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In old people lumbago disease presses knead forehead waist sore point

Middle and old people make lumbago disease gradually increase, often point knead forehead median can alleviate lumbago.

According to the survey, more than 63% of the elderly suffer from varying degrees of chronic back pain. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks lumbago is caused by deficiency of liver and kidney, stagnation of qi and blood stasis more, the waist pain point in the middle of forehead can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, often press knead this point, have obvious curative effect on the lumbago caused by soft tissue injury, disc prolapse, acute lumbar sprain, lumbar muscle strain and so on.

Method: sit up, knead forehead waist pain point with thumb to point of abdomen (the midpoint of eyebrow center and hairline line), from light to heavy, gradually add force to forehead acid bilge is better. Next press clockwise and counterclockwise turn to knead each 1 minute, at the same time slowly activity waist, with pain can endure for degree. 3~5 times a day, two weeks or so can be effective, long-term persistence can gradually eliminate back pain symptoms.

Lumbar sprain presses the lumbar sore point on kneading arm

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Position: 2.5 "under quchi acupoint, 0.5" under sanli hand. The red acupuncture point in the picture. As long as it is lumbago, acute, chronic lumbago can be alleviated.

Acute back pain press pain point on the back of hand

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

Lumbar pain point is located in the dorsal side of both hands, two, three metacarpal bone and four, five metacarpal bone, from the metacarpal knuckles to the wrist horizontal line midpoint, left and right each two.

When acute lumbago, look for the most painful place near this 4 o 'clock, sore place is this lumbar sore point namely.

Instructions: press the acupoints vertically and vigorously with the fingertips of your thumb, releasing and then pressing for 3 to 5 seconds at a time. At the same time in the affordable range of activities waist.

Develop downward dog pose to release stress and eliminate back pain – null | lower back pain/back pain/lower back/eliminate back pain/lower back pain/back pain/lower back/eliminate back pain/lower back pain/back pain/lower back/eliminate back pain

In the yoga class, did you find that there is one pose that often appears as a link between each pose. This is called downward dog. Master iyengar once said that the only way to know whether a yoga teacher is qualified is to look at two postures, one is the mountain pose and the other is the downward dog pose. Yamasana is the foundation of all postures, while downward dog is the foundation of body connection.

The downward dog is sometimes used as a transition in a series of asanas. This arrangement gives the body a balance of strength and allows the body to rest and adjust during the transition.

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Downward dog

Sanskrit: adho mukha svanasana, adho mukha means face down, svanasana means dog. The origin of yoga postures is that the ancient Indian yogis occasionally observed some animal postures in the journey of practice, and discovered the physical and mental benefits of these postures through personal experiments. After the precipitation of time, they left a set of exercise methods for the world. There are some asanas and beautiful legends, such as the warrior series. Downward dog is one of the classic poses of yoga. Many of the names of yoga asanas are associated with animals, and there is a "dog" in the downward dog pose, which is associated with dogs. Has anyone ever observed a dog stretching, which is a downward dog posture? In this sense, downward dog pose requires us to stretch like a dog and relax with the face down.

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Stretch the meridian of the side after ham, beautify muscle line

Stretch your spine and relieve lower back pain

Massage abdominal organs to improve digestive system

Exercises the arm muscle, eliminates obeys the flesh, the firmness arm

Strengthens the back strength, corrects hunchback and other bad posture, shapes the good physique

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Downward dog drill steps

1. Inhale, place your hands and knees on the mat and kneel. Stand on all fours with your hands and feet shoulder-width apart;

2. Exhale and sink your body into the baby pose with your hips on your feet; Feel your body, join your attention, stretch your pelvis, open your hips; Breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply, feel your breath;

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3. Get up, slowly move your hands forward, starting with a puppy stretch, lower your head, place your weight on your knees, place your forehead on the yoga mat, and relax your shoulders. Hold this position for five breaths. Note the adduction of the abdomen, lifting the pubis back and above.

4. Get up slowly and pull your hands back. With your abdomen in, press your body back and bend your toes downward. Inhale and move your legs back, slowly pushing your feet forward a little bit, keeping your hands shoulder-width apart and your feet hip-width apart. Press the soles of your feet into the ground (or bend your knees slightly if your heels can't touch the ground). Look at your toes naturally, tighten your abdomen, stabilize the downward dog, stretch your pelvis, tighten your abdomen, extend your spine, feel your hips move back and up, and maintain 5 even breaths.

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5. Slowly kneel down, hands forward, and return to the puppy's extended position. At this point, focus on stretching your shoulders and lowering them. Rest and relax, return to baby pose, and let your breathing slow and gentle.

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Key points:

The hand

10 point are apart, point to abdomen to exert oneself to sink, palm does not want vanity, compacted ground at the same time tiger mouth place presses close ground, do not press force on the wrist, let palm bear force evenly, wrist rotates slightly inside drive shoulder inside, press shoulder backward, center of gravity moves backward.


Don't shrug your shoulders, don't drop them, and don't squeeze your shoulders between them. This will tighten up your body and prevent the transfer of strength. Shoulder should extend outwardly, shoulder inside is lifted up, shoulder outer side is sunken, spinal column is drawn up homeopathic upward, physical force nature spreads out, loosen better whole body.

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Keep your elbows straight, tighten your arm muscles, and rotate your upper arms so your ears are not close to your shoulders. Give your head more room to stretch, and keep your shoulders, elbows, and wrists in a straight line.

The leg

Legs unbend, ankle, habit, hip ministry is on same level line, the side before ham is tightened go up, can pass force better so after the foot, make calcaneum presses the ground, let foot ministry feel weight.

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The foot

The soles of the feet and hands are the foundation of the downward dog, and the soles of the feet are more centered, so it's important to keep the foundation stable. Step on the ground on the inside of your feet, not on the front. Your feet should be hip width apart and parallel to the mat. Do not have an outer or inner eight.


What is the most appropriate distance between the hands and feet in the downward dog pose? Finding the right distance allows us to stretch our bodies better. First, exhale and sink, hips up, arms straight forward, into the baby pose. Without moving your palms, slowly lift your body up, toes on the ground, and enter the downward dog pose. Now you know the proper distance between your hands and feet.

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A standard downward dog will form a triangle, which is the key to downward dog as a transition posture, it can stabilize our body. The upper part of the lower dog should be at an acute Angle. Tighten the abdomen, straighten the lower back and legs, lift the hips as high as possible, and walk the pelvis up and back.

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Common problems

Downward facing dog is not an easy pose for many people, and although the main points are known, there are still some problems.

1. The phenomenon of bowed waist

The reason for this is that the ischium can't move up, the pelvis can't move forward, and you have a spinal cord, and you have this problem. The muscles on the back of the buttocks are too stiff and tense to lift the ischium. In addition, the muscles on the front of the thigh work to strengthen the flexibility on the back of the buttocks. Exercise method: "hang cloud sail type directly", stand posture, inspiratory, double leg unbend and approach, both hands hold high above the head, palm heart is forward. Exhale, bend forward and lean forward with your arms, holding your ankles with your hands and your face close to your calves. Hold for 10 seconds and return to basic stance. Through the sub-postures, you can move the hips, stretch the back muscles of the thighs, stretch the back and relax the back muscles. Practice this pose several times to develop flexibility on the back of the hips. Note: when bending forward, keep your back as extended as possible. In addition, the department of chest abdomen should stick tightly with the side before ham, maintain the stability of body center of gravity.

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2. Wrist pain

The new personality that just practices yoga is doing next dog type when, because do not know how to control force, often press force all on the wrist, wrist place can have an apparent crease, wrist suffers too much force to be able to cause wrist ache for a long time. Correct motion: 10 fingers are all opened, wrist wrist and yoga mat before the edge parallel, ensure the center of the body position, tiger compacted the ground, do not want empty, both hands push down backward, the center of gravity backward move.

3. Waist collapse

The problem is that the back is not strong enough, the core of the abdomen is not contracted inward, and the spine is not stretched effectively. A prolonged slump puts more pressure on your back, straining your back muscles. At this point we're going to push the sciatic bone up, which is what we call a butt lift, and the spine is going to sink, and these two forces are going to work against each other, and the core of the abdomen is going to tighten up, so that the entire spine is going to stretch.

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The downward dog is the same as the mountain pose. Although it looks simple, there are many key points to be taken care of. Every key point needs to be done correctly in order to ensure the accuracy of the downward dog.

Tips for downward dog: separate fingers, press the ground with palms, press the ground with jaws; Arm tightening, forearm inside rotation, forearm outside rotation, elbow straight fixed; The ischium is raised upward and backward; Lift muscles in front of thighs and straighten legs. The ball of the foot, the outside of the foot, and the heel are pressed together. Morphologically, the downward dog forms a very stable triangle, allowing us to press all our strength onto the ground and feel completely relaxed.

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