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Traditional Chinese medicine holds that "medicine and food are homologous"

Because this food is same as Chinese traditional medicine, also have four gas five tastes, also can have what avoid to eat pay attention to. So, in daily life, patients with lumbar disc herniation should eat what, what not to eat should be based on their specific condition to make a certain choice, some food to pay attention to certain taboos, so as not to bring about lingering disease or aggravation.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Cold and wet low back pain

Cold and wet type of lumbar disc herniation patients should eat less food of great cold and fatty food.

Because the food of cold sex damages stomach Yin easily, affect the appetite of patient of lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, go against the recovery of the disease; And fatty food easy to cause moisture evil, wet sticky, easy to make lumbar disc herniation lingering difficult to heal.

Small cock dried ginger soup: dried ginger 30 grams, sichuan grass wu 10 grams, wei lingxian 15 grams.

Practice: add 500 ml of water to the medicine and boil it into 250 ml. Slag adds water 250 milliliter again, boil 125 milliliter, put the liquid medicine that has been boiled successively inside bao, add small cock 1 to go bowel miscellaneous again, cook together, add right amount of wine when face food (5 add skin wine or angelica wine is better). Take the meat and soup in two times.

Efficacy: suitable for cold and wet lumbago, nourishing and strong.

Hot and humid back pain

Hot and humid type of lumbar disc herniation patients should pay special attention not to eat a large amount of rich flavor of food and sour, hot, sweet food,Especially sweet food must eat less.

Nutritious sweet food tends to nourish Yin and at the same time easy to turn wet and produce evil, making the already poor qi more stasis, blood flow is not free, aggravating the disease, such as fat meat, chicken, etc. Sour taste has the effect of convergence in the theory of four qi and five flavors of Chinese medicine. Hot food can help the body heat evil… Internal and external factors work together to cause lumbar disc herniation lingering difficult to recover.

Red bean coix seed porridge with wax gourd: 100g red bean, 100g coix seed and 150g wax gourd.

Qi stagnation blood stasis type lumbago

Patients with lumbar disc herniation of qi stagnation and blood stasis should avoid eating bitter, cold and acidic food and fatty food.Avoid excessive edible heat, xin, gan, warm taste of food and high protein, high calorie food.

Bitter and cold food is not conducive to the movement of qi, acidic convergence, not conducive to the movement of qi huoxue, fatty food and high protein high calorie food easy to change the formation of moisture evil, hinder qi, on the lumbar disc herniation patients is adverse. Excessive hot and spicy food is easy to cause Yang sheng in the body, which leads to the phenomenon of "strong fire eating qi" in traditional Chinese medicine theory. It is not advisable for patients with qi stagnation and blood stasis.

Panax notoginseng rehmanniae lean meat soup: panax notoginseng 12 grams broken, raw ground 30 grams, jujube 4, lean pork 300 grams.

Practice: into the casserole, add the right amount of water, the fire boil and change to a small fire to cook for 1 hour until the lean meat cooked rotten, put the right amount of salt.(drink soup and eat meat, 1 dose every other day)

Efficacy: promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, relieve pain.

Liver and kidney deficiency type lumbago

Liver and kidney deficient lumbar disc herniation patients pay attention to diet acid, bitter, cold food.

Sour food often with cold, often called acid cold, acid cold is not conducive to Yang. Bitter into the heart, the heart in the five elements is fire, the kidney is water, fire and water in the normal situation can supplement each other, to achieve the harmony of water and fire, but the fire is too strong is likely to dry Yin water, not conducive to tonifying Yin. Cold character condenses collect astringent, gram temperature, the product that eats cold and cool not only cannot invigorate kidney Yang, still have the likelihood to make kidney Yang day see decline.

Pork waist soup of eucommia ulmoides: 20 grams of eucommia ulmoides, 15 grams of weiling xian.

Practice: grind the powder separately, mix well, then take the pork kidney (pig kidney) 1 to 2, open, wash away the blood, then put in the powder; Spread evenly after close tight, a total of people into the bowl, add a little water, with a pot device fire long steam. Eat its pork kidney, drink its soup, 1 dose daily (pregnant women avoid using).

Function: it is mainly used for the herniation of lumbar intervertebral disc caused by deficiency of liver and kidney.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Fruits and vegetables

For lumbar spine patients with little or no exercise at ordinary times, their gastrointestinal motility is relatively slow compared with other exercise patients, so it is more necessary to arrange a reasonable diet in daily life.

Eat more fruits, vegetables and soy products and less fatty meat.This causes defecate dry easily, bring about defecate force, lumbar vertebra load is overweight, aggravate lumbago thereby, cause lumbar disc to protrude.

Foods rich in calcium

severe lower back pain treatment home

Calcium is the main component of bone, so get enough of it.Bones also need to be metabolized in adulthood, as well as to calm the mind and ease the pain of a herniated disc.

Foods high in calcium include:Milk (milk, yogurt, cheese), the king of calcium, high in content and easy to absorb.100mg/100ml, 250mg calcium can be added to a pack of 250ml pure milk.Soy products, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts.

Foods rich in vitamin e

severe lower back pain treatment home

Vitamin e has the function of dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and eliminating muscle tension, as well as relieving the pain of lumbar disc herniation.

Foods rich in vitamin e include:Sesame, peanut, soybean, peanut, walnut, melon seeds, animal liver and cream corn are rich in vitamin e. Some fruits also contain a lot of vitamin e, such as mulberry, grape, banana, tomato and kiwi.

Foods rich in vitamin c

severe lower back pain treatment home

Vitamin c can enhance the strength of the lumbar disc fiber ring, eat more vitamin c can also achieve the relief of lumbar disc herniation symptoms.

Foods rich in vitamin c include:Sweet potato, potato, rape flower, green pepper, cabbage, celery, tomato, kiwi, lemon, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, grape.

Foods rich in protein

severe lower back pain treatment home

Protein is an indispensable nutrient for the formation of muscles, ligaments and bones.The food that lumbar disc protrusion sufferer eats still should contain sufficient protein.

Foods high in protein include:Pork, chicken, beef, liver, fish, shellfish, cheese, milk, eggs, soy, soy products.

Foods rich in b vitamins

severe lower back pain treatment home

B vitamins are the nutrients needed for nerve work, not only to relieve the pain caused by a herniated disc, but also to relieve fatigue.

Foods rich in b vitamins include:Millet, soybeans, peanuts, root vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, etc.), pig liver.

Director he sublimation profile

severe lower back pain treatment home

He xuesheng, chief physician, professor, doctoral supervisor, director of spine department, shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Honored as excellent party member of shenzhen health and health committee of the communist party of China, national "guo chunyuan type good doctor", shenzhen excellent traditional Chinese medicine, shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine "top ten medical workers", shenzhen good doctor and so on. Presided over the "clinical research on the treatment of compression fracture of thoracolumbar vertebral body with over-extension traction and elastic compression" project, won the second prize of science and technology progress award of Chinese medical association (201002-35 lc-39-r-oi).

She is good at the diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases in the department of orthopedics, spinal cord and related diseases, osteoporosis. He is good at spine surgery. In 2008, he started percutaneous foraminal endoscopic (peld) minimally invasive surgery for lumbar disc herniation and spinal stenosis in China early, and peld and med minimally invasive surgery for cervical and lumbar degenerative diseases. Currently, more than 6000 cases of lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spinal stenosis have been treated by endoscopy, with rich clinical experience and exquisite surgical techniques. She specializes in the surgical treatment of spinal cord nerve injury, correction of spinal deformity, minimally invasive treatment of osteoporotic vertebral body fracture, etc. He has published 2 sci papers (spine1) and more than 40 professional papers.

Minimally invasive spine expert committee of the standing committee of China association of Chinese medicine, orthopedics branch committee member of China association of Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and western medicine society of China orthopedics branch of intervertebral disc degeneration and restoration expert committee, deputy director of the committee, the Chinese society of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with the orthopaedic endoscopic minimally invasive spine group of the standing committee, the Chinese society of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with spinal medicine professional committee, China international exchange association for the advancement of health care spinal endoscope, rehabilitation medicine association of guangdong province spinal pain and endoscopic technology professional committee, deputy director of the committee, Combine traditional Chinese and western medicine in guangdong province institute of orthopaedics minimally invasive professional committee of the standing committee, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine learn spinal medicine professional committee of the standing committee of guangdong province, guangdong province medical association spine surgery branch committee member, association of guangdong province fractures of orthopedic surgeon branch members, shenzhen federation of Chinese medicine professional committee member, deputy chairman of osteoporosis of shenzhen federation of Chinese medicine professional committee, vice chairman, spine, deputy director of professional committee of shenzhen city medical association member, shenzhen WeiJianWei orthopaedic spinal quality control center member, shenzhen medical association professional committee of the minimally invasive spine group deputy head, shenzhen orthopaedic society of the spine group members, the shenzhen minimally invasive spine group deputy head.

Back pain, leg pain, knee pain, pain can't sleep? These tips will help you get a good night's sleep – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve

Sleep well, the body is healthier, especially the elderly should pay more attention to their sleep. But insomnia is too common, a few common occurrence rate of extremely high back pain, leg pain, knee pain, also seriously affect the quality of sleep.

Patients reflect, joint pain can not sleep, pain, difficult to fall asleep again after awake, especially after the cloudy day, rain, tired is more serious, in order to sleep well, many people will eat painkillers, this really is a way, but given painkillers to gastrointestinal and cardiovascular side effects of larger, will cause serious disease, myocardial infarction in the elderly is not recommended.

Lumbago, leg is painful, knee is painful, how ability sleeps good sleep?

First, what are the common causes of lumbago pain?

1. Sciatica

Sciatica is an illness caused by compression of the sciatic nerve caused by lumbar disc herniation, piriformis syndrome, lumbar spinal stenosis, and lumbar osteophytosis.

As the sciatic nerve travels on the foot from the waist, once it is compressed, it will show pain from the lower back to the back of the thigh, the lower leg and the foot. The pain is quite severe, and some patients describe it as like fire or electric shock.

severe lower back pain treatment home

2. Osteoarthritis and chronic synovitis

Chronic synovitis and osteoarthritis are common diseases of the elderly. Synovitis is a joint disease in which the synovitis is stimulated to produce inflammation, resulting in fluid imbalance and fluid accumulation. Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage between the bones is worn away and the bones grind against each other while walking, which can lead to pain and mobility problems.

The pain range of these two diseases is limited to the knee joint. The joints are swollen and stiff, which are reduced after rest and aggravated by more activities. The pain is more severe especially when going up and down stairs and half squatting.


Obviously, pain is the reason why you can't sleep. The solution is chronic bone and joint pain.

Medications are the most common treatment, and some have been shown to aid sleep. For instance sciatica can take lumbago ning, before going to bed every day half an hour with yellow rice wine to send to take, in addition to at night can better play wen jing tongluo, powder in addition to cold dampness, swelling analgesic effect, also have help to the pain can not sleep crowd, this is because yellow rice wine helps sleep effect, so by many patients favor.

In fact, in addition to choosing drugs, there are some tips to improve sleep.

1, before going to bed external application effect is good

Hot compress can help improve blood circulation, promote blood flow, accelerate inflammation discharge, help relieve pain, and help sleep. Patients with sciatica can use hot water bag to heat the painful area before going to bed.

Knee joint painful patient does not want hot compress, want cold compress knee, cold compress can reduce redness and swelling, reduce pain thereby, apply towel to wrap ice bag when cold compress, avoid frostbite.

2. Soak your feet in Chinese medicine before going to bed

Safflower and ginger have the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, dredging channels and collaterals, and clearing damp to relieve pain.

Can choose 5 grams of safflower, 3 pieces of ginger, put into 1500 ml of warm water (about 40 degrees) soak feet for about 30 minutes, to achieve the whole body sweat, body and mind stretch state. Caution: do not use in patients with hypertension, allergy or ulceration.

3. Choose a pain-relieving sleeping position

For patients with sciatica, try to bend the knee joint slightly when sleeping to make themselves feel very comfortable, which is also helpful for sleep, so as to avoid aggravating the pain caused by the pressure on the sciatic nerve due to sleep position, and even cause insomnia.

Sleep by lying on your side curled up (a cushion between your knees), or lying on your back with a small pillow under your knees, can reduce pressure on your back.

If patients with synovitis and knee bone spurs are accompanied by edema, they can sleep with pillows placed high above the knee to reduce edema.

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

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One pace is good, still painful on add painful, "lumbar ache" be worth operation? – AllPainHealing | back pain/leg pain/back and leg pain

In patients with

"Doctor, my lumbar intervertebral disc herniated, some doctor let me do an operation, I be afraid don't want to do, line line?"

Dr Zhang liang

Line. But you have to live with the pain in your lower back and legs and accept the consequences.

severe lower back pain treatment home

As a spinal surgeon, I have performed spinal surgery for many, many patients. In the outpatient service, I also received many questions from patients with lumbar disc herniation. People often ask me: "doctor, I have a lumbar disc herniation.

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

What is 1 lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion?

Lumbar disc herniation, which is a degenerative disease of the spine, is a benign lesion that is not in itself life-threatening, so I won't go so far as to say that you must have surgery.

You can choose not to do an operation, but you have to be mentally prepared, lumbar protrusion without thorough conservative treatment, the disease will gradually increase with age, you will have to worry about it in the days to come, do nothing will not be open, always worry about back leg pain will not attack; After an occasional bout of back and leg pain, you should be treated for a period of time, about two to four weeks at a time, or longer.

And at some point in the future, the symptoms may be so severe that you may change your mind and become open to surgery. And because the nerve is compressed for too long, irreversible damage can occur, and even after surgery, there may be sequelae, such as residual pain, numbness and muscle atrophy, or even impaired bowel function.

So, does lumbar intervertebral disc herniation patient operate or not, have absolute standard? The answer is: no.

The textbook gives the surgical indications for lumbar disc herniation:

1 the first attack, but the symptoms are very serious;

2. Conservative treatment was ineffective for 2-3 months, with no significant relief of lumbago and leg pain.

3 back and leg pain repeated attacks, gradually increased;

Combined with lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar spondylolisthesis or spinal deformity;

The symptom that appears horsetail nerve damages.

But regulations are dead, people are alive, so there is no absolute answer, no absolute line or no line.

2 why does the patient want surgery?

From the patient's point of view, why should accept an operation, because "painful"!

Pain is a subjective sensation, and different people feel different levels of pain for the same stimulus.

Some patients with disc herniation is not serious, but his subjective pain is very serious; Some patients have disc herniation is very serious, but his subjective pain is not obvious. And the individual differences in pain perception are quite large.

Therefore, I will not persuade patients to undergo surgery, need to "persuade" to accept the surgery, it is not very painful. When the pain becomes unbearable, the patient will ask for surgery.

So, the patient who asked me in the beginning if I could do without surgery, just didn't feel the pain, so I said yes.

severe lower back pain treatment home

What misgivings can the patient have before 3 doing an operation?

Here, give you said a clinic common phenomenon: for patients with lumbocrural pain is too severe, they all active request surgery, but their family members, including spouses, children, they have said the operation is too risky, or carefully, you see how Lao wang had the surgery to next door, let's talk again!"

At this time, no matter what the family is out of consideration, they advised the patient not to operate, they have made a very obvious mistake, is not really respect the feelings of the patient himself. You know, the patient's pain is only known to him, and only he can decide whether the operation is worth the risk, and no one else really knows, including his immediate family.

So, the decision to do or not to do the surgery is in the hands of the patient, the doctor just gave a professional advice.

severe lower back pain treatment home

How does 4 lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion repeat fit to do?

Other patients had pain that was not high enough to require surgery, but recurred.

Back pain once a year, every six months, even every three months, and back pain has been persistent, there is no completely pain-free time. Such patients in the long-term pain of the waist and legs, often unbearable, not only can not insist on work, even life pain, finally depressed, no interest in anything.

In this state of mind, patients will also actively request surgery, or in the doctor's recommendation to actively accept surgery. In order to long pain than short pain, in order to improve the quality of life, in order to regain the joy of life.

Who has the decision-making power to do the operation?

The doctor has the systematic medical theory knowledge, has the long term treatment leg pain patient's clinical experience, can help the patient to achieve the following aspects, but cannot completely for the patient to decide whether to operate.

1 through clinical symptoms to find the root of the disease, let patients know the reason of their back pain;

2. Make differential diagnosis according to symptoms, exclude other possible reasons, and avoid misdiagnosis and mistreatment;

3. According to the severity of symptoms and the development trend of the disease, put forward reasonable treatment programs;

4. According to the specific situation of patients, the most suitable treatment Suggestions are given;

5 urge patients to receive strict conservative treatment to ensure that the treatment is in place and strive for the maximum effect; Or according to the established surgical protocol, the patient to do a refined surgery.

The operation, is not the doctor request to do, is the patient's condition request to do, is the patient's pain request to do.

Source: orthopaedic surgeon

Author: zhang liang

Two hospitals were ordered to pay 700,000 yuan after the man died after surgery to treat back pain – AllPainHealing | back pain/lumbar disc herniation/spinal stenosis

Because the patient geng waist pain to tongzhou district integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital surgery, can appear after geng abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other symptoms, and aggravation, had to be transferred to hospital twice, have to lu he hospital and Japanese and Japanese hospital to continue treatment, but unfortunately Mr. Geng finally died. Mr. Geng's family thinks the hospital medical treatment behavior has fault, sues to the court, claims more than 900 thousand yuan to three hospitals. The first instance court ordered the hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine and the Chinese and Japanese hospitals to pay compensation of more than 450,000 yuan and 250,000 yuan respectively, after which the Chinese and Japanese hospitals refused to appeal. Beijing morning news reporter learned yesterday, the city three intermediate court to reject the appeal of the final ruling.

He was transferred to hospital and died

According to the complaint of Mr. Geng's family, on March 19, 2014, Mr. Geng went to tongzhou hospital of integrated Chinese and western medicine for lumbago pain, and was diagnosed with aralgia syndrome and obstruction of collaterals caused by wind and cold, and was diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar disc herniation, multiple osteoarthrosis of lumbar vertebra and other diseases by western medicine.

On March 25, 2014, the hospital performed lumbar 1-5 discectomy, vertebral decompression, screw and rod system internal fixation, and cage bone graft fusion. After the operation, Mr. Geng presented abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other symptoms, and the disease gradually aggravated, the hospital of integrated Chinese and western medicine can not cure. On March 30, 2014, the patient was transferred to luhe hospital for treatment. After admission, the hospital gave a series of treatment, but still no improvement. On April 1, 2014, Mr. Geng was transferred to the hospital of China and Japan again for treatment. He was diagnosed with pelvic arteriovenous fistula, respiratory failure, septic shock and other symptoms.

Although the patient was treated by the sino-japanese hospital with iliac arteriovenous angiography and stent implantation in the left iliac artery, Mr. Geng unfortunately died on April 12, 2014.

Family members think that the patient because of the back pain to treatment, integrated Chinese and western medicine hospital in the patient postoperative care and nursing improper, leading to patients respiratory and circulatory system, digestive system serious obstacles. Luhe hospital in the occurrence of the above symptoms, the wrong diagnosis, delayed the best time for treatment. However, in the process of patients' treatment, the Chinese and Japanese hospitals did not evaluate the conditions for performing radiography and did not implement relevant security measures, and the medical behaviors of the hospital resulted in the death of the patients. Therefore, the family members asked the three hospitals to pay more than 900,000 yuan in compensation for medical expenses, nursing expenses, death compensation and other losses, and asked the three hospitals to assume joint and several liabilities.

All three hospitals said they were not to blame

For the family's lawsuit request, three hospitals all think they should not bear the responsibility. The integrated Chinese and western medicine hospital argued that it had improved the examination of the patient after admission, that the procedure had gone smoothly and that symptomatic treatment was given after the operation. The hospital of integrated Chinese and western medicine believes that the diagnosis and treatment of patients are in line with medical principles, and the diagnosis of patients after admission is clear, with surgical indications, and the operation is in line with the standard, and the patient is transferred to the hospital in time after the condition changes on the fourth day after the operation, so the hospital of integrated Chinese and western medicine has no fault, and there is no causal relationship between the patient's damage.

Luhe hospital said that the treatment behavior of the hospital was timely and effective, in line with the requirements of the relevant diagnosis and treatment norms. In terms of the result of the patient's death, the hospital had no subjective fault, and there was no legal causal relationship between the patient's damage consequence and the diagnosis and treatment behavior of luhe hospital.

The Chinese and Japanese hospitals argue that the patient was already in a very poor condition when he was admitted, with more than 20 symptoms and a critical condition. After the left iliac artery stent implantation on April 9, the general condition of the patient was too poor, with multiple organ failure. The patient died due to the severity of the disease, and the hospital was unable to recover, so the Chinese and Japanese hospitals should not bear the responsibility.

The court found fault with the two hospitals

The first-instance court believes that combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital, the hospital is to deny its existence fault in the process of diagnosis and treatment, but according to the forensic clinical identification submissions, can be concluded that combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital exists in the process of diagnosis and treatment of the patients with intraoperative operation is not careful, the postoperative complications had given timely and effective treatment of fault, the hospital in the process of diagnosis and treatment "on the left side of the iliac arteriovenous fistula formation" is slightly backward, "incomplete intestinal obstruction diagnosis, patients with failed to give timely and effective treatment, operation cannot be ruled out some negative effects on the patient's illness development's fault.

Combined with other circumstances of this case, the court of first instance ordered that the hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine and the hospital of China and Japan respectively compensate the plaintiff for losses of more than 450,000 yuan and more than 250,000 yuan. After the first instance, the hospital of China and Japan refused to appeal. The second instance of the municipal third intermediate people's court held that there was no factual and legal basis for the appeals of the Chinese and Japanese hospitals, and that the facts were clearly ascertained and the applicable law was correct in the judgment of the first instance, which should be upheld. Therefore, the court rejected the appeal and upheld the final ruling of the original judgment.

Beijing morning news reporter huang xiaoyu

Sit for a long time why to meet lumbago? Is lumbago herniation of lumbar intervertebral disc? – AllPainHealing | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

Sit for a long time why to meet lumbago?

In fact, sitting for long periods of time is extremely damaging to the cervical spine and lumbar spine. The world health organization (who) has long listed sitting as one of the top ten causes of death and disease. By 2020, it is estimated that 70% of the world's diseases will be caused by sitting.

Li weixin, a professor of neurosurgery at tangdu hospital of the air force military medical university, explained that the human spine consists of 26 bones, each of which is "designed" for easy movement, such as rotation and bending. Knees, hips, and ankles are also easy joints. If we sit in a chair for hours a day, five days a week, with our spines, knees, and hips bent for long periods of time, our bodies can become rigid, our muscles can become tense, sore, and even lead to spinal problems such as herniated discs.

The waist discomfort and muscle strain caused by sitting for a long time can be alleviated quickly by changing posture, stretching and relaxing, strengthening waist and back muscle exercise and other methods. But if you let it go without protection, the repetitive effects of low load can reduce tissue tolerance (the strength of the posterior lumbar ligaments and fibrous rings behind the intervertebral discs), and elongated ligaments can cause joint relaxation and instability. Because sit for a long time, lumbar intervertebral disc protrudes the whole body weight presses completely in lumbosacral ministry, pressure is distributed with bearing face uneven, make hind longitudinal ligament is nervous, lose flexibility, cause lumbar intervertebral disc to protrude, compress nerve root.

Professor li weixin suggests that we should develop good habits in our daily life. No matter what kind of work or entertainment we are engaged in, we should do appropriate activities and avoid sitting for a long time.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Is that lumbago herniation of lumbar intervertebral disc?

From clinical and life experience, great majority of friends in the occurrence of lumbago symptoms will think that is lumbar disc herniation. But in fact, back pain is not always caused by lumbar disc herniation.

Lumbar disc herniation is not the only factor that causes the symptoms of backache. Lumbar disc herniation is a common disease with high incidence, which makes many people subconsciously think it is lumbar disc herniation when they have symptoms of lumbar pain. In fact, lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, spinal canal tumor and other diseases are also common causes of patients' symptoms of lumbar pain.

Lumbago is not necessarily a symptom of lumbar disc herniation. Many of you may think that a herniated disc will definitely lead to lower back pain, but this is not the case. Lower back pain is only one of the symptoms that patients may present, rather than necessarily present. Patients with lumbar disc herniation symptoms according to the different prominent location may be: lumbago, lumbosacral pain, back pain, sciatica, limb reflex pain and so on.

severe lower back pain treatment home

If you have a lumbago, you should go to the neurosurgery department of a regular hospital in time for examination, and do the right intervention in time to improve symptoms and slow down the occurrence of degeneration.

New mine laiwu central hospital orthopedics technology re-stepping peak — yan tingwei spine minimally invasive 4.0 technology treatment… – AllPainHealing | leg pain/lumbar spine/back and leg pain

Dazhong net – poster news jinan August 24 – news(zhang zihui correspondent liu gaode)The heat dissipates. On the morning of August 22, Mr. Shang, a 78-year-old patient with severe back and leg pain who recovered from surgery, was in the ward of the first department of bone in laiwu central hospital of xinkuang group. He smiled and shook hands with the director of the department, deputy director of laiwu orthopedics research institute yan tingwei and his surgical team members, sketching a touching scene of doctor-patient affection. What is more touching than this scene is that the success of the operation of this old man means that the orthopedic technology of this hospital is stepping on a new peak, and the lumbar endotlif (endoscopic fusion) technology of "all-visible, zero-technique approach and spine endoscopy 4.0 technology" has reached the international advanced level, which is rare in China! What kind of skill is this? Why does the old man need such sophisticated surgery?

Director yan tingwei and deputy director tang yanjun studied the patients' condition together

According to yan tingwei, at present, the world's minimally invasive orthopedic spine technology has made rapid progress in discectomy, spinal canal decompression, spinal internal fixation, lumbar fusion, vertebra shaping or kyphosis shaping, deformity release and other aspects. Among them, the technical difficulty of spine endoscopy has advanced from 1.0 to 4.0. Endoscopic treatment of lumbar disc herniation was 1.0 technique. Treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis: 2.0 technique; Full coverage of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine was 3.0. The 4.0 technique in the treatment of lumbar endoscopic fusion (endotlif) is the most advanced minimally invasive technique in the field of spine in the world.

The orthopedic team is doing a surgical simulation

Yan tingwei surgery team of the first department of the hospital closely followed the leading edge of technology and fully mastered the 4.0 new technology. So what is the concept of an all-visible, zero-technology approach? Professional point is the application of whole visual "trephine technique" to articular process or on the lumbar vertebral plate part of the bone resection decompression and intervertebral disc excision, at the same time with pedicle for locating sign surgical approach zero perspective puncture and zero learning curve, will enter the road when the radiation dose, the perspective of time, learning difficulty was reduced almost to zero, the higher success rate of surgery for patients with disease effect a radical cure rate.

Why do old people need surgery so badly? Mr. Shang, who is now at ease, described a purgatory of torture. When he was less than 70 years old, Mr. Shang felt pain in his waist and hip, and then became more severe. He successively went to many major hospitals in China for treatment, which was determined as "degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis combined with lumbar spinal stenosis". Experts consider open surgery is extremely risky, all said conservative treatment, but little effect. In the last three years, Mr. Shang has become unable to take care of himself, and the persistent pain makes him think of "dying". No doubt, came to the hospital bone a division let him not only willow, and 78 years old to open a new life. After careful case discussion and careful surgical design, director yan tingwei was ready to perform the keyhole minimally invasive surgery for him, and he gladly accepted.

On the morning of August 11, Mr. Shang calmly entered the surgery room. At this time, the rain poured down outside the window, as if crying about his years of physical and mental pain. The operation has begun! Under the guidance of advanced high-definition spinal endoscopy, four tiny incisions about 1cm were performed in the whole operation. One incision was used for endoscopic low back spinal stenosis decompression, discectomy, cage bone graft fusion, and endoscopic pedicle screw implantation. After three incisions were used to implant three percutaneous pedicle screws, two connecting rods were implanted through subcutaneous tunnel to connect the pedicle screws for locking fixation, and the operation was successfully completed. As the saying goes, art to fine place is easy, complex to the extreme into simple. The whole surgery is minimal in trauma, low in risk, hardly interferes with the stability of the spinal structure, significantly reduces the complications, and naturally recovers quickly and effectively, which is a world of difference compared with traditional surgery. Mr Shang began to go to the ground two days after the operation, the waist body that suffers ache, sit restless has become "sit lie two bright", the mood is like the sky after rain to see the sun through clouds, a brilliant and bright.

Yan tingwei, chief physician, is studying

Chest has gully since easy. Looking at the smiling Mr Shang, director yan is full of confidence. He said affectionately: "benevolence is the beginning of the heart, saving people is the mission; Dissatisfaction with the status quo is the driving force to narrow the gap, to make every patient satisfied is the best implementation, I hope this new technology can bring good news for more patients with neck, shoulder, lumbago and leg pain, to meet the high level of treatment needs of patients.

Editor: he fengkai

Editor in charge: zhang zihui

Back pain neck stiffness? Cure bone disease to "hot", summer treatment just right – pain healing | back pain/leg pain/spinal stenosis/lumbar spinal stenosis/back pain and/chiropractic treatment

Every arrive summer, the number that sees a doctor because of cervical vertebra disease can increase apparently, cervical vertebra disease itself is to do not have seasonal, but why arrived summer to send gao hair?

In addition to cervical spondylosis, also cannot ignore lumbar vertebra disease, knee joint disease and other bone disease health care and treatment in summer, once relax vigilance, such as the weather turns cool, pain will be more aggravating!

Summer of these two habits let cervical vertebra hurt very much

Summer cervical spondylosis high incidence, the main reason is the change of environment and living habits.

1 catch cold catch cold

Summer high temperature and humidity, many people put the air conditioning temperature open very low, even standing in front of the air conditioning blowing cold air. If you blow air conditioner or fan for a long time, it is easy to induce cervical spondylosis, because too low temperature will easily cause neck muscle spasm and nerve edema, thereby causing the symptoms of cervical spondylosis, which is what we often say "catch a cold and suffer from wind".

how to get relief from backache

Especially in the sleep state, the human body is in a relaxed state, each system function temporarily decreased, in the air conditioning temperature is too low or directly blow the environment of the electric fan to fall asleep, it is easy to come on.

In addition, summer cool with cold shower, may let shoulder, neck cold and appear cramps, back pain and other symptoms.

2 improper posture

Summer easy sleepy, many people will lie prone to sleep during the day or low head nap rest, these movements are very injury cervical vertebra, long time easily lead to cervical vertebra deformation, neck muscle fatigue, thereby causing cervical spondylosis.

how to get relief from backache

Summer is a good time to treat bone disease

In addition to cervical spondylosis, summer should also pay attention to lumbar, knee and other bone maintenance. If the air conditioning temperature is too low, lumbar, joint cold, easy to produce a series of orthopedic disease symptoms.

Chinese medicine believes that the summer Yang qi is sufficient, the body cou principle open, is the best time to treat neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, bone and joint disease. High temperature makes blood circulation faster, which is conducive to taking away local "garbage" and eliminating edema and inflammation. The joints, ligaments and muscles become stretched, which is beneficial to the recovery of the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc and the injury of articular cartilage. Nerve resuscitation becomes active, which is conducive to the elimination of pain and numbness.

Especially "dog days" will come, is a good time to treat winter diseases in summer. Zhengzhou GuShangBing hospital of traditional Chinese medicine cure not ill Chen Zhiling director said, "the summer dog days is the best season for treating osteoarthrosis, because the weather gets warmer, relax muscles, blood vessels, dredging, joint is no longer on alert, ligament is also becoming more flexible, articular cavity is easier to open, at this time choose reasonable treatment can achieve twice the result with half the effort."

The methods of "winter disease and summer treatment" include internal Chinese medicine, acupoint application, acupuncture, moxibustion, scrapping, cupping, acupoint injection, medicine rubbing, dietary therapy, etc.

Expert introduction

how to get relief from backache

Chen zhiling, director of the department of preventive medicine and director of the department of comprehensive treatment, deputy chief physician. World zhonglian spinal health professional committee executive director of the first session of the council, China council for the promotion of research of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics branch of medical experts committee standing committee, the channel in the south shaolin medicine association, henan branch of China acupuncture institute massage professional committee, the standing committee, nanyang institute of medical school visiting associate professor zhang zhongjing countries, zhengzhou society of traditional Chinese medicine massage, deputy director of professional committee members, zhengzhou, deputy director of professional committee of the Chinese medicine acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine in henan province to learn cure not ill branch committee member, etc., in national journals published more than 10 papers and won the provincial and municipal science and technology achievements in item 2, 2 patents.

Engaged in clinical work more than 20 years, the overall to leveraging innovation idea, has rich clinical experience, good at treating cervical spondylosis, lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, core muscles and knee joint osteoarthritis, ankle sprains, scapulohumeral periarthritis, acute or chronic soft tissue lesion, stiffness spondylitis, femoral head necrosis, spine related disease, facial paralysis, soft tissue injury disease, curative effect is remarkable.

Introduction of department

The department of preventive medicine is the key department of zhengzhou hospital of traditional Chinese medicine bone injury and illness, which is responsible for outpatient treatment, prevention, health care and teaching of our hospital. With the new concept of traditional medicine and modern medicine to guide the clinical work, innovative unique diagnosis and treatment system. The department has 10 physicians, including 2 senior physicians, 2 intermediate physicians, 4 practicing physicians and 2 assistant physicians. According to the current clinical needs of the hospital, it can ensure the treatment needs of more than 200 patients per day. The department continues to introduce new technology, new ideas, innovation and pay close attention to medical quality and service level, formed a dare to explore innovation, forge ahead, sincere unity team. Undergraduate medical scope: cervical spondylosis, lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, sacroiliac joints, staggered joints, pelvic tilt before and after, the core muscles and breathing patterns disorder, knee osteoarthritis, ankle sprains, periarthritis of shoulder, soft tissue of acute or chronic disease, ankylosing spondylitis, osteonecrosis, hemiplegia, facial paralysis, bedsore, infantile malnutrition, obesity and related diseases such as spine disease.

The consultation room has not treated the disease department outpatient service (famous traditional Chinese medicine studio and acupuncture and massage clinic), whole ridge treatment room, acupuncture and moxibustion treatment room, moxibustion treatment room, physical treatment room, children massage room. Carry out diagnosis and treatment projects are: chiropractic treatment (bonesetting), traction, massage, physical therapy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM hot compress, intermediate frequency electric pulse, etc.), wen needle, electric acupuncture, blade, moxibustion, infrared, du meridian jiu, medicinal liquor external treatment, acupuncture point bury line, umbilical therapy, acupuncture points were applied, physical identification of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine meridian detection, the whole body posture assessment and muscle balance system and so on more than 20; There are more than 30 sets of diagnosis and treatment equipment.

Health hotline:

0371-66728558 turn 6216

0371-66728558 turn 6312

Lumbar intervertebral disc is herniated, vertebral canal is narrow, how should take exercise? Do you really know? See experts understand – pain healing | herniated disc/lumbar spine/lower back/lumbar disc herniation/spinal stenosis

Patients with lumbar spinal stenosis and lumbar disc herniation may experience pain in their lower back and legs, and in severe cases, even weakness in their lower limbs. Patients with mobility problems, mainly when standing or walking, may have more pain. Squatting or sitting down can relieve the pain. Although it is difficult to move, it does not prevent patients from exercising. Exercise does help. However, exercise for patients must be done carefully to avoid excessive exercise that may cause damage to their lumbar vertebrae, leading to deterioration and aggravation of the disease.

Lumbar disc herniation, spinal canal stricture, this should be to need to do ct or it is nuclear magnetism, and the description above report sheet of these two examination, this cannot express diagnose is disease of lumbar disc herniation and spinal canal stricture, can have symptom, also can do not have any symptom of course, whether can exercise is different actually!

So why does it happen at the same time?

Many people may wonder, why do we report lumbar disc herniation and spinal canal stenosis, others only lumbar disc herniation?

There are many reasons for spinal canal stenosis. For spinal canal stenosis caused by lumbar disc herniation, there are two cases. One may be the protrusion is too large, and the other may be the birth canal diameter is relatively small.

We can analyze it from the symptoms

It's usually based on the symptoms, whether it's a herniated disc, or whether it's a lumbar spinal stenosis, and that's the first thing we do:

If there is intermittent claudication, due to pain in the lower back, must rest before you can continue to walk, this is to consider the lumbar disc herniation caused by.

If only intermittent claudication, which is a symptom of bilateral lower limb symmetry, walks the same distance, then it is necessary to squat for rest, and can walk the same distance after remission, which is to consider spinal stenosis.

How to put exercise in perspective:

In fact, both lumbar disc herniation and lumbar spinal stenosis need to see a doctor for timely treatment, especially for spinal canal stenosis. The effect of exercise is very poor, and the recovery of lumbar disc herniation is mostly the self-healing ability of the body, so exercise plays a very small role.

There are probably a lot of people who say, "I just exercise." Of course, this is understandable, but there are many people just rest the symptoms may have disappeared, can only say that in the process of self-healing, is exercise, of course, exercise to improve our physical quality, must be helpful.

Here's how we do it right:

1. Leg lift:

The hamstring and quadriceps muscles can be exercised by straightening the legs and raising them, which is helpful for patients' improvement. The patient can lie flat on the bed, then alternately raise and lower his or her legs. Repeat several times. When you lift your legs, lower legs and upper body can be at right angles.

2. Lying on your side:

Piriformis muscle contraction, lateral position is one of the exercises for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis. The patient may lie on his or her side on the bed, and the upper leg may be slowly raised. The legs should be raised at right angles to each other, alternately. This method can help lower extremity abductor muscle group and hip get certain exercise.

3. Half-position sit-ups:

This will help strengthen your lumbar abs. Lie on one's back on one's knees, close buttock to close abdomen, waist is flat reach the floor, raise one's head slowly to lift shoulder to leave the floor, and waist should be flat reach the floor. Hold for a few seconds and copy back into place. Relax and repeat. If you have successfully completed 10 times, lift your back further after lifting your shoulders. When you start to practice, you will be able to resist the help of things, and when your abs are strengthened, you can remove them. Do not jerk more than you can handle to increase height or frequency. Do it gently and smoothly.

4. Seated forward bend:

This will strengthen your lower back and stretch your hamstrings. On a hard chair, place your feet as flat as possible on the floor, with your knees no more than 12 inches apart and your arms at the knees of your body. Close the hips and stomach so that the waist is flat on the back of the chair. Bend your upper body forward so that your head is between your knees and your hands touch the ground. Bend forward as much as possible, holding for a few seconds, then slowly straighten your waist and extend to the starting position. Relax and repeat. –

5. Early exercise:

In the early stage of patients with lumbar spinal stenosis, some early exercises can also be carried out to relieve the spasm of their own lumbar muscles, widen the space between the spine, relieve the pressure on the disc, and allow the protruded intervertebral disc to retract and restore.

6. Post-workout:

Recumbent type lumbar back muscle exercise machine can help to train their own lumbar back extensor, lower extremity exercise machine can effectively help exercise lower extremity muscle strength.


Actually to the protection of the lumbar spine and lumbar, lumbar muscles strength enhancement, perhaps can effectively reduce the risk of injury, can reduce the symptoms of with under state, should be at the time of we don't have any symptoms, exercise their own body to improve their physical quality, rather than after onset, constantly thinking about exercise for rehabilitation, it only can be used as an auxiliary, and the strength of the hold good exercise.

Lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, how to see an expert wonderful treat – pain healing | back pain/herniated disc/leg pain/severe back pain/lumbar spine/lower back/disc degeneration/lumbar disc herniation/spinal stenosis/lumbar spinal stenosis

Nowadays, lumbar disc herniation has become a high incidence, and for many patients, it can be alleviated by regular conservative treatment.

But also have a part of the person to protrude heavier, especially free type lumbar intervertebral disc is protruded, often bad through conservative treatment effect, need operation to treat at this time.

In the past, people are very afraid of surgery, from the psychological think that surgery is "major surgery".

However, with the development of intervertebral foraminal technology, lumbar disc surgery has become increasingly minimally invasive, patients with lumbar disc herniation do not have to worry about a major surgery.

Pain in the lower back and legs can be easily relieved by making a small 7mm hole in the body surface, inserting a 6.5mm diameter channel into the surface of the herniated disc and removing the herniated disc by grasping the forceps.

Intervertebral foramina was pioneered in 1999 by professor Anthony yeung of the United States (young's technique) and developed in 2002 by professor Thomas hoog land of the German spinal surgery society. As early as in 2008, he shengsheng, director of the second department of orthopedics (spine) of shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, took the lead in the treatment of lumbar intervertebral foramen for lumbar intervertebral protrusion and lumbar spinal stenosis. In 2010, he was the first to adopt endoscopic technique in the treatment of high lumbar disc herniation, which was first reported in the Chinese journal of bone injury.

After a long period of clinical practice, any director of the success for the treatment of lumbar intervertebral foramen mirror, the side of the lower lumbar spine, the central type lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion and central type lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion of lumbar intervertebral, high pass lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, hernia lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, recurrent lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, adolescent lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, multiple segmental lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion percutaneous endoscopic precision decompression in the treatment of degenerative lumbar spine stenosis disease, before and after the successful completion of the intervertebral foramen surgery more than 5000 units, has accumulated rich experience in operation.

Especially for extreme type prolapse of lumbar, lumbar disc prolapse with hole mirror surgical treatment difficulty is very big, the risk is extremely high, many doctors to stay at a respectful distance from sb, some doctors choose to open surgery directly screw rod fixation treatment, any director in the success of the intervertebral foramen in the treatment, on the basis of free type lumbar disc is successfully carried out in recent years, extreme free type lumbar intervertebral foramen mirror treatment high emergence, achieved good effect.

Recently, group 1 of spine, department 2 of shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine applied spinal endoscopy through interlamellar approach to treat extremely severe prolapsed lumbar lumbar disc herniation, and achieved good surgical results.

Uncle liu recovered through minimally invasive surgery

Let's see his recovery story

Uncle liu, 69 years old, was treated in shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for severe back pain and radiating pain in the right lower limb for 2 years.

Since he was diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation two years ago, he has been suffering from pain in his lower back and legs repeatedly due to the fear of surgical treatment.

A week ago, because back pain, right leg pain is unbearable, they came to shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to find any sublimation director seeking minimally invasive surgery.

Because uncle liu's lumbar disc herniation is a very severe prolapse type of lumbar disc herniation, minimally invasive intervertebral forceps surgery is very difficult to treat, and the risk is unusual.

After careful consideration and discussion, the minimally invasive spinal team led by director he sublimation finally decided to boldly attempt to extract the 4-5 extremely severe prolapsed lumbar nucleus pulposus tissue under spinal endoscopy through the interlaminal approach.

Preoperative magnetic resonance imaging (mri) revealed a very severe downward dissociation of the lumbar 4/5 disc

During the operation, free nucleus pulposus tissue was successfully extracted through the interlamellar approach

Mass of free nucleus pulposus tissue

Preoperative (left) and postoperative (right) comparison showed that the free nucleus pulposus tissue was removed clean

Postoperative right lower limb pain disappeared, straight leg elevation can be immediately elevated

In recent years,Department 2, shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (spine)Under the leadership of director he, the operation quantity of intervertebral foramen has been increasing continuously for several years.

In order to further improve the surgical technology and exchange experience, director he has been to Germany, the United States, Malaysia and other major cities in China since 2016 to exchange and learn about the intervertebral foramen technology, which has won wide appreciation from colleagues at home and abroad.


Invited to the Atlantic spine center of the United States for exchange and study

Invited to Malaysia for exchange study

Study abroad

Currently, the minimally invasive technique of lumbar intervertebral foramen represents a new concept of minimally invasive spinal surgery, which can perform disc herniation, intervertebral foramen formation and fiber ring repair at all levels from the cervical vertebra to the l5 s 1, he said. The satisfactory effect of the operation can reach 95%.

Because of its many advantages, the international field of minimally invasive spine surgery has been recognized as the leading role of intervertebral foramen in this field. In the future, with the continuous development of new instruments, advanced imaging equipment and sophisticated robot system, intervertebral foramen is expected to promote a new revolution of minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Xinglin jun reminds everyone again

Seek immediate medical attention for minor ailments

Choose a reasonable treatment according to your doctor's advice

Don't neglect

Small ailments become big problems

What sublimation

Director, chief physician, professor and doctoral supervisor of the second department of orthopedics (spine) of shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Europe and the United States, visiting scholar of minimally invasive spine, spine minimally invasive expert committee of the standing committee of China association of Chinese medicine, orthopedics branch committee member of China association of Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and western medicine society of China orthopedics branch of intervertebral disc degeneration and restoration expert committee, deputy director of the committee, the Chinese society of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with the orthopaedic endoscopic minimally invasive spine group of the standing committee, the Chinese society of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with spinal medicine professional committee, China international exchange association for the advancement of health care spinal endoscope, rehabilitation medicine association of guangdong province spinal pain and endoscopic technology professional committee, deputy director of the committee, Combine traditional Chinese and western medicine in guangdong province institute of orthopaedics minimally invasive professional committee of the standing committee, guangdong combine traditional Chinese and western medicine academy spinal medicine professional committee of the standing committee, spine surgery branch of guangdong medical association members, traditional Chinese medicine doctor association orthopedic surgeon branch committee of guangdong province, shenzhen to learn the professional committee member, deputy chairman, osteoporosis of shenzhen federation of Chinese medicine professional committee vice chairman, medical tube center spine quality control center of shenzhen, shenzhen orthopaedic society of spinal committee member, the shenzhen minimally invasive spine group deputy team leader.

He led the project of "clinical research on the treatment of thoracic and lumbar vertebra compression fracture by over-extension traction and elastic compression", which won the second prize of science and technology progress of Chinese association of traditional Chinese medicine (201002-35 lc-39-r-oi), and won the title of "guo chunyuan type good doctor" in China, "excellent doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of shenzhen", and "top ten medical workers" of shenzhen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine.

He is skilled in the treatment of difficult diseases in orthopedics and traumatology, spinal cord and related diseases, osteoporosis. She is good at spinal surgery, minimally invasive surgery for lumbar disc herniation and spinal stenosis by percutaneous foraminal foraminal (peld), minimally invasive treatment for cervical and lumbar degenerative diseases by med, surgical treatment for spinal and spinal nerve injury, correction of spinal deformity, minimally invasive treatment for osteoporotic vertebral fracture, etc. He has published 2 sci papers (spine1) and more than 40 professional papers.

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Osteoporosis spinal fracture in the elderly — a series of popular science by professor xu guohua, an expert in spinal surgery in changzheng hospital – pain healing | lower back pain/back pain/lumbar spine/lower back/spinal stenosis

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a systemic bone disease characterized by loss of bone mass and subtle structural destruction of bone. This is often manifested by increased bone brittleness, which increases the risk of fractures, even in the case of minor trauma or no trauma.

2. Why old people are prone to osteoporosis?

Primary osteoporosis is classified into type I and type ii, type I is postmenopausal osteoporosis, and type ii is senile osteoporosis. Senile osteoporosis is closely related to age. Calcium loss in bone increases with age. Due to the decrease of activity in the elderly, the strain variables generated by muscle contraction on bone also decrease correspondingly. In order to restore normal bone strain, the body realizes by reducing bone mass and bone strength. In addition, nutritional factors and poor lifestyle habits can also induce osteoporosis, such as heavy smoking, excessive drinking, excessive intake of animal protein and salt, long-term these habits, can cause bone loss. Finally, the elderly participate in less outdoor activities, lack of sunlight or long-term use of sedatives can induce osteoporosis.

3, the elderly osteoporosis spine fracture what harm?

Osteoporosis characterized by brittle bone disease continues to increase, leading to a significantly increased risk of fracture, including osteoporosis is the easiest for thoracolumbar vertebral fracture, can be induced in the mild activities (such as bending over, lifting), characterized by sudden severe pain in the small of your back, limited activity, senile osteoporotic spine fracture of spinal function not only produce certain effect, but also seriously affect the function of respiratory, digestive system, caused a lot of inconvenience for the patient's daily life.

4, how does fracture of vertebra of osteoporosis of old people prevent?

Taking active measures to prevent and treat osteoporosis is an important measure to reduce spinal fracture in the elderly. For the elderly who already have osteoporosis, we should remove the cause, increase bone mass, and prevent the occurrence of fractures. Firstly, it is necessary to improve the understanding, popularize the related knowledge of osteoporosis, change the bad living habits, quit smoking, avoid alcohol, pay attention to nutrition, take more sunshine, increase physical activity and physical exercise appropriately, and remove the risk factors of osteoporosis; Anti-inflammatory analgesics are given to relieve discomfort in patients with pain symptoms.

5, how is fracture of vertebra of senile osteoporosis treated?

The treatment of osteoporotic spinal fracture mainly includes conservative treatment and surgical treatment, including transpedicular spinal internal fixation and minimally invasive vertebral body shaping (PVP).

The conservative treatment method is bed rest + support + drugs, including anti-bone resorption agents, bone formation promoters, calcium agents, vitamin d, etc., to improve living habits and so on.

Spinal internal fixation is a method to maintain the stability of fractured vertebral body and promote fracture healing.

PVP is used to puncture the diseased vertebral body with the bone puncture needle under fluoroscopic monitoring, and then inject bone cement into the diseased vertebral body to strengthen the fractured vertebral body, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

6, osteoporosis in what extent feasible spinal fixation?

For most patients with osteoporosis, the solution to improve screw stability can meet the needs of internal fixation, but for patients with selected osteoporosis, patients with severe osteoporosis and patients with high risk of failure of internal fixation surgery should be treated with caution. There is no consensus on the extent to which osteoporosis is contraindication for internal fixation. Patients need to be comprehensively evaluated before deciding whether to operate.

7. How to improve the screw stability of spinal fracture fixation in patients with osteoporosis?

The pedicle screw and auxiliary technique can be enhanced by selecting special screw or selecting special screw method.

8. Comparison between conservative treatment and surgical treatment?

Conservative treatments required longer treatment, treatment of complication is more, about 60-80% of patients in 2-3 months back waist back pain can reduce gradually, but in sitting and walking and lower back pain for 3 ~ 6 months, some patients may be the legacy of acute or chronic low back pain, because of long-term bed, easy to appear all sorts of complications, such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, pneumonia, bedsore etc.

9. Comparison of internal fixation and PVP?

Transpedicle screw internal fixation conforms to the biomechanical requirements of the spine, maintains the physiological curvature of the vertebral body, and can restore the height of the affected vertebral body. However, this operation has the risk of great trauma, long-term vertebral height and loss of correction Angle of kyphotic deformity. PVP has little surgical trauma for patients, which can quickly relieve the pain of patients, and make a long-term and stable recovery to correct the vertebral height and kyphosis. However, this operation has risks such as bone cement leakage, and in severe cases, patients may die, so special attention should be paid during the operation.

Expert introduction

Xu guohua, male, doctor of medicine, deputy chief physician, associate professor, supervisor of postgraduate students.

Excellent technical leader in Shanghai

Shanghai science and technology star

Deputy director of spine surgery, long march hospital, PLA military medical university

Young reserve of naval medical university

Distinguished scholar of naval medical university

Stephen lee medical education scholarship winner

Expert of national "health express" telemedicine Shanghai orthopedics expert center

Member, international spinal association (iscos)

Member of minimally invasive spine group, orthopedics branch, Shanghai medical association

Member of spinal cord injury rehabilitation committee of China disabled persons rehabilitation association

Member of spine nonfusion committee, Chinese association of bone and joint rheumatology

Member, minimally invasive spine association, Chinese medical education association

Member, China nanobiology and pharmaceutical technology committee

Member of bone regeneration technology committee of Chinese society of biomaterials

Vice chairman of Shanghai society of biological materials;

Shanghai association of integrated Chinese and western medicine trauma group deputy leader

Member of Chinese orthopaedic society

Member of Chinese spinal cord association

Member of the world Chinese orthopaedic society

Editorial board member of the journal of local surgery

Invited editorial member of the journal of spinal surgery

Executive editor of Chinese journal of tissue engineering research and clinical rehabilitation

Since 1996 engaged in orthopedic clinical work, a line of longitudinal ligament ossification after cervical spondylosis, cervical vertebra disease, atlanto-axial vertebral instability, atlanto-axial vertebral deformity and subluxation and lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion disease, lumbar spine, lumbar degenerative scoliosis and spinal trauma, spinal tuberculosis and spinal tumors, spinal deformity of the spine of incurable disease diagnosis and surgical treatment has a wealth of experience. Successively in the United States at Harvard University, Massachusetts general hospital medical center, Boston medical center, northwest of the United States, Florida hospital learning and engaged in spine surgery clinical work, from the American association of minimally invasive spine surgery atony, chairman of the professor yeung study minimally invasive spine surgery and get the certificate issued by the American association of minimally invasive, carried out in Shanghai early minimally invasive spine surgery.

A total of more than 90 papers have been published, including more than 40 sci papers published in internationally renowned academic journals, 10 monographs on spine surgery edited and published by associate editor, including 1 textbook edited by associate editor. To undertake and be responsible for 3 projects of the national natural science foundation of China; To undertake and be responsible for the major special projects of Shanghai municipal science and technology commission, major medical projects, and 8 projects of Shanghai municipal talent plan; Participated in one major national science and technology project and one national "973" project as a major personnel; The total research fund is more than 10 million yuan. As the project leader, I won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of the people's liberation army (ranking the first). In 2016, I was awarded as an outstanding technical leader in Shanghai. In 2008, the first decompression operation of posterior cervical vertebra under field conditions was carried out in wenchuan earthquake relief.

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