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1. Wrist joint pain

Many new mothers have different degrees of wrist and joint pain after giving birth, basically in the month of the beginning of the discovery, until after giving birth for a long time did not recover. Pregnant mother is in postpartum and lactation during, because of the change of internal endocrine hormone of the body, can bring about articular flabby, add feed milk, hold the labor such as baby, can make articular load brings about ache, main place is in wrist, finger joint and place such as heel. Because in "month son" was caused by wind and cold, cold evil invasion weak body, easy to cause postpartum rheumatism, joint pain.

Nursing tips:

1) keep hands warm after delivery

Don't use cold water for housework too early. At ordinary times, wash your hands, feet and face using hot water, avoid contact with cold water.

2) avoid cold wind blowing directly on the body

In particular, do not directly because of the enjoyment of cool air conditioning, fan blowing body; Pay attention to postpartum warmth, should pay attention to add clothing according to the change of the weather, lest the joints of the body catch cold.

3) eat foods that contain calcium

Such as milk, bone soup and so on; When sunshine is sufficient, go outdoors more bask in the sun, also be helpful for filling calcium.

4) get some exercise

For example, some soothing health exercises can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, so that the joints slowly adapt and restore vitality.

how to get relief from backache

2. Backache

After giving birth to mother, endocrine system changes will not quickly return to the state before pregnancy, pelvic ligament is still in the state of relaxation in a period of time, abdominal muscles also become weak and weak, the uterus did not fully reset soon, lobuloids if the discharge is not free, cause pelvic blood deposition, will cause lumbago oh. And bathe for the baby, dress, change diaper, need to bend over, cause lumbar muscle strain.

1) pay attention to lactation posture

Mothers can refer to some relevant lactation knowledge, master the correct lactation posture, sitting nursing, can prepare a few cushion for leaning on, after the waist put a, relieve waist pressure, but to remember, cushion for leaning on is not too soft, to have a certain degree of hardness to have support force oh.

2) timely replenish qi and blood

In terms of diet, mothers can choose some foods to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis to get through the body's meridians, so that the blood circulation inside the body unobimpeded, naturally will not backache. Choose blood-enriching food to supplement the energy consumed by mothers during childbirth, and the physical quality will be better, and the backache will gradually improve.

3) proper hot compress

Postpartum back soreness can be relieved with hot compresses, massages, or hot baths that promote blood circulation, relax muscles, and reduce pain and fatigue.

4) take breaks

New mothers should pay attention to the supine position during the break, especially avoid long-term supine position. Side, supine, and prone positions can be rotated. Also, avoid standing, sitting, and squatting. Postpartum as the recovery of the body, can add the action that makes a few lumbar back stretch, also have curative effect more to reduce postpartum lumbar backache.

3, postpartum limb pain

Postpartum limb aches, have a concern with pregnancy, childbirth and lactation, on the one hand, be pregnant make endocrine produce change, bring about articular ligament flabby, flexibility drops, together with fetal need calcium amount to increase and expectant mother did not add sufficient calcium, can bring about bone density to reduce; On the other hand, childbirth will cause qi and blood deficiency, after catching cold easy to cause muscle and joint inflammation; Plus holding a baby for a long time, postpartum limb pain is more serious.

1) keep warm

Postpartum body ache is mostly due to postpartum qi and blood movement is not free or postpartum suffering from wind and cold caused, so postpartum to pay special attention to keep warm, do not blow.

2) diet

And postpartum qi blood movement not free mother can eat some of the food rich in nutrition, such as red beans, jujube, chicken, pig liver and so on.

3) seek medical advice in time

If the symptoms of postpartum systemic pain is very serious, through general adjustment can not be improved, then should be as soon as possible to see a doctor for examination, under the guidance of the doctor for reasonable treatment.

how to get relief from backache

4, postpartum wound pain

Wound pain mainly refers to the pain of the birth of the wound, under normal circumstances whether natural birth or cesarean section, the birth will be hospitalized on the same day, the hospital will arrange timely disinfection and lighting, as long as you follow the doctor's advice, normal health postpartum about a week after the wound basically recovered.

In some special cases, the wound healing is not complete, the pain and itching will continue, such as scar constitution will form in the healing of the keloid. If the scar is too large and there are hard patches on the surface of the skin, there will be pain when pressed.

1) loose clothing

Bao ma should not be in a hurry to wear shapewear after production, but should wear loose and comfortable clothes. Loose clothing helps the wound breathe and heal faster. It also avoids friction and reduces the pain.

2) avoid scratching

Postpartum wounds can be painful and itchy as they heal. Feel pruritus treasure mother must not use the hand to scratch the itching directly, easy to cause wound rupture, but also easy to cause bacterial infection!

3) balanced nutrition

Wound healing is needed for a period of time, it is recommended that bao ma postpartum diet should be light and easy to digest, can prevent stimulation to the wound. Also, eat a balanced diet to promote rapid healing. As a result, the pain in the wound is lessened day by day.

How many have you experienced? After watching these kinds of pain, for the great mother thumb up.

Finally, delivery for women itself will bring a lot of loss, postpartum qi, blood, muscles and bones will become weak, resistance will become poor, so from the beginning of sitting month, must pay attention to diet adjustment, maintain physical and mental comfort, adequate sleep, only mother physical and mental health can give the baby better care and care.

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Lumbar backache did not care, check unexpectedly cancer! Difficult to find, super deadly, 6 signal must know! – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Back pain did not care, a check was pancreatic cancer

Ms. Wang more than a month ago, becauseAbdominal distension and lower back pain, the examination to local hospital is: superficial sex gastritis and proctitis. At first, the family thought it was just an ordinary stomach disease, in the hospital opened gastrointestinal medicine to eat it. Unexpectedly, Ms. Wang's abdominal pain and back pain did not get better.Still have the symptom of disgusting, constipation, come nearly 20 days, solved defecate 3 times defecate only.

The doctor that receive an appointment expresses, the abdominal pain that the patient appears and lumbago back ache, because tumor invades celiac nerve plexus to be caused more, already belonged to cancer medium terminal.

Hardest to find, fastest to spread and deadliest!

how to reduce back bone pain

Pancreas, a relatively small internal organ of the human body, is easy to be ignored by people, and the "sense of existence" is not strong, and pancreatic cancer, simply speaking, is a cancer that occurs in the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancerIt is a kind of digestive tract malignant tumor with high degree of malignancy and poor prognosis.Early symptoms are hidden, difficult to detect, and easy to be misdiagnosed as gastrointestinal, blood sugar diseases, leading to missed the best treatment period.It is also easy to metastasize and difficult to treat, with high death rate and low cure rate. Therefore, it is called "king of cancer".According to clinical statistics,Eighty percent of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed as advanced.

Six early signs of pancreatic cancer, don't ignore them!

Early detection of six symptoms of pancreatic cancer may slow the progression of the disease, the American journal of prevention suggests.


Emerging diabetes

If a person does not have a family history of diabetes, a good diet, normal body shape, but suddenly new diabetes; Or have been well controlled diabetes, suddenly found out of control, it is necessaryThe function of the pancreas was assessed.


Abdominal pain

Experts say the pancreas is located near the abdominal plexus, an area of blood vessels and nerve bundles. Pancreatic cancer can cause pain and nerve irritation. The patient may feel painFrom the upper abdomen (the area directly below the sternum) to the back. The woman in the news was suffering from abdominal pain, low back pain and was not taken seriously.


Unexplained thrombus

Recent major surgery, trauma, hospitalization or long-term bed rest, and a family history of blood clots are common factors,If blood clots occur without these causes, a cancer screening test is recommended, excluding other diseases to determine the specific cause of abnormal thrombosis.

how to reduce back bone pain


The pancreas not only produces insulin, it also makes trypsin, which helps break down fat. If a tumor develops in the pancreas, the pancreatic enzyme output will be blocked, and the fat will not be digested, even making the patient sickThe excretion of foul-smelling "greasy" stoolShit will float on the toilet.



Close to the liver, where bile is produced, the long tumours of the pancreas prevent the bile ducts from discharging bile, leading to high levels of bilirubin in the body, which can lead to jaundice. This kind of situationMost commonly seen in the whites of the eyes, also can cause systemic itch, defecate color to become shallow, urinate color to deepen.


If your appetite drops or you feel full after a few bites, it could also be a sign of pancreatic cancer. This is because the pancreas is near the front of the small intestineCauses food to flow backwards or not to reach the small intestine quickly.

8 categories of high-risk groups, especially to pay attention!

how to reduce back bone pain

1.Patients with familial adenomatous polyposis.

2.No fatigue, no injuries, but low back pain, or no causeBad digestionBowel movements are shapeless or have no appetite or even jaundice.

3.In patients with a family history of pancreatic cancer, genetic factors accounted for 5% to 10% of the incidence of pancreatic cancer.

4.Older than 40, yesNon-specific symptoms of upper abdomenA patient whose symptoms cannot be directly identified.

5.People who smoke, drink a lot of alcohol and are exposed to harmful chemicals for a long time.

6.The incidence of pancreatic cancer increased by 1.5 to 5 times in patients who had undergone subtotal gastrectomy for benign lesions, especially those who had been 20 years or more after surgery.

7.Chronic pancreatitis. Now thinkChronic pancreatitisIt is an important precancerous lesion in some patients, especially in chronic familial pancreatitis and chronic calcified pancreatitis.

8.Sudden onset of diabetes. In particular atypical diabetes, age inOver 60 years old, lack of family history, no obesity, who quickly develop insulin resistance. Forty percent of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed with diabetes.

Early detection, early treatment!We must pay attention to the changes in the body, if uncomfortable, must be timely medical treatment, to avoid damage caused by their own negligence!

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Chinese medicine balance cupping, relieve back pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

A 45-year-old woman surnamed chang (hua surname) has been suffering from stiffness, chills and pain in her lower back for nearly half a year. After examination in the hospital, she was initially diagnosed as myofascitis after excluding skeletal problems in her lower back.

Myofascitis is good hair in lumbar back, it is to point to the aseptic sex inflammation reaction of muscle and fascia, call again "lumbar dorsal muscle injury", namely the lumbar backache that often says. Its pathogeny is cold, damp, traumatic or morpheus position is improper and chronic strain, make local lumbar back muscle fascia namely muscle tissue, produce edema, exudate and fibrous denaturation wait for a symptom. Clinical manifestations are often persistent or intermittent chronic muscle heaviness, pain, weakness, numbness and stiffness, which seriously affect the quality of life.

Combined with chang's pain symptoms, the doctor suggested chang to use balanced cupping therapy. The first treatment, chang felt back stretch, warm, pain relief. After treatment with the equalized cupping system once a week, a course of treatment for 4 times in total, chang's lower back pain disappeared, and her stiffness and coolness were relieved.

At present, the method that treats lumbar dorsal muscle injury is very much, western medicine is given priority to with anti-inflammatory analgesia more, but long-term medication has the side effect such as gastrointestinal tract and rash. In the treatment of Chinese medicine, myofascitis belongs to the category of bi syndrome of Chinese medicine. It is believed that the disease is mainly caused by the weak vital energy of the meridians and the loss of vital energy and blood due to the feeling of cold evil.

Balanced cupping therapy is a kind of cupping therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, this therapy selects acupoints according to the classics, and develops the traditional cupping therapy into more than 10 techniques, such as flassing, kneading, walking, rotating, shaking and vibrating cupping, so as to perform benign stimulation such as ironing, rubbing, pulling, squeezing and plucking on the waist and back muscles and "pain sensitive points". At the same time, the use of cupping warm, negative pressure effect, stimulate meridian qi, dredge meridian, regulate zang-fu organs, balance Yin and Yang, improve local blood circulation, relax spasmodic muscles, improve the fatigue state of the tissue, so that the meridian qi and blood smooth operation, to assist the treatment of back pain. During the procedure, the patient is usually placed in the prone position, first passing the bladder through the flashover tank on both sides of the spine in the back. When the pot is hot, apply a small amount of lubricating oil on the back and rub the pot along the vein and bladder meridian. Then shake the pot along the back bladder meridian, and then push the pot along the vein and bladder meridian with moderate suction. Wipe the back, according to different diseases in the corresponding acupuncture points and the lumbar back of the tank 5~10 minutes, at any time to ask the patient to feel and make adjustments. Balance cupping is not only used for the treatment of lumbar back muscle injury, but also for the auxiliary treatment of cold, cough, insomnia, periarthritis of shoulder, chronic fatigue syndrome, acute gastroenteritis, dampness-heat constitution conditioning and sub-healthy people.

Always feel lumbar backache, is overworked or ankylosing spondylitis? – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar backache

Features of ankylosing spondylitis, low back pain:

● young slowly appear on the back pain, more occurred before the age of 40;

● slow onset, not sudden onset;

● symptoms lasting at least 3 months;

● back pain with stiffness;

● "fear of the night, love activities" of the waist back pain, low back discomfort in the activities to reduce or disappear;

● "son preference" back pain, male more common;

● have a certain genetic back pain.

The 7 and 5 criteria were inflammatory back pain.

24%-75% of patients with ankylosing spondylitis in the beginning or course of disease appear peripheral joint lesions, toKnee, hip, ankle and shoulder joint are in the majority, elbow and hand and foot facet joint have occasionally be affected.Asymmetry, a few joints or a single joint, and the lower limb joint arthritis is the characteristics of the disease peripheral arthritis.

how to get relief from backache

Lumbar backache: 5%~10% is ankylosing spondylitis

Many advanced ankylosing spondylitis patients all think lumbago is pure muscle sprain, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain for a long time, did not get timely treatment, bring about ankylosing condition aggravation of different degree to become incomplete, make a person feel sorry deeply.

So the waistBack pain is recommended as early as possible, timely diagnosis and treatment!In order to avoid all kinds of damage in the middle and late stage of the disease, only by early diagnosis and complete control of inflammation can we achieve the goal of continuous improvement of symptoms, improvement of body function, and finally recovery of working ability and improvement of quality of life.

how to get relief from backache

Many patients once diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, often think that treatment is hopeless, so depressed, afraid to lead to lifelong disability.

Although ankylosing spondylitis cannot cure completely, but pass regular treatment, attention sits at ordinary times lie stand appearance, targeted training, still can obtain good curative effect normally.

How to manage back pain? How to organize and promote overseas back pain data – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar spine

Howard maple leaf: recovery

After decades of rapid development, modern western medicine has entered the era of evidence-based medicine. Compared with previous empirical medicine, evidence-based medicine has solid evidence and is easy to spread and learn. Let's take a look at what resources are available in Canada to promote low back pain prevention and treatment.

The first is the level of family doctors (Canada has a hierarchical medical system). They are the first medical staff to contact patients, and they need to conduct the initial diagnosis of patients, which naturally causes great pressure. It is also said to be the medical group with the highest complaint rate. Therefore, the provincial health education departments attach great importance to the continuing education and training of family doctors. Take alberta as an example. The mission of top(towards optimized practice) is to help family doctors better follow evidence-based medical evidence and improve patient satisfaction. The organization collates and provides evidence-based medical evidence for a variety of diseases and produces brochures for health care workers or patients. The old editor felt that the foreign materials made by the meticulous novel, it is worth the domestic peer learning. Take a look at what they have to offer about low back pain.

1) evidence-informed primary care management of low back pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

2) evidence-informed primary care management of low back pain (guideline)

severe lower back pain treatment home

3) management of psychosocial yellow flags (tools)

severe lower back pain treatment home

4) clinical assessment of psychosocial yellow flags (tools)

severe lower back pain treatment home

5) video

A) introduces the examination process and Outlines the major steps and key considerations inspection process and the main steps and critical thinking

A) viewers through the examination in detail

C) reviews the examination, ignore key elements and ignore key elements

The second is a variety of materials for patients including:

1) patient pain manual for patients suffering from acute back pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

2) patient handout chronic low back pain manual

severe lower back pain treatment home

3) video

A) what to do with acute low back pain? Get back at it! How should acute lumbar backache attack do?

B) living well with chronic low back pain

C) self-management for chronic pain

4) teaching for back pain (Chinese)

Finally, training courses for specialist staff such as physiotherapists

CPA (Canada physiotherapy association) offers extensive online training courses (see figure 1), mainly for evidence-based medicine, while for practical methods, physiotherapists have to sign up for various kinds of physiotherapy courses at work and pay for them at their own expenses. An online continuation course for back pain, for example, consists of four blocks and six weeks of self-study (figure 2)

severe lower back pain treatment home

Figure 1

1. Section one: lumbar spine anatomical and functional anatomy and function lumbar spine

2. Section two: lumbar the conditions lumbar disease

3. Section three: lumbopelvic examination

Section four: LBP management of back pain

Figure 2

The specific contents are not one by one, just the first module as an example. There are three test such as on lumbar spine anatomy, everybody can do so, can do a few?

1. The body of a typical lumbar vertebra is larger than cervical or thoracic vertebra with a transverse diameter greater than the anteroposterior diameter and greater than the height, according to is this? The typical lumbar vertebrae in human body are all larger than the cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra, showing that the transverse process radius is much larger than the anterior and posterior radius and the height of vertebrae is thicker. Why? (radio)

A) it must for allowing large ranges of movement into flexion and extension.

B) the vertebral bodies happens in size as they go from cervical to lumbar areas. From the cervical vertebra to the lumbar spine, vertebral body size has been increased.

C) it needs to support compressive loads under caused by body weight, the ground reaction forces and muscle contraction. The need for weight loss, the ground reaction force and muscle contraction force caused by extrusion load support

D) the vertebral body must be large to accommodate the space that the spinal cord. The requires to have greater vertebral bodies to give the space required for the spinal cord

2. The collagen fibres of adjacent lamellae in the anulus fibrosus are orientated in opposite directions at 120 degrees to each other. According to is this? Why the collagenous fibers between adjacent lamellar layers in the annulus fibrosus are 120 to each other? Reverse distribution? (radio)

A) it makes it strong enough to keep the nucleus pulposus in place

C)it allows the disc to be compressed without damage

C) it enables the anulus fibrosus to resist tensile forces in a medio – lateral direction. The tension of fiber ring can resist lateral direction.

D) it enables the anulus fibrosus to resist tensile forces in nearly all directions. It can make the fiber ring tension resistance to almost all direction

3. Over the orientation may than, the majority of facet joints in the lumbar spine have a curved structure that is biplanar in orientation, The anterior aspect is in the frontal plane and the posterior aspect is closer to the sagittal plane. Which of the following statements is true about the facet joints? Although the direction may vary, most facet joints of the lumbar spine are biplane curved, with the frontal plane in front and the sagittal plane behind. Which of the following statements about facet joints are true? (pops)

A)the frontal orientation allows a great range of flexion and extension.

B) the sagittal orientation provides to hold to rotation. Rotation resistance sagittal direction

C) the frontal plane orientation provides resistance to front shear.

D) the sagittal orientation allows a great range of flexion and extension, in the sagittal direction allows a wider range of flexing and stretching.

E) the biplanar orientation protects the intervertebral disc. The structure of the double planar protect the intervertebral disc.

Postpartum lumbar backache? Anesthesia don't carry this "pot"! – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar backache

"Doctor, my backache is where the anesthetic is!" "Doctor, I hear you have back pain after anesthesia." Back pain is a problem many mothers face after giving birth, and many say it's caused by anesthesia.

how to reduce back bone pain

The anesthesiologist says you can't carry the pot! In fact, back pain caused by anesthesia usually disappears after a few days due to tissue repair.

how to reduce back bone pain

Who moved the new mother's small waist?

It is now believed that postpartum backache mainly has the following reasons:

1. Pelvic ligament relaxation and skeletal muscle deformation

2, physiological bending imbalance

3. Rectus abdominis muscle separation

4, physiological calcium deficiency


6. Stay in bed too long

7. Postpartum weight gain

Here are some ways to prevent and relieve back pain:

how to reduce back bone pain

1. Reasonable diet before birth to avoid obesity

2. Pay attention to body position before and after delivery, and avoid bending and standing for a long time

3, appropriate calcium supplements during pregnancy and delivery

4, back appropriate massage therapy, if not relief should go to the hospital.

Now, can you dispel the misconception about anesthesiologists?

Sixty years old too repeated back pain more than a year, not between the waist disc prominent? Tuberculosis is the problem – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar disc herniation

But over the next few months, she found that after taking so many drugs and using up several boxes of plaster, the pain symptoms not only did not get better, but became more and more serious, until finally even the waist is not straight up, walking is more difficult.

Two months ago, her son and daughter looked at her pain and no longer willing to believe her words of "just take two days to have a rest", and went to the county to seek medical treatment with a backache that made her unable to stand.

After a series of relevant examination such as magnetic resonance, discover what ms wang gets is tuberculosis of thoracic vertebra.

Due to the long time without regular treatment, the lesion has been compressed to the nerve and can only be removed by surgery. However, due to the difficulty and high risk of the surgery, the doctor suggested her to the big hospitals in changsha and guangzhou for surgery.

Ms. Wang refused to travel to the big city for treatment because of financial difficulties.

Later, after the family made inquiries, they learned that the second people's hospital of chenzhou city is the center for the treatment of infectious diseases in southern hunan, especially good at treating all kinds of tuberculosis.

So in April this year, Ms. Wang, accompanied by her family, went to chenzhou no. 2 people's hospital for treatment.

Experts from the second people's hospital of chenzhou city formulated a treatment plan for the patient and arranged the patient to undergo a standard anti-tuberculosis treatment for one month. After all the inflammatory indicators tend to be normal, the patient will be operated by surgery.

Because preoperative preparation is sufficient, the operation process is very smooth, after the operation of Ms. Wang wound healing is also good, but also can not be discharged from the hospital immediately, later still have to continue anti-tuberculosis treatment.

how to reduce back bone pain

Chenzhou second people's hospital tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment center director, deputy chief physician Yin yiping reminded:

China has one of the highest rates of tuberculosis.

People who have close contact with patients with bacteria elimination, elderly people, and people with immune system diseases are all high-risk groups.

Proper physical exercise, avoid long-term fatigue stay up late, reasonable nutrition and rest, can effectively improve immunity, prevent the occurrence of tuberculosis.

Additional, the idea of common people thinks lumbar backache suffered from lumbar disc herniation namely commonly, this is a big error area.

In fact, there are many causes of back pain, lumbar disc herniation is only one of the more common.

When appear repeatedly lumbago backache, answer to check to see a doctor to regular hospital in time, must not paralyse carelessness and delay condition.

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Liu jiying, the second people's hospital of chenzhou city

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