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In fact, foot and hand, also used to the other side of the foot. However, it also different, the two feet can be divided into the axis of idiomatic feet, feet, such as the unconscious step stand notoginseng, 氶 axis of the foot is the foot by more weight. When standing or walking, the difference between the dominant foot and the axial foot is too large, it is easy to cause back pain. To improve lower back pain, both feet must be applied with equal force to reduce the difference between the feet.

how to get relief from backache

Additionally, if you have a sudden lumbago while sitting in the office, you can put the towel under the buttocks of the pivot foot to balance the blood circulation of your dominant foot and pivot foot. Want to become warped at ordinary times foot, also be because right and left foot blood circulates unevenness to cause, if left and right blood circulates balance, sit comfortably, do not want to become warped foot at all, also can alleviate lumbar ache.

how to get relief from backache

Poor circulation

Have you ever tried the muscles of limbs are very hard, which is also a hidden reason for low back pain. Because the softness of your muscles is a sign of poor circulation. With poor circulation, the brain becomes softer to the muscles in that area, and the back pain caused by stiff muscles improves.

how to get relief from backache

3 movements relieve back pain

1. Hold your chest back and breathe for 20 seconds

First prepare a towel on your ankles, chest out, stomach in, and keep breathing for 20 seconds.

how to get relief from backache

Stretch your lower back muscles

With one hand on the ground and the other hand raised high, this movement can stretch the muscles of the lower back and maintain the movement for about 20 seconds. Then switch to the other hand and hold for 20 seconds.

how to get relief from backache

3. Turn your hands and swing your waist

Place one hand on the floor, turn the other hand in a circle to the left or right while swinging the waist. To keep breathing, do this on both sides, 10 times on each side.

how to get relief from backache

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Breathing can also relieve back pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/chronic lower back pain

Why is breathing associated with lower back pain? To understand the mystery of breathing, we must first understand the body's neural reflex mechanism. When the body surface receptor receives the stimulation, the stimulation signal transmits through the nerve to the brain, the brain issues the instruction, then through the efferent nerve, transmits the instruction to the human body's effector to produce the behavior response. Neural reflexes are a natural part of human protection.

Low back pain is one of the body's self-protective mechanisms for adverse stimuli. When a person bends forward, the pain signal from the lower back is transmitted to the brain. The brain immediately sends a command that tightens the local muscles and soft tissues around the lower back joints, causing less movement in the joints and protecting the lower back from severe pain. So often people with low back pain have a hard lower back, not something that the patient can control, but a protective neural feedback.

Lumbar is loose

You might wonder if you have to lie down for ten days and a half months for the pain to go away before the brain gets a good signal that will allow your lower back to move and improve that stiffness.

Of course not. The human body is so smart that neural pathways can carry signals in either direction. That is, if you can find a way to loosen the joint, you can get signals from the brain to reduce back pain, and the signals to reduce back pain are fed back to the brain, which triggers further relaxation of the lower back joint. In the case of lower back pain, the brain orders the muscles involved to restrict lumbar curvature. There are many muscles that have limited movement. One of them is related to the waist and also to breathing. It's called the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the breathing muscle of the body. When you breathe in, your diaphragm goes down, allowing your lungs to expand and take in more air. As you exhale, your diaphragm rises to allow the gas to flow smoothly. The upper part of the diaphragm attaches to the lower margin of the costal arch and forms the lower part of the chest. Diaphragmatic movements are used to move the lumbar spine. When the human body inhales, the septum muscles drop and the abdominal pressure increases, which will cause the lumbar spine to move backwards. As you exhale, your diaphragm rises, pushing your lumbar spine up, creating a forward movement. Between one breath and one breath, can make lumbar vertebra is loosened, achieve relaxed goal.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Activate the diaphragm

Does the patient not breathe when he has back pain? Can breath how to return meeting ache? If you look around at people with lower back pain and try to get them to take deep breaths, you'll notice that there's very little movement in the abdominal cavity, all the breathing movement is focused on the upper body, the chest, and even the neck. Patients with chronic lower back pain also experience discomfort in the neck, which is caused by excessive compensatory breathing in the upper chest, resulting in stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulders. People with low back pain who want to loosen their lower back need to get their diaphragm moving again, activating the diaphragm.

Action to practice

This requires the following two movements: one is the supine movement, the other is the prone movement. Lying on the back is relatively easy. The patient lies on the back with the pelvis flat, knees bent and hands on the abdomen. Puff up your abdomen and waist when inhaling, and tighten your abdomen and waist when exhaling. Do this ten times over, requiring each inhale and exhale slowly. At the same time. You can also think of the chest and abdomen as an air bag that expands when you inhale. Deflate as you exhale.

severe lower back pain treatment home

The prone motion is a little more complicated, but it's the one that activates the diaphragm the most. Let the patient lie prone. Forehead is put flat on the back of hand or towel, hands and feet are placed naturally, when inspiratory raise abdomen and waist, when expiratory tighten abdomen and waist. Also, to enhance the feeling of your waist, place a weight object around your waist, such as a light yoga block. It takes ten seconds to complete one set, ten sets at a time.

Healthy friends may find this method of breathing too easy. But for patients with lower back pain, it can be difficult to do these two movements. In the first case, the patient with lower back pain experienced no sensation of inhaling during her first attempt at recovery breathing, and her stomach collapsed as she inhaled, a pattern known medically as "reverse breathing." Reverse breathing means your diaphragm is not functioning. Finally, after more than an hour of training under the guidance of the therapist, the patient mastered the correct way to breathe. Over time, pain symptoms improved significantly.

Breathing is both the beginning and the end of life. It is an act that accompanies us all the time. Quality of life is not how long you live, but how easily and calmly you complete every action you need and want to take in your daily life. I hope everyone can master the right way to breathe and enjoy a healthy life!

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Moderate exercise in Muslim prayer rituals can reduce back pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

On the ground in the direction of mecca, as part of the islamic ritual salat. Ritual is one of the five essential elements of faith that the holy book, the quran, proposes.

According to research from binghamton university at the state university of New York, the complex physical exercise of ritual can reduce back pain if done regularly and correctly.

"One way to think about these exercises is that they are similar to yoga or physical therapy interventions used to treat lower back pain," said mohammad khasawneh, professor and head of the department of systems science and industrial engineering, one of the authors. "Ergonomic studies using digital mannequins to study the body movements of muslims in prayer."

relief for back pain in

While the study focused on islamic prayer practices, similar movements were found in Christian and jewish prayer rituals, as well as in yoga and physical therapy.

The paper appears in the latest issue of the international journal of industrial and systems engineering. In collaboration with khasawneh, faisal aqlan, assistant professor of industrial engineering at behrend, Pennsylvania state university, abdulaziz ahmed, assistant professor of business at kruxton, university of Minnesota, and wen cao peninsula regional medical center improvement, performance improvement consultant, operational performance division, are co-authors of the paper. All three are alumni of binghamton university's doctoral program in industrial and systems engineering.

"Physical health is influenced by socioeconomic, lifestyle and religious factors. "In addition, studies show a strong link between prayer and vigilance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, "khasawneh said. Prayer relieves physical stress and anxiety, and studies have shown that prayer rituals can be considered an effective clinical treatment for neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction.

The researchers used computer-generated motion analysis statistics from digital mannequins of healthy Indian, Asian and American men and women as well as models of lower back pain.

The team found that the hunch of the back was the most intense part of the lower back, but for people with low back pain, using the proper knee and back Angle during rituals reduced the pain. The Angle is based on the shape of the individual.

"The maximum compression force produced in the prayer position is well below the safety limit set by the national institute of occupational safety and health (niosh), and it is safe to view these exercises as clinical treatments for lower back pain because it requires different human exercises on a regular basis," hasunai said. Depending on the degree of pain, the combination of back and knee angles can be determined."

For those with back pain, they may not be able to maintain accurate prayer positions. According to islamic tradition and custom, individuals can pray sitting or lying down if they can't stand it. If they are able to stand, they should maintain the correct posture as much as possible.

"Kneeling (sujud) increases the elasticity of the joints. "Suggest that these people spend more time kneeling," says khasawneh.

According to the team, using the wrong Angle and movement increases pain. The team also suggests that further research is needed to find out the best movements in groups with physical disabilities, women with more extreme body types, especially women, especially pregnant women. The team plans to further validate the findings with physical experiments, using sensors and cameras to track stress in various body parts during the service.

Why does your yoga boat pose cause backache? – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/neck pain

At this point, some people may ask, since the boat style is the core of exercise, why the backache?

In fact, the answer to this question is very simple, because many people do this asana, due to the core strength is poor, but they want to do the asana "deeper and more perfect", so they sacrifice the back as compensation, to help them complete the movement, resulting in back pain.

The following wrong boat style exercises can lead to lower back pain and even neck pain.

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

From the above picture, the wrong boat pose shows the condition of the lower back and neck. It is not difficult to see why this practice can cause pain in the lower back and neck. In fact, how many people practice like this?

how to reduce back bone pain

So, how can you practice the boat style correctly and avoid lower back and neck pain? The simple answer is to practice the pose with the right core strength, keeping the back and neck extended and avoiding the back and neck compensation. So how do we do that?

First, according to their own core strength, choose their own way of practice.

1, yoga beginners or very poor core strength of the people, can choose, both feet knees on the ground in a simple boat type of contact

how to reduce back bone pain

2, the core strength is also good, choose to bend your knees to lift your feet off the ground of the simple boat

how to reduce back bone pain

3. For those who are good at core strength, you can choose to complete the asana in boat style

how to reduce back bone pain

Second, with the aid of yoga AIDS stretch belt assisted exercise

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

Yoga practice, the establishment of core strength is not achieved overnight, also is not a day two days can have obvious effect, but a long-term practice for targeted, the abdomen proud flesh is more, the core strength of gilgamesh, set up the core of time may be more long, also will be more pain, but, after the establishment of a stable core strength is, you will find that a lot of yoga poses difficult as you think, and solve it, would be easy to do it, then all the efforts and pay before, at that moment you will feel very worth it!

4 simple exercises to increase lower back strength and relieve lower back pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

More and more people are joining the ranks of those who want a sleek, firm back. A popular saying in gyms is "novice chest training, back training", but there are many veteransNeglected the lower back exercisecars only


Why work on the lower back?

Shaft sma isOne of the lower back muscles', which is positioned vertically around the spine, in the lower back and lower back. The erector spinal muscles provide resistance that allows you to better control forward bends and other movements.Strong lower back strength protects the spine,Stabilize torso.

Additional, take the exercise of lower back seriously, can lengthen back, on the vision meeting is more beautiful.

How can you target your lower back? These few movements you must collect ~

The Swiss ball lies prone with the torso extended back

Target muscle group: hip extensor muscle group

Action steps:

Lie prone on the Swiss ball, dumbbells on top of your head, toes on the ground. Stretch your torso back and do the back lift. Return to the original position and repeat the specified number of times.

relief for back pain in

Sit and bend your arms

Target muscle group: lower back

Sit in the training chair with dumbbells in your hands in front of your shoulder joints. Bend forward with the hips as the axis. Return to the original position and repeat the specified number of times.

relief for back pain in

Turn your back on your stomach

Target muscle group: hip extensor muscle group, oblique muscle

Lie prone on the training chair, with the stomach above and feet clamped tightly around the chair. Hold dumbbells in your hands and place them on your chest. Back up, torso parallel to the ground, then rotate to one side, return to starting position, then back up, turn to the other side. Return to the original position and repeat the specified number of times.

relief for back pain in

Bend your arms and lift your body

Target muscle groups: lower back, hip muscle groups

Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, holding dumbbells in front of your shoulders. Bend forward with the hips as the axis. Return to the original position and repeat the specified number of times.

With a strong back, get in shape

– end –

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Kidney pain is it? Back pain? How do you tell – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve

Kidney pain may occur in the back, groin or thigh

Renal pain may occur below the ribs on either side of the spine. Although the pain comes from deep inside the body, it still feels painful.

Whether pain occurs on one or both sides depends on whether the disease affects one or both kidneys.

Kidney pain can radiate to other areas, such as:

Side of the body

The abdomen

In the groin

The thigh

Type and severity of pain

Smaller kidney stones can often pass through the urinary system without causing severe pain. However, larger kidney stones can cause acute pain. When kidney stones move from the kidney to the ureter, the pain is usually worse. The ureter is a small tube that connects the kidney to the bladder and forms part of the urinary system.

Kidney infection can cause stable pain or soreness.

03 concomitant symptoms

Diseases that affect the kidneys may cause other symptoms, such as:

Cloudy or hematuria

The urine pain




Constipation or diarrhea




Signs of severe kidney damage or problems may include:

Bad breath

Metallic taste

Shortness of breath

Swollen legs, ankles, or feet



Muscle cramps

The cause of kidney pain

Symptoms of renal pain include:

Urinary tract infection (utis)

Kidney stones

Kidney infections

Kidney blood clots

Kidney trauma or injury

Back pain

Back pain is very common. Most of the back pain is back pain. Problems affecting muscles, bones or nerves in the back can cause back pain. The location, severity, and accompanying symptoms of back pain depend on the cause.

01 pain position

Back pain can occur anywhere in the back. However, most people suffer from back pain in the lower back.

Muscle pain is a feeling of dull pain or soreness. Certain physical activities can trigger or exacerbate muscle pain, which can range from mild to severe, and can fluctuate as a result of stretching.

People with nerve pain experience burning or tingling pain that spreads to other parts of the body.

Sciatica is a nerve pain that affects the back. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or compressed, causing a burning pain that can radiate into the buttocks.

Bone pain can result from a fractured vertebra or irregular shape of the spine. This type of pain can occur suddenly. Bone pain ranges from moderate to severe and is usually aggravated with exercise.

Other possible symptoms of back pain include:

Pain or stiffness in the spine

A sharp, tingling pain in the neck

Difficulty standing up straight because of pain or muscle spasms

Trouble walking

Numbness or tingling in the back, radiating to the extremities

One or both legs are weak

The bladder cannot be emptied

Urinary incontinence

Diarrhea or constipation

The cause of back pain

A person may have back pain due to poor posture

A pulled muscle or ligament in the back is a common cause of back pain. People can strain their backs by overstretching, carrying too much weight or using the wrong way to lift weight.

Other causes of back pain include:

Poor posture

Sit or stand for long periods of time

Muscle tension

A back injury, such as a fracture or fall

Disc damage, slippage, or rupture

Abnormal curvature of the spine

The tumor

Diseases that can cause back pain include:

Inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and spondylitis


Herpes zoster

Spinal tumor


Cauda equina syndrome affects the nerves at the base of the spinal cord

Abdominal aortic aneurysm


When do you go to see the doctor

Mild back pain is usually treated with home rest, heat therapy and over-the-counter pain killers. However, if pain is caused by trauma, see a doctor.

It is important for people with kidney stones or signs of kidney infection to see a doctor.

You should also seek medical advice if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Persistent or severe pain, no improvement after rest

Back pain is getting worse with time

Pain, numbness, or tingling radiating downward in the leg or arm

Difficulty walking or standing

Unexplained weight loss

Bladder or bowel problems crop up


The kidneys sit below the ribs on either side of the spine and lean against the muscles in the back, which means it is sometimes difficult to tell whether it's back pain or kidney pain.

Renal pain may occur on one or both sides of the lower back ribs. Causes of renal pain include urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and blunt instrument injury to the kidney.

Back pain affects the entire back, but most back pain occurs in the lower back. People may have back pain from lifting heavy objects, poor posture, sitting or standing for long periods of time. Some diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis and infections, can also cause back pain.

Recognizing the difference between kidney pain and back pain can lead to early diagnosis and better treatment.

More than "straight" back pain may wish to "self-diagnosis" – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

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Medical guidance/Yin ganghui, deputy chief physician and wang liang, deputy chief physician of spinal surgery department, the third affiliated hospital of southern medical university

"I sit for a long time back pain, stand for a long time waist also pain." "The lazy! Just want ge you to lie down? And make excuses."

Don't tell me that your spine doctor really believes that waist protection is about being "lazy." Bad sitting posture, standing posture and sit for a long time, the strain injury that long stand causes, can cause the chronic pain of lumbar back shoulder neck really, adverse to spinal health. What should I do? It's good to be sitting properly, but it's easier said than done. At this time, actually the most important is to find a waist pillow that accords with him lumbar physiology to curve, than emphasize 100 times sitting position effective.

"As long as you don't leave your waist hanging, you can lie comfortably for a while. It's not that bad." Recently, Yin ganghui and wang liang, deputy chief physicians of the first spinal region of the third affiliated hospital of southern medical university, brought several "cold knowledge" of daily spinal protection for fans who have about health.

Do you need a doctor for back pain? You can start with a self-diagnosis

According to Yin, 85% of people have experienced lower back pain at some point in their lives. Clinical many people get the diagnosis often appears "curvature straightens" "back bow" and other words. Although people always say that we should "stand up" and "stand up", in fact, the normal and healthy spinal condition of the human body is the "s shape" of lumbar lordosis, which enables us to stand up and walk with both legs with the minimum energy to bear the weight of our body.

And people in life, strain, trauma, rheumatic, infection, tumor and other factors can lead to lumbar structure problems, morphological changes, and pain.

How to deal with lumbago commonly? Yin said that more than 60 percent of backache can be alleviated by taking measures such as bed rest and hot compress in the waist, or by taking anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Most of the lower back pain that can be alleviated is muscle strain, fasciitis, and ligament inflammation, but it is not a serious condition.

Only after such a simple treatment can not relieve back pain, only need to go to the hospital. However, one condition should be noted: if it is at night rest, the lower back pain exceeds the tolerable degree, the pain woke up after sleeping, or the lower back pain combined with numbness and pain in the lower limbs, it should be highly regarded, and the possibility of tumor in the spinal canal should be examined.

If there is no pain lying down, sitting, standing for a long time, weight will be painful, may prompt lumbar disc problems, also need timely medical treatment.

The elderly do not move on their back without pain, and the pain of turning over and rising is severe, which may be compression fracture of vertebral body caused by osteoporosis.

If lower back pain is accompanied by numbness and pain in the lower extremities, fever, chills, chronic cough; or if symptoms such as perineal numbness, weakness in bowel or urine, or even incontinence, it is often a sign of a more severe illness, with the former suggesting a spinal infection and the latter cauda equina syndrome, which require immediate medical attention.

Tips to protect your lumbar spine

When you are young, have you ever tried to go home, drop your bag and lie on the sofa, only to be nagged by your mother that you are a "lazybones"?

Here's a reason to lie down. "The key to protecting your lumbar spine is to be lazy," said Yin. "if you can lie, don't stand; if you can stand, don't sit; if you can sit, don't squat; if you don't bend, stand straight; and if you can't lift anything, drag it."

What's the best way to sit — with a lumbar cushion

Is there the right way to sit? Of course, there are so many "angles" that you can't remember, but you can only remember to "sit up straight". In fact, "sit up straight" requires muscle strength. Yin ganghui said, choose a suitable for their own waist pad, than you always remember straight chest more useful.

From the Angle that protects a waist, Yin ganghui thinks, all sorts of chairs of 80% above on market at present are unqualified, because most chair, although have back of a chair, the waist also leaks empty, do not have method to give the waist enough support. So in the past doctors often tell people very detailed "correct sitting posture" points, in fact, the most correct sitting posture is very simple, is in your waist on a lumbar pad, let you because of protruding and "overhead" waist support.

So what is a good lumbar pad? The more expensive the better. Everyone has their own spinal curvature. What suits you best? Try it out on your own. From this point of view, there is no problem with the widely criticized "ge you lying", as long as your waist is sufficiently supported and you do not "hang", although there is nothing wrong with lying comfortably for a while.

Wang liang reminds, in existing sit have a choice in implement, actually appropriate chair still has a help to overcoming bad sitting position. For instance, office chair does not choose to take soft thick back of a chair "costly boss chair", suggest chair back of a chair wants slightly hard, more ideal to the support of the back.

Modern white-collar workers, students to move to carry the things do not do much, of course, lack of experience, a vulnerable waist is not careful easy to flash. So it's important to review the key points of proper posture for lifting and lifting heavy objects:

1. Stand firm with your feet shoulder-width apart, preferably in non-slip shoes.

Bend your knees, squat and keep your back as straight as possible.

3. Grab the opposite side of the bottom of the weight.

4. Bring the weight as close to your body as possible, for the closer it is to your body, the less force it exerts.

5. Do not rotate your back while carrying heavy loads, as this can cause unnecessary back strain.

6. Know your limits and don't try to lift more than your limits.

Relax with a massage? — not as hot as a compress

'the best exercise for the spine is swimming,' Mr. Yin said. In near weightlessness, allowing the spine to rest and stretch is the equivalent of breathing a sigh of relief to a spine that has been under heavy load.

It's also good for your waist to get up in the morning and work on your feet. Remember to hold each movement for 5-10 seconds before relaxing.

As for relaxing with a massage? Yin ganghui's advice is that massage is not as simple and effective as hot compress. Especially "violent massage", it is too dangerous. Improper massage, minute injury fascia, has become a source of various chronic pain.

So, want to massage of time, don't literally find a foot bath shop to go in, still be inferior to oneself pack a hot water bag hot compress. It should take about 10-15 minutes each time. The temperature doesn't have to be too high, 40 ° c is enough.

Article/guangzhou daily all media reporter zhou jieying correspondent you hualing, liu wanting

Five small steps a day to protect your spine while standing up! Relieve shoulder and back pain – pain healing | back pain/lower back/of the lower back/and back pain

Partition the theatre

dynamicAs a


Stand or sit, with your head held high and your neck up, as if you are watching a play from the wall, trying to avoid the imaginary "wall" that has just blocked your gaze.

Hold for 10 seconds, 10 seconds apart, and repeat 10 times. At the beginning, you can take 6 seconds at a time, and then gradually increase the exercise intensity to 15 seconds after you get used to it. It is advisable to have slight acid swelling after exercise.



Use your own muscles to straighten your entire back, the equivalent of straightening the spine, do self-traction.

what do i take for back pain

Geese fly

Take half a step forward and begin to shift your weight onto your front legs. The complicated movement is the two hands flying backwards, looking up at the roof, and at this point you can see that the entire spine is engaged in the movement.

When doing exercise, the elderly had better not do such as the circle around the movement, so as not to appear dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms.


"Wild goose fly" can exercise the strength of the lower back muscle, to reduce the pressure on the spine.

what do i take for back pain

Ten o 'clock exercise

dynamicAs a

Stand still or sit still, double upper limb is lifted to outside go up unbend, point to clock ten ten direction, the palm faces outward. After holding for 10 seconds, put it down with an interval of 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Make sure your hands are at your sides and spread back.

When you move your arms up and down, the muscles that support your neck get a good workout.

what do i take for back pain

what do i take for back pain

Dryland boating

Straighten your body, open your feet, lean forward from your hips, straighten your chest, and look ahead. Raise your hands in front of you as if you were holding an oar.

When you row with your hands, your back muscles should work hard. When you stretch forward, relax, and when you row backwards, you can relieve back pain effectively.

what do i take for back pain

Note:And when you do these movements,You should act according to your ability, step by step, do not require a large margin at the beginning. If there is pain during the exercise, or if the original symptoms become more severe, you should stop immediately and go to the hospital immediately.

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Lumbago is not all the thing of bone, judge symptom accurately according to oneself circumstance, treat ability to have the effect more to the symptom! – pain healing | lower back pain/back pain/severe back pain/lumbar spine/lower back

Most people's first reaction to lower back pain is a bone problem, but x-rays often show nothing wrong with the bone. So what's the reason? In fact, in addition to bone, there are many kinds of diseases that cause lumbago, such as myofascitis caused by soft tissue lesions, lumbar small joint disorder caused by lumbar medial branch compression and sacroiliac arthritis.

1. Myofascitis — lumbar muscle strain. Low back pain with lumbar muscle strain can occur throughout the lumbar spine. Patients may feel tension and tenderness in the muscles on both sides of the lower back, and symptoms may appear or become worse on rainy or cold days. Some people wake up at 4 to 5 o 'clock in the morning, and get up after activities to reduce. In this case, conservative treatment such as shock wave therapy, ultra-laser therapy, or invasive trigger acupuncture can be used to improve pain.

2. Intramural compression of the medial facet joints of the lumbar spine. Subluxation of the facet joints of the lumbar spine or incarceration of the synovium can also cause lumbar discomfort. Patients may be too sore to support themselves during the acute phase, or they may experience pain and discomfort without a specific pain point. Ultrasound-guided nerve block can not only monitor in real time but also relieve pain in time.

3. Lumbar disc herniation. Frequent recurrent back pain, cough, sneeze, stool pain to consider whether there is lumbar disc herniation. Patients can choose to perform intervertebral foramen surgery according to the compression conditions, which is currently internationally recognized as one of the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques.

severe lower back pain treatment home

4. Sacroiliac joint strain. The sacroiliac joint is composed of the sacrum and bilateral iliac bones. Strain of the sacroiliac joint is one of the most common causes of low back pain. Its expression is persistent local ache, aggravate when activity, turn over difficulty. Tenderness or percussion pain may be localized and may be accompanied by changes in posture or lameness.

5. Kidney lesions. Kidney as a viscera, itself very few pain nerve, only outside the kidney envelope above the pain nerve. That is to say, patients with significant back pain only when kidney size increases due to renal degeneration. The viscera that this kind causes by disease of kidney internal medicine pulls pull painful it is to compare dullness commonly bilge painful, can both sides ache, ache degree often and lumbar activity are like bend, turn round to have no direct concern, but when examining a body, there is kidney area knock painful.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm. When the aneurysm encroaches on the lumbar spine, there may be lumbosacral pain, if the recent abdominal or lumbar severe pain, often indicates that the tumor is close to rupture. Once an aneurysm ruptures, sudden severe back pain, shock and death can occur. Therefore, abdominal aortic aneurysm patients with lower back pain, often an aggravation of the aneurysm, should be treated immediately.

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Ingredients of chenjian brand tongjing activating collaterals relieving pain and healthcare cream:

Stretch tendon grass, transparent bone grass, bone broken tonic, frankincense, borneol, dried blood, mulberry root, myrrh, bone set grass, poria cocos, qin jiu, sichuan broken, sesame oil, beeswax, lanolin, vitamin c, a variety of vegetables and fruits permeability factor composition.

Morning Kent collaterals remove pain care cream is made by advanced nanometer spray technology and common clubmoss herb, and other plant essence and li shizhen tougucao experience the perfect combination of transdermal steaming bone, with tougucao, common clubmoss herb for permeable carrier "commonly known as YaoYinZi", in 15-30 seconds to 36 Chinese herb nourishment essence quickly import human tissue cells, cell energy, activate cells, promote cell repair and regeneration of the organization. Can effectively scavenge free radicals, anti – oxidation, anti – sensitivity and improve cell immunity. For aseptic inflammation, it can quickly reduce inflammation and relieve pain, effectively and quickly expel wind, cold, dampness, heat and poison from the body. Dredge channels and collaterals, run qi and blood, effectively reduce muscle and joint pain, relieve fatigue.

This natural biological therapy is a new health care project jointly invented by senior experts of digital health care industry combined with foreign high-tech biotechnology. It is the real "sub-health rehabilitation" therapy. It combines the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, by eliminating the body wind, cold, wet, acid, poison and so on, and drege the meridian, harmonize qi and blood, so that the off-balance viscera Yin and Yang conditioning, acid, hemp, swelling, swelling, pain caused by the disease to play a comprehensive conditioning, symptoms and root causes, multi-effect integration. The method also has the unique effect of repairing and promoting the regeneration of human cells.

Different from qigong, acupuncture, massage, scrapping, foot therapy, electric therapy, spa, magnetic therapy, Chinese medicine beauty, Chinese medicine weight loss and all kinds of physical therapy, chenjian brand tongluo invigorating and relieving pain and health care cream has the effect of treating diseases together. This method is a new and unique natural biological therapy, which fills a gap in the sub-health maintenance of human body in China.

The benefits of morning jianpai tongluo tongluo health cream

Remove rheumatism and cold

Rheumatism and cold in the human body will block the circulation of qi and blood, hinder the delivery of nutrients, resulting in pain and lesions caused by the lack of nutrients in the distal cells, and timely elimination of rheumatism can cure the root cause.

Treatment of bone diseases

Chenjian brand tongluo tongluo health care cream is known as the cure of bone disease, pain and repair at the same time, thorough treatment of bone disease.

Dredge channels and collaterals

"General pain, pain is not", the cause of pain is largely because the channels and collaterals. The whole body morning jianpai tongluo pain relieving health care cream maintenance method to get through channels and collaterals, to achieve a smooth up and down a relaxed, pain removal purpose.

4. Open microcirculation

The largest detoxifying organ in the body is the skin. There are a lot of people who don't sweat for years because the microcirculation is blocked, so toxins can't be expelled and nutrients can't be delivered. The whole body morning health care cream can get through the microcirculation, eliminate toxins in the body and help to transport and absorb nutrients.

Kidney and ovary maintenance

Chenjian decoction can repair and regenerate cells, so it can restore and maintain kidney and ovary.

Improve sleep

Whole-body morning jianpai tongluo tongluo pain care cream maintenance to improve the sleep effect is obvious, generally 2-3 effective.

Relieve constipation symptoms

Morning jianpai tongluo tongtong health care cream can promote gastrointestinal function to help defecate, relieve constipation symptoms.

Eight, slimming body

Much of modern obesity is due to the presence of large water molecules in the body and the irregular arrangement of cells. Make use of the whole body morning health care cream can eliminate rheumatism and macromolecular water, make the cell regular arrangement to achieve the purpose of slimming body.

If you or your relatives and friends have pain in waist or shoulder periarthritis, arthritis, cervical spondylopathy, tenosynovitis, lumbar disc protrusion, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and other skeletal problems or have the above symptoms, try morning health care cream for activating meridians and relieving pain!

When effects speak, we speak nonsense;

When the effect speaks, what we say is the truth!

Trussians pain point – an important cause of low back pain – pain healing | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain/sciatic nerve/lumbar pain/lumbar spine/lower back/hip pain/of the lower back

Out of shape according to its fibers, it can be divided into three bundles:

Iliocostal fibers:Attached almost vertically downwards to the iliac crest and iliolumbar ligament and attached upwards to the 12th rib

Iliolumbar fiber:Passing downwards through the ipsilateral iliac attachment point and upwards through the 4 transverse processes of the lumbar spine, passing diagonally across and extending to the medial side of the iliocostal fibers

Rib fiber:Passing downwards across the transverse process of l2 — l4 or l5, attaching upwards to the 12th rib and passing diagonally across and extending into the iliolumbar fibers to form an interwoven structure


The nerves supply the quadratus psoas

The nerve supplying the quadratus psoas is supplied by the spinal nerve l1-l4 which divides from the lumbar plexus

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Function of the quadratus psoas

When unilateral quadratus psoas muscle contracts, it will lengthen the contralateral quadratus psoas muscle to produce ipsilateral lateral flexion.This muscle also stabilizes the 12th rib during inhalation and passive exhalation, assisting passive exhalation.Bilateral quadratus lumbar muscles contract simultaneously, extending the trunk;The waistThe quadratus quadratus works with the opposite gluteus medius and gluteus minimus to maintain the stability of the pelvis.A unilateral shortening of the quadratus lumbago can cause problems with the height of the pelvis

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Patients with spinal cord injury (l1 or below) use this muscle to help them walk, so the quadratus psoas is often referred to as the hip lift.They raise one side of the pelvisThe lower limbs can swing forward from the ground.The psoas major and quadratus psoas are perpendicular to both sides of the lumbar vertebra.

These muscles perform strong bilateral contractions that provide excellent vertical stability throughout the lumbar spine and the l5-s1 joint

Therefore, causes such as quadratus lumbar injury or weakness can lead to lumbar instability and lower back pain

Function of the quadratus psoas


Clinical symptoms of trussius lumbar pain points

From the MTRP perspective, the pain involved in the quadrilateral psoas can occur down to the sacroiliac joint and below the buttocks, sometimes up to the anterior iliac crest and down to the lower abdomen, groin, and greater trochanter area of the femur.The pain is intense and deep.Sometimes also may present the stabbing pain, the knife scratches the kind pain, especially when the movement obvious

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Acute sciatica symptoms:Some spasms occur when acute injuries occur to the quadrate lumbar muscles, increasing the pelvic height of the side, which can cause compression of the sciatic nerve through the obturator foramen, resulting in acute sciatica symptoms, which are not necessarily caused by acute disc herniation

There are several types of pain involved:

Upper pain points:It involves the lateral area of the lower back, the iliac crest of the buttocks, the anterior inguinal region and the upper region.It can also involve the sacroiliac joints, as well as the scrotum and testicles

The pain points below:Mainly involved in causing hip pain and tenderness, sleep, the patient pain

Midpoint:It involves severe pain and tenderness in the sacroiliac joint and gluteal sulcus area.Sometimes it involves the front of the thigh with tingling or electric discharge


Signs and symptoms of quadratus psoas

Trussians activity MTRPS can induce the following symptoms

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If left untreated, it can further cause groin, genital and sciatica

Trussians MTRPS may also develop into severe hip pain, such as trochanteric bursitis

A common position of the trapside pain point is the elevation of the iliac crest on the affected side


The cause of the formation of MTRP

1. Anything that involves bending over or rotating the waistMove, such as picking something up from the ground or lifting heavy objects, especially if you are rotating your waist at the same time.Or when they bend down to put on their trousers and find their legs tangled and suddenly lose their balance.Can make lumbar quadratus muscle strain, or aggravate lumbar quadratus muscle load.It is usually diagnosed as an acute lumbar sprain

2. Traffic accidents

3, genetic short legs, resulting in tilt pelvis

4. Scoliosis:Patients often tilt to one side, over time, the quadratus lumbar muscle contraction and shorter

5. The lordosis of the lumbar spine becomes larger, and both the psoas major, the erector spinal, and the quadratus psoas are pulled for long periods of time

6. A long walk or run on a sloping surface may activate or overload the trapezius psoas

7. Spend a lot of time in a soft bed, such as a hammock or a soft bed.Thus the quadratus psoas is in a shortened or elongated position.Over time, they activate their pain points

8. Trdenlenburg gait:As a result of apoplexy, or the reason such as paralytic in gluteal muscle, when bringing about to walk, each step is inclined to suffer from a side, bring about lumbar quadrate muscle to contract excessively thereby, form thereby stimulate painful point

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Examination of the quadratus psoas

The sufferer stands upright with his feet shoulder-width apart and his arms at his sides.The therapist stands behind the patient and places his hands at the sides of his hips to stabilize his pelvis so it does not rotate or tilt

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Ask client to slide hand down the outside of leg, not rotate torso

Observe that the hands can slide down the lateral side of the leg to the same position, the knee level

The presence of contralateral pain, stiffness, or tension during scoliosis usually indicates damage to the quadratus lumbar


Examples of quadratus lumbar therapy

Isometric contraction of the quadratus lumbar — relaxation exercise:

The patient lies on the side with the upper leg straight and the lower leg flexed.Ask client to lift hip to resist leg pull.It USES the muscles of the iliac crest to resist the pull and tighten the hip joint toward the shoulder

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Babbitt ball application

Prone leg lift:

severe lower back pain treatment home

Lateral extension:

severe lower back pain treatment home

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