bad lower back ache – It's not for nothing that women have frequent back pain, or these 4 reasons why!

Backache is a very common symptom in life, many women have this kind of situation, bring a lot of inconvenience to their daily life. In general, women occasionally have back pain, the problem is not very big, if frequent back pain, you need to pay attention to the cause, it is not for nothing, can not be ignored.

Women often suffer from back pain, or these four factors may be behind it

When female friend appears the symptom of lumbago frequently, a lot of people can think it is him too tired more, or it is lumbar appeared problem, rest more good. In fact, the reason of female backache has a variety of, unfavorable and careless, the following is simple analysis for everybody.

One, waist catch cold or be to get traumatic

Women in postpartum and other special period of time, the waist by cold attack, prone to waist pain. If oneself waist has been traumatized, also can appear more serious back pain, serious when daily activities are a problem. When we experience frequent lower back pain, we can look more closely to see if we've had a cold or if we've had a trauma to our lower back before taking appropriate measures.

2. Back pain due to menstruation

The female of mature body development, every month has a menstruation, in this period, a few organizations among female pelvic cavity can have the circumstance of congestive, and hormone inside right now secrete also have a change, may make pelvic avascular dilate, appear the circumstance of frequent lumbago finally. This kind of waist pain caused by menstruation, female friends can slowly relieve through daily conditioning, if the effect is not good, you can go to the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine.

Urinary tract infection

In the middle of life, women with urinary stones can have lower back pain. The stone of general urological system can appear in the place such as urethra, kidney, can make the patient appear the symptom such as lumbar ache, dysuria, hematuria, when ache is serious, still can radiate to other place, make a person feel afflictive.

Four, suffered from some gynecological diseases

As women grow older, many will be entangled in gynecological diseases. When female body appears inflammation of department of gynaecology, pelvic cavity organ is easy to appear the condition of congestion oedema, inside is squeezed and pull, can cause lumbar ache. In addition, women suffer from uterine fibroids and other diseases, fibroids growth will be compressed to the nerve, also cause back pain, need more attention.

The symptom that often appears lumbago is abnormal circumstance, every woman's body has difference, the reason of lumbago is different, oneself should pay more attention to observation, find out the reason early, treat to the symptom, let the waist recover as soon as possible. Along with treatment, we can also take steps to help ourselves relieve pain.

Relief of lower back pain, we can do this

Try applying a hot compress to the waist

If you have a lot of pain in your lower back, try applying a hot compress. In the morning and evening free time, we can each apply once, each time apply 30 minutes, in the application time to control the heat, do not be too hot.

Bend back and exercise your waist

The lower back hurts a lot and we can also bend over backwards to relieve the pain. When exercising, oneself first both hands akimbo, bend backward slowly, reset again, do repeatedly so, the action wants slow, have certain effect to lumbar ache.

Female backache is a very common phenomenon, frequent pain, they should be taken seriously, find out the reason as early as possible, slowly relieve pain, let the waist recovery.

bad lower back ache – Low back pain? These 4 pictures will help you save your own backache

[acupoint 2] dong shiqi points "white, white", relieve sciatica

how do you relieve lower back pain

Wang gengqi, chief physician of the department of orthopedics and traumatology in this hospital, often USES "white differentiation and lower white" to treat sciatica of lumbar disc herniation caused by shaoyang meridian (anterolateral lower extremity), which is quite effective. "Fenbai" and "lower baibai" are located in the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal knuckles and the 4th and 5th metacarpal knuckles respectively, which are the inverted horse points of the middle and upper white points. It is mainly used for treating lumbar acerbity and backache of kidney deficiency, sciatica, lumbar degeneration, etc., and the point of "white differentiation and lower white" is stimulated to penetrate the periosteum, and "kidney is the main bone", so as to enhance the effect of kidney tonic.

[acupoint 3] menstrual lumbago, can press "shenshu"

how do you relieve lower back pain

Shenshu is located at the thinnest height behind the waist, two points two fingers away from the lateral spine. Can hand akimbo, with the thumb side to apply force while rotating "shenshu" to stimulate. If it is often the incidence of chronic lumbar muscle strain pain, menstrual lumbago, can be posted in the "shenshu" position to alleviate the pain symptoms.

[acupuncture point 4] lumbago "wei zhong" for

how do you relieve lower back pain

"Wezhong point" has the effect of relieving muscle and collaterals, dispersing blood stasis and activating blood circulation, can dredge solar channel qi, relieve solar surface heat, and has special effect on unilateral lumbar muscle strain, backache and so on. Self-massage "appoint medium acupuncture point", can choose to sit up to drop down sufficient, both hands holds ham gently on both sides, thumb is on, the other 4 point below. In place of forefinger and middle finger genu fossa, knead with two finger abdomen forcibly inside press, duration makes an appointment with 1-3 minutes.

In addition to the above clinical causes of low back pain, such as osteoporosis, lumbar infection, lumbar fracture, etc. If backache recurs, still should seek medical treatment immediately to make clear cause, cannot blindly autonomy. (luo xin Yang sa sa)

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bad lower back ache – Why is pregnant mom easy lumbago???

About two-thirds of pregnant women suffer back pain during pregnancy, mostly in the second and third trimester. Why pregnant mother can appear lumbago?

Changes in estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy cause the ligaments and joints that connect the pelvis to the spine to relax. When the mother walks, stands, sits for long periods of time, changes her sleeping position in bed, bends, and lifts heavy objects, it takes more effort than usual to maintain balance. Uterus increases, because uterus increases with each passing day, body center of gravity moves to waist upward gradually forward, form a kind of pregnant woman peculiar hold out bosom to carry out posture, this kind of posture is easy to cause bosom spinal column excessive before protruding curve, cause backache thereby.

Pregnant mothers from the beginning of pregnancy should pay attention to diet, rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and other diets can help alleviate. If possible, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the hospital regularly to receive professional nutrition guidance, through the professional body nutrition, body composition, metabolism and dietary nutrition analysis (kang ping pregnancy individual nutrition monitoring management), the system can give a personalized, scientific, healthy diet solution.

In addition, pregnant mother can consider eating special pregnant belt, to support the waist, so as to relieve pain; Exercise appropriately; Don't sleep in a bed that's too soft; Do not stand up, sit down too fast, it is best to hold the power object; Choose comfortable shoes. All of these can help relieve your mother's back pain. I wish you pregnancy!!

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bad lower back ache – Massage should be careful when lumbago, these taboo crowd must pay attention to!

One, inflammation. If any of us have a low back pain problem, the first thing we need to do is analyze whether it's muscular pain or visceral pain, or whether it's superficial pain caused by inflammation. The three types of pain are different, and the way to deal with them is different. If there is a lactic acid deposition is muscle pain caused, so it will have very good effect, but if the waist abdomen have inflammation, triggering inflammatory pain, then massage may cause skin damage, cause inflammation further, so patients with inflammatory exudation is the waist abdomen massage is not recommended.

Two, three high crowd. In fact among present old people group, the proportion that 3 tall crowd place hold is very big, so old people waist acid leg hurts when to massage choice should be very careful. Because people with high blood pressure tend to have high blood pressure when they are stimulated, and there is often a problem with osteoporosis, too much force may cause bone deformation. So maybe during the massage, the pain will have a short relief, but slowly will be affected by the massage, on the contrary, the body will become more and more uncomfortable.

Three, blood disease patients.

Blood disease patients in line with the principle of responsibility for themselves and others should not be massaged, especially for themselves have coagulation disorders, patients with severe bleeding tendency, when the massage may cause skin damage, so it may cause severe bleeding, this situation is very critical. And some blood diseases have a certain infectious, while massage may bring trouble to others. When hematologic diseases appear together with other diseases, the first step is to stabilize the blood situation, such as blood drawing, or drug induction therapy, to restore the normal blood ratio, and then to carry out other nursing attempts.

lower back pain remedies

So massage is not a cure-all. Some people have to be very careful about whether or not to give a massage. Tips:

Please do not trust the experts. What the experts say is right or wrong, which needs to be constantly tested by subsequent clinical trials, and there will be some expert Suggestions that will be falsified. Don't look down on the experts either, because we need to follow their advice before the guidelines are made, and they need to follow their advice before they are made.

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bad lower back ache – [health] neck pain, knee pain, back pain… One second relief! It's worth collecting

Zhao zhexin, chief lecturer of cross-country walking at the state sports administration physical education and sports institute, delivered the solutions to joint pain at an expo jointly held by the ministry of health, the ministry of science and technology and the China association for science and technology.

Don't worry about the pain in the future!Collect below this set of articulatory pain to hold, where painful practice where!

Office peopleCervical and lumbar manipulation

Spinal column is the pillar of human body mansion, this pillar is bad can be full of problems — cervical vertebra disease, backache, backache came. Zhao zhexin recommends the following two small movements to relieve pain:

1. Cervical vertebra is not good and hands are lifted

Many people put their hands on the back of their backs when they walk in the evening, which reduces the value of exercise.

Every day with the following action to walk, adhere to 200 steps, the next day cervical spine will be very acid.

Action demonstration:Keep your fingers taut and put your hands up at ten ten on the clock.

lower back pain remedies

Make sure your arms are slightly back at your sides for best results, with your eyes looking forward and up a little.

Neck pain prevention:Sit for 1 hour every day, get up and exercise your shoulders and neck, rub your neck at any time and anywhere, rub to heat the best.

lower back pain remedies

2, back pain: don't lie down!

Lumbar spine disease has long been a nightmare for office workers. "some people have backache and go to bed to rest," zhao said.

Action demonstration:Both hands grasp the back of the chair, kick one foot back, knee joint to stretch straight, right and left foot rotation, repeated dozens of times, this movement had better be done in the evening, in the morning.

lower back pain remedies

No matter what back pain, strain, slippage, muscle sprain, swelling can be effective recovery.

You can feel the sore point in your waist while doing the post-kick. You can tap the sore point 100 times a day anywhere, anytime.

lower back pain remedies

Knee pain is "underpumping"

In the meeting spot, "the river health news" reporter's left knee patella softens, has played several times to close, up stairs, climbs the mountain up to now is very inconvenient. Zhao zhexin said:

"Softening of the patella in the 20s? This is a disease that only people over the age of 60 have. You stand against the wall."

1, protect the knee to rely on the penalty stand, play close is not good

Action demonstration:Stand with your back against the wall and squat with your legs. Repeat 30 times, twice in the morning or evening.

lower back pain remedies

The reporter persisted for a minute or two, rested for 30 seconds and then "squatted." the reporter's knees became significantly stronger when he went from squatting to standing.

"There is something wrong with the knee joint. This is like you drink tap water every day, suddenly a day can not drink clean river water, dozen closed, dirty things into, never want to clean up. Only exercise stimulates fluid production."

lower back pain remedies

2, bad knee is lack of smoke

"Knee problems, not only lack of practice, but also lack of smoking!"

Action demonstration:The first pat is to the front of the knee, the second to the outside of the knee, and the third to the inside of the knee. Pat each part 30 times.

lower back pain remedies

Frequent patting of the knee stimulates the blood supply and increases the production of joint fluid.

In fact, when we are riding in a car or watching TV, we rub the front of our thighs to increase blood flow to our knees and relieve pain.

lower back pain remedies

Necrosis of the femoral head,Stand in the big word

How should the patient that hip joint is bad, head necrotic take exercise?

Demonstration movements:Have no matter 'big' word station — both hands level unbend, left leg station good, right leg unbend lift to right side, next right and left leg exchange, be like a 'big' word?

lower back pain remedies

Tap the pain point of hip joint 80 times every day, which can relieve the pain of hip joint very well.

Mouse hand, morning stiff,Up!

Every day sitting in front of the computer, hand, wrist is easy to fatigue, occupational disease mouse hand immediately find you.

We use the flexor muscles on our hands unevenly and often use the flexor muscles to make the extensor muscles shrink.

Action demonstration:Rest you can put your hands flat on the table, palms do not move, fingers off the table to lift, repeatedly adhere to 1 ~ 2 minutes, will feel a lot more comfortable hand muscle.

lower back pain remedies

Use computer for a long time, have rheumatic joint pain, the friend that gets up in the morning finger joint is stiff, can use this method to exercise hand joint, acrid.

lower back pain remedies

We should be clear, most of the pain in the body is due to the cold and dampness of the wind and blood stasis, poor circulation of qi and blood, over time will produce pain.

In fact, the best way to deal with pain is:Get less! More exercise!

lower back pain remedies

All over the body, from head to toe joint pain treatment methods are in this article, for yourself and your family to collect it!

Article source: Chinese medicine master health

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bad lower back ache – Often backache, besides rest still have a lot of good method!

(1) five-point support method: lie on your back with knees bent, with feet, elbows, head as fulcrum, lift pelvis (force the waist arch, can use double palms support waist arch), try to lift the abdomen and knee joint flat, and then slowly put down, a fall together for an action.

(2) three-point support method: after five-point support exercise, the waist muscle strength is good, can put both arms in front of the chest, with the head and feet three points for support, arch waist exercise with force, and last 3 ~ 5 seconds, then the waist muscle relax, put down the hip rest 3 ~ 5 seconds for a cycle.

(3) four-point support method: do arch bridge exercises with four points of both hands and feet as support.

(4) raise your head and lift your chest and extend your arms: lie on your stomach, with two upper limbs attached to both sides of the trunk, straighten your head and lift your chest.

(5) straight leg lifting: prone position, two upper limbs close to the trunk of both sides of the straight, do straight legs.

(6) head out chest lift leg (flying swallow) : prone position, two upper limbs attached to the trunk at both sides of the straight, with the abdomen to bed, head, hands, chest and two lower limbs together to lift.

sharp lower back pain

Legs apart, slightly wider than the shoulders, erect body relaxed, hands akimbo, breathe evenly. Crotch is left first, forward again, to right, backward, around the axis of the waist, do horizontal turn motion. Turn crotch 1 circle for 1 time, can be appropriate to do 15~30 times, and then do the same in the opposite direction. The range of its turn, can increase gradually. The upper body should basically maintain an upright state, the waist moves with the rotation of the crotch, and the body cannot be excessively backward.

Legs apart, shoulder-width apart, erect, body relaxed, legs slightly bent, arms naturally drooping, hands half clenched. Turn left first. Turn right again. The left and right sides of two arms turns with the waist and before and after natural swing, borrow the force of swing, both hands one before and one after, knock the waist and abdomen alternately, strength size can decide as appropriate. Left and right turn waist is 1, can reach oneself circumstance according to illness, do 30~50 times continuously.

sharp lower back pain

The whole body is erect loosen, two legs can be parted slightly. First two arms up, the body then backward, as far as possible to reach the maximum degree of backward, stop for a moment, then the body forward bend, hands down, hands as far as possible to touch the feet, stop, restore straight three-dimensional position. Such for 1, can do 10~15 times continuously, when the body bends forward, two legs do not bend, bend will affect the effect. Elderly people and patients with high blood pressure, bending motion to be slow.

(1) chair stretch 1: sit on the chair with your legs together and forward, and keep your legs slightly bent. Lower your body close to your legs and reach forward to support them. Maintain static motion 30~40 seconds extend to loosen waist, can do 3~4 groups repeatedly.

(2) seat extension ii: sit on the chair with your legs at a 90 degree Angle and keep them flat, keep your body straight and then slowly rotate to the left or right side, rotating until your body is completely oriented to the left or right side. Stroke your legs with one hand and rest your hand on the back of the chair. Hold for 30 to 40 seconds and return to the other side. Repeat 3 to 4 times.

To prevent lumbar muscle strain, acute flash waist from the correct posture

sharp lower back pain

sharp lower back pain

sharp lower back pain

Source: bone disease

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bad lower back ache – What expression does lumbar muscle strain have to you can cause serious lumbago possibly

1. After suffering from psoas muscle strain, patients often feel that their waist has fatigue symptoms. As long as they do not pay attention, they will have the feeling of sprain. At ordinary times feel their waist muscle floppy, weak. These are some of the clinical symptoms of lumbar muscle strain.

2. There is nothing wrong with waist movement and no symptoms of discomfort, but if you have a strain of your lumbar muscles, you may experience discomfort with traction. Patients can not sit for a long time standing, some bending work can not do, bending a little longer, then straight waist difficulties, patients often use their own hands beating waist.

3. Ache often occurs in the waist. After the wind chill, this symptom will be significantly aggravated. If you bend over for a long time, the pain will become worse and it will be difficult for you to stand upright in the waist. This is a common condition in patients with lumbar muscle strain. If there is such a symptom, it is recommended to seek medical advice in time.

4, long-term recurrent pain in the back of the waist, or presented blunt pain, waist heavy board tight, such as weight, when light when heavy, lingering not heal. These are also symptoms of lumbar muscle strain.

Nursing of lumbar muscle strain

1, pay attention to damp and cold in life

For people who have suffered from lumbar muscle strain, they should pay attention to the living environment at ordinary times, and not always let their waist in some damp or cold places, which will make the waist problem more serious. You should keep warm, keep dry, and stay out of the rain.

If the room is damp inside, or the city that is living is damp big, should use dehumidifier. Do not wear clothes that have not been dried. They must be dried before they are worn. Do not sleep on the ground, because the ground is also relatively large moisture, have to make a floor if you need to shop moisture-proof things.

2, pay attention to protect the waist

The friend that lumbar muscle strain still should nurse his waist carefully, cannot let the waist be in tired and below dangerous condition. For example, strenuous activities that damage the lower back should not be done, and heavy physical work should be avoided. These are basic things that should be done to protect the waist.

3, avoid the waist long-term fatigue

In fact, we can know from the lumbar muscle strain inside these words, this disease and excessive fatigue is related, many people do manual work workers or long-term care of children's parents, nanny will have lumbar muscle strain, want to quickly alleviate this discomfort, the method is more rest.

It is suggested to combine work and rest at ordinary times, and not to let the waist under a large load for a long time. When you're resting, lie down and change your position to improve circulation around your waist. Use a hot towel or massage to ease the discomfort.

4. Watch your diet

Patients with lumbar muscle strain should also eat more digestible foods, such as eggs, vegetables and fruits, which are nutritious and easy for the body to use. Stimulant food is to do not eat, can cause effect to the illness with strain of lumbar muscle likely otherwise.

How does lumbar muscle strain alleviate

Regular exercise

how do you relieve lower back pain

Sit quietly for 30 minutes and then move your lumbar spine. Get up and walk for 60 minutes — this is the same as taking a 10-minute break.

Pay attention to the position

Sit upright, that is, "sit like a clock". Good sofas and chairs ensure the lumbar lordosis. Poor posture is about 70° forward, 1.0 times for supine lumbar spine, 1.5 times for standing, and 2.5 times for leaning forward about 70°.

When you're in bed, avoid resting on your pillow or in front of a TV or book — that's because you're still bent, leaving your lower back with no real rest, just your limbs.

Muscle exercise

Good fun exercise is breaststroke, 2 times a week, a 600~800 meters, breathe out when the rise, stand back, can effectively exercise the back muscle group in the state of no weight.

Physical therapy

how do you relieve lower back pain

Commonly used physical therapy is heat therapy, infrared, ultrasonic, laser local irradiation. Massage the waist to strengthen the kidney, dredging channels and collaterals, promoting blood circulation, prevention and treatment of lumbar muscle strain. These are all treatments for lumbar muscle strain.

On the waist

Gently tap both sides of waist with hollow fist eye, 30 times from top to bottom.

Drug treatment

Half is local drug therapy, that is (external medicine patch), plaster is currently the treatment of lumbar muscle strain and bone pain of efficient patch, direct effect on the affected, rapid skin penetration, strong absorption, 30 minutes can be effective, but the effect is intermittent. Moreover, drugs have some side effects on the body.

conclusion: suffering from lumbar muscle strain after people will obviously feel weak waist, acid, pain, life will cause a certain impact. It is recommended that we should not sit for a long time at ordinary times, and we should not always carry some heavy objects, otherwise the injury to the waist is too big. Today's content is these, I hope to help you!

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bad lower back ache – Pregnant woman 24 weeks lumbago, kidney seeper is discovered after checking: why is pregnant woman easy kidney seeper?

Get up quickly went to the hospital to see the emergency, examination found that the pregnant woman is originally hydronephrosis. Just because pregnant, can not use drugs, the doctor is not a good way, just let pregnant women go home to drink more water.

The method that this pregnant mother takes at present is hot compress, when painful, abdomen faces downward, kneel on the bed, won't press kidney and ureter so, good overmuch. And see the experience of the pregnant mother, a lot of pregnant mother comment that they have had the experience of hydronephrosis when pregnant, and even pregnant mother serious to do surgery.

So the question is: why are pregnant women prone to hydronephrosis?

Female friends during pregnancy, the uterus will gradually become larger, thus pressure on the pregnant mother's urinary system. In addition, right-handed rotation of the uterus leads to more pressure of uterine arteries and veins on the right ureter. Therefore, hydronephrosis in pregnant women is more likely to occur in the right kidney and right ureter, which generally occurs in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.

In addition, as hormone levels rise significantly during pregnancy, ureters become less peristaltic and urine flow slows under the action of hormones. In addition, increased blood volume during pregnancy, as well as increased metabolism of pregnant women and their babies, thus increasing the burden on the kidney, these are the reasons why pregnant women are prone to hydronephrosis.

Generally speaking, a lot of pregnant mothers during pregnancy will have mild kidney water, after giving birth to the baby, this phenomenon disappeared. Of course, there are some pregnant mother kidney water is very serious, at this time the need to take measures, otherwise it may lead to miscarriage, premature delivery, premature rupture of membranes and so on.

lower back pain right side

But at present, for the pain caused by hydronephrosis, the doctor is more difficult to deal with, because the drug is not good for the fetus, do not use drugs and fear of pain leading to abortion, so for pregnant women hydronephrosis, most or conservative treatment, to wait for the baby after birth to deal with. And to those serious kidney hydrops pregnant mother, it is operation treatment commonly.

Finally, the cat dad reminds you pregnant mother, in the middle and later stages of pregnancy, if the frequency of urine during the day, at night but do not get up at night, this may be the performance of hydronephrosis, suggest pregnant mother night often discharge urine, at the same time, the pregnant woman usually left lying position can also effectively prevent the right hydronephrosis.

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bad lower back ache – Women: what about menstrual pain? Come on in!

What are the causes of menstrual lumbago

1. Diseases in private place

Some diseases of the private parts of the body can also cause backache, such as some gynecological diseases, so usually girls must love themselves, away from some diseases.

2, lumbar muscle strain

If you're sitting in an office or standing for long periods of timeWork girl, then waist problems are very easy, the most common is the strain, it is because of the strain, the waist will be pain, if coupled with your sitting posture, standing posture, then the back pain will be aggravated.

3. Cold during periods of menstruation

Many girls like to eat cold things, especially some of the ice cream, all the year round, even during the period also according to eat not wrong, so a long time, the body will have cold, and then cause back pain.

4. Fatigue during pregnancy and puerperium

Happiness is a happy thing, but many girls in happiness, belly will be bigger and bigger, this time will also appear back pain, and after the baby, if you have bleeding, or no one to help you take care of the children, do housework, too early work will cause back pain.

5. Uterine diseases

If you have any uterine problems, they can also cause back pain or stomachache when you have your period.

6, palace cold

Palace cold is also a common disease of women, the sister of the palace cold has a lot of, some uterus afraid of cold sister in the menstrual period will also appear back pain.

lower back pain right side

How does the waist ache during female menstruation do

1, do not use the hand to beat, with the hand on the waist, from the top to the bottom knead can, do not force too hard, light knead can.This special period, the girl already the body is weak, hard beat easily lead to the girl can not stand, more easily lead to menstrual blood disorder.

2. Don't be a dowdy couch bum. Since you have back pain, sit up straight and lift your chest.

3, the reason why back pain, and not free menstrual blood discharge, you can use hot water bag hot compress lower abdomen, to a certain extent can prevent lower abdomen cold, promote blood circulation, reduce the probability of abdominal pain.

4. Press hegu acupoint.By pressing your index finger and thumb together, you can see a raised muscle whose highest point is hegu.Press the thumb of one hand against the hegu hole of the other hand as often as possible every day.Hold for five seconds, then release and repeat for three minutes.

lower back pain right side

5, hot compress guan yuan point.The right hand in addition to the thumb of the other four fingers together, and then to the middle joint of the middle finger shall prevail, this transverse width is 3 inches.With it is accurate, find navel next the close yuan acupoint of 4 finger place.In the hot water drops into a few drops of lavender essential oil, and then wet towel, a little twist dry hot towel hot compress guan yuan hole, after waiting for towel temperature to reduce and then wet, twist dry, hot compress, so repeated hot compress 10 minutes.

6. Warm water, hot water is better, soak your feet for at least 20 minutes every day, and put a hot water bag filled with hot water on your waist to relieve pain.

lower back pain right side

7, mingmen point and your abdomen shenque point (that is, belly button) is opposite.As long as you make a circle around your waist with your navel as the standard, the intersection point with your back midline is the point of mingmen.You can drop a few drops of lavender essential oil into the hot water, and then wet the towel, slightly wring dry with a hot towel hot compress.

8, lumbago patients, pay attention to keep warm, especially in winter and spring cold wet season, especially need to do a good waist warm.Try to avoid cold rain, night when the wind and so on.Avoid long lying damp land, in the cold and wet season, can be appropriate use of heating pad cold to keep warm.

9, menstrual period should pay attention to health care, avoid strenuous exercise and too cold too strong stimulation, appropriate rest, self-relaxation, self-restraint, as far as possible to reduce emotional fluctuations.

10, for chronic back pain continues, can often take a number of solid kidney strong waist Chinese patent medicine, such as liuwei dihuang pills, kidney gas pills, full bolus, etc., can be appropriate according to the constitution and condition.

lower back pain right side

11, lumbago patients, do not bundle waist, because the bundle waist can cause local blood circulation disorder, aggravating the condition.

12, if the pain is unbearable, pay attention to menstrual hygiene, you can take oral analgesics or general non-specific painkillers.For example, salicylate has antipyretic and analgesic effect, such as ibuprofen 400mg, 3-4 times a day, but it is recommended to use less.

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bad lower back ache – Increased nocturia and back pain should be vigilant for kidney disease

The incidence of kidney disease in the elderly is much higher than that in the general population, on the one hand, because the kidney function will decline with the aging; On the other hand, many elderly people suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which often increase the incidence of kidney disease.

Common symptoms of kidney disease in the elderly are edema. Kidney edema from the face, eyelid, followed by lower limbs, back will also appear edema, severe cases can also appear hydrothorax, ascites. Edema is often associated with hypouria and weight gain.

Changes in urine volume. Normal people generally have a urine output of 1500-2000 ml in 24 hours, but after kidney disease, patients may appear oliguria, anuria or polyuria, diabetes insipidus, or the number of urination and urine output at night is significantly more than that in the day. Some people also have hematuria, or a lot of foam in their urine.

Some patients may also have high blood pressure. Increased blood pressure in patients with kidney disease is often a sign of worsening disease. So, the patient that always has hypertension should check urine, platoon check whether cause by nephropathy.

lower back pain remedies

Low back pain is also a common symptom of kidney disease. The lumbago that kidney internal medicine disease causes is mostly blunt painful, bilge painful, ache is not intense commonly, and it is bilateral lumbago more, activity or not, body position how often has nothing to do with lumbago.

Some people still can appear lumbago, anaemic, anorexia, disgusting vomiting, abdominal pain diarrhoea, faint, dispirited, have a headache dizziness wait for a symptom. However, some people may have kidney disease without any obvious symptoms and only be found out by physical examination or medical treatment for other diseases.

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