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√1, McIlroy t22 back spasms, or give up the playoffs next year

√2, zhang xinjun Missouri tied for fourth to secure pga tour qualification

Fowler, again missing out on a grand slam title, believes he still has time to win

√4. Thomas wins pga championship for the first time

On August 14

McIlroy suffered back spasms after his t22

Or give up the playoffs to return next year

Rory McIlroy is unsure of his schedule because of back spasms and paralysis in his left arm. He raised the possibility Sunday that he might not be able to defend his fed cup title in the upcoming pga tour playoffs.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," McIlroy said. "maybe next year, you'll see me. Perhaps in two weeks you will see me. It really depends."

After a final round of 68, 3 under par — four rounds on 285, 1 over — and a tie for 22nd in the pga championship, McIlroy complained of spasms in his left argyle and paralysis in the medial side of his left arm. He immediately plans to fly back to Northern Ireland to meet with his fitness instructor, Steve McGregor, next week to assess his options.

"I'll talk to him about it and see what we need to do in the future," McIlroy said. "but the more I play, the longer it will take me to be 100 percent."

lower back cramps

Wheat may give up defending his pga tour playoff title

Zhang xinjun of Missouri tied for fourth

Ensure pga tour eligibility

Springfield, Missouri,August 13, 2017China's zhang xinjun shot 65-64-66 in the last three rounds to tie for fourth place with a final score of -22 and take home $29,700 in the webber tour price cut online store charity tournament here at highland springs country club. Dou ze, who is already a lock to qualify for next season's pga tour, is tied for 13th.

After this battle, zhang xinjun's total bonus for the season exceeded 186,000 us dollars, rising to 18th place in the bonus list. With only two games left in webber's regular season, zhang xinjun is only the second Chinese player to make the pga tour after dou zecheng.

"I was a little worried after the first round. -1 was not a very good result," zhang said after the match. By the second round, I was playing really well, the irons, the putter."

After shooting a 71 in the first round at highland springs country club, zhang shot a six-stroke in all three rounds. He swallowed only three bogeys in the last three rounds, but caught 24 birdies.

"There were a lot of close birdies that didn't advance, but I learned the lesson and still tried to keep a normal mind and not worry."

Dou zecheng became the first Chinese player to enter the pga tour when he won the digital Allies open two weeks ago. Until then, zhang had been ranked higher on the webber tour's money list than dou. "I did put some pressure on myself to play well and make the pga tour," zhang said. Happy for him."

From the pga tour China to the pga tour, zhang xinjun and dou zecheng made the history of Chinese golf. The pga tour season, which starts in October, will feature players from mainland China as members for the first time.

Zhang xinjun in the final round of the charity championship of online shop (source: pgatour)

Fowler missed out on another grand slam title

Believe that you still have the time

Ricky fowler was a spectator at the 99th pga championship on aug 14.

Fowler powered through the last nine holes of the final round and finished tied for fifth overall on five under par, three strokes behind champion Justin Thomas. Fowler will have to wait eight months for his first grand slam title.

After four birdies in a row on the 12th to 15th holes on the back nine, he was within two strokes of the leader and tied Sunday's low with a fourth round 67 (-4). Fowler's title was ruined by a triple bogey in the first round and the closing three holes in the third round left him four over par, six shots behind the leader.

"I knew there was a chance today and that the competition would be tough." Fowler said. "I had a good week of putt but yesterday I had the misfortune to have two three-putts. Then on the 17th hole, I ran into trouble with my iron 8 because I didn't realize the danger of water barriers, didn't know if the wind was going to be stronger, and other factors were not taken into account. So it's not a bad swing."

A tie for fifth is another good grand slam finish for fowler, who entered the title race at both the masters and us open weekends. Fowler said he had a good grand slam this year. The 29-year-old, who turns 29 in December, has finished in the top 10 of his eight grand slam titles so far and still believes he will win his first grand slam title.

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Fowler and his buddy Thomas (credit: sina sports)

Thomas fought back to win the pga championship

First grand slam title

Justin Thomas, 24, won the first grand slam at the pga championship on Sunday, easily beating a group that included hideki matsuyama to win the wanamaker trophy by two strokes, despite missing the final hole in panic valley.

With five birdies from the seventh hole to the 17th hole, Thomas secured his lead. On the last hole, he teed into the bunker, leaving himself with a 27-foot long putt. But he putted the ball three inches to the side of the hole cup to seal the victory. Thomas, whose father is a pga coach, shot 68 in the fourth round to finish at 276 (73-66-69-68), eight under par, earning him a $1.89 million check.

Francesco molinari's 67, Patrick reed's 67, tied for second place with Louis oosthuizen (70), who birdied the last hole, at six under par at 278.

Hideki matsuyama, who delivered a disappointing performance and had been seen as the top contender for the title over the weekend, saved just one putt on the back nine on the 17th hole — including five bogeys and three birdies — with a 72 that tied him with Ricky fowler (67) for fifth place at 279, five under par.

Four grand slam champion rory McIlroy, who twice won the Wells Fargo championship in scare valley, shot 285 (72-72-73-68) in four rounds to tie for 22nd. Wheat said after the game that he felt cramps and paralysis, and may rest until next year.

Jordan spieth shot his best 70 of the week in the final round, but he missed his career grand slam all week. His four-round result of 286 (72-73-71-70) was two over par and tied for 28th.

lower back cramps

Thomas wins first grand slam title (source: sina sports)

lower back cramps

lower back cramps

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Decker on recent back spasms: I'm not worried – AllPainHealing | back spasms/back surgery

Rockets forward Sam decker played just five minutes against the pelicans on Saturday, limited by back spasms that had plagued him for days, but he returned to action against the nuggets on Sunday. Aside from missing most of his rookie year due to back surgery, he hasn't missed a game since, and the strain this time has nothing to do with last season.

"I'm not really worried," decker said. "People ask me: 'did the back problem have anything to do with last season's injury? It was just a muscle problem and I just needed a massage to calm it down. That's the problem with back spasms. Sometimes it lasts for a week, sometimes just a day, and some days it can tighten the back."

"The coach called me out and said, 'let's look at your situation in the first few minutes.

Decker's playing time has been shortened by the arrival of Louis Williams, Eric Gordon playing more small forward, and trevor ariza starting to play in bendecker's former position.

"I rely on my athletic ability to play and play better to my advantage," decker said. "But when something takes it away from you, it leaves a shadow in your heart."

Sam decker has played 70 games for the rockets this season, averaging 18.7 minutes and 6.8 points, 3.7 rebounds and one assist.


Kobe Bryant blasts current NBA status quo! He went to war with back spasms – AllPainHealing | back spasms/bad back

Los Angeles (Reuters) – kobe Bryant, the lakers' most famous player, said he once battled Vince carter with back spasms during his increasingly popular off-season in the NBA, us media reported Wednesday.

The word "load management" is becoming more and more popular in the NBA.

Kobe Bryant has blasted the NBA's increasingly popular off-season, revealing he once battled Vince carter with back spasms.

"What the hell is that?" "I don't know what it is," Bryant said of load management. That's crazy."

"A lot of fans watch you for their hard-earned money and your job is to keep fit and play at a high level every game. As a fighter, I don't run away, like, 'oh, my back is bad, my body aches. '"

"I remember one time in 2000 when we had to play raptors and Vince took the league by storm." "I had a bad back, but I didn't want to miss Vince carter," Bryant recalled.

"I had back spasms, actually, but if I hadn't played, people would have said I was avoiding Vince. No, I wouldn't do that."

"I said to myself: you have many days to rest and recover, but not today. Vince will see me on the court today. "Bryant said.

This must be the mamba spirit!

Barclays premier woods was runner-up with back spasms caused by a mattress that was too soft – AllPainHealing | back spasms/back problems/back injury

The first leg of the fed cup playoffs ended yesterday with the barclays premier league game at the New Jersey liberty club. The 18th green, ranked no. 1 in the world, missed a birdie putt and lost to Scott by one shot, leaving him tied for second with Justin rose and others. The tiger, plagued by a back injury, swallowed three bogeys on the 10th and 15th holes to give up the title. After four rounds, woods has shot under 70, missing out on his sixth title of the season.

Pay attention to safety

1. When hitting the ball or trying to swing, make sure that no one is standing at the place where he may be hit by the club, ball, pebble or twig;

2. Do not hit the ball when there is someone in the distance of hitting the ball in front;

3. Before preparing to hit the ball, please pay attention to whether there are any court staff nearby or in front of you, and consider whether the ball may cause danger to them;

Fore is an organization that USES the force of the ball to make positive changes to the way the ball is going.

The mattress is too soft and causes back spasms

After hitting the par-two on the 13th hole, woods slowly dropped his knees to the grass. Then he raised his arms to the ground in a kneeling position. Moments later, with the help of his cue, woods stood up and walked forward. He walked slowly, stooping, his knees bent.

Woods has been battling back problems all week. Tiger had previously revealed the cause of his back injury, which was caused by a mattress at the hotel that was too soft. He has been receiving treatment during the match.

Woods appeared to shake off a back injury on the first 12 holes of the final round, grabbing three birdies on the first nine holes and trailing the leaders by just one shot.

Woods admitted that the 12th hole back injury hit again. "It actually started before the hole [the 13th] and I felt it when I kicked off. The tee shot on the 13th aggravated the injury." Woods said. Asked about the specifics of his injury, woods described it as a "spasm."

Injury plagued woods through the tournament

It's worth noting that Mr. Woods's current caddie, lakawa, caddied for Mr. Kappos for many years. Throughout his career, kappos has struggled with back problems. Lacava knows what a back injury can do to a golfer.

"For almost 21 years, I was on the sidelines watching kappos struggle with his back. "Tiger's situation is very similar to kappos's. It's very unfortunate." "Tiger" encounter kappos similar back injury, lacava emotional myriad.

According to the New York post, woods appeared to be withdrawing at the time. However, lacava pointed out in an interview that woods is not a player easily knocked out by injury. "He's really close to retiring. But tiger has always been able to withstand pain and he has never retired. He will fight as long as he can." Lacava said.

The scene was reminiscent of the 2008 open championship. Woods suffered a stress fracture. For four days, he struggled with injuries. Finally, suffering from pain, tiger won the championship, which was his last grand slam title.

Unfortunately, the fatal push failed to stage a counter-attack

This time, tiger came close to clinching his sixth title of the season, laying the groundwork for a fed cup title, but ended up repeating the loss of the title on the final hole of the 2009 barclays classic.

Woods then swallowed bogey at the 10th hole, bogey at the 13th and then the same fate at the 15th. Faced with this low point, "tiger" only lamented the unfair fate, "I was in a very perfect position, but very unfortunate. But woods didn't give up and fought back on the last three holes. He birdied the 16th and 17th holes, just one shot behind solo leader Scott. By then, the handsome man had already finished the match, waiting for the possible extension.

On the 18th hole, once woods catches the bird, he can put the match into extended play. "I have a chance." Woods thought his fate was still in his hands, but he missed the crucial birdie putt.

Woods and several golfers were unable to make a putt on the 18th green, allowing Scott to emerge as the winner. "To be honest, I couldn't believe it. I played very well today, but I didn't expect to win either. I thought it was a present from everyone, and I certainly had to accept it." Scott said.

The jury is still out on whether to continue fighting

Next, the bundesbank championship will be played in the fed cup playoffs. Woods won the deutsche bank championship in 2006 and his foundation is a beneficiary of the tournament. Now, there's a question mark over woods' participation in the tournament.

Woods is reluctant to make assumptions about the future for the time being. His answer to the question was equivocal. I don't feel at my best for a while and all I can do is get off the pitch as soon as possible.

Lacava didn't ask woods about it. However, he doesn't think tiger will play in his current form. "I haven't asked him yet. So I don't know if he's going to go on or just sit on the sidelines. He knows his form needs to be better and he won't go on like this. Lacava said.

Woods currently leads the fed cup standings with 4,009 points. After winning the barclays, Scott moved up to second place, less than two points behind woods. As a rule, only the top 100 players in the fed cup qualify for the deutsche bank championship.

Special article/Beijing news reporter zhang bin

King James has a tough schedule against Miami with a strategic 5 – day, 4 – day back spasm – pain healing | back spasms

Beijing time on March 20, at Boston, Miami this is the first world war ii, the heat of the back-to-back on a truce wade come back, and the state just better lebron is high sitting idle because of back spasms, the truce and at the same time in the past two games starting center Greg oden and keeping the heat sent udonis haslem, Chris bosh, beasley inside big lineup, including udonis haslem and beasley start a total of only seven times this season, has never appeared in the starting line-up at the same time.

    Ncaa march madness 64

    NBA regular season: magic 89-103 warriors

    NBA regular season: bucks 115-120 blazers

    And 2 have been used in the past two seasons, today the Miami lineup has three inside, including previously let oden as starting center, two heat changes in the play is very obvious, this handsome said, "as the change of competitors, we can't stick to play last season, our team, the individual must become more outstanding, you will never want to change." But no one expected such a change to include lebron's rotation.

    On one game scored 43 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, 2 steals 3 blocked shots, when lebron's condition is very good, this is since he scored 61 against the bobcats played one of the best games, especially details the key moment of two blocks for Miami to ensure victory, violence and today he has quite a truce spurs were rested, because the heat is in game 4 5 days of hard schedule, for the past two weeks have been tired lebron continues to play is not a wise choice.

    Lebron, Chris bosh and dwyane wade are both 29 and 32. Wade began last season with knee injuries. With the playoffs not far away, there's nothing wrong with giving key players more time off when the heat have a solid record.

    But a string of injuries to key players has raised some concerns about Miami's prospects, with one us media reporter writing on twitter: "now wade is injured and lebron has back spasms. What should Miami do if bosh gets injured in the next game against Memphis or pelicans?"

    Wade was out with back spasms and the heat wouldn't have had such a hard time with him – pain healing | back spasms/back injury

    2 '5' '


    Beijing time on December 31,They beat their opponents, including wade, 97-94(a)He finished the game with 12 points, two rebounds and two assists on 6-of-9 shooting. He was sidelined with back spasms shortly after the start of the third quarter.

    In December, wade can get 21.7 PPG, data than the previous two months had the obvious rise, as the team at the center of the back flash also pose a decisive influence to the heat of the outcome, in to win 19 games, he averaged 20.1 points and shooting 55.2%, in lost three wars, he is averaged 18.7 PPG, hit ratio of 45%.

    After the game, wade showed how effective the offense was. Midway through the first quarter, chalmers passed the ball in the high postAfter the empty defense in the paint, wade's heart immediately jumped into the box, and cha immediately threw the ball to the basket, wade easily completed the empty layup.

    Wade showed his sharpness again on an offensive play in the second quarter, when he ran over on a dribbleIn the seeAlready cut, wade a shot to the ground to plug the ball, hoping to pass the latter to complete the end, but did not expect the ball with a near miss, wade then picked up the ball from the floor, a side, with the board to send the ball into the basket, play more than light. Wade was one of the heat's most effective players on 6-of-9 shooting in the first half.

    Come up soon, in the second half, however, wade was once again encountered unexpected circumstances, he had encountered the nuggets forward Milton fouls, then was knocked to the ground and wade's expressions are somewhat uncomfortable, after see things start to go wrong, replace with Norris cole, wave under wade, and then, the heat is officially declared, wade because of back spasms, won't appear in the rest, and the heat since then have been struggling, and rivals fight to the last…

    Injuries have been with the flash throughout his career, starting with the 2005 playoffs, when wade suffered a rib injury and the heat were beaten in the eastern conference finalsIn 2007, the flash suffered a serious shoulder injury, which has put his season on and off. Wade has struggled with a knee injury for the last three years, but he is still on the court.

    In fact, also is one of the invisible injury to wade back spasms, back in 2009, wade was suffering from a back injury, he was even feel pain against the wall, don't know whether now back spasms will influence somewhat to wade after this game, but in the league, wade has become the symbol of the phenix, from where fall will start to climb from where, I hope wade can recuperate good body, make a comeback.

    (cat and bear)

    In the westIn the east

    Jose mourinho confirmed pogba suffered back spasms and was ruled out of the milan game – pain healing | back spasms

    Ole Gunnar solskjaer has revealed that Paul pogba is out of action against , because of back spasms.

    Manchester united play milan in the champions league on Sunday morning Beijing time. Ole Gunnar solskjaer confirmed the day before the match that pogba would be ruled out because of back spasms. "I think he will be fit early next week." Ole Gunnar solskjaer said.

    In addition, the manager revealed that sanchez, lukaku and jose Manuel parreira, who suffered a back sprain, will continue training.

    Manchester united


    A. sá nchez

    P. pogba

    M. darmian

    R. lukaku

    O. solskjæ r

    Andreas pereira

    The 2019-08-18 will

    The 2019-08-18 23:08

    The 2019-08-18 23:02

    Pogba has been ruled out of a move to real Madrid after suffering back spasms against milan – pain healing | back spasms/back problems

    Paul pogba will miss Saturday's champions league clash with ac milan after the Frenchman suffered back spasms but is still expected to play in Manchester united's premier league opener against Chelsea.

    United will face ac milan in the final game of their international champions league campaign, although the red devils need three or more goals to win the trophy.

    However, they will be without pogba, who suffered back problems in training on Friday despite a strong pre-season.

    Manager ole Gunnar solskjaer has confirmed he will miss united's pre-season campaign, but believes the Frenchman will be back to his best form within days.

    "Paul suffered back spasms at the end of training today (Friday)," solskjaer told united's official website.

    "It's the same problem he had last week, but I think he will recover early next week.

    Damien, parreira, lukaku and sanchez are also missing and solskjaer added: "we have a number of players at the aoun training base."

    "Joel pereira sprained his back last week, so he came back to training. Romero and Alexis are working out with matteo damien. Eric (bailey), obviously injured until Christmas."

    Pogba has been the subject of speculation this summer, with one of the most closely watched transfer rumours so far linking him with a move to Spanish giants real Madrid.

    lower back cramps

    However, time is running out for a deal and with real Madrid already buying players such as azar, jovic, milidoun, mendi, rodrigo and arriving at the bernabeu, it is doubtful that pogba's move will happen in the current transfer window.

    Just recently, Brazilian legend rivaldo said that while pogba would undoubtedly succeed in the Spanish capital, zidane's team did not necessarily need him.

    Meanwhile, Manchester united begin the 2019-20 premier league season at home to Chelsea on August 11.

    Nick kyegos overcame back spasms to beat Daniel medvedev – pain healing | back spasms

    Nick kyrgios of Australia overcame an early spasm in his back to beat Daniel medvedev of Russia with two ACES to win the citi open in Washington on Sunday.

    The Australian beat frustrated fourth seed dmitry medvedev 7-6(6) 7-6(4) to win his sixth career atp tour title. Kyegaos did not face a break point and fired 18 ACES, two of which ended in the final.

    Kyegaos rallied from the baseline and dropped a shot to win the game 4-1 in the opening game of the tiebreak, and went on a medical rest after the game, which seemed to help ease back spasms during the substitution.

    However, he still had trouble with medvedev's serve, with the Russian winning 80 percent of his service points.

    Kyegaos tied the second set 6-6 and then claimed his second win of the year, again in a tie-break. (general report of ynet.com)

    Serena Williams on withdrawal: back muscle spasms I was touched by her opponent's moves – null | back spasms/back injury/back spasms/back injury/back spasms/back injury/back spasms/back injury

    Toronto, Canada – 19-year-old Canadian starlet andrescu picked up eighth seed serena Williams to lift the Rogers cup trophy at home – even though the highly anticipated final ended in an unexpected fashion. Williams' last tour final was in Rome in 2016, when she beat Keith to win. Williams was unable to play after trailing 3-1 in the first set and had to retire.

    Serena Williams told reporters that the back injury was the result of a three-set semifinal match against qualifier Elena buzkova. In that match, she suffered painful back spasms but fought back the pain to win 1-6 6-3 6-3.

    But in the hours that followed, Williams revealed that the injury was getting worse. "It was a bit of an injury yesterday," Williams told reporters at the post-match press conference. I had muscle spasms all over my back and couldn't sleep or move. So I just think about how to play without turning around."

    In four sets Sunday, the three-time champion tried to find out and fight. She served two ACES and one service game in the match. But her serve was also affected by back spasms: she faced break points in both sets, breaking only 39 percent of her first serves.

    "It's hard for me to serve, I mean, although I can move, I still need to use my upper body," Williams said. "My lower body is fine, but my upper body can't do anything.

    "I spent a lot of time on treatment before the game. So I already knew it would be hard for me to continue. "

    Williams might have recovered better if he had had more time to recover. But on the wta tour, tournaments are usually played for days on end, without giving her enough time to rest and recover.

    "That's the most frustrating part," she said. "I've been through injuries like this, crazy spasms like this, but it passed after 24,36 hours. So it was a little frustrating today because I knew I might be able to play. But not today."

    "I tried different treatments. And had a day off. But obviously, there's still not enough time for me to recover."

    Despite the pain and even the difficulty of getting out of bed, the 23-time grand slam champion still wanted to fight hard in front of the fans.

    "But I'm in the final and I'm going to at least try and see if there's a miracle and I'm going to regret it if I don't play."

    Before the game, both andrescu and Williams expressed their anticipation of the old and new rivalry.

    After seeing Williams forced to retire due to injury, andrescu crouched down next to Williams and spoke words of encouragement, which made Williams very grateful.

    "I just felt sad, but she made me feel better." Williams says andrescu has a "sophisticated soul" : "she's only 19, but she's definitely not acting like she's 19. Her words, her game on the court and her attitude, her attitude, her performance… She has a very attractive personality."

    (wta Chinese website)

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