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Above are lateral and frontal views of the spine. The orange ones are the vertebrae and the white ones are the discs.

The spine is divided into several different areas (below)The lumbar spineIt is green and consists of the l1-l5 vertebrae in the lower back. The lumbar vertebra is made up of the strongest vertebrae because it needs to withstand tremendous stress. The lumbar spine is also more flexible (often bent). Because of these factors, the lumbar spine is also one of the most prone to disc herniation.

The central part of the spine (the hollow place) is calledSpinal canal (left)Spinal cord (yellow, above right)Spinal nervesIt's in the spinal canal.

Let's move on to the intervertebral disc (shown in blue below). As we've said before, the disc connects adjacent vertebrae, which ACTS as a buffer, preventing them from rubbing against each other. The outside of the disc is called(the annulus fibrosus, a sort of tyre, is the strongest stage of the disc, and links all the vertebrae together); The center of the disc is called(nucleus pulposus, which consists mainly of fluid and ACTS as a buffer. These fluids are absorbed when you lie down to sleep at night and expelled when you get up and stand up during the day.)

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The two images below are refined versions of the figure above.

herniated disc relief

2. How does disc herniation occur?

Disc herniation is common in young and middle-aged people. It is usually divided into four stages (chronic) :

Step 1: the annulus (red in the picture below) begins to degrade, with the annulus (gray white in the picture below) beginning to expand and protrusion from the annulus, which is affected by many factors (improper posture, wrong movement mode, etc.).

Step 2: the annulus fibrosus continues to degenerate, and the nucleus pulposus continues to expand outward, but not protruding;

Step 3: the annulus fibrosus is broken completely, nucleus pulposus is protruded, compress nerve;

Step 4: the final stage, part of the lumbar disc off.

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Disc herniation can also occur rapidly (acute). The annulus ruptures when the disc is subjected to sudden and intense pressure, such as falling off a ladder or landing in a fully upright position or bending over to lift a heavy object.

A herniated disc can occur anywhere in the spine. Because nerves in the body extend far away, a herniated disc (where the nerve is compressed) can affect adjacent areas. Herniated discs in the neck, pain in the shoulders and arms; A herniated disc in the lower back can cause pain in the hips and legs. Sometimes, a herniated disc can damage the spinal cord.

To give you a better idea, I took another picture of the herniated disc (white), which compresses the spinal nerve (yellow). Spinal nerve by compression, will cause arm or leg pain, numbness and tingling. The material in the disc's nucleus pulposus can also cause inflammation, causing additional pain.

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I also found a little video for you to understand:

3. Symptoms of lumbar disc herniation

Many people associate back pain with lumbar disc herniation. However, back pain does not have to be caused by a herniated lumbar disc. Symptoms of a herniated lumbar disc include the following:

1. Pain can extend to one or both legs;

Tingling pain in one or both legs;

3. Feeling muscle weakness in one leg or a specific part of both legs;

4. Loss of conditioning in one or both legs;

5. Temporary or persistent back pain (cough, body movement, sneezing, standing for a long time may aggravate symptoms);

6. Back muscle spasms;

7. Sciatica;

8. Bladder or bowel function problems;

9. Difficulty walking;

10. Physical dissonance.

The lumbar spineFrom l1 to l5 vertebraeComposition. Lumbar disc herniation in different vertebrae will cause related symptoms in different parts. See the figure below:

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4. Diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation

If you feel that you may have a lumbar disc herniation, go to the hospital for diagnosis, the doctor will make the correct diagnosis for you.

5. Prevention of lumbar disc herniation (emphasis)

What action causes lumbar intervertebral disc to protrude easily? The answer is simple: the act of bending forward.As long as the body to avoid the wrong forward bending or often forward bending, you can prevent lumbar disc herniation:

1. Pay attention to the correct sitting posture, especially when driving or studying, do not often bend forward. In addition, pay attention to the correct standing posture, standing straight back, in a word: nothing to bend forward;

2. When jumping and landing, knees should be slightly bent, legs should not be completely straight;

3. Don't lift heavy objects by bending over (it is important to learn the correct hard pull);

4. Correct movements must be mastered before strength training. The following exercises (which involve possible bending of the lower back) can easily cause a herniated disc if not performed properly: belly rolls, sit-ups, leg lifts, bending barbell rowing, hard pulls, spinning, sun salutations (yoga), downward dog (yoga), and most of the other exercises in pilates.

Teach you a magic move, as long as practice every day, can prevent and alleviate lumbar disc herniation:

1. Find a long stick or pole and put it behind you. Make sure the stick touches the hips, middle back and back of the head.

2. Look ahead;

3. Practice at least 30 times a day.

Who can give birth to skill, often practice this movement, can develop a habit, at ordinary times when picking up socks or squat, will consciously prevent the waist bending forward.

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6. Relief and treatment of lumbar disc herniation (important)

1. Surgical treatment, please consult the doctor for specific contents. Usually, if a patient has no relief from nonsurgical treatment for 6-12 weeks, the doctor will recommend surgery.

2. Non-surgical treatment, including physiotherapy, weight control, medication, etc. In this article, I recommend 4 actions to relieve and improve lumbar disc herniation (from Dr. Ken nakamura).

: when practicing the following movements, stop immediately if the pain becomes worse or extends to the legs.

Action 1: lie face down

After getting up in the morning, lie flat for a while in the position shown below.

herniated disc relief

Action 2: sphinx pose

Movements from yoga. Specific method baidu. Do it every 2 hours, 6-8 times at a time, and pause for 1-2 seconds at the top.

herniated disc relief

Move 3: cobras

Movements from yoga. Specific method baidu. Do it every 2 hours, 6-8 times at a time, and pause for 1-2 seconds at the top.

herniated disc relief

Movement four: stand posture bend and stretch

Elementary school students will do the action, the specific method of baidu. Do it every 2 hours, 6-8 times at a time, and pause for 1-2 seconds at the top.

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7. Daily recommendations for patients with lumbar disc herniation

1. Avoid sitting for too long;

2. Avoid bending the waist frequently;

3. Avoid frequent rotation of the waist;

4. Avoid frequent strength training;

herniated disc exercises – This is the way to work out

In our daily life, lumbar disc protrusion is a relatively common phenomenon, there are a lot of people have lumbar disc protrusion symptoms, then you know what the lumbar disc protrusion exercise methods? What causes the lumbar disc to protrude, you know the elderly lumbar disc to protrude to eat what food is beneficial to health, the next and small make up together to understand it.

The way to exercise the protruding lumbar disc

1, waist disc prominent exercise method

Step backward: step backward for 40 to 60 minutes a day. When walking back as far as possible, to walk after a little fatigue, in order not to aggravate the symptoms of the degree. In the exercise method of lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, regressive walk is the simplest and feasible.

Swimming: in many sports, swimming is more suitable for patients with lumbar disc herniation, is a good exercise method.

Supine pedal: supine bed, legs up like pedal bicycle shape. Every morning and evening, each time 10 to 15 minutes, this method is recommended by the majority of patients with lumbar disc herniation exercise method.

Pull-ups: people with good physical quality can do pull-ups on the single shoulder, people with poor physical quality can also hold the single shoulder feet hanging in the air for a while, hands tired rest for a while to do, a day repeatedly.

Abdominal muscle exercise: that is to do sit-ups, the same is to do 10 times every time, three times a day.

2, the mountain stand posture can treat lumbar disc protrusion

The inside of the feet is close to each other, the muscles of the legs are tightened, the tailbone is rolled inside, the pelvis is straight, the muscles of the buttock and abdomen are tightened, the shoulders move up from the front and then around, the arms are naturally placed on the side of the body, the lower jaw is slightly adducted horizontally, and the eyes look straight ahead. Had better rely on a wall to practice, let hind head spoon, double shoulder, double buttock, crus belly and calcaneal 9 dot contact metope.

3. Locust style can cure lumbar disc protrusion

When one leg is raised, iliac joint does not leave pad, go feeling gluteus muscle is intense tighten, quadriceps muscle sends force actively. After arms raises first finds the shoulder blade adduction feeling, when ten fingers clasp, usually the elbow joint has the hyperextension phenomenon certainly does not extend the arms.

4, arch can treat lumbar disc protrusion

Lie on your back, knees bent, knees a fist wide, hands on the side of the body under the pressure of the floor mat. With inhalation lift the buttocks until the lower jaw is attached to the clavicle. Hold 3 to 5 normal breaths and raise the heel, lowering the body slowly from the upper back as you exhale.

Causes the lumbar disc to protrude the reason

Clinically, the top four long-term causes include disc degeneration, injury, genetic factors and pregnancy. Although lumbar disc herniation is not a genetic disease, it is affected by genetic factors. If one parent has a lumbar disc herniation, the child is at increased risk. Weight gain during pregnancy, concentrated in the abdomen, increases the load on the lumbar spine. Trauma, physical activity, and playing golf can also put a lot of pressure on the disc.

Short-term triggers are direct triggers of lumbar disc herniation, and the following 5 are particularly noteworthy.

1. Increased abdominal pressure: severe cough will be caused when the disc protrudes between the waist, and forced defecation and other symptoms occur when constipation occurs.

2, improper waist posture: causes the waist between the plate prominent factor also is when the waist is in the flexion position, such as sudden rotation.

3. Sudden weight bearing: sudden disc protrusion caused by sudden weight bearing refers to the sudden increase of waist load when not fully prepared.

4, waist trauma: acute trauma can affect the fiber ring, cartilage plate and other structures, and promote the degeneration of the nucleus pulposus protrusion.

5. Occupational factors: such as long-term sitting and turbulence of the driver, it is easy to induce disc herniation.

Between old person waist dish outstanding eat what good

1, the elderly waist plate prominent to eat high-protein food

The protein quality of dried shrimp is good and the content is high. The fiber of fish is short, contain adipose little, flesh quality is fresh and tender, its protein digestibility is as high as 98%. These are the best sources of protein for older people. Elderly people need 3 servings of protein per day, and some protein sources should be replaced by beans and soy products (such as tofu and soy milk).

2, the elderly lumbar disc process to eat high-fiber food

Celery, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits, beans, potatoes and other food, are rich in fiber, should be absorbed every day (but not too greasy). Fiber has a certain adsorption effect on oil. If there is fiber in the stomach, the oil eaten is easy to be absorbed by fiber and come out with excrement.

3, diet should be based on fruits and vegetables

Vegetables put a little salt and oil cooked, eat rong drink soup; Drink more fresh juice, so that there is more cellulose and retain water, promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation. Constipation may aggravate the scabies.

4. Add calcium, magnesium and zinc to your diet

Calcium-rich foods such as milk, beans, shrimp, kelp, etc., eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat a variety of diet, less cola drinks. If the amount is small, take some nutritional supplements.

Eat the food that contains vitamin c, be like milk, egg, pig liver, chicken liver, carrot, two orchid, spinach, lettuce, mango. Eat foods rich in vitamin c, such as seeds, lemons, grass xue, red dates, cauliflower, cabbage, potatoes, thatch melon, beans. Eat foods high in zinc, such as shellfish, lean meat, chicken, eggs, millet, wheat, eggplant, small flowers, corn.

5. Dietary taboos

No smoking alcohol, do not eat fat thick flavor, bitter cold, raw and cold food, eat more nutritious food, such as animal liver, kidney, kidney, mutton and date. Since high-fat foods are bad for blood circulation and nerve tissue, eat less. Cold food can cause severe inflammation of the lumbar spine during cold snap.

Conclusion:Through the article we know that the lumbar disc protruding exercise methods have regressive walk, pull up, swimming, etc., these methods can effectively alleviate the symptoms of lumbar disc protruding, in addition, when there is lumbar disc protruding you can eat some celery, mushrooms and other foods, because these foods contain a lot of dietary fiber, and). Fiber has a certain adsorption effect on oil. If there is fiber in the stomach, the oil eaten is easy to be absorbed by fiber and come out with excrement.

herniated disc exercises – Stick to these 3 little methods to effectively relieve lumbar disc protrusion and help you stay away from pain!

A herniated lumbar disc is caused by a protrusion of the nucleus pulposus tissue inside the annulus fibrosus, which compresses the sciatic nerve in the lower extremity, causing a series of pain symptoms in the lower back and legs. A herniated disc starts out as a mild pain in the lower back and legs, but it gets worse as the disease progresses.

For patients with disc herniation, usually must pay attention to, can not do very heavy physical work, otherwise it will aggravate the disease, serious may lead to lower limb paralysis.

Stick to these 3 little methods, can effectively alleviate the lumbar disc protrusion, let you away from the pain of disease!

1, the reverse method

Reverse walking is an effective way to train the muscles of the lower back and lower back, but be sure to choose a flat and safe place to practice. The speed when walking backward should decide according to oneself actual situation, should step by step, walk backward generally 20 minutes or so can. Choose a flat surface to avoid falls or tripping over.

2. Body suspension

According to their own endurance, grasp the high fixed hanging. When overhanging, the muscles of the waist and lower limbs should be properly relaxed, so that its natural prolapse, thereby achieving the goal of pulling. When overhanging the action must be slow to avoid improper operation of the body to cause greater harm. Suspension should be appropriate to increase the amount of exercise, and can be sustained for a long time.

3, arch waist, legs together stand

Stand with your legs together, squeezing your waist and hips forward as hard as you can until you reach your limit, then retract. Repeat this 15 times for a great workout.

herniated disc exercises – This group of yoga exercises a few minutes every day, effectively prevent lumbar pain, lumbar disc protrusion, cervical spondylosis

Recently in the network popular sentence "is the same waist disc, why are you so prominent", although this sentence is regarded as a joke, but only had cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc prominent people will really understand the pain of this disease! And once suffer from, can never cure, a lifetime of pestered, is listening to listen to very terrible!

Even at a young age, we also have to lumbar disease, lumbar disc protruding these diseases prevention awareness! So today small make up to bring you specifically to prevent lumbar pain, jin vertebra disease and other diseases of a set of yoga postures, whether it is office workers or students are very suitable yo!

This yoga posture can strengthen your spine, long time practice can also correct the bad habit of sitting and standing for a long time, for the health of the body is not only beneficial, long-term persistence can also change your external image temperament, but all this is in the premise of posture standards oh! Let's practice together with xiaobian!

1. Half moon variant

A. maintain a standing position with the sole of your left foot pressed to the ground for balance, knees straight, right leg extended upward, upper torso slightly bent forward, doing a standing forward bend variant.

B. Hold the ground with your left hand and the sole of your right foot with your right hand. Open your shoulder and make sure your left leg is straight.

C. Avoid waist collapse. Keep changing sides for 30 seconds.

2, eight body throw ground variant

A. Lie flat on the ground with your abdomen tightened, elbows and forearms touching the ground, knees on the ground, and slowly lift your body until your abdomen is off the ground;

B. Tilt your head slightly back, keep your knees close to the ground, slowly lift your left thigh up until your toes touch your head, and bend your right leg upward and perpendicular to the ground;

C. Keep the movements for 30s, then change to the other side and repeat the movements for 5 times.

3. One-legged variant

A. stand on the ground, and slowly lean forward until your torso is parallel to the ground, placing your left hand on your back for balance;

B. Slowly straighten the right leg upward, bend the knee, extend the leg forward, and extend the right hand upward to hold the right foot to maintain balance;

Small make up to say: although the waist dish outstanding, these ills cannot effect a radical cure cervical spondylosis, developed a very troublesome thing, however, so also no between the waist dish outstanding big friend children must be caused take seriously, to correct their bad posture habits, of course, it is best to stick to practice this yoga postures to prevent the waist dish outstanding! Let's practice together with xiaobian!

herniated disc exercises – Can you play ball or do manual labor when you get a herniated disc at a young age?

I combine my own situation to answer your question, I hope to help you

I had a herniated disc in college, that's right! It's protruding, it's not bulging, it's pressing on the sciatic nerve, the whole right leg can't push, there's a tingling sensation, it goes all the way to the foot.

How do I get the waist tu, I also like the building Lord, is a sports enthusiast, play basketball in high school, rebound when fall on the shoulders of others, the whole body fell to the ground, at that time, waist pain can't move, but slow for a while and it's all right, I'll continue to play, now think that's when leaving the root, and later as a graduate student, continue to play basketball, running, fitness, etc., shortly before graduation and the elder brothers when riding, due to long-term maintain a bending plus caught in a rain, so the waist pain, at that time, also have never thought your highlights, oneself have a few days not see good, Discovered, go to a hospital checking have prominent oppressive nerve, and out for nearly two months, still not good, has been in despair at this moment, can't walk, can't bend, and even a deep breath, pain, basic and cripple, hope all the things on the surgery, I saw a lot of players in the NBA after lumbar surgery form big than before, what's more, I am not so advanced nursing and rehabilitation training after the operation, the estimated basic farewell movement!

I was unwilling, began to find online rehabilitation training method, determined by their victory over the waist, so I try a movement of an action, and pay close attention to the feedback of the body at any time, effective actions to reinforce practice, is invalid or has the action of the pain I gave up, I finally made the special rehabilitation exercise, middle-late early exercise every day, in this way, after a half-year rehabilitation exercise, basic can't feel my waist. Walking and sitting are the same as before. But I still wonder when I can play sports and when I can play ball.

Continue to exercise three months later, I changed the basketball shoes, for the first time on the basketball court, before the play, I take the warm-up, stretching, after playing slowly run, not to scramble into the inside, this is the first time after my waist suddenly playing basketball, didn't what happened, I gradually began to recover after the basketball, it's been almost 4 years in the past, the waist is no longer committed, I have attended several half marathon.

Here are my Suggestions:

1. Don't be unconcerned or too afraid after checking out. It's not serious, but it doesn't allow you to exercise too much.

2, now you need to do is to strengthen the waist muscle training, the lumbar spine is steel, the muscle is cement, if the cement is hard enough, it will also protect the steel.

3. Reduce waist injury movements and sports, and temporarily rest for half a month.

4, my back injury is so serious, now is not the same run jump, just want to have self-knowledge, I am playing forward, now has rarely into the inside line, in fact so go all out, not worth, not professional, outside shooting can be guaranteed to score.

Above is my advice, also hope to be helpful to everybody, have what problem also can communicate with me!

herniated disc exercises – 4 yoga movement conditioning lumbar disc herniation, relieve lumbar pain, we must learn

Have you been sitting all day with aches and pains in your back and neck?

Do you feel cold in your limbs during the cold winter months?

Do you feel as if your waist is broken, unable to stand, unable to sit.

Yes, you suffer from lumbar disc protrusion!

Suffered from lumbar disc herniation, after course of treatment and bed rest, the condition alleviates, acute period in the past, arrived to restore the rehabilitation period of lumbar function!

In this period of moderate waist exercise, will receive twice the result with half the effort. The method that the waist exercises is very much, the method that faces everybody below to introduce suits convalescence period to apply, both simple easy effective. This set of healthy waist exercise law can be summarized as waist exercise law.

1, camel

A. tighten your abdomen, straighten your spine, kneel on the ground, lower legs are perpendicular to the ground, elbows are straight, and arms are extended back to maintain even breathing;

B. slowly tilt the torso and head back until the abdomen is parallel to the ground, and touch the soles of the feet with both hands;

C. Keep the movement for 30s and repeat 5 times.

2. Lateral Angle extension variation

A. stand with right leg extended to the right, knees straight, feet on the ground, slowly lower center of gravity, left knee bent, toes on the ground to maintain balance;

B. tighten your abdomen, place your hands on the ground with five fingers open and crossed, and slowly lean your upper torso toward the ground until the upper torso is parallel to the ground;

C. Keep the movements for 30s, then change to the other side and repeat the movements for 5 times.

3, kong sit variant

A. tighten your abdomen, straighten your spine, sit on the ground, place your feet on the inside of your hips, and keep your legs close to the ground;

B. stretch your hands back and place them on your head, keeping your eyes straight ahead and breathing evenly;

4. Hanuman variations

A. maintain standing position, stretch left leg to the left, knee straight, right leg to the right, abdomen tight, spine straight;

B. keep your body in balance, slowly lower your center of gravity until your legs are close to the ground, keep your breathing even, extend your hands together and place them on top of your head;

Modern people are often in the forward bending position in the work, this position makes the lumbar spine in the flexion position for a long time, a long time, it will cause the imbalance of lumbar disc stress, lumbar posterior ligament excessive drafting, thereby causing backache.

It's always good to exercise more. Come on.

herniated disc exercises – The most painful chronic occupational disease, how should central lumbar disc herniation prevent?

Since most middle-aged people and young people in the early stage, do not have their own sitting and standing posture adjustment. This leads them to sit in the wrong posture when faced with long hours. The reason we call these "wrong" postures is because they put more stress on our bodies and cause other illnesses. The recent spate of central disc herniations, for example, is largely the result of these poor posture. So is there a relatively effective treatment for this debilitating chronic muscle disease? Next, let me tell you well!

Treatment # 1: sleep without a pillow.

Because we're hunchbacked and chested for so long, the weight that should be on the spine is distributed to the lumbar spine. And the lumbar vertebra of the human body is a relatively fragile, load-bearing capacity is relatively small place. Over time, this will naturally cause problems in the lumbar spine. A more effective way to relieve stress is to keep your body level. This way, you don't need a pillow to sleep, and you can keep your body horizontal with only gravity.

Treatment method 2: fix the problem of cervical vertebra foreward first.

The reason why we have problems with the lumbar spine is because the cervical vertebra is in an abnormal state. In general, people who have problems with the lumbar spine will have problems with the cervical spine leaning forward. So keep your face straight and learn to tuck your chin in.

Treatment # 3: sit tight to your chair while sitting.

In addition to maintaining body level while sleeping, lean as close to the chair as possible while sitting. Because the back of the chair is vertical, it also helps to share the pressure on the lumbar spine.

In addition to these emergency treatments, there is a lot we can do to prevent these diseases. For example, the following list of several, are relatively strong operational.

Step 1: always sit properly. The so-called correct sitting posture should be cultivated from primary school. Keeping your back straight and your chest a punch and a half away from the edge of the table is basically standard posture.

Precaution 2: try to maintain eye level or up. Try to keep your eyes level or up at all times except when you're sitting. This way, can effectively avoid the neck forward tilt, natural also can help reduce the burden of the lumbar spine.

Step 3: practice posture every day. In addition, if you have a lot of free time, use it to practice posture. Not only will it help you develop your temperament, but it will also correct your raw and faulty muscle memory.

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