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Lie flat: wrong position = lie flat on the bed. That way the curvature is straight when you sleep. Straightening the lumbar spine increases the pressure on the lumbar joints and disc. At the same time, the muscles will also be tight due to changes in physiological curvature. So you'll feel stiff and sore at the waist.

Proper sleeping position = 1-2 pillows are recommended under both knees, allowing knees to bend. Can maintain lumbar physiology curvature not only so, reduce the compression force of lumbar, what also can promote lumbar muscle to be in when sleeping is loosened thoroughly.

how to reduce back bone pain

Side: wrong position = lie on your side. The lumbar spine is pulled down by gravity, causing it to turn sideways during sleep. Just like the lumbar spine, which becomes straight when lying down incorrectly, the lumbar spine can also increase stress on joints and discs, leading to discomfort in the lower back.

Proper sleeping position = a pillow between your knees is recommended. This can maintain the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine and reduce the pressure on the lower back during sleep.

how to reduce back bone pain

In addition to changing your sleeping position, stretching can also help reduce back stiffness and soreness.

It is recommended to perform the following stretching exercises before bed and after waking up to relieve back fatigue, stiffness and pain.

Supine buttock movement:

how to reduce back bone pain

Lie on your back and twist your hips

Note: if the pain is high, reduce the amount of effort and hold time, and take a break between movements.

Thin backs were also mentioned in the question. This can be improved through abdominal and back muscle training. The following two exercises are recommended once a day.

how to reduce back bone pain

Superhuman strength exercise (back muscle strengthening) : prone, knees apart and hip width apart. Extend your arms forward, palms down. Stretch your arms as far forward as possible and your legs as far back as possible. Raise your arms and legs simultaneously and extend them as far as possible. Hold for 5 seconds, slowly lower the limbs and return to the starting position. Repeat 5 times.

how to reduce back bone pain

Scissor leg (deep abdominal muscle strengthening) : lie on your back and bend your knees, legs apart at hip width. Place your arms at your sides, palms down. Tuck in your stomach and relax your shoulders. Work your abdominal muscles while lifting your right leg, bending your knees until your thigh is perpendicular to your body (as shown in the picture above). Slowly lift your left leg to the same height as your right leg. Then start lifting and lowering your legs alternately. Repeat 5 times. Keep your belly tight during the procedure.

Backache neck stiff? Try this stretching exercise for the sedentary – AllPainHealing | neck pain/backache

As you all know, sitting for long periods of time not only piles fat on your tummy and thighs, but also causes shoulder and neck pain if you're sitting in the wrong position, and even makes your chest hunch worse.

So try not to sit too long when you can, and if you can't sit too soon, don't forget to stretch your shoulders, neck, and back once in a while!


Stand up straight in a relaxed position and slowly move your head to one side. Stretch your neck and hold for 10 seconds.

how to get relief from backache

Slowly look down and turn your head. Hold for 10 seconds.

how to get relief from backache

Slowly look upward and turn your head. Hold for 10 seconds.

how to get relief from backache

When you're done, remember to switch sides and repeat.


Hold one hand on the elbow of the other for 30 seconds.

how to get relief from backache

When you're done, remember to switch sides and repeat.


30 seconds per side.

how to get relief from backache


Find a wall and place your hands on it with your right foot in front and your left foot behind. Slowly press your body down and hold for 30 seconds.

how to get relief from backache

Switch sides and repeat.


Slow down, don't rush, 30 seconds on each side.

how to get relief from backache

Don't forget to switch sides and repeat.


how to get relief from backache


Move slowly, 30 seconds on each side.

how to get relief from backache


how to get relief from backache

For those of you who work or study at your desk, a daily stretch is recommended to relax your shoulders and neck

Waist sour backache how fast relief after pregnancy four for pain – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/how to relieve backache

How to relieve backache quickly after pregnancy:

1. Calcium

Because at the time of pregnancy, the belly of the fetus also requires a lot of calcium for bone development, so pregnant mother must pay attention to during the attention to the intake of calcium, such as daily sunshine, eat more foods high in calcium, otherwise once the calcium intake is not enough, so is likely to make pregnant mother loose teeth, or low back pain, and so on and so forth.

2. The weight

When women are pregnant, they will pay more attention to the intake of nutrition, and what they eat is definitely much more than usual, which leads to the excess nutrition of pregnant women, so that their weight and the baby are rapidly increased, which will increase the burden of the waist. There is also a risk of gestational diabetes, so while nutrition is good during pregnancy, it is also important to eat in moderation and control your weight.

3. The movement

Now a lot of people have a misunderstanding, because at the time of pregnancy must be don't exercise, easy to abortion, said actually easy to abortion is only the first three months of time to pay more attention to protect themselves, but after the safety period, pregnant mothers must remember that moderate exercise, don't every day sit lying down, the best in every day after dinner, go for a walk, it is best to learn some pregnant women yoga, not only help the pregnant mother alleviate the pressure of the waist, but also can help the baby grow well.

4. Hot compress

If pregnant mother back pain, in fact, the father-to-be can give pregnant mother do some massage, massage in fact, many people do not try to weight, in fact, the best way is hot compress, find a clean hot towel, apply in the waist can, apply half an hour every day, for the relief of low back pain effect is obvious. If you know how to massage the father-to-be can also common sense, just gently rub the waist hot, remember to move gently.

Finally pregnant mothers must pay attention to, in fact, in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers should develop a good standing posture and sitting posture, although this is a bit strict on their own, but in the late when you will find the benefits of doing so, not only the body less suffering, even posture will become very good-looking.

How does 【 changsha enfit 】 postpartum lumbar acerbity backache do? How does month child disease recuperate? – AllPainHealing | backache/lumbar backache

1. Wrist joint pain

Many new mothers have different degrees of wrist and joint pain after giving birth, basically in the month of the beginning of the discovery, until after giving birth for a long time did not recover. Pregnant mother is in postpartum and lactation during, because of the change of internal endocrine hormone of the body, can bring about articular flabby, add feed milk, hold the labor such as baby, can make articular load brings about ache, main place is in wrist, finger joint and place such as heel. Because in "month son" was caused by wind and cold, cold evil invasion weak body, easy to cause postpartum rheumatism, joint pain.

Nursing tips:

1) keep hands warm after delivery

Don't use cold water for housework too early. At ordinary times, wash your hands, feet and face using hot water, avoid contact with cold water.

2) avoid cold wind blowing directly on the body

In particular, do not directly because of the enjoyment of cool air conditioning, fan blowing body; Pay attention to postpartum warmth, should pay attention to add clothing according to the change of the weather, lest the joints of the body catch cold.

3) eat foods that contain calcium

Such as milk, bone soup and so on; When sunshine is sufficient, go outdoors more bask in the sun, also be helpful for filling calcium.

4) get some exercise

For example, some soothing health exercises can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, so that the joints slowly adapt and restore vitality.

how to get relief from backache

2. Backache

After giving birth to mother, endocrine system changes will not quickly return to the state before pregnancy, pelvic ligament is still in the state of relaxation in a period of time, abdominal muscles also become weak and weak, the uterus did not fully reset soon, lobuloids if the discharge is not free, cause pelvic blood deposition, will cause lumbago oh. And bathe for the baby, dress, change diaper, need to bend over, cause lumbar muscle strain.

1) pay attention to lactation posture

Mothers can refer to some relevant lactation knowledge, master the correct lactation posture, sitting nursing, can prepare a few cushion for leaning on, after the waist put a, relieve waist pressure, but to remember, cushion for leaning on is not too soft, to have a certain degree of hardness to have support force oh.

2) timely replenish qi and blood

In terms of diet, mothers can choose some foods to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis to get through the body's meridians, so that the blood circulation inside the body unobimpeded, naturally will not backache. Choose blood-enriching food to supplement the energy consumed by mothers during childbirth, and the physical quality will be better, and the backache will gradually improve.

3) proper hot compress

Postpartum back soreness can be relieved with hot compresses, massages, or hot baths that promote blood circulation, relax muscles, and reduce pain and fatigue.

4) take breaks

New mothers should pay attention to the supine position during the break, especially avoid long-term supine position. Side, supine, and prone positions can be rotated. Also, avoid standing, sitting, and squatting. Postpartum as the recovery of the body, can add the action that makes a few lumbar back stretch, also have curative effect more to reduce postpartum lumbar backache.

3, postpartum limb pain

Postpartum limb aches, have a concern with pregnancy, childbirth and lactation, on the one hand, be pregnant make endocrine produce change, bring about articular ligament flabby, flexibility drops, together with fetal need calcium amount to increase and expectant mother did not add sufficient calcium, can bring about bone density to reduce; On the other hand, childbirth will cause qi and blood deficiency, after catching cold easy to cause muscle and joint inflammation; Plus holding a baby for a long time, postpartum limb pain is more serious.

1) keep warm

Postpartum body ache is mostly due to postpartum qi and blood movement is not free or postpartum suffering from wind and cold caused, so postpartum to pay special attention to keep warm, do not blow.

2) diet

And postpartum qi blood movement not free mother can eat some of the food rich in nutrition, such as red beans, jujube, chicken, pig liver and so on.

3) seek medical advice in time

If the symptoms of postpartum systemic pain is very serious, through general adjustment can not be improved, then should be as soon as possible to see a doctor for examination, under the guidance of the doctor for reasonable treatment.

how to get relief from backache

4, postpartum wound pain

Wound pain mainly refers to the pain of the birth of the wound, under normal circumstances whether natural birth or cesarean section, the birth will be hospitalized on the same day, the hospital will arrange timely disinfection and lighting, as long as you follow the doctor's advice, normal health postpartum about a week after the wound basically recovered.

In some special cases, the wound healing is not complete, the pain and itching will continue, such as scar constitution will form in the healing of the keloid. If the scar is too large and there are hard patches on the surface of the skin, there will be pain when pressed.

1) loose clothing

Bao ma should not be in a hurry to wear shapewear after production, but should wear loose and comfortable clothes. Loose clothing helps the wound breathe and heal faster. It also avoids friction and reduces the pain.

2) avoid scratching

Postpartum wounds can be painful and itchy as they heal. Feel pruritus treasure mother must not use the hand to scratch the itching directly, easy to cause wound rupture, but also easy to cause bacterial infection!

3) balanced nutrition

Wound healing is needed for a period of time, it is recommended that bao ma postpartum diet should be light and easy to digest, can prevent stimulation to the wound. Also, eat a balanced diet to promote rapid healing. As a result, the pain in the wound is lessened day by day.

How many have you experienced? After watching these kinds of pain, for the great mother thumb up.

Finally, delivery for women itself will bring a lot of loss, postpartum qi, blood, muscles and bones will become weak, resistance will become poor, so from the beginning of sitting month, must pay attention to diet adjustment, maintain physical and mental comfort, adequate sleep, only mother physical and mental health can give the baby better care and care.

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Is female lumbar ache backache disease of department of gynaecology??? – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Pelvic inflammatory disease.Suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease can have the symptom that the waist appears ache to feel, still feel abdomen to fall to sometimes.

Cervical cancer.In the late stages of cervical cancer, there can be symptoms of lower back pain.

Uterine fibroids.In addition to causing back pain, fibroids can develop in different areas with different symptoms.

Urinary tract infection.Female physiology system is special, urethral mouth pollution opportunity is much, easy occurrence urological system infection, bring about lumbar bilge painful, serious person ache still can radiate along ureter reach pudendal ministry.

Why can you get disease of department of gynaecology

There are many bad habits in life will lead to the occurrence of gynecological diseases, such as not paying attention to hygiene, often washing vagina, menstrual bath and dirty sex, tired, stay up late, depressed mood, smoking and drinking habits will cause the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

What harm does disease of department of gynaecology have

Without treatment of gynecological diseases, the body will be exposed to inflammation for a long time, which will have adverse effects on immune function, metabolism and endocrine system, and do great harm to the health of the body. In addition, there are many kinds of gynecological diseases, with different kinds of harms. Common harms are as follows:

● induced female infertility;

● influence husband and wife life;

Increased leucorrhea, peculiar smell, itching, pain;

● induce cancer, harm health;

Suffering from gynecological diseases, to timely diagnosis, according to their own situation, follow the guidance of the doctor active treatment, do not delay the condition, so as not to cause serious consequences.

Keep away from all pathogenic factors, develop good habits, quit smoking and drinking, insist on exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less greasy and sweet food, keep a happy mood, learn to relieve pressure, pay attention to rest, do not overwork, avoid sitting for a long time, pay attention to personal hygiene, check regularly.

Girls usually want to know more about the relevant knowledge of gynecology, encounter problems when you will know how to do, learn to use scientific methods to take care of the health of the body, away from the harm brought by disease, health and happiness through every day.

Take a nap in the office, you will no longer have backache – AllPainHealing | backache

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Lumbar backache did not care, check unexpectedly cancer! Difficult to find, super deadly, 6 signal must know! – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Back pain did not care, a check was pancreatic cancer

Ms. Wang more than a month ago, becauseAbdominal distension and lower back pain, the examination to local hospital is: superficial sex gastritis and proctitis. At first, the family thought it was just an ordinary stomach disease, in the hospital opened gastrointestinal medicine to eat it. Unexpectedly, Ms. Wang's abdominal pain and back pain did not get better.Still have the symptom of disgusting, constipation, come nearly 20 days, solved defecate 3 times defecate only.

The doctor that receive an appointment expresses, the abdominal pain that the patient appears and lumbago back ache, because tumor invades celiac nerve plexus to be caused more, already belonged to cancer medium terminal.

Hardest to find, fastest to spread and deadliest!

how to reduce back bone pain

Pancreas, a relatively small internal organ of the human body, is easy to be ignored by people, and the "sense of existence" is not strong, and pancreatic cancer, simply speaking, is a cancer that occurs in the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancerIt is a kind of digestive tract malignant tumor with high degree of malignancy and poor prognosis.Early symptoms are hidden, difficult to detect, and easy to be misdiagnosed as gastrointestinal, blood sugar diseases, leading to missed the best treatment period.It is also easy to metastasize and difficult to treat, with high death rate and low cure rate. Therefore, it is called "king of cancer".According to clinical statistics,Eighty percent of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed as advanced.

Six early signs of pancreatic cancer, don't ignore them!

Early detection of six symptoms of pancreatic cancer may slow the progression of the disease, the American journal of prevention suggests.


Emerging diabetes

If a person does not have a family history of diabetes, a good diet, normal body shape, but suddenly new diabetes; Or have been well controlled diabetes, suddenly found out of control, it is necessaryThe function of the pancreas was assessed.


Abdominal pain

Experts say the pancreas is located near the abdominal plexus, an area of blood vessels and nerve bundles. Pancreatic cancer can cause pain and nerve irritation. The patient may feel painFrom the upper abdomen (the area directly below the sternum) to the back. The woman in the news was suffering from abdominal pain, low back pain and was not taken seriously.


Unexplained thrombus

Recent major surgery, trauma, hospitalization or long-term bed rest, and a family history of blood clots are common factors,If blood clots occur without these causes, a cancer screening test is recommended, excluding other diseases to determine the specific cause of abnormal thrombosis.

how to reduce back bone pain


The pancreas not only produces insulin, it also makes trypsin, which helps break down fat. If a tumor develops in the pancreas, the pancreatic enzyme output will be blocked, and the fat will not be digested, even making the patient sickThe excretion of foul-smelling "greasy" stoolShit will float on the toilet.



Close to the liver, where bile is produced, the long tumours of the pancreas prevent the bile ducts from discharging bile, leading to high levels of bilirubin in the body, which can lead to jaundice. This kind of situationMost commonly seen in the whites of the eyes, also can cause systemic itch, defecate color to become shallow, urinate color to deepen.


If your appetite drops or you feel full after a few bites, it could also be a sign of pancreatic cancer. This is because the pancreas is near the front of the small intestineCauses food to flow backwards or not to reach the small intestine quickly.

8 categories of high-risk groups, especially to pay attention!

how to reduce back bone pain

1.Patients with familial adenomatous polyposis.

2.No fatigue, no injuries, but low back pain, or no causeBad digestionBowel movements are shapeless or have no appetite or even jaundice.

3.In patients with a family history of pancreatic cancer, genetic factors accounted for 5% to 10% of the incidence of pancreatic cancer.

4.Older than 40, yesNon-specific symptoms of upper abdomenA patient whose symptoms cannot be directly identified.

5.People who smoke, drink a lot of alcohol and are exposed to harmful chemicals for a long time.

6.The incidence of pancreatic cancer increased by 1.5 to 5 times in patients who had undergone subtotal gastrectomy for benign lesions, especially those who had been 20 years or more after surgery.

7.Chronic pancreatitis. Now thinkChronic pancreatitisIt is an important precancerous lesion in some patients, especially in chronic familial pancreatitis and chronic calcified pancreatitis.

8.Sudden onset of diabetes. In particular atypical diabetes, age inOver 60 years old, lack of family history, no obesity, who quickly develop insulin resistance. Forty percent of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed with diabetes.

Early detection, early treatment!We must pay attention to the changes in the body, if uncomfortable, must be timely medical treatment, to avoid damage caused by their own negligence!

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If there are violations, infringement, please contact us

Often feel back pain, you may be curvature of the spine! – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache


With acquired scoliosis

The common scoliosis can be classified as congenital and acquired. Congenital scoliosis is usually found in elementary school health checks when a child is 7 to 8 years old, or it begins in adolescence.As for acquired scoliosis, most of the scoliosis occurs in adults aged 50-60 years old. Most of the scoliosis occurs because of injury or long-term occupation of heavy labor, which causes spinal damage.

The spine

Forward tilt + left-right twist = scoliosis

As the name implies, scoliosis is the abnormal inclination of the spine to the left or right. In addition, the entire spine can be twisted. In the treatment, in addition to the correction of the lateral curve, must also take into account the Angle of torsion, can be said to be the "3d" treatment of the spinal cord.

how to reduce back bone pain

Severe scoliosis can affect the ribs and pelvis, as well as muscles in the back and shoulders that can become stiff and sore. Generally, the Angle of lateral curvature within 15 ° is mild, and physicians usually recommend continuous follow-up observation and physical therapy with the rehabilitator. 15 ° ~ 35 °, must wear the back frame; If the inclination is above 35 °, the physician will cooperate with the patient's symptoms, whether to consider the need for surgery.

Don't worry, pregnant mother

Slight scoliosis is not easy to see in appearance, nor is it an obvious inconvenience in daily life, and must be diagnosed by X-ray.Women who suspect they may have scoliosis should have a pre-pregnancy checkup and take an X-ray before planning a pregnancy.

how to reduce back bone pain

While most women can afford one or two x-rays during pregnancy, avoid them if you can. If be pregnant hind just suspects oneself to have vertebra scoliosis, unless the symptom is very apparent (if pelvic both sides are not the same tall, the body turns forward, have one side the back is more outstanding wait), do not make the diagnosis of scoliosis in pregnancy as far as possible.

If you know you have scoliosis problems before pregnancy, you can consult an orthopedic doctor or a rehabilitation specialist during the prenatal examination, so that even if you do not have treatment during pregnancy, but can reduce the discomfort and psychological pressure of pregnant mothers.

Lateral bending

Large Angle and obvious influence

If you find that you have scoliosis before or during pregnancy, don't worry too much. Firstly, scoliosis will not be inherited. In addition, those with greater lateral curvature are usually treated at puberty.If the Angle of lateral curvature is not big, the impact on pregnancy and childbirth is limited, pregnant mothers do not have to give themselves too much pressure.

Because the scoliosis will press on the chest, the heart and lungs will be affected, plus to supply oxygen and blood to the fetus, the pregnant mother is easy to breathe.Pregnancy is a temporary weight gain and shift in focus, not a long period of heavy labor that worsens scoliosis, but a burden on the spine, so back pain may worsen. At this time suggest pregnant mother to lie flat rest, if the abdomen will be pressed to the body, can lie slightly side, keep breathing smooth, let the spine get support, thereby reducing the burden.

The effect on labor process and postpartum

Side Angle is not big pregnant mother, in the process of pregnancy and childbirth and the general pregnant mother, will not have too much risk; But if the Angle is more than 30 ° pregnant mother will pay attention to! During pregnancy, it is important to explain scoliosis to your obstetrician so that he can make proper arrangements during pregnancy and delivery.

Caesarean section

The birth should be discussed with the anesthesiologist

General cesarean section will use half body anesthesia, pregnant mother although not feel pain but consciousness is still clear, for pregnant mother is also a safer way of anesthesia. When hemihalf body anaesthesia, the back of pregnant mother wants arch rise, the body bends into the shape of shrimp rice, again the anaesthesia enters spinal cord cavity in; However, for a pregnant mother with a larger scoliosis Angle, because the spine is not straight, it may not be able to inject anesthetics in the normal way.Often before birth, the ob-gyn will discuss with the orthopedic surgeon and anesthesiologist whether to inject anesthetics under general anesthesia or other alternative methods.

In addition to congenital spinal scoliosis, and some disease is caused by the lateral bending, such as polio, spurs, disc herniation, spine and pelvis related symptoms will make the bone shape variation, the possible causes of the natural production difficulties, the doctors will assess condition, suggested that gave birth to the baby by caesarean section.

Nevertheless, average puerpera calculates the fault that has vertebral lateral curve, do not affect the labor course that produces naturally basically, want pregnant mother nutrition and weight to control only advisable, add correct motion habit, can give birth to darling naturally smoothly.

how to reduce back bone pain

How to improve scoliosis,

That needs pregnant mother to take care of!

Dietary exercise should pay attention to, early treatment to heal oh ~


Weight · reduce spinal burden

Poor weight control can lead to obesity, and in addition to increasing the risk of childbirth, for pregnant women with scoliosis,As the fetus grows, it puts more strain on the spine. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job during pregnancy weight control, pregnant mother to treat their own body.

Often do

Exercise · maintain strong muscles

Mother can do some can increase the flexibility and muscle strength of the exercise, the pregnant mother of scoliosis is helpful, such as yoga, stretching exercise can strengthen the health with less muscle;And swimming because of the buoyancy of the water, the fetal burden on the belly will be less, at the same time can relax the muscles of the whole body, so these exercises are very good choices.

how to reduce back bone pain


Exercise is indispensable

In addition to rest during the month, but also remember to do postpartum exercise, especially with scoliosis of the motherThe muscles of the shoulder, back and waist do not move for a long time. They will lose their strength and elasticity.

How does postpartum exercise do? There are detailed diagrams in the mother's manual, which are not complicated or difficult movements, so it is strongly recommended that mothers follow them. If there is any doubt about the movement, or if there is any discomfort after exercise, ask your gynecologist at the time of follow-up. In a word, don't lie in bed for a whole month because you are afraid of breaking your bones. Your muscles will be more sore.

Lateral curvature · early treatment

For patients who have scoliosis since childhood, doctors often recommend active treatment of scoliosis before the growth plate is closed (that is, during height growth). So by the time of pregnancy, most of the women with scoliosis are not serious, but it is still recommended that women who are planning to get pregnant,If have lumbar acerbity backache frequently, wear trousers to discover to have the condition such as length foot commonly, can be in before pregnancy when health examination, ask a doctor to diagnose whether to have the case of spinal lateral curvature, in order to be helpful when be pregnant in the future cogent master oneself body condition.

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Is female often backache is department of gynaecology disease? – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Women have backache

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease can have the symptom of lumbar ache feeling, still feel abdomen to fall to sometimes.

Female physiology system is special, urethral mouth pollution opportunity is much, easy occurrence urological system infection, bring about lumbar bilge painful, serious person ache still can radiate along ureter reach pudendal ministry.

how to get relief from backache

Cervical cancer

In the late stages of cervical cancer, there can be symptoms of lower back pain.

If tumor appears inside pelvic cavity, be like uterine fibroid, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian tumor, when tumor presses nerve or cancer cell infiltrates to pelvic connective tissue, can produce lumbago, and painful feeling can increase as tumor and aggravate.

Why can you get disease of department of gynaecology

There are many bad habits in life will lead to the occurrence of gynecological diseases, such as not paying attention to hygiene, often washing vagina, menstrual bath and dirty sex, tired, stay up late, depressed mood, smoking and drinking habits will cause the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

What harm does disease of department of gynaecology have

Without treatment of gynecological diseases, the body will be exposed to inflammation for a long time, which will have adverse effects on immune function, metabolism and endocrine system, and do great harm to the health of the body. In addition, there are many kinds of gynecological diseases, with different kinds of harms. Common harms are as follows:

● induced female infertility;

● influence husband and wife life;

Increased leucorrhea, peculiar smell, itching, pain;

● induce cancer, harm health;

How does disease of department of gynaecology do?

Suffering from gynecological diseases, to timely diagnosis, according to their own situation, follow the guidance of the doctor active treatment, do not delay the condition, so as not to cause serious consequences.

Prevention is important in life

Keep away from all pathogenic factors, develop good habits, quit smoking and drinking, insist on exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less greasy and sweet food, keep a happy mood, learn to relieve pressure, pay attention to rest, do not overwork, avoid sitting for a long time, pay attention to personal hygiene, check regularly.

Man lumbago 2 months did not care, a check was terminal tumor! Backache can not be ignored – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/leg pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

Tumor spinal metastasis, in reality there are many patients suffering from it. A foreign research report pointed out that, in the malignant tumor patients autopsy found that 70 percent of the patients with malignant tumor have developed spinal metastasis, it can be said that the cancer cells like to metastasize the place is the spine.

Teng lizang, director of tumor surgery department of the first affiliated hospital of zhejiang university medical college, pointed out that lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers are particularly prone to spinal metastasis, if patients have lower back pain and other symptoms must pay high attention. For the long time for lumbago, the elderly, routine physical examination recommended to increase imaging examination.

Mr. Wang, 54 years old this year, has run an enterprise in longyou, usually do not smoke, do not drink, good habits and habits, in addition to a few years ago detected disc herniation, has not been born with what serious disease, conscious health.

More than two months ago, Mr. Wang suddenly felt a little pain in the small of your back, back, like smoke live, standing or walking the whole person feel particularly heavy, thought it was recurrent disc herniation, he went for a few weeks for massage, physiotherapy treatment, but the effect is not good, then go to a local hospital for a comprehensive inspection, only to find that not only the blood tumor markers in the abnormally high index of carcinoembryonic antigen (cea), lungs and a few lumps, doubt is peripheral lung cancer.

Thinking that he didn't have chest pain or hemoptysis, Mr. Wang immediately made an appointment for pet-ct examination in a big hospital. The result showed that there were not only lumps in the lungs, enlarged lymph nodes, but also bad signs in many vertebrae and ribs.

The illness hit him hard without noticing. A few days ago, he found teng lizuan, director of tumor surgery in the first hospital of zhejiang university. Teng lizao introduced, "in addition to the pain, magnetic resonance examination also found that he had a compression fracture of the thoracic vertebra, spinal stability is weakened, we on the one hand asked him to reduce activity, on the other hand, we have combined with orthopaedic consultation, the following will first on his spinal function surgery."

Tumor cells metastasize to the spine, which can have a significant impact on a healthy spine. The spine is the backbone of the body, with functions such as load bearing, shock absorption, protection and movement. After cancer cell metastases to spinal column, can appear corrode bone, corrode the phenomenon such as spinal column, besides bring aching feeling, still can affect the intensity of spinal column and stability, abate spinal column function, fall in the compression of human body oneself weight, bring about pathological fracture very likely. Severe spinal displacement can also lead to high paraplegia, loss of trunk sensation, immobility, incontinence, and other complications or tumor syndrome, affecting the quality of life and safety of patients.

Bone metastasis is a common type of tumor metastasis in the whole body. Teng lisend professor pointed out that it should be noted that bone metastasis is not equal to the primary bone tumor, often caused by lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and other secondary tumors, some cancers "like" to the spine, we should correctly understand, rational treatment, scientific treatment.

Treatment for these diseases is usually targeted at the primary tumor, so identifying the cause, the cancer that caused the spinal metastasis, is essential.

Most patients with spinal metastasis or bone metastasis are advanced patients, and the local treatment effect is not obvious. Therefore, doctors will treat the primary tumor with the cause. For example, in this case, the patient with lung cancer should carry out systemic drug treatment for lung cancer, and use some drugs for spinal metastasis to control.

Of course, with the development of medical technology and philosophy, it is possible to remove tumors from the spine surgically, considering the important support function of the spine to the human body, but it is more important to maintain stable and protective functions.

Prevention combined, experts recommend

A lot of tumor spine metastases patient, it is to appear above all the symptom such as spinal pain, also because of this, regular meeting is mistaken for disease such as cervical vertebra disease, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, cause misdiagnosis or misdiagnosis. Therefore, early prevention is very important.

Cancer patients, especially those with lung, breast and prostate cancer, need regular ect examination, whole-body bone scan and screening. Once appear the symptom such as lumbago backache, neck shoulder ache, should cause attention, seek medical advice in time.

Patients with no history of cancer, but long-term pain, should also follow the doctor's advice to increase imaging tests when visiting orthopedics or other departments.

For the majority of middle-aged and elderly people, it is recommended to have regular physical examination every year. According to different ages, the physical examination items need to include imaging examination of different parts and examination of common tumor markers. For those who have bad habits, it is also recommended to have regular annual check-ups.

85% of people have experienced lumbago and leg pain in their lives, and many people get the diagnosis of "curvature straightening" and "backbow". Despite the talk of "straightening your back" and "puffing your chest out," the normal, healthy shape of your spine is the s-shape of your lumbar lordosis, which allows you to carry your weight with minimal effort.

Yin ganghui, deputy chief physician of the first region of spinal column in the third affiliated hospital of southern medical university, said that people's life, strain, trauma, infection, tumor and other factors may lead to problems in the structure of the lumbar spine, shape changes, and thus produce pain.

How does lumbago deal with commonly? If the pain is only caused by fatigue, more than 60 percent of the pain can be relieved by taking measures such as bed rest, hot compress on the waist, or supplemented with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, Yin said. The lower back pain that can be relieved is most likely caused by muscle strain, fasciitis, or ligamentitis, and is not a serious condition.

Only after such a simple treatment can not alleviate the back pain, only need to go to the hospital. If in the state of rest at night, low back pain more than tolerable, sleep pain woke up or lower back pain combined with numbness and pain, it should be paid attention to, need to check the possibility of tumors in the spinal canal.

If there is no pain lying flat, sitting, standing for a long time, weight will be painful, may prompt lumbar disc problems, also need timely medical treatment. The elderly supine motionless pain, turning up pain is severe, is likely to be caused by osteoporosis vertebral compression fracture, not careless.

If lower back pain is accompanied by numbness or pain in the lower extremities, fever, chills, chronic cough, or perineal numbness, weakness in urine or feces, or even incontinence, it is often a sign of more serious illness, the former may indicate spinal infection, the latter may indicate caudata nerve syndrome, and these conditions need to be seen as soon as possible.

Known as the "number one killer of health", cancer has long been a nightmare for mankind. According to the latest data from the national cancer center, in 2015, there were 3.929 million cases and 2.338 million deaths of malignant tumors in China. The number of cancer patients in China is increasing year by year, and the annual related medical expenses exceed 220 billion yuan.

"One of the main reasons people turn pale when they talk about cancer is that most cancer patients are in advanced stages of treatment and miss the best opportunity for treatment." Chen wanqing, director of the office of early cancer diagnosis and treatment at the national cancer center.

Early tumor size is small, without metastasis, and it is easier to remove. Therefore, the earlier the malignant tumor tissue is detected, the better the patient's chance of survival will be. Taking lung cancer as an example, clinical data shows that the average five-year survival rate of early lung cancer is significantly higher than that of late lung cancer, said feng li, director of the department of traditional Chinese medicine at the cancer hospital of the Chinese academy of medical sciences.

The world health organization says one in three cancers can be cured by early detection. Early detection and surgical treatment through standardized screening can effectively reduce the pain and economic burden of cancer patients. Therefore, the medical community attaches great importance to early cancer screening.

China has always attached great importance to cancer screening and early diagnosis and treatment. With financial support from the central government, China has carried out cancer screening, early diagnosis and treatment in high-incidence rural areas, the huaihe river basin and some cities, as well as screening of rural women for "two cancers", said li bin, deputy director of the National Health Commission. At present, the early diagnosis rate of cancer in the project area exceeds 80%, and the treatment rate reaches 90%. The cancer mortality rate of the screening population is reduced by 46%, and the cost of diagnosis and treatment of early cases is nearly 70% lower than that of middle and late cases.

The reporter learned that the project of early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in rural areas has covered 234 project areas in 31 provinces, and the project of early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in urban areas has been carried out in 45 cities in 20 provinces. The state will also gradually expand the coverage of screening and early diagnosis and treatment of high-incidence cancers, so as to create conditions for carrying out opportunistic cancer screening.

When it comes to cancer screening, many people resist it in their hearts, because methods like gastroscopy and biopsy are not convenient or even painful. What's exciting, though, is the recent breakthrough in screening some cancers.

Take a tube of blood and you know if you have liver cancer – a technique that can detect early liver cancer in asymptomatic hepatitis b carriers by detecting mutations in free DNA and protein markers in the blood.

The technology, jointly developed by the cancer hospital research team of the Chinese academy of medical sciences and Beijing fanzongheng gene technology co., LTD, is expected to establish a more convenient, non-invasive and standardized screening program for liver cancer after strict clinical verification.

"A few years ago, using free DNA in the blood for early screening of liver cancer was largely impossible due to technical and cost constraints." Wang sizhen, co-founder and CEO of Beijing fab gene technology co., LTD., said that the development of liquid biopsy technology in the past three or four years has made it possible for such "black technology" to be transformed into early screening products and reach thousands of households.

An artificial intelligence cloud diagnosis technology has been applied in cervical cancer screening in some areas of China. The sampling agency collects the image information of cell specimens and transmits it to the cloud diagnosis platform through the Internet. Artificial intelligence automatically makes diagnosis, and pathologists only need to review and confirm the few positive results of artificial intelligence diagnosis, saving a lot of manual labor.

"This technique could also be used to screen for tumors from a variety of epithelial sources." Sun xiaorong, chief scientist at wuhan university's landin ai cytopathology research center, which developed the technology, said that the training of ai in the large sample size of cervical cancer screening has laid a good foundation for the application and promotion of the technology in other cancer screening.

Liquid biopsies of free DNA from cells enable scientists to perform accurate nucleic acid tests in the blood and solve clinical problems. The combined application of protein, nucleic acid, image and other types of markers increases the accuracy of cancer screening. The application of artificial intelligence and big data technology has improved the efficiency of cancer screening.

According to wang sizhen, with the technical foundation of these three aspects, the sensitivity and specificity of cancer screening will continue to improve.

"Cancer is far away from me," "the physical examination did not detect cancer," "cancer can not be cured, so there is no need to screen"… Cancer is scary and controllable, yet many people don't know enough about screening technology, don't understand enough about its importance, and even confuse screening with routine physical exams.

Cancer screening is a more specialized test that focuses on high-risk cancers, experts say. Although a small number of early cancers can be detected by routine checkups, they need to be identified with cancer screening programs.

Focusing cancer screening on high-risk groups can improve screening efficiency. "Taking early screening of liver cancer as an example, people infected with hepatitis b virus, hepatitis c virus, liver cirrhosis, people with a history of chronic liver disease, etc. are more likely to develop liver cancer. Therefore, screening is more valuable and cost-effective." Chen wanqing said.

According to the cancer prevention and treatment information released by the National Health Commission, standardized cancer prevention physical examination can detect cancer early. Current techniques can detect most common cancers early. For example, low-dose spiral ct can be used to detect lung cancer, ultrasound combined with molybdenum target can be used to detect breast cancer, and gastroenteroscopy can be used to detect digestive tract cancer.

Expert proposal, do prevent cancer check-up, need to wait for a circumstance according to oneself age, living and working environment and habit, disease family history, in professional check-up orgnaization, choice individuation project.

"When you look at screening programs, the general population is not very receptive to screening for some cancers, for example, colorectal cancer screening is only 20 percent." Chen wanqing believes that the reduction of cancer incidence, death rate and economic burden caused by cancer through screening lies in the promotion of screening technology and wide application of the population.

In the next step, the country will formulate guidelines for screening, early diagnosis and treatment of upper gastrointestinal cancers, colorectal cancers, cervical cancers and other key cancers with high incidence and relatively mature screening methods and technical programs, and intensify promotion efforts, li said.

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