the lower cobra to strengthen the upper back and stabilize the neck and shoulders.

1 come to the prone position, with your body in a straight line, arms on either side of your head, bend your elbows, relax your shoulders, neck and arms, and take a breath to relax your whole body and mind;

2. Always relax your hands and shoulders and neck, follow the suction, push the instep down, slowly remove the head from the ground, slowly remove the chest cavity, slightly close your chin, and look forward with your glasses;

3 follow the exhale, chest head position remains the same, try to relax the arms and shoulders, put the power to the back, feel the back muscle contraction can be;

4 stay here for 3-5 breaths.

5 after five breaths, follow the exhalation and slowly lower the head of the chest. Return to the original position and adjust the breathing.

With five

ways to relieve back pain

After the previous exercises, come to the bench twist, repair and continue to relax.

1 take the supine position, body in a straight line, arms at the sides of the body, a breath, the body and mind to relax;

2 follow the inhalation, bend your knees and put your feet on the ground in front of your hips, exhale to relax your body;

3 follow the inhalation, both feet off the ground, both hands ten knot, hold the shin;

4. Follow the exhalation, spread your hands out to both sides of your shoulders, then bend your knees to the ground on the right side, turn your head to the left, and hold for 5 breaths. After five breaths, inhale back and exhale on the other side;

5. After both sides are done, inhale back, followed by exhale, lower your legs successively, to the position of 1, and stay for 10 breaths.

ways to relieve back pain

Practice small tips:

A awareness

1. The action;

Pressure in the abdominal cavity; 3.

3. Muscle stretching

4. Breathe.

B regular rest

Before starting the exercise, the body and mind should be in a calm and relaxed state. This state is most easily achieved by doing the open body pose. In addition, after each postural method, lie down in the corpse position for a short rest of 30 seconds to 1 minute. However, the most appropriate rest time should be based on the resumption of normal breathing.

Don't just c

At the beginning of this series, it is not recommended to try all the exercises at one time, especially the simultaneous use of both legs. It's best to take a new exercise at a time and combine it with the previous exercise. The second part of the energy release series is physically demanding and can put pressure on your lower back, so be aware of your limits and don't push.

D taboo

Low back problems such as high blood pressure, severe heart disease, sciatica and lumbar disc herniation, or those who have just had abdominal surgery, are not suitable for these postures. Consult an experienced therapist if in doubt. When doing the postures with the feet above the head, refer to the tips for the inverted postures and follow the contraindications listed in each postures.

E a beginner

While practicing, keep an eye on the mind and body; For beginners, it is recommended to follow the teacher to practice, the same asana, there are many details to pay attention to, follow the teacher will be easier to find awareness, reduce injury.

Keep young in yoga

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