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People's waist is a very important organ, because of the support of the waist, so people can sit, stand and walk, all these movements are built on the waist, some people appear back pain. The phenomenon that backache is in fact in the life also often can have happening, especially a few in old people, often can have the symptom of backache, for these people that have serious backache symptom, oneself cannot do well not only, and when walking every time, can feel aching and clinking, affected oneself normal life.

What reason is regular lumbago brought about after all?

1. Hyperosteogeny

Cause of recurrent lumbar pain actually has a lot of, in general, if oneself with disease, there will be a very severe low back pain, such as a part of the elderly have bone hyperplasia, bone hyperplasia is one of the main symptoms were back pain and waist pain is killing me every time, but also with a tingling, this pain is not belong to the paroxysmal, will always be accompanied by patients, until completely good osteoporosis. However, most of the middle-aged and elderly people's osteoporosis is not cured, because they can't have surgery, and can only be gradually improved by taking medicine and paying attention to their living habits, which is a chronic disease.

2. Gynecological diseases

In addition, there are some middle-aged women also can appear the symptom of lumbago, especially when forthcoming month classics, can have lower abdomen tenesmus, the phenomenon such as backache, this might be because of disease of department of gynaecology, e.g. gynecological inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease is very serious, such as back pain, should have a look at what is due to what reason.

3, obesity

Some obese middle-aged men often suffer from backache, which is caused by excessive obesity. In fact, obesity also causes many concurrent symptoms. Some men say that they suffer from prostate inflammation due to obesity. Prostate inflammation is like a dead end for men, if you have prostate inflammation, then they will not only lose fertility, but also often have frequent and urgent urination phenomenon.

Generally speaking, there are many cause of back pain, want to have a look at the specific situation to decide whether to because what causes of low back pain, for low back pain is never able to despise, must go to hospital for a check as soon as possible, to find their own cause, treatment, or are likely to miss the best period of treatment. Back pain is actually a warning from the body. Many people just don't know anything about these diseases, so they miss the best treatment period, and can only regret it and have no way to save it.

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