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how to get relief from backache

Back and legs pain difficult to turn over

I can't sleep at night because of the pain

Multiple injections

how to get relief from backache

Minimally invasive spinal endoscopy

Straight legs raised only 5 degrees (normal at least 70 degrees)

how to get relief from backache

Under minimally invasive spinal endoscopy, the disc nucleus pulposus was removed to compress the nerve

The wound was only 8mm

Release the pressure, the nerve beat happily

how to get relief from backache

Lumbago leg pain immediate relief, straight leg elevation easily reach 80 degrees above!

Thumb up!

Our department is the first to carry out full-view spinal endoscopy technology, which can achieve 0 fluoroscopy during micro-trauma, safe, efficient and reliable efficacy.

Our department is the most comprehensive department of spine endoscopy technology in hezhou:

1. The earliest interlamina approach endoscopy was carried out in the city.

2. It was the first time to carry out lateral spinal endoscopy in the city.

3. Visualization of spinal endoscopy was the first to be carried out in guangxi.

4. Endoscopes of the lumbar spine (endo-tilf) was first carried out in guangxi.

5. The whole spine endoscopic decompression of central spinal stenosis was the first to be carried out in the city.

6. The first 0-fluoroscopy full-view spine endoscopy was carried out in guangxi.

7. It is the earliest practice in the city for patients to walk off the operating table and out of the operating room after lumbar endoscopy.

8. It was the first time to carry out full-view spinal endoscopy under general anesthesia for special patients in the city.

9. The earliest cervical endoscopy was carried out in the city.

10. The earliest thoracic endoscopy was carried out in the city.

11. Double-segment endoscopy was first carried out in the city.

Patients with lumbocrural pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, dizziness and headache, hand numbness pain, numbness pain of lower limb joints and other discomfort symptoms can go to the spinal orthopedic clinic, or call the hotline to make an appointment: director huang jianfeng 13321740719.

Man lumbago 2 months did not care, a check was terminal tumor! Backache can not be ignored – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/leg pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

Tumor spinal metastasis, in reality there are many patients suffering from it. A foreign research report pointed out that, in the malignant tumor patients autopsy found that 70 percent of the patients with malignant tumor have developed spinal metastasis, it can be said that the cancer cells like to metastasize the place is the spine.

Teng lizang, director of tumor surgery department of the first affiliated hospital of zhejiang university medical college, pointed out that lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers are particularly prone to spinal metastasis, if patients have lower back pain and other symptoms must pay high attention. For the long time for lumbago, the elderly, routine physical examination recommended to increase imaging examination.

Mr. Wang, 54 years old this year, has run an enterprise in longyou, usually do not smoke, do not drink, good habits and habits, in addition to a few years ago detected disc herniation, has not been born with what serious disease, conscious health.

More than two months ago, Mr. Wang suddenly felt a little pain in the small of your back, back, like smoke live, standing or walking the whole person feel particularly heavy, thought it was recurrent disc herniation, he went for a few weeks for massage, physiotherapy treatment, but the effect is not good, then go to a local hospital for a comprehensive inspection, only to find that not only the blood tumor markers in the abnormally high index of carcinoembryonic antigen (cea), lungs and a few lumps, doubt is peripheral lung cancer.

Thinking that he didn't have chest pain or hemoptysis, Mr. Wang immediately made an appointment for pet-ct examination in a big hospital. The result showed that there were not only lumps in the lungs, enlarged lymph nodes, but also bad signs in many vertebrae and ribs.

The illness hit him hard without noticing. A few days ago, he found teng lizuan, director of tumor surgery in the first hospital of zhejiang university. Teng lizao introduced, "in addition to the pain, magnetic resonance examination also found that he had a compression fracture of the thoracic vertebra, spinal stability is weakened, we on the one hand asked him to reduce activity, on the other hand, we have combined with orthopaedic consultation, the following will first on his spinal function surgery."

Tumor cells metastasize to the spine, which can have a significant impact on a healthy spine. The spine is the backbone of the body, with functions such as load bearing, shock absorption, protection and movement. After cancer cell metastases to spinal column, can appear corrode bone, corrode the phenomenon such as spinal column, besides bring aching feeling, still can affect the intensity of spinal column and stability, abate spinal column function, fall in the compression of human body oneself weight, bring about pathological fracture very likely. Severe spinal displacement can also lead to high paraplegia, loss of trunk sensation, immobility, incontinence, and other complications or tumor syndrome, affecting the quality of life and safety of patients.

Bone metastasis is a common type of tumor metastasis in the whole body. Teng lisend professor pointed out that it should be noted that bone metastasis is not equal to the primary bone tumor, often caused by lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and other secondary tumors, some cancers "like" to the spine, we should correctly understand, rational treatment, scientific treatment.

Treatment for these diseases is usually targeted at the primary tumor, so identifying the cause, the cancer that caused the spinal metastasis, is essential.

Most patients with spinal metastasis or bone metastasis are advanced patients, and the local treatment effect is not obvious. Therefore, doctors will treat the primary tumor with the cause. For example, in this case, the patient with lung cancer should carry out systemic drug treatment for lung cancer, and use some drugs for spinal metastasis to control.

Of course, with the development of medical technology and philosophy, it is possible to remove tumors from the spine surgically, considering the important support function of the spine to the human body, but it is more important to maintain stable and protective functions.

Prevention combined, experts recommend

A lot of tumor spine metastases patient, it is to appear above all the symptom such as spinal pain, also because of this, regular meeting is mistaken for disease such as cervical vertebra disease, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, cause misdiagnosis or misdiagnosis. Therefore, early prevention is very important.

Cancer patients, especially those with lung, breast and prostate cancer, need regular ect examination, whole-body bone scan and screening. Once appear the symptom such as lumbago backache, neck shoulder ache, should cause attention, seek medical advice in time.

Patients with no history of cancer, but long-term pain, should also follow the doctor's advice to increase imaging tests when visiting orthopedics or other departments.

For the majority of middle-aged and elderly people, it is recommended to have regular physical examination every year. According to different ages, the physical examination items need to include imaging examination of different parts and examination of common tumor markers. For those who have bad habits, it is also recommended to have regular annual check-ups.

85% of people have experienced lumbago and leg pain in their lives, and many people get the diagnosis of "curvature straightening" and "backbow". Despite the talk of "straightening your back" and "puffing your chest out," the normal, healthy shape of your spine is the s-shape of your lumbar lordosis, which allows you to carry your weight with minimal effort.

Yin ganghui, deputy chief physician of the first region of spinal column in the third affiliated hospital of southern medical university, said that people's life, strain, trauma, infection, tumor and other factors may lead to problems in the structure of the lumbar spine, shape changes, and thus produce pain.

How does lumbago deal with commonly? If the pain is only caused by fatigue, more than 60 percent of the pain can be relieved by taking measures such as bed rest, hot compress on the waist, or supplemented with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, Yin said. The lower back pain that can be relieved is most likely caused by muscle strain, fasciitis, or ligamentitis, and is not a serious condition.

Only after such a simple treatment can not alleviate the back pain, only need to go to the hospital. If in the state of rest at night, low back pain more than tolerable, sleep pain woke up or lower back pain combined with numbness and pain, it should be paid attention to, need to check the possibility of tumors in the spinal canal.

If there is no pain lying flat, sitting, standing for a long time, weight will be painful, may prompt lumbar disc problems, also need timely medical treatment. The elderly supine motionless pain, turning up pain is severe, is likely to be caused by osteoporosis vertebral compression fracture, not careless.

If lower back pain is accompanied by numbness or pain in the lower extremities, fever, chills, chronic cough, or perineal numbness, weakness in urine or feces, or even incontinence, it is often a sign of more serious illness, the former may indicate spinal infection, the latter may indicate caudata nerve syndrome, and these conditions need to be seen as soon as possible.

Known as the "number one killer of health", cancer has long been a nightmare for mankind. According to the latest data from the national cancer center, in 2015, there were 3.929 million cases and 2.338 million deaths of malignant tumors in China. The number of cancer patients in China is increasing year by year, and the annual related medical expenses exceed 220 billion yuan.

"One of the main reasons people turn pale when they talk about cancer is that most cancer patients are in advanced stages of treatment and miss the best opportunity for treatment." Chen wanqing, director of the office of early cancer diagnosis and treatment at the national cancer center.

Early tumor size is small, without metastasis, and it is easier to remove. Therefore, the earlier the malignant tumor tissue is detected, the better the patient's chance of survival will be. Taking lung cancer as an example, clinical data shows that the average five-year survival rate of early lung cancer is significantly higher than that of late lung cancer, said feng li, director of the department of traditional Chinese medicine at the cancer hospital of the Chinese academy of medical sciences.

The world health organization says one in three cancers can be cured by early detection. Early detection and surgical treatment through standardized screening can effectively reduce the pain and economic burden of cancer patients. Therefore, the medical community attaches great importance to early cancer screening.

China has always attached great importance to cancer screening and early diagnosis and treatment. With financial support from the central government, China has carried out cancer screening, early diagnosis and treatment in high-incidence rural areas, the huaihe river basin and some cities, as well as screening of rural women for "two cancers", said li bin, deputy director of the National Health Commission. At present, the early diagnosis rate of cancer in the project area exceeds 80%, and the treatment rate reaches 90%. The cancer mortality rate of the screening population is reduced by 46%, and the cost of diagnosis and treatment of early cases is nearly 70% lower than that of middle and late cases.

The reporter learned that the project of early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in rural areas has covered 234 project areas in 31 provinces, and the project of early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in urban areas has been carried out in 45 cities in 20 provinces. The state will also gradually expand the coverage of screening and early diagnosis and treatment of high-incidence cancers, so as to create conditions for carrying out opportunistic cancer screening.

When it comes to cancer screening, many people resist it in their hearts, because methods like gastroscopy and biopsy are not convenient or even painful. What's exciting, though, is the recent breakthrough in screening some cancers.

Take a tube of blood and you know if you have liver cancer – a technique that can detect early liver cancer in asymptomatic hepatitis b carriers by detecting mutations in free DNA and protein markers in the blood.

The technology, jointly developed by the cancer hospital research team of the Chinese academy of medical sciences and Beijing fanzongheng gene technology co., LTD, is expected to establish a more convenient, non-invasive and standardized screening program for liver cancer after strict clinical verification.

"A few years ago, using free DNA in the blood for early screening of liver cancer was largely impossible due to technical and cost constraints." Wang sizhen, co-founder and CEO of Beijing fab gene technology co., LTD., said that the development of liquid biopsy technology in the past three or four years has made it possible for such "black technology" to be transformed into early screening products and reach thousands of households.

An artificial intelligence cloud diagnosis technology has been applied in cervical cancer screening in some areas of China. The sampling agency collects the image information of cell specimens and transmits it to the cloud diagnosis platform through the Internet. Artificial intelligence automatically makes diagnosis, and pathologists only need to review and confirm the few positive results of artificial intelligence diagnosis, saving a lot of manual labor.

"This technique could also be used to screen for tumors from a variety of epithelial sources." Sun xiaorong, chief scientist at wuhan university's landin ai cytopathology research center, which developed the technology, said that the training of ai in the large sample size of cervical cancer screening has laid a good foundation for the application and promotion of the technology in other cancer screening.

Liquid biopsies of free DNA from cells enable scientists to perform accurate nucleic acid tests in the blood and solve clinical problems. The combined application of protein, nucleic acid, image and other types of markers increases the accuracy of cancer screening. The application of artificial intelligence and big data technology has improved the efficiency of cancer screening.

According to wang sizhen, with the technical foundation of these three aspects, the sensitivity and specificity of cancer screening will continue to improve.

"Cancer is far away from me," "the physical examination did not detect cancer," "cancer can not be cured, so there is no need to screen"… Cancer is scary and controllable, yet many people don't know enough about screening technology, don't understand enough about its importance, and even confuse screening with routine physical exams.

Cancer screening is a more specialized test that focuses on high-risk cancers, experts say. Although a small number of early cancers can be detected by routine checkups, they need to be identified with cancer screening programs.

Focusing cancer screening on high-risk groups can improve screening efficiency. "Taking early screening of liver cancer as an example, people infected with hepatitis b virus, hepatitis c virus, liver cirrhosis, people with a history of chronic liver disease, etc. are more likely to develop liver cancer. Therefore, screening is more valuable and cost-effective." Chen wanqing said.

According to the cancer prevention and treatment information released by the National Health Commission, standardized cancer prevention physical examination can detect cancer early. Current techniques can detect most common cancers early. For example, low-dose spiral ct can be used to detect lung cancer, ultrasound combined with molybdenum target can be used to detect breast cancer, and gastroenteroscopy can be used to detect digestive tract cancer.

Expert proposal, do prevent cancer check-up, need to wait for a circumstance according to oneself age, living and working environment and habit, disease family history, in professional check-up orgnaization, choice individuation project.

"When you look at screening programs, the general population is not very receptive to screening for some cancers, for example, colorectal cancer screening is only 20 percent." Chen wanqing believes that the reduction of cancer incidence, death rate and economic burden caused by cancer through screening lies in the promotion of screening technology and wide application of the population.

In the next step, the country will formulate guidelines for screening, early diagnosis and treatment of upper gastrointestinal cancers, colorectal cancers, cervical cancers and other key cancers with high incidence and relatively mature screening methods and technical programs, and intensify promotion efforts, li said.

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how to get relief from backache

When a child is born, the spine is only 1 curved, and we adults, the spine has 4 physiological curve, our spine is later in order to adapt to our life habits of movement and physiological curve, our spine and skeleton, with the ability to adjust their own.

The floor or bed gives your body support when you're lying flat and completely relaxed. If you can completely surrender yourself to gravity, you'll be "limp" on the ground. Your body should be in full contact with the ground except behind your ankles, knees, and neck.

Well, the truth is, we can't all push ourselves to the ground when we're lying flat, and even trying to do that is hard, the harder it is.

Why is that?

This is because our muscles, which are supposed to be relaxed, are not completely relaxed. They are still "quietly" straining, still tense, and they are "working hard" without your knowledge.

The overtension of these obscure, "hard" working, unrested muscles causes our bodies to shorten. When you're lying on your back, the areas where you should be touching the ground and not touching the ground are the areas where the muscles are tight, and these are the areas where pain is most likely to occur, or where it originated.

how to get relief from backache

How do you get them to relax

I have a clip of myself here, so you can follow along. This audio is from the book awareness in motion, which was written by Dr. Moshe fernquist.

It should be noted that:

Do a careful "scan" of your body before doing this, close your eyes (remove your glasses, remove any excess items) and feel which parts of your back are touching the ground and which are not. After a few movements, compare your body's contact with the ground. Feel the difference.

Difference is the foundation of learning.

When you're done, if you notice that more of the back of your body is starting to touch the ground, it means that your muscle tone has changed and you're starting to relax.

Phaedrons ®,What "magic" changes muscle tone?

Because a lot of work is done by larger muscles, especially those that connect the pelvis to the hips, thighs to the abdomen, while the muscles of the limbs, away from this central area, are used for more precise movements.

The large muscles connected to the pelvis generate "momentum" that is transmitted through the bones to the rest of the limb so that the limbs can concentrate on more precise movements.

And if the body is well-organized and well-organized, the "momentum" generated by the large muscles in the pelvic area is transmitted to the destination of the movement through the bones connected to the small muscles.

Ideally, this "power" is transmitted along the length of the spine and the bones of the limbs, in a roughly smooth straight line, so that there is no loss of "power".But if the body is at a certain Angle in this conduction line, the "power" generated by the large muscles in the pelvic area will be exhausted, and some of the force will not only fail to reach the destination, but also damage the ligaments and joints, causing pain.

In addition, when the "momentum" generated by the large muscles in the pelvic area cannot be fully transmitted through the skeletal structure to the destination, some muscles that should not be exerting force will exert compensatory force.Moreover, injuries and pain are inevitable when other small muscles "struggle" to do what the big pelvic muscles could easily do.

In FeiDengKui course, through the teacher's guidance, help you explore the use of body skeleton to conduction "power", explore the use of strong big muscles to do what they should do the work, in this way, some should have rest muscles can rest, need not so "hard", "work hard" work for others.

In this way, the muscles will relax, and the change in tone will gradually spread to other parts of your body.

how to get relief from backache

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Over the years, I have been engaged in clinical work of acupuncture and moxibustion and rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine. My project has won 2 provincial second prizes and 1 third prize. I have published more than 20 academic papers. Systemic study of visceral fascia relaxation, craniosacral therapy, participated inPhaedrons ®The first four-year training course for teachers in China; Yang zhenhe, the first non-genetic successor of tai chi master in China, practiced traditional Yang style tai chi.

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Wireless, portable and waterproof, this massager can sweep away backaches and backaches anytime and anywhere! – AllPainHealing | back pain/leg pain/backache

If there is a good thing, you can enjoy VIP massage therapy without leaving the house, and wireless,Portable alsoWaterproof. Such a portable massage artifact, you must try!

Climbing intelligent wireless massager

A combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology

In addition to easy to use, can not find any fault with the massager

Its massage head is made of concave pointsBionic design, wrapped aroundSoft silica gel, both soft and elastic, gentle and skin-friendly, evenly stressed,Softness mimics palm skin,Massage comfortable!

how to get relief from backache

how to get relief from backache

Stylish appearance, small and light

Light body net weight only 360 grams,That's about the same weight as a can of coke, ergonomic streamlined body design, both men and women can master.

how to get relief from backache

Anti-slip silicone, anti-sweat and anti-dirt

The shell adopts abs+pmma bright surface material.Wear-resisting and resistant to fall, the reverse is also intimate design for anti-slip silicone, anti-sweat and dirt, even in summer sweat hands are not afraid…

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Independent massage head function

The main body of the massage head and the grip are designed separately. If the massage lasts for a long time, it will not cause the discomfort of hand holding. It allows you to massage your body anytime and anywhere to relieve your whole body. 15 minutes a day, sweep away fatigue!

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Five massage modes, different magic experience

There are 5 massage modes built in, which can be changed at will and different vibration frequencies can be changed. By simulating the massage techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, it can bring simulated physiotherapy experience to the muscles, and finally achieve the healing effect of dredging channels and collaterals, activating blood circulation and removing stasis, relieving pain and relieving muscles.

how to get relief from backache

Mode 1: soft shock mode, gentle massage, soothing shock

Mode 2: in moderate vibration mode, the fascia is relaxed and kneaded forcefully

Mode 3: strong earthquake mode, strong and numbing pleasure

Mode 4: intermittent mode, gentle to strong layer by layer

Mode 5: wave mode, deep and penetrating percussion of undulating waves

Multi-purpose machine, 360 degrees full body enjoyment

One machine is multi-purpose, want to press where to press where, want how to press how to press: cervical vertebra massage, shoulder week knead knead, back massage, waist abdomen knead press, arm massage, leg ministry knead knead, whole body can use, be so capricious!

how to get relief from backache

how to get relief from backache

The fuselageAdopt 120° bending design, smooth lines; It is not only comfortable to hold, but also comfortable to use. When massaging, also can more closely fit the body curve, massage more in place.

how to get relief from backache

The traditional physiotherapy massager is powered by electricity.Climbing intelligent wireless massagerBreak the shackles of the traditional physical therapy environment, including batteries, not limited by the power cord, whether inAt work, at home, or even on the road, a professional therapist can be available in just 15 minutes.

how to get relief from backache

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Light, intelligent, waterproof massager

Delimit key: complete waterproof!

Climbing intelligent wireless massagerIt is also ipx7 waterproof and can even be massaged in a bath or shower. Bath and massage double relax, simply comfortable do not want

how to get relief from backache

how to get relief from backache

The smart wireless massager also has the function of mode memory. When the machine is turned off and used again, the massage mode before the power off will be automatically restored.

how to get relief from backache

Easy to use, a total of two keys, even the elderly can easily use.

how to get relief from backache

2200 ma quick rechargeable lithium battery, 3 hours of charging, 75 minutes of working life, 15 minutes of daily massage, can be used for a week. Standby time is up to 180 days.

how to get relief from backache

how to get relief from backache

It's home"Private masseur", send elders send parents, effectively let the tired body dredge channels and collaterals, ease back pain, yesLeg discomfortAlso can have good ameliorative effect.

how to get relief from backache

Before I said this is a massage in addition to easy to use without any other problems!

Similar competitive product activity price is also 599 yuan a.

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Focus on family health field for 18 years, is a collection of research and development, production, marketing, service in one of the high-tech enterprises. It has formed strategic cooperation with many foreign scientific research institutions, and created an ecological circle of household health products composed of household medical products, household health massage products and household beauty instruments.

how to get relief from backache

Sedentary office workers, long-term children do housework mothers, waist pain leg pain in the elderly, don't endure the pain is the time to better yourself……

Anytime, anywhere, wireless massage

higherIntelligent wireless massager

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Old waist aches, should conservative treat still should this operation? News channel – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/sciatic nerve

"Ouch! My old waist!" "This often by the elderly while holding waist side issued a lament, now has become many middle-aged" catchphrase ", but also from the mouth of young adults in their 30s and 40s.

What's wrong with the modern waist? Many patients struggle with the question of whether to treat their waists conservatively or operate on them.

Let's start with a case.


Mr. Wang, an accountant, is known as an "iron abacus" by his colleagues because of his strong working ability and never making mistakes. His workload is large, working posture is also very single, often sitting in front of the computer for a whole day. As a result of long desk work, less than 40 years old his waist is not very good. His most noticeable sensation of late has been a sore back less than half an hour after sitting down to work, and a swelling in his left leg that didn't work with patches or massages.

After checking to the hospital, Mr. Wang is diagnosed as lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, the doctor suggests to do minimally invasive operation treatment, in order to get rid of the trouble of lumbago and leg pain. But Mr. Wang's friends hold the opposite view: "if you don't get it right, you'll be dead for the rest of your life. I heard someone had surgery on a lumbar spine and never stood up again!" This says, can frighten Mr. Wang, it is hard to choose to minimally invasive operation, but the waist leg pain that breaks out repeatedly is his heart disease.

1 "low back and leg pain" due to the lumbar spine disease

In the clinic, Mr. Wang is one of a number of patients with lumbering back problems. They ask all sorts of questions about whether my waist is going to be cured, whether I want to do it conservatively, what will be the after-effects of the surgery, etc. In conclusion, what patients want to know most is the choice between conservative treatment and surgical treatment.

This is probably what happens to everyone when they reach middle age. For example, whereas it used to be ok to drive for seven or eight hours on a road trip, now driving for more than an hour makes your legs ache. Before doing housework every day did not feel tired, now pull back to the waist straight not up. Serious people can't even sit down to attend a dinner party or play chess with old friends. They have to get up and move around several times. These signs, too, are beginning to show up in young people.

Everyone in life should have such experience: people around, many have complained of back pain, some of them 30 or 40 years old, let alone the elderly. Has waist disease become a public disease? This is not an exaggeration.

Lower back pain is associated with leg pain, which clinicians collectively refer to as "lower back and leg pain." According to statistics from the Chinese branch of the world pain physicians association, 1 out of every 10 patients who visit the hospital every year in China is a patient with low back and leg pain. The most common cause of these patients is known as herniated discs.

Low back and leg pain is a common symptom in clinical spectrum. In general, for patients with chronic lumbar disc herniation, lower back pain and leg pain tend to appear successively. Patients with early lumbago because of lumbar muscle injury, resulting in waist dare not bear weight. The weight bearing of the lumbar muscle can account for one third of the lumbar load, when the lumbar muscle strength is weakened or unable to bear normal weight, all the weight of the human body will fall on the disc, causing the disc to form herniation under the action of great pressure, thus pressing on the sciatic nerve and causing leg pain. Lumbago and leg pain can also occur at the same time, this is mostly due to the acute injury is more serious, such as lifting heavy objects beyond the waist muscles and disc bearing capacity, resulting in acute lumbar disc herniation and compression of the sciatic nerve.

Why are human lumbar discs vulnerable to injury

The lumbar intervertebral disc of the person is easy to injure, because be concerned with "person". This is not a tongue twister. Because human lumbar disc herniation is closely related to human upright walking.

When humans sit or stand, the lumbar spine bears almost all of the body's weight. In this respect, the quadruped, which is also a mammal, is fortunate in that it moves with its limbs to share the weight of its body and has little or no bearing at the waist.

Scientists found that the pressure on a human disc in the upright position is four times that in the supine position. The pressure when leaning forward in the sitting position is 7 to 8 times that in the supine position. Bending down to lift heavy objects is 10 times more stressful than in the supine position, which equates to a load of up to 220 kilograms on a lumbar disc.

Therefore, human physiology and lifestyle are indeed prone to lumbar disc injury. This is especially true for some professionals, such as accountants, drivers, teachers, it workers and heavy manual laborers, who are at higher risk of health problems in the lumbar spine due to their working posture and weight-bearing characteristics.

In fact, as a result of the long-term stress on the lumbar disc, humans begin to undergo degeneration in this area at the age of 20. A lumbar magnetic resonance imaging (mri) scan shows a herniated disc in the patient. At the same time, because of lumbar disc herniation, disc nucleus can overflow, contact with the immune mechanism of the body and immune response to produce pain, and secrete inflammatory substances leading to chemical stimulation and immune response, aggravating the symptoms of lumbar leg pain, this is called lumbar disc herniation.

What is the limit of surgical treatment

At present, there are three types of treatment methods for lumbar diseases: conservative treatment, minimally invasive surgery and open surgery. How do patients choose?

Generally speaking, the waist leg pain of inchoate or first attack is more because posture is bad, constant fatigue, exert oneself uncoordinated bring about. This kind of lumbar and leg pain is rarely related to lumbar disc herniation, mainly caused by lumbar back muscle tension or aseptic inflammation of the waist, which is commonly known as lumbar muscle strain. With timely conservative treatment, most people can recover their health.

Conservative treatments include topical plasters; The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers, such as fenbide, futalin, etc. Local physical therapy, such as ultra – laser irradiation, local massage. These methods can relieve muscle tension, promote local blood circulation, eliminate local inflammatory substances and play a therapeutic role.

Need what point reminds is, must carefully choose to massage. In clinical practice, the old person that companion has osteoporosis, because massage forces too much and bring about lumbar fracture, bone fracture is not uncommon. Above all, massage should choose regular medical establishment; Next, not all lumbago can undertake massage treatment, if lumbar spondylolisthesis, lumbar tuberculosis, lumbar tumour does not suit to undertake massage, when lumbago reason is not clear, do not want massage as far as possible, lest bring about illness aggravation, delay treatment.

For patients with chronic recurrent pain in the lower back and legs, first to the regular hospital imaging examination, such as ct, mri and other clear etiology. If a herniated disc is diagnosed, conservative treatment is often ineffective and surgery is ultimately needed to relieve or eliminate the pain.

In this case, the patient should not be afraid to seek medical advice. Modern medicine is changing, and surgery is not always what they think it is. Minimally invasive surgery, which has developed rapidly in recent years, is suitable for patients with early and intermediate diseases. The minimally invasive surgery does not require an operation. Under the guidance of the image, a special needle is used to puncture the disc herniation, and then the disc is melted and vaporized.

If long-term lumbago leg pain is not treated in time, the health harm to the person is great. When lumbar intervertebral disc disease aggravates, can produce intervertebral disc protrusion calcification, bony vertebra canal stricture, lumbar vertebra is medium above slippage to wait. At this point, the indications for minimally invasive surgery were exceeded, and only more invasive open surgery was performed. At present, the main methods of open lumbar spine surgery include artificial disc replacement, screw system implantation, etc., which have more complications than minimally invasive surgery.

Accordingly, the patient of long-term lumbar leg pain, should listen to the remedial proposal that professional doctor gives seriously. No matter conservative treatment, or minimally invasive surgery, open surgery has its clear surgical indications. For patients, it is indeed not necessary to do surgery at the beginning of early or acute stage lesions, but it is really not worth the cost to miss the conservative treatment period due to neglect of the disease, miss the optimal period of minimally invasive surgery due to fear of surgery, and finally have to do open surgery.


Lumbar muscle strain has nothing to do with bone injury

Psoas strain is also known as psoas fasciitis, a sterile inflammation characterized by soft tissue pain and tenderness in the lower back. Cold, strain, trauma and other factors related, and bone injury has nothing to do. The main characteristics of psoas fasciitis include local superficial pain after fatigue or cold, local soft tissue tenderness, palpable painful nodules or cord feeling, imaging examination usually no abnormal findings. Symptoms can be quickly relieved by injecting anti-inflammatory painkillers into the inflamed area of fascia.

The difference between prolapse and herniation of a lumbar disc

Lumbar intervertebral disc is bulging or protrusion, according to the main lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion in imaging diameter measurement to determine. General disc herniation in the lumbar spine line within 3 mm is called extrusion, protrusion 3 mm to 6 mm is called herniation, protrusion more than 6 mm is called prolapse or prolapse.

Clinical treatment of disc protrusion or herniation should not be based on the size of disc herniation as the main basis of treatment, but should be based on the patient's symptoms and combined with imaging findings to develop a treatment program. Prolapse or herniation of intervertebral disc in early and middle stage are indications for minimally invasive surgery.

Prevent lumbar disease from developing early

Lumbar muscle strain, disc protrusion, disc herniation 3 have distinction, have connection mutually again, belong to the same disease of different stage, with lumbago or lumbago leg pain is main clinical manifestation.

The onset of lumbar muscle strain is relatively urgent, mainly manifested by low back pain. There is aseptic inflammation in the lumbar muscles. Imaging examination shows no signs of disc degeneration. However, if the lumbar muscle strain persists for more than 3 months, most of them will develop disc protrusion or herniation, and produce intractable lumbago with lower limb pain. Imaging examination has the same conclusion.

Therefore, for acute onset, lumbago obvious patients can first oral analgesic drugs or local physical therapy, if lumbago can not continue to alleviate more than 1 month or lower limb pain symptoms, should be timely to the hospital.

(author: deputy chief physician of pain department of Beijing xuanwu hospital)

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Experts teach you to avoid neck, shoulder and lumbago pain – AllPainHealing | back pain/neck pain/leg pain

Changsha evening news reporter tang jiangpeng

According to statistics, more than 90 percent of people have experienced varying degrees of neck pain, shoulder and back pain, and lumbago pain in their lives. In recent years, with the change of people's lifestyle, patients with neck, shoulder and waist pain have appeared a younger trend, especially white-collar workers, drivers, accountants and other groups, neck, shoulder and waist pain in the state of high load every day, is a high incidence of neck, shoulder and waist pain.

Many patients feel that neck and shoulder pain can be eased by massage, but experts say blind massage can have unimaginable consequences before the cause is diagnosed.

Sponsored by the changsha evening news, special, public health seminars on pharmaceutical group named – "gehl. Changsha evening news health lecture hall", on May 6th morning at rutgers, healthy living museum lecture 10 of 6th floor conference room guest at the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with spinal professional committee, affiliated hospital of hunan province academy of traditional Chinese medicine, vice director of Xu Hui of fractures, a speaker, the scene to teach people how to prevention and treatment of neck, shoulder, waist.

At the event site, xu hui will also carry out physical examination for some citizens and extracorporeal shock wave treatment for some patients with neck, shoulder, lumbago and leg pain. The audience will send each other politely (first come, first served), and interact with experts to obtain ultra-fine and painful plaster made by the affiliated hospital of hunan academy of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tegel changsha evening news health lecture hall holds the principle of pure public benefit, free of charge, each session only 100 places to attend the class, the need of the public please quickly through the following three ways to register, and indicate the name and telephone number.

● way to register: pay attention to "changsha evening news health bar (CSWBJKB)", and leave your name and phone number in the background in the first time; Call the evening news hotline at 96333; Call tegel health & lifestyle library on 0731-82916288

● time: 9:30-11:00 am, Saturday, May 6

● venue: conference room, 6th floor, tegel health & lifestyle hall (429 yintang south road, yuelu district, changsha, opposite to ochus square)

● lecture topic: "teach you to avoid neck shoulder pain lumbago pain"

Nagel; Experts; Health; In the evening. Changsha; Life; The scene; Shoulder pain. Lecture hall. Tang Jiangpeng

Editor in charge: editor of

Alleviate lumbago, leg pain, cervical vertebra pain, electric heat needle is better than common acupuncture and moxibustion where? – AllPainHealing | leg pain

This period expert: xia yuqing

Director of electrothermal needle room, characteristic diagnosis and treatment center, wangjing hospital, Chinese academy of Chinese medical sciences

TCM is a set of effective methods summarized by Chinese people in the process of fighting against diseases. In addition to theories and prescriptions, TCM has also developed therapeutic forms such as massage, massage and acupuncture to help patients relieve pain.

There are many kinds of acupuncture and moxibustion. When the fire needle is applied, it is necessary to use the flame to burn the needle red, and then to go in and out of the lesion in order to achieve the purpose of treating the disease. But in the process of heating the needle, once the needle leaves the flame, the temperature of the needle drops so rapidly that it cannot be kept at a constant temperature.

The electric heating needle evolved from the fire needle, which is the result of the combination of modern technology and classical medicine. The electric heating needle can not only keep the temperature of the needle well, but also adjust the temperature according to the needs of patients and give corresponding stimulation to the treatment site.

What disease can electric heat needle treat?

>>> targets various arthritis of the exercise system

Electric heating needle is used to treat all kinds of joint inflammation in sports system, and it has good effect.

Clinically, patients with exudative arthritis had effusion in the joint cavity. After one month of treatment with electric heating needle, the effusion was absorbed by the body and the symptoms were improved.

>>> for cervical spondylosis, lumbar diseases

In the treatment of cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis, although the electrothermal needle can not restore the original state of the bone structure that has appeared problems, it can effectively relieve the pain symptoms of patients, so that patients can achieve self-care and freedom of work.

>, > and > target tumor diseases

Electric heating needle can play the role of warming, warming, to improve the patient's ability to resist the disease. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and other cancer patients after surgery, the use of electrothermal needle treatment can improve their disease resistance, but also can control the cancer no longer metastatic development.

Can electrothermal needle be used as health care treatment means to recuperate subhealthy state?

In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, electric heating needle can regulate the Yin and Yang balance of the body's viscera, which is to let the nerves coordinate with each other and have a good role in health care.

There are a lot of people every day listless, energy is not, but the specific examination is not a problem, in fact, this state belongs to a sub-health state. Electric heating needle in sub-health conditioning, can be very effective to relieve the corresponding symptoms, so that everyone energetic, no longer easy to fatigue.

The end

Electric heating needle can be used as a health treatment to regulate sub-health or various disorders of the population?


According to the

The second



Female overseas Chinese back pain for many years doctors at a loss what to do fly to wuhan from Rome successful surgery – AllPainHealing | back pain/leg pain/lumbar disc herniation

Chutian metropolis daily reporter Chen lingyan correspondent beran zeng left wide

She is from Rome, Italy, a local tailor of some reputation, for more than 10 years she suffered from waist and leg pain; In wuhan, she is the director of the pain department at zhongshan hospital in hubei province.

An inadvertent online search becomes a bridge between them. The patient, surnamed hu, decided to fly over 8,000 kilometers to wuhan to seek treatment from the female doctor.

Yesterday, after nearly 20 days of treatment, ms hu got rid of an old problem that had plagued her for more than a decade. "Did not expect the net looked more, found the way that cured a disease!" 'she said happily.

Woman's back pain more than 10 years

Foreign doctors can't help it

Ms. Hu, a 38-year-old wenzhou native who moved to Rome, Italy, more than a decade ago, quickly became a local celebrity as a tailor thanks to her skillful hands. Busy work helped her stand firm, but it also gave her back pain.

In the past, when the pain, Ms. Hu gritted his teeth to endure, but now in addition to more and more intense pain, legs also appear numb, the bottom of the right foot often do not feel. "I saw doctors in Italy, but they couldn't help it. They just told me to stay in bed."

Ms hu has been frustrated by repeated visits to local doctors, which have proved fruitless, and the fact that old problems are increasingly affecting her work and life. In early September, she suddenly saw a Chinese program when she was surfing the Internet at home, wang yunxia, director of the pain department of zhongshan hospital in hubei province, told about how to treat lumbar disc herniation through a small hole. The news caught Ms. Hu's eye, and she immediately told her husband to find the doctor at the hospital.

I got an overseas call

Wuhan doctor wondered

On Sept. 2, wang yunxia had just received a patient when a call came to the hospital asking for her. The person of telephone that say urgently, his wife waist leg aches for many years, ache really now unbearable, want to ask her to help look. Wang yunxia asked where he was and the man said he was in Italy.

"My first reaction was, is this a fraud? So far away from Italy, what do you think?" Although wang yunxia was wondering, she told him the time of her visit.

Unexpectedly, on the morning of September 4, wang yunxia just came to work and saw a female patient pushing a large suitcase and waiting at the door of the consulting room. The first sentence of the other side is: "I am specially from Rome by plane, please help me look at my waist."

Examination revealed a large herniation of a 4-5 disc in ms hu's waist, pressing on the nerve root. Wang yunxia speculated that hu's job required her to sit for long periods of time and lean forward, which was the position that put the most pressure on the disc and caused her disc to protrude. After studying the disease with a team of pain specialists, wang yunxia decided to perform the operation on Ms. Hu.

An hour after the operation

She got rid of her old habits

The operation went smoothly last Monday and took just over an hour. Hu's pain disappeared completely after the operation, and she was surprised to find that she was able to get out of bed and walk 24 hours later.

Hu's mother-in-law rushed to wuhan from wenzhou to take care of her. Seeing her daughter-in-law walking again as usual, the old man excitedly said: "before, when she just came back, her legs were lame. I didn't expect to come to wuhan this time and be cured at once." Hu's husband, who is in Italy, thanked the doctors through the WeChat after learning the operation went well.

"I that day be at home lie in bed rest, brush a cellular phone just to see your video, did not think of to see this one eye more, let me find the way to cure a disease!" Ms. Hu said happily, in the foreign so many years, all take this disease can not do, did not expect to come to wuhan so quickly cured.

Before leaving hospital yesterday, ms hu sent wang yunxia a banner with the words "virtuous doctor double fragrance, good hand and kind heart" written on it.

Source: chutian metropolis daily

Olympic Games designated ointment – Japan kuguang paste, backache, cervical spine pain, which pain stick which. – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/leg pain

A pack of 7 pieces into, single paste 10cm*14cm jinguang pain relief paste, it is the 2020 Olympic Games designated ointment! Very easy to use plaster, long light a praise received soft plaster, which pain stick which!

Old packaging and new packaging

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

Recently mother leg ache, go examining a short while to say bone spur a short while to say bone hyperplasia, but don't tube what, anyhow leg very ache, when I prepare to buy Thailand tiger stick, see someone amway this, say to be more useful than tiger stick, embrace the state of mind that try to buy two bags, did not think old mama use after let me buy back.

Feeling after using, really super thin, no feeling, light peppermint drug flavor, no allergic phenomenon, will not produce burning and other feelings, tear time will not make the skin become red and itchy, design sense is also very good, convenient stick, the first time stick has the effect.

how to reduce back bone pain

Indications:Rheumatism, rheumatoid joints, numbness of muscles and bones, low back pain, leg pain, cervical pain, knee arthritis, heel pain, tendonitis, sciatica, relieve lumbar disc herniation and compression of lumbar nerves.

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

Usage:Once a day.


1. Do not use this product in direct sunlight, the skin will blister. If you use it in strong summer sunlight, wear a dark color outside.

2. Under normal circumstances, please tear it within 12 hours.

3, take a bath before 30 minutes need to tear the plaster, otherwise, temporary tear off in the bath, bath will have a tingling feeling.

4. If it is used after bathing, please post it 30 minutes later.

how to reduce back bone pain

Other tips:

1. Do not use it continuously for more than 2 weeks.

2. For the same affected area, use it at most twice a day.

3. Over 15 years old. Use with caution for children under 15 years of age, pregnant women and lactation.

how to reduce back bone pain

Why does it stand out?

1, first of all, the taste is light mint flavor, no bad smell of medicine, usually go out will not be embarrassed.

2. Secondly, it has a strong penetration ability to relieve pain quickly and forcefully and promote blood circulation. Also has the hermetically permeable ability to play the lasting analgesic effect.

3, easy to tear when using, easy to fit in the neck, shoulder and other joint parts, convenient and easy to use. It is more effective than pain-killer ointment. The patch contains effective ingredients to provide better, more lasting analgesic effect. The drug is not volatile.

how to reduce back bone pain

Content source: WeChat public number grass Thai makeup

A magic prescription for pain relief, shoulder pain, back pain, back pain, pain all over the body, all kinds of pain – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/leg pain

Arthralgia syndrome has blood stasis theory, which clearly records: "every pain in shoulder, arm, back, leg, or body pain, commonly known as arthralgia syndrome… Ancient prescription quite many, such as the ancient prescription for ineffective treatment, with body pain by stasis soup. Thus, a lot of body everywhere pain, and with the ancient prescription can not be cured, might as well use body pain zhuyu soup. In the use of body pain zhuyu soup, to the body or body bi pain, the longer not heal, tongue purple dark or have bruises as the key points of syndrome differentiation.

Body pain by yu soup so severe, what Chinese medicine is composed of? The whole recipe consists of "gentiana gentiana one money, chuanxiong two money, peach kernel three money, safflower three money, liquorice two money, qiang live one money, myrrh two money, angelica angelica three money, linzhi (stir-fried) two money, xiangfu one money, achyranthes bidentata three money and earthworm two money". Fry in water and serve. If the body has a slight heat, can be appropriate to add atractylodes, cypress and other traditional Chinese medicine; If the body is weak, can be appropriate to join the astragalus one two.

how to reduce back bone pain

This prescription, with a total of 12 herbs, belongs to wang qingren's self-made prescription with more herbs in Chinese medicine. It can be said that this prescription is considered by wang qingren and proved to be effective repeatedly in clinical use. So why dare this prescription boast that it can relieve shoulder pain, arm pain, back pain, leg pain, or pain all over the body? In fact, the key lies in the uniqueness of this subcompatibility.

The whole prescription of body pain zhuyu decoction takes peach kernel and safflower as jun medicine, which mainly plays the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, unclogging qi and blood. In order to oxalus, dragon as minister medicine, mainly play the role of wind dehumidification, blood circulation tongluo function; With five spirit fat, myrrh, angelica, chuanxiong, xiang fu as adjuvant drugs, mainly play the role of qi pain, blood circulation through the role; Gentiana macrophylla and notopterygiae notopterygiae are also used as adjuvant drugs, which can dispel wind and channel collaterals, promote blood circulation and promote pain relief, and relieve spasmodic spasm. Licorice to make medicine, mainly plays the role of relieving pain and mediating various drugs.

The code of body pain purses yu tang to relieve pain lies in myrrh, five spirit fat, sweet add three kinds of medicine. Myrrh is a powerful analgesic, but it is often used with frankincense. Recorded in the "medicinal theory", myrrh "flagship could damage, heart blood stasis, folding Wo fall injury, bones and muscles and blood stasis painful, gold blade damage, pain, all with wine for a drink". And the ability to relieve pain is extraordinary, especially with pu huangtong is the pain of the ancient prescription "laughing powder", "compendium of materia medica" that wuling fat can regulate the "blood and gas pain", for "men and women all the belly, ribs, abdominal pain, hernia pain, blood dysentery, intestinal wind abdominal pain; Body blood bi stabbing pain and other painful diseases are useful. Attached qi analgesic effect is quite good, "faces the lake set JianFang" records, attached with argyi compatibility, can regulate mood pain, abdominal pain, abdominal pain, blood gas less pain cannot endure, etc. Thus, the three herbs in this prescription are the other half of the three pain relief combinations, and then a combined pain relief team can play a role in a variety of pain.

how to reduce back bone pain

But to the whole body pain nowhere less than the treatment, actually lies in gentiana and notopterygium live two drugs. Gentiana gentiana has a strong effect of dispelling wind and clearing collaterals, clearing bi and relieving pain. It is recorded in shennong materia medica that gentiana gentiana has "main cold and heat evil energy, cold and dampness, wind-bi and limb pain". I'm clonus." Qiang live qufengsheng wet, "pearl bag" records, qiang live "go to all the bone pain", "bencao huiyan" that qiang live "up in the head, down in the foot, all over the body, to qingqi evil".

To sum up, the body pain zhuyu soup for the body parts of all kinds of pain can be said to eat, as long as the right use of the line. In fact, the modern usage of body pain zhuyu decoction is similar to the ancient prescription of wang qingren, which is roughly: gentiana gentiana 3 g, chuanxiong 6 g, peach kernel 9 g, safflower 9 g, liquorice 6 g, qiang huo 3 g, myrrh 6 g, angelica angelica 9 g, wulingzhi 6 g, xiangfu 3 g, oxalus 9 g, earthworm 6 g, decocted in water. Modern research finds that shen tong zyu decoction can be widely used in the treatment of sciatica, chronic lumbar muscle strain, fasciitis, osteoarthritis, lumbar disc herniation, traumatic brain syndrome, and can also be used in the treatment of facial nerve paralysis, paralysis brachial plexus neuritis, trigeminal neuralgia, raynard syndrome, peripheral neuritis and other diseases.

[this article is exclusively produced by "jin LAN Chinese medicine society" new media. The pictures are from the Internet. The author is jin LAN.

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