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how to get relief from backache

Back and legs pain difficult to turn over

I can't sleep at night because of the pain

Multiple injections

how to get relief from backache

Minimally invasive spinal endoscopy

Straight legs raised only 5 degrees (normal at least 70 degrees)

how to get relief from backache

Under minimally invasive spinal endoscopy, the disc nucleus pulposus was removed to compress the nerve

The wound was only 8mm

Release the pressure, the nerve beat happily

how to get relief from backache

Lumbago leg pain immediate relief, straight leg elevation easily reach 80 degrees above!

Thumb up!

Our department is the first to carry out full-view spinal endoscopy technology, which can achieve 0 fluoroscopy during micro-trauma, safe, efficient and reliable efficacy.

Our department is the most comprehensive department of spine endoscopy technology in hezhou:

1. The earliest interlamina approach endoscopy was carried out in the city.

2. It was the first time to carry out lateral spinal endoscopy in the city.

3. Visualization of spinal endoscopy was the first to be carried out in guangxi.

4. Endoscopes of the lumbar spine (endo-tilf) was first carried out in guangxi.

5. The whole spine endoscopic decompression of central spinal stenosis was the first to be carried out in the city.

6. The first 0-fluoroscopy full-view spine endoscopy was carried out in guangxi.

7. It is the earliest practice in the city for patients to walk off the operating table and out of the operating room after lumbar endoscopy.

8. It was the first time to carry out full-view spinal endoscopy under general anesthesia for special patients in the city.

9. The earliest cervical endoscopy was carried out in the city.

10. The earliest thoracic endoscopy was carried out in the city.

11. Double-segment endoscopy was first carried out in the city.

Patients with lumbocrural pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, dizziness and headache, hand numbness pain, numbness pain of lower limb joints and other discomfort symptoms can go to the spinal orthopedic clinic, or call the hotline to make an appointment: director huang jianfeng 13321740719.

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Changsha evening news reporter tang jiangpeng

According to statistics, more than 90 percent of people have experienced varying degrees of neck pain, shoulder and back pain, and lumbago pain in their lives. In recent years, with the change of people's lifestyle, patients with neck, shoulder and waist pain have appeared a younger trend, especially white-collar workers, drivers, accountants and other groups, neck, shoulder and waist pain in the state of high load every day, is a high incidence of neck, shoulder and waist pain.

Many patients feel that neck and shoulder pain can be eased by massage, but experts say blind massage can have unimaginable consequences before the cause is diagnosed.

Sponsored by the changsha evening news, special, public health seminars on pharmaceutical group named – "gehl. Changsha evening news health lecture hall", on May 6th morning at rutgers, healthy living museum lecture 10 of 6th floor conference room guest at the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with spinal professional committee, affiliated hospital of hunan province academy of traditional Chinese medicine, vice director of Xu Hui of fractures, a speaker, the scene to teach people how to prevention and treatment of neck, shoulder, waist.

At the event site, xu hui will also carry out physical examination for some citizens and extracorporeal shock wave treatment for some patients with neck, shoulder, lumbago and leg pain. The audience will send each other politely (first come, first served), and interact with experts to obtain ultra-fine and painful plaster made by the affiliated hospital of hunan academy of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tegel changsha evening news health lecture hall holds the principle of pure public benefit, free of charge, each session only 100 places to attend the class, the need of the public please quickly through the following three ways to register, and indicate the name and telephone number.

● way to register: pay attention to "changsha evening news health bar (CSWBJKB)", and leave your name and phone number in the background in the first time; Call the evening news hotline at 96333; Call tegel health & lifestyle library on 0731-82916288

● time: 9:30-11:00 am, Saturday, May 6

● venue: conference room, 6th floor, tegel health & lifestyle hall (429 yintang south road, yuelu district, changsha, opposite to ochus square)

● lecture topic: "teach you to avoid neck shoulder pain lumbago pain"

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Neck and shoulder muscle pain in the office. Is stretching enough? Therapist: it's not that simple – AllPainHealing | neck and shoulder pain/lower back/pain relief

With the spread of health knowledge, more and more people begin to pay attention to stretching.

Especially after a day's desk work, when neck and shoulder fatigue and soreness appear, people like to do some stretching and relaxing exercises of cervical vertebra or shoulder to relieve the fatigue of neck and shoulder.

But have you noticed these problems?

Although we feel comfortable and relaxed during or after stretching, it seems that after a while these neck and shoulder aches and pains begin to appear again.Even if you stretch every day, the benefits of stretching seem to decrease, and sometimes it's just a few minutes of comfort.Ever wonder why you don't stretch enough and need more stretching?

Today we look at the following:

Why can stretching relieve neck and shoulder fatigue in the office?Why is stretching less effective in relieving office neck and shoulder fatigue? Attached to deal with office neck and shoulder pain method.Why can stretching relieve neck and shoulder fatigue in the office?

This needs to be explained from two perspectives.

First, let's talk about the causes of neck and shoulder fatigue and soreness in the office.

This is usually related to the bone, muscle, ligament and other tissues in the neck and shoulder that are under constant pressure.

When persistent stress builds up and slowly exceeds the tissue's capacity, it is likely to cause some minor damage to the tissue.

If these small injuries start to outpace the body's ability to repair itself, the damage can build up and we can easily get sore. This kind of injury and soreness can make muscles weaker and less powerful.

relief for back pain in

In addition, due to the continuous pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles, some muscles will be contracted for a long time in order to reduce the impact of pressure.

For example, we often hit the keyboard with the mouse, cervical vertebra and shoulder will unconsciously move forward. At this point, the muscles that control the forward movement of the neck and shoulders will often contract.

relief for back pain in

To reduce stress and increase the efficiency of contraction,The muscles that control the forward movement of the neck and shoulders become tense.

relief for back pain in

Next, let's find out why stretching can quickly relieve sore neck and shoulder muscles.

Stretching can be understood as stretching the muscles to the sides.

In this process, it will change the continuous stress state of the muscles and reduce muscle tightness, so as to ease the pain of neck and shoulder muscles and make yourself feel relaxed.

For example, we spend too much time typing in front of a computer, causing neck and shoulder muscle pain due to constant stress. But by changing your posture, or simply lifting your head/side up/shoulders shrug, you will always feel more relaxed after releasing stress.

relief for back pain in

In addition, as muscle tension decreases and activity increases, the nerve threshold (critical value) for pain is reset, which increases one's tolerance for pain.

As a result, after stretching, our tolerance for pain increases and we experience pain relief more quickly.

Why is stretching less effective in relieving neck and shoulder fatigue and soreness? Attached to deal with office neck and shoulder pain method.

As mentioned above, the occurrence of neck and shoulder muscle soreness is usually associated with persistent stress. Constant stress not only tightens muscles, it also damages them and reduces their strength.

Stretching, on the other hand, temporarily changes the stress state and resets the pain threshold. Although it relieves tension in neck and shoulder muscles, it does not directly restore the strength and stress tolerance of neck and shoulder muscles.

So it's easy to see that even though the muscles aren't as tight after stretching, the fatigue and soreness don't seem to go away completely.

So what should we do about office neck and shoulder muscle soreness?

First, change the state of persistent stress

Changing the constant stress state, in other words, is to avoid holding a position for too long.

Accordingly, suggest a small alarm clock might as well be set in office process, every interval 30-60 minutes or so, simple activity neck shoulder is loosened, specific motion also can refer to below agitate stretch action.

relief for back pain in

Second, add muscle strengthening exercises

Muscle-strengthening exercises increase muscle strength, improve the ability of muscles to withstand stress, and help relieve muscle soreness.

Common neck muscle strengthening exercises:

relief for back pain in

Action points:

Stand with your upper body upright and try to keep your ears and shoulders in line.Put your hand on your forehead, the back of your head, or the left and right sides of your brain, and apply pressure.Finally charge the cervical vertebra, against these pressures, hold 5~10 seconds.Note: the muscles in the cervical spine are small in size, unlike those in our lower back.If dizziness or other discomfort occurs, the action can be reduced or temporarily stopped.Common shoulder back strengthening exercises

For the relief of shoulder pain, it is usually recommended to strengthen the muscles in the inner shoulder blades of the back.

Back strengthening not only reduces the pressure on the shoulders, but also prevents shoulder blades from moving up due to long periods of forward movement, such as keyboarding. (the shoulder blades move up, which increases the friction between bones and muscles/ligaments, aggravating pain.)

relief for back pain in

Stretch out your hands in a "w" shape.Grip your shoulder blades inwards while swinging your hands back.Be careful not to hunch over the whole time.If uncomfortable, reduce the number of movements or pause the movement.Third, stretch your muscles properly

While stretching doesn't seem to relieve pain in the long term, it helps relieve tension in the muscles and relieve pain and discomfort more quickly. We can do it properly. Such as:

relief for back pain in

In a standing or sitting position, place your hands behind your back to let your shoulders sink and hold them in place.Turn your head to one side and gently stretch one side of your neck to the shoulder.If not, the head can be pulled by hand to one side more; Hold for 10 seconds.If dizziness or other discomfort occurs, the action can be reduced or temporarily stopped.

relief for back pain in

In a standing or sitting position, place your hands behind your back to let your shoulders sink and hold them in place.Turn your head to one side at a 45-degree Angle, then lower your head to slightly stretch one ear to the shoulder.If not, the head can be pulled by hand to one side more; Hold for 10 seconds.If dizziness or other discomfort occurs, the action can be reduced or temporarily stopped.conclusion

With that said, let's wrap up today's talk:

Admittedly, office neck and shoulder soreness can be alleviated by stretching.In the long term, however, relieving office neck and shoulder muscle soreness also requires attention to changing the continuous stress state (simple activities with 30-60 minute intervals), and attention to adding muscle strengthening exercises to improve the ability of muscles to withstand stress.Note: if neck and shoulder muscle pain is accompanied by hand numbness, dizziness and other symptoms, it is recommended to seek professional doctors or rehabilitation therapists to provide sports rehabilitation program.Previous articles:

Is bone hyperplasia of cervical vertebra long bone spur very serious? Does the bone spur break the skin?

How long have you been fooled by the idea that exercise is better than bed rest? Rehabilitation process of retroankle sprain

How should office worker protect cervical vertebra? Doctor: learn these four tips well, and keep cervical spondylosis away from you

How to alleviate neck shoulder to ache effectively? – AllPainHealing | neck pain/neck and shoulder pain/neck shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder ache when paroxyse, dress, carry content, comb hair to wait for simple action to have difficulty, affect daily life and work badly, how to alleviate neck and shoulder to ache effectively?

1. Lateral lateral rotation method

Lie sideways on the bed, next leg unbend, bend upper leg, upper part hand akimbo, upper body tries hard to do before and after turn body motion, amplitude can make limit to oneself so far, turn 3-6 hind, turn over to repeat afore-mentioned action.

2. Hold the back of the neck

Lie on your back or side, with one hand supporting the back of your head and the other palm on the back of your neck. Use your fingers to hold the back of your neck.

3, shake the head straight

Lie on your back on the bed, with one hand supporting the back of your head, turn your head to one side for 30 degrees, and with the other hand supporting your jaw to push up in the direction of rotation, so that your head is tilted back and the upper part of the oblique is restored, still 2-3 times changing sides.

4, guide body ridge method

Pull your hands up and inhale. Slowly lower your hand and exhale. Repeat 10-20 times each time.

5. Sit back and lift your chest

Lie supine on the bed, the neck after both hands holds him, double leg unbend, with head and coxal for fulcrum, carry the body to leave bed face hard, repeat 30-100 rest again, can repeat to do a few times more, see individual physical strength does according to one's ability.

The method that a few kinds of above alleviate neck shoulder pain is more common good operation, can do at home, the friend that has neck shoulder pain trouble can try.

Warm reminder: in daily life, we must pay attention to maintain the correct body posture, take care of the neck and shoulder health. Relieve neck and shoulder pain, but also can assist the use of neck pain moxibustion.

Needle therapy helps you avoid neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/leg pain

For some patients with severe neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, many people choose surgical treatment, which is traumatic and difficult to recover in the later stage. Director ren deguang told the Beijing morning post that in order to reduce trauma and pain, acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine can be used to treat neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain based on syndrome differentiation. Main dial needle therapy combined with local pain points intervention, sacral therapy, vertebral side block, lateral crypt, z type injection treatment, and on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine theory, in order to "buried, dial, needle, apply" wait for a variety of methods for comprehensive recuperation body, not only strengthen the curative effect and shorten the course of the disease, can also be to suppress the development of the disease, patients and relieve pain.

Needle therapy helps you avoid neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain

Ren deguang: orthopedic surgeon, deputy chief physician, Beijing deshengmen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Graduated from nanjing college of traditional Chinese medicine, studied under the master yan zhenghua. With its rich theoretical knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, advanced western medicine treatment concept and clever application of medical devices, it has achieved good results in the field of integrated Chinese and western medicine treatment in orthopedics. In August 2016, director ren deguang accepted the invitation of the national health and family planning commission, participated in the activity of "harmonious doctor-patient relationship", and filmed the program "access to doctors", which not only showed the noble medical ethics, but also described the wonderful advantages of acupuncture therapy for various bone diseases, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.

Clinical treatment:, femoral head necrosis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, knee osteoarthritis, patella softening, meniscus injury, synovitis, bone hyperplasia, periarthritis of shoulder, tenosynovitis, tennis elbow, postpartum rheumatism and combine traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of soft tissue injuries, such as for most orthopaedic disease has the original opinion and treatment methods. It has rich experience in treating waist, neck, shoulder and knee with minimally invasive needle.

Visiting hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

According to authoritative statistics, about 95% of people have experienced neck, shoulder, and lumbago pain in their lifetime. The diseases that cause neck, shoulder, and lumbago pain can almost involve all systems of the human body, and most of them are chronic pain, which occurs repeatedly. Ren deguang, an orthopedic specialist at Beijing deshengmen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain probably involves more than 100 diseases, the most common mainly include: cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, tenosynovitis, lumbar disc protrusion, lumbar muscle strain, bone hyperplasia and other diseases. Because the onset of the disease is more subtle, the symptoms are not typical or the pain is sometimes mild and sometimes severe, and sometimes even self-relief, thus not recognized by the majority of patients, thus missing the best time for treatment. So how can ability discover as early as possible and treat neck shoulder lumbar leg effectively painful? Beijing morning post reporter interviewed deshengmen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics expert ren deguang, and from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine to inform the public neck shoulder waist leg pain prevention and treatment methods.

Alignment causes pain in neck, shoulder, waist and leg


In our life, there are many patients with neck, shoulder and lumbago pain, we all suffer from this disease, even affect people's normal life, but many patients on the neck, shoulder and lumbago pain is not very understanding of the causes. Director ren deguang expresses, the factor that causes neck shoulder waist leg to ache is very much, very complex also, besides the organization pathological change of airframe, still have close concern with change of environment of position of age, development, constitution, work and stimulation. Such as weather temperature, humidity changes, fatigue, mental excessive tension, obesity, physical insufficiency and low mood, can cause neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.

Ren deguang also stressed that more than half of people over the age of 50 in China suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, cervical and lumbar diseases, and a large proportion of people over the age of 65 suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, cervical and lumbar diseases. Every year, millions of patients are disabled by neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, and lose their ability to work and take care of themselves. Neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain has become a new killer of middle-aged and elderly people, so early detection and treatment is very important.

Acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine

Relieve suffering

At the same time, director ren deguang especially stressed that patients suffering from neck, shoulder, lumbago and other diseases must be treated as soon as possible, the sooner the treatment effect is better. Although neck shoulder lumbago pain is not fatal, but if not timely treatment or blind treatment, will seriously affect work, make people's quality of life decline. Accordingly, the neck shoulder lumbago that patient friends does not ignore oneself certainly is painful, must be in time to regular hospital diagnose cure in detail.

Advantages of TCM acupuncture therapy:

1. Short treatment time and small local damage.

2, open surgery for closed treatment.

3. Avoid the sequelae caused by open surgery and postoperative re-adhesion.

4. It has unique advantages for all kinds of orthopedic diseases and traumatic pain. Through dialectical treatment, it has the advantages of good curative effect and long-term effect.

Stay away from neck shoulder lumbago pain

This is the key

Myth 1: neck, shoulder, and lower back pain is not a disease.

Many people do not pay enough attention to neck shoulder waist leg pain, think it is not a disease. In fact, these aches and pains can cause major problems. For example, the lumbago pain caused by lumbar disc herniation is not only a disease, but also must be highly regarded. Because this kind of disease can cause lumbago leg to ache not only, and still can cause further nerve damage to bring about lower limbs numbness, cold cool, weak, paralyze and defecate obstacle even, affect life quality badly.

Myth 2: blind faith in a method.

Many people think that one method can cure all patients, but in some cases, certain treatment is taboo for some patients. Therefore, it is necessary to insist on one-person, dialectical treatment, according to clinical symptoms, signs, disease course and imaging examination to choose a specific treatment suitable for each patient, not one-sided exaggeration, superstition of a certain treatment, nor subjective resistance to a certain treatment, should be based on the patient's condition, objective analysis, comprehensive treatment.

Myth 3: neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain can't be cured.

Neck shoulder waist leg ache the characteristic with this kind of outstanding orthopedic disease is easy to relapse, especially the person with neurological dysfunction, repair time is longer. Therefore, some patients think that these symptoms can not be cured. In fact, it is not that the treatment is bad, but just bad. Alleged cure bad reason has two: it is the method of choice is improper, 2 it is to did not insist on cure, and in clinical actually, want to hold to correct method only, cure rate of aching of neck shoulder waist leg is very tall still.

Okm over the years, Beijing Chinese medicine hospital orthopedic experts Ren Deguang for neck, shoulder, waist characteristics and mechanism of recurrent lesions, carefully study and exploration, the concept of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine essence, after numerous clinical verification, the development of "Chinese medicine dialectical treats bone disease", the activation cell activity, meridian dredging, and qi huoxue, improve their immunity, to overcome the traditional treatment of recurrent, cured the problem.

Pay attention to four signs of neck, shoulder, back and leg pain

The onset symptoms of neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain are very subtle and can sometimes relieve themselves. Therefore, in daily life, there are many people who cannot find the disease in time, leading to serious consequences, causing other serious harm and missing the best time for treatment. The following four clinical manifestations need to be paid special attention to by patients.

1. Neck and shoulder pain:

It is mainly caused by chronic strain of neck muscles and fascia, mostly due to bending over the desk, poor posture, and excessive use of air conditioning fans caused by cold. Main expression is numbness of neck shoulder ministry, ache, can accompany have a headache, giddy, back acid to settle reach the symptom such as upper limb numbness. Severe head turning difficulties, neck stiffness, difficulty getting up.

2. Upper limb pain:

Muscle, tendon, and fascia strain due to the long duration of a posture in the upper extremities is common in long hours of copying, typing on a computer keyboard, holding a mouse, etc. On one side (see the right side more often), upper limb acid heavy pain, numbness and weakness, difficulty lifting the wrist. At the same time, upper limb pain can also be caused by neck and shoulder disease.

3. Back pain:

Such as lumbar muscle strain, lumbar back muscle fasciitis, spinal ligament injury, the third lumbar transverse process syndrome, lumbar disc herniation. More due to sitting, poor posture, excessive use of air conditioning, fan caused. Performance for back pain, acid, stiff, can not sit for a long time, bending difficulties. Disease of partial lumbago back can appear at the same time lower limbs acid sink, numbness, ache wait for a symptom.

4. Lower limb pain:

Be like lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, coxal muscle strain, knee joint accessory ligament is damaged wait, because bad posture, catch cold, be affected by damp, also can be caused by lumbar pathological changes more. The main manifestations of lower limbs pain, numbness, knee pain, floor difficulty.

Consult with old Chinese doctors

From now on, we will open a special line for consultation of old Chinese medicine doctors. You can call us if you have any health problems. We will connect you with old Chinese medicine doctors and provide free consultation.

Information hotline: 010-57116766

What are the neck and shoulder hazards? – AllPainHealing | neck pain/neck and shoulder pain/lower back

Neck shoulder pain, caused by long-term volt case work and study and the height of the desk and chair, a computer screen, sitting position of time is too long and work habits, these reasons often accumulate together let neck humeral back muscle fatigue, always pay attention to these details in the work, the work of physical and mental fatigue reduce to a minimum, adjust the best way to face the challenges of the job, is more smart.

pain at base of back

We procrastinate when we don't know what to do with our work. When working with ease, neck and shoulder pain will come to us.

Have you all experienced this before?

A project to the time for delivery tomorrow, this time suddenly become very high work efficiency, focus on paper, the computer code or PPT, when you stood up, go to the toilet to pour a glass of water or, suddenly feel like that is not his own around the neck and shoulder, stiffness, pain, and even a slight headache, realize the nest in front of the computer, so unconsciously several hours passed, the situation in today's white-collar workers and students in the party is very common, this way of modern work life also and the trend of the onset of cervical spondylosis crowd age now has a lot to do.

Five aspects of the analysis of the office environment some "anti-human" details of the neck and shoulder harm.

1 sitting too long

To prevent neck and shoulder pain,Proper sitting is always emphasized, but the amount of time you spend sitting is often overlooked.In fact, even ifMaintaining proper posture for a long time will also cause fatigue and discomfort to the corresponding muscle groups", also known as "postural tension," is a symptom of spasms in the major muscles.

pain at base of back

Small muscles in the neck

When beginning to feel the neck shoulder ache, neck and shoulder muscles around it has already begun to nervous, group of convulsion caused by the contraction of the muscles of the force is to assist the cervical stability of the small muscles, the cervical vertebra small muscle fiber is very thin, it is difficult to for a long time, when they cannot continue to stabilize the neck shoulder after fatigue, it is also the main cause of neck shoulder area feel ache. When the major muscles are involved in maintaining stability, the back of the neck and shoulders begin to feel stiff.

pain at base of back

Major muscles of neck, shoulder and back

As a result,Try to limit each sitting position to 20-30 minutes, with intervals to relax the small muscles in the neck and shoulders by resting or stretching.

Speaking of sitting, a wrong but "comfortable" posture will unknowingly last too long, while a correct but "cramped" posture will help even more. Although sitting upright can make a person feel a little cramped, but still wantMake sure your seat supports your body, especially your waistcars only Proper sitting is usually done in three steps:

pain at base of back

Three steps to sitting in a chair properly

First, sit your hips completely on the seat cushion, allowing your back to touch the lower part of the seat back.Then, make sure that the back curve is attached to the back curve or cushion, with the pelvis and knees at an Angle of about 90 degrees.Finally, adjust the position of your shoulders and elbows. With your upper body straight, relax your shoulders so that your elbows are at their natural height right on the armrest or the edge of your desk.According to this standard sitting point, it seems easier to maintain correct posture while standing at your desk while using a computer.

pain at base of back

Standing at work is a natural pose

While standing with your desk, you rarely lean forward or lean back too much, so you don't need to worry about the lack of muscle support in your lower back. In addition, when standing posture and the height of the table difference, often can let the shoulder naturally relax, elbow just on the edge of the table. Therefore, if possible, standing up and using a computer is a good choice.

2 desk ergonomics

The desk is one of the most important parts of a desk job, and to reduce the risk of neck and shoulder pain that comes with constant work, it needs to be appropriately adjusted for size and posture.

When the table is too high, the writing at the desk and the use of the keyboard will involuntarily shrug the shoulders, can let the forearm, wrist and hand lift to the appropriate height, over a period of time, neck and shoulder muscle group is very easy to appear fatigue, began to spasm.When the neck and shoulder muscles become tense for a while, the tension usually affects the small suboccipital muscles at the base of the skull, which are a major source of headaches, radiating from the back of the head to the forehead.

pain at base of back

Chairs too high, tables too high, heads too low

When the desk is too low, it is forced to hunch over, extend its neck, and lower its head to use the keyboard and look at the screenPulling directly on the suboccipital muscles at the base of the skull, muscle spasms can cause pain and headaches in the back of the neck.

pain at base of back

Chairs too high, tables too high, heads too low

When the table is at the right height, the shoulders are relaxed and the arms are naturally placed on the table. At this point, the elbows are bent at about 90 degrees, indicating that the table is at the right height. In addition to the height requirements of the table, the table is also as large as possible to clear away the excess debris on the table, so as to vacate enough space for display.Make screen distance eye at least 50 centimeters, when preventing eye fatigue, the head leans forward involuntarily to come together to screen.

pain at base of back

Proper height ratio of desk and chair, working and learning posture

3 the location of the computer screen

Computer screen placement is another major cause of neck and shoulder pain.The computer screen should be slightly below eye level, so that a slightly lowered head position allows the cervical spine to be in the best neutral position.

External computer screen can be adjusted according to personal needs, but laptop screen height is almost impossible to adjust, long-term use of laptop computer will be more prone to neck and shoulder fatigue symptoms than desktop.

pain at base of back

For laptop users, there is a paradox: if you push your laptop up through a shelf to get a comfortable screen height, the keyboard will be positioned so that you can reach it only by hunching your shoulders. If the keyboard is used in a natural position where the shoulders are relaxed, such as with the laptop on your lap, the height of the screen can cause excessive bowing and leaning.

In this case, it is recommended to have an external monitor and external keyboard at the same time, which allows considerable flexibility and comfort in the posture adjustment of shoulders, neck, elbows and eyes, at the expense of the portability of the laptop.

4 seat ergonomics

In addition to the table, the screen, the appropriate seat is also important. Whether working or not, most of the time is sitting on the seat, there are hundreds of different types of seats on the market, butErgonomic key points suitable for correct sitting posture and flexible adjustment of performance are common goals.

pain at base of back

A good office chair first needs a complete back to provide complete support for the back of the human body, especially the back of the waist. Therefore, the back of many chairs is designed to fit the curve of the human body. If your seat back doesn't have the right curve to fit your waist, add a cushion to make up for it.

In addition to the curved back, ergonomic chairs need arms on both sides of the seat that are of the right height to support the natural position of the elbows. High or low elbows can cause postural tension in the muscles of the back of the neck and shoulder. The armrest of almost all office seat on market at present can adjust height flexibly, but also want to make sure at the same time between chair height and desk height whether accord with, although chair armrest height is appropriate, desk height is improper also can affect sitting position.

pain at base of back

5. Procrastination

The ergonomic details of office desks, chairs and computers are all "visible" external factors that cause job fatigueBad work habits and the body's self-regulating instinct are internal triggers for "not seeing".

Muscle group fatigue can cause us to unconsciously change our posture. For example, when the suboccipital muscles feel sore and accompanied by headache, people unconsciously lean forward and lower their headsThis compensatory postural adjustment often leads to more severe and extensive muscle cramping and tension.Therefore, muscle soreness is a signal to us that we are tired. We should take a break from work immediately after we feel soreness.

In addition, we shouldPay attention to the pace and mode of work adjustmentcars only With all the talk of "deadline is productivity", this style of doing things is problematic. Doing things in one sitting tends to be more energy-intensive and has a higher probability of making mistakes than moving projects forward in steps.

As a result,Correcting procrastination and cramming is more important than changing your posturecars only After receiving the task, if the task is very difficult and the workload is huge, then divide the project into several smaller, operable sub-tasks before starting. In this way, in addition to relieving psychological pressure, it can also reduce the load of neck and shoulder muscle group in the "protracted battle at the desk", and cure "procrastination" together.

Finally, I'd like to share a stretch that is suitable for people who have been sitting at a table for a long time.

If you work at a desk for a long time, and often suffer from neck and shoulder swelling and headache, in addition to adjusting the working environment and working style, there is a simple physical therapy to share with you. And just prepare a little towel roll or a little tennis ball, and we need this little prop for positional release technique.

First, lie flat on the ground for 5-10 minutes, allowing the back muscles of the neck and shoulders to relax.Next, place a towel roll or tennis ball in the area where the skull meets the neck and use the gravity of the head to gently press it under the suboccipital muscles. Lie in this position, focus, and breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes.

pain at base of back

Relax the suboccipital muscle

Through such way, can be opposite for a long time the muscle group of the back side of the neck that hunk over a desk to work rises fully loosen.

Above all, working at his desk for a long time to study cause of neck pain in the shoulder, and the height of the desk and chair, a computer screen, sitting position of time is too long and work habits, these reasons often accumulate together let neck humeral back muscle fatigue, always pay attention to these details in the work, the work of physical and mental fatigue reduce to a minimum, adjust the best way to face the challenges of the job, it is more smart.

Young people should also beware of spinal strains. – null | neck and shoulder pain/shoulder pain/neck and shoulder pain/shoulder pain/neck and shoulder pain/shoulder pain/neck and shoulder pain/shoulder pain

In fact, spinal disease should be a disease of the elderly.

In traditional Chinese medicine, spinal disease is considered a product of liver and kidney loss and bone loss. According to medical interpretation, spinal disease is the spine of the vertebrae, discs, ligaments, muscle lesions, and then compression, traction and stimulation of the spinal cord, spinal nerve, blood vessels, nerve plants, resulting in complex and multiple symptoms. The most common spinal diseases are cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis.

The main symptoms are disorientation, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, memory loss, neck and shoulder pain, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, acid in the lower limbs, and difficulty walking. According to Dr. Wang yingjie of dongzhimen hospital of Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine, colds and pain exist in traditional Chinese medicine.

Cold slowed down the speed of blood flow, encounter pathological changes, gas difference and blood reflux phenomenon is more prominent, more likely to cause muscle vasospasm, so that the symptoms are not too obvious, in a short period of time obvious. Therefore, Dr. Wang said, regardless of whether the spine is healthy or not, there should be scientific clothes. In addition, he warns patients with poor spines not to wear heavy, tight-collar clothing while keeping warm, as it compresses blood vessels in the neck and shoulders, leading to nutrients being pumped to the brain. The eyes are reduced, making the spinal disease worse.

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Bid farewell to neck and shoulder pain and have a new life in the neck and spine — shigang community sports rehabilitation lectures – null | neck and shoulder pain/shoulder pain/neck and shoulder pain/shoulder pain/neck and shoulder pain

With the change of modern life style, people with phubbing, "ge you lying", sedentary and other bad living habits, the incidence of the disease is gradually becoming popular, younger. For popularization of this kind of disease prevention and control of knowledge, and improve the community staff and residents' health consciousness, June 13 2 PM, joint LeiCheng ishioka did the costumes community sports fitness rehabilitation center for social workers, coordinator and residents to carry out the meet to say goodbye to the neck and shoulder pain as the theme of sports rehabilitation health lecture, by the chief rehabilitation teacher st CDH speaker.

The lecture focuses on the causes, treatment and prevention of neck and shoulder pain, and explains the most important knowledge about neck and shoulder in daily life. Fu teacher emphasizes: at ordinary times a few inattentive little action, for example play mobile phone, watch TV, computer office can cause shoulder and neck strain. These diseases should not be ignored and should be prevented in advance in daily life. It is recommended that people correct their sitting posture, keep warm, combine work and rest, pay attention to reasonable diet and strengthen exercise. Later, the doctor also led the residents on the spot to do cervical spine stretching exercises, we learned a lot of joy. After the lecture, in the face of residents for their usual pain consultation, the teacher is patient for everyone to correct one by one.

The sports rehabilitation lecture was warmly welcomed by the community action personnel and residents, which made everyone understand the general knowledge of neck and shoulder pain and the knowledge of prevention and health care, improved the ability of residents to prevent diseases, and played a positive role in comprehensively improving the health level of community residents and safeguarding the physical and mental health of residents.

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