my lower spine hurts – It's the oldest vertebrate in the world! He's over 400 this year

Using carbon isotope dating, researchers from the university of Copenhagen, Denmark, estimated that the Greenland sharks were more than 400 years old, according to the study in the journal science. The claim makes the slow-swimming behemoth the oldest vertebrate on earth, surpassing the previous record holder, a 211-year-old arctic right whale.

When he was a baby shark, Galileo saw Jupiter through his telescope, and Shakespeare died just a few years ago. More than a hundred years later, Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod.

"We expected to be dealing with an unusual animal," said Marine biologist Julius Nielsen, the paper's lead author.

According to CNN, sharks are one of the representative species of the arctic ocean; Because parasites have proliferated in their eyes, these giants can't see, but the centuries-old secrets of the species are there, too. By analyzing the ages of proteins produced in shark eyepieces, researchers concluded that 28 of the giant sharks fished for scientific research between 2010 and 2013 were likely to be between 272 and 512 years old, with one particularly large female believed to be around 392 years old, the guardian reported.


Because these sharks live so long, they do not reach sexual maturity until they are 150 years old, the team's researchers said, the BBC reported. That is why conservationists are worried. Before a synthetic oil was invented, Greenland sharks were decimated by humans to harvest their livers, Nielsen said. The species may still be recovering from overfishing before world war ii.

When you look at the size distribution of species across the north Atlantic, Nielsen says, you rarely see sexually mature females, and you rarely see newborn or juvenile species. Now, you can say that there are a lot of juvenile sharks roaming the ocean, but you don't see them breeding, because that's going to happen in the next century.

But when it comes to longevity, even the oldest Greenland shark takes on a different face with his monorhamemphis sponge. The sponge is an estimated 11,000 years old, according to aging research reviews.

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my lower spine hurts – Training course of spinal manipulation correction technology

High authority

Sherman spine, USA– Dr. Chen zhaohui, neurologist, taught in person. All the techniques have passed the relevant technical certification in the United States and are available in ChinaUniqueness,Medical theory is systematic, more comprehensive and practical.

Combined with palpation of spinal joints and many years of orthopedic clinical experience of professor Chen, a scientific diagnosis system with strong recovery, high clinical practicability, easy to grasp and easy to popularize is concluded.Greatly develop the students' clinical analysis ideas.

Correction accuracy

Based on scientific diagnosis, accurate positioning method and professional American ridge technique are applied to locate– lock – power – complete correction.

In field

Small class trainingThe whole course is conducted one-on-one operation and hand to hand guidance. Detailed explanation, simulation and timely correction of problems are carried out from palpation techniques, assessment positioning, correction of body position and key points of force generation.

The practical and unique teaching mode has cultivated a large number of excellent students all over the country. Many students have set up spinal rehabilitation studio, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain treatment clinic, chiropractic nerve medical treatment center and so on in just a few months after graduation, and quickly become the local chiropractic nerve medical clinical experts and technical promotion.

The organizer

Committee of experts in chiropractic neuromedicine

To undertake unit


Chiropractic – technique of spinal manipulation

Course objective

Master the philosophy of chiropractic and neurologic medicine, master the body posture analysis and spinal joint mobility assessment system, master the cervical/thoracic/lumbar/pelvic correction technology, masterBasic skills of correction techniques, master indications and contraindications of correction techniques, etc.

What to teach

(Teaching standardized technology across the United States)

1. Principles of chiropractic neuromedicine

2. Functional model of spinal joint

3. Mechanism and clinical diagnosis of spine joint strangulation, joint entrapment, joint subluxation and dysfunction syndrome

4. Body posture analysis and functional assessment

5. Assessment of mobility of all spinal joints

6. Clinical evaluation of vertebral and pelvic dislocation (including palpation techniques of spinal joints)

7. X-ray analysis and principles of cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra and pelvis

8. Indications and contraindications of chiropractic therapy

9. Technical principles of chiropractic – neurosurgical correction

(2) the mechanical principle of correction

10. Correction techniques and clinical application of chiropractic – neuromedicine

(2) accuracy of correction method

(4) cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra, and pelvic correction technology (teaching national standardized technology)

11. Principles of chiropractic and neurologic therapy and patient management

Training time

April 1, 2019 – April 7, 2019


Venue: renmin east road, changsha cityUnit 2, block b, huacheng plaza, no.111

Recruit students object

Rehabilitation physicians, therapists, acupuncture and massage therapists, acupotomists, orthopedics, pain physicians, health massage therapists, sports rehabilitation teachers, yoga coaches, fitness coaches, related enthusiasts and other peers.


spine pain remedies

ChenThe CDH

Dual doctor of medicine+ Chinese and American doctor qualification + professor of orthopedics and traumatology

The Sherman school of chiropractic neurology, USA– doctor of neurology

Doctor of medicine, Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine+ institute of orthopedics and traumatology professor

Founder of elite education brand of chiropractic and neurologic medicine in China

Standing director of the professional committee of external oncology law of world federation of Chinese medicine societies

Standing director of the soft tissue diagnosis and treatment committee of China folk Chinese medicine research and development association

Professor Chen zhaohui is devoted to clinical, teaching and scientific research of orthopedics and chiropractic medicineMore than 20 years. He has been engaged in clinical work in wangjing hospital of Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine, dongfang hospital affiliated to Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine, and the third clinical hospital affiliated to Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine, with more than 10,000 person-times of clinical diagnosis and treatment3000Taiwan, has accumulated rich clinical experience. He studied spines at the Sherman chiropractic school of neurology in the United States– 4 years, PhD in neurologyThompson,Technology, the United States gunsder technology, the United States upper cervical spine correction technology, the United States maternal and infant spine correction technology, internationalsfmaMovement assessment qualification,The torque release techniqueTechnical and other professional technical certification. Lead and undertake scientific research projects14, published academic papers20Yu, academic works5Participated in compiling medical teaching materials3The ministry of.

Course information

spine pain remedies

Matters needing attention

1) pay your own accommodation and transportation expenses.

2) the original price is 21,800 yuan, but the current price is 8,800 yuan.

3) refresher trainees: RMB 1,000 / person/period.

4) videotaping, photographing and recording are prohibited in the course.

5) provide WeChat group access within the institution after the training, and obtain professional communication platform.


Study abroad/qualification certification

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spine pain remedies

spine pain remedies

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spine pain remedies

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mallliveThe classroomtraining

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my lower spine hurts – Headache, backache, cervical pain… 8 common aches and pains, just do it!


Working overtime, staying up late, having a splitting headache and can't sleep at night?

Washing and cooking, a day down the back pain can't walk?

Knee became "weather forecast", a change in the weather on pain?

The ache comes back and forth repeatedly, be tortured cannot sleep, hard to work, what good method is there?

Eighty-five percent of adults have experienced back pain, and there are many causes,Lumbar disc herniation is the most concerned.

Risk factors:Bending lifting, long standing, long sitting, lack of exercise, obesity, osteoporosis and so on.

Typical symptoms:Inchoate for lumbar leg ache, if appear leg hemp may be the expression that the illness aggravates, want to raise vigilance.

Treatment method:

(1) correct sitting posture, avoid long standing long sitting;

(2) wear waist protection;

(3) back and waist exercises, such as plank support:

(not available in acute phase)

(4) take appropriate pain and anti-inflammatory drugs.

my lower spine hurts

Wrong on the left, right on the right

my lower spine hurts

How should body each place ache attack to do concretely?

my lower spine hurts

Migraines account for more than a quarter of all headache sufferers"Is a pain that afflicts many people.

Risk factors:Heredity, diet, environment, mood and so on May induce.

Typical symptoms:Eye socket, temple, forehead or the back of the head to jump a pain, can be accompanied by nausea, tears.

A dark and quiet place to rest;

(2) cold caused by cold, can choose hot compress; If vasodilation is caused by general anesthesia, choose cold compress;

(3) early migraine, can take otc pain killers;

(4) long-term recurrent need for prescription drugs to treat or prevent, seek medical advice.

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

Cervical spondylosis has become a veritable occupational diseaseIs the leading cause of neck and neck pain.

Risk factors:The neck movement is little, long-term lower the head, the pillow is not suitable and so on.

(1) maintain a correct sitting position, avoid neck long time to maintain the same posture;

(2) before and after the working gap around the head;

(3) avoid sleeping pillow, pillow height between 10-15 cm;

(4) when neck pain seriously affect work and life, timely medical treatment.

my lower spine hurts

Frozen shoulder (periarthritis of the shoulder) is the most common cause of shoulder pain,Good hair age is 50 years old", also known as fifty shoulders.

Risk factors:Age increase, inactivity, shoulder strain, temperature decrease, etc.

Typical symptoms:Shoulder joint stiffness, limited rotation, serious hair combing, dressing and other movements can not be completed.

(1) pay attention to cold and keep warm;

(2) correct bad posture, often bend over the desk, shoulders often in outreach work;

(3) exercise to relieve pain, such as wall climbing exercise, body back shake hands, shaking hands exercise, tai chi, tai chi sword, etc.

(4) the doctor can use conservative treatment, such as physical therapy, shock wave, manipulative release.

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

Knee pain in the elderly is often caused by osteoarthritis.

Risk factors:Aging, obesity, strain, trauma, excessive exercise, etc.

Typical symptoms:Slow progression of joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, joint swelling, limited mobility, and joint deformity.

Treatment method:

(1) lose weight;

Keep warm when the weather changes.

(3) ice compress relieve muscle spasm and tension, hot compress can relieve stiffness, consult the doctor to find the most suitable plan for you;

(4) no weight bearing aerobic exercise, such as flat walking, swimming;Functional exercise, hook leg exercises, lateral position knee straight side leg lift, both knees holding a ball squeeze.

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

Office workers who use computers for long periods of time often suffer from wrist painUsually caused by carpal tunnel syndrome (mouse hand).

Risk factors:Long-term hand holds the mouse, hand strain, wrist is suspended.

Typical symptoms:Numbness, distension and pain occurred in the lower parts of the hands and wrists.

(1) with the mouse wrist pad to hold the wrist;

(2) do wrist exercises between work;

(3) hot towel on the wrist;

(4) wear wrist protection, appropriate to eat some nutritional nerve drugs.

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

Usually caused by repetitive activities such as:Tennis elbow,The golfer's elbow.

Risk factors:Incorrect motor skills, improper training and insufficient warm-up, insufficient upper limb muscle strength, etc.

Typical symptoms:Elbow joint motion pain, acid distension discomfort. You can't hold things firmly in your hands. Lifting a pot or wringing a towel can aggravate the pain.

(1) acute period (severe redness, swelling, pain) to rest;

(2) physical therapy treatment, cold compress, hot compress, ultrasound, electrical stimulation to relieve inflammation and pain;

(3) under the guidance of the doctor every day to do drafting action;

(4) when necessary to take a small amount of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs or use local closure.

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

Back pain can be caused by many causes, includingCervical spondylosis,Back muscle strain,Liver diseaseAnd so on.

Risk factors:Sedentary, overworked, acute sprains, changes in hormone levels, etc.

Sleep on a hard bed or use a mattress without springs;

(2) avoid long hours at the phone, computer, driving;

Physical therapy, such as electric therapy, massage and so on;

(4) drug treatment, the first choice of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain killers;

5. Stand against the wall to increase muscle strength in your back;

6 heart disease reflex can also cause back pain, should be vigilant and timely seek medical advice.

my lower spine hurts

Source: health China (id: yangsheng-cn), comprehensive People's Daily

After entering middleage, a lot of people are in order to strengthen the body, often go climbing, or do not sit elevator change to climb stairs, the result appears knee ache however. At this time the doubt, how to exercise the body also exercise out of order?

Not all forms of exercise are beneficial, especially for the knee.

Knee joints are irremediable

After 50 years old mountain climbing exercise, back injury

Traditionally, mountain climbing is a great cardio workout that helps build muscle groups in the thighs and buttocks. At the same time, also can exercise everybody's heart and lung function.

But the fact is, many famous hospital orthopedics experts warned: mountain climbing is "the most stupid exercise."

Mountain climbing belongs to weight-bearing movement, the joints below the waist should bear the weight of their own bodies, especially the knee is the most stressed. As the body climbs the steps up,The weight on your knees will increase by about four times as much as usual.

The knee only lasts 60 years

Change your exercise habits by 40 years

In fact, joint life is limited. Once the joint "exhausted", will cause all kinds of joint disease! The lifespan of joints is largely determined by genetics, with the average healthy lifespan of 60 years.

On the one hand, you need to exercise your thighs and hips. But on the other hand, you can't do it at the expense of the knee, because the knee's lifespan is determined by genetics. After 60 years, overuse will add to its wear and tear, and it cannot be repaired.

Experts explained that the problem is not difficult to solve, just change people's exercise habits.

Extend your knee's life span by 40 years

Never do these things

Don't do strenuous exercise on hard floors. Squats, leap-frogging, running, jumping rope and dancing, for example, can add to the wear and tear on the kneecap.

Especially squat to stand up again, the greatest wear on the joints. The articular cartilage is about 1 to 2 millimeters long, and it ACTS as a pressure buffer to keep the bone from breaking.

It ACTS like rubber on a track, helping to cushion your joints as you move up and down.

If you have to move on a hard floor, you can bounce back under the strong reaction force, which can cause considerable damage to joints and bones. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise only on the rubber track.

Extend your knee's life span by 40 years

These exercises are indispensable

Most suitable for knee exercises: swimming, cycling, gymnastics. For the average person, the best exercise for joints is swimming.

In the water, the human body is parallel to the ground, and each joint is basically weight-bearing. People with chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension swim more, which is good for the whole body. In order to achieve the purpose of physical exercise, you can choose swimming, cycling, gymnastics and other joint weight lighter exercise.

Pieces pieces pieces in pieces

Knee rehab

The most suitable method of exercise

No matter you do not have knee discomfort now, this exercise will be suitable for you, because this exercise: do not need to go out, do not need equipment, do not damage the knee, but also exercise to the knee!


1. Find a backrest chair and sit with your hips back and back. Put your hands behind the chair and put cushions on the back.

2, under the thigh pad a bath towel, can also be several bath towel and towel tied together, as long as thick enough, tied solid can, the purpose is to pad the knee high.

3, sitting upright, straight back, feet hanging, a front and a back to naturally shake. Do not need too big swing, easily swing ah can shake!

my lower spine hurts

This one seems simple, but it helps to strengthen the knee. For example, if you can shake up to 4000 times a day, the exercise will be more powerful than running!

People with old knee injuries or painful feet can use a healthy foot to move the painful foot. Naturally rocking back and forth while holding the sore foot in a healthy position is the equivalent of rehabilitation, allowing the knee to gradually recover.

Do not do the action that damages knee in the life, protect knee to start from now, much practice extends the method of knee life. Be sure to tell your friends and family that they have a healthy knee, too.

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my lower spine hurts – Migraine, stomachache, tinnitus, arrhythmia? It's probably a spine dislocation!

Do you think these diseases seem unrelated? You'd be wrong! If you have any of these symptoms, it's probably your spine!

"Pathologies" of the spine

We all know that you can't live without a spine, but how important is a spine?

The spine is the backbone of the human body and the backbone of the human life information network. The information connection between human organs and brain is transmitted through the information network composed of spinal cord and 31 spinal nerves.

Dislocation of vertebra articular process, stimulated and oppressed spinal cord nerve, vertebral artery and carotid artery sinus, affect spinal nerve information transmission, can cause the occurrence of all kinds of visceral diseases.

The human vertebra divides into the cervical vertebra, the thoracic vertebra, the lumbar vertebra, the sacral vertebra, the tail vertebra. When something goes wrong, different spines have different pathologies. Here are some examples:

Dislocation of vertebral articular process can lead to: dizziness, headache, double eye flowers, dizziness, tinnitus, hypertension, insomnia, drowsiness, pain in the shoulder and arm, numbness in the fingers;

Dislocation of thoracic vertebra articular process can lead to: cough asthma sweating, chest stuffy short heart atrial fibrillation, chest pain law disorder, spleen and stomach disorders liver and gallbladder;

Lumbar articular process dislocation can lead to: diarrhea, constipation, urine disorder, gynecology bladder and kidney loss, lumbar acid leg pain knee weakness, size hip leg short and long…

Our sitting position is not normative, often use the life habit such as computer, can bring about vertebra articulatory process amlposition, go down for a long time, of the body "little trouble" also much rise.

The symptom that vertebra problem is most terrible is not his symptom, and depend on the symptom that most people have vertebra articulatory process dislocation, however habituation!

So you must have a doubt, vertebra articular process amlposition, how to do?

Is ridge

Since "dislocation", we will put it "positive" over! From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, we often restore the vertebra of the dislocation of the articular process to the original position by means of the right ridge.

stomach and back pain

Right ridge, that is, by means of traditional Chinese medicine right ridge, the spine of the dislocation of the articular process will be restored.

Many difficult and miscellaneous diseases that cannot be cured by traditional Chinese and western medicine can be restored to normal in a short time through positive spine.

Nevertheless, positive ridge but a "technology lives", must want to have the massaging massage to take experience for many years, superb gimmick. Once there is a problem with the right ridge process, it may become an irreversible medical malpractice!

Positive ridge effect of zhaolin hall

Before the formal treatment, zhu first asked the patient about his age, physical condition, history and so on. Before the right spine, it is important to ask the patient about these conditions. If the patient has had a serious spinal injury before, they cannot use the massage technique of normal people. (severe injury can be diagnosed by screening before selecting indications)

Then, the massage began!

stomach and back pain

First of all, teacher zhu massages the whole body for the patient, which can make the patient relax. Moreover, experienced teacher zhu can know the position of dislocation of articular process through palpation.

Little kylin looked on, listening to zhu teacher said, "is it painful here?" The patient replies, "yes, yes, it hurts!" After the whole body massage, we found that the patient's spine was almost not intact!

stomach and back pain

After a long massage, Mr. Zhu began to straighten the patient's spine. From cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, arrive lumbar vertebra again, zhu teacher calls a patient to cooperate to do a good job only, next gently exert oneself to do STH., hear "click" 1! Every single one of the dislocated processes in the spine is adjusted.

Zhu teacher massages the position that just hurts again, the patient already expressed: "not painful!"

What's more, the baby kirin thought that the right ridge would be a painful process, but actually it didn't hurt at all.

Isn't that amazing? After the right ridge is completed, the patient's whole body is relaxed!

However, positive spine is also a process, we have long developed bad habits, can still cause damage to our spine. Regular chiropractic to restore the spine and relax the body!

Do you want to give it a try? Then contact kirin, give you a good "massage"!

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my lower spine hurts – Step shaking head method: adjust the spine, get through the du vein, health Yang qi!

Step shaking head method: adjust the spine, get through the du vein, health Yang qi!

Behavioral essentials

Relax and lie on the floor with your hands around your neck, as if to do a sit-up, lift your head a little bit, and now we're going to go in place. Not be to let your foot be on the ground, and be a kind of imagination, you lie there, heel sticks the floor, two feet one collect one stretch stepping on emptiness, do the action of mark time, at the same time the head as the foot flex and contract and swing to left and right sides, the head when accepting left foot swings to the left, the head when accepting right foot swings to the right.

Don't move too much. Think:I stood on a vacant lot, holding my head in my arms, marking time leisurely.

Practice time:No less than 1-2 minutes a day.

Efficacy:This movement is mainly to exercise the whole spine, that is, the governor. Du vein is the sea of Yang jing, the total capture of various Yang jing, can enhance the body Yang qi. So this is the methodAs long as practice on a few, it will make people all over fever, strong blood, especially for the kidney has a very good strong effect, and the role of promoting blood circulation is very strong, can treat deficiency cold disease and waist and leg disease, to the heart and brain blood shortage of the person's effect is obvious, for rheumatoid arthritis also has a very good therapeutic effect.

Ankylosing spondylitis patient, although this disease symptom is in vertebra, actually pathogeny is in liver kidney however. Exercise step shake head method ankylosing spondylitis very effective.

my lower spine hurts

It says in neijing: "all the violence and straightness belong to the liver. All of them belong to kidney. "Ankylosis" can be used to relax the tendon method to liver, and (hold tight) can be used to disperse cold method to tonify the kidney. When stepping and shaking his head, it can activate the "muscle contraction" point on the du pulse, which can tonify the liver and treat muscles and veins, cramping and toning, which is the "method to relax the muscles and liver".

"Shake and step", the main parts of exercise is the governor and the bladder meridian, the governor for the Yang will, Yang qi is the most, the bladder meridian is the place of cold, cold most.

When practicing this skill method, because the head wants to lift, natural meeting lower abdomen takes up, such meeting makes gas gather dantian. Dantian qi sheng is the internal force to transfer the governor, so that the governor of the Yang qi endless, can be the accumulation of the bladder cold light meaning drive out.

Special reminder:The action is gentle and deliberate, the intention does not force.

When practicing this skill, the spinal blood supply is very vigorous, and it is necessary to get through the dugong vein. However, some people have long-term blood stasis, or lateral curvature, or swelling, or calcification in the spine. At this time, they will feel some strong pain in some parts of the spine, that is, good blood is impinging on these lesions. Don't worry, the pain will pass quickly.

In order to make the exercise more smooth and safe, exercise to step by step, less time rather than more, in order not to fatigue. In addition, if after practicing this skill to take prone position, let a person with palm root from the neck has been massage to the tailbone, often found that there are particularly painful points, need to be carefully massage, so can accelerate through the du vein.

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my lower spine hurts – Orthopaedic doctor | often swims can prevent and cure vertebra disease, which posture is the most effective

Wen/orthopedics doctor review/pan cuihuan, chief physician of rehabilitation department of the second affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university

【 sohu health 】 say swimming besides fall heat, strong body, still can prevent and cure cervical vertebra disease effectively, be so really? In this regard, the second affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university rehabilitation department chief physician pan cuihuan said: because people in the water without any burden, will not cause injury to the cervical disc, will not cause injury to the joints and muscles, is indeed beneficial to the cervical vertebra. But not all swimming styles are good for spinal disease!

Breaststroke: suitable for patients with lumbar disc herniation and cervical spondylosis

Breaststroke mainly rely on waist abdomen and leg force, is conducive to the prevention of lumbar leg pain. At the same time, take a breath when need humeral back pressure, exhale to lower the head to row, breathe in head and neck to lifted upward from the parallel to the surface of the water back, head and neck is always so is in a state of low one Yang, just meet the requirements of the cervical spine function exercise can comprehensive activity each joint of cervical vertebra, effectively promote the neck weeks strain of muscle and ligament repair, can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis brings a series of disease, endanger the health of patients.

Note: the leg movement of breaststroke is mainly performed by squeezing water in and kicking out, which will increase the burden of knee ligaments and knee friction.So, people with knee osteoarthritis and those with o legs should avoid breaststroke.

Backstroke: suitable for patients with cervical spondylosis

my lower spine hurts

Backstroke relies on the waist and abdomen to keep the trunk balanced, the shoulders to rotate repeatedly and the legs to alternate up and down to complete the main movement. Because the neck belongs to the backward posture when backstroke, the small joints of the cervical vertebra are exercised, so the patients with cervical spondylosis are more suitable for backstroke.

Note: backstroke requires a high level of shoulder and leg kicking. Backstroke may cause sports injuries such as "swimming shoulder" and "swimming ankle".

Freestyle: helps cervical spine recovery

The free style of swimming forces the neck to move widely, while the shoulders are stretched, especially the internal muscles of the scapula are fully and effectively exercised, realizing the muscle reconstruction, repair and enhancement.

In addition, the swing of the feet transfers force to the lumbar spine, allowing the tiny dislocation of the lumbar spine to reset itself.

Note: freestyle has a continuous wide range of lateral rotation waist, lumbar leg pain or lumbar disc herniation patients should not be carried out.

Butterfly stroke: not suitable for patients with lumbar disc herniation

my lower spine hurts

Note: the butterfly stroke mainly relies on the waist, abdomen and upper limbs to generate power. The strength in the waist is concentrated and the range of movements is relatively large, so,Butterfly stroke is not recommended for patients with lower back pain or lumbar disc herniationProlonged butterfly stroke can cause compression fractures in the lumbar lamina due to prolonged stress.

Prolonged butterfly swimming can also lead to chronic inflammation of the soft tissue of the shoulder, commonly known as the "swimming shoulder," caused by overuse of the shoulder.

my lower spine hurts

Be particular about swimming

Swimming has been listed by many doctors and therapists as an adjunctive treatment for cervical and lumbar spine diseases. In the early stage of cervical spondylosis or recovery period, in addition to developing a good habit of using the neck, long-term swimming is one of the most effective ways to improve spinal discomfort and restore spinal health.

Here are five things to watch out for if you want to swim healthier.

1. The premise of swimming prevention and treatment of spinal diseases is: find a professional swimming coach, under the guidance of the coach to adopt the correct posture of swimming, do not let the body overwork.

2. Do some warm-up exercises before swimming. Since the water temperature is usually lower than the body temperature, it is necessary to do warm-up activities before entering the water, otherwise the body will feel uncomfortable.

3. Swim three or four times a week for an hour at a time, consistently, and hopefully alleviate neck symptoms.

4. After swimming, you should use a soft dry towel to wipe the body water droplets, drops of chloramphenicol or boric acid eye drops, blowing nasal secretions. If the ear water, can use the "side jump" water out. After that, do some relaxation exercises and body massage or take a 15-20 minute rest in the sun to avoid muscle rigidity and fatigue.

Swimming should be done 1-2 hours after meals. Because hollow swims, can affect appetite and digestive function, also can happen in swimming dazed in lack of power wait for an accident; Full abdomen swims, can affect digestive function, still can produce gastric convulsion, vomiting, bellyache phenomenon even.

my lower spine hurts

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my lower spine hurts – More than 100 diseases are linked to the spine

(1) injury or involvement of the spine in the cervical spine may lead to disease in some parts or organs:

The first cervical vertebra: mainly related to head, ear, nose, throat, face, etc. If the disorder occurs, it is prone to headache, insomnia, vision loss, memory loss, dizziness, hypertension and facial paralysis.

my lower spine hurts

Second cervical vertebra: mainly related to ear, nose, throat, tongue, vocal cord, mouth, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to dizziness, migraine, tinnitus, chest tightness, tonsillitis, mumps, sinusitis, allergies, aphasia and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Third cervical spine: pharynx, buccal, shoulder, diaphragm, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from the disease such as foreign body feeling of ministry of pharyngitis, pharynx easily, toothache, neck and shoulder ache, dyspnea, thyroidism.

my lower spine hurts

The fourth cervical vertebra: mainly related to neck muscles, pharynx, arms, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to shoulder pain, toothache, trigeminal neuralgia, hyperthyroidism, chest tightness, hiccup (hiccup) and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

The fifth cervical vertebra: mainly related to elbow, esophagus, trachea, diaphragm, heart, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from tracheitis, pharyngitis, asthma, arm ache, tachycardia or too slow wait for disease easily.

my lower spine hurts

The sixth cervical vertebra: mainly related to thyroid gland, esophagus, trachea, heart and lung, upper limbs, etc. If produce obstacle, easy to suffer from pain of upper arm or wrist, thyroiditis, hypotension, rhythm of the heart wrong, 50 shoulder, thumb acid hemp is painful wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

The seventh cervical vertebra: mainly related to thyroid gland, esophagus, trachea, heart and lung, brachial muscle, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from thyroiditis, hypotension, arrhythmia, arm lateral, middle finger, brachial muscle, ring finger acid hemp is painful wait for disease easily.

(2) damage to the spine of the thoracic vertebra, which may occur in related parts or organs:

my lower spine hurts

The first thoracic segment: mainly related to the heart, trachea, esophagus, forearm, etc. Such as the occurrence of obstacles, prone to palpitations, palpitations, tracheitis, asthma, cough, dyspnea, left upper chest pain, wrist pain, arm pain and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Second thoracic segment: mainly related to the heart, trachea, esophagus, shoulder arm, etc. If produce obstacle, be apt to suffer from esophagus phlogistic, chest pain, asthma, cough, blood pressure is unusual, rhythm of the heart is wrong, shoulder arm acid hemp is painful, hand numbness wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

The third thoracic segment: mainly related to the lungs, bronchi, esophagus, heart, chest, etc. If the occurrence of disorders, prone to asthma, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, esophagitis, pleurisy, heart disease, chest tightness, chest pain and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Fourth thoracic vertebral segment: mainly associated with the lungs, bronchi, gallbladder, chest and ribs. If produce obstacle, suffer from easily pneumonia, asthma, icteric, pleurisy, breast painful, intercostal painful wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

Fifth thoracic vertebra: mainly related to liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach, chest wall, etc. If produce obstacle, suffer from easily hepatitis, cholecystitis, splenomegaly, hypotension, gastritis, breast painful, chest wall painful wait for a disease.

my lower spine hurts

Sixth thoracic vertebra: mainly associated with the pancreas, stomach, bile, chest and back, etc. Such as the occurrence of disorders, prone to liver pain, stomach pain, gallstone disease, abdominal pain, intercostal pain, loss of appetite, chest pain and other diseases.

my lower spine hurts

Seventh thoracic vertebra: mainly related to liver, gallbladder, pancreas, duodenum, etc. If the disorder occurs, it is prone to liver pain, cholelithiasis, gastric ulcer, type 2 diabetes, duodenitis, tonsillitis and other diseases

my lower spine hurts

Eighth thoracic vertebra: low immune function, hepatobiliary disease, diabetes, vomiting, frequent urination.

my lower spine hurts

Ninth thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, white urine, poor urine, allergic syndrome, cold hands and feet, epilepsy

my lower spine hurts

10th thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, dry moss

my lower spine hurts

The eleventh thoracic vertebra: renal dysfunction, urethral diseases, skin diseases, eczema

my lower spine hurts

Twelfth thoracic vertebra: lower abdomen cold pain, fatigue syndrome, infertility, rheumatism, genital surface itching

my lower spine hurts

First lumbar spine: colonic dysfunction, constipation, diarrhea, low back pain, lower abdominal pain

my lower spine hurts

Second lumbar segment: lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, decreased sexual function

Third lumbar segment: bladder, urine, lumbar, knee medial pain and weakness

Fourth lumbar segment: low back pain, sciatica, dysuria, frequent or low urination, leg pain radiating to the outside of the leg, hemorrhoids

Fifth lumbar spine: poor blood circulation in legs, weakness of lower limbs, fear of cold, pain and numbness in waist and legs to irregular menstruation on the posterolateral side of leg.

my lower spine hurts

Sacral lumbosacral joint lesions, foot root pain numbness cool feeling, bladder disease, prostatitis

Coccygeal pain

my lower spine hurts

"Scoliosis of adolescent" Taiwan soft technique course

[course details] :

Date: April 18-19, 2019 (Thursday and Friday)2 days

Time: 9.00 am to 17.30 PM

Location: penang hotel

Course fees:

Original price: rm2800, first 30 all special discount rm2500(including certificate, lunch and refreshments).

Site fee for rehabilitation of former students: rm600

[deadline] : 15/3/2019 or up to 40 students (to maintain teaching quality)

Enrollment target: Chinese and western doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, physical therapists, unarmed plastic surgeons, beauticians, men and women can.

Registration hotline:

Miss ye huiyang: 18602592233

Mr. Wei: 13533607738

Or directly πŸ’– Ye Huiyang soft skill exchange group in love 】 【 solitaire in application.

【 πŸ’– "vulture soft Ye Huiyang unarmed skill training course registration form 】 April 18 to 19, 2019 (Thursday and Friday)

Chinese name:

English name:

Gender: male/female

Id no. :

Telephone no. :



Job: Chinese medicine doctor/massage therapist/others

The guild:

(complete the form and return it together with the receipt)

Special purpose for remittance of Taiwan traditional soft technique courseAccount 】

China construction bank

Jinyu lanwan foshan branch

6217 0031 1002 2883 837

In love with the academic union.

Quality work. Sincerely invite.

With love of learning. Taiwan's traditional soft approach. Absolutely brilliant!

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my lower spine hurts – YSMS news | Beijing BTV recommended products: "rubik's cube" to protect the spine of the sofa

Multi-dimensional investigation, light entertainment disassembly

Comprehensive interpretation

A publishing platform providing services for people's health

Some small details of life


Old habits

But probably quietly

Eating away at your health

Creating problems that are hard to find

my lower spine hurts

Recently, Beijing BTV "national health college"

Special reports have been made on this phenomenon.

How is sudden waist ache to return a responsibility

It could be the sofa

/ yao teng /

Please welcome Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicine dongzhimen hospital

Deputy chief orthopedics doctor Yang jizhou to tell us about

my lower spine hurts

The orthopaedic

Deputy chief physician

Yang Jizhou

Beijing university of traditional Chinese medicineDongzhimen hospital

Can sofa also be the icing on the cake for spinal column health?

Usually we go home

It's all about paralysis.

For example: this one

my lower spine hurts

Go for comfort, not posture

Most people like to collapse on the sofa

This position leaves the lumbar spine without adequate support

The original radians are forced to change

This is the load on the lumbar disc

Twice the normal sitting position

Six times as much as lying flat

It is very easy to induce lumbar disc herniation over time

my lower spine hurts

We compare the lumbar disc to a sponge full of water

If the sponge keeps getting squeezed

So the water in the sponge is going to add up

The water outside is fully exchanged

The sponge will stand still if it is not squeezed

Sitting for long periods of time can cause lumbar disc dystrophy

Eventually, the disc herniates

my lower spine hurts

The most important point is this

Different sofa styles are possible

It can also damage your spine

So how can we improve

/ mo fang /

The choice of sofa, very important

The sofa that introduces today can have come a long way

A design award winner in shenzhen

Please introduce our teacher Chen ye to explain in detail

my lower spine hurts

According to the thought mensah

Training manager

Chen Ye

First of all, I will introduce the rubik's cube. Why is it called rubik's cube? This is the designer's reference to rubik's cube principle.

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

Starting from the demand points of different lifestyles, telescopic function keys and armrest cabinets are implanted in the sofa seat to meet various needs such as sitting, semi-relying, recline, meditation, side lying and storage.

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

Secondly, our products are woven with weft chenille and different color network silk, and monochrome network silk.

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

Geometric floral design, through different angles of observation, found the change of color, add this cloth interesting and changeable. Most importantly, our products are classified into three categories: classic, fashionable and Nordic

my lower spine hurts

my lower spine hurts

To avoid waist to ache wait for a phenomenon to produce, rubik's cube with a support point will bear the waist that supports a user (lumbar) height of back of a chair of this kind of sofa is lower, the Angle of back of a chair is arc, back of a chair two archives adjust, be helpful for resting not only, and make the aesthetic degree of whole sofa rises greatly.

my lower spine hurts

According to the ergonomics principle, the 106 degree tilt Angle provides you with the ultimate comfort of sitting.

my lower spine hurts

Sofa is the source that causes backache

It doesn't seem to matter anymore

What matters is that we choose well

Every piece of furniture in life

It's not only good for our health

Or life

Both make a lot of sense

my lower spine hurts

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my lower spine hurts – The baby was found to have a deformed spine in 86 days

The doctor told xiao li that the baby's spine had been examined for some deformation, which caused the baby to cry all the time. The baby is so small that you can't hold it all the time. The baby's spine is still developing and cannot support the whole body itself. In addition, if you hold the baby for a long time, the spine will be overworked and the spine will be deformed. Xin hao now the baby is still small, there is a chance to correct, if wait until the baby's spine is grown, the appearance of deformation of the baby's second half of life can only be "luo pan".

In addition to the harm of holding a baby for a long time, these three things should never be done for a baby less than 100 days old.

Shave the baby's head

With the arrival of summer, the weather will become very hot, and the baby because of adequate nutrition will lead to the rapid growth of hair. Some love baby's treasure mother, will give him shave his head, this will make the baby cooler. But treasure mother do not know baby head halogen door has not been completely closed, is not the ability to regulate the temperature, to the baby shaved head will only let the baby eat wind cold, and outside so many bacteria will invade the baby's head, affect health.

my lower spine hurts

Give the baby a pillow

We all use pillows when we sleep. After the baby is born, a careful mother will make a pillow for the baby, hoping to make the baby sleep better. However, this practice has seriously harmed the baby's health. Less than a hundred days of baby their bones are very soft, it can be said that there is no shape, if a long time to use the baby pillow, it will lead to the baby's cervical vertebra deformation, so less than a hundred days of baby is not recommended to use a pillow, if you worry about the baby sleep well, you can give him a towel when he sleeps.

my lower spine hurts

Sleep with the curtains drawn during the day

Less than 100 days of baby, his favorite thing to do is not too much sleep, whether it is day or night, he will be in sleep. Some treasure mother worry about the outside light affects the baby's sleep quality, will choose to close the curtain, and treasure mother's behavior is very easy to cause the baby day and night upside down, at this time is not the baby suffering but suffering the parents, the baby awake at night, the parents have to sacrifice their own sleep time to coax the child. If you're worried about the sun during the day, you can choose a darker bedroom so you don't have to worry about your baby disrupting your parents' sleep at night.

my lower spine hurts​

For less than 100 days of the baby, their own relatively fragile, the body's various functions are in the development period, the need to pay attention to a lot of things, treasure mothers need to be more careful, do not cause harm to the baby because of their own reasons. Please treasure mother to keep these points in mind, so as to avoid harm to the baby.

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my lower spine hurts – Do you want a bone spur? Guangzhou baylor medical to create a professional spine department | severe lower spine pain

Do you want a bone spur? Bone spur is normal skeletal aging phenomenon, just modern often sit for a long time stand, posture is incorrect, make the intervertebral disc between vertebra suffers compression and advance thin, lose a bullet…

Do you want a bone spur?

Bone spurs are normal skeletal aging phenomenon, but modern people often sit for a long time to stand, posture is not correct, make the intervertebral disc between vertebra by compression and early thinning, loss of elasticity, so young people long bone spurs may be early aging of the spine.

The etiology of bone spurs

Bone spurs are the result of bone growths that look, on an X-ray, like a sharp spike coming out of the side of a bone, so they're called bone spurs.

The growth of bone spurs indicates that the bone has entered the aging stage. Resemble a machine to use long, the part among them can appear certainly wear away, when bone and the cartilage between bone gets long-term pressure or injury, can lose flexibility slowly, thin, make up and down bone generation wears away, after bone wears away, itself can repair, cause calcium precipitation, bone hyperplasia.

If you have an obesity problem or if you have to stand for a long time, you are likely to put a lot of burden on the joint, and this burden will cause the cartilage in the joint to wear away and make the joint unstable. In order to increase our stability, the joint will have bone spurs to increase the stability. For this reason, the places where bone spurs tend to proliferate are in weight-bearing joints and bones with higher mobility, such as knee joints and lumbar vertebrae.

Types of bone spurs

Degenerative cervical/lumbar stenosis: bone spurs caused by chronic deterioration with age, but not necessarily with symptoms.

2. Lumbar interlamina herniation: compression of the fibers of the interlamina or nucleus pulposus.

Who gets bone spurs?

Bone spurs tend to occur in middle-aged and elderly people, and doctors point out that bone spurs are a normal aging process, and the older a person is, the more likely they are to develop bone spurs. However, now many young people because of incorrect posture, coupled with sitting or standing for a long time, early aging of the spine, also prone to bone spurs.

Most bone spurs don't bother us, unless the growth presses on the nerves, which can cause paralysis of the hands and feet, muscle atrophy, backache and other symptoms. Sit is not, stand is not "sciatica", some is caused by the spur of the lumbar spine.

What kind of situation does bone spur need operation?

Doctors point out that most patients with bone spurs do not need to be operated on if they do not compress the nerve and cause symptoms such as backache and hand numbness and are not treated with special treatment. However, patients with bone spurs may be advised to operate if:

Pain caused by bone spurs lasts more than three months, and neither medication nor rehabilitation can improve it. Muscle atrophy. Muscle weakness. Urine and feces are affected.

Is not serious enough to require surgery, but bring physical discomfort because of bone spurs and haunt friend can consider to conservative treatment, the American chiropractic is conservative type is very famous in the physical therapy treatment of science, its status and the treatment effect is not only recognized by the world health organization, rules and regulations promulgated treatment also than the average "wild west" physical therapy to the scientific and normal. Before the treatment of American chiropractic, usually X-ray, according to the X-ray image to accurately judge the patient's condition, targeted treatment for patients, there is no deception.

How can bone spurs be prevented?

Preventing bone spurs can be as simple as paying more attention to your usual habits, such as:

Avoid poor posture and staying in the same position for long periods of time. Get into the habit of exercising, but avoid strenuous activities such as walking or aerobic exercise. Watch out for antioxidants like nuts, spinach, pumpkin, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and more. Lose weight.

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