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Getting enough sleep during pregnancy is key

Since becoming pregnant, "did you sleep well last night?" Become a lot of mother-to-be's first words of greeting each other. After belly of a lot of people greatens regular meeting because oedema, urine frequency, pelvic ache or lumbar acerbity backache and night does not sleep, how ability sleeps comfortably in pregnancy? Letting your muscles relax and choosing the right position to fall asleep is the key, experts say.

Whether you're pregnant or not, the key to 'sleeping well' is to completely relax your muscles. It is thought that muscles relax automatically when you fall asleep, but the body is usually so tense during periods of light sleep and dreaming that you can't really relax unless you change your position from time to time.

Healthy adults turn over at least 2-3 times a night

Generally speaking, want bed to won't too narrow too soft, there is not much foreign body on the bed, sleep did not lean against wall, the person is in morpheus process can turn over automatically, won't maintain in same position continuously. Healthy adults roll over at least two or three times a night, on average every two hours. The premise that turns over smoothly lies in 'the body can be turned', this depends on bed is wide enough, a bed that is wide enough must be able to let a person go to left and right sides unbend both hands, fingertip does not exceed bed edge, such width is 150 centimeters about, the width of the bed if be less than 150 centimeters, can cause block to turn over.

1 a nap

Lying on your stomach will make your cervical spine rotate 90 degrees, which will cause extreme compression of the cervical joints and make the surrounding muscles extremely tight. In the long run, it is easy to cause shoulder and neck pain, and even cause the shoulder and neck to degenerate and grow bone spurs. Not only that, sleeping on your stomach can put pressure on your heart, lungs and abdominal organs, leading to high blood pressure. If you have bronchitis, sinusitis, bent/narrow midnasal diaphragm, heart valve atresia, or sleep apnea, sleeping on your stomach can make these problems worse. It's also because you can't turn over on your stomach, you can't fall asleep in this position and get a real rest.

2 and a half sit lie

It's not uncommon to fall asleep in a semi-sitting position during office siestas or on long-haul flights, but it doesn't allow for deep sleep, which can lead to aches and pains all over the body in the long run.

3 lie on your back with your hands over your head

Arm is lifted up to the shoulder blade bone shoulder peak impact rotary tendon squeeze each other, cause 'shoulder peak under crowded syndrome (subacromial impingement syndrome),' on the shoulder for (hands, raise my hand), period (at ease), horizontal adduction (with the hand to touch the other side of the shoulder), sports (handwaving action, such as playing table tennis, tennis) generated when pain, because over time even (transfer to arm, wrist pain, too. The best way to avoid this is to move from a flat position to a side position, preventing your hands from raising your head.

Lie on your side for a long time

Prolonged compression on one side of the body can result in damage to the brachial plexus, rib soreness, fifty shoulder, thoracic scoliosis, scoliosis, lateral hip pain (the pressed side) or blood clots.

The first, middle and late stages of pregnancy suggest the sleeping position

With a basic understanding of sleep patterns in mind, let's look at how you can sleep better at different stages of pregnancy:

Early stage: fall asleep in a position you feel comfortable in

Be pregnant trimester uterus has not changed greatly influence blood circulation, want to do not have bilge gas only, need not adjust sleeping position specially, no matter be lying flat still lie on one's side, it is ok to fall asleep with the position that feels comfortable with oneself. For a more comfortable sleep on your back, bend on one foot/both feet or place a pillow under your knee, the former helps relax muscles, the latter improves blood circulation.

Medium: side lie double foot clip pillow to disperse pressure

If the second trimester of pregnancy is relatively slow, sleep without breathing, stomach is against the feeling, you can first do not need to adjust sleeping position, such as the stomach significantly enlarged to adjust to the left or right side to lie. When lying on your side, prepare a long throw pillow or moon pillow for support under your stomach. Hold the pillow between your feet to spread the pressure.

Anaphase: left lie, lumbar back square cushion side sleep pillow

In late pregnancy to late pregnancy uterus becomes larger, lying flat and lying on the right side easy to pressure the inferior vena cava, when sleeping had better take the left side lying, and with a stronger support to spread the pressure of the stomach and feet; Right now can also be in the waist back side put a side pillow to support to avoid lumbar acid.

Although late pregnancy is recommended to sleep on the left side, but if you are not used to the left side, or feel left side sleep, or can be changed to the right side. When lying on your side, you can use a variety of assistive tools to make yourself sleep more comfortably, without having to restrict yourself too much.

Stretching and breathing before bed can help muscles relax

The main reason why it is recommended to lie on your side with your feet under the pillow is that this action can help open the hip joint outwards, stabilize the pelvic position, and relieve pain in the lower back and pelvis. Add clip pillow won't hinder turn over, wake up to sit up also won't have difficulty, pregnancy takes this kind of position to fall asleep can improve morpheus quality effectively.

It's important to note that it's easy to get cramps in the middle of the night or early in the morning after pregnancy. If you've been standing/walking long all day, it's a good idea to stretch or stretch your legs before bed to relax them. If you feel very tired, it's best to do some stretching exercises and breathing exercises before going to bed to relax the muscles, so as not to sleep too drowsy and turn over all night, and wake up with a sore back.

Q side lying fetal movement become more, stronger, is not the baby uncomfortable?

Foetus is lying on the left side when activity is particularly frequent because lying on the left side can increase placental blood flow, the baby gets a lot of fresh oxygen, naturally excited to be alive and kicking.

Are these symptoms keeping you awake? Experts teach you the sleeping position

Pregnancy unavoidably can produce sundry symptom to affect morpheus, among them again the following backache, lumbar acid/pelvic pain, shoulder neck ache, edema wait for 4 kinds of symptom to let a person sleep hard most, what position falls asleep ability to alleviate ache effectively? Here's how to do it:

how to reduce back bone pain

Pregnancy symptoms 1. Lower back pain

Suggest sleeping position

Left lie or right lie, both hands elbow before and after fold, natural bend, knee to crus middle clip a pillow, upper part knee bends 80 ~ 90 degrees substantially, foot of lower part unbend.

Expert analysis

Lie on the side when upper knee is bent greatly can help pelvis rotate, let lumbar vertebra maintain in normal curve, before going to bed with this kind of posture will upper arm is raised draw a circle backward can help lumbar back is loosened, can sleep smoothly more.

Pregnancy symptoms 2. Lumbar acid, pelvic pain

Lie on your left or right side, with your elbows folded back and forth and bent naturally, with a pillow thick enough between your knees and your calves.

Placing a pillow between the knee and calf helps open the hip joint, keep the pelvis in a forward position, and relax the lumbar spine and pelvic muscles.

Pregnancy symptoms 3. Shoulder and neck pain

Lie flat or side lie, put pillow below scapula, both hands hang naturally in the position that won't cause shoulder neck acid, hemp.

Sleep with your head and cervical spine fully supported so that you don't strain the surrounding muscles.

Pregnancy symptoms 4. Feet edema

Lie flat, double foot opens naturally, cushion two pillows below the knee to crus, let knee bend slightly, make force next pelvis is lifted upward, hold 2 ~ 3 seconds again put down, repeat to do 5 ~ 6 times.

Sleeping with your legs higher than your heart promotes blood flow and makes swollen feet more comfortable. If you're prone to cramps in the middle of the night or early morning, stretch your legs to relax and warm them up before bed.

Foot movements also promote circulation

Oedema in addition to pad high legs, lift the pelvis, can also do foot movement to promote lower limb blood circulation. The practice of this motion is lie flat, cushion a pillow in knee to crus lower part, repeat first baseboard steps downward again toward body direction unbend; Then repeat opening the toes out and then tightening them in. Raise ankle slightly finally, draw 10 turn clockwise first counterclockwise draw 10 turn again, repeat the motion that draws a circle, let double foot full activity fall asleep again.

how to reduce back bone pain

Test mattress support by lying flat and then sitting up immediately

Pregnancy want to sleep well, in addition to adjusting sleeping position, choose a strong support, can turn over the bed is also very important. How can you tell if a bed is strong or not? The bed that has complete support force can let a person sit up quickly normally, get up won't stagger, can lie flat first when choosing mattess sit up immediately again, the support force that observes a bed. If you prefer to sleep on a soft bed, a freestone mattress with sufficient support and the ability to soften depending on different parts of the body (it sinks under a single point of pressure) is a good choice. When sitting beside the bed, the sole of the foot had better be able to completely stick to the ground, knee shows 90 degrees right Angle, such ability suits the height that sleeps.

Sleep well during pregnancy

Sleep time must be regular, do not suddenly go to bed early or late, or the day before only 3 hours, and today sleep 8, 9 hours.

The mattress must support all parts of the body.

Do stretching exercises to relax your muscles before you go to sleep when you are tired.

Sleep must lie down pillow, can giddy, breath is not suitable otherwise.

Do not lie on your side with your arms under your body.

Supporting sore areas with a pillow can help relieve symptoms.

Force with uncomfortable, not accustomed to the position of sleep must not sleep well, side when you feel comfortable position to sleep on it.

Cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, back pain "wind after rain" these old problems are easy to make! – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/neck pain

Cervical spondylosis or will be included in the statutory occupational disease

The occupational health protection campaign lists cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, back pain, bone hyperplasia and sciatica as diseases that workers should prevent, according to the office of health China action promotion committee.

Sun xin, a researcher with the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, said these are not legal occupational diseases, but they are related to occupational activities, and he believes they may be classified as occupational diseases in the future.


Why does overcast and rainy day cause cervical vertebra disease easily?

Generally speaking, except for pain caused by poor blood flow in the neck and stiff neck muscles. The nervous system is most sensitive to the environment,Changes in the environment can also cause neck pain, cervical headaches and other ailments.

In other words, not only can cervical spondylosis cause pain in the neck, many headaches are caused by cervical spondylosis.

how to get relief from backache

How to massage to relieve pain?

Here's a neck exercise,Take 10 minutes every day to do a neck exercise, can also be a good way to keep cervical spondylosis away from you.

how to get relief from backache

Warm prompt

Most people's neck aches and pains are not caused by cervical spine problems, but the stiffness of the neck muscles after holding the same position for a long time.

If the neck health exercises do too much, it is easy to make the original no problem cervical vertebra, bone and joint wear, but easy to cause cervical spondylosis.

More than a massage

Everybody knows, be aimed at cervical vertebra disease, shoulder periarthritis, without what specific medicine, besides daily much attention, take exercise more, what remain is to rely on physiotherapy!

how to get relief from backache

First of all, if you have a partner who is willing to give you a hand massage for half an hour every day, relax the shoulders and open the back, that is the best!

how to get relief from backache

If not, you can also use massage chair, massage machine!Clap dozen dozen, let blood circulation, the body will also be some shuang shuang!However, the intensity must be within their own tolerance!

"Life commune" has selected a zhuomo massage shawl to help you relieve shoulder and neck pain. Drape it around your neck and press the open key to automatically flap back and forth!

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Beat with hot pack mode to remove fatigue. 99 kinds of beating mode, 20 kinds of strength adjustment, comfortable warm massage, from neck to back to arm, multiple parts massage, is really super intimate!

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Small make up personally experience, beating is the kind of back and forth, not only hammer a place, infrared light warm, super comfortable, tired to work out to do a spa, immediately full blood resurrection!

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