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Method 1: massage the back

1. Massage yourself

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Pressing on sore or tight muscles can reduce muscle tension and help you relax. Find the trigger point and, if you can, massage it with your fingertips or fist. As far as possible with the circle movement, or back and forth knead action, massage pain point.

,You can also try pressing the pain spot with your fingertips, maintaining this pressure, and counting to any number between 10 and 100.

,Can't reach the pain spot? Ask a friend for a massage.

2. Use the foam shaft

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Self-massage or relax the aponeurosis with a foam shaft to relieve muscle and tendon pressure. Back against the wall against the foam axis, rolling back and forth to massage the back. If your back is really painful, choose a softer foam shaft. When the back muscles are stronger, use a harder foam shaft.

,To massage the upper and middle back, press the foam shaft between the middle back and the wall. Continue to press hard against the foam axis, squat down and stand up again, let the foam axis massage back, and exercise leg muscles.

,Don't massage your back with a foam shaft. Lower back pain is most likely due to tightness or strain in other parts of the back, legs or other areas. Massaging the lower back can temporarily relieve the pain, but it can also worsen the condition that causes it and make the injury worse.

3. Find a professional masseur

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They can work with you to identify the problem areas. Regular massage is good for back pain.

,Check to see if massage is covered by your health insurance.

4. Consult a chiropractor

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They specialize in treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders, especially problems affecting the back, neck and joints. He will assess your condition and, through a series of adjustments, correct your spine naturally.

,A physical therapist or osteopath can also help alleviate back pain through therapy.

Method 2: support the body

1. Use a waist pillow

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The waist pillow is placed between the back of the waist and the chair to help the back of the waist maintain its natural curvature and ensure proper posture. When sitting at the table, might as well in the back of a lumbar pillow. If you are driving for a long time, you can also wear a back pillow while driving.

Support your knees with a pillow

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When sleeping on your back or back, place a pillow under your knees to straighten your back and relieve pressure on your lower back.

,If you're lying on your side, place a pillow between your knees so your thighs don't fall down and put pressure on your spine.

Adjust your workspace

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Adjust the height of tables, chairs, computers and other common items to ensure ergonomic work Spaces. Proper adjustments can support the body's overall posture. Adjust the height of the table and chair. When sitting on the chair, your feet must be flat on the ground, your arms on the table, elbows at 90 degrees. When using a computer, the screen is at eye level.

Method 3: stretch back muscles

Wear comfortable clothes

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When you're ready to stretch your back, remember to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. This allows you to stretch your muscles more easily and mindfully, without being distracted by the discomfort of your clothes.

Stretch the upper back

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To reduce pain, the most important thing is to relax your back muscles. Compensatory movements that occur when spinal muscles are injured are often the real cause of back pain. In many cases, injuries do not cause severe pain, but rather the back muscles tighten, causing pain and continuing to put more pressure on the spine. Try these upper back stretching exercises:

,Sit or stand up straight. Squeeze your shoulder blades as far back as possible. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds before relaxing.

,Sit or stand up straight. Put your hands behind your neck, arch your back back slightly, and look up at the ceiling.

,Sit up straight in your chair. Cross your arms across your chest and twist your body to one side, then slowly and gently turn to the other.

3. Stretch the back

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Do a stretch that targets the back of your body. Try lying on your back with your knees bent close to your chest. Raise your head and reach toward your knees. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat as necessary until the tight muscles relax. You can even move it from side to side and massage your kidneys.

The following exercises can further soothe your muscles:

,Children:Sit on your knees. Lean your upper body forward until it touches the ground, arms straight in front of you. Stretch the back.

,Threading:Lie on your back. Rest one leg on the knee of the other. Lift the lower leg up until the thigh is perpendicular to the ground. Hold this position and stretch for 15 to 30 seconds. Relax, switch sides and repeat.

,Double knee twist:Lie on your back. Bend your knees close to your chest and rest them on one side of your body. Extend your arms to the sides. Relax, switch sides and repeat.

4. Stretch the side waist

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Lie on your back, arms straight to the sides. Bend one knee and roll slowly to the other side. Roll as far as you can, but keep your arms close to the ground. Hold position for at least 10 seconds, then switch sides and repeat. Stretch alternately until the tight muscles relax. This exercise can effectively relieve the side pain.

Stretch your neck

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Sit or stand up straight with your head forward until the back of your neck feels pulled. Turn your head in a circle, keeping your chin close to your chest and your left ear to your left shoulder. Slowly turn your head in a circle until your right ear is close to your right shoulder and back to the starting position.

Method 4: do the motion that reduces back ache

1. You must stretch your muscles and bones before doing any exercise

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Stretch all your muscles well before you start to do vigorous activity or exercise. Stretching increases blood flow to the target area and helps prepare the muscles for the next move.

2. Do not start exercise until the acute pain subsides

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As long as your back no longer feels excruciating pain, you can do some exercise to strengthen your back muscles and relieve pressure on your joints and ligaments.

3. Use swimming to relieve back pain

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Swimming, water walking, water aerobics and other water sports impact is very low, can strengthen a lot of muscles at the same time. Make sure you exercise correctly to avoid more back pain.

,If the crawl is too intense for your back muscles, try a side or backstroke.

Exercise your core muscles

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The main muscles of the trunk affect the rest of the body, especially the back muscles. Keeping these muscles strong will help ease back pain and prevent future recurrence.

Try these core strengthening exercises:

,Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Bring one knee to the chest and return to the starting position. Repeat 10 to 20 times on each side.

,Lie on your back with your legs straight out against the ground. Slide your heels slowly toward your hips and return to the starting position. Tighten your abs while exercising. Repeat 10 to 20 times on each side.

,Lying down. Make a push up (plank) position. Hold for 30 seconds and then relax. Work slowly until you can hold it for a minute or two.

,Keep your hands and knees on the floor and tighten your abs. Lift one leg off the ground and straighten it back. Don't let your hips fall down to sprain your back. Hold this position for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat 8 to 12 times on each side. When lifting one foot and keeping your body even, try lifting the opposite arm and stretching it forward.

,Pilates is a great workout for core strength.

5. Avoid sports that strain your back

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Avoid high-impact sports, such as basketball, to avoid aggravating existing injuries. Sports like golf and tennis, which involve a lot of bending and turning, can also strain the back.

Tip 5: change your habits

1. Drink more water

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Staying hydrated throughout the day is important for maintaining and promoting muscle relaxation. Women should drink about 2,250ml of water a day, while men should drink 3,250ml. You don't have to just drink water, but you can get it from fruits and vegetables.

Get enough calcium, magnesium and potassium daily

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These nutrients help regulate nerve impulses, maintain water balance in muscles, and play an important role in muscle relaxation. Relaxed muscles do not tighten on the spine, which reduces pain.

,Get calcium from dairy products, dark leafy vegetables and calcium-fortified foods such as orange juice and cereals.

,Eat dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans and protein, and get more magnesium.

,Eat foods like avocados, bananas and leafy greens to get more potassium.

Get enough sleep

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Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night to allow your body time to recover. Having trouble falling asleep? In the evening, do something relaxing, like listening to a calming music or taking a warm bath.

Method 6: try other natural methods

1. Meditate regularly

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Studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness help the body relax and reduce back pain. Back pain may increase emotions such as anxiety and anger, and meditation can relax the mind and release these negative emotions.

,Try to meditate for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. Sit in a comfortable chair and take deep, focused breaths. Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, and exhale for a count of 4. Focus all your attention on your breath. When your mind starts to wander, refocus on your breathing.

Use homeopathy to relieve back pain

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Apply ginger puree to the sore area, followed by eucalyptus or st. John's wort oil to help ease the pain. You can find these products in the natural food store. Follow package instructions to ensure proper usage.

3. Reduce inflammation with ice compress

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Wrap an ice pack or towel around the ice. Ice compress back three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

,If back pain starts, apply it every hour for 10 minutes for the first day and every 2 to 3 hours for the next 2 days. Then ice compress back three times a day for 1 to 15 minutes.

4. Try hot compresses

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Some people find that applying heat to sore areas relieves pain. Use a hot water bottle or spray hot water on your back for 15 to 20 minutes while bathing.

,If you use an electric pad, don't fall asleep during a hot compress. Turn the heating pad only to low or medium temperature.


When lifting heavy objects, bend your knees as far as possible and use your leg strength to lift the weight and transfer back pressure. Move slowly and steadily. Hurrying and jerky movements can lead to injury.


When lifting heavy objects, do not rely solely on the belt to protect your back.

There is no scientific evidence that belts prevent injuries.


Wireless, portable and waterproof, this massager can sweep away backaches and backaches anytime and anywhere! – AllPainHealing | back pain/leg pain/backache

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Climbing intelligent wireless massager

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Mode 1: soft shock mode, gentle massage, soothing shock

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how to get relief from backache

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This can help relieve back pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/back muscle pain

What are the causes of back pain

1. Overweight or obese

Weight gain or pregnancy can cause the pelvis to tilt forward because the body needs the change to maintain balance, but it can also put pressure on the lower back and increase the risk of back pain, experts say. Eating at least three servings of whole grains a day can reduce belly fat by 10 percent, the study found.

Wear the wrong shoes, such as high heels and flip-flops

While normal walking usually involves landing on the heel, walking in high heels involves landing on the toes, which can significantly increase pressure on the knees, crotch and back, experts say.

Wearing high heels can also change your balance, putting stress on your spine, causing your back to arch and increasing pressure on your joints. This instability increases the risk of injury by exacerbating pain from both knees to the back. Wearing flip-flops for too long can also lead to unstable feet, which can lead to back pain.

3. Relying too much on smartphones or tablets

Experts say hunching over mobile devices such as phones or tablets for long periods of time can lead to overstretching of the muscles in the neck and back, which can affect the lumbar spine and increase the risk of back pain.

4, the office chair is too comfortable, sitting for a long time

Even if office chairs are expensive, ergonomically engineered and comfortable to sit in, they can cause back injuries, experts say. The study found that sitting for long periods of time not only reduces blood flow to the disc, but also puts 30 percent more pressure on the spine than standing or walking.

The bra doesn't fit

Experts say women with larger breasts experience more weight and are more likely to suffer back soreness than those with smaller breasts. The right bra minimizes breast pressure, while the wrong bra can lead to more back muscle pain.

6. Excessive psychological pressure

Experts say that emotional stress, stress, and back muscles can be very tense, which can lead to muscle stiffness in the whole body, including the back.

how to reduce back bone pain

Back pain

1. After sitting for an hour, get up and walk, stretch or stand up and shake your body. In addition to communicating with colleagues and going to the toilet, you can also catch more water and wash your hands. Depending on your situation, moving around can help balance stress in your body.

2, put a cushion behind the chair, will reduce the pressure on the waist, feel uncomfortable to change the position. Stretch, relax your spine, and breathe freely.

3. Instead of sitting down right after lunch, walk around and relax.

Get up early or go to bed and work out for about 10 minutes. Run, jump rope, or do some push-ups, sit-ups, or simple yoga moves.

5, might as well every other period of time, left and right shake legs for five minutes, can improve lower limb circulation, slow knee leg, waist stiffness. Stand the foot unbend, go up tiptoe to become warped inside, make the back meridian of whole foot feels ache, make the circulation of foot gradually become good.

6, white-collar friends returned home, should choose to nest in the sofa with the remote control to watch TV. In fact, such practices are unhealthy, because in the company sitting office and so on a day, the evening home if do not exercise, physique will gradually decline. You can choose to put the remote away from the TV and then get up to change the channel manually, so that you can have the effect of back and even whole body movement.

7, use TV commercials to do some simple back pain prevention activities, such as pressure legs, squatting, washing dishes, pouring water, organizing documents and so on.

8. If you can afford it, you can buy a treadmill and keep it at home. If white-collar friends have unfinished business, or have a hobby of reading, can run at home while reading. However, it is important to note that the speed of the treadmill must be adjusted slowly, so as to ensure that there are no accidents and injuries to the human body.

9. In order not to be attacked by back pain, you can choose to set multiple alarm clocks in your mobile phone, and then write down what time it is to get up, stretch, take a walk, etc. You can do corresponding exercises at a fixed time, and then you will form a habit.

10, you can walk on the ground upside down, knees do not bend, while swinging arms evenly breathing, every morning for half an hour.

11, with both hands to pull a towel, flat over the head, and arms straight, tiptoe, forward for 10 minutes, and then backward for 10 minutes.

how to reduce back bone pain

Back pain what to eat

1. Whole grains

Whole grains are rich in dietary fiber, and if you have a healthy stomach, eating them can relieve chronic pain. Whole grains are a good source of magnesium, which has been shown in animal studies to ease muscle soreness.

2, ginger

Ginger is a spice that we often eat in our daily life. Ginger contains active components such as gingerol and gingerolone, which have analgesic effects and are the best painkiller in ancient times. This is why we advocate drinking brown sugar ginger tea when we have dysmenorrhea, and not just because ginger can keep the wind away and warm the palace.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil, known as "liquid gold," is rich in antioxidant polyphenols and saturated fat, which can relieve pain such as broken bones after exercise.

4, salmon

Salmon and mackerel contain "pain busters" – omega-3 fatty acids. However, certain substances in mackerel can be harmful to people with high uric acid, so lower back pain, hand pain… Eat salmon 2-3 times a week.

5, nuts,

Nuts like almonds and walnuts also contain small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which can help ease body pain. Office workers can add nut salad to their afternoon snack.

Conclusion: if wear shoe wrong, body weight exceeds bid and the stooping that spends too long, can appear backache. When it happens, we need to get up and walk more often, put cushions on our seats, or stretch more often. These are all ways to prevent and relieve it. Incorporating whole grains, ginger and nuts into your life can all help ease back pain.

Why do women cry "low back pain"? How does woman lumbago do? – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Why do so many women mutter "back pain"? Let's take a look at what makes a woman's waist so tired.

The reason that female backache is more frequent

01,Physiological lower back pain

For women with dysmenorrhea symptoms, during the visit of aunt, often waist and knee soreness, generally speaking, this is physiological pain, do not need special treatment. However, some women may try to relieve back pain by beating their backs, which is not desirable because it often backfires.

Don't beat your back when you have menstrual pain

Menstruation appears lumbar bilge is painful, besides the element such as mental tension, overwork, food unjustly, the position that female uterus is in pelvic cavity is the mainest reason.

In this special period, if you beat, not only does not play any role, but will lead to increased pelvic congestion, blood flow, increased menstrual volume, prolonged period, back pain more serious. At the same time, the resistance of women at this time will also be reduced, improper external force is not conducive to endometrial exfoliation wound healing, more likely to cause infection and acute, chronic gynecological diseases.

02,Backache caused by exertion

lower back pain remedies

The woman's daily always is dismantled very trivial and busy, imperceptibly, delicate waist limb begins to shout ache.

Strain of lumbar muscles

When the body is too tired, or standing or sitting improperly, can lead to lumbar muscle strain, which causes chronic dull pain in the waist.

Lumbar disease

Lumbar disc herniation is a common cause of backache in young women. Besides lumbar injury, also be to cause as a result of long-term chronic strain, besides expression is lumbar ache besides, also often accompany the radiative ache numbness that has lower limbs.


Middle-aged and elderly women, especially women after menopause, as a result of reduced bone volume of the spine, spine bearing capacity is subsequently reduced, the body weight even walking will also appear in the back pain.

Pregnancy and puerperal fatigue

During pregnancy, the fetus grows up gradually, uterine weight increases as gestational age growth, cause the center of gravity of the body to move forward, in order to maintain the body balance, the waist will be straight forward, long before this can cause lumbago. Puerperium, if too much bleeding, or premature labor, too much involvement and cold, will also cause back pain. Postpartum waist aches, also already gave birth to the more common phenomenon in the female.

lower back pain remedies

Wear high heels for a long time

In order to be more beautiful, women also fight. However wear high-heeled shoes for a long time, can make the balance of lower limbs is affected, stand, walk cannot follow one's inclinations, also produce acute lumbar sprain very easily. Muscle, ligament when sprain besides the generation that can differ degree is torn and the circumstance such as trace haemorrhage, swelling even yu blood violet, also can behave for lumbago.

03,Gynecological diseases and backache

"Waist devil" cervicitis

The cervix is like the door to the uterus, usually closed tightly to protect the uterus from bacteria and viruses.

And when women experience childbirth, uterine cavity surgery, the cervix is open, from the vagina in the pathogens and bacteria will enter the depths of the palace from the damaged place, causing cervical erosion, cervical polyps, this is often said cervicitis.

In addition, unclean sex, unsanitary periods and other reasons can also lead to cervical inflammation. The happening of cervical inflammation, besides leucorrhea can appear unusual, after inflammation diffuses to pelvic cavity, the ache that can appear lumbar reach next abdomen to drop painful, when menstruation and defecate or sexual life can aggravate.

"Waist demon" chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

The more sophisticated the machine, the more prone to problems, this principle seems to be suitable for women's pelvic cavity. The female pelvic cavity is different from the male pelvic cavity because it contains many female reproductive organs, such as the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, pelvic peritoneum and other organs and tissues. Therefore, pelvic inflammatory disease is not a single organ disease, but the pelvic organ tissue lesions of the general term. And inflammatory stimulation of these organs can cause back pain to be one of the main tell-all signs.

Additional, to the prevention of pelvic inflammatory disease, the female should make from daily life above all, pay attention to individual sanitation, avoid feculent sex life, want to go to hospital of maternal and infant to do examination of department of gynaecology regularly, go to normal hospital of maternal and infant to seek a doctor after producing a disease, accept regular treatment.

"Waist devil" gynecological tumor

If pelvic cavity has tumor, wait like uterine flesh tumour, cervical cancer, ovarian cyst, compress nerve or cancer cell to pelvic cavity connective tissue infiltration, all can produce lumbago, and painful feeling increases as tumor and aggravate. Regular examination and timely medical treatment are very important for the treatment of gynecological tumors.

lower back pain remedies

"Waist demon" uterine prolapse

The uterus left the normal position along the vagina down, or even completely out of the vaginal opening, called uterine prolapse. Once the uterus prolapse in addition to abdominal weight and back pain, but also cause urinary system disease, women bring endless pain. One of the main causes of uterine prolapse is birth injury: young puerpera is in postpartum long-term lactation, ovarian function drops temporarily, also can make the flexibility of uterine support structure, close tension abate and flabby cause uterine prolapse.

"Waist demon" urinary system infection

From the physiological anatomy of the urethra, the female urethra is short and straight, urethra outside the mouth close to the anus, coupled with some physiological reasons, leading to the female urinary tract infection than male greater chances. This urinary infection often results in lumbar distention and in severe cases radiates along the ureter to the perineal area. In addition, urinary system stones, kidney stones, etc. can also cause back pain, therefore, women must pay attention to maintain the health of the vulva.

"Waist demon" uterus, accessory and other diseases

The expert points out, pelvic infection is one of the commonest reasons of female lumbago, it is with lumbago, lower abdomen blast fall painful, leucorrhea increase 3 big symptoms to be a characteristic. When inflammatory exudate increases, cause pelvic cavity adhesion, can cause backache, affect the life of the patient seriously.

"Low back pain can also occur when the uterus bends or tilts backwards, when ligaments are stretched too far, and when some nerves are compressed." Experts say this often happens after frequent abortions, fertility or other uterine procedures. In addition, uterine prolapse, prolapse or high adhesion at abdominal cavity, can also pull ligament, cause the occurrence of lumbago.

Pelvic tumors can also cause back pain by pulling on the peritoneum. "Pelvic tumors are more common in middle-aged women, such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, ovarian cysts, etc. Lumbago may occur due to tumor compression of nerves or cancer cell infiltration of pelvic connective tissue."

"Waist devil" abnormal birth control ring

lower back pain remedies

Abnormal birth control ring includes different types of birth control ring and uterine cavity, excessive elasticity of birth control ring or abnormal location of birth control ring. Improper birth control ring incarcerates inside uterine cavity, stimulate uterine wall, can cause lumbar pain reflectively. In this case, replacement of the iud can be done.

Experts warned: "from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, birth too much, the number of induced abortions and sexual misconduct, can cause kidney gas injury and lead to back pain. And long-term feeling of cold and damp, can also inhibit meridian, resulting in poor blood flow and backache.

How does woman lumbago do?

How can you alleviate backache on weekdays?

In non – menstrual period, through the waist massage, relax tendons and collaterals, eliminate lumbar muscle fatigue, relieve lumbar muscle spasm and pain.

1. Kneading mingmen

The point of mingmen is located in the depression under the lumbar spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra, opposite to the navel.

lower back pain remedies

Make a fist with your right hand or left hand, and place the tip of the fist on the point of the gate of life. Press and knead clockwise for 9 times, then counterclockwise for 9 times, and repeat for 36 times.

Adhere to knead this point, can play the role of warm kidney Yang, lumbar ridge.

2, rub shenshu point

Shenshu acupoint is located under the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra, 1 to 5 inches apart, and is flat with mingmen point.

lower back pain remedies

Make a fist with both hands, put the tip of the fist on both sides of shenshu points, press and knead clockwise first, then counterclockwise.

Insist on rubbing this point every day, with the role of nourishing Yin and strengthening Yang, tonifying kidney and waist.

3, rub waist yangguan point

The lumbar yangguan acupoint is located in the depression under the spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebra, about flat with the iliac ridge.

lower back pain remedies

Left or right hand clenched fist, with the tip of the fist placed on the waist yangguan point, repeatedly by rubbing.

This point is the place where Yang qi passes through the du vein. It can be pressed and kneaded every day to dredge Yang qi, strengthen waist and knee, and benefit the lower yuan.

4, rub your waist and eyes

The lumbar eye point is located under the spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebra, with a 3 – or 5-inch depression, which is flat with yangguan point.

lower back pain remedies

Both hands make a fist, press knead this point with fist tip, can have the effect that promotes blood circulation, good waist beneficial kidney.

5, weizhong point

The mid-point of the popliteal fossa is at the back of the knee.

lower back pain remedies

Both hands arrive heat to rub, take to knead at the same time with both hands (point to abdomen to apply force opposite with thumb and other 4 fingers) two lower limbs wei zhong acupoint, time makes an appointment with a minute.

Can relax tendons, activate collaterals, relieve spasm and pain.

4 tips to ease back pain


It is best to lie on your side, bending your body and lying on your back on the mattress. Mattess is too soft or too hard when, had better adjust mattess hardness. If you're used to lying on your back, place pillows behind your knees to raise your feet slightly.


Bath in lukewarm water, time does not exceed 15 minutes, had better match essence oil or the traditional Chinese medicine that promotes blood circulation to remove stasis, can alleviate backache.

lower back pain remedies


Check your shoes. Put away any shoes that have a pointy toe, a heel that is more than five centimeters high and a solid shoe. Change to round or square toe flat shoes, multi-functional sports shoes are also suitable for wearing.


To increase calcium intake, eat more soy milk, tofu, yogurt, milk and other foods to reduce bone loss and prevent osteoporosis.

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Science – disc herniation? Ease back pain with these 7 actions! – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/herniated disc


Lumbar disc herniation

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home


Test yourself for lumbar disc herniation

How does ability know whether oneself suffer from lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion? 3 measures:

The first step

Low back pain and limited movement in the lower back

Step 1: low back pain and limited movement in the waist

The first symptom of most patients is low back pain, which occurs in about 91 percent of cases, sometimes accompanied by hip pain. Lumbago can appear after trauma, but also without inducing factors, mainly below the lumbar or lumbosacral spine line sometimes light sometimes heavy blunt pain, acute phase can have sharp pain like tear.

It can also be shown as a limitation of movement of the waist, such as standing or sitting for a long time after the occurrence of bending difficulties, difficult to straighten up.

The second step

Numbness and radiative pain in lower limbs

Unilateral numbness, radiating pain, and increased abdominal pressure (such as coughing, sneezing, straining to defecate, etc.) from the lower back to the buttocks, back of the thigh, and outside of the lower leg to the foot may indicate a herniated disc.

The third step

The straight leg-raising

Lie flat on your back, straighten your legs and slowly raise them. Pain in the buttocks and posterolateral side of your lower extremities may indicate a herniated disc.

severe lower back pain treatment home

If a lumbar disc herniation is suspected, seek medical treatment in a timely manner to avoid further aggravation of the condition, which may lead to symptoms of the cauda equina (defecation disorders, incomplete paralysis of the lower limbs, etc.) or central sensitization (the brain and spinal cord convert all stimuli into pain signals).


Which factors are likely to cause lumbar disc herniation


Degenerative disease


The waist injury

Trauma is one of the important causes of lumbar disc herniation. If trauma affects the fibrous ring, cartilage plate and other structures, it may promote the degeneration of the disc nucleus pulposus herniation.

severe lower back pain treatment home


Chronic injuries caused by poor posture

For a long time directly bent to lift heavy objects

When bending down to lift heavy objects directly, the lumbar disc stress suddenly increases, it is easy to lead to the nucleus pulposus breakthrough the weak area of the fibrous ring protrusion, and then compression of the nerve, leading to lumbar disc herniation.

The right approach should be:First squat, then lift the weight, slowly get up.

Do exercises that require a waist twist

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

Wear high heels for a long time

Wearing high heels will make people's center of gravity forward, not only easy to cause pelvic forward tilt, but also increase the stress on the lumbar spine, increase the risk of lumbar disc injury, thus inducing lumbar disc herniation.

Suggest to wear flat shoes as far as possible, each time wearing high heels should not exceed 2 hours.

Poor sitting or sleeping position for a long time

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

In addition, the bad posture such as odd carry weight, cross one's legs also is easy to injure lumbar intervertebral disc, should avoid as far as possible in the life.


Do 4 types of exercise

Assist to improve lumbar disc herniation

Appropriate exercise, not only can alleviate the symptoms of lower back pain, but also help improve lumbar disc herniation. Do the following exercises:

1, flying swallow movement

Lie on your stomach with your hands behind your back, knees straight, head and legs as high as possible. Hold for 5 seconds, then relax and repeat 15 times for each set. Three sets twice a day.

2. Get up

Lie on your back with your legs together and your hands around your thighs. Slowly lift your upper body so your knees are as close to your chest as possible. Repeat 10 times. Let the waist have relaxed feeling.

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3. McKenzie training

McKenzie has been shown to reduce pain and restore motor function in the short term. It has been proved to be a very effective method of self-prevention and treatment of neck and low back pain in many countries.

Especially in patients with lumbar disc herniation has obvious therapeutic effect and better compliance; Core training can improve lumbar spine stability, balance and coordination, and reduce pain at a deeper level.

Exercise 1: lie on your stomach


This is first aid or basic training for Mackenzie therapy and should be done before any other training.

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Action essentials:

Step 1: lie flat on your stomach with your arms at your sides, keeping your arms straight and relaxed, and your head turned to one side.

Step 2: hold this position, take a few deep breaths, and then completely relax your muscles for 2-3 minutes.

Practice frequency:

Do six to eight sets a day, evenly spaced, about two hours apart.

Exercise 2: prone stretch

Only after doing exercise one can do exercise two, at the same time as practice three preparatory action.

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Step 1: hold and practice a pose.

Step 2: place your elbows perpendicular to your shoulders, supporting your upper body above your forearms.

Step 3: take a few deep breaths, and then try to completely relax the muscles of the waist, holding for 2-3 minutes.

Do it every 2 hours like exercise 1

Exercise 3: horizontal stretching

You should do exercise 1 and 2 before you do exercise 3 for the first time.

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Step 1: maintain prostrate position and face forward.

Step 2: place your hands under your shoulders in a position ready to do push-ups.

Step 3: straighten your arms and stretch your upper body as much as you can while the pain is tolerable.

Step 4: at the end of the exercise, stretch your back as far as possible and your arms as straight as possible.

Do three exercises 10 times in each group, as well as 6-8 exercises a day.

Exercise 4: stand stretch

If you can't lie down in case of acute back pain, use exercise 4 instead of exercise 3. After a full recovery, exercise 4 is also a good preventive tool.

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Step1: two feet separate stand straight, both hands are put in hind waist, 4 points depend on in vertebra two side.

Step 2: bend your torso back as far as possible, using your hands as a fulcrum.

Practice frequency: anytime!

Exercise 5: lie flat and bend

This exercise can be used to treat the stiffness caused by a lower back injury.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Step 1: lie flat on the floor or bed with your legs bent and your feet flat.

Step 2: bring your legs closer to your chest.

Step 3: put your hands around your legs and gently and slowly bring your knees as close to your chest as the pain is tolerable.

Repeat each set only 5-6 times, 3-4 sets a day, and do exercise 3 immediately after exercise 5.

Exercise 6: sit bending

Whether or not exercise 5 is effective, practice 6 after five weeks of continuous practice.

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Step 1: place the chair smoothly, sit on the edge of the chair with your legs as far apart as possible and your hands flat on your knees.

Step 2: bend down and grab your ankles with both hands or touch the ground near your feet.

Step 3: grab your ankles with both hands and continue to bend your body downward.

Step 4: continue bending.

Only do this 5-6 times a day for 3-4 sets. Do exercise 3 immediately after exercise 6.

Exercise 7: stand and bend

Please continue to practice 6 for two weeks before starting 7.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Step 1: stand up straight with your feet apart and your arms at your sides.

Step 2: bend forward and stretch your hands down as far as you can.

Only do this 5-6 times a day for 1-2 sets. Do exercise 3 immediately after exercise 7.

4, swim

When swimming, the body's spine changes from an upright position to a horizontal position, greatly reducing the burden on the spine and the pressure on the lumbar disc, which can help relieve the pain in the back.

severe lower back pain treatment home

It's important to note that,

Patients with lumbar disc herniation

The above exercises are not suitable for the acute period of low back pain.

Appropriate bed rest;

The non-acute phase should also be done according to one's ability,

Step by step ~

Such a practical method,

Quickly transfer to the need of relatives and friends!

Source: health park life times and network

10 tips to ease back pain during pregnancy – AllPainHealing | back pain/lower back/ease back pain

Tips for easing back pain: at the end of the month, a pregnant woman's growing belly can often cause back pain. Introduce a few alleviate below small clever move, pregnant mother might as well draw lessons from. Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for too long. If you have to sit all the time, don't sit all the time, swing your feet up and down, or do some simple leg exercises. Every 1 to 2 hours if necessary

how to get relief from backache

Tips for easing back pain: at the end of the month, a pregnant woman's growing belly can often cause back pain. Introduce a few alleviate below small clever move, pregnant mother might as well draw lessons from.

Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for too long. If you have to sit all the time, don't sit all the time, swing your feet up and down, or do some simple leg exercises. When necessary, get up and exercise every 1 to 2 hours.

2. Do some exercises suitable for pregnant women, such as pregnant women exercise, walking, to moderate exercise waist, abdomen and back muscles. But want by all means avoid, pregnant any movement after late period, do not take long lying position, in order to avoid pressing abdomen, cause blood circulation to be blocked.

3. Try to sit in a chair with a back. Lean back comfortably and keep your upper body straight.

4. Stop wearing high heels when walking, try to penetrate airy cotton flats and relax.

5. Sleep in a roll up position on your side and on your back with a pillow under your knees.

6. Avoid standing for a long time. If you must stand for a long time, you can use a footstool to rest your feet.

7. Stand with your upper body raised so that your pelvis is slightly tilted back and your shoulders fall back. For working mothers who have to stand for more than four hours a day, it's best to use a tummy strap.

8. Get out in the sun more often to ensure calcium intake, if necessary, under the guidance of a doctor to take some calcium supplements.

9. When taking a shower before going to bed, wash your lower back with a little hot water to ease discomfort in your lower back.

10. When changing from standing to walking, step your feet before moving your body.

how to get relief from backache

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how to get relief from backache

There are more professional and practical maternal and child care materials download, in the future will also be invited to maternal and child related professional guests into the group. At the same time, for the treasure mothers to establish a platform to ask questions and share valuable experience, and often have surprises and prizes and other activities, looking forward to you become a member of the group!


Add a little of it in foot water, better than countless tonic! Cold feet, swollen legs, lumbago all go away! – AllPainHealing | back pain/ease back pain

Bubble script is error free

Weather day by day cooler, everyone began to soak feet health, but the news said that some friends because soak feet cause heart attack, limb numbness or even amputation, sudden death. Can't help but let a person suspect, does bubble foot have fault really?

Because bubble foot hind blood circulation is accelerated, blood pressure can have slight heighten, heart rate increases fast also is normal, so average person has no problem, normal person bubble foot also won't cause sudden death.

However, some people do not have reasonable foot soaking due to basic diseases, which led to the accident. Julie advised everyone not to be frightened by rumors, but not everyone is suitable for hot foot soaking.

These kinds of people should not soak feet

Patients with diabetic foot should be careful to soak their feet

The nerve in the foot is not sensitive to temperature, which can lead to burns and eventually lead to limb necrosis and amputation. Miss mo reminds you, diabetic had better be helped by family member to sense water temperature hind bubble foot ~

Vascular patients should not soak feet

Suffer from phlebitis, varicose vein, arteritis wait for hemal patient unfavorable bubble foot, 100 harm without benefit. Patients with varicose veins, which have a blockage in the flow of their veins, will experience more blood pooling after the blister. Patients with venous thrombosis are taking anticoagulants, and blister feet are more harmful to them.

People with poor cardiac function

People with poor cardiac function, poor coronary artery blood supply and myocardial infarction, who have a long time of foot bubble, are prone to acute heart failure, acute myocardial ischemia and myocardial infarction, or even sudden death.

Pregnant women, children under 10 years old

Pregnant women foot soak time should not exceed 15 minutes, to prevent the impact on the fetus. The child below 10 years old had better not use hot bubble foot, may cause plantar ligament to become loose, go against the formation of sufficient arch and maintain, go along with this for a long time, can increase the risk of flat foot.

Soak your feet 10 times

The water temperature

The temperature of bubble foot should not be too high, the water temperature is 40-45 degrees, the hand feels a water to feel slightly hot.

The length

Soak your feet for about 15-20 minutes.


After bubble is over foot, can massage yongquan acupoint 3 to 5 minutes, rise to promote the action of metabolization of invigorate blood, conduce is anmian.

Yongquan acupoint is one third of the soles of the feet, located in the center of the feet. When the feet are bent, the most concave place is yongquan acupoint.

Supplementary material

Ginger, salt, vinegar, sichuan peppercorns, moxa leaves can be added appropriately according to the need for more health effects.

Double the effect with a little seasoning

Add ginger – to keep out the cold

Take 1 ginger slice, boil in water, soak feet and add a teaspoon of salt, can effectively treat cold feet afraid of cold.

Add safflower – ease back pain

Put 1g safflower into the water to boil, and then add a teaspoon of salt, first fumed feet, and then soak feet, not only to strengthen the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, but also to ease the waist pain.

Baking soda – lower high blood pressure

Bicarbonate of soda is a famous master of lowering blood pressure, 2-3 tablespoons of soda into hot water, until the appropriate temperature bubble feet can help treat hypertension, in addition to improve acne skin, eliminate ventilation symptoms.

Add mugwort leaf — cure all diseases

Take 50~100g dried mugwort leaves and boil them in water. Soak the feet after the water temperature drops to an appropriate temperature to improve the health preservation effect.

With ginger, you can treat cold, joint disease, rheumatoid, bronchitis, asthma and other diseases.

If match safflower, can improve varicose veins, peripheral neuritis, poor blood circulation and other conditions, artemisia argyi with pepper can also treat foot sweat, foot odor, beriberi, warm rash and other conditions.

Add angelica root – can raise colour

Take 40g angelica and 25g longan meat and fry them in water for 40 minutes. Add proper amount of boiled water and pour into the basin to fumigate the limbs and face for about 30 minutes. Wash and soak your feet when the temperature is right. Once a day, you can improve your appearance and delay aging.

Add white vinegar – whitening freckle

With vinegar foot foam, vinegar can penetrate into the foot skin into the blood, thereby purifying the blood, to help the body waste metabolism, but also whitening freckle, relax the nerve, the treatment of insomnia dream.

Add tangerine peel – remove moisture from intestines

The person that body deficient is afraid of cold, often have cold poison inside body, need to add some orange peel only when bubble foot, can excrete inside body wet and cold air, still can embellish bowel aperient, smooth foot ministry crack, make the skin smooth and exquisite.

Bubble foot also cent person, knowledge is big call on close friend learns together

Postpartum backache, tummy? Love her 365 produce health: alert rectus abdominis muscle separation – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar spine

Attention! These may be the result of postpartum rectus abdominis separation!

I believe mothers are familiar with the topic of rectus abdominis. A lot of new mothers after giving birth, because of abdomen little belly and flabby, become not as confident as before.

The arrival of summer, the dress passes through more little, the little girl that sees to walk on the road beautiful beautiful wears cool and refreshing navel exposing outfit, exclamation once also had the oneself of small pretty waist, now however… Today, we're going to talk about what it's like to be a postpartum mom: the rectus abdominis muscle separation.

What is the rectus abdominis?

Be called on medicine "abdominis rectus", it is actually, reflect abdominal and handsome 10 abdominal muscle, also nickname is "vest line" position. The bottom two are so weak and unprotected that they usually have only eight abs. Under normal conditions, the gap between the two rows of rectus abdominis should be no more than 2cm.

how to get relief from backache

In the third trimester, as the fetus develops, the enlarged uterus expands the space between the rectus abdominis muscles, lengthening the linea alba. Due to the excessive stretching of the abdominal muscles in the gap, the elastic limit of the abdominal white line is exceeded, resulting in the forced separation of the rectus abdominis on both sides. At this point the rectus abdominis muscle separation occurs.

In women, the abdominal muscles do not return to their original shape and position immediately after birth. In more than half of women, the rectus abdominis separates more than two fingers wide within a few days of birth. If there is no external intervention, even after the month, there are still women rectus abdominis muscle can not return to the original position.

how to get relief from backache

The deeper of the separation of the rectus, the weaker abdominal muscle, spinal stability decreased, most of the small of the back will be smaller, many women postpartum prone to low back pain, because of abdominal muscle strength weak, lead to the tightening of abdominal viscera ability is abate, viscera and fat bulging outward and downward accumulation, lose belly flat appearance, little stomach was created.

To ease back pain and get rid of baby bump, here's what you need to do:

(1) electrical stimulation of nerve and muscle:

Low frequency electrical stimulation of nerve muscle with electrode is used to arouse muscle for contraction training, restore muscle elasticity and promote passive muscle contraction. It is especially suitable for those who have improper posture in self-training, or severe or involuntary training.

(2) manipulation therapy:

Electrical stimulation of nerve and muscle combined with manipulative treatment is mainly used to overcome the deficiency of pure electrical stimulation. Through manipulative treatment, it can promote body metabolism, reduce fat accumulation and restore abdominal skin, muscle, fascia elasticity and tension.

(3) independent training:

One of the most common and convenient is to stand with your stomach in. Lie back training learns to close abdomen to maintain neutral position to rely on a wall, back, hip sticks in metope. As you exhale, place your lumbar spine against the wall and inhale back into position, 10 to 15 times for each group. Repeat for 2 to 3 times. Draw your belly in as much as possible, and imagine what it feels like to approach the wall with your navel.

how to get relief from backache

"Little love" warm reminder: pelvic floor and abdominal muscle is a whole, pelvic floor muscle is support, support, stress structure, its strength enhancement, abdominal muscle therapy can be effective.

Therefore, if pelvic floor muscle strength is poor, to do pelvic floor rehabilitation and then do abdominal rectus muscle treatment. In addition to strengthening the abdominal muscles, electrical stimulation can also restore the physiological curvature of the spine and change the tilt of the pelvis. Electrical stimulation also speeds up blood circulation and pulls the muscles, stimulating the production of new collagen, relieving back muscle relaxation and analgesic effects.

Dear bao ma, postpartum backache, tummy? Do you know how to do it?

Never mind back pain, these postures will help ease back pain – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/ease back pain

Waist sour backache, the elderly people used to make some symptoms appear in today's young people have become more frequent, the reason is the growing social office gens, young man graduated from university to middle-aged this office is sitting in the office for a period of time, lack of exercise, sitting for long, day long for preventing these diseases of aging is inevitable to arrive. Often when you want to exercise, you can't do it because of various reasons in your work and life, which makes these symptoms more and more serious.

So how can we effectively exercise, deal with the contradiction between work and life and physical exercise? Today to recommend a set of yoga asana, ease to help you solve the pain of backache ~

1. Scorpion style variations

A. Inhale and kneel in. Body forward bend. Elbows on the ground.

B. Exhale, raise hip to go up, leg ministry unbend, waist accomplishs perpendicular.

C. Slowly lift your legs up, feet off the ground, and do an elbow stand.

D. Bend forward. Accomplish baseplate to be close to the top of head. Cross your legs. The right leg rests on the left knee.

E. Hold for 30 seconds and return to yoga kneeling. Switch sides again.

2. The pin pose

A. Mountain stand. Keep your body absolutely relaxed. Adjust your breathing and grip the yoga mat with your legs. Keep your balance.

B. Inhale, bend forward, and do standing forward bends. Support your right hand. Put your left hand on your left ankle.

C. Slowly lift your right foot and straighten it up.

D. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides.

3. Single-leg wheel

A. Get in on your back with your hands at your sides to ease your breathing.

B. Raise your hand toward your ear and place your palm one palm wide beside your ear.

C. Exhale and bend your knees. On the balls of your feet. Lift your body up, support your body with your hands, and bend at the waist.

D. Keep your legs balanced. Inhale and slowly lift your right leg up until it is straight.

E. Push your body forward for 30 seconds and switch legs.

F. Finally back to yoga supine rest.

Life is more than the desk in front of you, there is yoga in action, let's practice together!

Sitting for a long time always backache? Recommendation: a few simple moves can help. Learn them now – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lower back

Can have backache problem, maintain a posture to bring about for a long time namely, and when you are faced with computer screen, the body can not help leaning forward, increased the burden of lumbar thereby, bring about lumbar ache unceasingly, cannot alleviate for a long time! So while work is important, getting up and moving is also important.

how to get relief from backache

The office has its limits. Here are four simple tips to ease back pain:

1. Lean over to touch the ground and look up at the sky

This action is simple, but it can stretch the muscles in your lower back and relieve back pain. It's easy to do in your office area. Two legs together straight, then gently bend the upper body downward, both hands perpendicular to their toes, adhere to a minute or so;

Gently raise their waist, legs straight, looked up to the sky, as far as possible will be back stretch waist, until there is pain. This is a group of action, each time three groups, three times a day or so, effective protection of the waist.

how to get relief from backache

2. Flying swallows

Lie down on the bed with your hands crossed behind your back and your knees as straight as you can. Keep your head and legs up as hard as you can, like a swallow flying, for about five seconds, then gradually relax, and repeat for about 15 times. Do three sets twice a day for better results.

3, twist twist to understand

Sit on a stool with the upper body straight, put the left leg on the right leg, and then arm spread the body toward the right twist; Then put the left leg down, the right leg on the left leg, the same way left twist. It's a simple exercise, but it works the muscles in your neck, shoulders and lower back.

how to get relief from backache

4. Hip bridge

This action needs to lie on your back, put your hands on both sides of your body next, your back just sticks to the bed or the ground, bend your calves vertically with the ground, and contract your legs as far as possible up. To pay attention to the shoulder, back, thighs need to form a line, each time adhere to 30 to 60 seconds of action, a day to do two to three groups can be.

However, it is important to note that if you have lumbar muscle strain or lumbar disc herniation patients, it is best not to easily try some special exercise. Consult your doctor to see if you're a good fit for this type of exercise. So as not to aggravate their illness without knowing it.