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Eight reasons why women lack calcium

Eat more salt

Eat more sugar

3. Love coffee

4, picky, partial food, diet

5. Not exercising

6, love meat, do not love to eat vegetables

Meat and vegetables have their own nutrition, if only from the calcium content, the amount of calcium in meat is relatively low, because the human body can not absorb the calcium in animal bones, but also because the fat, protein eat too much, increase the calcium content in urine. On the contrary, green vegetables are rich in calcium, and the potassium, magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin d and other substances in vegetables can promote the absorption of calcium.

7. Too little sun and vitamin d

8. Being sedentary.

how to get relief from backache

Common manifestations of calcium deficiency include:

Lumbar pain, allergies, cervical pain; Limb weakness, frequent cramps, itchy skin; Heel pain; Loose or falling teeth; Obvious hump, height reduction; Anorexia, constipation; More dreams, insomnia, irritability, irritability, etc.

Women lack of calcium easy to cause which diseases

1, insomnia

Chronic calcium deficiency can lead to decreased ability to control the nervous system, so it is difficult to fall asleep at night, and the nerves are always in a state of hyperactivity, due to insufficient blood calcium concentration. So if your body doesn't get enough calcium, it can also cause insomnia. What's more, people who are prone to heavy dreaming are more likely to have more dreams even when they are asleep. People who are prone to dreaming have a poor quality of sleep, so they may not feel rested after a night's sleep.

2. Various skeletal diseases

Lack of calcium can easily lead to bone disease. Calcium deficiency in children can lead to rickets. Lack of calcium in adults can lead to back pain and bone growth. Lack of calcium in the elderly will lead to osteoporosis, easy to fracture. A lot of old people because lack calcium, 50 above can appear hump, still have a few people because lack calcium, bring about femur head necrotic.

3. Female dysmenorrhea

If a woman is short of calcium, it can be very obvious that she has dysmenorrhea.

4. Epilepsy

Once the disease is very dangerous, patients may temporarily lose consciousness. This kind of epilepsy is more make more severe, the study found that this kind of epilepsy and lack of calcium also have a very big relationship.

how to get relief from backache

Seabuckthorn calcium supplements vitamin mineral, contain to take through the tongue, enter blood directly from the tongue, not swallow, need not pass through intestines and stomach to excrete loss.

【 ingredients 】 seabuckthorn powder, hydrolyzed collagen, milk mineral salt, bovine colostrum powder

Food additive: xylitol

The proportion of milk mineral salt in seabuckthorn nourishing calcium was as high as 23%-28%, and the content of calcium was 5000mg/100g. The effect of calcium supplementation will not be reversed. The increased bone mineral density will remain even three years after the cessation of milk mineral salt supplementation, while the increased bone mineral density will gradually disappear after the cessation of inorganic calcium supplementation.


Food for children under 3 years old is forbidden.

how to get relief from backache

Seabuckthorn health calcium unique point

Add seabuckthorn powder:

Supplement natural vitamins and minerals, enhance human immunity, enhance human function, promote better absorption of calcium; Sea-buckthorn powder contains nutrients related to bone health, such as vitamins a, d, k, e, b6 and b12, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron and silicon, and protein.

Vitamin c in seabuckthorn powder

It plays a crucial role in the generation and maintenance of bone collagen, which is an important component of bone fibers and bone cells. Vitamin c plays a certain role in the metabolism of muscle pain and articular cartilage.

Every 100 grams of seabuckthorn powder, vitamin c content can reach 825-1100 mg, is the kiwi 2-3 times. It can make immune cells mature and improve the function of antibodies and macrophages. Increases resistance to viruses and bacteria, and neutralizes toxins produced by bacteria.

Sea buckthorn contains vitamin k2

It can act on osteoblasts, promote bone calcification, and inhibit osteoclasts from bone resorption, thus increasing bone density and preventing osteoporosis. Vitamin k2 can also significantly inhibit the dissolution of bone matrix and the loss of bone calcium, increase the absorption and operation of calcium, reverse the negative balance of calcium, and achieve the net accumulation of bone calcium.

Add collagen:

Protein is the material basis of life, and 95% of the organic matter in bone is collagen. Collagen is the "scaffold" of bone. When the human body lacks collagen, it is not easy to fix calcium, which leads to the decrease of bone density and osteoporosis. Therefore, "calcium supplementation is more important for collagen supplementation". The absorption and utilization of calcium can reach a higher level.

Add xylitol:

Suitable for children, elderly, diabetes patients;

Add colostrum:

And seabuckthorn mutual promotion, to achieve the perfect combination of calcium and bone and all-round health.

Method and dosage:

Take 2 to 4 tablets 2 times a day, up to 25 tablets.

Storage: store in a cool and dry place.

Wet poison, the key in the back! – AllPainHealing | neck pain/back problems/lumbar spine

Whether the back is healthy or not often directly reflects whether the viscera are functioning normally.

It can be seen that the back is a barometer of health, a solid protective barrier for the human body, whether in the growth of children, or vigorous young adults, or the elderlyPay attention to your back and take good care of it.To maintain the back is to nourish our internal organs,It is regulating our heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

2, the bladder is the body's largest detoxification channel

Both sides of the spine have the bladder meridian of the human body, and the internal organs of the human body in the back bladder meridian all have acupoints, these acupoints are the movement of qi and blood, contact the channels of the internal organs of the internal organs, so stimulate these acupoints can play an exciting role of Yang qi of the internal organs of the internal organs.

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In fact, conditioning behind is also a very good way to detoxify, so, is because the back of the bladder,In the eyes of Chinese medicine, the bladder is the body's largest detoxification channel.

3. There is a vein on the back, which is the sea of Yang veins

There is a vein at the back, which is the sea of Yang veins and the channel for the collection and movement of Yang energy.

If the tuvee blood stasis, the Yang qi of spring hair bad, cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra and lumbar spine will follow the problem, so the whole body will be affected, causing brain blood shortage, stroke, brain degeneration, periarthritis of shoulder, blood sugar instability and dozens of other diseases.

relief for back pain in

This shows, the back of human body is very important place, the regulation that is opposite viscera function is having main effect, can mediate Yin and Yang, prolong life.Therefore, to maintain the back is to nourish our internal organs and regulate our heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

Do back not only can dispel the cold and wet of the body, toxin, still can alleviate the symptom that neck shoulder waist leg aches, can let heavy body feel relaxed and abnormal, alleviate body fatigue, improve morpheus quality, have very big to irascibility oversheng alleviate.

So in daily life, how to raise back?

In fact, it is very simple, they do a few actions at home to keep good, the method is as follows:

Action 1: cradle roll

relief for back pain in

Spread a blanket on the ground, the ground does not want too hard, after sitting, bend your legs, both hands hold the knee, the center of gravity falls between the coccyx and ischium, namely below our buttocks, lift left foot right foot, thigh must be close to the lower abdomen, keep this movement back and forth to sway.

This kind of back rolling, rolling every morning, repeatedly for three to five minutes, after each roll will feel the back heat, which indicates that the qi and blood flow, rolling to the back heat when the Yang will naturally rise. This is spring compulsory course, must insist.

Action 2: stimulate the bladder canal

relief for back pain in

The weizhong point of knee fossa is an important big point on bladder classics! There is a formula in Chinese medicine called "the back of the waist", all waist, back problems, can be solved through this acupuncture point. Often press knead or beat wei zhong acupuncture point can stimulate the movement of bladder classics qi blood, better detoxification.

A lot of in old age friend, knee fossa often is to bulge outward, and can have mixed and disorderly blue muscle, this is the signal that lumbar back qi blood is imperforate, need often flap hind knee fossa.

Action 3: get through the back hinge

relief for back pain in

Look for a door frame, hold both sides of the door frame with both hands, head upright, eyes level; One foot in front, one foot in back, stand lunge, hind legs as straight as possible; Stretch your arms until tension sets in. Stand in this position for three minutes, then lunge on another leg for three minutes.

This pull action is very good to open back meridian effect!

Action 4: get through the big vertebra point

relief for back pain in

Rub the neck with both hands until hot.

Cervical vertebra is the upper hub of du mai and bladder meridian, unobimpeded here can make Yang qi hair, but also can prevent with cervical vertebra stasis caused by a series of symptoms!

Action 5: get through the midback hub

relief for back pain in

Every day at any time and place hands rub to the back of the fever. This is where the mingmen point, shenshu point, and the central hub of the du mai and bladder meridian are located. Du mai and bladder classics are only channels, and have no energy of their own! Need the promotion of kidney gas to complete Yang gas hair and detoxification function.

Therefore, stimulating mingmen point and shenshu point is the most simple and direct way. It is also the most important acupuncture point to get through the back meridian!

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that supporting the back is equal to supporting life. If you have time to regularly support your back, you will get the following benefits:

(1) relax nerves, promote blood circulation, enhance brain feeding, relieve shoulder and neck pain, neuralgia, muscle pain and migraine.

(2) improve the symptoms of insomnia, dreaminess and mental weakness, strengthen the mind and make people energetic.

(3) improve the nervous, stagnant mental state, refreshing.

(4) improve immunity, improve sub-health and enhance body resistance.

(5) improve the liver qi stagnation caused by the skin dry, dull, long spots and other bad skin phenomenon.

(6) prevention of periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis……

Right shoulder and back ache, what reason is after all? Do you really know? See the expert – AllPainHealing | back pain/back and shoulder pain/shoulder pain

On the right side of the shoulder and back pain, in fact, there are many reasons related, can be due to different diseases caused by, and the shoulder and the shoulder is not the same, today said several, we often meet you may correspond to look at their performance, hope you can help to you, first by priority from top to bottom.

Subganglial muscle strain: this is often seen in occupational diseases, such as: teachers, barbers and laboratory staff, often work with the upper limbs, it is likely to lead to this area of muscle fascia strain, stimulate their own nerves.

pain at base of back

This can cause local pain, which radiates to the shoulder of the body, and by dealing with the pain spot in this area, the symptoms may be eliminated.

Thoracic outlet syndrome: scalene muscle of the beam, beam before hypertrophy and spasm, might lead to it through from the body of brachial plexus appeared certain conformity, this might lead to the body's shoulder, back and arms of radioactive pain and numbness, the processing of local body muscle pain points is not enough, must want to remove the body of the brachial plexus conformity.

pain at base of back

Local muscle strain, back pain is likely to be due to body lozenge muscle strain, shoulder pain is likely to be due to the deltoid muscle strain, can touch the body of local tissue tenderness, press the symptoms of pain will peace is consistent, this is relatively simple, can be self through massage ball handling, eliminate pain symptoms can eliminate.

Cervical spondylosis: part of the patients with cervical spondylosis, or due to the body of cervical intervertebral disc herniation is the conformity of cervical plexus nerve, the dominant shoulder area and the area back neurons, which can lead to local pain caused by radiation, the problem of processing need to treat cervical spondylopathy, if muscle pain also need to be synchronized.

If such a situation is often encountered, when the patient with right shoulder and back pain goes to the relevant hospital, the first department of treatment should be the department of orthopedics and the department of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion.

Doctors can examine the body's neck, shoulders and chest with ct and mri scans, and may not be able to find clear evidence. Then you can try acupuncture and moxibustion massage, all kinds of Chinese medicine physiotherapy effect may be poor.

But finally in the ultrasound found that the patient had gallbladder stones, and 95% of cholecystitis is actually caused by gallbladder stones.

pain at base of back

So why can cholecystitis cause the ache of the back of right shoulder of the body?

Because gallbladder inflammation can stimulate right phrenic nerve endings, and phrenic nerve is mainly composed of the 3rd, 4th, 5th cervical nerve, the 4th cervical nerve gives off cutaneous branch, ending walks in the skin of the body shoulder.

If the right phrenic nerve endings are stimulated to a certain extent, this signal will pass through the phrenic nerve to the 4th cervical ganglion, and at the same time affect the sensory nerve fibers distributed in the skin of the right shoulder, resulting in a certain illusion in the cerebral cortex of our body, which is mistaken for the incoming pain sensation from the right shoulder.

pain at base of back

So the patient may feel pain in the right shoulder of the body. Because acute cholecystitis digestive tract symptoms are very obvious, generally not easy to be misdiagnosed.

And chronic cholecystitis can appear the dull pain of right upper abdomen very likely at ordinary times, be tired of oily food or be the symptom of abdominal distension, the patient often feels the discomfort of right shoulder back and right rib place, stand for a long time or the aggravation after motion. Since the symptoms are not particularly typical and do not affect our quality of life, many patients may only be detected by ultrasound.

pain at base of back

Relevant remind: cholecystitis not only can bring about the ache of right shoulder back part of the body, still have the angina pectoris that causes the body even. Because the heart of the body and gallbladder suffer the innervation of plant nerve together, both can have cross feeling in bosom 4, 5 spinal nerve place.

If biliary tract resistance increases when the gallbladder is infected, it may trigger a contraction of the coronary arteries, leading to ischemia in the body and pain in the heart. Clinically, it is called "bare-heart syndrome".

pain at base of back

In short, a handful of periarthritis of shoulder may be the ache of the area can also cause the body back and shoulder pain, but the probability is not particularly high, diagnosis can be face to face is the best pain diagnosis, can from the interrogation, to touch, try to solve the problems that are related to do, must start from the root of the cause of pain to, not the surface.

This can help relieve back pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/back muscle pain

What are the causes of back pain

1. Overweight or obese

Weight gain or pregnancy can cause the pelvis to tilt forward because the body needs the change to maintain balance, but it can also put pressure on the lower back and increase the risk of back pain, experts say. Eating at least three servings of whole grains a day can reduce belly fat by 10 percent, the study found.

Wear the wrong shoes, such as high heels and flip-flops

While normal walking usually involves landing on the heel, walking in high heels involves landing on the toes, which can significantly increase pressure on the knees, crotch and back, experts say.

Wearing high heels can also change your balance, putting stress on your spine, causing your back to arch and increasing pressure on your joints. This instability increases the risk of injury by exacerbating pain from both knees to the back. Wearing flip-flops for too long can also lead to unstable feet, which can lead to back pain.

3. Relying too much on smartphones or tablets

Experts say hunching over mobile devices such as phones or tablets for long periods of time can lead to overstretching of the muscles in the neck and back, which can affect the lumbar spine and increase the risk of back pain.

4, the office chair is too comfortable, sitting for a long time

Even if office chairs are expensive, ergonomically engineered and comfortable to sit in, they can cause back injuries, experts say. The study found that sitting for long periods of time not only reduces blood flow to the disc, but also puts 30 percent more pressure on the spine than standing or walking.

The bra doesn't fit

Experts say women with larger breasts experience more weight and are more likely to suffer back soreness than those with smaller breasts. The right bra minimizes breast pressure, while the wrong bra can lead to more back muscle pain.

6. Excessive psychological pressure

Experts say that emotional stress, stress, and back muscles can be very tense, which can lead to muscle stiffness in the whole body, including the back.

how to reduce back bone pain

Back pain

1. After sitting for an hour, get up and walk, stretch or stand up and shake your body. In addition to communicating with colleagues and going to the toilet, you can also catch more water and wash your hands. Depending on your situation, moving around can help balance stress in your body.

2, put a cushion behind the chair, will reduce the pressure on the waist, feel uncomfortable to change the position. Stretch, relax your spine, and breathe freely.

3. Instead of sitting down right after lunch, walk around and relax.

Get up early or go to bed and work out for about 10 minutes. Run, jump rope, or do some push-ups, sit-ups, or simple yoga moves.

5, might as well every other period of time, left and right shake legs for five minutes, can improve lower limb circulation, slow knee leg, waist stiffness. Stand the foot unbend, go up tiptoe to become warped inside, make the back meridian of whole foot feels ache, make the circulation of foot gradually become good.

6, white-collar friends returned home, should choose to nest in the sofa with the remote control to watch TV. In fact, such practices are unhealthy, because in the company sitting office and so on a day, the evening home if do not exercise, physique will gradually decline. You can choose to put the remote away from the TV and then get up to change the channel manually, so that you can have the effect of back and even whole body movement.

7, use TV commercials to do some simple back pain prevention activities, such as pressure legs, squatting, washing dishes, pouring water, organizing documents and so on.

8. If you can afford it, you can buy a treadmill and keep it at home. If white-collar friends have unfinished business, or have a hobby of reading, can run at home while reading. However, it is important to note that the speed of the treadmill must be adjusted slowly, so as to ensure that there are no accidents and injuries to the human body.

9. In order not to be attacked by back pain, you can choose to set multiple alarm clocks in your mobile phone, and then write down what time it is to get up, stretch, take a walk, etc. You can do corresponding exercises at a fixed time, and then you will form a habit.

10, you can walk on the ground upside down, knees do not bend, while swinging arms evenly breathing, every morning for half an hour.

11, with both hands to pull a towel, flat over the head, and arms straight, tiptoe, forward for 10 minutes, and then backward for 10 minutes.

how to reduce back bone pain

Back pain what to eat

1. Whole grains

Whole grains are rich in dietary fiber, and if you have a healthy stomach, eating them can relieve chronic pain. Whole grains are a good source of magnesium, which has been shown in animal studies to ease muscle soreness.

2, ginger

Ginger is a spice that we often eat in our daily life. Ginger contains active components such as gingerol and gingerolone, which have analgesic effects and are the best painkiller in ancient times. This is why we advocate drinking brown sugar ginger tea when we have dysmenorrhea, and not just because ginger can keep the wind away and warm the palace.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil, known as "liquid gold," is rich in antioxidant polyphenols and saturated fat, which can relieve pain such as broken bones after exercise.

4, salmon

Salmon and mackerel contain "pain busters" – omega-3 fatty acids. However, certain substances in mackerel can be harmful to people with high uric acid, so lower back pain, hand pain… Eat salmon 2-3 times a week.

5, nuts,

Nuts like almonds and walnuts also contain small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which can help ease body pain. Office workers can add nut salad to their afternoon snack.

Conclusion: if wear shoe wrong, body weight exceeds bid and the stooping that spends too long, can appear backache. When it happens, we need to get up and walk more often, put cushions on our seats, or stretch more often. These are all ways to prevent and relieve it. Incorporating whole grains, ginger and nuts into your life can all help ease back pain.

Neck and shoulder muscle pain in the office. Is stretching enough? Therapist: it's not that simple – AllPainHealing | neck and shoulder pain/lower back/pain relief

With the spread of health knowledge, more and more people begin to pay attention to stretching.

Especially after a day's desk work, when neck and shoulder fatigue and soreness appear, people like to do some stretching and relaxing exercises of cervical vertebra or shoulder to relieve the fatigue of neck and shoulder.

But have you noticed these problems?

Although we feel comfortable and relaxed during or after stretching, it seems that after a while these neck and shoulder aches and pains begin to appear again.Even if you stretch every day, the benefits of stretching seem to decrease, and sometimes it's just a few minutes of comfort.Ever wonder why you don't stretch enough and need more stretching?

Today we look at the following:

Why can stretching relieve neck and shoulder fatigue in the office?Why is stretching less effective in relieving office neck and shoulder fatigue? Attached to deal with office neck and shoulder pain method.Why can stretching relieve neck and shoulder fatigue in the office?

This needs to be explained from two perspectives.

First, let's talk about the causes of neck and shoulder fatigue and soreness in the office.

This is usually related to the bone, muscle, ligament and other tissues in the neck and shoulder that are under constant pressure.

When persistent stress builds up and slowly exceeds the tissue's capacity, it is likely to cause some minor damage to the tissue.

If these small injuries start to outpace the body's ability to repair itself, the damage can build up and we can easily get sore. This kind of injury and soreness can make muscles weaker and less powerful.

relief for back pain in

In addition, due to the continuous pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles, some muscles will be contracted for a long time in order to reduce the impact of pressure.

For example, we often hit the keyboard with the mouse, cervical vertebra and shoulder will unconsciously move forward. At this point, the muscles that control the forward movement of the neck and shoulders will often contract.

relief for back pain in

To reduce stress and increase the efficiency of contraction,The muscles that control the forward movement of the neck and shoulders become tense.

relief for back pain in

Next, let's find out why stretching can quickly relieve sore neck and shoulder muscles.

Stretching can be understood as stretching the muscles to the sides.

In this process, it will change the continuous stress state of the muscles and reduce muscle tightness, so as to ease the pain of neck and shoulder muscles and make yourself feel relaxed.

For example, we spend too much time typing in front of a computer, causing neck and shoulder muscle pain due to constant stress. But by changing your posture, or simply lifting your head/side up/shoulders shrug, you will always feel more relaxed after releasing stress.

relief for back pain in

In addition, as muscle tension decreases and activity increases, the nerve threshold (critical value) for pain is reset, which increases one's tolerance for pain.

As a result, after stretching, our tolerance for pain increases and we experience pain relief more quickly.

Why is stretching less effective in relieving neck and shoulder fatigue and soreness? Attached to deal with office neck and shoulder pain method.

As mentioned above, the occurrence of neck and shoulder muscle soreness is usually associated with persistent stress. Constant stress not only tightens muscles, it also damages them and reduces their strength.

Stretching, on the other hand, temporarily changes the stress state and resets the pain threshold. Although it relieves tension in neck and shoulder muscles, it does not directly restore the strength and stress tolerance of neck and shoulder muscles.

So it's easy to see that even though the muscles aren't as tight after stretching, the fatigue and soreness don't seem to go away completely.

So what should we do about office neck and shoulder muscle soreness?

First, change the state of persistent stress

Changing the constant stress state, in other words, is to avoid holding a position for too long.

Accordingly, suggest a small alarm clock might as well be set in office process, every interval 30-60 minutes or so, simple activity neck shoulder is loosened, specific motion also can refer to below agitate stretch action.

relief for back pain in

Second, add muscle strengthening exercises

Muscle-strengthening exercises increase muscle strength, improve the ability of muscles to withstand stress, and help relieve muscle soreness.

Common neck muscle strengthening exercises:

relief for back pain in

Action points:

Stand with your upper body upright and try to keep your ears and shoulders in line.Put your hand on your forehead, the back of your head, or the left and right sides of your brain, and apply pressure.Finally charge the cervical vertebra, against these pressures, hold 5~10 seconds.Note: the muscles in the cervical spine are small in size, unlike those in our lower back.If dizziness or other discomfort occurs, the action can be reduced or temporarily stopped.Common shoulder back strengthening exercises

For the relief of shoulder pain, it is usually recommended to strengthen the muscles in the inner shoulder blades of the back.

Back strengthening not only reduces the pressure on the shoulders, but also prevents shoulder blades from moving up due to long periods of forward movement, such as keyboarding. (the shoulder blades move up, which increases the friction between bones and muscles/ligaments, aggravating pain.)

relief for back pain in

Stretch out your hands in a "w" shape.Grip your shoulder blades inwards while swinging your hands back.Be careful not to hunch over the whole time.If uncomfortable, reduce the number of movements or pause the movement.Third, stretch your muscles properly

While stretching doesn't seem to relieve pain in the long term, it helps relieve tension in the muscles and relieve pain and discomfort more quickly. We can do it properly. Such as:

relief for back pain in

In a standing or sitting position, place your hands behind your back to let your shoulders sink and hold them in place.Turn your head to one side and gently stretch one side of your neck to the shoulder.If not, the head can be pulled by hand to one side more; Hold for 10 seconds.If dizziness or other discomfort occurs, the action can be reduced or temporarily stopped.

relief for back pain in

In a standing or sitting position, place your hands behind your back to let your shoulders sink and hold them in place.Turn your head to one side at a 45-degree Angle, then lower your head to slightly stretch one ear to the shoulder.If not, the head can be pulled by hand to one side more; Hold for 10 seconds.If dizziness or other discomfort occurs, the action can be reduced or temporarily stopped.conclusion

With that said, let's wrap up today's talk:

Admittedly, office neck and shoulder soreness can be alleviated by stretching.In the long term, however, relieving office neck and shoulder muscle soreness also requires attention to changing the continuous stress state (simple activities with 30-60 minute intervals), and attention to adding muscle strengthening exercises to improve the ability of muscles to withstand stress.Note: if neck and shoulder muscle pain is accompanied by hand numbness, dizziness and other symptoms, it is recommended to seek professional doctors or rehabilitation therapists to provide sports rehabilitation program.Previous articles:

Is bone hyperplasia of cervical vertebra long bone spur very serious? Does the bone spur break the skin?

How long have you been fooled by the idea that exercise is better than bed rest? Rehabilitation process of retroankle sprain

How should office worker protect cervical vertebra? Doctor: learn these four tips well, and keep cervical spondylosis away from you

Why brush one's teeth when washing a face lumbago? It is the misfortune that gluteus major muscle causes originally! – AllPainHealing | lower back/pain in your lower back/muscle pain

Welcome to today's fitness class, I'm xiaobian bing. [article 148 of "fitness class"]

Preface: "brush your teeth, wash your face, when your body is slightly bent forward, the vertebra above your buttocks has a dull pain? When you get up, the moment you stand up, you feel pain in your waist? It's ok to stand and walk, but you can't sit on the comfortable and soft sofa for a long time." do you also have such trouble? In fact, it is the gluteus maximus stiffness (or strain) caused by the transfer of pain.

Every effect has a cause. In order to defeat an enemy, you have to understand the enemy once and understand what caused the gluteus maximus injury? What if I get hurt? And how to prevent gluteus maximus stiffness or strain during daily life or exercise? Hurry up and read on!

Recognize the gluteus maximus

Gluteus maximus, the main function is to let people perform from sitting to stand up, or squat to stand up. Accurately speaking, is in the change of posture, shift, will be more force; For example, the body executes up and down stairs, climb a mountain to wait, when the action that concerns height, can use gluteus major muscle group.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Extended to sports, including running, squatting, jumping more ball movement (such as basketball and volleyball), cycling, squat, deadlift, kettlebell, push pedal and other weight training, are also closely related to the gluteus maximus muscle. So if gluteus maximus is weak or pulled, can bring great inconvenience to life and motion really.

Gluteus maximus pulled? Bad exercise habits are the main cause

"Patients who have experienced gluteus maximus stiffness or strain are more likely to experience heavy training." Have such circumstance, basically because excessive or improper use gluteus major muscle, not only cannot strengthen muscle, cause easily to tear instead. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain good muscle condition during training, and the number of training groups and plans must be gradual, do not suddenly exceed their own load, to prevent injury.

Also further sharing, causing gluteus maximus strain with age, gender more irrelevant; Movement and habit are more influential. Simply put, people who use more gluteus maximus muscles are more likely to strain. For example, usually do not climb a mountain habit, suddenly a long climb, or challenge the difficult route, leading to gluteus maximus constantly pull, easy to cause a strain. In addition, slipped buttocks ground pressure to the gluteus maximus, is also a common cause of injury.

severe lower back pain treatment home

What are the features of gluteus maximus stiffness/strain?

Gluteal major muscle injury can be divided into two situations, the first is pulled; The second is that muscles are too tight, resulting in stiffness and "transfer pain".

1.Gluteus maximus pulled: the feeling of pain will fall on the muscle strain, and is obvious, and there will be pain at all times, belongs to the more serious condition of injury, recovery time is longer.

2.Transfer pain: because gluteus maximus is stiff, bring about when want to exert weakness, have easily "transfer painful" condition happens. Usually when walking may not feel special, but sitting for a long time is easy to have the phenomenon of lumbar acid; In more severe cases, pain in the sacral vertebra may occur upon waking up.

severe lower back pain treatment home

For the "metastatic pain" that is more likely to occur in general people, special examples are given:"For example, when you stand under a shower head to wash your hair, brush your teeth or wash your face, you may not feel the sensation of standing up straight. However, during the 1-2 minutes when your body is bent forward, you may feel the pain in your lower back, which is caused by the tightness of your gluteus maximus muscle and the weakness of your gluteus maximus muscle."

The other is oppression. For example, when some people have problems with gluteus maximus, as long as a long time to sit on the sofa or relatively soft chair, the waist will feel uncomfortable.This type of chair covers the entire buttocks, but as the chair is soft, there is less pressure on the gluteus maximus at first, but over time, after 30-60 minutes or so, the gluteus maximus will begin to suffer, leading to lumbago (or, more specifically, pain around the sacrum). So it's also been said that the transfer pain of the gluteus maximus can be very uncomfortable.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Why the soft couch? It is to sit basically hard chair, gluteus maximus won't touch chair face, cause stimulation further, can sit a bit longer, nevertheless time is too long, still can produce uncomfortable feeling.

How should gluteus maximus stiff/pull do?

If the situation is mild, as long as no longer stimulate, is likely to improve over time. So some people will feel ignored, while others will knock on the pain point and the pain will disappear. He said it was an illusion caused by the touch covering up the pain and that punching your head could cause swelling.

What is the right response?"First of all, we must first understand after muscle will become stiff and tight, and muscle tension, can cause blood circulation is bad, will let the muscle pain more. Then because of the pain, muscle will again become tighter, form a vicious circle. So on physical therapy, we have to solve the first step is to break the vicious cycle, reduce the pain, the muscles relax."

severe lower back pain treatment home

When it comes to the actual treatment, explain that the main use of unarmed pressure, the muscle will become more and more soft; Ultrasound is also used if there is inflammation or swelling that needs to be removed. But should pay special attention to, not be cured after treatment, also not painless, can continue the original level of training. The goal of treatment is to relax the muscles and allow the gluteus maximus to recover slowly. And want to return the court truly or athletic field, need with the means of gradual progress, increase resistance to follow training slowly, let gluteus major muscle can adapt. If you jump the gun, it's easy to get injured again.

Injured gluteus maximus how long can ability restore?

After treatment, if you want to return to daily life, you can sit, stand and so on without pain, generally speaking, it takes one to two weeks. It would take at least one and a half to two months to restore the original level of exercise, such as playing a full court basketball game and playing 1-2 hours of exercise, but such time is a fairly conservative estimate. Because of soft tissue injury sometimes, the recovery period needs 3-6 months, but mainly depends on the severity of the injury, mild of course will be faster.Additional, be injured initial stage avoids to use ache place, also can accelerate the restoration of gluteus maximus muscle.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Squats are the best way to strengthen exercise

The simplest and most effective way to strengthen gluteus maximus is to squat.Example: "if you suddenly move a lot of weight (such as moving) in a short period of time, but you are one of the regular squat (50 a day) trainers, muscles can cope with such movements, nature is not easy to hurt." So, don't get the wrong idea, as long as the training is easy to get injured, the key is to pay attention to maintain the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles during the training, so in addition to the training, you need to do more stretching, using roller, massage gun, or sports massage to help the muscles relax and avoid stiffness.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Emphasize finally, must be injured medical treatment and common muscle restore divide into two things, if common sports meeting often USES gluteal major muscle, after motion is about to spend more time to stretch or massage to loosen. However, if you have a muscle strain, you should ask a physical therapist to help identify the injury, understand the cause of the injury, and then appropriate medicine, rather than just massage and stretch to improve, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of exercise without any worries.

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Detoxify, the key is back! Do this to rid the body of moisture and cold for a year – AllPainHealing | neck pain/leg pain/back problems

The health of the back often directly reflects the normal functioning of the viscera.

It can be seen that the back is a barometer of health, is a solid protective barrier of the human body, whether it is in the growth and development of children, or vigorous young adults, or the elderly, pay attention to the back and the correct maintenance of the back, is equal to health injection of vitality and vitality.

To conserve the back is to nourish our internal organsIt is regulating our heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

2. Bladder meridian is the largest detoxification channel

There are bladder meridians on both sides of the spine, and the organs of the human body have acupoints on the back bladder meridians. These acupoints are channels to run qi and blood and to contact the organs, so stimulating these acupoints can stimulate the Yang qi of the organs.

pain at base of back

In fact, conditioning is also an excellent way to detoxify, and the reason why is because of the bladder meridian on the back,In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, the bladder meridian is the body's largest detoxification channel.

3, the back of a du vein, for the Yang vein of the sea

The back has a du vein, which is the sea of Yang veins, and also the channel for the accumulation and operation of Yang qi!

If the vessel stasis, the spring Yang qi is not good, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine will follow the problem, so the whole body will be affected, causing insufficient blood supply to the brain, stroke, brain degeneration, periarthritis of shoulder, blood sugar instability and other dozens of diseases.

pain at base of back

It can be seen that the back of the human body is a very important part, the regulation of internal organs plays an important role, can reconcile Yin and Yang, prolong life.

Therefore, curing back is to nourish our viscera and regulate our heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

Do back not only can get rid of the body's cold and wet, toxins, but also can alleviate the neck shoulder waist leg pain symptoms, will make the heavy body feel relaxed abnormal, ease the body fatigue, improve sleep quality, the irascible over sheng has a great relief.

So in ordinary life, how to raise back?

In fact, it is very simple, do a few actions at home to raise the good, the method is as follows:

Action 1: cradle roll back

pain at base of back

Put a blanket on the floor, the floor is not too hard, after sitting, bend your legs, hands on the knee, the center of gravity between the tailbone and the sitting bone, that is, under our hips, put the left foot and right foot up, thigh must be close to the abdomen, keep this movement back and forth swing.

This back rolling, rolling every morning, rolling repeatedly for three to five minutes, after each roll will feel hot back, this shows that qi and blood drexel, rolling back to heat when Yang qi naturally hair. This is a compulsory spring course, we must adhere to it.

Action 2: stimulate the bladder meridian

pain at base of back

The wei zhong point of genu fossae is an important big point on bladder classics! Chinese medicine has a formula called "waist back wei zhongqiu", all the waist, back problems, can be solved through this point. Often press knead or flap weizhong point can stimulate the operation of bladder via qi and blood, better detoxification.

A lot of in old age friend, genu fossa often is to beat outward, and can have mixed and disorderly green vein, this is the signal of gas blood impassability of lumbar back, need often pats hind genu fossa.

Action 3: get through the back hub

pain at base of back

Find a doorpost and put your hands on either side of it. Stand with one foot in front and one foot behind, lunging with your hind legs as straight as possible. Stretch your arms until they feel tight. Stand in this position for three minutes, then switch legs and lunge for three minutes.

This stretching action is very good for getting through the back channels and collaterals!

Action four: get through big vertebra point

pain at base of back

Rub both hands neck vertebra point to fever.

Cervical vertebra is the upper hub of du mai and bladder classics, patency here can let Yang qi be born to send, still can prevent the series symptom that causes with cervical vertebra stasis!

Action 5: get through the middle back hub

pain at base of back

Every day anywhere at any time the hands rub back heat. Here is the mingmen point, shenyu point, is the central hub of the vessel, bladder meridian.

The meridian of the governor and the meridian of the bladder are only channels and have no energy of their own! It needs the promotion of kidney qi to complete the function of Yang qi to generate hair and detoxify.

Therefore, it is the most simple and direct way to stimulate the point of mingmen and shenyu. It is also the most important acupuncture point to get through the meridians of the back!

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that maintaining the back is the same as maintaining life. If you have time to raise the back regularly, you will get the following benefits:

(1) relax nerves, promote blood circulation, strengthen brain support, relieve shoulder and neck pain, neuralgia, muscle pain, migraine.

(2) improve the symptoms of insomnia, dreaminess and mental weakness, strengthen the mind and make the body energetic.

(3) improve the nervous and stagnant mental state and refresh the mind.

(4) improve immunity, improve sub-health and enhance body resistance.

(5) improve skin dryness, dullness, spots and other skin defects caused by liver qi stagnation.

(6) prevent periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis……

Scrapping – scraping the vessel and foot sun bladder meridian

Luofu mountain national medicine therapy is "o" is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine scrapping, massage, massage and techniques, under the guidance of TCM theory, the pain point is o (holes) on the shallow surface, combined with the oil of luofu mountain grass bouquet, luofu mountain black plaster disease within a kind of combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment methods, the periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, rheumatism, strain of lumbar muscles, such as the treatment of common diseases have a significant effect.

"Ah shi sha" is a technique in the treatment. It is easy to operate and has the effects of detoxifying and detoxifying, removing wind and dampness, relieving meridian and relieving swelling and pain. When the disease is treated, emergency is saved, pain is stopped, no matter in any occasion, can be on the human pain point treatment, significant curative effect, favored by the general public, is the best choice of daily self-care.

pain at base of back

Why luofu mountain baicao oil scrapping

1. Strong penetration and quick start

Luofu mountain baocao oil prescription contains 11 kinds of plant essential oils, such as methyl salicylate, turpentine, clove basil oil, borneol, peppermint oil, etc., which can quickly pass through the skin, carry the effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine directly to the lesion, and treat the disease quickly.

2, the scrapping speed is fast

The effect of scrapping is considered as toxin. Due to the strong penetration of 11 plant essential oils of luofu mountain baicao oil and its strong ability of eliminating dampness and toxin, it can greatly shorten the time of scrapping and have a higher efficiency.

3, measles disappear quickly

If you use ordinary scrapping oil, the scrapping effect will disappear within 5-7 days. Luofu mountain baicao oil is used as the scrapping oil, because of its unique detoxification and detoxification effect, it only takes 3-4 days for the scrapping effect to disappear.

4. Prevent infection

The pores are enlarged during scrapping, and scrapping has slight damage to the skin. For example, the use of scrapping oil without anti-inflammatory effect is easy to cause skin infection, while luofu mountain baoxao oil has anti-inflammatory (detoxification) effect, which can prevent infection due to scrapping.

5. Good smell

Luofu mountain baocao oil is made from 68 Chinese herbs and 11 kinds of plant essential oils. It has a faint scent of Chinese herbs and is suitable for all types of people without any aversion.

6. Does not irritate the skin

Luofu mountain baocao oil does not contain alcohol, and is based on tea oil.

7, suitable viscosity, no pain

The commonly used scrapping oil has too high viscosity and no effort during scrapping. Or viscosity is too small, scraping pain is stronger. Luofu mountain baocao oil has the right viscosity, more affinity with the skin, good lubrication, and can reduce the pain caused by scrapping.

8. Never touch clothes

There are few oily substances in luofu mountain baocao oil, which is mainly the original liquid of Chinese herbal medicine. After scrapping, most of the liquid medicine has penetrated into the skin, and there is no residual oil stains on the skin surface and no clothes.

9. Relax

Luofu mountain baicao oil itself has the effect of dispelling wind and detoxifying. Using luofu mountain baicao oil as scrapping oil can increase the effect of scrapping to remove dampness and detoxification.

10. The combination of nourishing and treating has remarkable curative effect

Luofu mountain baocao oil has the effect of reducing swelling and killing pain.combined with TCM scrapping therapy, it can not only play the role of health care, but also have a good therapeutic effect on headache, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, pain of waist and leg and other difficult diseases, and the treatment cycle is obviously shorter.

To sum up, the use of luofushan baoxao oil as scrapping oil can not only make up for some drawbacks existing in the TCM scrapping therapy, but also greatly enhance the health care and treatment effect of scrapping, which is incomparable with other scrapping oil.

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

Sometimes practice dance suddenly leg cramps, the whole body after exercise back pain! – AllPainHealing | back pain/muscle pain

Dance friends, iris 🌞 :

Support dance learning art students, one minute on the stage under ten years of work, behind the sweat flow for a perfect 3-minute dance is really not easy, come on!!!

Dance friends ♛ @ night sky fantasy ♛ :

Don't look at the stage bright and beautiful, behind the scars and sweat.

Dancer · bubbles:

I am learning to dance, dancing is very tired, I have been grazed n times, thought about giving up, but finally insisted on!

Respect everyone who can dance, no matter how hard they are or how ugly they are. Respect them when you see their clothes soaked in sweat as they practice

All formal careers involve sweat and effort, and dancing is easy to do in your eyes, but you know what? When we jump, jump to a knee injury, and sometimes dance movements require strength, tired to lift his arm and leg lift, the second day of arms and legs are like muscle pain, there is no experience is don't know dance and so leisurely and simple as you think, each dancer, there is no real learning a person not injury, is not we love injured, love to practice, we are responsible for what they really love, dance is not one or two you can insult, please respect our favorite things, also it is respect yourself.

舞友·only queen:

Every day in our school, teachers and members are in class from 8 am to 8 PM. At the beginning, I thought it would not be very tiring to learn dance movements, and it would be quite relaxing. Later, when I was working in the lobby, I heard their shouts of physical fitness in the classroom, and I felt very distressed. But because of love never complain or give up but keep on practicing every day. It's because I've seen them sweat in the middle of winter and walk with a limp that the real dancers are really awesome and worthy of respect. I also hope that you have the right attitude towards dancers.(Thank you for your hard work!)

Kidney pain is it? Back pain? How do you tell – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve

Kidney pain may occur in the back, groin or thigh

Renal pain may occur below the ribs on either side of the spine. Although the pain comes from deep inside the body, it still feels painful.

Whether pain occurs on one or both sides depends on whether the disease affects one or both kidneys.

Kidney pain can radiate to other areas, such as:

Side of the body

The abdomen

In the groin

The thigh

Type and severity of pain

Smaller kidney stones can often pass through the urinary system without causing severe pain. However, larger kidney stones can cause acute pain. When kidney stones move from the kidney to the ureter, the pain is usually worse. The ureter is a small tube that connects the kidney to the bladder and forms part of the urinary system.

Kidney infection can cause stable pain or soreness.

03 concomitant symptoms

Diseases that affect the kidneys may cause other symptoms, such as:

Cloudy or hematuria

The urine pain




Constipation or diarrhea




Signs of severe kidney damage or problems may include:

Bad breath

Metallic taste

Shortness of breath

Swollen legs, ankles, or feet



Muscle cramps

The cause of kidney pain

Symptoms of renal pain include:

Urinary tract infection (utis)

Kidney stones

Kidney infections

Kidney blood clots

Kidney trauma or injury

Back pain

Back pain is very common. Most of the back pain is back pain. Problems affecting muscles, bones or nerves in the back can cause back pain. The location, severity, and accompanying symptoms of back pain depend on the cause.

01 pain position

Back pain can occur anywhere in the back. However, most people suffer from back pain in the lower back.

Muscle pain is a feeling of dull pain or soreness. Certain physical activities can trigger or exacerbate muscle pain, which can range from mild to severe, and can fluctuate as a result of stretching.

People with nerve pain experience burning or tingling pain that spreads to other parts of the body.

Sciatica is a nerve pain that affects the back. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or compressed, causing a burning pain that can radiate into the buttocks.

Bone pain can result from a fractured vertebra or irregular shape of the spine. This type of pain can occur suddenly. Bone pain ranges from moderate to severe and is usually aggravated with exercise.

Other possible symptoms of back pain include:

Pain or stiffness in the spine

A sharp, tingling pain in the neck

Difficulty standing up straight because of pain or muscle spasms

Trouble walking

Numbness or tingling in the back, radiating to the extremities

One or both legs are weak

The bladder cannot be emptied

Urinary incontinence

Diarrhea or constipation

The cause of back pain

A person may have back pain due to poor posture

A pulled muscle or ligament in the back is a common cause of back pain. People can strain their backs by overstretching, carrying too much weight or using the wrong way to lift weight.

Other causes of back pain include:

Poor posture

Sit or stand for long periods of time

Muscle tension

A back injury, such as a fracture or fall

Disc damage, slippage, or rupture

Abnormal curvature of the spine

The tumor

Diseases that can cause back pain include:

Inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and spondylitis


Herpes zoster

Spinal tumor


Cauda equina syndrome affects the nerves at the base of the spinal cord

Abdominal aortic aneurysm


When do you go to see the doctor

Mild back pain is usually treated with home rest, heat therapy and over-the-counter pain killers. However, if pain is caused by trauma, see a doctor.

It is important for people with kidney stones or signs of kidney infection to see a doctor.

You should also seek medical advice if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Persistent or severe pain, no improvement after rest

Back pain is getting worse with time

Pain, numbness, or tingling radiating downward in the leg or arm

Difficulty walking or standing

Unexplained weight loss

Bladder or bowel problems crop up


The kidneys sit below the ribs on either side of the spine and lean against the muscles in the back, which means it is sometimes difficult to tell whether it's back pain or kidney pain.

Renal pain may occur on one or both sides of the lower back ribs. Causes of renal pain include urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and blunt instrument injury to the kidney.

Back pain affects the entire back, but most back pain occurs in the lower back. People may have back pain from lifting heavy objects, poor posture, sitting or standing for long periods of time. Some diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis and infections, can also cause back pain.

Recognizing the difference between kidney pain and back pain can lead to early diagnosis and better treatment.

Blue rice hairdressing school: massage this meridian, backache department of gynaecology blain blain all cured together! – AllPainHealing | back muscle pain/backache/muscle pain

This meridian is the bladder meridian. The bladder meridian is the body's largest detoxification channel, but also the body against the outside wind and cold is an important barrier. Bladder meridian is closely related to women's health. The detoxification of bladder meridian can play a good role in beauty and health maintenance.

how to get relief from backache

"Su · ask ling LAN mysterious treatise" said: "the bladder, the state capital officials, string liquid storage yan, gasification can be out. This means that the bladder is the place where we store our body's water and fluids. It USES its gasification function to help us turn the water and fluids we don't use into urine and get it out of the body. Most of the toxins in a woman's body are excreted through urine, feces and sweat. So, the bladder meridian is a woman's biggest detoxification channel.

Bladder meridian is like a diligent cleaner, it looks not so remarkable, but all over the city, once it is not, or it does not work well, our body this city will be in an irremediable state of paralysis.

how to get relief from backache

The bladder meridian is also the longest meridian on our women, with 67 (also known as 67 pairs) acupoints. The acupuncture points on both sides of the dorsal spine are all acupuncture points of the bladder meridian. Massage the whole back, or moxibustion, scraping, cupping on the back can easily remove the poison from the bladder.

Full solar bladder meridian is at its peak from 3pm to 5pm every day. At this time, if you stimulate it, you can get the toxins out of your body faster. At this time, drink more water to speed up the excretion of urine.

1. Impassability of bladder: cold wind, uncomfortable neck and back muscle pain; Waist and knee acid and soft, varicose veins, frequent urine; Yellow urine, prostatic hypertrophy.

how to get relief from backache

2. Obstruction of bladder passage in the back can lead to heartache, yellowing and sweating.

3. When upper urinary tract infection, lower urinary tract obstruction and reduced resistance to bladder diseases, the normal barrier of bladder mucosa against infection is easily destroyed, and the bladder is easily infected.

how to get relief from backache

4. Edema occurs because the bladder is blocked, which prevents the release of moisture and toxins from the body. Whole person also can be corporeal, lift spirit, total feeling cannot lift leg. Dark yellow face, acne, acne, a variety of skin problems.

1. Stimulate the bladder passage, which can effectively get through the body's qi and blood, so as to let the female qi and blood flourish.

how to get relief from backache

2. If you have much leucorrhea and become yellow, press and rub the Yin points on the little toes of your feet for 20 minutes every day, and the leucorrhea decreases and the color becomes lighter for three days. After a week, the white ribbon returns to its normal color and flow.

3. If you have early white hair and acne on your forehead, pinching and rubbing feet yingshui acupoint every day for 30 minutes, persist for 1 month, you can see surprising effects.

4. If you are constipated and have hemorrhoids, knead the bundle of bones (wood hole) for 30 minutes every day to relieve constipation and prevent the formation of hemorrhoids.

5. If you have cervical pain and stiff neck, press and knead kunlun point (jinghuo point) for 30 minutes every day, and drink coix seed paste of black bean and sesame seeds, and the symptoms can be relieved for 3 to 5 days.

how to get relief from backache

6. If your urine is red and yellow with a strong taste, press and knead weizhong acupoint (hetu acupoint) for 20 minutes every day, and drink more water, and the symptoms will be improved in three days.

how to get relief from backache

7. If your face is dark yellow, acne, dysmenorrhea, massage tai chong point vigorously every day, promote liver detoxification, can effectively alleviate symptoms.

how to get relief from backache

8. If your period is small and short, consider the presence of toxins in your kidneys. Every day forcibly massage yongquan point, can promote kidney detoxification, improve menstrual discomfort.

how to get relief from backache

Find the tianzhu acupoint under the occipital bone. It feels like a soft depression. Press down hard.

General pain, bladder meridian is not general neck, shoulder, back and other pain.

how to get relief from backache

How do you get through the bladder meridian? Moxibustion, chipping, scraping, cupping, buttock tapping (which can be painful and cold if you have a blocked bladder) can be used in many ways.

Still can use palm root to knead to tailbone all the time from cervical vertebra, flesh too thick word also can use elbow to knead. Major beauty salons also offer massage services to regulate bladder menstruation.

Note that the bladder meridian is also important on the leg and can be used for moxibustion, scraping, cupping, rubbing, and beating, as long as it is sufficiently stimulated.

Return but two legs stretch out straight, bend over waist two hands to touch the ground, backward backward body bends and sit-up, still have the action on a lot of yoga, want to be able to stimulate only lumbar and the bladder classics of the side after ham, that can use completely.

how to get relief from backache

We can use massage from top to bottom to clear this meridian. Acupoints have good pain effect when massaging. It is to be close to foot ministry more commonly when painful feeling is smaller, want to massage this meridian repeatedly so. When pinching the outside of the little toe with your fingernail, the pain to the Yin point is like needling. Then massage it regularly to keep it flowing.

The optimal time that stimulates bladder classics should be afternoon 3-5 o 'clock, it is bladder classics at this moment when order, the qi and blood of bladder classics at this moment is most flourishing, if can massage, cleared qi and blood, have very good health care effect to human body.

Especially the bladder meridian is a can go to the brain meridians, so qi and blood is easy to be transferred to the brain, so this time no matter it is study or work, the efficiency is very high.

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