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how to get relief from backache

Lumbar padConcave and convex m-type design,

Based on the shape of the butt,

This design makes our hips more relaxed,

Avoid squeezing, block circulation,

More effectively reduce the occurrence of lumbar pain and sciatica.

how to get relief from backache

There are four raised massage points on the back and waist.

It can stimulate acupuncture points better to relax the body.

how to get relief from backache

And the 75° golden back elevation design,

Giving the body and lumbar spine a better posture,

Relax your entire lumbar spine and back,

No longer afraid of the backache caused by sitting for a long time,

It also automatically finds the correct sitting position after leaning on it,

A bent spine that had previously been considered a bad way to sit,

You'll get better adjustments.

how to get relief from backache

Not just corporate white collar workers,

Drivers and students are also frequent riders,

To make the author more comfortable and healthier,

Is a better design, better waist pad.

how to get relief from backache

Summer is just around the corner.

I dare not even wear one more dress.

This is comfortable, but isn't it hot?

Don't worry!!

The surface of the cloth cover has 4500 two-way air holes

Fast heat dissipation, fast perspiration,

Lean on it, even in the dog days

You don't feel any heat or humidity.

how to get relief from backache

Memory cotton has the function of anti-bacteria, anti-mite and anti-mildew.

Safe and environmentally friendly use.

Even if your coat is dirty

Detachable coat feels soft and delicate

durableZipper design

Easy to remove and replace, easy to clean

Wear-resisting durableNot out of shape

Even soaking in the heat for 2 hours

Wash it with other clothes

Do not have to worry about string color dyeing fading and other problems

how to get relief from backache

A lot of people who have used it have commented on it,

What breathability, good for lumbar spine,

Comfortable, the waist does not ache what!

how to get relief from backache

Currently, signewka3d is easy to support,

It's dark blue, it's tender,

Each color has its own characteristics,

And of course you can take them all home,

In the car, in the office or at home,It's all right.

how to get relief from backache

And on the price side,

The price in Germany is 26 euros.

(equivalent to 199 yuan)

It's not expensive, but who wouldn't want it cheaper?

Xiaobian everyone applied for a preferential price,

Now it's only 148 yuan,

You can take it home!

how to get relief from backache

The best lumbar support for a sedentary friend,

It can only protect usThe lumbar spine reduces stress,

Reduce pain, reduce fatigue.

The best way to protect the lumbar spine,

Or sit for a long time and move around.

The body is the capital, health is the king.

how to get relief from backache

The ryukyu signewka

Space memory cotton relief waist pad

Recommended price for small series

148 yuan/a(two colors optional)

Purchase method:

Click on the followingRead the originalAnd fill inName, phone number, shipping addressYou can place the order, and the goods will be delivered as soon as possible.Free delivery nationwide, cash on delivery.

Left left left

Calcium deficiency causes insomnia, dysmenorrhea, osteoporosis, backache and other diseases – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar pain

Eight reasons why women lack calcium

Eat more salt

Eat more sugar

3. Love coffee

4, picky, partial food, diet

5. Not exercising

6, love meat, do not love to eat vegetables

Meat and vegetables have their own nutrition, if only from the calcium content, the amount of calcium in meat is relatively low, because the human body can not absorb the calcium in animal bones, but also because the fat, protein eat too much, increase the calcium content in urine. On the contrary, green vegetables are rich in calcium, and the potassium, magnesium, vitamin c, vitamin d and other substances in vegetables can promote the absorption of calcium.

7. Too little sun and vitamin d

8. Being sedentary.

how to get relief from backache

Common manifestations of calcium deficiency include:

Lumbar pain, allergies, cervical pain; Limb weakness, frequent cramps, itchy skin; Heel pain; Loose or falling teeth; Obvious hump, height reduction; Anorexia, constipation; More dreams, insomnia, irritability, irritability, etc.

Women lack of calcium easy to cause which diseases

1, insomnia

Chronic calcium deficiency can lead to decreased ability to control the nervous system, so it is difficult to fall asleep at night, and the nerves are always in a state of hyperactivity, due to insufficient blood calcium concentration. So if your body doesn't get enough calcium, it can also cause insomnia. What's more, people who are prone to heavy dreaming are more likely to have more dreams even when they are asleep. People who are prone to dreaming have a poor quality of sleep, so they may not feel rested after a night's sleep.

2. Various skeletal diseases

Lack of calcium can easily lead to bone disease. Calcium deficiency in children can lead to rickets. Lack of calcium in adults can lead to back pain and bone growth. Lack of calcium in the elderly will lead to osteoporosis, easy to fracture. A lot of old people because lack calcium, 50 above can appear hump, still have a few people because lack calcium, bring about femur head necrotic.

3. Female dysmenorrhea

If a woman is short of calcium, it can be very obvious that she has dysmenorrhea.

4. Epilepsy

Once the disease is very dangerous, patients may temporarily lose consciousness. This kind of epilepsy is more make more severe, the study found that this kind of epilepsy and lack of calcium also have a very big relationship.

how to get relief from backache

Seabuckthorn calcium supplements vitamin mineral, contain to take through the tongue, enter blood directly from the tongue, not swallow, need not pass through intestines and stomach to excrete loss.

【 ingredients 】 seabuckthorn powder, hydrolyzed collagen, milk mineral salt, bovine colostrum powder

Food additive: xylitol

The proportion of milk mineral salt in seabuckthorn nourishing calcium was as high as 23%-28%, and the content of calcium was 5000mg/100g. The effect of calcium supplementation will not be reversed. The increased bone mineral density will remain even three years after the cessation of milk mineral salt supplementation, while the increased bone mineral density will gradually disappear after the cessation of inorganic calcium supplementation.


Food for children under 3 years old is forbidden.

how to get relief from backache

Seabuckthorn health calcium unique point

Add seabuckthorn powder:

Supplement natural vitamins and minerals, enhance human immunity, enhance human function, promote better absorption of calcium; Sea-buckthorn powder contains nutrients related to bone health, such as vitamins a, d, k, e, b6 and b12, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron and silicon, and protein.

Vitamin c in seabuckthorn powder

It plays a crucial role in the generation and maintenance of bone collagen, which is an important component of bone fibers and bone cells. Vitamin c plays a certain role in the metabolism of muscle pain and articular cartilage.

Every 100 grams of seabuckthorn powder, vitamin c content can reach 825-1100 mg, is the kiwi 2-3 times. It can make immune cells mature and improve the function of antibodies and macrophages. Increases resistance to viruses and bacteria, and neutralizes toxins produced by bacteria.

Sea buckthorn contains vitamin k2

It can act on osteoblasts, promote bone calcification, and inhibit osteoclasts from bone resorption, thus increasing bone density and preventing osteoporosis. Vitamin k2 can also significantly inhibit the dissolution of bone matrix and the loss of bone calcium, increase the absorption and operation of calcium, reverse the negative balance of calcium, and achieve the net accumulation of bone calcium.

Add collagen:

Protein is the material basis of life, and 95% of the organic matter in bone is collagen. Collagen is the "scaffold" of bone. When the human body lacks collagen, it is not easy to fix calcium, which leads to the decrease of bone density and osteoporosis. Therefore, "calcium supplementation is more important for collagen supplementation". The absorption and utilization of calcium can reach a higher level.

Add xylitol:

Suitable for children, elderly, diabetes patients;

Add colostrum:

And seabuckthorn mutual promotion, to achieve the perfect combination of calcium and bone and all-round health.

Method and dosage:

Take 2 to 4 tablets 2 times a day, up to 25 tablets.

Storage: store in a cool and dry place.

Tao sheng optimal | sit on it, no longer easy backache, including chest hunchback – AllPainHealing | backache/lumbar pain

how to reduce back bone pain

Cool summer, should show good figure. Can take me as an example, sitting for a long time, in addition to bad posture, proud flesh also all run to belly belly, thigh, wear clothes, not to mention how ugly.

how to reduce back bone pain

So what to do? Improve posture, by no means overnight thing, want to remind yourself, can sit down less than a few minutes, the whole person went limp.

Fortunately, my closest friend sent me this recently extremely popular"Fan beauty hip seat cushion"!

Sit up, need not effort to be able to maintain elegant and correct sitting position easily, improve hunchback ugly, still can sit out honey peach buttock, big long leg.

After sitting tall and straight, the temperament of whole person is promoted greatly.

how to reduce back bone pain

It's no ordinary cushion! Within three days of its launch, it sold one every two minutes; Sold 6000 copies in a month, with high praise:

how to reduce back bone pain

Even the nation's famous pilates coaches recommend it:

how to reduce back bone pain

The first time I sat down, the effect was immediate.

how to reduce back bone pain

Sit continuously two weeks, run into a friend, still ask me to be not to go fitness, how back quite, buttock became warped, leg also thin a lot of, connect the temperament of whole person extraordinary!

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

Only posture straight and straight, to quickly enhance temperamentSo usually sit for a long time, can not have a waist. Can be used before the waist, just in the back of the chair cushion something, not a good support.

This cushion is not the same, sit up, who improved the sitting posture effect is good, see at a glance:

how to reduce back bone pain

Fit back, scientific support

Its back is curved design, lean up, just fit with the spine, to the back enough support, the upper body immediately straight up.

how to reduce back bone pain

Upright posture, enhance temperament

Flank of both sides and center "protrusion", can prevent the body to lean forward, east slanting west to fall, let sitting posture elegant and tall and straight, adjust posture slowly come over, integral temperament is promoted greatly.

Massage acupoints and dredge meridians

Do not think these protrusion is hit badly, they but aimed at human body "kidney shu acupuncture point", "perineal acupuncture point", lean up, can drege meridian, unimpeded qi and blood, sit also can take good care of oneself.

how to reduce back bone pain

Many people think that sitting upright is a very tiring and laborious thing.

Not so, the sitting position standard good, the pressure that the spine bears ability is very good be dispersed, assure shoulder neck, muscle comfortable, the work efficiency of the whole day also raised.

how to reduce back bone pain

What's more, my back straightened up, my stomach tightened up, and little proud flesh disappearedMy temperament is getting better and better.

Limit,3 days,

how to reduce back bone pain

· click the small program to buy immediately

how to reduce back bone pain

Improve posture and temperament, hip cannot ignore. Sexy hip curve, can let a person start way come more confident, elegant.

how to reduce back bone pain

Can we sit for a long time at ordinary times, the proud flesh of ham and buttock is spread out, systemic weight presses downward, blood circulates not free, cause false crotch very easily wide, flat buttock.

how to reduce back bone pain

For example, if you put a bag full of water on a table, it will collapse. But put it in a big bowl and the bag will hold.

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

This cushion is your big bowl.

Sit up, the hollow in the middle is very close coxal, both sides slightly become warped, wrap meat of both sides at a stroke, hold up, prevent coxal extraneous expand.

how to reduce back bone pain

In addition, there is a small bump between the legs, which greatly reduces the impulse to cross the legs and improves the width of the false crotch.

how to reduce back bone pain

The thighs and buttocks are held firmly, reducing the pressure on the body, blood circulation is smooth and light, sitting all day is not tired.

It is important both sides proud flesh is collected arrive hip, send buttock closely, do not move, do not go on a diet, also can sit out sexy peach buttock easily, walk in crowd, it is a beautiful beautiful scenery line more.

how to reduce back bone pain

Bestie before it is used to improve crotch width, two months down the results can be wonderful, originally 55 minutes small short leg, unexpectedly into a slender long leg!

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

The purpose of cushion is to normative sitting position, correct posture, won't be like general cushion, fill with memory cotton, cotton.

But it used a variety of material to press compound, sit up won't pass hard uncomfortable, also won't be too soft cannot support.

how to reduce back bone pain

The outer layer is chenille linen cotton, fine and breathable, summer sitting is not afraid of stuffy sweat;

The inner layer is a highly resilient sponge, soft, one can sit down to fit the body curve; The Eva material in the middle holds the body firmly and avoids sinking.

The whole supporting structure is made of light and tough resin material, which has a strong bearing force and is not afraid of any weight. Bending is not easy deformation, how to sit not bad.

The base also has two small bumps, fixed non – slip, sit up firmly.

how to reduce back bone pain

Its deepest point in my heart is that it can be used anywhere!

It's just the right size for an office chairRelieve lumbar pain and correct posture;

Put on the sofa in the home, on the floor, watch drama, read a book, also can improve posture anywhere at any time, promote temperament, return super comfortable!

how to reduce back bone pain

Have the friend that drives need, also can put on the car, drive long distance also not afraid tired, reduce traffic accident occurrence greatly.

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

Finally, there is the brand lefan, which belongs to the xiaomi ecological chain enterprise. It has more than 20 years of experience in the research and development of massage products.

Many workplace elites, such as famous financial writer wu xiaobo, phoenix TV host Lin weijie, economist liu run, are its loyal users.

how to reduce back bone pain

Its manufacturer, okeiva, is a manufacturer of panasonic, refa, omron and other global brands.

With a production base of more than 400,000 square meters, 100 senior TCM consultants and an annual r&d investment of 150 million yuan, every product of lefan can stand the test of the market.

how to reduce back bone pain

The cushion made by it has been certified by the national safety inspection and can be used by the whole family.

how to reduce back bone pain

More importantly, it is too high cost performance, usually buy a cushion, the price to more than 100 yuan, and a good waist, also want more than 200 yuan.

But the le fan seat costs less than 300 yuan, you can easily take home this "personal orthopedic specialist"!

how to reduce back bone pain

Cushion has two colors altogether: classic grey, rose is red, contracted and fashionable, good-looking extremely.

how to reduce back bone pain

Buy one for yourself who works hard every dayIn the office, easily improve posture, enhance temperament;

Buy one for a developing child, from childhood to regulate the sitting posture, away from the hump and other ugly;

You can give it to your parents, protect the back, prevent spinal disease, intimate and have the intention.

how to reduce back bone pain

Click "read the original article" and buy the seat cushion immediately!

Posture management – improves back and lower back pain and stretch with chest hump – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/lumbar pain

What problems can a bad cervical vertebra cause?

If we have a problem with the upper cervical spine, the dislocation of the cervical spine can cause compression of the vertebral artery, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain and oxygen deprivation to the brain. Cause dizziness, headache, insomnia and other symptoms. Some studies have pointed out that: insufficient blood supply to the brain is easy to cause stroke, a lot of people think that the function of aging degeneration so memory decline, is actually related to cervical spondylosis.

relief for back pain in

What problems can a poor lumbar spine cause?

Fairies should pay particular attention to the autonomic nerve in the lower lumbar spine, which channels the uterus, ovaries, bladder and anus.

Infertility also is concerned with lumbar vertebra, because the nerve of lower lumbar vertebra can tube uterine ovary, uterine ovarian function is bad, ovulation can have a problem. Male compatriots mainly reflected in spermatozoa ability is insufficient, easy to cause infertility.

What does the main reason that causes cervical lumbar vertebra disease have?

relief for back pain in

The main causes of spondylosis in hiphop:

1, incorrect posture, such as: sitting, standing, lying, and long time in the same posture at the table work or other labor;

2. Unreasonable bedding will cause strain due to excessive ligament and muscle tension, disc herniation and facet joint dysfunction;

3. The invasion of cold and damp will affect local blood circulation and accelerate tissue degeneration;

4, trauma will make the condition worse, chronic injury gradually cause the disease aggravation;

5, psychological factors and poor overall health, may cause or aggravate the symptoms of spinal disease;

6. Genetic factors: about one percent of patients with spinal diseases are hereditary;

7. Career factors: dancers, long-distance drivers, welders, office workers, and those who keep their heads down for a long time.

How does hiphop improve spinal problems?

1, get rid of those bad habits that can cause spinal deformation, refer to the previous paragraph of 7 ↑, bad habits to quit.

2, professional correction and repair: when spinal problems form a variety of bad posture (large vertebral bag, including chest hump, pelvic tilt, etc.), the first thing to do is to improve the bad posture through professional correction and repair. [bone jin xiao facial] – appearance, level and posture management expert, patented fascia spa technology, penetrate into fascia layer through pure physical manipulation, improve poor fascia trend, improve muscle elasticity, metabolize fat and achieve the effect of shaping at the same time. Can quickly improve pelvic tilt problem, return to normal posture.

relief for back pain in

relief for back pain in

3, body shape management action: recommended to everyone is a group of physiotherapy effect based exercise, in addition to help you prevent and relieve the lumbar pain, but also can effectively activate the spine, prevent spinal injury, restore the normal physiological curvature of the spine.

relief for back pain in

Above all, enter supine preparation, put a yoga block below sole, when inspiratory, double foot presses downward pedal, arm is lifted above head, keep chest vertebra close ground, as inspiratory, the direction that makes both hands toward the head extends, double foot is opposite the extension of the direction, resemble oneself made a traction, stretched oneself gradually general. Hold three breaths here.

relief for back pain in

Next, bend your knees so that your thighs are close to your abdomen, hold your legs tightly with your fingers crossed, press your thighs close to your abdomen as you breathe, don't raise your hips, keep your sacrum pressed to the ground, come back as you exhale, give a pull to your spine, lengthen and extend your spine.

relief for back pain in

At the end, open the hand, legs up 90 degrees straight, exhale, let the right leg landing, inhale, lift the right leg left leg landing, legs alternate, keep natural breathing, do not hold your breath. Do 10 to 15 times.

relief for back pain in

Relax on your back, raise your arms above your head to extend your spine. When your entire body is open, curl your tailbone slightly to bring your lumbar spine to the floor.

relief for back pain in

Exhale, let the legs lift from the ground about 30 degrees, let the navel consciously down, let the lumbar landing.

relief for back pain in

On the next exhale, lift your legs to 60 degrees. At this point, your legs and abdomen will become thin and tight.

relief for back pain in

Once again raise your legs to 90 degrees, adjust your breathing, move your feet here, inhale, straighten your instep, exhale, and repeat 3-5 times.

On another inhalation, return your feet to 60 degrees, push your feet forward, and extend your arms far away. Breathe in again and return to 30 degrees, gradually letting your feet return to the mat.

Bend your knees up, clasp your thumbs together, palms up, as you inhale to allow your body to fully stretch, and as you exhale, push your feet forward sideways, keeping the force of the outward push. Stretch your hands and feet in the opposite direction. Breath bend your knees, open your hands, and relax by wrapping your arms around your calves.

relief for back pain in

Your hands and legs should be 90 degrees vertical. When breathing, bring your right hand and right foot closer to the ground and your left hand and left foot closer to your head. Exhale, exchange, you can do 10-15 here.

relief for back pain in

If your coordination is poor, move your right and left feet to the ground and your left and right feet to the head, switching positions. This exercise also activates our shoulder straps, hips, and strengthens our abdominal strength coordination. Do the same exercise 10-15 times.

At the end, return your legs to the center, bend your knees, wrap your legs around your calves, and relax a little.

relief for back pain in

Stretch your hands out to both sides, and when you fall, your legs don't need to fall to the ground. As you exhale, slowly let your knees fall to the left, turning your head in the opposite direction. When inhaling, slowly return to the right, and when exhaling, fall to the left. After 3-5 repetitions, try landing your knees completely, allowing the ischial bones to extend downward and your shoulders to the ground.

After 3-5 repetitions, return to the center and rest your legs.

relief for back pain in

When in table position, open your knees and keep hip width apart, bring your hands directly under your shoulders, shoulder blades down, and as you exhale, roll your tailbone, tuck your belly in, chest in, arch your back, lower your head, and look at your belly button.

relief for back pain in

As you inhale, stretch the tailbone back, the thoracic vertebrae forward, lengthen the lumbar spine, bring the chest forward, expand the clavicle, and finally lift the head up, the top of the head up, and the shoulder blades down.

As you exhale, curl your tailbone, tuck your abdomen into your chest, arch your back, lower your head, and look at your navel. Repeat 5-10 times, and at the end, return to the sabbatical.

For table type preparation, extend your right leg back and up, parallel to the floor. When you are stable, extend your left hand forward. Stretch your hands and feet in the opposite direction, stretching your spine.

relief for back pain in

After holding two breaths, switch to the other side, with your left leg up and back. When you are stable, hold your left hand straight up, so that your body is parallel to the ground. Alternate on both sides 5 times.

relief for back pain in

In table preparation, move your weight onto your left hand and let your right hand pass under your left armpit. Keep the pelvic band steady and repeat six times.

relief for back pain in

Next change the right side, let the left hand under the right armpit, the left shoulder to find the ground, when breathing in, the right hand to push the ground, the left hand open up, the spine stretch.

relief for back pain in

Returning to table position, bring your hands forward with your chest close to the floor to give your chest spine a stretch, keeping your thighs perpendicular to the floor, not your hips above your knees, your hands forward, your feet back, your shoulder blades down, and your chin on the floor. Push your hands forward on the floor, return to the baby position and rest.

Why do women cry "low back pain"? How does woman lumbago do? – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Why do so many women mutter "back pain"? Let's take a look at what makes a woman's waist so tired.

The reason that female backache is more frequent

01,Physiological lower back pain

For women with dysmenorrhea symptoms, during the visit of aunt, often waist and knee soreness, generally speaking, this is physiological pain, do not need special treatment. However, some women may try to relieve back pain by beating their backs, which is not desirable because it often backfires.

Don't beat your back when you have menstrual pain

Menstruation appears lumbar bilge is painful, besides the element such as mental tension, overwork, food unjustly, the position that female uterus is in pelvic cavity is the mainest reason.

In this special period, if you beat, not only does not play any role, but will lead to increased pelvic congestion, blood flow, increased menstrual volume, prolonged period, back pain more serious. At the same time, the resistance of women at this time will also be reduced, improper external force is not conducive to endometrial exfoliation wound healing, more likely to cause infection and acute, chronic gynecological diseases.

02,Backache caused by exertion

lower back pain remedies

The woman's daily always is dismantled very trivial and busy, imperceptibly, delicate waist limb begins to shout ache.

Strain of lumbar muscles

When the body is too tired, or standing or sitting improperly, can lead to lumbar muscle strain, which causes chronic dull pain in the waist.

Lumbar disease

Lumbar disc herniation is a common cause of backache in young women. Besides lumbar injury, also be to cause as a result of long-term chronic strain, besides expression is lumbar ache besides, also often accompany the radiative ache numbness that has lower limbs.


Middle-aged and elderly women, especially women after menopause, as a result of reduced bone volume of the spine, spine bearing capacity is subsequently reduced, the body weight even walking will also appear in the back pain.

Pregnancy and puerperal fatigue

During pregnancy, the fetus grows up gradually, uterine weight increases as gestational age growth, cause the center of gravity of the body to move forward, in order to maintain the body balance, the waist will be straight forward, long before this can cause lumbago. Puerperium, if too much bleeding, or premature labor, too much involvement and cold, will also cause back pain. Postpartum waist aches, also already gave birth to the more common phenomenon in the female.

lower back pain remedies

Wear high heels for a long time

In order to be more beautiful, women also fight. However wear high-heeled shoes for a long time, can make the balance of lower limbs is affected, stand, walk cannot follow one's inclinations, also produce acute lumbar sprain very easily. Muscle, ligament when sprain besides the generation that can differ degree is torn and the circumstance such as trace haemorrhage, swelling even yu blood violet, also can behave for lumbago.

03,Gynecological diseases and backache

"Waist devil" cervicitis

The cervix is like the door to the uterus, usually closed tightly to protect the uterus from bacteria and viruses.

And when women experience childbirth, uterine cavity surgery, the cervix is open, from the vagina in the pathogens and bacteria will enter the depths of the palace from the damaged place, causing cervical erosion, cervical polyps, this is often said cervicitis.

In addition, unclean sex, unsanitary periods and other reasons can also lead to cervical inflammation. The happening of cervical inflammation, besides leucorrhea can appear unusual, after inflammation diffuses to pelvic cavity, the ache that can appear lumbar reach next abdomen to drop painful, when menstruation and defecate or sexual life can aggravate.

"Waist demon" chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

The more sophisticated the machine, the more prone to problems, this principle seems to be suitable for women's pelvic cavity. The female pelvic cavity is different from the male pelvic cavity because it contains many female reproductive organs, such as the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, pelvic peritoneum and other organs and tissues. Therefore, pelvic inflammatory disease is not a single organ disease, but the pelvic organ tissue lesions of the general term. And inflammatory stimulation of these organs can cause back pain to be one of the main tell-all signs.

Additional, to the prevention of pelvic inflammatory disease, the female should make from daily life above all, pay attention to individual sanitation, avoid feculent sex life, want to go to hospital of maternal and infant to do examination of department of gynaecology regularly, go to normal hospital of maternal and infant to seek a doctor after producing a disease, accept regular treatment.

"Waist devil" gynecological tumor

If pelvic cavity has tumor, wait like uterine flesh tumour, cervical cancer, ovarian cyst, compress nerve or cancer cell to pelvic cavity connective tissue infiltration, all can produce lumbago, and painful feeling increases as tumor and aggravate. Regular examination and timely medical treatment are very important for the treatment of gynecological tumors.

lower back pain remedies

"Waist demon" uterine prolapse

The uterus left the normal position along the vagina down, or even completely out of the vaginal opening, called uterine prolapse. Once the uterus prolapse in addition to abdominal weight and back pain, but also cause urinary system disease, women bring endless pain. One of the main causes of uterine prolapse is birth injury: young puerpera is in postpartum long-term lactation, ovarian function drops temporarily, also can make the flexibility of uterine support structure, close tension abate and flabby cause uterine prolapse.

"Waist demon" urinary system infection

From the physiological anatomy of the urethra, the female urethra is short and straight, urethra outside the mouth close to the anus, coupled with some physiological reasons, leading to the female urinary tract infection than male greater chances. This urinary infection often results in lumbar distention and in severe cases radiates along the ureter to the perineal area. In addition, urinary system stones, kidney stones, etc. can also cause back pain, therefore, women must pay attention to maintain the health of the vulva.

"Waist demon" uterus, accessory and other diseases

The expert points out, pelvic infection is one of the commonest reasons of female lumbago, it is with lumbago, lower abdomen blast fall painful, leucorrhea increase 3 big symptoms to be a characteristic. When inflammatory exudate increases, cause pelvic cavity adhesion, can cause backache, affect the life of the patient seriously.

"Low back pain can also occur when the uterus bends or tilts backwards, when ligaments are stretched too far, and when some nerves are compressed." Experts say this often happens after frequent abortions, fertility or other uterine procedures. In addition, uterine prolapse, prolapse or high adhesion at abdominal cavity, can also pull ligament, cause the occurrence of lumbago.

Pelvic tumors can also cause back pain by pulling on the peritoneum. "Pelvic tumors are more common in middle-aged women, such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, ovarian cysts, etc. Lumbago may occur due to tumor compression of nerves or cancer cell infiltration of pelvic connective tissue."

"Waist devil" abnormal birth control ring

lower back pain remedies

Abnormal birth control ring includes different types of birth control ring and uterine cavity, excessive elasticity of birth control ring or abnormal location of birth control ring. Improper birth control ring incarcerates inside uterine cavity, stimulate uterine wall, can cause lumbar pain reflectively. In this case, replacement of the iud can be done.

Experts warned: "from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, birth too much, the number of induced abortions and sexual misconduct, can cause kidney gas injury and lead to back pain. And long-term feeling of cold and damp, can also inhibit meridian, resulting in poor blood flow and backache.

How does woman lumbago do?

How can you alleviate backache on weekdays?

In non – menstrual period, through the waist massage, relax tendons and collaterals, eliminate lumbar muscle fatigue, relieve lumbar muscle spasm and pain.

1. Kneading mingmen

The point of mingmen is located in the depression under the lumbar spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra, opposite to the navel.

lower back pain remedies

Make a fist with your right hand or left hand, and place the tip of the fist on the point of the gate of life. Press and knead clockwise for 9 times, then counterclockwise for 9 times, and repeat for 36 times.

Adhere to knead this point, can play the role of warm kidney Yang, lumbar ridge.

2, rub shenshu point

Shenshu acupoint is located under the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra, 1 to 5 inches apart, and is flat with mingmen point.

lower back pain remedies

Make a fist with both hands, put the tip of the fist on both sides of shenshu points, press and knead clockwise first, then counterclockwise.

Insist on rubbing this point every day, with the role of nourishing Yin and strengthening Yang, tonifying kidney and waist.

3, rub waist yangguan point

The lumbar yangguan acupoint is located in the depression under the spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebra, about flat with the iliac ridge.

lower back pain remedies

Left or right hand clenched fist, with the tip of the fist placed on the waist yangguan point, repeatedly by rubbing.

This point is the place where Yang qi passes through the du vein. It can be pressed and kneaded every day to dredge Yang qi, strengthen waist and knee, and benefit the lower yuan.

4, rub your waist and eyes

The lumbar eye point is located under the spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebra, with a 3 – or 5-inch depression, which is flat with yangguan point.

lower back pain remedies

Both hands make a fist, press knead this point with fist tip, can have the effect that promotes blood circulation, good waist beneficial kidney.

5, weizhong point

The mid-point of the popliteal fossa is at the back of the knee.

lower back pain remedies

Both hands arrive heat to rub, take to knead at the same time with both hands (point to abdomen to apply force opposite with thumb and other 4 fingers) two lower limbs wei zhong acupoint, time makes an appointment with a minute.

Can relax tendons, activate collaterals, relieve spasm and pain.

4 tips to ease back pain


It is best to lie on your side, bending your body and lying on your back on the mattress. Mattess is too soft or too hard when, had better adjust mattess hardness. If you're used to lying on your back, place pillows behind your knees to raise your feet slightly.


Bath in lukewarm water, time does not exceed 15 minutes, had better match essence oil or the traditional Chinese medicine that promotes blood circulation to remove stasis, can alleviate backache.

lower back pain remedies


Check your shoes. Put away any shoes that have a pointy toe, a heel that is more than five centimeters high and a solid shoe. Change to round or square toe flat shoes, multi-functional sports shoes are also suitable for wearing.


To increase calcium intake, eat more soy milk, tofu, yogurt, milk and other foods to reduce bone loss and prevent osteoporosis.

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Did lumbago relieve pain? NO! What does the international rehabilitation philosophy tell you to do – AllPainHealing | back pain/neck pain/lumbar pain

11:36:13, September 24, 2019Author: zhang zu name

ff38334eab47485c8a2d9d005aa3f4c6 19992718 The 2019-09-24 11:36:13 / a / 20190924 / ff38334eab47485c8a2d9d005aa3f4c6. SHTML

Lumbar pain, cervical pain, shoulder pain…… Almost become the civilization disease of modern people. On September 24th, the non-profit charity "chiropractors without borders" laining and nanjing university hospital jointly held a public consultation activity. Chinese and foreign experts not only explained the knowledge of prevention, but also taught the citizens some simple and practical methods of health care and rehabilitation, which were quite popular.

Wang hongxing, director of the department of rehabilitation medicine at the university hospital, pointed out that lumbago and neck pain are just one symptom, and there are many causes of lumbago. More common have lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, facet joint disorder, force line structure changes, bone spur, lumbar acute and chronic trauma, lumbar bone hyperplasia, lumbar muscle strain. In life, which people are easy to fall into this trap? Wang hongxing introduces, fat crowd, pregnant woman sits for a long time personage (desk worker, driver, etc.), the person that lifts things for a long time, motion cannot be caused lumbar back spinal injury easily. Besides, still have casual little action, when brushing one's teeth to wash a face, the upper body when leaning forward, sneeze can make lumbar vertebra is damaged, produce lumbago thereby.

Many people "flinch" when they sneeze. Wang hongxing explained that when a person sneezes, the instantaneous explosive force and pressure are very big, plus the lumbar disc itself fiber ring is relatively weak, one does not pay attention to it is easy to extrude the spinal cord from the spine, resulting in lumbar disc herniation.

How to prevent lumbago? Experts say the first thing to do is to stay in good posture and avoid staying in one position for too long. Secondly, avoid being too fat and insist on taking exercise such as walking, swimming and jogging. For those who already have lumbago symptoms, it is also important to avoid using soft mattresses when sleeping and avoid the secondary injuries caused by excessive exercise. Additional, lumbar exercise can strengthen lumbar back, abdomen even muscle strength of lower limb (namely so-called core muscle group), strengthen the stability of spinal column thereby, avoid lumbar injury, still can promote the clearance of local metabolite, rise to alleviate the effect of ache jointly. For example, small yanfei, sit-ups and other movements can be on the back pain prevention and effective relief.

Experts warn that as people age, some degenerative diseases are hard to avoid, and many muscle diseases are caused by people's long-term bad habits. People's awareness of spinal health is far less than that of western countries, and many of them have suffered back pain either by letting it go or by going to hospital in a desperate manner.

In this free consultation, experts pointed out that in many hospitals in China, the treatment of spinal diseases is relatively single, only the surface of the degeneration of pain relief, and rarely according to the patient's situation from the bottom of the evaluation, the development of relevant rehabilitation training to achieve the essence of treatment.

In the advanced international concept, the treatment of these diseases is to use sports and biomechanics, according to the change of human physical strength line to achieve a holistic assessment, and through the core muscle group rehabilitation training to achieve a fundamental solution to the problem, rather than surgery and medication. At the free clinic site, many experts from San Francisco medical school and California hospital in the United States taught citizens some simple waist protection, neck and rehabilitation knowledge, very popular with nanjing residents.

The United States and China jointly conduct public consultation to pass on love. "Chiropractors without borders" was founded by a group of people from different cultural backgrounds. It is a non-profit charity in the United States. It is committed to cooperating with medical institutions in various countries to organize free clinic activities to provide local patients with complete treatment and rehabilitation services of the spinal nervous system. Director wang hongxing introduced that the public consultation activity was an opportunity to bring the mature spinal nerve correction medical treatment from North America to China, so as to improve the cognition and health care awareness of more doctors and patients on spinal health, so as to benefit more people.

(source: jiangsu news broadcasting/zhang zuoming editor/han yu)

After affectionate lumbar ache, be how to return a responsibility? Doctor's note: there are several reasons – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/herniated disc

This morning, small nine colleague small liu come company to complain: "early in the morning get up waist all not straight, afflictive dead."

Cece, who was sitting next to her, suddenly leaned in her chair and asked, "tired last night, I guess? !"

Xiao liu bai gave her a look: "… One side to go! I just can't sleep well!"

Joke is joke, but actually "clap for love" after the occurrence of back pain, in daily life or very common. So, how is the back ache that appears after the event to return a responsibility after all? Have relation with kidney empty? Let's find out.

That hind waist aches, concerned with kidney empty?

From the Angle of western medicine, "kidney" basically is to point to the left and right sides of spinal column each "kidney" this organ, have drain detoxification, stimulative haematopoietic, control blood pressure, strong bone to wait for effect, have kidney injury only or the statement of renal insufficiency, without the concept of kidney empty, with "that respect" do not have what concern more.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, waist pain is indeed related to kidney deficiency and sexual activities. According to traditional Chinese medicine,Waist for the kidney, not section, excessive indulgence, consumption of kidney essence, resulting in kidney deficiency, thereby causing backache.

Therefore, if there is a back pain after each end, do not need to be afraid of doctors, can seek the help of traditional Chinese medicine.

Other reasons for lower back pain after sex

First of all,Too often,It will lead to waist pain, because in doing that, the activity of the waist is relatively large, if often need to use the waist, it is easy to lead to lumbar muscle strain, back pain.

Second, during sexNot climax, also can bring about lumbar ache, because orgasmic basically is caused after reproductive organ congestive, if inside and outside reproductive organ is stimulated hind occurrence congestive phenomenon, and reach orgasmic release, appear the circumstance of lumbar ache possibly.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Third,All of a suddeninterrupt, not only will lead to reproductive system and pelvic bleeding can not quickly subsided, male seminal vesicle and other accessory organs can not timely empty, these will let the cerebral cortex in a more excited nervous state, if not effectively ease, time for a long time, easy to appear waist pain.

Fourth, that can lead to excessive prostate congestion and inflammation, formationprostatitis. And the nerve system around prostatitis also can stimulate lumbar nerve, produce the symptom of lumbar ache thereby.

How to alleviate backache after the event this one circumstance?

These are some of the most common causes of back pain, and if you want to avoid them, you can do so. Let's take a look at the following introduction of specific mitigation measures.

First, if it's a backache caused by too much, too long, or too much sex, as long asAdjust the frequency, timing and intensity of your sex life,Holding on for a long time can get effective relief.

Next, pay attention to sexual life posture, some posture is improper, bring about one side waist to exert oneself too much, also can appear lumbar ache. This time is okTry changing positions, so that the body gets a balanced exercise, but also can improve the quality of sex.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Third, both men and women in peacetime toGet more exerciseCan properly improve the quality of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of harmonizing Yin and Yang.

Finally, if the above adjustments continue to cause lower back pain, or even if it is longer and more severe, you should be alert for injuries such as lumbar muscle strain or herniated discs. At this point, should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Men with lower back pain may be related to these diseases!

· urinary tract infection

When the urinary tract infection, there can be abdominal distension, perineal pain, back pain and other symptoms, so if you have back pain, be careful of urinary tract infection.

· lumbar disc herniation

Lumbar intervertebral discs can also cause intense back pain, and men who often bend over to do gravity are more likely to have herniated discs. So this kind of crowd should pay more attention to avoid at ordinary times, because once the occurrence of lumbar disc herniation, the treatment process is relatively long.

severe lower back pain treatment home

· lumbar muscle strain

Lumbar pain may also be related to injury such as lumbar muscle strain. Daily if there is a long standing, heavy load and other conditions of people, will easily lead to lumbar muscle strain, causing back pain.

· kidney disease

The occurrence of kidney disease is also a cause of low back pain in men, so in the occurrence of low back pain should also be alert, may be kidney damage.

Summary: if it is often the case of back pain, health has appeared a problem, to recommend timely to the hospital for treatment, so as not to bring serious consequences.


1. "why does low back pain occur after sex? Mainly because of these four reasons", health news, September 25, 2018

2/ "low back pain may not reflect kidney deficiency, urine color may reflect kidney condition", sichuan daily, 2017-09-06

How does pregnant lumbago do? 5 tips to help you feel better – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar pain

Low back pain during pregnancy is a common problem for many expectant mothers. According to surveys, 50% to 75% of women suffer from low back pain during pregnancy, which is mostly related to specific physiological changes during pregnancy. Why can pregnancy meet lumbago? How should pregnant lumbago alleviate?

Why is pregnancy easy lumbago?

As abdomen is bigger and bigger, the symptom of lumbago also can be more and more apparent, why is expectant mother in pregnancy easy lumbago?

Normal physiological reactions during pregnancy

As the growth of the fetus, pregnant mother in pregnancy weight will gradually increase, the body fat content becomes high. The biggest change was in the belly, which bulges as the fetus grows, increasing the weight around the waist. At the same time, combined with the hormonal changes during pregnancy, the muscle elasticity during pregnancy will be relatively poor, so the muscle elasticity of the waist will be weakened, which will easily lead to the production of backache.

2Calcium deficiency,

During pregnancy, because the formation and development of the fetus needs calcium completely from the mother, pregnant mother consumption of calcium is much larger than the average person, so many pregnant mother prone to calcium problems, calcium deficiency will cause back pain. Suggest expectant mother during the whole pregnancy, pregnant mother should pay special attention to calcium supplements.

3Incorrect posture

Some pregnant mothers sitting posture is not correct, back did not pay attention to straighten, lumbar backward, this will make the whole upper body weight focus on the lumbar parts, increase the burden of the lumbar, more easily lead to backache. In fact, many pregnant mothers do not know how to walk, sleep, sit and so on correctly, the bad habits in daily life is the most common cause of back pain.

How should pregnant lumbago alleviate

3. Weight control

A lot of pregnant mothers are holding a person to eat two people to fill the state of mind, in pregnancy without restraint to eat especially, so the weight also straight line rise. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy will not only increase the waist burden and cause back pain, but also increase the risk of gestational diabetes, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant mothers and babies. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers should eat a balanced diet during pregnancy, control the weight, do not let the weight gain too much, too fast.

2Pay attention to calcium supplements

During pregnancy, due to the continuous growth of the fetus and the formation of bones, a large amount of calcium is needed for the use of the fetus. Therefore, the pregnant mother should not only take in the calcium she needs, but also provide enough calcium for the fetus. If calcium is not taken during pregnancy, the mother will be calcium deficient at the end of the pregnancy, causing loose teeth and pain in the lower back. Pregnant mother added enough calcium agents, but also should pay attention to the regular sun and exercise to promote calcium absorption.

3Maintain correct sitting, standing and walking posture

From the beginning of pregnancy to maintain good sitting, standing, walking and sleeping posture, can effectively avoid or alleviate early pregnancy back pain.

Correct sitting position: after be pregnant, the chair that sitting office at ordinary times should choose cushion for leaning on to compare soft, can relieve the pressure of back effectively so, sitting also should prepare a small low stool at ordinary times next, two feet are put up, can promote the blood circulation of leg ministry effectively so.

Correct standing posture: after pregnancy, if long standing will easily lead to lumbar acid, lumbar pain, especially in the middle and later stages of pregnancy, so, pregnant mother must avoid standing for too long during pregnancy, if standing tired to find a place to sit down. If the combat force time is longer, should stand two feet one in front of one behind, and change the position before and after every few minutes, make weight fall on outspread foreleg.

Correct walking posture: pregnant mother in walking, should be straight back, head up, tight hips, heel first landing, step on solid, maintain body balance. Can use armrest or baluster to walk, remember fast and urgent walk, also do not protrude abdomen forward.

Correct sleeping position: after pregnancy, lie down at ordinary times to rest in order to promote blood circulation, relieve sore feelings, you can lie down, with a soft cushion pad high legs. Get into the habit of sleeping on your side, which can help reduce the burden on your lower back and relieve discomfort during pregnancy. Warm remind: when pregnant woman sleeps, can fold into square mat with a soft towel in knee joint lower part, can loosen abdominal muscle pressure effectively so, alleviate pregnant inearly backache symptom.

4Proper exercise

Expectant mother should do some exercise appropriately during pregnancy, but the intensity should not be too big, can choose to walk 30 minutes every day, or a week swimming three times, can also choose a suitable for pregnant women's gymnastics, every morning after getting up to do a morning exercise. These exercises can be very good relief of the pressure on the waist, thereby relieving early pregnancy back pain symptoms.

5, hot compress and massage

The proposal is prospective father can do massage for pregnant mother, alleviate lumbago. When massaging 5 fingers and come together, put in hind lumbar ministry respectively on both sides, palm heart is inward, up and down slow knead, till this place is calorific till. Also can do local hot compress, use hot towel apply to be controlled in the waist half an hour everyday, can reduce ache effectively.

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how to help relieve back pain

【 everyone health 】 age of 20 years old 60 years old waist pain slightly not careful may cause paralysis – AllPainHealing | herniated disc/lumbar pain/lumbar disc herniation

Many young people suffer from waist diseases, but at the age of 20, they have an "old waist" at the age of 60. In addition to pain and discomfort, many waist problems can have even more serious consequences. This issue "everyone health" specially invited hefei first people's hospital spinal surgeon zheng ke, talk with you about lumbar disease and maintenance of knowledge.

Zheng ke, male, master of medicine, attending physician, engaged in clinical and teaching work of spinal surgery for nearly 10 years, direction: minimally invasive spinal surgery, specializing in minimally invasive treatment of common cervical and lumbar diseases and frequently-occurring diseases.

Ask: in daily receive, what waist disease does the young person have? What are the main causes of these diseases?

Zheng ke: in daily work, patients with more contact have acute lumbar sprain and lumbar disc herniation, which are more common in young people.

Acute lumbar sprain is mainly due to inadequate warm-up before physical exercise, resulting in muscle ligament injury.

The mechanism of lumbar disc herniation is more complicated, mainly because the various parts of the lumbar disc (nucleus pulposus, fibrous ring and cartilage plate), especially the nucleus pulposus, have different degrees of degeneration. Under the action of external force factor, the fibrous annulus of intervertebral disc ruptures, nucleus pulposus tissue protrudes from the place that ruptures (or prolapse) in rear or vertebra canal, cause adjacent spinal nerve root to suffer stimulation or compression, produce lumbar pain thereby, one side lower limb or double lower limb numbness, ache wait for a series of clinical symptoms.

Intervertebral disc tissues absorb water at night when resting, and lose it during the day when standing up, when not getting enough sleep at night, or when working with heavy loads during the day and sitting for long periods of time, can lead to increased water loss and a vicious cycle that can lead to disc herniation.

Q: besides the pain and inconvenience, does a herniated disc cause more serious problems?

Zheng ke: a lot of people feel lumbar ache lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is lumbar ache, actually not such, lumbar ache lumbar intervertebral disc herniation is a long process, from light to heavy. The simplest expression is lumbar discomfort, appear slowly lumbago, lumbago leg aches, involve lower limb nerve when leg aches to radiate a symptom, the clipping that shows a nerve appears, continue aggravation may bring about palsy, muscle strength drops, crus muscle atrophy, feeling drops.

Ask: is lumbar ache lumbar intervertebral disc herniation certainly? What symptoms do we need to go to the hospital for?

Zheng ke: lumbar ache is not necessarily lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion of course, lumbar discomfort is urological system disease likely, if urological sex stone, female patient may have disease of department of gynaecology.

If the conservative treatment does not improve for more than 3 days, or the symptoms become worse during the conservative treatment, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time, let a professional doctor for physical examination and auxiliary examination, to determine the cause.

Q: how should lumbar disc herniation be treated?

Zheng ke: the treatment of lumbar disc herniation is a ladder. At present, non-fusion technique and fusion technique are the main surgical treatment. The relatively common non-fusion technique includes discectomy under intervertebral foramen microscopy. If the fusion technique is done, mis-tilf is now more popular in China.

If it is only waist discomfort or lumbago, conservative treatment can be adopted without lower limb nerve symptoms. Physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage can achieve good results.

Ask: how should maintain our waist in daily life?

Zheng ke: maintain our waist, avoid the disease such as lumbar injury, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, want to assure to have good life habit above all, assure sufficient sleep.

Long-term desk workers need to pay attention to the height of the table, chair, regular change posture. The need in occupational job often bends to move a writer, should regular stretch waist, straighten bosom activity, use wide belt. Should strengthen lumbar back muscle training, increase the internal stability of the spine, long-term use of waist circumference, especially need to pay attention to the lumbar back muscle exercise, in order to prevent apraxia muscle atrophy brings adverse consequences. If need to bend down to take an object, had better use bend hip, bend one's knees to squat way, reduce the pressure to lumbar intervertebral disc rear.

During the exercise, if you do heavy weight training, you should have professional guidance and company, pay attention to the waist protection. (guo ling/Korean yu/video)

through published

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Grand opening – neck shoulder waist leg pain seek chuangfu hall – AllPainHealing | neck pain/neck pain relief/leg pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

The Mid-Autumn festival of ten thousand beauty is the most, the new beginning of spring and autumn fruits. On September 8, 2019, the chuangfutang xiamen DE medical hospital store was opened in the golden autumn with many fruits.

Mr. Qiu, chairman of xiamen chuanfutang pharmaceutical co., LTD., and Mr. Wu gaomei, President of the medical center, visited the site to unveil the brand of chuanfutang xiamen medical center.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Wu gaomei, President of the on-site medical center, said that traditional Chinese medicine believes that pain is mainly caused by the blocking of channels and collaterals, phlegm and dampness, and the inverse disorder of qi and blood, which is caused by the imbalance of channels and collaterals. Is according to the blessing of immovable therapy of traditional Chinese medicine on cervical vertebra, lumbar pain, limb joints such as disease pathogenesis and the treatment principle, combining modern physical therapy and drug treatment, evidence-based medicine, targeted therapy, the lesion multi-pronged to human body, comprehensive control, is currently on the neck shoulder waist pain treatment process is very safe, effective, fast, without the advanced treatment of pain.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Wulian therapy is a unique physiotherapy method for neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain developed by several experts of chuanfutang after more than ten years of research and clinical practice. It can effectively treat neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain by integrating various aspects such as massage, moxibustion and physical therapy. Small make up interviewed has many years of periarthritis of shoulder and cervical spondylosis young auntie, she told us that this pain is others cannot realize, sometimes often can't sleep, she tried a lot of treatment, after her experience throughout the immovable therapy, feel the shoulders relaxed a lot, a lot of neck pain relief, especially after biological wave therapy, the portrait is much younger. She is looking forward to a real solution to her years of pain through pentagonal therapy.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Preach the hall pharmaceutical qiu chairman mentioned in his speech, the f # team has been constantly exploring health pavilion road of the development of chain operation, the f hall's medical museum store opened in xiamen is the f hall health museum "thousand city wan shop" is an important milestone, marks the blessing hall health museum precision farming market business strategy important step.

severe lower back pain treatment home

In the fast-paced life, shoulder and neck pain is getting younger and younger, and many young people often face computers and mobile phones. Cervical spondylosis has gradually become a common occupational disease. Physical exercise for a long time produces local pain, which will cause patients over time. Health therapy has become a trend of The Times. Health therapy can prevent a variety of diseases, improve the body function, play a preventive health care role. Facing the best time for the development of the big health industry, chuangfu hall makes contributions to the protection of the people's health, and makes great efforts to realize the "inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine culture and the well-being of the people".

severe lower back pain treatment home

Chuang fu tang. Tak medical center address

176-178 yuehua road, huli district, xiamen city

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