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Thecountry.There are many different styles of yoga, but the asanas are almost the same. As for the rhythm and style you like, it's up to you to choose. The asanas we share every day can be found in different styles.

Yoga not only can change a person's appearance and temperament, but also can bring people a healthy, positive attitude and concept of life, not only that, yoga can also excavate all the possibilities in your life, let impossible change possible, let not, change line.

Simple sitting position

severe lower back pain treatment home

Practice steps:

Sit upright on the mat with your legs straight out in front of you. Bend your left leg and place your left foot under your right thigh. Bend your right leg and place your right foot under your left calf. Try to keep the center of your feet up, your hands on your knees, palms down, and your upper body upright.

Strengthens hip, knee and ankle joints, nourishes the nervous system, relieves rheumatism and arthritis, and balances body odor.

Sit side extension pose

severe lower back pain treatment home

1. Choose a comfortable posture and sit on a cushion. Breathe in, extend spine up, shoulders down to relax, ischium down, sacrum up, head occipital in line with back. Raise your arms horizontally, palms down, and let your chest expand laterally with your fingertips.

Exhale, place the right hand on the outside of the right hip, fingertips pointing right, left arm up, left arm close to the left ear, arm drive the body to the right, chest vertebra turned up, the eyes through the left arm look inclined to the top. As you inhale, your left hand moves your left arm, armpit, and side waist upwards. As you exhale, sink your right hand into the mat to strengthen the side bend. Inhale and push with your right hand to bring your body back to center. In edge. Exhale, drop your arms on your knees, and switch sides.

1. Eliminate waist proud flesh and shape waist line.

2. Dredge left and right meridians.

Seated twist

severe lower back pain treatment home

1, simple sitting position on the cushion surface.

Place your left hand on the back of your hips, fingertips on the floor, and your right hand on the outside of your left knee.

As you inhale, extend your spine upward, exhale, slowly twist from your navel, turning your chest to the left as far as possible, keeping your pelvis centered, turning your head, looking at the extension line of your left shoulder, holding your sit bones toward the ground here, deepening the twist backward on each exhale, and holding this pose for 30 seconds. Inhale, head back, hands back, body back to simple sitting position. Switch sides and do the same exercise.


Sit in a forward bend

severe lower back pain treatment home

1, simple sitting position to sit on the cushion.

2. Inhale and extend spine upward.

3. Exhale and fold your body forward and downward from the hip joint, extending your hands forward in front of your body so that your forehead is as close to the cushion as possible. Be careful not to lift the hips, firm the pads, and root down. Hold on this pose for 20 seconds.

The cat cow type

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

1, first came to the four-legged bench, knees stand on the mat, hands on the mat, knees and hips with the same width, between the hands and shoulders with the same width, thigh and arm at the same time perpendicular to the cushion surface.

2, exhale, chest arch back, chin looking for clavicle, coccyx to the knee direction, back as far as possible arch up, in an arc, eyes to the navel.

3. When breathing in, raise your head, straighten your chest, lift your hips up, tighten your abdomen and lower it. Feel the tension of your abdominal muscles.

Downward dog

severe lower back pain treatment home

After the above dynamic, came to the four corner bench type. Roll back your feet and use the power of your hands to push the floor and your feet to push the hips back and up, pushing the hips to the highest point of your body with your ischium pointing to the ceiling. Keep your head between your arms and keep your head, neck, and spine in a straight line. Straighten your legs, heels, calves, and hips in a straight line. Tuck in your ribs. If the muscles in the back of your thighs are tight, bend your knees slightly. Alternately bend your legs and feel the stretch in the back of your legs. Hold the breath for 30 seconds in this pose.

The downward dog is a preparatory pose for headstand. Increase the blood circulation in the head, make the head more clear, strengthen the strength of the arms, legs, trunk, stretch the back side of the legs and the back muscles of the waist, relieve the tension of the back muscles of the back, make the body more relaxed and energetic.

Abnormal blood pressure and vertigo people, please exercise carefully under the guidance of a professional teacher.

After the above, complete 5 sun salutations.

Crane zen type

severe lower back pain treatment home

1. Start mountain standing, exhale and fold your body from the hips into a standing forward bend.

2. On the next exhale, place the palms of your hands on the floor in front of your body, with your fingertips forward and your elbows on your knees until your knees are on your upper arms. Inhale, lengthen the spine, stretch the head and upper back forward and push.

3. Move the center of gravity of the body forward, and take advantage of the opportunity to lift the feet off the ground, lift the shoulder belt, lift the hips, and lift the core of the abdominal muscles, so as to maintain the balance of the body. Hold in this pose for 20 seconds, exhale and lower your legs.

Benefits: strengthening arm strength and core strength, massaging abdominal organs and glands, enhancing blood circulation to the head, keeping the brain more alert, enhancing memory, relieving headaches, improving concentration and balance.


Students with high blood pressure and lipids should practice with the doctor's permission.

Three nods upside down

severe lower back pain treatment home

1. After completing the crane zen style, move the center of gravity of the body toward the head and slowly place the baihui hole on the top of the head on the mat. The head and hands form an equilateral triangle. Stretch your back in a straight line, keeping your heels close to your hips. Keep lifting your heels up while lifting your knees, keeping your stomach in and your ribs in. Slowly extend your legs up until they are fully extended, perpendicular to the cushion. Hold in this position for 5-10 seconds.

Beauty and beauty, improve facial color, repair the sagging of internal organs caused by gravity, shape buttocks and chest lines, enhance arm strength and back strength, improve attention, make people more confident.

After the three nods, bend your knees, bend your hips, pull your knees against the inside of your big arms, then come to the crane zen pose again, push your legs back, come to the inclined board pose, and complete a series of tandem poses (inclined board pose — four-post pose — upper dog pose — lower dog pose) and come to the lower dog pose.

Warrior ii type

severe lower back pain treatment home

1. Starting from the downward dog pose, inhale, lift your left leg back and up, exhale, tighten the core of your abdomen, step your left foot forward, come between your hands, point your left toe directly in front, and adjust the distance between your feet to about the length of one leg. The right foot should extend outward 90 degrees, with the left heel in line with the arch of the right foot.

2, curve, left knee, so that the calf is 90 degrees, thigh parallel to the ground. The toes of the left foot 2 and 3 are in line with the knee; Push back hard with your right foot and straighten your right leg.

3. Breathe in and lift your upper body upright, while the right arm moves forward and backward, with both arms extending in a straight line to the sides to open your chest completely. Keep your hips centered, your tailbone sunken, your upper body perpendicular to the ground, the back of your neck relaxed and extended, and turn your eyes toward the extension line of your left hand. Come to warrior 2 and hold on this pose for 30 seconds.

Side Angle extension

severe lower back pain treatment home

1. Start from warrior ii (bending left leg).

2, exhale, keep the back straight, starting from the left hip, body to the left side of the folding down, keep on both sides of the waist isometric stretching, put his left hand in the outer edge of the left foot, left hand to push hard, make the chest up, right hand holding up, extending to the right direction, drive the chest continue to lift, then turned, eyes look through the big arm toward the ceiling, maintain this pose for 40 seconds.

Strengthen leg strength, flexible knees and ankles, beautify legs, relieve sciatica and joint pain, eliminate waist proud flesh.

The triangle

severe lower back pain treatment home

1. After completing the lateral Angle extension pose, inhale and stand upright, bringing your feet together slightly to shorten the distance between your feet, still keeping your left foot 90 degrees outward, your right foot slightly insinuate, your pelvis centered, abdomen insinuate, coccyx sunken, sacrum lifted, chest open, upper body perpendicular to the cushion surface. Inhale, extend spine up, exhale, fold left groin as fold point, keep in a plane, fold body left, left hand on the inside of left foot or calf, right hand raised above head, point to the direction of the ceiling, turn head, eyes look to right hand fingertip direction. Hold in this pose for 20 seconds.

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

After completing the triangle pose, exhale and shift your body to the left. Place your left hand on the ground in front of your left foot, your right hand on your right hip, and take a small step back into your right foot. The left hand is right under the shoulder. Inspiratory, use hand and foot to push the force of the ground, drive up right leg, right leg unbend, parallel with the ground, toe returns hook, heel board, double leg becomes 90 degrees Angle. Tighten left leg and lift up. Keep your pelvis centered, back and occipital in a straight line, lift your right hand up so that your arms are in a straight line, fully open your chest, turn your head, and look over your fingertips. Hold in this pose for 20 seconds. Exhale, drop your right arm, place your right hand directly under your right shoulder, keep your spine extended, pelvis centered, right foot always pushing out, with your spine as the axis, twisting from your navel to the left, while your left hand is raised toward the sky, keep both arms as straight as possible and hold in this pose for 20 seconds.

Trigonometric work

severe lower back pain treatment home

When the half-moon twist is complete, exhale, drop your right foot and take a giant step back. Move your right hand on the outside of your left foot and straighten your right arm. Inhale, extend your spine forward, raise your left hand up toward the sky, stretch your left finger tips upward, bring your chest fully open, double arms, shoulders, back in a plane, turn your head, and look at your left finger tips. Hold in this pose for 20 seconds.

Side Angle torsion

severe lower back pain treatment home

After the triangle twist pose is completed, breathe in and return to the body. Bend your left knee 90 degrees and move your right leg slightly back half the ball of your foot so that the heel of your left foot is in line with the arch of your right foot. Straighten the right leg, tighten the muscles in the right leg and press the inner side of the right foot. Put his right hand on his left foot, outside of the compaction pad surface, inspiratory, extending spine forward, exhale, spine as the axis, starting from the belly button to the left turn, turn to the chest toward the left side, left hand stretch in the direction of the left ear, on the left hand up the power of driving the chest, head, eyes look through the left arm to the direction of the above the ceiling, keep a 20 seconds on the postures of breathing.

severe lower back pain treatment home

1. After completing the side Angle twisting pose, breathe in, straighten your body and slightly withdraw half of your right foot. Keep bending left knee 90°, calf perpendicular to the ground, thigh parallel to the ground, right knee is directly above the ankle, left leg muscles tighten up, so that the right knee is not stressed, big toe pressure ground. With your right leg straight, push your right foot back and feel the extension of your right groin. Pull your left hip back and push your right hip forward, keeping your pelvis centered and your weight between your legs.

2, inspiratory, double arm since the high lift on on both sides of the head, palms, arms in the ears, feel the arm, axillary, side waist stretch, stretch up the spine and upper body perpendicular to the ground, abdomen is tightened, the coccyx, the sacrum, don't arch the back, the navel toward the front of the body, keep a 40 seconds on the postures.

Open back muscles, improve balance, improve concentration, and expand chest.

When the warrior is done, exhale, lean forward, place your hands on either side of your left foot, move your left foot back, and come to the slant board pose. Complete a series of tandem poses (slant board pose — four-post pose — upper dog pose — lower dog pose) and finally come to the lower dog pose.

Downward dog – warrior ii type (in practice) side – the side Angle stretch type lateral (in practice), the triangle type lateral (in practice), and a half months and torsion lateral (in practice), triangle rotation work lateral (in practice), lateral Angle of twist type lateral (in practice) – warrior exhale in lateral (in practice), before the body under the tendency, hands on either side of his right foot, right foot back, came to the inclined plate, complete a set of series postures (inclined plate – dog four-post type – – downward dog) finally came to the dog.

Standing forward bend

severe lower back pain treatment home

1, from the beginning of the downward dog, exhale, groin as the salient point of the body, the direction of hands to feet slowly, until the chest to stick to the thigh and touch his forehead to crus tibia, hands hooked on the same side big toes, her arms to the outside, make folding degree deepening, keep your legs straight, the back legs can bend your knees slightly tighter ng people, keep a 40 seconds on the postures. Inhale and stand upright in a mountain pose.

1. Preparation of headstand, increasing blood flow and pressure of the head.

2, improve stomach pain, dysmenorrhea, back pain.

3. Nourish the nervous system, slow down the heart rate, and feel calm and alert.

Single leg stand leg stretch combination + back stretch

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

The mountain pose stands on a mat. With your hands on your hips, inhale, lift your right leg up, bend your right knee, and grab the big toe of your right foot with your right index and middle fingers to keep your body stable. Stretch your right leg forward and straighten your right knee so that your right leg is parallel to the floor, your left leg is perpendicular to the floor, and your back is straight. When your body is stable, exhale, abduct your right hip, keep your pelvis straight and your spine extended, inhale, and bring your right leg back, still parallel to the floor. Exhale, the upper body from hip joint place fu falls, keep waist back straight, bend elbow, chest abdomen is flat stick ham, ok forehead is close to shin shin, left leg and ground perpendicular, waist back is parallel ground. Breathe in and stand up slowly. Exhale and release hands and feet. Switch sides and do the same exercise.

Stretch the back and inner sides of the legs to improve stability, balance, coordination and concentration of the body, flex the hips, stabilize the shoulders, and improve strength and endurance of the abdominal and back muscles.

severe lower back pain treatment home

The mountain pose stands on a mat. Bend your right knee. Place your right foot in your left groin with your left hand. Open your right knee to the outside. After waiting for body balance, inspiratory, extend spinal column to rise, exhale, begin from hip joint place, have control to bend forward to fall upper body, maintain the flatness of waist back, left leg is straight state. As far as possible abdomen chest stick left thigh, forehead touch shins tibia, hold 20 seconds of breath, inhale, slowly upright body, change side same exercise.

Beautify the lines of your legs, massage your abdominal organs, relieve constipation, tighten your arm muscles, fully expand your chest, beautify your shoulders, and help relieve lower back pain.

The double Angle

severe lower back pain treatment home

Yamasana stands on a mat with your feet about hip width apart and your right foot taking a big step horizontally to the right, adjusting the distance between your legs to about one leg, with your pelvis centered and your navel pointing straight ahead. Hands body hind and close, 10 fingers cross buckle, double shoulder opens, thoracic vertebra lifts up, thoracic cavity opens, centre of gravity is in the middle of two legs, hind head, occipital bone, back is in same plane, arm lifts up as far as possible. Exhale, keep back straight, begin to fold upper body from hip joint place, the 100 meeting acupoint of the top of the head as far as possible put on the midpoint of double foot line, ischium points to the sky, double foot compacts cushion face, double arm as far as possible forward extend. Hold the breath for 30 seconds in this pose.

Flexible shoulders and hips, two arms, legs, upper back, shoulders muscles get stretch and relax, enhance the head oxygen supply, make people more awake, relaxed. It is good for relieving excitement and depression.

The frog to lie prone

severe lower back pain treatment home

1. Kneel on the mat in the form of a four-legged bench.

2, exhale, double knee opens to two side respectively, hip ministry drops ceaselessly downward, reach oneself limit position until, double crus is mutual parallel backward extend, make as far as possible big crus is 90 degrees. Bend your elbows and place your forearms on top of each other. Keep your back straight. Rest your head on your arms. Hold in this pose for 20 seconds.

God monkey type

severe lower back pain treatment home

1, kneeling on the mat, step right foot forward, came to the front of the body, the right foot constantly forward sliding, until the right leg straight, right leg back side compaction pad surface, right leg extension at the same time, the left leg also backward extension, completely straight, left leg front side compaction pad surface, hip alignmentThe legs are parallel to each other in front and behind the body. Inhale, straighten your body, extend your spine upward, and look straight ahead. Hold in this pose for 20 seconds. Switch sides and do the same exercise.

Stretch the leg muscles, shape the beautiful leg shape, relieve sciatica and leg diseases, strengthen the hip and leg muscles, enhance the stability of the body.

Cattle face type

severe lower back pain treatment home

Sit upright on a cushion in a right-angle sitting position. Lift the right leg above the left leg, bend the right knee, place the right foot on the outside of the sitting thigh, bend the left knee at the same time, put the left foot on the outside of the right thigh, two knees up and down in a straight line, sit firmly on the ischium cushion surface.

2. Breathe in and open your hands shoulder level. Exhale, raise your right hand high, bend your right elbow toward the ceiling, stretch your right hand back and down. Bend your left elbow toward the cushion, extend your left hand behind you, clasp your hands behind you, and hold in front of your eyes for 20 seconds. Exhale, unfasten your hands, legs, and switch sides.

Relieves venous and leg spasms, strengthens pelvic muscles, and stimulates reproductive glands. Stretch and relax your chest and back. The shoulder joint is more flexible, improve the round shoulder hump, reduce the occurrence of periarthritis of shoulder, help axillary lymphatic detoxification,


severe lower back pain treatment home

1. Lie on your back on the mat with your head in line with your body, palms up at your sides.

2, the knees up, keep a fist between the knees, toes pointing straight ahead, as far as possible with both hands to grasp the ankle, the heel to the hip, calf perpendicular to the cushion surface. 3, inspiratory, both hands, arm, double shoulder presses the ground, double foot presses the ground hard, make rachis one after another is lifted up, open double shoulder, thoracic vertebra is pushed up hard go looking for chin, make coxa ministry is lifted up, maintain ham to rotate inside parallel, tailbone adjoin, knee points forward, let the body as far as possible with the ground form a square. Hold in this pose for 40 seconds, exhaling and releasing the spine section by section until the hips drop to the floor and return to the supine position.

Open shoulders and chest, stretch cervical vertebra, strengthen thigh, hip, waist muscles, beautify the body, good digestion, control blood pressure, help women postpartum repair pelvic floor muscles.

People with high blood pressure, cervical spondylosis, heart disease, ear or nose infections should not practice this pose. Don't put too much pressure on your head and neck.


severe lower back pain treatment home

Lie on your back on the mat, bend your knees and bring your feet as close to your hips as possible. Raise the palms of your hands over your head, bend your elbows, and point your fingers toward your feet with your hands shoulder-width apart, palms down on either side of your head. Press firmly on the ground with both hands and feet. Inhale, push the hip up as far as possible, tighten the inner rotation of the thigh, push the hands and feet to the ground, stretch the legs as far as possible, fully expand the shoulders, open the chest. Move your feet slightly toward your head, keeping your upper back as perpendicular to the ground as your arms. Hold in this pose for 20 seconds. Exhale, bend your shoulders, lower your hip joint, and return the back of your head to the floor.

Stretch the front of your body, strengthen the back of your body, and relax your shoulder and neck muscles. The blood supply to the head is strengthened, which effectively relieves pressure and sharpens sensation. The joint muscles of the limbs are strengthened and replenished. Stimulating the thyroid at the throat chakra is very effective in weight control.

Baby type

severe lower back pain treatment home

Stand on your knees on the mat with your legs together and your feet close together.

Exhale, push hips back and sit on heels. Lean forward, bring your stomach and chest to your thighs, extend your arms back at your sides, rest your head on a cushion, slowly close your eyes and hold deep breaths for 2 minutes.

severe lower back pain treatment home

1, supine on the mat, legs and together straight, arms to both sides flat, palm up.

2, inhale, bend right knee up lift, exhale, the right knee pressure to chest abdomen, make the body turbid gas exhaust. After inhaling deeply and exhale, again turned to the right, to the left down right knee and right knee touch pad surface as much as possible, in order to strengthen the torsional strength, can go down right knee, with his left hand to keep the shoulder blade compaction cushion, eyes look to the left direction, keep a 40 seconds on the postures, inspiratory, back right leg, returned to the center, in side the same practice.

The eye of a needle type

severe lower back pain treatment home

1. Lie on your back on the mat.

2, bend the left knee, knee up, inhale, lift the left knee up to the upper abdomen, the right foot ankle on the left knee, the right hand between the legs and the left hand around the left thigh.

Breathe in, stretch your spine toward your head, breathe out, bend your elbows, sink your shoulders, pull your legs toward your belly, breathe naturally, and feel the tension in your right gluteal muscles. Hold in this pose for 20 seconds. Unclasp your hands, straighten your legs, and switch sides.

Spread the resin type

severe lower back pain treatment home

Lie flat on a cushion with your legs slightly wider than your hips, the tips of your toes open outwards naturally, and your arms extend away from your body, palms up, and center your head. As you hold, focus on your breathing, your brain is sending signals to your body to relax, consciously starting with your feet and toes and working your way up to your legs, trunk, and head organs, feeling their relaxation and tension. Hold this pose for 15 minutes.


Tips for yoga practice:

1. Practice yoga on an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after a meal.

2, in the practice of yoga, do not exceed the limit of their own body edge, do not use force to pull tear.

3. Breathe through the nose throughout the entire practice of yoga, unless otherwise indicated for certain asanas.

4, shoulder, neck, waist and back have been injured, osteoporosis, age is too old, is pregnant, lactation, two months after surgery people, before practicing yoga to consult the doctor and coach, after getting consent, can practice.

5, if in the process of practicing a certain asana, body pain, please immediately stop, consult the coach, then continue to practice.

6, in the practice of hot yoga half an hour before, please first quote 300ml of drinking water, so as not to sweat too much, resulting in serious water shortage.

7, have heart disease, high blood pressure, vertigo people, do not practice hot yoga.

8. For menstruating women, do not practice handstands, abdominal stretches and rollover yoga.

– end –

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Want 5 motion 20 seconds only, with shoulder neck backache, giddy disgusting, posture becomes poor to say goodbye! (video and audio + full text in Chinese and English) – pain healing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Do this for 20 seconds and kiss back pain goodbye. Are you sitting down? Chances are, you've been sitting here watching videos on your computer for about an hour. While this feels natural most of the time, It can do a lot of harm to your back and neck. You can help solve this stress by doing easy exercises at home. In fact, you can do them right now!

20 seconds calisthenics and back pain bye! I guess you're sitting right now? Maybe you've been sitting at your computer, painting video sand sculptures for an hour? You probably spThe end most of your time in this position, but it's already doing a lot of damage to your back and neck. Doing a little exercise at home can help you relieve these symptoms.

There are five great stretches you can do to improve the flexibility and overall health of your back and neck. Let 's start with one of the most effective moves out there:

Here are 5 stretches that will help you improve the flexibility and fitness of your neck and shoulders.

5. The wall stretch

Stretch the wall

Find a wall in your house that you can put your weight on. Face the wall, and place both of your hands flat on it with your arms extended and slightly bent. Start to bend down and arch your back, Push your butt out. Keep your legs sturdy and straight with a slight bend at the knee. As you push your butt out, push gently against the wall you're leaning on.

Find a wall in your room that bears the weight of your entire body. Face the wall, hands flat, arms extended and slightly bent. Slowly bend over, pushing your hips outward, keeping your legs straight and your knees slightly bent.

Push slowly as you arch your back and push your butt out, taking deep breaths as you do so, feel that stretch in your lower back? That means you 'r e doing it right. To top it all off, it prevents the body from having the problems standing properly after having your muscles, discs, and nerves scrunched together in a chair all day.

Gently push against the wall and push your hips outward. Slowly bend your back and push your hips outward. Feel the stretch in your lower back? That's right, that means you're in position! Taken together, this routine prevents muscle and disc nerves from squeezing each other and preventing them from standing properly.

4. The pelvic tilt

Pelvic lifting movement

Here 's another stretch you can do at home to help ease pressure off your lumbar spine. While also strengthening your core muscles a key component in preventing lower back pain. Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent, And the flats of your feet pressed against the floor. You can place your hands behind your head or have them relaxed by your sides.

This home-based stretch will help relieve pressure on your spine and, of course, strengthen your core muscles to prevent back pain.Lie on your back with knees bent;Place the soles of your feet flat and close to the ground, and place your hands behind your head or at your sidescars only

And then we have to have a lot of fun. And we are going to have a lot of fun. We are going to have a lot of fun. Hold this muscle contraction for 10 seconds. Repeat it up to 20 times or for as long as you feel comfortable. Don't forget to breathe in and out as you do These. This stretch engages your abdominal muscles, which is really important when relieving the lower back pain.

Tighten your abs while nudging your back toward the floor as if you're about to do a sit-up. Hold this muscle contraction position for 10 seconds and repeat it 20 times or more as long as you feel comfortable. While doing this, don't forget to breathe in and out. This stretch will strengthen your abs and will help relieve lower back pain too much.

3. The lumbar extension presses

Waist extension press

Can 't get enough of those lower back stretches? Then you'll love this move! Lie on your stomach with your twenty-nine flat on the floor on either side of head. Slowly lift your upper torso off the floor while pushing off with your very different. Don 't forget to keep your pelvis and Upper thighs pressed down against the floor.

Not enough back stretching?Come on, you love to move, lie on your stomach, palms flat on the floor on either side of your head, slowly raise your arms, lift your upper body off the ground, pelvis and thigh roots must be firmly on the ground.

Lift your upper body as far as you can, ideally, you should be propped up from the stomach up, similar to a sphinx. Hold the lift for 10 seconds, And then slowly lower yourself back down. Do these 10 times as you do them more, you can increase the hold for up to 30 seconds. Just do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

You can lift your upper body as high as you want, and ideally your entire belly should be lifted like a sphinx. Support for 10 seconds, then slowly lean over and repeat 10 times. As you do more and more, you can stretch it out to 30 seconds, but do your best.

2. Behind – the – back neck stretch

Back neck stretch

If you stare tensely at a computer screen for many hours at a time, this stretch can do wonders for your neck! Stand up with legs hip – width apart, and keep your very different down at your sides. Reach behind your back, and hold your left wrist with your right hand. With your right hand pull the left arm gently, Pulling it away from your body.

If you spend a lot of time in one position staring at the computer, this stretch will do wonders for the back of your neck. Stand with your legs hip-width apart, hands akimbo, reach behind your back and grab your left wrist with your right hand.

If you 'r e comfortable with this stretch, take it a step further by slowly lowering your right ear toward your shoulder. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds, And then do the same thing on the opposite side. This stretch is wonderful for relieving recogniton in the sides of your neck as well as your upper back.

If you're comfortable with this stretch, take it a step further and slowly lower your right earlobe toward your right shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat the same stretch in the opposite direction.

E.g. < 1 > the hat is off

Open chest sitting

This stretch targets the front of the neck, chest, and shoulders, a triple whammy if you will. Sit with your knees and calves pressed on the floor, Just like how little kids sit on the floor at story time! Lean back while placing your twenty-nine flat on the floor just behind you. Your fingertips should be pointing away from your body. Now begin to arch your back. Be sure to do this slowly as you push your Hips into your up.

The relief of this stretch is to the front of the neck, chest and shoulders, to the front of the neck, to the front of the chest, to the front of the shoulders. Lean back, palms flat on the floor behind you, your fingertips pointing in the opposite direction, and now lean back, making sure you slowly press your hips toward the bottom of your feet.

If you're comfortable, bend your head back, stretch your neck and the front of your chest. Hold this pose for 30 seconds before returning to a relaxed postureNeck a front stretch, which a lot of neck stretches fail to do. It should extend your neck 's flexibility a bit, So that it doesn 't feel as tense throughout the day. The fact that it stretches out your chest is great for taking deep breaths, and finding a moment to relax in the day, Especially if you spend most of your days hunched forward over a desk!

Stretch your neck and chest if you can. Hold for 30 seconds, then return to a comfortable position. This stretches the front of your neck, which most neck stretches don't do.It also improves the softness of your neck so it doesn't get so sore all day long. This chest stretching position allows you to really take deep breaths and relax, especially when you're fullDays with chest hunchback to sit in front of the table!

If you can find just 10 minutes in your day to do these stretches, you 'l l probably feel less stress on your lower and upper back and neck. If you feel stiff at first, don' t worry! Over time, your flexibility should improve and you'll be able to perform them more easily. If you feel any kind of sharp pain or discomfort consult a doctor or physical therapist to make sure you don 't have any physicist the problems you don' t know about.

Just set aside 10 minutes to do these stretches and your back and neck will relax a lot! If you're tough at first, it's easy! As you do this, your body will get softer and softer, and you will get better and better at these positions! But if you experience any severe pain or discomfort, be sure to consult a doctor or physical therapist before you know it.


In pieces

Try these for lower back pain – pain healing | lower back pain/back pain/backache/lower back/help relieve back pain/to relieve back pain/help relieve lower back pain

Try these tips for lower back pain

How does hualong net do on August 14 11 when dispatch lumbago? There are many causes of back pain, many people have experienced back pain. In addition to the treatment of lumbago in accordance with the instructions of the doctor, usually when lumbago attacks can also be a few simple massage, help to alleviate pain. So what are some massage techniques that can help relieve back pain? Let's learn about it!

How does backache do? Try rubbing it

When lumbago attack, the patient of lumbago can adopt the posture that sit stand, both hands 5 fingers come together, put on the ministry of lumbar vertebra after left and right respectively, palm heart is inward, up and down slow knead, till the skin is calorific so far.

How does backache do? Try scratching

Back pain attack can also be hands back akimbo, thumb in front, press the waist side motionless, the other 4 fingers from the lumbar 2 side with the finger belly to scratch the skin, from the waist eye to catch the tail, both hands at the same time, each grasp 36 times.

How does backache do? Try pressing it

Pressure is also a good way to relieve back pain, patients with back pain can take the way of pressure, hands akimai, thumb respectively on the waist eye, squeeze hard, and rotate knead press, first use clockwise direction, and then use counterclockwise 36 turns can be.

How does backache do? Try squeezing it

Kneading the muscles can also help relieve lower back pain, which can be done by sitting with your feet forward, bending your knees, or sitting straight up. Hold and lift the waist muscles 15 to 20 times.

5, how does lumbago do? Try it

After both hands gives off heat to rub, superposition puts in lumbar vertebra right in the middle, push rub by up and down 30-50 times, it is ok to produce calorific feeling until local skin.

The above methods can play a role in relieving pain in the onset of back pain, but can not replace the treatment, back pain patients still need to see a doctor first, determine the cause of caused back pain, symptomatic treatment.

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