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Method 1: massage the back

1. Massage yourself

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Pressing on sore or tight muscles can reduce muscle tension and help you relax. Find the trigger point and, if you can, massage it with your fingertips or fist. As far as possible with the circle movement, or back and forth knead action, massage pain point.

,You can also try pressing the pain spot with your fingertips, maintaining this pressure, and counting to any number between 10 and 100.

,Can't reach the pain spot? Ask a friend for a massage.

2. Use the foam shaft

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Self-massage or relax the aponeurosis with a foam shaft to relieve muscle and tendon pressure. Back against the wall against the foam axis, rolling back and forth to massage the back. If your back is really painful, choose a softer foam shaft. When the back muscles are stronger, use a harder foam shaft.

,To massage the upper and middle back, press the foam shaft between the middle back and the wall. Continue to press hard against the foam axis, squat down and stand up again, let the foam axis massage back, and exercise leg muscles.

,Don't massage your back with a foam shaft. Lower back pain is most likely due to tightness or strain in other parts of the back, legs or other areas. Massaging the lower back can temporarily relieve the pain, but it can also worsen the condition that causes it and make the injury worse.

3. Find a professional masseur

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They can work with you to identify the problem areas. Regular massage is good for back pain.

,Check to see if massage is covered by your health insurance.

4. Consult a chiropractor

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They specialize in treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders, especially problems affecting the back, neck and joints. He will assess your condition and, through a series of adjustments, correct your spine naturally.

,A physical therapist or osteopath can also help alleviate back pain through therapy.

Method 2: support the body

1. Use a waist pillow

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The waist pillow is placed between the back of the waist and the chair to help the back of the waist maintain its natural curvature and ensure proper posture. When sitting at the table, might as well in the back of a lumbar pillow. If you are driving for a long time, you can also wear a back pillow while driving.

Support your knees with a pillow

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When sleeping on your back or back, place a pillow under your knees to straighten your back and relieve pressure on your lower back.

,If you're lying on your side, place a pillow between your knees so your thighs don't fall down and put pressure on your spine.

Adjust your workspace

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Adjust the height of tables, chairs, computers and other common items to ensure ergonomic work Spaces. Proper adjustments can support the body's overall posture. Adjust the height of the table and chair. When sitting on the chair, your feet must be flat on the ground, your arms on the table, elbows at 90 degrees. When using a computer, the screen is at eye level.

Method 3: stretch back muscles

Wear comfortable clothes

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When you're ready to stretch your back, remember to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. This allows you to stretch your muscles more easily and mindfully, without being distracted by the discomfort of your clothes.

Stretch the upper back

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To reduce pain, the most important thing is to relax your back muscles. Compensatory movements that occur when spinal muscles are injured are often the real cause of back pain. In many cases, injuries do not cause severe pain, but rather the back muscles tighten, causing pain and continuing to put more pressure on the spine. Try these upper back stretching exercises:

,Sit or stand up straight. Squeeze your shoulder blades as far back as possible. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds before relaxing.

,Sit or stand up straight. Put your hands behind your neck, arch your back back slightly, and look up at the ceiling.

,Sit up straight in your chair. Cross your arms across your chest and twist your body to one side, then slowly and gently turn to the other.

3. Stretch the back

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Do a stretch that targets the back of your body. Try lying on your back with your knees bent close to your chest. Raise your head and reach toward your knees. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat as necessary until the tight muscles relax. You can even move it from side to side and massage your kidneys.

The following exercises can further soothe your muscles:

,Children:Sit on your knees. Lean your upper body forward until it touches the ground, arms straight in front of you. Stretch the back.

,Threading:Lie on your back. Rest one leg on the knee of the other. Lift the lower leg up until the thigh is perpendicular to the ground. Hold this position and stretch for 15 to 30 seconds. Relax, switch sides and repeat.

,Double knee twist:Lie on your back. Bend your knees close to your chest and rest them on one side of your body. Extend your arms to the sides. Relax, switch sides and repeat.

4. Stretch the side waist

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Lie on your back, arms straight to the sides. Bend one knee and roll slowly to the other side. Roll as far as you can, but keep your arms close to the ground. Hold position for at least 10 seconds, then switch sides and repeat. Stretch alternately until the tight muscles relax. This exercise can effectively relieve the side pain.

Stretch your neck

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Sit or stand up straight with your head forward until the back of your neck feels pulled. Turn your head in a circle, keeping your chin close to your chest and your left ear to your left shoulder. Slowly turn your head in a circle until your right ear is close to your right shoulder and back to the starting position.

Method 4: do the motion that reduces back ache

1. You must stretch your muscles and bones before doing any exercise

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Stretch all your muscles well before you start to do vigorous activity or exercise. Stretching increases blood flow to the target area and helps prepare the muscles for the next move.

2. Do not start exercise until the acute pain subsides

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As long as your back no longer feels excruciating pain, you can do some exercise to strengthen your back muscles and relieve pressure on your joints and ligaments.

3. Use swimming to relieve back pain

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Swimming, water walking, water aerobics and other water sports impact is very low, can strengthen a lot of muscles at the same time. Make sure you exercise correctly to avoid more back pain.

,If the crawl is too intense for your back muscles, try a side or backstroke.

Exercise your core muscles

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The main muscles of the trunk affect the rest of the body, especially the back muscles. Keeping these muscles strong will help ease back pain and prevent future recurrence.

Try these core strengthening exercises:

,Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Bring one knee to the chest and return to the starting position. Repeat 10 to 20 times on each side.

,Lie on your back with your legs straight out against the ground. Slide your heels slowly toward your hips and return to the starting position. Tighten your abs while exercising. Repeat 10 to 20 times on each side.

,Lying down. Make a push up (plank) position. Hold for 30 seconds and then relax. Work slowly until you can hold it for a minute or two.

,Keep your hands and knees on the floor and tighten your abs. Lift one leg off the ground and straighten it back. Don't let your hips fall down to sprain your back. Hold this position for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat 8 to 12 times on each side. When lifting one foot and keeping your body even, try lifting the opposite arm and stretching it forward.

,Pilates is a great workout for core strength.

5. Avoid sports that strain your back

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Avoid high-impact sports, such as basketball, to avoid aggravating existing injuries. Sports like golf and tennis, which involve a lot of bending and turning, can also strain the back.

Tip 5: change your habits

1. Drink more water

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Staying hydrated throughout the day is important for maintaining and promoting muscle relaxation. Women should drink about 2,250ml of water a day, while men should drink 3,250ml. You don't have to just drink water, but you can get it from fruits and vegetables.

Get enough calcium, magnesium and potassium daily

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These nutrients help regulate nerve impulses, maintain water balance in muscles, and play an important role in muscle relaxation. Relaxed muscles do not tighten on the spine, which reduces pain.

,Get calcium from dairy products, dark leafy vegetables and calcium-fortified foods such as orange juice and cereals.

,Eat dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans and protein, and get more magnesium.

,Eat foods like avocados, bananas and leafy greens to get more potassium.

Get enough sleep

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Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night to allow your body time to recover. Having trouble falling asleep? In the evening, do something relaxing, like listening to a calming music or taking a warm bath.

Method 6: try other natural methods

1. Meditate regularly

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Studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness help the body relax and reduce back pain. Back pain may increase emotions such as anxiety and anger, and meditation can relax the mind and release these negative emotions.

,Try to meditate for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. Sit in a comfortable chair and take deep, focused breaths. Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, and exhale for a count of 4. Focus all your attention on your breath. When your mind starts to wander, refocus on your breathing.

Use homeopathy to relieve back pain

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Apply ginger puree to the sore area, followed by eucalyptus or st. John's wort oil to help ease the pain. You can find these products in the natural food store. Follow package instructions to ensure proper usage.

3. Reduce inflammation with ice compress

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Wrap an ice pack or towel around the ice. Ice compress back three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

,If back pain starts, apply it every hour for 10 minutes for the first day and every 2 to 3 hours for the next 2 days. Then ice compress back three times a day for 1 to 15 minutes.

4. Try hot compresses

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Some people find that applying heat to sore areas relieves pain. Use a hot water bottle or spray hot water on your back for 15 to 20 minutes while bathing.

,If you use an electric pad, don't fall asleep during a hot compress. Turn the heating pad only to low or medium temperature.


When lifting heavy objects, bend your knees as far as possible and use your leg strength to lift the weight and transfer back pressure. Move slowly and steadily. Hurrying and jerky movements can lead to injury.


When lifting heavy objects, do not rely solely on the belt to protect your back.

There is no scientific evidence that belts prevent injuries.


One of the world's richest golfers: stem cells made my back pain go away! – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/lumbar spine

Australian scientists have discovered that stem cell technology could be an effective treatment for back pain. Their new drug, injected into the body, has anti-inflammatory effects, and the stem cells help regenerate old and worn spinal discs.

Tony goldschlager, a professor of medicine at monash university and his team, who have been working on the research for more than a decade, said: "the stem cells themselves can become spinal disc cells and inject new life into the damaged cells."

According to Dr. Silviu itescu, CEO of the mesoblast, "in the phase 2 trial, 50% of patients had no back pain for two years after a single injection." Phase iii clinical trials are underway and results are expected early next year.

18-time champion American golfer jack nicklaus has become one of the first people in the world to undergo stem cell therapy on his back, allowing him to play golf again.

Jack nicklaus revealed in an interview with CNN that he received an experimental stem cell treatment for back pain in Munich, Germany, in 2016.

Nicklaus' history of back pain goes back decades when, as an amateur athlete, he suffered severe pain at age 19 and received nine cortisone injections. Later, pain persisted throughout nicklaus's career, and at age 64, he underwent minimally invasive spinal surgery to relieve pressure on the spinal nerve roots.

At his birthday party in December 2015, niklaus met Dr. Eckhard, a German expert on stem cell research. After a conversation, niklaus concluded that stem cell therapy would be a relief.

In February 2016, niklaus traveled to Munich for treatment. Stem cells were collected by abdominal liposuction and injected into him. Specifically, he received 10 injections into both sides of the lumbar spine or lower back, and four injections into the cervical spine.

Mr. Nicklaus said he felt no "immediate relief" after that, but noted that "the pain that I would have felt playing golf before disappeared after a few months."

"I'm not a doctor," niklaus said. "But I think stem cells will completely change the direction of rehabilitation surgery."

He said he would like to play golf, "as long as my cell allows, golf is a lifetime can play the sport, I hope to play a lifetime."

About 1.5 billion people worldwide currently suffer from chronic pain, of which 23-26% occur in lower back pain. Experimental studies have demonstrated that stem cells can improve chronic persistent pain, including neuropathic pain (caused by peripheral nerve injury, diabetes, spinal cord injury, chronic arthritis, etc.), and that cell therapy offers a new direction for neuropathic pain and degenerative joint disease.

2 simple tests to determine if you are at risk for back pain – AllPainHealing | back pain/for back pain

In general, if your symptoms are postural, simply changing your posture will ease the pain when it arises.But if poor posture is combined with prolonged immobility, the body can slowly be molded into poor posture.Then, you'll find that simply changing your posture is no longer enough. Further, you'll find that finding a comfortable position becomes a little more difficult, and your spine and limb joints are increasingly limited in their mobility.

There are roughly three types of posture

1. The ligament

The main ligament, myofascial passive tension, maintain the body position, common collapse posture, pelvic tilt back.

2. The muscle type

The main muscle force to maintain the body position, commonly used concave waist (pelvic forward), shrug and other laborious way.

3. The skeleton type

In the case of joint alignment, maintain the body position with the skeleton and place the spine in a central/neutral position.

Simple spinal stress test

The following two tests are designed to give you an idea of whether your posture is putting pressure on your body.Also let you know, make good use of the fine posture can reduce the pain and many unnecessary efforts.

1. Spinal vertical stress test

In the sitting/standing position, ask a person to stand behind your back with your hands at your sides of your shoulders, pressing straight down.Then test and record feelings in three different postures.

how to get relief from backache

2. Anterior spinal stress test

Sit/stand with your palms up, with your hands on your sides like a tray, and ask another person to push down your palms.Then test and record feelings in three different postures.

how to get relief from backache

Notes for testing

If you're the subject

Which of the three different postures is easier, to feel yourself in your original position, than to feel oppressed?

If you're a tester

Feel the other person's original position and feel the pressure in three different positions, which one is more stable and motionless?

After the test, did you find that when you are in the extreme hump, arch posture, it is very uncomfortable to bear?It also has poor support, assuming you've been working in this position all day… You can imagine!how?May not be acidpain?

Hopefully, through this experience, you'll learn more about your body and start being kind to it!

Waist bad of see come over! Space cotton waist pillow for back pain – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar spine

For 24 hours a day, we haveA quarterTime passed in a chair.

Tight lumbar spine, nonstandard sitting position, cold hard seat… Backache reminds us all the time:Your waist, is facing a crisis!

how to get relief from backache

Our country lumbar vertebra disease patient already made a breakthrough300 millionThe rate is high in people over 6082%.

how to get relief from backache

Lumbar spine disease is also becoming younger. In 30~40 year old person, more than half suffers from lumbar vertebra disease!

I have bought several waist protection products before, either the design is not scientific, the experience is not good; Or it's not supportive enough to provide temporary relief.

On the marketErgonomic chairs usually start at 2,000 yuan, which is prohibitive for me.

how to get relief from backache

Until a designer friend recommended the experience, the design, the materials, and the level of appearance were all superbCheca waist pillow.

It's used every day,Lying down, sitting down, going to work and going home, I would like to take it with me.

Behind your back, like a warm arm holding your waist. Lumbar discomfort is really the Gospel of ah!

Get certificate to be cut 5 yuan immediately ~!

Current price: 134 yuan

The biggest problem with traditional lumbar pillow and cushion isLaminating feeling bad", often out of their own body shape, sometimes leaning against all crushing, not to mention to alleviate the back pain.

how to get relief from backache

This kind of waist cushion consults very much from the design when research and developmentOrthopedic specialists and patients with low back pain, combined with years of memory cotton research and development experience, to ensure the complete complianceErgonomic design.

It has been recommended by many professional orthopedic doctors for its good effect.

As soon as I got it, I put it on my back and lay down. It was so comfortable!

The feeling that the lumbar spine is stretched out, the curvature is just right!

how to get relief from backache

Compared with the previous soft collapse of the waist pad, its biggest feature lies inUse effect.

Especially suitable forAn elderly person with a protruding disc.

Every day before going to bed pad 15 minutes, let the lumbar traction stretch, canQuickly return to normal curve,Reduce or even eliminate the discomfort symptoms of the waist.

Mom and dad no longer beat their backs and slept better.

how to get relief from backache

It can also improve blood circulation in the waist, repair psoas strain, enhance back stretch and stability of the lumbar spine.

how to get relief from backache

Lumbar spine problems are very seriousOr can't sleep on your backA pregnant woman, you can use it all night long care of your lumbar spine, quite reliable!

how to get relief from backache

Powerful it is not only an excellent waist pillow, as wellNeck pillowalsoEqually good.

how to get relief from backache

Traction before sleep every day for 15 minutes, cervical vertebra will slowly return to a comfortable state, the neck bid farewell to stiff pain!

how to get relief from backache

In order to pursue better product experience, brand manufacturers continue to iterate on products.

how to get relief from backache

From the previousTriangular supportbecomeSurface support.Let the waist pillow no longer hurt the waist.

This wrapped wing design allows the waist to enjoy being hugged at all times.

Waist pillow is a skin-friendly product, material comfort and safety can not be ignored.

how to get relief from backache

This kind of waist pillow is adoptedHigh density space memory cotton inner coreAnd added by special processBamboo charcoal factor.

These two material pledge "join hands" it may be said is bead shade match well, god level match!

Memory pad is a black tech material that was created by NASA in the 1980s and was first used to ease the pressure of launching astronauts into space.

how to get relief from backache

Unlike traditional sponge, space memory cotton is uniqueThermal propertiesIt becomes soft in heat and hard in cold.

When exposed to body temperature, particles on the surface soften, and as the body weight softens particles distribute the compression area evenly.

This is conducive to shape the user, the complete release of pressure, enjoy an unprecedented sense of weightlessness.

how to get relief from backache

Medical studies have shown that sleeping on a memory mattress reduces the average number of flips from 80 to 100 to 17 to 20.

Use the memory cotton material product to alleviate physical and mental pressure, improve the quality of sleep is of great benefit.

how to get relief from backache

This waist pillow is made of memory cotton and is accurateShape the body.bringNo pressure fit.And give it to the bodyEffective support.

After medical proof, it can alleviate musculoskeletal ache effectively, assist remedial cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra problem. Also conducive to improve blood circulation efficiency, promote deep sleep.

how to get relief from backache

The bamboo charcoal powder specially added in the waist pillow isThe raw material is tall mountain bamboo which is more than three years old.

Can promote human blood circulation and metabolism, relieve fatigue.In contact with human beingsMoisture absorption, eliminate odor.

how to get relief from backache

The jacket of the waist pillow is adoptedCombed cotton material, soft and delicate, refuse to fade pilling, washconvenient.

Such high-quality material, only to provide from the inside and outside care.

how to get relief from backache

As a skin-friendly product applicable to pregnant women, the safety of the product cannot be compromised.

Whether it isAntibacterial anti-mite, formaldehyde, heavy metal or pillow coreAre fully in line with the standard, so that users rest assured.

It would be a shame if you just thought of it as an ordinary waist pillow.

Because it can do more than just "your job."

how to get relief from backache

Office overworked and schoolwork children can also put it behind the seat, back pain away, work, study more energy.

how to get relief from backache

The old driver who often sits for a long time puts it behind the seat for relief when drivingYour back is aching. Sitting comfortably is the first step to safety.

how to get relief from backache

Leisure at home when a back of a chair is also a good choice!

how to get relief from backache

The soft and comfortable touch also makes it a warm pillow.

So many people like it, no more colors will do.

Compared to those sexy waist, this one looks more reliable.

how to get relief from backache

Pink, light grey, dark grey 3 kinds of colour, the advanced feeling that innate take oneself, always have one you can like.

Just 15 minutes a day and give yourself a healthy back!

How do you break the neck pain of sitting back, and Chinese medicine teaches you the correct massage method – AllPainHealing | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

Shake leg first stand up, maintain weight with healthy side leg, then relax side leg, put the palm on the back of thigh, then shake leg muscle from left to right, about 1 to 2 minutes. You can do this a few times a day to relieve back pain.

3 cock for back pain slaughter just cry, take chicken stir-fry, then add 500 grams of vinegar, so, until the remaining half a cup of vinegar before the pot, and then add appropriate amount of brown sugar. Roosters take it three times a day for six days.

Note: this method is not suitable for patients with gastric acid overload and gastric ulcer.

4 retrograde relief treatment of backache can be used retrograde method, leveling back to go, walk as far as possible not to bend the knee, waist relax, both hands clenched fist, with four fingers covered thumb, walking arm swing natural.

About 100 to 200 steps at a time, 2 to 3 times a day.

5 kneading tendon

Kneel on the bed, then apply the thumb and forefinger hands to the heel and follow the heel tendon area

6 crawling method can also relieve the treatment of lower back pain, can be in bed or on the ground, to the front, back, circular creep into motion.

Do every morning and evening, do a few days continuously can alleviate lumbago, can effectively treat lumbar muscle pull, sciatica, arthritis, varicose veins of lower limbs.

Hot water bottle stopper

The method of decompression requires the help of others. First, the patient's waist hand is pressed to find the pain point in the waist. Another thin piece is taken out of the hot water cork.

This method of water temperature should be around 90 degrees Celsius, careful not to be burned, each time three to five times, once a day, for a week.

8 pull

Lie on the bed first, put both hands on the head of the bed, then ask another person to help grasp the patient's feet, slightly back side pull, pull 10 times continuously, hold for a few days, can effectively relieve back pain. Be to worry about backache you, might as well try the small book that introduces above, in order to reduce back ache 8 small methods, believe to be able to have certain effect.

How to manage back pain? How to organize and promote overseas back pain data – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar spine

Howard maple leaf: recovery

After decades of rapid development, modern western medicine has entered the era of evidence-based medicine. Compared with previous empirical medicine, evidence-based medicine has solid evidence and is easy to spread and learn. Let's take a look at what resources are available in Canada to promote low back pain prevention and treatment.

The first is the level of family doctors (Canada has a hierarchical medical system). They are the first medical staff to contact patients, and they need to conduct the initial diagnosis of patients, which naturally causes great pressure. It is also said to be the medical group with the highest complaint rate. Therefore, the provincial health education departments attach great importance to the continuing education and training of family doctors. Take alberta as an example. The mission of top(towards optimized practice) is to help family doctors better follow evidence-based medical evidence and improve patient satisfaction. The organization collates and provides evidence-based medical evidence for a variety of diseases and produces brochures for health care workers or patients. The old editor felt that the foreign materials made by the meticulous novel, it is worth the domestic peer learning. Take a look at what they have to offer about low back pain.

1) evidence-informed primary care management of low back pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

2) evidence-informed primary care management of low back pain (guideline)

severe lower back pain treatment home

3) management of psychosocial yellow flags (tools)

severe lower back pain treatment home

4) clinical assessment of psychosocial yellow flags (tools)

severe lower back pain treatment home

5) video

A) introduces the examination process and Outlines the major steps and key considerations inspection process and the main steps and critical thinking

A) viewers through the examination in detail

C) reviews the examination, ignore key elements and ignore key elements

The second is a variety of materials for patients including:

1) patient pain manual for patients suffering from acute back pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

2) patient handout chronic low back pain manual

severe lower back pain treatment home

3) video

A) what to do with acute low back pain? Get back at it! How should acute lumbar backache attack do?

B) living well with chronic low back pain

C) self-management for chronic pain

4) teaching for back pain (Chinese)

Finally, training courses for specialist staff such as physiotherapists

CPA (Canada physiotherapy association) offers extensive online training courses (see figure 1), mainly for evidence-based medicine, while for practical methods, physiotherapists have to sign up for various kinds of physiotherapy courses at work and pay for them at their own expenses. An online continuation course for back pain, for example, consists of four blocks and six weeks of self-study (figure 2)

severe lower back pain treatment home

Figure 1

1. Section one: lumbar spine anatomical and functional anatomy and function lumbar spine

2. Section two: lumbar the conditions lumbar disease

3. Section three: lumbopelvic examination

Section four: LBP management of back pain

Figure 2

The specific contents are not one by one, just the first module as an example. There are three test such as on lumbar spine anatomy, everybody can do so, can do a few?

1. The body of a typical lumbar vertebra is larger than cervical or thoracic vertebra with a transverse diameter greater than the anteroposterior diameter and greater than the height, according to is this? The typical lumbar vertebrae in human body are all larger than the cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra, showing that the transverse process radius is much larger than the anterior and posterior radius and the height of vertebrae is thicker. Why? (radio)

A) it must for allowing large ranges of movement into flexion and extension.

B) the vertebral bodies happens in size as they go from cervical to lumbar areas. From the cervical vertebra to the lumbar spine, vertebral body size has been increased.

C) it needs to support compressive loads under caused by body weight, the ground reaction forces and muscle contraction. The need for weight loss, the ground reaction force and muscle contraction force caused by extrusion load support

D) the vertebral body must be large to accommodate the space that the spinal cord. The requires to have greater vertebral bodies to give the space required for the spinal cord

2. The collagen fibres of adjacent lamellae in the anulus fibrosus are orientated in opposite directions at 120 degrees to each other. According to is this? Why the collagenous fibers between adjacent lamellar layers in the annulus fibrosus are 120 to each other? Reverse distribution? (radio)

A) it makes it strong enough to keep the nucleus pulposus in place

C)it allows the disc to be compressed without damage

C) it enables the anulus fibrosus to resist tensile forces in a medio – lateral direction. The tension of fiber ring can resist lateral direction.

D) it enables the anulus fibrosus to resist tensile forces in nearly all directions. It can make the fiber ring tension resistance to almost all direction

3. Over the orientation may than, the majority of facet joints in the lumbar spine have a curved structure that is biplanar in orientation, The anterior aspect is in the frontal plane and the posterior aspect is closer to the sagittal plane. Which of the following statements is true about the facet joints? Although the direction may vary, most facet joints of the lumbar spine are biplane curved, with the frontal plane in front and the sagittal plane behind. Which of the following statements about facet joints are true? (pops)

A)the frontal orientation allows a great range of flexion and extension.

B) the sagittal orientation provides to hold to rotation. Rotation resistance sagittal direction

C) the frontal plane orientation provides resistance to front shear.

D) the sagittal orientation allows a great range of flexion and extension, in the sagittal direction allows a wider range of flexing and stretching.

E) the biplanar orientation protects the intervertebral disc. The structure of the double planar protect the intervertebral disc.

What's new: research has found that tai chi relieves back pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/chronic back pain

Research has found that tai chi can relieve back pain. Back pain is a major problem in many people's lives. There are many reasons for back pain. A, zhou yu

Study finds tai chi relieves back pain

Back pain is a problem that affects many people's lives. There are many different causes of back pain, but not all of them need to be solved by taking painkillers.

Yoga: studies show that patients with lower back pain who attend yoga once a week for three months show significant improvement in physical function. The results were far better than those of patients receiving conventional medical care, such as oral medication, or physical therapy. Stretching is as effective as yoga for treating back pain, but the main areas of exercise are the trunk and legs.

Massage: patients with chronic lower back pain who massage once a week report less pain after 10 weeks.

Acupuncture: acupuncture has played a key role in relieving chronic back pain. One study found that patients who received acupuncture were more likely to experience reduced back pain than those who received routine care.

Strength training: a fitness instructor offers a test: stand with your back against a wall, with your shoulder blades pressed against the wall. If you can't hold this position for as long as you can sing happy birthday, you'll need to work on your back and core muscles. Increased muscle strength in these areas helps prevent and reduce back pain. The four strength training moves available include chair drapes, up-slope pushups, squats, and bow rows.

Reduce stress: maintaining mental health is also crucial to avoiding back pain. When people are anxious, the body reacts with a "fight or flight" response, causing muscles to tighten and ready for action. A study by European researchers suggests that people with negative emotions and anxiety disorders are more likely to experience back pain.

Meditation: several scientific studies have shown that meditation can reduce back pain. Patients with back pain experienced significant reductions in pain and psychological distress after practicing a meditation therapy focused on releasing anger. In another study, meditation practitioners reduced pain levels by 40 percent.

Spa treatments: a 2013 study showed that sedentary adults who received spa treatments five times a week experienced less pain and improved quality of life after two months. Another small study found that spa treatments also helped reduce lower back pain in pregnant women.

Tai chi: practicing tai chi for 40 minutes twice a week for 10 weeks reduced pain intensity in patients by 13%, according to a 2011 study by the American college of rheumatology.

[editor: zhai tingting]

Needle therapy helps you avoid neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/leg pain

For some patients with severe neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, many people choose surgical treatment, which is traumatic and difficult to recover in the later stage. Director ren deguang told the Beijing morning post that in order to reduce trauma and pain, acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine can be used to treat neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain based on syndrome differentiation. Main dial needle therapy combined with local pain points intervention, sacral therapy, vertebral side block, lateral crypt, z type injection treatment, and on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine theory, in order to "buried, dial, needle, apply" wait for a variety of methods for comprehensive recuperation body, not only strengthen the curative effect and shorten the course of the disease, can also be to suppress the development of the disease, patients and relieve pain.

Needle therapy helps you avoid neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain

Ren deguang: orthopedic surgeon, deputy chief physician, Beijing deshengmen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Graduated from nanjing college of traditional Chinese medicine, studied under the master yan zhenghua. With its rich theoretical knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, advanced western medicine treatment concept and clever application of medical devices, it has achieved good results in the field of integrated Chinese and western medicine treatment in orthopedics. In August 2016, director ren deguang accepted the invitation of the national health and family planning commission, participated in the activity of "harmonious doctor-patient relationship", and filmed the program "access to doctors", which not only showed the noble medical ethics, but also described the wonderful advantages of acupuncture therapy for various bone diseases, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.

Clinical treatment:, femoral head necrosis, cervical spondylosis, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, knee osteoarthritis, patella softening, meniscus injury, synovitis, bone hyperplasia, periarthritis of shoulder, tenosynovitis, tennis elbow, postpartum rheumatism and combine traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of soft tissue injuries, such as for most orthopaedic disease has the original opinion and treatment methods. It has rich experience in treating waist, neck, shoulder and knee with minimally invasive needle.

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According to authoritative statistics, about 95% of people have experienced neck, shoulder, and lumbago pain in their lifetime. The diseases that cause neck, shoulder, and lumbago pain can almost involve all systems of the human body, and most of them are chronic pain, which occurs repeatedly. Ren deguang, an orthopedic specialist at Beijing deshengmen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain probably involves more than 100 diseases, the most common mainly include: cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, tenosynovitis, lumbar disc protrusion, lumbar muscle strain, bone hyperplasia and other diseases. Because the onset of the disease is more subtle, the symptoms are not typical or the pain is sometimes mild and sometimes severe, and sometimes even self-relief, thus not recognized by the majority of patients, thus missing the best time for treatment. So how can ability discover as early as possible and treat neck shoulder lumbar leg effectively painful? Beijing morning post reporter interviewed deshengmen hospital of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics expert ren deguang, and from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine to inform the public neck shoulder waist leg pain prevention and treatment methods.

Alignment causes pain in neck, shoulder, waist and leg


In our life, there are many patients with neck, shoulder and lumbago pain, we all suffer from this disease, even affect people's normal life, but many patients on the neck, shoulder and lumbago pain is not very understanding of the causes. Director ren deguang expresses, the factor that causes neck shoulder waist leg to ache is very much, very complex also, besides the organization pathological change of airframe, still have close concern with change of environment of position of age, development, constitution, work and stimulation. Such as weather temperature, humidity changes, fatigue, mental excessive tension, obesity, physical insufficiency and low mood, can cause neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.

Ren deguang also stressed that more than half of people over the age of 50 in China suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, cervical and lumbar diseases, and a large proportion of people over the age of 65 suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, cervical and lumbar diseases. Every year, millions of patients are disabled by neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, and lose their ability to work and take care of themselves. Neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain has become a new killer of middle-aged and elderly people, so early detection and treatment is very important.

Acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine

Relieve suffering

At the same time, director ren deguang especially stressed that patients suffering from neck, shoulder, lumbago and other diseases must be treated as soon as possible, the sooner the treatment effect is better. Although neck shoulder lumbago pain is not fatal, but if not timely treatment or blind treatment, will seriously affect work, make people's quality of life decline. Accordingly, the neck shoulder lumbago that patient friends does not ignore oneself certainly is painful, must be in time to regular hospital diagnose cure in detail.

Advantages of TCM acupuncture therapy:

1. Short treatment time and small local damage.

2, open surgery for closed treatment.

3. Avoid the sequelae caused by open surgery and postoperative re-adhesion.

4. It has unique advantages for all kinds of orthopedic diseases and traumatic pain. Through dialectical treatment, it has the advantages of good curative effect and long-term effect.

Stay away from neck shoulder lumbago pain

This is the key

Myth 1: neck, shoulder, and lower back pain is not a disease.

Many people do not pay enough attention to neck shoulder waist leg pain, think it is not a disease. In fact, these aches and pains can cause major problems. For example, the lumbago pain caused by lumbar disc herniation is not only a disease, but also must be highly regarded. Because this kind of disease can cause lumbago leg to ache not only, and still can cause further nerve damage to bring about lower limbs numbness, cold cool, weak, paralyze and defecate obstacle even, affect life quality badly.

Myth 2: blind faith in a method.

Many people think that one method can cure all patients, but in some cases, certain treatment is taboo for some patients. Therefore, it is necessary to insist on one-person, dialectical treatment, according to clinical symptoms, signs, disease course and imaging examination to choose a specific treatment suitable for each patient, not one-sided exaggeration, superstition of a certain treatment, nor subjective resistance to a certain treatment, should be based on the patient's condition, objective analysis, comprehensive treatment.

Myth 3: neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain can't be cured.

Neck shoulder waist leg ache the characteristic with this kind of outstanding orthopedic disease is easy to relapse, especially the person with neurological dysfunction, repair time is longer. Therefore, some patients think that these symptoms can not be cured. In fact, it is not that the treatment is bad, but just bad. Alleged cure bad reason has two: it is the method of choice is improper, 2 it is to did not insist on cure, and in clinical actually, want to hold to correct method only, cure rate of aching of neck shoulder waist leg is very tall still.

Okm over the years, Beijing Chinese medicine hospital orthopedic experts Ren Deguang for neck, shoulder, waist characteristics and mechanism of recurrent lesions, carefully study and exploration, the concept of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine essence, after numerous clinical verification, the development of "Chinese medicine dialectical treats bone disease", the activation cell activity, meridian dredging, and qi huoxue, improve their immunity, to overcome the traditional treatment of recurrent, cured the problem.

Pay attention to four signs of neck, shoulder, back and leg pain

The onset symptoms of neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain are very subtle and can sometimes relieve themselves. Therefore, in daily life, there are many people who cannot find the disease in time, leading to serious consequences, causing other serious harm and missing the best time for treatment. The following four clinical manifestations need to be paid special attention to by patients.

1. Neck and shoulder pain:

It is mainly caused by chronic strain of neck muscles and fascia, mostly due to bending over the desk, poor posture, and excessive use of air conditioning fans caused by cold. Main expression is numbness of neck shoulder ministry, ache, can accompany have a headache, giddy, back acid to settle reach the symptom such as upper limb numbness. Severe head turning difficulties, neck stiffness, difficulty getting up.

2. Upper limb pain:

Muscle, tendon, and fascia strain due to the long duration of a posture in the upper extremities is common in long hours of copying, typing on a computer keyboard, holding a mouse, etc. On one side (see the right side more often), upper limb acid heavy pain, numbness and weakness, difficulty lifting the wrist. At the same time, upper limb pain can also be caused by neck and shoulder disease.

3. Back pain:

Such as lumbar muscle strain, lumbar back muscle fasciitis, spinal ligament injury, the third lumbar transverse process syndrome, lumbar disc herniation. More due to sitting, poor posture, excessive use of air conditioning, fan caused. Performance for back pain, acid, stiff, can not sit for a long time, bending difficulties. Disease of partial lumbago back can appear at the same time lower limbs acid sink, numbness, ache wait for a symptom.

4. Lower limb pain:

Be like lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, coxal muscle strain, knee joint accessory ligament is damaged wait, because bad posture, catch cold, be affected by damp, also can be caused by lumbar pathological changes more. The main manifestations of lower limbs pain, numbness, knee pain, floor difficulty.

Consult with old Chinese doctors

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Should pregnant woman waist ache how to do? Check on the pregnant mother's back pain during pregnancy those things – AllPainHealing | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

Since we became pregnant, our pregnant mother's body has undergone great changes. Especially in pregnant later period, because pregnant mother's belly is bigger and bigger, the symptom that our pregnant mother waist aches is more and more severe. A lot of come over when the mother talks about the condition that the waist aches in pregnancy is described so: that period of time, it is to stand a waist aches simply, sit a waist aches, lie still a waist aches. Sometimes, because of backache, I couldn't sleep night after night.

It's true that it's too hard for a pregnant mother to conceive a baby. Then we should help our pregnant mother to ease the pain, make pregnant mother's pregnancy less difficult.

So, how to deal with a pregnant mother's back pain during pregnancy?

Symptoms of back pain in pregnant women

Low back pain in pregnant women is a common phenomenon during pregnancy, which is a normal physiological reaction. Light back pain, severe leg cramps, sciatica and other symptoms. If pregnant women usually lack exercise, more likely to cause back pain. Symptoms of low back pain in early, second and third trimesters differ.

1. Early pregnancy

This stage of back pain will not be particularly severe, the pain is relatively mild, mostly for back pain. This period of back pain is often caused by the uterus receding, compression of the rectum and ligament, pregnant women do not need to be nervous. However, the following symptoms should be noted.

(1) low back pain accompanied by vaginal bleeding, severe pain, to pay attention to whether there is the possibility of abortion, or whether ectopic pregnancy, should immediately go to the hospital for examination.

(2) if the back pain is serious enough to affect activities or radiate to other parts, the patient should go to the hospital for examination, find out the cause and timely treatment.

(3) if lower back pain is accompanied by leg cramps, it may be a calcium deficiency.

(4) lower back and leg pain is accompanied by sciatica, which may be due to lack of vitamin b1.

Second and third trimesters

Pregnant women during this period of low back pain, because of fetal development make the uterus increases gradually, in order to keep the balance of body, upper body started back, and the cause of excessive spine lordosis, back extensor remains tense, cause the waist, back fatigue, it is easy to back pain, the pain is not sudden, symptoms can reduce after bed rest.

Severe cases on the fetus will have an impact, to see a doctor in time, so as not to cause serious consequences.

The reason that pregnant woman backache

What reason is pregnant woman waist aches to bring about? Pregnant women during pregnancy will appear back pain phenomenon, leading to back pain the main reasons are as follows:

1. Hormonal changes during pregnancy

Hormonal changes in the body after pregnancy can cause many pregnancy reactions in pregnant women, one of which is backache. Hormone changes in the body after pregnancy, make pelvic ligament flabby, in order to adapt to fetal growth and the need of childbirth in the future, such lumbar ligament, fascia also can flabby, elasticity decreases, easy strain and cause lumbago.

2. Increased placenta and amniotic fluid, and excessive lumbar weight bearing

This is a major cause of low back pain in pregnant women. After pregnancy, the fetus, attached placenta and amniotic fluid increase day by day, increasing the burden in front of the lumbar spine. In order to maintain balance, when pregnant women stand, the lumbar back muscles must be forced to contract, so that the pelvis forward, to form a unique posture, the lumbar back muscles continue to contract, unable to relax and rest, time will cause back pain due to fatigue.

3. Less exercise

After be pregnant, the amount of exercise of pregnant woman decreases greatly, some pregnant women lie for a long time even, motion inadequacy also can cause the basic physical strength of the person to drop, cause pregnant woman backache thereby.

4. Not enough calcium

During pregnancy, the development of the fetus needs a large amount of calcium and other nutrients, if the intake of these nutrients is insufficient, easy to cause maternal bone softening and calcium removal, will also cause back pain.

The causes of low back pain in pregnant women are different in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy. Early pregnancy of the pregnant woman back pain will not be very serious, mostly back pain, mainly uterine rectum, compression and ligament caused by pregnant mother need not worry.

The lumbago of gestation mid and late period is majority because fetal rapid development makes uterus increases gradually, abdomen advances day by day, in order to maintain balance, upper body is easy backward, cause vertebra excessive before protruding consequently, back extentor muscle continues tense, cause lumbar, back excessive fatigue, very easy with respect to lumbar acerb backache.

Treatment of backache in pregnant women

Back pain in pregnant women is one of the common pregnancy reactions, if there are no other complications, generally do not need special treatment, usually appropriate exercise, maintain the correct walking posture, avoid standing for a long time, pay attention to rest, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of back pain.

1. Slight back pain

(1) use a special pregnancy belt

Place a belt or special pregnancy belt on the abdomen of a pregnant woman to support her waist and relieve pain.

(2) maintain correct standing posture

The correct standing position is two legs differential, back straight, chest out, lower jaw. If you're in the right position, your belly won't stand out. Do not stand up, sit down too fast, the best hand to support the power object.

(3) proper exercise

Pregnancy should also carry out appropriate exercise, choose suitable pregnant women gymnastics or swimming, according to individual conditions exercise, enhance physical strength.

(4) choose the right bed, shoes, etc

Do not sleep too soft bed, too soft easy to make waist sag, cause or aggravate lumbago. Also choose comfortable shoes, not high heels.

(5) diet adjustment

Eat foods that soothe a pregnant woman's lower back: foods rich in protein, calcium, b vitamins, c and d.

(6) massage and local hot compress

Pregnant women with back pain can do home massage exercises at home. Get a back massage from your family. Still can undertake local hot compress, with hot towel, gauze or hot water bag can, hot compress half an hour everyday, also can reduce aching feeling.

(7) keep warm

When the weather is cold, we must pay attention to keep warm. Catching cold will cause adverse reactions in the kidney, and in severe cases, lower back pain.

2. Excruciating back pain

(1) when pain strikes, lie on the affected side, hunched up.

(2) when it hurts, lie on your back with your face up.

(3) if the pain is severe and you can't lie down, sit down on a low step and press your chin with your hands.

(4) hot compress with a wet towel or rinse with hot water in the bath.

After acuteness lumbago is alleviated, must seek medical advice in time.

In a word, every mother is great, being a mother is not easy, from pregnancy to birth to raising children, every step is a hard process, so if a mother has any uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy, as her family must pay more attention to her.

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Out of 10 yoga sequences for back pain relief (collectible), there's always one you want! – AllPainHealing | back pain relief/lower back pain/back pain

As is known to all, yoga to relieve back pain has very good effect, therefore, whether yoga enthusiasts or yoga teachers, attaches great importance to relieve back pain yoga practice, recently there are a lot of the blessed one, direct messages my yoga asana sequence on the lower back pain, in fact, alleviate the yoga postures of humeral back pain as well as related sequence, in the platform has been pushed many times, here today and do a summary, the sequence of yoga, relieve back pain associated summary to you, hope you can help to you!

1 set of

relief for back pain in

2 sets of

relief for back pain in

3 sets of

relief for back pain in

Set of 4

The first and fourth sets of yoga sequences are mainly for relieving upper back pain. For patients with shoulder and neck pain, the above sequences also have a good effect.

5 sets of

relief for back pain in

Set of 6

relief for back pain in

Sets 5-6 are mainly for patients with lower back pain. If lower back pain is accompanied by lower back pain, the above sequences can also be used to practice and relieve pain.

Set of 7

relief for back pain in

8 sets of

relief for back pain in

Series 7-8 is the yoga sequence of Yin yoga to relieve back pain. Those who like Yin yoga can choose the above two sets of sequences.

9 sets of

relief for back pain in

10 sets of

relief for back pain in

Set 9-10 is a holistic yoga sequence for back pain relief, whether it is shoulder neck upper back pain or lower back pain, the above sequences can have very good results.

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