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May 11, China news service According to foreign media reports, some studies suggest that sit-ups may press on nerves, causing back pain, and even a herniated disc. Avoid sit-ups first thing in the morning.

Many sports people use sit-ups as a form of exercise, but they can have unintended consequences, such as back pain. Stuart McGill, professor of spine biomechanics at the university of Waterloo in Canada, has studied sit-ups for years and is convinced that traditional crunches can be harmful.

He has done dozens of studies on pigs in his spinal biomechanics lab. By mimicking the way a man does sit-ups, he repeatedly bends a pig's spine for hours at a time. He then examined the pigs' spinal discs and found that the bumps had been squashed into a pointed shape. If the same thing happened to a person, it would press on the nerves, causing back pain and possibly even a herniated disc.

Pigs were chosen because their spines are more similar to human spines than those of other animals. Of course, opponents point out that there are still many differences between humans and pigs. In addition, the pigs' spines were bent for too long during the study. And for people, no matter how hard they train, there will be breaks in between.

Maybe these results are just extreme cases, but even then, harm can happen. A study of soldiers stationed at fort Bragg, published in 2005, found that sit-ups, performed every two years as part of a military fitness test, resulted in 56 per cent of injuries.

For some people, sit-ups seem to be more prone to lower back problems. By contrast, some people do 30 sit-ups a day for decades without any difference. A report suggests that most of the problem is not due to constant friction, but rather to genetic factors. 75 percent of people who have or don't have back problems are genetic.

So the idea that sit-ups can cause back pain only applies to some people. But is there a less risky way to flaten your abs? Professor Stuart McGill recommends sliding your hands onto your lower back to avoid the lower back touching the floor directly. This will minimize back pressure. Bend one knee and straighten the other. Then move your head and shoulders slightly off the floor. 'imagine your head is resting on the bathroom scale,' he says. 'all you have to do is lift your head and set the scale to zero.'

Brett contreras of the Auckland university of technology in New Zealand has studied sit-ups, showing that spinal exercises should be done no more than 60 times per set, starting with 15 and gradually increasing. Also, after sitting at your desk for a long time, don't get up and start sit-ups on the floor right away. Avoid this exercise first thing in the morning.

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People's waist is a very important organ, because of the support of the waist, so people can sit, stand and walk, all these movements are built on the waist, some people appear back pain. The phenomenon that backache is in fact in the life also often can have happening, especially a few in old people, often can have the symptom of backache, for these people that have serious backache symptom, oneself cannot do well not only, and when walking every time, can feel aching and clinking, affected oneself normal life.

What reason is regular lumbago brought about after all?

1. Hyperosteogeny

Cause of recurrent lumbar pain actually has a lot of, in general, if oneself with disease, there will be a very severe low back pain, such as a part of the elderly have bone hyperplasia, bone hyperplasia is one of the main symptoms were back pain and waist pain is killing me every time, but also with a tingling, this pain is not belong to the paroxysmal, will always be accompanied by patients, until completely good osteoporosis. However, most of the middle-aged and elderly people's osteoporosis is not cured, because they can't have surgery, and can only be gradually improved by taking medicine and paying attention to their living habits, which is a chronic disease.

2. Gynecological diseases

In addition, there are some middle-aged women also can appear the symptom of lumbago, especially when forthcoming month classics, can have lower abdomen tenesmus, the phenomenon such as backache, this might be because of disease of department of gynaecology, e.g. gynecological inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease is very serious, such as back pain, should have a look at what is due to what reason.

3, obesity

Some obese middle-aged men often suffer from backache, which is caused by excessive obesity. In fact, obesity also causes many concurrent symptoms. Some men say that they suffer from prostate inflammation due to obesity. Prostate inflammation is like a dead end for men, if you have prostate inflammation, then they will not only lose fertility, but also often have frequent and urgent urination phenomenon.

Generally speaking, there are many cause of back pain, want to have a look at the specific situation to decide whether to because what causes of low back pain, for low back pain is never able to despise, must go to hospital for a check as soon as possible, to find their own cause, treatment, or are likely to miss the best period of treatment. Back pain is actually a warning from the body. Many people just don't know anything about these diseases, so they miss the best treatment period, and can only regret it and have no way to save it.

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What is the reason of backache backache after all? Nowadays, with more and more people suffering from backache, it is difficult to relieve the discomfort. What can we do about it? Today, to find out more about some of the best ways to relieve back pain in traditional Chinese medicine, don't miss it.

The cause of backache

The first is back pain if there is a heavy stone in the waist, not pitching, pitching is pain. This kind of low back pain, by labor is due to the bedroom or too much, and sense of rheumatism, when hurt kidney kidney, but the key is a lot of people, eating the medicine of the kidney, but more and more pain, this is why, because did not understand that is actually a waist umbilical qi not out, the cause of the rheumatism shall not go forth into the kidney, so must first sharpen his waist umbilical qi, functions of lishi, then kidney, can be recovered.

The second is movement on the back pain, and then feel empty in the waist. This kind is kidney Yang empty normally, but cure method, must Yin and Yang namely ji, fill Yang when, add fill Yin medicine, so-called does not have Yin to be insufficient to give birth to Yang reason.

The 3rd kind is lumbago day heavy night light, urinate hard at the same time below, and diet does not change. This kind of backache, a lot of people think is kidney empty, it is the water of bladder closes actually also, namely bladder has Yin cold, Yin closes, Yang money opens, bladder Yin closes and make kidney makes painful.

The fourth type is people after a major illness, as if the back pain is broken, it becomes bent (back bending) after a long time. This is moisture into the kidney palace, usually because of the mistake of taking the medicine of filling up kidney Yin and cause, but this is kidney clearly empty, and take the medicine of filling up kidney Yin but damage kidney? The key is the back pain after a serious illness, often is the spleen wet, at this time to ziyin with fill, wet on the wet, where indolence?

The fifth kind is the back pain caused by a fall or injury, which should not be treated as back pain. This is blood stasis, but treatment can not be added to remove blood stasis and promote blood circulation medicine, because the kidney is a supplement without diarrhea, add blood medicine, will hurt the kidney.

The sixth kind of people because of air conditioning, fans or outdoor camping, feeling cold and wet gas waist pain. This is the cold evil into the bone marrow, very difficult to scatter, treatment to tonify the kidney Yang to drive away cold evil.

So, how does Chinese medicine relieve back pain?

The traditional Chinese medicine method of relieving backache

Adjust posture: more than 80% of people don't sit or sit properly, putting more or less strain on their spine and lower back. It seems, not only to look good, more is to health. Of course, is not to say that all day long to make like a soldier on guard like brother, or should relax a little pelvis forward, straight, knees slightly bent, two legs open, with hip width, feet toes slightly apart, this is the best standing posture. And the shoulder opens back, natural droop, can effectively prevent hunchback.

Massage and massage: massage can stimulate muscle and tissue, promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, at the same time relieve muscle and nerve, help bone marrow and muscle absorb nutrients and vitamins. This will strengthen your back and make it harder for pain to creep in. Targeted massage and correction can also reshape light posture, improve muscle tension or spasm. Although not covered by medicare, it's worth a try if you have the chance.

Stay warm: staying warm can also relieve tension and pain: taking a hot bath or sauna will improve circulation and relax muscles and nerves. Irradiate infrared ray lamp, apply the ointment that promotes blood circulation, the effect is quite good also. However, avoid heat therapy for rheumatism and sciatica, which can backfire and exacerbate symptoms, while cold showers are a good idea.

Try acupuncture and moxibustion: recently, acupuncture and moxibustion fever is rising quietly in the clinical treatment of back diseases in modern medicine at home and abroad. Disc joint nerve block, vertebra joint strain, lumbago sacral pain and so on are all suitable. Acupuncture and moxibustion at home can help people with headache and fever, but the effect of backache and backache is not so ideal. After all, professionals know more about acupoints and severity. Most acupuncture treatments within half an hour are covered by medicare.

Flex your muscles: the best way to nip back problems in the bud is to say two words: exercise! In principle, any kind of exercise will do, and the most important thing is not to sit still all day, or the bones will become rigid. Find your favorite activity and stick to it every day. While working, can also consciously stretch, twist neck, nod.

Balanced diet: it's not just your body's internal organs that are affected by a good diet. Copper, zinc, and vitamin c transfer nutrients better and faster through the collagen fibers of connective tissue to the cartilage and bones of your back. So eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains every day is vital to your back health. Conversely, sugar, alcohol, white flour products and animal fats can acidify connective tissue, age joint cartilage, and dull back pain.

Smart rest: only regular exercise, ensure blood circulation, the spine can better absorb nutrients. It's a simple exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime. For example, when taking the elevator, waiting for traffic lights or standing in line, you can put your arms by your sides, relax your waist and stomach, and straighten your head. Lift your body up and feel as if you are being led by a rope, but don't shrug your shoulders and keep them as close to your ears as possible. After each vertebra stretches, it slowly shrinks. The whole process is repeated three times.

Relieve stress: physical and mental stress can cause back problems. This is when yoga or other relaxation exercises can be helpful, especially for acute pain. Stretch your muscles, then slowly relax, and work out for 30 to 40 minutes, either at home or with a professional trainer.

If you want to relieve back pain effectively, you need to find out the cause.

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