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Sancao relieves back pain

■ boating on dry land

Stand up straight with your feet open. And by the hip place on the body forward, collapse back straight chest, look forward, hands in front of the hands, palms down clenched fists, as if to grasp the rowing OARS.

Hands from the front and back, back muscles tight, such as the pull oar action, so repeated. Lean forward and move your hands backwards and forwards about 50 times. Do it every night. This exercise can alleviate many neck and back problems, as well as effectively alleviate and eradicate back pain problems of desk workers and middle-aged and elderly people.

■ stretch back exercises

In the prone position, place your upper arms on your back and straighten them, gradually raising your head, neck and shoulders. At the same time, pull in the abdomen to straighten the legs and gradually lift them, so that the abdomen into bed, limb into a boat, a total of 10 times. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

This exercise can prevent lumbago muscle strain, back pain and so on.

■ beat your back

Sit upright, back upright, eyes slightly closed, relaxed. Make fist with both hands, beat back the back of the middle and both sides, from the bottom up, then from the top to the bottom, 10 times each. The technique should not be too heavy, the movement is coordinated, the rhythm is even, the strength is full of flexibility. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

This exercise can prevent shoulder pain, spinal hyperplasia and ligament aging.

Below 3 kinds of exercise method, more conduce to female strong bone fitness.

1. Tree exercise helps women strengthen their spines

Method: stand posture, two feet together, heel from the ground, two hands fingers forcibly open, two arms parallel from two ears side forcibly stretch, while the head. Do this three times a day for about a minute. This method also applies to children, benefit children to grow tall.

2. Women also need to get through the "ren du liang mai"

Method: it is often said in the novel that the training of martial arts should get through the ren du-mai, in fact, getting through the ren du-mai is not the patent of the "master of martial arts" in the novel. As an ordinary woman, she can also try to get through the ren du-mai. The method is also very simple: first of all to find the ren du two veins, the head of the hundred will acupuncture point forward and backward are ren du two veins respectively. To get through the ren du two veins, to take a standing posture, hands thumbs crossed, two palms in the same direction, two arms straight up to the head, then bend your knees, let the whole body to swing back and forth, do fish.

3. Poor cervical vertebra can simulate "moment"

Methods: two hands were raised horizontally with two arms in a 9 – minute shape, that is, the extended arms were parallel to the ground. Then raise both arms at the same time, so that the Angle of both arms represents the 10:10 Angle in the clock. Do this four times a day for 50 repetitions. Not only to rachis especially cervical vertebra health is advantageous, still have hairdressing, reduce weight effect.

How to alleviate back ache? A lot of people are not because the effect of three exercise is not good, but because at ordinary times lazy, a lot of people are not willing to adhere to, so the effect is not good, in fact, adhere to the following, the effect is very good.

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Old waist aches, should conservative treat still should this operation? News channel – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/sciatic nerve

"Ouch! My old waist!" "This often by the elderly while holding waist side issued a lament, now has become many middle-aged" catchphrase ", but also from the mouth of young adults in their 30s and 40s.

What's wrong with the modern waist? Many patients struggle with the question of whether to treat their waists conservatively or operate on them.

Let's start with a case.


Mr. Wang, an accountant, is known as an "iron abacus" by his colleagues because of his strong working ability and never making mistakes. His workload is large, working posture is also very single, often sitting in front of the computer for a whole day. As a result of long desk work, less than 40 years old his waist is not very good. His most noticeable sensation of late has been a sore back less than half an hour after sitting down to work, and a swelling in his left leg that didn't work with patches or massages.

After checking to the hospital, Mr. Wang is diagnosed as lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, the doctor suggests to do minimally invasive operation treatment, in order to get rid of the trouble of lumbago and leg pain. But Mr. Wang's friends hold the opposite view: "if you don't get it right, you'll be dead for the rest of your life. I heard someone had surgery on a lumbar spine and never stood up again!" This says, can frighten Mr. Wang, it is hard to choose to minimally invasive operation, but the waist leg pain that breaks out repeatedly is his heart disease.

1 "low back and leg pain" due to the lumbar spine disease

In the clinic, Mr. Wang is one of a number of patients with lumbering back problems. They ask all sorts of questions about whether my waist is going to be cured, whether I want to do it conservatively, what will be the after-effects of the surgery, etc. In conclusion, what patients want to know most is the choice between conservative treatment and surgical treatment.

This is probably what happens to everyone when they reach middle age. For example, whereas it used to be ok to drive for seven or eight hours on a road trip, now driving for more than an hour makes your legs ache. Before doing housework every day did not feel tired, now pull back to the waist straight not up. Serious people can't even sit down to attend a dinner party or play chess with old friends. They have to get up and move around several times. These signs, too, are beginning to show up in young people.

Everyone in life should have such experience: people around, many have complained of back pain, some of them 30 or 40 years old, let alone the elderly. Has waist disease become a public disease? This is not an exaggeration.

Lower back pain is associated with leg pain, which clinicians collectively refer to as "lower back and leg pain." According to statistics from the Chinese branch of the world pain physicians association, 1 out of every 10 patients who visit the hospital every year in China is a patient with low back and leg pain. The most common cause of these patients is known as herniated discs.

Low back and leg pain is a common symptom in clinical spectrum. In general, for patients with chronic lumbar disc herniation, lower back pain and leg pain tend to appear successively. Patients with early lumbago because of lumbar muscle injury, resulting in waist dare not bear weight. The weight bearing of the lumbar muscle can account for one third of the lumbar load, when the lumbar muscle strength is weakened or unable to bear normal weight, all the weight of the human body will fall on the disc, causing the disc to form herniation under the action of great pressure, thus pressing on the sciatic nerve and causing leg pain. Lumbago and leg pain can also occur at the same time, this is mostly due to the acute injury is more serious, such as lifting heavy objects beyond the waist muscles and disc bearing capacity, resulting in acute lumbar disc herniation and compression of the sciatic nerve.

Why are human lumbar discs vulnerable to injury

The lumbar intervertebral disc of the person is easy to injure, because be concerned with "person". This is not a tongue twister. Because human lumbar disc herniation is closely related to human upright walking.

When humans sit or stand, the lumbar spine bears almost all of the body's weight. In this respect, the quadruped, which is also a mammal, is fortunate in that it moves with its limbs to share the weight of its body and has little or no bearing at the waist.

Scientists found that the pressure on a human disc in the upright position is four times that in the supine position. The pressure when leaning forward in the sitting position is 7 to 8 times that in the supine position. Bending down to lift heavy objects is 10 times more stressful than in the supine position, which equates to a load of up to 220 kilograms on a lumbar disc.

Therefore, human physiology and lifestyle are indeed prone to lumbar disc injury. This is especially true for some professionals, such as accountants, drivers, teachers, it workers and heavy manual laborers, who are at higher risk of health problems in the lumbar spine due to their working posture and weight-bearing characteristics.

In fact, as a result of the long-term stress on the lumbar disc, humans begin to undergo degeneration in this area at the age of 20. A lumbar magnetic resonance imaging (mri) scan shows a herniated disc in the patient. At the same time, because of lumbar disc herniation, disc nucleus can overflow, contact with the immune mechanism of the body and immune response to produce pain, and secrete inflammatory substances leading to chemical stimulation and immune response, aggravating the symptoms of lumbar leg pain, this is called lumbar disc herniation.

What is the limit of surgical treatment

At present, there are three types of treatment methods for lumbar diseases: conservative treatment, minimally invasive surgery and open surgery. How do patients choose?

Generally speaking, the waist leg pain of inchoate or first attack is more because posture is bad, constant fatigue, exert oneself uncoordinated bring about. This kind of lumbar and leg pain is rarely related to lumbar disc herniation, mainly caused by lumbar back muscle tension or aseptic inflammation of the waist, which is commonly known as lumbar muscle strain. With timely conservative treatment, most people can recover their health.

Conservative treatments include topical plasters; The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers, such as fenbide, futalin, etc. Local physical therapy, such as ultra – laser irradiation, local massage. These methods can relieve muscle tension, promote local blood circulation, eliminate local inflammatory substances and play a therapeutic role.

Need what point reminds is, must carefully choose to massage. In clinical practice, the old person that companion has osteoporosis, because massage forces too much and bring about lumbar fracture, bone fracture is not uncommon. Above all, massage should choose regular medical establishment; Next, not all lumbago can undertake massage treatment, if lumbar spondylolisthesis, lumbar tuberculosis, lumbar tumour does not suit to undertake massage, when lumbago reason is not clear, do not want massage as far as possible, lest bring about illness aggravation, delay treatment.

For patients with chronic recurrent pain in the lower back and legs, first to the regular hospital imaging examination, such as ct, mri and other clear etiology. If a herniated disc is diagnosed, conservative treatment is often ineffective and surgery is ultimately needed to relieve or eliminate the pain.

In this case, the patient should not be afraid to seek medical advice. Modern medicine is changing, and surgery is not always what they think it is. Minimally invasive surgery, which has developed rapidly in recent years, is suitable for patients with early and intermediate diseases. The minimally invasive surgery does not require an operation. Under the guidance of the image, a special needle is used to puncture the disc herniation, and then the disc is melted and vaporized.

If long-term lumbago leg pain is not treated in time, the health harm to the person is great. When lumbar intervertebral disc disease aggravates, can produce intervertebral disc protrusion calcification, bony vertebra canal stricture, lumbar vertebra is medium above slippage to wait. At this point, the indications for minimally invasive surgery were exceeded, and only more invasive open surgery was performed. At present, the main methods of open lumbar spine surgery include artificial disc replacement, screw system implantation, etc., which have more complications than minimally invasive surgery.

Accordingly, the patient of long-term lumbar leg pain, should listen to the remedial proposal that professional doctor gives seriously. No matter conservative treatment, or minimally invasive surgery, open surgery has its clear surgical indications. For patients, it is indeed not necessary to do surgery at the beginning of early or acute stage lesions, but it is really not worth the cost to miss the conservative treatment period due to neglect of the disease, miss the optimal period of minimally invasive surgery due to fear of surgery, and finally have to do open surgery.


Lumbar muscle strain has nothing to do with bone injury

Psoas strain is also known as psoas fasciitis, a sterile inflammation characterized by soft tissue pain and tenderness in the lower back. Cold, strain, trauma and other factors related, and bone injury has nothing to do. The main characteristics of psoas fasciitis include local superficial pain after fatigue or cold, local soft tissue tenderness, palpable painful nodules or cord feeling, imaging examination usually no abnormal findings. Symptoms can be quickly relieved by injecting anti-inflammatory painkillers into the inflamed area of fascia.

The difference between prolapse and herniation of a lumbar disc

Lumbar intervertebral disc is bulging or protrusion, according to the main lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion in imaging diameter measurement to determine. General disc herniation in the lumbar spine line within 3 mm is called extrusion, protrusion 3 mm to 6 mm is called herniation, protrusion more than 6 mm is called prolapse or prolapse.

Clinical treatment of disc protrusion or herniation should not be based on the size of disc herniation as the main basis of treatment, but should be based on the patient's symptoms and combined with imaging findings to develop a treatment program. Prolapse or herniation of intervertebral disc in early and middle stage are indications for minimally invasive surgery.

Prevent lumbar disease from developing early

Lumbar muscle strain, disc protrusion, disc herniation 3 have distinction, have connection mutually again, belong to the same disease of different stage, with lumbago or lumbago leg pain is main clinical manifestation.

The onset of lumbar muscle strain is relatively urgent, mainly manifested by low back pain. There is aseptic inflammation in the lumbar muscles. Imaging examination shows no signs of disc degeneration. However, if the lumbar muscle strain persists for more than 3 months, most of them will develop disc protrusion or herniation, and produce intractable lumbago with lower limb pain. Imaging examination has the same conclusion.

Therefore, for acute onset, lumbago obvious patients can first oral analgesic drugs or local physical therapy, if lumbago can not continue to alleviate more than 1 month or lower limb pain symptoms, should be timely to the hospital.

(author: deputy chief physician of pain department of Beijing xuanwu hospital)

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Wet poison, the key in the back! – AllPainHealing | neck pain/back problems/lumbar spine

Whether the back is healthy or not often directly reflects whether the viscera are functioning normally.

It can be seen that the back is a barometer of health, a solid protective barrier for the human body, whether in the growth of children, or vigorous young adults, or the elderlyPay attention to your back and take good care of it.To maintain the back is to nourish our internal organs,It is regulating our heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

2, the bladder is the body's largest detoxification channel

Both sides of the spine have the bladder meridian of the human body, and the internal organs of the human body in the back bladder meridian all have acupoints, these acupoints are the movement of qi and blood, contact the channels of the internal organs of the internal organs, so stimulate these acupoints can play an exciting role of Yang qi of the internal organs of the internal organs.

relief for back pain in

In fact, conditioning behind is also a very good way to detoxify, so, is because the back of the bladder,In the eyes of Chinese medicine, the bladder is the body's largest detoxification channel.

3. There is a vein on the back, which is the sea of Yang veins

There is a vein at the back, which is the sea of Yang veins and the channel for the collection and movement of Yang energy.

If the tuvee blood stasis, the Yang qi of spring hair bad, cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra and lumbar spine will follow the problem, so the whole body will be affected, causing brain blood shortage, stroke, brain degeneration, periarthritis of shoulder, blood sugar instability and dozens of other diseases.

relief for back pain in

This shows, the back of human body is very important place, the regulation that is opposite viscera function is having main effect, can mediate Yin and Yang, prolong life.Therefore, to maintain the back is to nourish our internal organs and regulate our heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

Do back not only can dispel the cold and wet of the body, toxin, still can alleviate the symptom that neck shoulder waist leg aches, can let heavy body feel relaxed and abnormal, alleviate body fatigue, improve morpheus quality, have very big to irascibility oversheng alleviate.

So in daily life, how to raise back?

In fact, it is very simple, they do a few actions at home to keep good, the method is as follows:

Action 1: cradle roll

relief for back pain in

Spread a blanket on the ground, the ground does not want too hard, after sitting, bend your legs, both hands hold the knee, the center of gravity falls between the coccyx and ischium, namely below our buttocks, lift left foot right foot, thigh must be close to the lower abdomen, keep this movement back and forth to sway.

This kind of back rolling, rolling every morning, repeatedly for three to five minutes, after each roll will feel the back heat, which indicates that the qi and blood flow, rolling to the back heat when the Yang will naturally rise. This is spring compulsory course, must insist.

Action 2: stimulate the bladder canal

relief for back pain in

The weizhong point of knee fossa is an important big point on bladder classics! There is a formula in Chinese medicine called "the back of the waist", all waist, back problems, can be solved through this acupuncture point. Often press knead or beat wei zhong acupuncture point can stimulate the movement of bladder classics qi blood, better detoxification.

A lot of in old age friend, knee fossa often is to bulge outward, and can have mixed and disorderly blue muscle, this is the signal that lumbar back qi blood is imperforate, need often flap hind knee fossa.

Action 3: get through the back hinge

relief for back pain in

Look for a door frame, hold both sides of the door frame with both hands, head upright, eyes level; One foot in front, one foot in back, stand lunge, hind legs as straight as possible; Stretch your arms until tension sets in. Stand in this position for three minutes, then lunge on another leg for three minutes.

This pull action is very good to open back meridian effect!

Action 4: get through the big vertebra point

relief for back pain in

Rub the neck with both hands until hot.

Cervical vertebra is the upper hub of du mai and bladder meridian, unobimpeded here can make Yang qi hair, but also can prevent with cervical vertebra stasis caused by a series of symptoms!

Action 5: get through the midback hub

relief for back pain in

Every day at any time and place hands rub to the back of the fever. This is where the mingmen point, shenshu point, and the central hub of the du mai and bladder meridian are located. Du mai and bladder classics are only channels, and have no energy of their own! Need the promotion of kidney gas to complete Yang gas hair and detoxification function.

Therefore, stimulating mingmen point and shenshu point is the most simple and direct way. It is also the most important acupuncture point to get through the back meridian!

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that supporting the back is equal to supporting life. If you have time to regularly support your back, you will get the following benefits:

(1) relax nerves, promote blood circulation, enhance brain feeding, relieve shoulder and neck pain, neuralgia, muscle pain and migraine.

(2) improve the symptoms of insomnia, dreaminess and mental weakness, strengthen the mind and make people energetic.

(3) improve the nervous, stagnant mental state, refreshing.

(4) improve immunity, improve sub-health and enhance body resistance.

(5) improve the liver qi stagnation caused by the skin dry, dull, long spots and other bad skin phenomenon.

(6) prevention of periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis……

Do not do sit-ups when you first wake up – AllPainHealing | back pain/herniated disc/back problems

May 11, China news service According to foreign media reports, some studies suggest that sit-ups may press on nerves, causing back pain, and even a herniated disc. Avoid sit-ups first thing in the morning.

Many sports people use sit-ups as a form of exercise, but they can have unintended consequences, such as back pain. Stuart McGill, professor of spine biomechanics at the university of Waterloo in Canada, has studied sit-ups for years and is convinced that traditional crunches can be harmful.

He has done dozens of studies on pigs in his spinal biomechanics lab. By mimicking the way a man does sit-ups, he repeatedly bends a pig's spine for hours at a time. He then examined the pigs' spinal discs and found that the bumps had been squashed into a pointed shape. If the same thing happened to a person, it would press on the nerves, causing back pain and possibly even a herniated disc.

Pigs were chosen because their spines are more similar to human spines than those of other animals. Of course, opponents point out that there are still many differences between humans and pigs. In addition, the pigs' spines were bent for too long during the study. And for people, no matter how hard they train, there will be breaks in between.

Maybe these results are just extreme cases, but even then, harm can happen. A study of soldiers stationed at fort Bragg, published in 2005, found that sit-ups, performed every two years as part of a military fitness test, resulted in 56 per cent of injuries.

For some people, sit-ups seem to be more prone to lower back problems. By contrast, some people do 30 sit-ups a day for decades without any difference. A report suggests that most of the problem is not due to constant friction, but rather to genetic factors. 75 percent of people who have or don't have back problems are genetic.

So the idea that sit-ups can cause back pain only applies to some people. But is there a less risky way to flaten your abs? Professor Stuart McGill recommends sliding your hands onto your lower back to avoid the lower back touching the floor directly. This will minimize back pressure. Bend one knee and straighten the other. Then move your head and shoulders slightly off the floor. 'imagine your head is resting on the bathroom scale,' he says. 'all you have to do is lift your head and set the scale to zero.'

Brett contreras of the Auckland university of technology in New Zealand has studied sit-ups, showing that spinal exercises should be done no more than 60 times per set, starting with 15 and gradually increasing. Also, after sitting at your desk for a long time, don't get up and start sit-ups on the floor right away. Avoid this exercise first thing in the morning.

Detoxify, the key is back! Do this to rid the body of moisture and cold for a year – AllPainHealing | neck pain/leg pain/back problems

The health of the back often directly reflects the normal functioning of the viscera.

It can be seen that the back is a barometer of health, is a solid protective barrier of the human body, whether it is in the growth and development of children, or vigorous young adults, or the elderly, pay attention to the back and the correct maintenance of the back, is equal to health injection of vitality and vitality.

To conserve the back is to nourish our internal organsIt is regulating our heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

2. Bladder meridian is the largest detoxification channel

There are bladder meridians on both sides of the spine, and the organs of the human body have acupoints on the back bladder meridians. These acupoints are channels to run qi and blood and to contact the organs, so stimulating these acupoints can stimulate the Yang qi of the organs.

pain at base of back

In fact, conditioning is also an excellent way to detoxify, and the reason why is because of the bladder meridian on the back,In the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, the bladder meridian is the body's largest detoxification channel.

3, the back of a du vein, for the Yang vein of the sea

The back has a du vein, which is the sea of Yang veins, and also the channel for the accumulation and operation of Yang qi!

If the vessel stasis, the spring Yang qi is not good, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine will follow the problem, so the whole body will be affected, causing insufficient blood supply to the brain, stroke, brain degeneration, periarthritis of shoulder, blood sugar instability and other dozens of diseases.

pain at base of back

It can be seen that the back of the human body is a very important part, the regulation of internal organs plays an important role, can reconcile Yin and Yang, prolong life.

Therefore, curing back is to nourish our viscera and regulate our heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

Do back not only can get rid of the body's cold and wet, toxins, but also can alleviate the neck shoulder waist leg pain symptoms, will make the heavy body feel relaxed abnormal, ease the body fatigue, improve sleep quality, the irascible over sheng has a great relief.

So in ordinary life, how to raise back?

In fact, it is very simple, do a few actions at home to raise the good, the method is as follows:

Action 1: cradle roll back

pain at base of back

Put a blanket on the floor, the floor is not too hard, after sitting, bend your legs, hands on the knee, the center of gravity between the tailbone and the sitting bone, that is, under our hips, put the left foot and right foot up, thigh must be close to the abdomen, keep this movement back and forth swing.

This back rolling, rolling every morning, rolling repeatedly for three to five minutes, after each roll will feel hot back, this shows that qi and blood drexel, rolling back to heat when Yang qi naturally hair. This is a compulsory spring course, we must adhere to it.

Action 2: stimulate the bladder meridian

pain at base of back

The wei zhong point of genu fossae is an important big point on bladder classics! Chinese medicine has a formula called "waist back wei zhongqiu", all the waist, back problems, can be solved through this point. Often press knead or flap weizhong point can stimulate the operation of bladder via qi and blood, better detoxification.

A lot of in old age friend, genu fossa often is to beat outward, and can have mixed and disorderly green vein, this is the signal of gas blood impassability of lumbar back, need often pats hind genu fossa.

Action 3: get through the back hub

pain at base of back

Find a doorpost and put your hands on either side of it. Stand with one foot in front and one foot behind, lunging with your hind legs as straight as possible. Stretch your arms until they feel tight. Stand in this position for three minutes, then switch legs and lunge for three minutes.

This stretching action is very good for getting through the back channels and collaterals!

Action four: get through big vertebra point

pain at base of back

Rub both hands neck vertebra point to fever.

Cervical vertebra is the upper hub of du mai and bladder classics, patency here can let Yang qi be born to send, still can prevent the series symptom that causes with cervical vertebra stasis!

Action 5: get through the middle back hub

pain at base of back

Every day anywhere at any time the hands rub back heat. Here is the mingmen point, shenyu point, is the central hub of the vessel, bladder meridian.

The meridian of the governor and the meridian of the bladder are only channels and have no energy of their own! It needs the promotion of kidney qi to complete the function of Yang qi to generate hair and detoxify.

Therefore, it is the most simple and direct way to stimulate the point of mingmen and shenyu. It is also the most important acupuncture point to get through the meridians of the back!

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that maintaining the back is the same as maintaining life. If you have time to raise the back regularly, you will get the following benefits:

(1) relax nerves, promote blood circulation, strengthen brain support, relieve shoulder and neck pain, neuralgia, muscle pain, migraine.

(2) improve the symptoms of insomnia, dreaminess and mental weakness, strengthen the mind and make the body energetic.

(3) improve the nervous and stagnant mental state and refresh the mind.

(4) improve immunity, improve sub-health and enhance body resistance.

(5) improve skin dryness, dullness, spots and other skin defects caused by liver qi stagnation.

(6) prevent periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis……

Scrapping – scraping the vessel and foot sun bladder meridian

Luofu mountain national medicine therapy is "o" is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine scrapping, massage, massage and techniques, under the guidance of TCM theory, the pain point is o (holes) on the shallow surface, combined with the oil of luofu mountain grass bouquet, luofu mountain black plaster disease within a kind of combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment methods, the periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, rheumatism, strain of lumbar muscles, such as the treatment of common diseases have a significant effect.

"Ah shi sha" is a technique in the treatment. It is easy to operate and has the effects of detoxifying and detoxifying, removing wind and dampness, relieving meridian and relieving swelling and pain. When the disease is treated, emergency is saved, pain is stopped, no matter in any occasion, can be on the human pain point treatment, significant curative effect, favored by the general public, is the best choice of daily self-care.

pain at base of back

Why luofu mountain baicao oil scrapping

1. Strong penetration and quick start

Luofu mountain baocao oil prescription contains 11 kinds of plant essential oils, such as methyl salicylate, turpentine, clove basil oil, borneol, peppermint oil, etc., which can quickly pass through the skin, carry the effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine directly to the lesion, and treat the disease quickly.

2, the scrapping speed is fast

The effect of scrapping is considered as toxin. Due to the strong penetration of 11 plant essential oils of luofu mountain baicao oil and its strong ability of eliminating dampness and toxin, it can greatly shorten the time of scrapping and have a higher efficiency.

3, measles disappear quickly

If you use ordinary scrapping oil, the scrapping effect will disappear within 5-7 days. Luofu mountain baicao oil is used as the scrapping oil, because of its unique detoxification and detoxification effect, it only takes 3-4 days for the scrapping effect to disappear.

4. Prevent infection

The pores are enlarged during scrapping, and scrapping has slight damage to the skin. For example, the use of scrapping oil without anti-inflammatory effect is easy to cause skin infection, while luofu mountain baoxao oil has anti-inflammatory (detoxification) effect, which can prevent infection due to scrapping.

5. Good smell

Luofu mountain baocao oil is made from 68 Chinese herbs and 11 kinds of plant essential oils. It has a faint scent of Chinese herbs and is suitable for all types of people without any aversion.

6. Does not irritate the skin

Luofu mountain baocao oil does not contain alcohol, and is based on tea oil.

7, suitable viscosity, no pain

The commonly used scrapping oil has too high viscosity and no effort during scrapping. Or viscosity is too small, scraping pain is stronger. Luofu mountain baocao oil has the right viscosity, more affinity with the skin, good lubrication, and can reduce the pain caused by scrapping.

8. Never touch clothes

There are few oily substances in luofu mountain baocao oil, which is mainly the original liquid of Chinese herbal medicine. After scrapping, most of the liquid medicine has penetrated into the skin, and there is no residual oil stains on the skin surface and no clothes.

9. Relax

Luofu mountain baicao oil itself has the effect of dispelling wind and detoxifying. Using luofu mountain baicao oil as scrapping oil can increase the effect of scrapping to remove dampness and detoxification.

10. The combination of nourishing and treating has remarkable curative effect

Luofu mountain baocao oil has the effect of reducing swelling and killing pain.combined with TCM scrapping therapy, it can not only play the role of health care, but also have a good therapeutic effect on headache, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, pain of waist and leg and other difficult diseases, and the treatment cycle is obviously shorter.

To sum up, the use of luofushan baoxao oil as scrapping oil can not only make up for some drawbacks existing in the TCM scrapping therapy, but also greatly enhance the health care and treatment effect of scrapping, which is incomparable with other scrapping oil.

pain at base of back

pain at base of back

Three ways to train your spine, reduce or even avoid back pain! – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/back problems

How can exercise alleviate lumbago?

Back pain is experienced by almost everyone, which is a pain experienced by everyone. Many people suffer back pain with high frequency. The main reason is that sitting for a long time has become the biggest problem threatening human health in daily life and professional work.

In fact, the cause of backpain is quite complicated. If we have to trace it back to the origin, it must be the fault of early human upright walking. After all, animals that rely on four limbs have rare problems with their spines and waists.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Of course, the above paragraph only do a simple share, the real cause of back pain is:

1. Sitting for a long time and lack of exercise will degrade the muscles in the back and waist, while the stability of the spine with low muscle content will decline.

2. Modern people often bend over to sit in front of the computer screen all day long, doing boring and repetitive work. Such bad posture is prone to the situation of hunchbacked, which undoubtedly increases the pressure on the lumbar spine.

A large number of people feel pain in the lower back, the waist can hardly move, only through the form of bed to reduce and relieve pain.

But that's too shallow. Lying in bed can help with lower back pain, but you have to rely on physical activity to recover faster.

severe lower back pain treatment home

These are all things we need to pay attention to, so what kind of exercise do we need to do in life?

One: hip bridge.

Hip bridge is very classic lumbar rehabilitation action, foreign for a long time before the beginning of popularity, and named it as the ultimate way to solve lumbago, bridge is a very simple skill, only need limbs to push the body up from the ground can, but often exercise it can eliminate a large degree of spine back problems.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Hip bridge exercises give the upper back a great workout, but in life, this part of the body doesn't get the most stretching. We can easily do this with a bridge workout, and it also improves our flexibility.

Two: running and swimming.

If your lower back is not severe enough to cause tingling and discomfort with simple aerobic exercise, I recommend that you give up repose and do more exercise rehabilitation, such as walking, running, swimming, etc.

If you think of back pain as something that only training for the lower back can help relieve, you're wrong. There is a lot of aerobic exercise that can help improve the strength of the muscles around the lumbar spine and the stability of the spine.

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Running, swimming is a very good choice, it will change you for a long time the behavior of the state, as I am also often working at his desk, but I rarely seen back aches, I actually the working status of the position is not good, the main reason is that I personally prefer to swim the sport, so I have rarely been seen pain, even if appear, also can adjust properly.

Three: spinal extension.

This movement is relatively simple, but it is suitable for most patients with low back pain. It can help to extend the spine, but it needs to avoid excessive leaving the ground and causing abdominal pain. The whole trunk must be kept in line.

severe lower back pain treatment home

After feeling the pull feeling of spine, hold this movement about 15 seconds, repeat 10 times, this movement is also classic, worth practicing repeatedly.

A supplement to the above.

1. In addition to these three types of exercise, some supine posture with hands and feet, also can help improve the stability of the spine.

However, once these movements are tilted to one side, there will be some bad effects, so I won't share them with you in detail.

2. After back soreness, do some simple arm circles and chest expansion exercises at all angles can alleviate this situation.

severe lower back pain treatment home

3. If even simple stretching can cause tingling pain or the pain gets worse, it is advisable to seek professional sports physical therapists and doctors.

Continue to share fitness knowledge, hope to help you, welcome attention!

Barclays premier woods was runner-up with back spasms caused by a mattress that was too soft – AllPainHealing | back spasms/back problems/back injury

The first leg of the fed cup playoffs ended yesterday with the barclays premier league game at the New Jersey liberty club. The 18th green, ranked no. 1 in the world, missed a birdie putt and lost to Scott by one shot, leaving him tied for second with Justin rose and others. The tiger, plagued by a back injury, swallowed three bogeys on the 10th and 15th holes to give up the title. After four rounds, woods has shot under 70, missing out on his sixth title of the season.

Pay attention to safety

1. When hitting the ball or trying to swing, make sure that no one is standing at the place where he may be hit by the club, ball, pebble or twig;

2. Do not hit the ball when there is someone in the distance of hitting the ball in front;

3. Before preparing to hit the ball, please pay attention to whether there are any court staff nearby or in front of you, and consider whether the ball may cause danger to them;

Fore is an organization that USES the force of the ball to make positive changes to the way the ball is going.

The mattress is too soft and causes back spasms

After hitting the par-two on the 13th hole, woods slowly dropped his knees to the grass. Then he raised his arms to the ground in a kneeling position. Moments later, with the help of his cue, woods stood up and walked forward. He walked slowly, stooping, his knees bent.

Woods has been battling back problems all week. Tiger had previously revealed the cause of his back injury, which was caused by a mattress at the hotel that was too soft. He has been receiving treatment during the match.

Woods appeared to shake off a back injury on the first 12 holes of the final round, grabbing three birdies on the first nine holes and trailing the leaders by just one shot.

Woods admitted that the 12th hole back injury hit again. "It actually started before the hole [the 13th] and I felt it when I kicked off. The tee shot on the 13th aggravated the injury." Woods said. Asked about the specifics of his injury, woods described it as a "spasm."

Injury plagued woods through the tournament

It's worth noting that Mr. Woods's current caddie, lakawa, caddied for Mr. Kappos for many years. Throughout his career, kappos has struggled with back problems. Lacava knows what a back injury can do to a golfer.

"For almost 21 years, I was on the sidelines watching kappos struggle with his back. "Tiger's situation is very similar to kappos's. It's very unfortunate." "Tiger" encounter kappos similar back injury, lacava emotional myriad.

According to the New York post, woods appeared to be withdrawing at the time. However, lacava pointed out in an interview that woods is not a player easily knocked out by injury. "He's really close to retiring. But tiger has always been able to withstand pain and he has never retired. He will fight as long as he can." Lacava said.

The scene was reminiscent of the 2008 open championship. Woods suffered a stress fracture. For four days, he struggled with injuries. Finally, suffering from pain, tiger won the championship, which was his last grand slam title.

Unfortunately, the fatal push failed to stage a counter-attack

This time, tiger came close to clinching his sixth title of the season, laying the groundwork for a fed cup title, but ended up repeating the loss of the title on the final hole of the 2009 barclays classic.

Woods then swallowed bogey at the 10th hole, bogey at the 13th and then the same fate at the 15th. Faced with this low point, "tiger" only lamented the unfair fate, "I was in a very perfect position, but very unfortunate. But woods didn't give up and fought back on the last three holes. He birdied the 16th and 17th holes, just one shot behind solo leader Scott. By then, the handsome man had already finished the match, waiting for the possible extension.

On the 18th hole, once woods catches the bird, he can put the match into extended play. "I have a chance." Woods thought his fate was still in his hands, but he missed the crucial birdie putt.

Woods and several golfers were unable to make a putt on the 18th green, allowing Scott to emerge as the winner. "To be honest, I couldn't believe it. I played very well today, but I didn't expect to win either. I thought it was a present from everyone, and I certainly had to accept it." Scott said.

The jury is still out on whether to continue fighting

Next, the bundesbank championship will be played in the fed cup playoffs. Woods won the deutsche bank championship in 2006 and his foundation is a beneficiary of the tournament. Now, there's a question mark over woods' participation in the tournament.

Woods is reluctant to make assumptions about the future for the time being. His answer to the question was equivocal. I don't feel at my best for a while and all I can do is get off the pitch as soon as possible.

Lacava didn't ask woods about it. However, he doesn't think tiger will play in his current form. "I haven't asked him yet. So I don't know if he's going to go on or just sit on the sidelines. He knows his form needs to be better and he won't go on like this. Lacava said.

Woods currently leads the fed cup standings with 4,009 points. After winning the barclays, Scott moved up to second place, less than two points behind woods. As a rule, only the top 100 players in the fed cup qualify for the deutsche bank championship.

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Frequent back pain may be one of these reasons – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/back pain treatment

Is a lot of people in life will encounter a problem, when the pain, will let a person feel very helpless and uncomfortable. Small make up to tell you what is the cause of back pain, back pain how to do and back pain treatment. Interested friends together to understand it.

What reason is backache backache

1. Back pain caused by periarthritis of shoulder

Periarthritis of shoulder will cause shoulder, with the development of the disease, the pain range will continue to increase, some patients will appear back pain.

2. Back pain caused by cervical spondylosis

This can occur if the posterior ramus of the spinal nerve in the fourth, fifth, and sixth vertebrae is pulled when degenerative changes occur in the cervical spine.

4. Implicated pain caused by visceral diseases

Pelvic diseases of department of gynaecology, prostate disease and other diseases can cause low back pain, kidney disease: such as stone tumor, renal ptosis, renal pelvis and peritoneum disease such as abscess, hematoma can cause back rush, liver and heart disease can be caused.

5. Back pain caused by respiratory system

Many respiratory diseases, such as pleural adhesion, lung cancer and tuberculosis, may also cause shoulder back pain, but generally in the back, back or shoulder blade.

1, walking,

Ten thousand steps a day, health is guaranteed, brisk walking is the simplest, most convenient, but also the safest exercise, stride small step, walk slowly, walk more or less, can be self-regulated.

Effect: exercise the body across to the waist coordination, can effectively prevent and alleviate sitting caused by the back pain.

2, on high

(1) find a ladder or high platform (a chair will do).

(2) first step on the high place, the body slowly forward pressure.

(3) keep your knees, legs and body straight. Keep the other foot straight as well.

(4) after feeling the movement to the waist, hip and knee, change feet to continue.

Function: the overall coordination of activities from main to back has a significant effect on preventing hunchback.

3, waist

1. Open your feet about twice as wide as your shoulders. 2, knees squat slightly, the upper body straight. 3, double palms to protect both sides of the waist, upper and lower friction waist. 4. Turn your body to the right and left without moving your feet.

Effect: relieve back pain, can effectively prevent lumbar disc protrusion and other diseases.

1. Adjust your posture

More than 80 percent of people don't sit or sit properly, putting more or less strain on their spine and lower back. It seems, not only to look good, more is to health. Of course, is not to say that all day long to make like a soldier on guard like brother, or should relax a little pelvis forward, straight, knees slightly bent, two legs open, with hip width, feet toes slightly apart, this is the best standing posture. And the shoulder opens back, natural droop, can effectively prevent hunchback.

Massage stimulates muscles and tissues, promotes blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, soothes muscles and nerves, and helps bone marrow and muscles absorb nutrients and vitamins. This will strengthen your back and make it harder for pain to creep in. Targeted massage and correction can also reshape light posture, improve muscle tension or. Although not covered by medicare, it's worth a try if you have the chance.

Keep warm

Keeping warm can also relieve tension and pain: taking a hot bath or sauna not only improves circulation but also relaxes muscles and nerves. Irradiate infrared ray lamp, apply the ointment that promotes blood circulation, the effect is quite good also. However, avoid heat therapy for rheumatism and sciatica, which can backfire and exacerbate symptoms, while cold showers are a good idea.

4. Try acupuncture

Recently, acupuncture and moxibustion is rising in the clinical treatment of back diseases in modern medicine at home and abroad. Disc joint nerve block, vertebra joint strain, lumbago sacral pain and so on are all suitable. After all, professionals know more about acupuncture points and the severity. Most acupuncture treatments within half an hour are covered by medicare.

The best way to nip back problems in the bud is with two words: exercise! In principle, any kind of exercise will do, and the most important thing is not to sit still all day, or the bones will become rigid. Find your favorite activity and stick to it every day. While working, can also consciously stretch, twist neck, nod.

Conclusion: feeling, can get up and walk around more, or waist, etc. There are many reasons for lumbar acid. It is necessary to find out the reasons in time and respond positively. If the occurrence of a long time back pain can not be relieved, try acupuncture and is also a very good method, pay attention to rest in life is an effective measure to prevent waist disease.

Focus on back pain and bring prevention to life! – pain healing | lower back pain/back pain/back problems/lower back/back pain and

There are many ways in our lives that can be used to change this situation. If you see someone sitting poorly in your daily life, you can point it out, whether it's at the office or on the bus. If your car seat doesn't fit, you can complain to the dealer or change the seat or even change the car altogether.

When choosing furniture (many pieces are designed as if to cause back problems on purpose), you should pay attention to the right pieces. If you see chairs that are not designed properly in a furniture store, you can tell the store manager. It may not make an immediate difference, but a small number of complaints can make a difference.

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On most flights, seats don't provide enough support for the back. This is a serious problem for people who need to travel long distances by air.

relief for back pain in

White-collar workers should demand that offices use seats that provide enough support for children's backs. On market a lot of modelling fashionable expensive office chair design is very unreasonable. On the other hand, many reasonably designed chairs that provide enough support for the back are not expensive.

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While poorly designed seats are a major trigger for lower back pain, another is becoming more apparent. In the past, our physical education teachers would correct students when they saw them sitting incorrectly. But these days, teachers are more concerned with producing the best football team, the highest-scoring basketball players or the fastest sprinters. Physical education teachers around the world no longer care about whether our children develop good posture, or whether they know the importance of maintaining good posture, which is so important to them for the rest of their lives.

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If we had taught our children to maintain correct posture in early education, spinal problems caused by poor posture would not have occurred. Ask any 12-year-old if they've been taught in school how to sit and stand properly. The child will most likely tell you that neither has been taught. And presumably no one told them about the long-term consequences of neglecting the right posture.

If you think this is a serious problem, you can politely suggest to the school principal or a physical teacher that posture education should be a priority. You can also suggest that the principal check the design of the school desks and chairs. Develop the habit of maintaining good posture sooner rather than later.

The prevention of scoliosis, in addition to our own, the surrounding environment is also very important, especially in adolescence, children do not know how to correct scoliosis, need the guidance of parents and teachers, to correct children's bad habits.

Scoliosis has a huge impact on teenagers. In addition to physical pain, there is also mental pressure. If children are found to have scoliosis, they should be corrected in time.

Pogba has been ruled out of a move to real Madrid after suffering back spasms against milan – pain healing | back spasms/back problems

Paul pogba will miss Saturday's champions league clash with ac milan after the Frenchman suffered back spasms but is still expected to play in Manchester united's premier league opener against Chelsea.

United will face ac milan in the final game of their international champions league campaign, although the red devils need three or more goals to win the trophy.

However, they will be without pogba, who suffered back problems in training on Friday despite a strong pre-season.

Manager ole Gunnar solskjaer has confirmed he will miss united's pre-season campaign, but believes the Frenchman will be back to his best form within days.

"Paul suffered back spasms at the end of training today (Friday)," solskjaer told united's official website.

"It's the same problem he had last week, but I think he will recover early next week.

Damien, parreira, lukaku and sanchez are also missing and solskjaer added: "we have a number of players at the aoun training base."

"Joel pereira sprained his back last week, so he came back to training. Romero and Alexis are working out with matteo damien. Eric (bailey), obviously injured until Christmas."

Pogba has been the subject of speculation this summer, with one of the most closely watched transfer rumours so far linking him with a move to Spanish giants real Madrid.

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However, time is running out for a deal and with real Madrid already buying players such as azar, jovic, milidoun, mendi, rodrigo and arriving at the bernabeu, it is doubtful that pogba's move will happen in the current transfer window.

Just recently, Brazilian legend rivaldo said that while pogba would undoubtedly succeed in the Spanish capital, zidane's team did not necessarily need him.

Meanwhile, Manchester united begin the 2019-20 premier league season at home to Chelsea on August 11.

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