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Tips for easing back pain: at the end of the month, a pregnant woman's growing belly can often cause back pain. Introduce a few alleviate below small clever move, pregnant mother might as well draw lessons from. Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for too long. If you have to sit all the time, don't sit all the time, swing your feet up and down, or do some simple leg exercises. Every 1 to 2 hours if necessary

how to get relief from backache

Tips for easing back pain: at the end of the month, a pregnant woman's growing belly can often cause back pain. Introduce a few alleviate below small clever move, pregnant mother might as well draw lessons from.

Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for too long. If you have to sit all the time, don't sit all the time, swing your feet up and down, or do some simple leg exercises. When necessary, get up and exercise every 1 to 2 hours.

2. Do some exercises suitable for pregnant women, such as pregnant women exercise, walking, to moderate exercise waist, abdomen and back muscles. But want by all means avoid, pregnant any movement after late period, do not take long lying position, in order to avoid pressing abdomen, cause blood circulation to be blocked.

3. Try to sit in a chair with a back. Lean back comfortably and keep your upper body straight.

4. Stop wearing high heels when walking, try to penetrate airy cotton flats and relax.

5. Sleep in a roll up position on your side and on your back with a pillow under your knees.

6. Avoid standing for a long time. If you must stand for a long time, you can use a footstool to rest your feet.

7. Stand with your upper body raised so that your pelvis is slightly tilted back and your shoulders fall back. For working mothers who have to stand for more than four hours a day, it's best to use a tummy strap.

8. Get out in the sun more often to ensure calcium intake, if necessary, under the guidance of a doctor to take some calcium supplements.

9. When taking a shower before going to bed, wash your lower back with a little hot water to ease discomfort in your lower back.

10. When changing from standing to walking, step your feet before moving your body.

how to get relief from backache

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how to get relief from backache

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How does pregnant lumbago do? 5 tips to help you feel better – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar pain

Low back pain during pregnancy is a common problem for many expectant mothers. According to surveys, 50% to 75% of women suffer from low back pain during pregnancy, which is mostly related to specific physiological changes during pregnancy. Why can pregnancy meet lumbago? How should pregnant lumbago alleviate?

Why is pregnancy easy lumbago?

As abdomen is bigger and bigger, the symptom of lumbago also can be more and more apparent, why is expectant mother in pregnancy easy lumbago?

Normal physiological reactions during pregnancy

As the growth of the fetus, pregnant mother in pregnancy weight will gradually increase, the body fat content becomes high. The biggest change was in the belly, which bulges as the fetus grows, increasing the weight around the waist. At the same time, combined with the hormonal changes during pregnancy, the muscle elasticity during pregnancy will be relatively poor, so the muscle elasticity of the waist will be weakened, which will easily lead to the production of backache.

2Calcium deficiency,

During pregnancy, because the formation and development of the fetus needs calcium completely from the mother, pregnant mother consumption of calcium is much larger than the average person, so many pregnant mother prone to calcium problems, calcium deficiency will cause back pain. Suggest expectant mother during the whole pregnancy, pregnant mother should pay special attention to calcium supplements.

3Incorrect posture

Some pregnant mothers sitting posture is not correct, back did not pay attention to straighten, lumbar backward, this will make the whole upper body weight focus on the lumbar parts, increase the burden of the lumbar, more easily lead to backache. In fact, many pregnant mothers do not know how to walk, sleep, sit and so on correctly, the bad habits in daily life is the most common cause of back pain.

How should pregnant lumbago alleviate

3. Weight control

A lot of pregnant mothers are holding a person to eat two people to fill the state of mind, in pregnancy without restraint to eat especially, so the weight also straight line rise. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy will not only increase the waist burden and cause back pain, but also increase the risk of gestational diabetes, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant mothers and babies. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers should eat a balanced diet during pregnancy, control the weight, do not let the weight gain too much, too fast.

2Pay attention to calcium supplements

During pregnancy, due to the continuous growth of the fetus and the formation of bones, a large amount of calcium is needed for the use of the fetus. Therefore, the pregnant mother should not only take in the calcium she needs, but also provide enough calcium for the fetus. If calcium is not taken during pregnancy, the mother will be calcium deficient at the end of the pregnancy, causing loose teeth and pain in the lower back. Pregnant mother added enough calcium agents, but also should pay attention to the regular sun and exercise to promote calcium absorption.

3Maintain correct sitting, standing and walking posture

From the beginning of pregnancy to maintain good sitting, standing, walking and sleeping posture, can effectively avoid or alleviate early pregnancy back pain.

Correct sitting position: after be pregnant, the chair that sitting office at ordinary times should choose cushion for leaning on to compare soft, can relieve the pressure of back effectively so, sitting also should prepare a small low stool at ordinary times next, two feet are put up, can promote the blood circulation of leg ministry effectively so.

Correct standing posture: after pregnancy, if long standing will easily lead to lumbar acid, lumbar pain, especially in the middle and later stages of pregnancy, so, pregnant mother must avoid standing for too long during pregnancy, if standing tired to find a place to sit down. If the combat force time is longer, should stand two feet one in front of one behind, and change the position before and after every few minutes, make weight fall on outspread foreleg.

Correct walking posture: pregnant mother in walking, should be straight back, head up, tight hips, heel first landing, step on solid, maintain body balance. Can use armrest or baluster to walk, remember fast and urgent walk, also do not protrude abdomen forward.

Correct sleeping position: after pregnancy, lie down at ordinary times to rest in order to promote blood circulation, relieve sore feelings, you can lie down, with a soft cushion pad high legs. Get into the habit of sleeping on your side, which can help reduce the burden on your lower back and relieve discomfort during pregnancy. Warm remind: when pregnant woman sleeps, can fold into square mat with a soft towel in knee joint lower part, can loosen abdominal muscle pressure effectively so, alleviate pregnant inearly backache symptom.

4Proper exercise

Expectant mother should do some exercise appropriately during pregnancy, but the intensity should not be too big, can choose to walk 30 minutes every day, or a week swimming three times, can also choose a suitable for pregnant women's gymnastics, every morning after getting up to do a morning exercise. These exercises can be very good relief of the pressure on the waist, thereby relieving early pregnancy back pain symptoms.

5, hot compress and massage

The proposal is prospective father can do massage for pregnant mother, alleviate lumbago. When massaging 5 fingers and come together, put in hind lumbar ministry respectively on both sides, palm heart is inward, up and down slow knead, till this place is calorific till. Also can do local hot compress, use hot towel apply to be controlled in the waist half an hour everyday, can reduce ache effectively.

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how to help relieve back pain

Mummy pregnancy back pain is very painful! The truth is mostly because of this… – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/back pain during pregnancy

Maternal love is natural, from the day of pregnancy, from the baby in the mother's belly to form the day, the mother has a very special feeling, soon became love, love makes the mother become indestructible.

Is the so-called army to stop, water to earth. However, when a variety of discomfort in the second and third trimester, the expectant mothers still want to hlod all the time. Among them, there is "back pain during pregnancy" this kind of inexplicable, unexplainable discomfort.

You know what, mommies?

The "back pain" that plagues you during pregnancy is probably a calcium deficiency! Calcium, as one of the most needed elements during pregnancy, can easily cause loose teeth, osteoporosis, body swelling, backache, leg cramps and other symptoms if not added in time.

The mummy of advanced period of gestation daily appropriate intake of calcium is 1000 milligram, ability assures "make ends meet".

Because individual calcium absorption capacity is different, the safest way is to supplement with calcium.

All that calcium stuff

how to reduce back bone pain

Mommy, this is your choice

General calcium, for the gastrointestinal tract burden is relatively large, easy to produce gastrointestinal discomfort, such as abdominal distension, stomachache, constipation, dyspepsia.

Calcium carbonate, which contains a high concentration of CPP, is ideal for mothers to build a healthy foundation.

"Food tonic" calcium supplement also need to pay attention to methods

Eat more calcium-rich foods such as dairy products, eggs, beans, shrimp, sesame paste, seaweed, seafood and green vegetables.

But must pay attention to the diet collocation, prevents the calcium and certain foods in the phytic acid, the oxalic acid union, forms the insoluble calcium salt, as a result the calcium cannot be fully absorbed USES.

how to reduce back bone pain

Back pain during pregnancy can be a pain? How can prevention and mitigation be known as early as possible and never be ignored – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lower back

Xiao li often felt back pain when she was pregnant. The husband looked at don't know how to put his wife, anxious. Although try our best to want to share what during xiao li's pregnancy, but in the end can only look at help after. Some people may think that pregnant women with back pain are inevitable problems, but these can alleviate and prevent back pain you know, don't take it seriously.

how to get relief from backache

Why back pain during pregnancy?

Poor posture, the wrong way to lift heavy objects, muscle weakness, tension or injury can put pressure on ligaments and joints, which can lead to back pain. Typically, this kind of back pain is a problem that starts before pregnancy. If back pain often occurs in the afternoon, evening, or after long periods of standing, it's because the weight of you and your baby causes muscles to tire and ligaments to sag slightly. If your back is concave, it won't cause back pain during pregnancy.

What's more, during pregnancy, as the uterus expands, your center of gravity gradually shifts forward and your spine begins to protrusion forward, which keeps your extensor dorsi muscles tense. At the same time, hormones during pregnancy cause the ligaments that connect your joints to become much looser than they used to be, which is the main reason why pregnant women are so proud of their backaches.

How to prevent back pain in pregnant women

1. As ligaments become softer, they are more prone to injury. Try to avoid lifting anything during pregnancy, and squat slightly if you must. Do not bend or twist your body too much.

2. Pregnant women should exercise regularly, as weekly exercise will reduce their probability of back pain. Try to choose a type of exercise that will soothe your body and improve your control. If you have back pain during pregnancy and other painful conditions, it's best to consult your doctor before exercising.

3. Develop proper sitting habits and make sure you have good support behind you as you sit. You can use a special lumbar pad. Then sit on a hard chair with a vertical back, which improves your back more than soft chairs and sofas.

how to get relief from backache

4. Some mothers-to-be feel comfortable in flats, while others want to relieve back pressure and wear shoes with heels. If your lower back has been pushed forward, high heels will make your lower back push forward a lot. So flat shoes are recommended to prevent backache in pregnant women.

If a pregnant woman has back pain, how to relieve it?

Rubbing the lower back often relaxes tired and aching muscles. Lie on the back of your chair or on your side and have your husband gently massage the muscles on both sides of your spine.

how to get relief from backache

2. Hot compresses and hot baths can both reduce back pain, but be careful to get up and behave properly after the bath.

3. Prop up your back with a pillow. A wedge shaped pillow has been shown to reduce back pain while lying on your side alone.

how to get relief from backache

A pregnant woman with back pain needs attention

1. Sleeping with back pain

Avoid lying flat, especially after the second trimester. Because the baby may compress some blood vessels while lying flat, reducing blood flow to the placenta, the pregnant woman may also feel weak. Try lying on your side to increase blood flow to the placenta.

How to get up when you have back pain

Turn your body to lie on your side, bending your knees and lowering your feet along the edge of the bed. Then use your arms to prop yourself up on your side. If you want to lie down, do this backwards.

how to get relief from backache

How to get up from your seat when you have back pain

Sit on the edge of your chair with your back and chest out. Then separate your knees and lean forward just above your knees, then straighten your back. Hold the handrail with your arms and slowly get up, move your head forward and up, keeping your back arched. In many cases, this method can effectively relieve back pain in pregnant women.

The method is not unique and will not be suitable for all pregnant women. When you have back pain, how does it go?

Should pregnant woman waist ache how to do? Check on the pregnant mother's back pain during pregnancy those things – AllPainHealing | sciatica/lower back pain/back pain

Since we became pregnant, our pregnant mother's body has undergone great changes. Especially in pregnant later period, because pregnant mother's belly is bigger and bigger, the symptom that our pregnant mother waist aches is more and more severe. A lot of come over when the mother talks about the condition that the waist aches in pregnancy is described so: that period of time, it is to stand a waist aches simply, sit a waist aches, lie still a waist aches. Sometimes, because of backache, I couldn't sleep night after night.

It's true that it's too hard for a pregnant mother to conceive a baby. Then we should help our pregnant mother to ease the pain, make pregnant mother's pregnancy less difficult.

So, how to deal with a pregnant mother's back pain during pregnancy?

Symptoms of back pain in pregnant women

Low back pain in pregnant women is a common phenomenon during pregnancy, which is a normal physiological reaction. Light back pain, severe leg cramps, sciatica and other symptoms. If pregnant women usually lack exercise, more likely to cause back pain. Symptoms of low back pain in early, second and third trimesters differ.

1. Early pregnancy

This stage of back pain will not be particularly severe, the pain is relatively mild, mostly for back pain. This period of back pain is often caused by the uterus receding, compression of the rectum and ligament, pregnant women do not need to be nervous. However, the following symptoms should be noted.

(1) low back pain accompanied by vaginal bleeding, severe pain, to pay attention to whether there is the possibility of abortion, or whether ectopic pregnancy, should immediately go to the hospital for examination.

(2) if the back pain is serious enough to affect activities or radiate to other parts, the patient should go to the hospital for examination, find out the cause and timely treatment.

(3) if lower back pain is accompanied by leg cramps, it may be a calcium deficiency.

(4) lower back and leg pain is accompanied by sciatica, which may be due to lack of vitamin b1.

Second and third trimesters

Pregnant women during this period of low back pain, because of fetal development make the uterus increases gradually, in order to keep the balance of body, upper body started back, and the cause of excessive spine lordosis, back extensor remains tense, cause the waist, back fatigue, it is easy to back pain, the pain is not sudden, symptoms can reduce after bed rest.

Severe cases on the fetus will have an impact, to see a doctor in time, so as not to cause serious consequences.

The reason that pregnant woman backache

What reason is pregnant woman waist aches to bring about? Pregnant women during pregnancy will appear back pain phenomenon, leading to back pain the main reasons are as follows:

1. Hormonal changes during pregnancy

Hormonal changes in the body after pregnancy can cause many pregnancy reactions in pregnant women, one of which is backache. Hormone changes in the body after pregnancy, make pelvic ligament flabby, in order to adapt to fetal growth and the need of childbirth in the future, such lumbar ligament, fascia also can flabby, elasticity decreases, easy strain and cause lumbago.

2. Increased placenta and amniotic fluid, and excessive lumbar weight bearing

This is a major cause of low back pain in pregnant women. After pregnancy, the fetus, attached placenta and amniotic fluid increase day by day, increasing the burden in front of the lumbar spine. In order to maintain balance, when pregnant women stand, the lumbar back muscles must be forced to contract, so that the pelvis forward, to form a unique posture, the lumbar back muscles continue to contract, unable to relax and rest, time will cause back pain due to fatigue.

3. Less exercise

After be pregnant, the amount of exercise of pregnant woman decreases greatly, some pregnant women lie for a long time even, motion inadequacy also can cause the basic physical strength of the person to drop, cause pregnant woman backache thereby.

4. Not enough calcium

During pregnancy, the development of the fetus needs a large amount of calcium and other nutrients, if the intake of these nutrients is insufficient, easy to cause maternal bone softening and calcium removal, will also cause back pain.

The causes of low back pain in pregnant women are different in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy. Early pregnancy of the pregnant woman back pain will not be very serious, mostly back pain, mainly uterine rectum, compression and ligament caused by pregnant mother need not worry.

The lumbago of gestation mid and late period is majority because fetal rapid development makes uterus increases gradually, abdomen advances day by day, in order to maintain balance, upper body is easy backward, cause vertebra excessive before protruding consequently, back extentor muscle continues tense, cause lumbar, back excessive fatigue, very easy with respect to lumbar acerb backache.

Treatment of backache in pregnant women

Back pain in pregnant women is one of the common pregnancy reactions, if there are no other complications, generally do not need special treatment, usually appropriate exercise, maintain the correct walking posture, avoid standing for a long time, pay attention to rest, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of back pain.

1. Slight back pain

(1) use a special pregnancy belt

Place a belt or special pregnancy belt on the abdomen of a pregnant woman to support her waist and relieve pain.

(2) maintain correct standing posture

The correct standing position is two legs differential, back straight, chest out, lower jaw. If you're in the right position, your belly won't stand out. Do not stand up, sit down too fast, the best hand to support the power object.

(3) proper exercise

Pregnancy should also carry out appropriate exercise, choose suitable pregnant women gymnastics or swimming, according to individual conditions exercise, enhance physical strength.

(4) choose the right bed, shoes, etc

Do not sleep too soft bed, too soft easy to make waist sag, cause or aggravate lumbago. Also choose comfortable shoes, not high heels.

(5) diet adjustment

Eat foods that soothe a pregnant woman's lower back: foods rich in protein, calcium, b vitamins, c and d.

(6) massage and local hot compress

Pregnant women with back pain can do home massage exercises at home. Get a back massage from your family. Still can undertake local hot compress, with hot towel, gauze or hot water bag can, hot compress half an hour everyday, also can reduce aching feeling.

(7) keep warm

When the weather is cold, we must pay attention to keep warm. Catching cold will cause adverse reactions in the kidney, and in severe cases, lower back pain.

2. Excruciating back pain

(1) when pain strikes, lie on the affected side, hunched up.

(2) when it hurts, lie on your back with your face up.

(3) if the pain is severe and you can't lie down, sit down on a low step and press your chin with your hands.

(4) hot compress with a wet towel or rinse with hot water in the bath.

After acuteness lumbago is alleviated, must seek medical advice in time.

In a word, every mother is great, being a mother is not easy, from pregnancy to birth to raising children, every step is a hard process, so if a mother has any uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy, as her family must pay more attention to her.

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Did you have back pain during pregnancy? Here are 4 relief tips to learn how to feel comfortable during pregnancy – AllPainHealing | back pain/lower back/back pain during pregnancy

After the female is pregnant, figure can change appearance every day, as abdomen increase, the abdomen of pregnant mom can resemble big watermelon more, and right now, a lot of pregnant mom can feel back can be very painful. Xiao li became a mother for the first time, and finally realized that it was not easy to be pregnant. When she was in the third trimester, she couldn't put on her socks in the morning, so she needed the help of her family to put them on, because her back was really painful. Later, a friend suggested that she use a pillow for pregnant women to see the effect. It seems that more skills learned during pregnancy, or very useful.

1. Don't sit or stand too long

Pregnancy is a special time, pregnant women should remind themselves, do not sit too long, the most can only sit for about one hour, get up and walk or do some stretching exercise. In short, don't sit still for too long. In addition, pregnant women are not suitable for standing too long, after standing for a period of time will sit down to rest. Also, make sure you place one foot first on a shorter object to spread the pressure around your lower back. If you're standing on a hard floor, it's better to put a non-slip pad under your foot to help relieve the pressure.

relief for back pain in

2. Make sure you're sitting properly and using a few tricks

If pregnant mother is still at work, then you should pay attention to the sitting position. Basically be because pregnant mother is sitting when, the pressure that spinal column exerts is bigger, had better be able to seek a chair that agitate force is strong dot so, ask namely the back of the chair, armrest and cushion for leaning on want firm and forceful. It would be better to have a small footstool at your feet. Because pregnant mother's feet can be properly lifted, so that the body feels comfortable. However, it is worth noting that you should never learn to cross your legs, which can easily cause back pain.

relief for back pain in

3. Avoid lifting heavy objects or reaching up high

Pregnant mother in the mind to be clear, do these work needs to be very careful, if you can not do, it is the best. However, if pregnant mother can not get rid of the fate of these housework, then the action can only be slowed down to do. Also, keep your feet apart so your body appears more balanced and stable. In addition, encountered to move large special items, never try to be brave, can be separated as far as possible to separate. For high things, pregnant mothers also need to be very careful, pregnant women do not fit to reach high things. This can easily make back muscles more painful, and in severe cases can strain back muscles.

relief for back pain in

4. Sleep in the correct position and use a pregnant pillow

The sleeping position of pregnant women during pregnancy is still worth paying attention to, for sleeping on the stomach, lying down, in fact, is not the best choice. Sleeping on your stomach can put pressure on the baby, and if you're sleeping on your back, it puts more pressure on the uterus, making your back more painful. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers choose to lie on their side, and lying on their left side is better. At this point, if you add a pregnant pillow, then it will feel more comfortable.

relief for back pain in

Actually, appear in pregnancy lumbago, still have some method to be able to treat, and the little skill of these above, the hope can help pregnant mother.

Mother-to-be is prone to back pain during pregnancy, and these conditions can be improved by appropriate exercise… – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar spine

[introduction] pregnant women in pregnancy stage prone to back pain, edema, and diet slightly do not pay attention to that may be fat, most pregnant mothers worry about the fetal qi, deliberately reduce activity. But in fact, moderate exercise can not only improve the discomfort during pregnancy, help vaginal delivery, postpartum easier to get back to figure, want to improve these conditions can be carried out appropriate exercise.

8 reasons pregnant women shouldn't be afraid to exercise

In order to avoid moving to fetal air, many women after pregnancy carefully protect the fetus, deliberately reduce activity, afraid of affecting adult and fetal health. In fact, moderate exercise during pregnancy brings many benefits!

1. Promote digestion and absorption

Exercise can promote gastrointestinal motility, help in the absorption of nutrients, so that the fetus gets better nutrition.

To pregnant woman, no matter take a walk, body is appropriate can motion, yoga or step stationary bicycle to suit very much, motion can increase haemal circulation, do the action of a few twist the body or extend, have massage intestines and stomach, eliminate bilge gas effect. Especially with the development of pregnancy, the belly becomes bigger and bigger and oppresses the gastrointestinal tract, leading to the deterioration of gastrointestinal motility, through exercise to help digestion, prevent bloating and constipation.

2, promote metabolism, reduce fatigue and edema

Motion can promote haemal circulation, raise the oxygen content in the blood, increase metabolism, improve exhaustion, leaf doctor explains: the spirit of pregnant mother changes good, the mood also can be gentle, stable. When blood circulation improves, edema can also be alleviated appropriately.

The biggest change in pregnancy is due to the pelvic cavity leaning back, making the body's lumbar spine bent back, prone to lumbar acid hunchback, fatigue. When a pregnant woman is exercising, such as doing maternity yoga or riding a stationary bike, it is natural that she must maintain proper posture and balance, so that she raises her head and naturally swings her hands and feet.

3, stimulate fetal development

When pregnant mother regular exercise, due to the increase in the concentration of oxygen in the blood, the fetus indirectly get enough oxygen and nutrients, help the baby development.

Be happy

Exercise, the brain will release endorphins, let pregnant mothers feel relaxed, happy, not only can relieve stress, but also can prevent postpartum depression. In addition to releasing endorphins, exercise causes the brain to release soothing breath and physical and mental pleasure.

5. Exercises muscles and pelvic joints to aid in childbirth

Because be pregnant period a lot of hormonal secrete, make pelvic joint and ligament become flabby, if pregnant woman is regular and proper motion, can exercise periphery muscle and improve lumbar acrid backache, add muscle and pelvic joint to pass training, conformation childbirth.

The movement USES the pelvic muscle group strength, lets the pregnant mother's muscle have the flexibility, avoids the natural birth to cause the serious tear injury. In addition, special strengthening of the pelvic core muscles, including the inner and outer thighs, front and back of the lower body muscles, will help to produce the right force naturally.

6. Prevent gestational diabetes

Through exercise to improve the utilization of blood glucose in the kidney, stimulate insulin secretion to metabolize excess sugar, to prevent and treat gestational diabetes.

7. Control body weight and prevent stretch marks

Stretch marks occur, mainly the skin collagen tissue and elastic fiber rupture damage, through exercise can exercise muscles, let the skin more elastic. Add motion to be able to use up adipose, the range that controls weight to increase, avoid fat too fast, reduce the generation of stretch mark indirectly.

Whether pregnant or not, exercise helps to control weight, especially most pregnant women want to control weight properly, so as not to cause hypertension and other symptoms, therefore, when weight control is not at the time, exercise and diet control can be used to improve.

8. Improved sleep quality and resistance

Pregnant women are prone to poor sleep quality, appropriate exercise can improve sleep, plus exercise can promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, help improve the immunity of pregnant mothers.

Experts tell you how to relieve back pain during pregnancy – pain healing | lower back pain/back pain/backache/lumbar spine/lower back/to relieve back pain/how to relieve back pain/back pain during pregnancy/how to relieve backache

Statistics show that about 50%-75% of women during pregnancy have back pain trouble, especially when the uterus is getting bigger and bigger, the condition will be more and more obvious, mother-to-be how to alleviate it, look at it together!

1. Why does pregnancy cause backache?

First, because the baby's position is in front of the lumbar spine, the mother's upper body gradually becomes an inverted arch as the number of weeks of pregnancy increases. At this point, lumbar curvature increases, plus the abdominis support strength weakened, the mother-to-be's lower back muscles will be in the state of excessive tension; At the same time, due to the concentration of blood supply to the fetus, the lack of oxygen in the back muscles is more serious, at this time, lower back pain is inevitable.

In addition, during pregnancy, the ovaries secrete a substance called relaxin, which reduces the tightness of the collagen in the joints, making joints loose and ligaments loose and the strength to support the body weak. Especially in the late stages of pregnancy, the sacroiliac joint and the pubic fibrous cartilage and its ligaments become loose, which can cause pain in the lower back or pelvis.

2. How to relieve backache?

Don't sit or stand for long periods of time, especially at work. Move around properly, stretch your legs, and do some simple leg exercises.

Choose a comfortable chair. If you feel uncomfortable, replace it as soon as possible.

Choose the right shoes, try to choose a lightweight style of flat shoes or low-heeled shoes, do not wear high heels, walk to ensure that the body can be relaxed, not labored.

When sleeping, take the posture that lie side as far as possible, can use cushion for leaning on a point to be in below leg and hind waist place, supporting a meeting with force a few more relaxed.

Don't stand for long periods of time. If you have to stand for long periods of time, wear panties or use straps that are comfortable. Take a footrest and rest your legs and waist by alternating your feet on it.

Daily calcium intake, not calcium deficiency, calcium intake in the diet, as well as the day walk, more sun can help calcium absorption.

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Pregnant mother back pain is very suffering, may be you do not do well, can not be careless – pain healing | back pain/backache/to relieve back pain/back pain symptoms/back pain during pregnancy

It is said that it is not easy for mothers to give birth to children and suffer from ten degrees of labor pains, but the process of pregnant mothers in October is not easy. In the process that every mother is pregnant, can appear the symptom of backache backache, the station also stands bad, lying also uncomfortable, very suffer terribly really! Recently, some things happened in baoma group:

Scene 1: mom floret is seven months pregnant. A friend came to see her at home. But mom floret is not comfortable actually, it is backache all the time in pregnancy, sit in the home for a while lie for a while, fundamental rest is bad, very anxious to let the child fall out immediately, it is suffer terribly.

Scene 2: mom xiaoyan is a new pregnant woman just pregnant, recently also always feel back sour and pain, has been consulting the group of other treasure mother, let treasure mother group has given birth to children treasure mother, some treasure mother said it is best to stand, some treasure mother said to walk, xiaoyan is very confused.

So how on earth can you relieve back pain during pregnancy?

Get some exercise

Pregnancy of treasure mom whether sedentary or long the station, will increase the burden of the body, lead to more severe backache backache, therefore, mother during pregnancy to avoid sedentary and long standing, in conditions allow appropriate do some exercise, such as walking, yoga, swimming will help extend the waist muscle movement, so can relieve back pain symptoms, and sitting and standing posture should try to choose their own comfortable way to relieve the pain.

Get plenty of rest

Keeping adequate rest is also an important measure to relieve backache. After all, mothers in pregnancy will be weak. If they don't have enough sleep, it will not only do harm to their own health, but also do harm to the baby's health. In addition, treasure mothers should also choose good sleep posture in the process of sleeping during pregnancy, the most suitable sleep posture in late pregnancy is lateral horizontal, only sleep comfortable, in order to better reduce the burden of the body, so as to alleviate the symptoms of treasure mothers backache.

3. To keep warm

Bao mother during pregnancy, in addition to get enough sleep have enough heat preservation measures, in addition to daily body warm best daily more blunt a hot bath, multi-purpose flushing water back or use hot towel or other things to heat back waist, such not only can make the circulation of the blood flow to speed up can also help the muscle relax, so as to relieve back pain symptoms of mothers during pregnancy. In addition, pregnant mothers can also let their father every night with a hot towel on their back and then massage, this effect will be better!

Back pain during pregnancy is not a small matter, if the pain can be tolerated slightly, treasure mothers might as well use the above methods, but if it is serious, mothers or timely medical treatment, ask some professional doctors better.

Doing the baby's mother is not easy, mishaps pregnant in October, beware the belly baby's safety, not only on their body but all kinds of discomfort, but as long as the baby can peace came to this beautiful world, as a mother nature is happy happy than anyone else in the heart, after all, every baby is the mother's baby! So, no matter what, treasure mothers must stick to it, the baby will come to their side safely!

back pain during pregnancy – Never seen a supercar on the freeway? Car owner: after driving back pain leg cramps!

And used in super keep flat tyres than is very low, we see are big wheel small tires such collocation, so in daily drive, he will have a flat tire and so on is likely to happen, and super car body is usually not the spare tire, so this is awkward, you must want to use the trailer. Then another point is that supercars are usually very small with good design, because they only involve 100 or 200 kilometers into use, so most of their designed range is about 300km, so if we want to travel long distance, this car is not convenient for refueling, or on the way to refueling.

And then there's the speed limit. We all know supercars can go very fast, but because there are some supercars, which are imported from abroad, there are some ultra-thin ones, even using lunar calendar. Let's make a simple comparison of the normal 120 km/h speed of a civilian vehicle so the pointer should be at twelve o 'clock on our dashboard so 120 km/h on a supercar versus 40km/h on a civilian vehicle, the pointer is at eight o 'clock.

how to cure lower back pain

So it looks like a super car even if it's 120 kilometers and it has a very low speedometer which gives the illusion that once it's on the highway it's very easy to go over the speed limit. And driving a supercar on the highway, like sitting on the floor, feels like flying close to the ground, because its chassis is very low, so it is easy to bump into the ground when the road is undulating. The cost of supercars is very expensive, so it is very difficult to maintain.

how to cure lower back pain

Finally, super car driving on the highway, because of its exhaust voices is very low, so sit inside when driving, high speed for a long time, will roar on the driver's ear, so this time also can cause the symptom such as dizziness, if speed slightly faster, will seriously affect the driver's judgement, so a lot of the drivers is not willing to open up the highway.

how to cure lower back pain

In a word, supercar is not suitable for driving for a long time. The pain of backache and the roar brought by a long time are obvious to the ears. If this kind of vehicle is driven on the high speed again and again, it will produce a lot of side effects. For all these reasons, many supercar owners are reluctant to drive their vehicles on the highway, and they only use such vehicles on city roads or race tracks.

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