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Back pain did not care, a check was pancreatic cancer

Ms. Wang more than a month ago, becauseAbdominal distension and lower back pain, the examination to local hospital is: superficial sex gastritis and proctitis. At first, the family thought it was just an ordinary stomach disease, in the hospital opened gastrointestinal medicine to eat it. Unexpectedly, Ms. Wang's abdominal pain and back pain did not get better.Still have the symptom of disgusting, constipation, come nearly 20 days, solved defecate 3 times defecate only.

The doctor that receive an appointment expresses, the abdominal pain that the patient appears and lumbago back ache, because tumor invades celiac nerve plexus to be caused more, already belonged to cancer medium terminal.

Hardest to find, fastest to spread and deadliest!

how to reduce back bone pain

Pancreas, a relatively small internal organ of the human body, is easy to be ignored by people, and the "sense of existence" is not strong, and pancreatic cancer, simply speaking, is a cancer that occurs in the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancerIt is a kind of digestive tract malignant tumor with high degree of malignancy and poor prognosis.Early symptoms are hidden, difficult to detect, and easy to be misdiagnosed as gastrointestinal, blood sugar diseases, leading to missed the best treatment period.It is also easy to metastasize and difficult to treat, with high death rate and low cure rate. Therefore, it is called "king of cancer".According to clinical statistics,Eighty percent of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed as advanced.

Six early signs of pancreatic cancer, don't ignore them!

Early detection of six symptoms of pancreatic cancer may slow the progression of the disease, the American journal of prevention suggests.


Emerging diabetes

If a person does not have a family history of diabetes, a good diet, normal body shape, but suddenly new diabetes; Or have been well controlled diabetes, suddenly found out of control, it is necessaryThe function of the pancreas was assessed.


Abdominal pain

Experts say the pancreas is located near the abdominal plexus, an area of blood vessels and nerve bundles. Pancreatic cancer can cause pain and nerve irritation. The patient may feel painFrom the upper abdomen (the area directly below the sternum) to the back. The woman in the news was suffering from abdominal pain, low back pain and was not taken seriously.


Unexplained thrombus

Recent major surgery, trauma, hospitalization or long-term bed rest, and a family history of blood clots are common factors,If blood clots occur without these causes, a cancer screening test is recommended, excluding other diseases to determine the specific cause of abnormal thrombosis.

how to reduce back bone pain


The pancreas not only produces insulin, it also makes trypsin, which helps break down fat. If a tumor develops in the pancreas, the pancreatic enzyme output will be blocked, and the fat will not be digested, even making the patient sickThe excretion of foul-smelling "greasy" stoolShit will float on the toilet.



Close to the liver, where bile is produced, the long tumours of the pancreas prevent the bile ducts from discharging bile, leading to high levels of bilirubin in the body, which can lead to jaundice. This kind of situationMost commonly seen in the whites of the eyes, also can cause systemic itch, defecate color to become shallow, urinate color to deepen.


If your appetite drops or you feel full after a few bites, it could also be a sign of pancreatic cancer. This is because the pancreas is near the front of the small intestineCauses food to flow backwards or not to reach the small intestine quickly.

8 categories of high-risk groups, especially to pay attention!

how to reduce back bone pain

1.Patients with familial adenomatous polyposis.

2.No fatigue, no injuries, but low back pain, or no causeBad digestionBowel movements are shapeless or have no appetite or even jaundice.

3.In patients with a family history of pancreatic cancer, genetic factors accounted for 5% to 10% of the incidence of pancreatic cancer.

4.Older than 40, yesNon-specific symptoms of upper abdomenA patient whose symptoms cannot be directly identified.

5.People who smoke, drink a lot of alcohol and are exposed to harmful chemicals for a long time.

6.The incidence of pancreatic cancer increased by 1.5 to 5 times in patients who had undergone subtotal gastrectomy for benign lesions, especially those who had been 20 years or more after surgery.

7.Chronic pancreatitis. Now thinkChronic pancreatitisIt is an important precancerous lesion in some patients, especially in chronic familial pancreatitis and chronic calcified pancreatitis.

8.Sudden onset of diabetes. In particular atypical diabetes, age inOver 60 years old, lack of family history, no obesity, who quickly develop insulin resistance. Forty percent of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed with diabetes.

Early detection, early treatment!We must pay attention to the changes in the body, if uncomfortable, must be timely medical treatment, to avoid damage caused by their own negligence!

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The reason why septuagenarian has shoulder pain for 5 years is severe coronary heart disease – AllPainHealing | back pain/shoulder pain/and back pain

Caution: shoulder pain is an early warning sign of coronary heart disease

Uncle zhou was very confused, shoulder back pain how to become coronary heart disease? Doctors explain that coronary heart disease is a heart disease caused by severe narrowing of the heart vessels, and its symptoms can be divided into typical angina and atypical angina. Typical symptoms of angina is chest squeezing pain, with sweat, dying, but many patients with some atypical symptoms, such as abdominal pain abdominal pain (especially), the left shoulder pain, a few can also be shown as a sore throat, toothache, etc., due to the symptoms and gastrointestinal diseases, neck disease easily, oral diseases, such as confusion, easily missed diagnosis. If the blood flow is blocked for a long time, it can lead to heart failure and even death from myocardial infarction.

For unexplained shoulder and back pain, chest pain, chest tightness, arrhythmia and heart failure can be diagnosed by coronary angiography. Belong to the minimally invasive surgery, coronary angiography by cardiac catheter into the heart coronary artery, injection of contrast agent, the coronary artery imaging, so that it can be clearly to the whole of the trunk and branch of coronary artery vascular cavity, in order to know the blood vessels have narrow lesions, the position and size of the lesion severity, and indicate the condition of blood vessel walls make a definite diagnosis, identify a specific treatment (including stenting, bypass surgery, or internal medicine conservative treatment).

how to get relief from backache

These diseases can also be warned by shoulder pain

Similar to uncle zhou, because of shoulder pain detected other diseases of patients are not a few. In addition to coronary heart disease, shoulder pain can also be caused by these diseases, or the following warning signs of these diseases:


Tuberculosis of shoulder joint. There is shoulder pain, limited joint movement, but also low fever, night sweats, fatigue, pale face, wasting symptoms.


Shoulder tumor. This can cause shoulder pain and impaired arm movement.


Cholecystitis. The first symptom of most cholecystitis is back pain, or right shoulder, right subscapular pain.


Aortic dissection. This dangerous disease can also suddenly cause back pain, pain in the space between the scapulas, or pain in the front or abdomen, as if the body had been cut or torn. Should cause high attention, seek medical advice in time.


Myocardial infarction can also radiate to the back, left shoulder and other places, coronary heart disease patients if suddenly feel shoulder pain should be careful.

Finally remind you again in the elderly friends, the body of all kinds of pain should not be ignored, if the pain as many as a few days did not heal, must be timely to the hospital to do the corresponding examination.

Department of cardiovascular medicine, changsha third hospital

Director of ward 4 – wang yong

Right shoulder and back ache, what reason is after all? Do you really know? See the expert – AllPainHealing | back pain/back and shoulder pain/shoulder pain

On the right side of the shoulder and back pain, in fact, there are many reasons related, can be due to different diseases caused by, and the shoulder and the shoulder is not the same, today said several, we often meet you may correspond to look at their performance, hope you can help to you, first by priority from top to bottom.

Subganglial muscle strain: this is often seen in occupational diseases, such as: teachers, barbers and laboratory staff, often work with the upper limbs, it is likely to lead to this area of muscle fascia strain, stimulate their own nerves.

pain at base of back

This can cause local pain, which radiates to the shoulder of the body, and by dealing with the pain spot in this area, the symptoms may be eliminated.

Thoracic outlet syndrome: scalene muscle of the beam, beam before hypertrophy and spasm, might lead to it through from the body of brachial plexus appeared certain conformity, this might lead to the body's shoulder, back and arms of radioactive pain and numbness, the processing of local body muscle pain points is not enough, must want to remove the body of the brachial plexus conformity.

pain at base of back

Local muscle strain, back pain is likely to be due to body lozenge muscle strain, shoulder pain is likely to be due to the deltoid muscle strain, can touch the body of local tissue tenderness, press the symptoms of pain will peace is consistent, this is relatively simple, can be self through massage ball handling, eliminate pain symptoms can eliminate.

Cervical spondylosis: part of the patients with cervical spondylosis, or due to the body of cervical intervertebral disc herniation is the conformity of cervical plexus nerve, the dominant shoulder area and the area back neurons, which can lead to local pain caused by radiation, the problem of processing need to treat cervical spondylopathy, if muscle pain also need to be synchronized.

If such a situation is often encountered, when the patient with right shoulder and back pain goes to the relevant hospital, the first department of treatment should be the department of orthopedics and the department of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion.

Doctors can examine the body's neck, shoulders and chest with ct and mri scans, and may not be able to find clear evidence. Then you can try acupuncture and moxibustion massage, all kinds of Chinese medicine physiotherapy effect may be poor.

But finally in the ultrasound found that the patient had gallbladder stones, and 95% of cholecystitis is actually caused by gallbladder stones.

pain at base of back

So why can cholecystitis cause the ache of the back of right shoulder of the body?

Because gallbladder inflammation can stimulate right phrenic nerve endings, and phrenic nerve is mainly composed of the 3rd, 4th, 5th cervical nerve, the 4th cervical nerve gives off cutaneous branch, ending walks in the skin of the body shoulder.

If the right phrenic nerve endings are stimulated to a certain extent, this signal will pass through the phrenic nerve to the 4th cervical ganglion, and at the same time affect the sensory nerve fibers distributed in the skin of the right shoulder, resulting in a certain illusion in the cerebral cortex of our body, which is mistaken for the incoming pain sensation from the right shoulder.

pain at base of back

So the patient may feel pain in the right shoulder of the body. Because acute cholecystitis digestive tract symptoms are very obvious, generally not easy to be misdiagnosed.

And chronic cholecystitis can appear the dull pain of right upper abdomen very likely at ordinary times, be tired of oily food or be the symptom of abdominal distension, the patient often feels the discomfort of right shoulder back and right rib place, stand for a long time or the aggravation after motion. Since the symptoms are not particularly typical and do not affect our quality of life, many patients may only be detected by ultrasound.

pain at base of back

Relevant remind: cholecystitis not only can bring about the ache of right shoulder back part of the body, still have the angina pectoris that causes the body even. Because the heart of the body and gallbladder suffer the innervation of plant nerve together, both can have cross feeling in bosom 4, 5 spinal nerve place.

If biliary tract resistance increases when the gallbladder is infected, it may trigger a contraction of the coronary arteries, leading to ischemia in the body and pain in the heart. Clinically, it is called "bare-heart syndrome".

pain at base of back

In short, a handful of periarthritis of shoulder may be the ache of the area can also cause the body back and shoulder pain, but the probability is not particularly high, diagnosis can be face to face is the best pain diagnosis, can from the interrogation, to touch, try to solve the problems that are related to do, must start from the root of the cause of pain to, not the surface.

Experts teach you to avoid neck, shoulder and lumbago pain – AllPainHealing | back pain/neck pain/leg pain

Changsha evening news reporter tang jiangpeng

According to statistics, more than 90 percent of people have experienced varying degrees of neck pain, shoulder and back pain, and lumbago pain in their lives. In recent years, with the change of people's lifestyle, patients with neck, shoulder and waist pain have appeared a younger trend, especially white-collar workers, drivers, accountants and other groups, neck, shoulder and waist pain in the state of high load every day, is a high incidence of neck, shoulder and waist pain.

Many patients feel that neck and shoulder pain can be eased by massage, but experts say blind massage can have unimaginable consequences before the cause is diagnosed.

Sponsored by the changsha evening news, special, public health seminars on pharmaceutical group named – "gehl. Changsha evening news health lecture hall", on May 6th morning at rutgers, healthy living museum lecture 10 of 6th floor conference room guest at the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese and western medicine combined with spinal professional committee, affiliated hospital of hunan province academy of traditional Chinese medicine, vice director of Xu Hui of fractures, a speaker, the scene to teach people how to prevention and treatment of neck, shoulder, waist.

At the event site, xu hui will also carry out physical examination for some citizens and extracorporeal shock wave treatment for some patients with neck, shoulder, lumbago and leg pain. The audience will send each other politely (first come, first served), and interact with experts to obtain ultra-fine and painful plaster made by the affiliated hospital of hunan academy of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tegel changsha evening news health lecture hall holds the principle of pure public benefit, free of charge, each session only 100 places to attend the class, the need of the public please quickly through the following three ways to register, and indicate the name and telephone number.

● way to register: pay attention to "changsha evening news health bar (CSWBJKB)", and leave your name and phone number in the background in the first time; Call the evening news hotline at 96333; Call tegel health & lifestyle library on 0731-82916288

● time: 9:30-11:00 am, Saturday, May 6

● venue: conference room, 6th floor, tegel health & lifestyle hall (429 yintang south road, yuelu district, changsha, opposite to ochus square)

● lecture topic: "teach you to avoid neck shoulder pain lumbago pain"

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Why do women cry "low back pain"? How does woman lumbago do? – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Why do so many women mutter "back pain"? Let's take a look at what makes a woman's waist so tired.

The reason that female backache is more frequent

01,Physiological lower back pain

For women with dysmenorrhea symptoms, during the visit of aunt, often waist and knee soreness, generally speaking, this is physiological pain, do not need special treatment. However, some women may try to relieve back pain by beating their backs, which is not desirable because it often backfires.

Don't beat your back when you have menstrual pain

Menstruation appears lumbar bilge is painful, besides the element such as mental tension, overwork, food unjustly, the position that female uterus is in pelvic cavity is the mainest reason.

In this special period, if you beat, not only does not play any role, but will lead to increased pelvic congestion, blood flow, increased menstrual volume, prolonged period, back pain more serious. At the same time, the resistance of women at this time will also be reduced, improper external force is not conducive to endometrial exfoliation wound healing, more likely to cause infection and acute, chronic gynecological diseases.

02,Backache caused by exertion

lower back pain remedies

The woman's daily always is dismantled very trivial and busy, imperceptibly, delicate waist limb begins to shout ache.

Strain of lumbar muscles

When the body is too tired, or standing or sitting improperly, can lead to lumbar muscle strain, which causes chronic dull pain in the waist.

Lumbar disease

Lumbar disc herniation is a common cause of backache in young women. Besides lumbar injury, also be to cause as a result of long-term chronic strain, besides expression is lumbar ache besides, also often accompany the radiative ache numbness that has lower limbs.


Middle-aged and elderly women, especially women after menopause, as a result of reduced bone volume of the spine, spine bearing capacity is subsequently reduced, the body weight even walking will also appear in the back pain.

Pregnancy and puerperal fatigue

During pregnancy, the fetus grows up gradually, uterine weight increases as gestational age growth, cause the center of gravity of the body to move forward, in order to maintain the body balance, the waist will be straight forward, long before this can cause lumbago. Puerperium, if too much bleeding, or premature labor, too much involvement and cold, will also cause back pain. Postpartum waist aches, also already gave birth to the more common phenomenon in the female.

lower back pain remedies

Wear high heels for a long time

In order to be more beautiful, women also fight. However wear high-heeled shoes for a long time, can make the balance of lower limbs is affected, stand, walk cannot follow one's inclinations, also produce acute lumbar sprain very easily. Muscle, ligament when sprain besides the generation that can differ degree is torn and the circumstance such as trace haemorrhage, swelling even yu blood violet, also can behave for lumbago.

03,Gynecological diseases and backache

"Waist devil" cervicitis

The cervix is like the door to the uterus, usually closed tightly to protect the uterus from bacteria and viruses.

And when women experience childbirth, uterine cavity surgery, the cervix is open, from the vagina in the pathogens and bacteria will enter the depths of the palace from the damaged place, causing cervical erosion, cervical polyps, this is often said cervicitis.

In addition, unclean sex, unsanitary periods and other reasons can also lead to cervical inflammation. The happening of cervical inflammation, besides leucorrhea can appear unusual, after inflammation diffuses to pelvic cavity, the ache that can appear lumbar reach next abdomen to drop painful, when menstruation and defecate or sexual life can aggravate.

"Waist demon" chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

The more sophisticated the machine, the more prone to problems, this principle seems to be suitable for women's pelvic cavity. The female pelvic cavity is different from the male pelvic cavity because it contains many female reproductive organs, such as the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, pelvic peritoneum and other organs and tissues. Therefore, pelvic inflammatory disease is not a single organ disease, but the pelvic organ tissue lesions of the general term. And inflammatory stimulation of these organs can cause back pain to be one of the main tell-all signs.

Additional, to the prevention of pelvic inflammatory disease, the female should make from daily life above all, pay attention to individual sanitation, avoid feculent sex life, want to go to hospital of maternal and infant to do examination of department of gynaecology regularly, go to normal hospital of maternal and infant to seek a doctor after producing a disease, accept regular treatment.

"Waist devil" gynecological tumor

If pelvic cavity has tumor, wait like uterine flesh tumour, cervical cancer, ovarian cyst, compress nerve or cancer cell to pelvic cavity connective tissue infiltration, all can produce lumbago, and painful feeling increases as tumor and aggravate. Regular examination and timely medical treatment are very important for the treatment of gynecological tumors.

lower back pain remedies

"Waist demon" uterine prolapse

The uterus left the normal position along the vagina down, or even completely out of the vaginal opening, called uterine prolapse. Once the uterus prolapse in addition to abdominal weight and back pain, but also cause urinary system disease, women bring endless pain. One of the main causes of uterine prolapse is birth injury: young puerpera is in postpartum long-term lactation, ovarian function drops temporarily, also can make the flexibility of uterine support structure, close tension abate and flabby cause uterine prolapse.

"Waist demon" urinary system infection

From the physiological anatomy of the urethra, the female urethra is short and straight, urethra outside the mouth close to the anus, coupled with some physiological reasons, leading to the female urinary tract infection than male greater chances. This urinary infection often results in lumbar distention and in severe cases radiates along the ureter to the perineal area. In addition, urinary system stones, kidney stones, etc. can also cause back pain, therefore, women must pay attention to maintain the health of the vulva.

"Waist demon" uterus, accessory and other diseases

The expert points out, pelvic infection is one of the commonest reasons of female lumbago, it is with lumbago, lower abdomen blast fall painful, leucorrhea increase 3 big symptoms to be a characteristic. When inflammatory exudate increases, cause pelvic cavity adhesion, can cause backache, affect the life of the patient seriously.

"Low back pain can also occur when the uterus bends or tilts backwards, when ligaments are stretched too far, and when some nerves are compressed." Experts say this often happens after frequent abortions, fertility or other uterine procedures. In addition, uterine prolapse, prolapse or high adhesion at abdominal cavity, can also pull ligament, cause the occurrence of lumbago.

Pelvic tumors can also cause back pain by pulling on the peritoneum. "Pelvic tumors are more common in middle-aged women, such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, ovarian cysts, etc. Lumbago may occur due to tumor compression of nerves or cancer cell infiltration of pelvic connective tissue."

"Waist devil" abnormal birth control ring

lower back pain remedies

Abnormal birth control ring includes different types of birth control ring and uterine cavity, excessive elasticity of birth control ring or abnormal location of birth control ring. Improper birth control ring incarcerates inside uterine cavity, stimulate uterine wall, can cause lumbar pain reflectively. In this case, replacement of the iud can be done.

Experts warned: "from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, birth too much, the number of induced abortions and sexual misconduct, can cause kidney gas injury and lead to back pain. And long-term feeling of cold and damp, can also inhibit meridian, resulting in poor blood flow and backache.

How does woman lumbago do?

How can you alleviate backache on weekdays?

In non – menstrual period, through the waist massage, relax tendons and collaterals, eliminate lumbar muscle fatigue, relieve lumbar muscle spasm and pain.

1. Kneading mingmen

The point of mingmen is located in the depression under the lumbar spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra, opposite to the navel.

lower back pain remedies

Make a fist with your right hand or left hand, and place the tip of the fist on the point of the gate of life. Press and knead clockwise for 9 times, then counterclockwise for 9 times, and repeat for 36 times.

Adhere to knead this point, can play the role of warm kidney Yang, lumbar ridge.

2, rub shenshu point

Shenshu acupoint is located under the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra, 1 to 5 inches apart, and is flat with mingmen point.

lower back pain remedies

Make a fist with both hands, put the tip of the fist on both sides of shenshu points, press and knead clockwise first, then counterclockwise.

Insist on rubbing this point every day, with the role of nourishing Yin and strengthening Yang, tonifying kidney and waist.

3, rub waist yangguan point

The lumbar yangguan acupoint is located in the depression under the spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebra, about flat with the iliac ridge.

lower back pain remedies

Left or right hand clenched fist, with the tip of the fist placed on the waist yangguan point, repeatedly by rubbing.

This point is the place where Yang qi passes through the du vein. It can be pressed and kneaded every day to dredge Yang qi, strengthen waist and knee, and benefit the lower yuan.

4, rub your waist and eyes

The lumbar eye point is located under the spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebra, with a 3 – or 5-inch depression, which is flat with yangguan point.

lower back pain remedies

Both hands make a fist, press knead this point with fist tip, can have the effect that promotes blood circulation, good waist beneficial kidney.

5, weizhong point

The mid-point of the popliteal fossa is at the back of the knee.

lower back pain remedies

Both hands arrive heat to rub, take to knead at the same time with both hands (point to abdomen to apply force opposite with thumb and other 4 fingers) two lower limbs wei zhong acupoint, time makes an appointment with a minute.

Can relax tendons, activate collaterals, relieve spasm and pain.

4 tips to ease back pain


It is best to lie on your side, bending your body and lying on your back on the mattress. Mattess is too soft or too hard when, had better adjust mattess hardness. If you're used to lying on your back, place pillows behind your knees to raise your feet slightly.


Bath in lukewarm water, time does not exceed 15 minutes, had better match essence oil or the traditional Chinese medicine that promotes blood circulation to remove stasis, can alleviate backache.

lower back pain remedies


Check your shoes. Put away any shoes that have a pointy toe, a heel that is more than five centimeters high and a solid shoe. Change to round or square toe flat shoes, multi-functional sports shoes are also suitable for wearing.


To increase calcium intake, eat more soy milk, tofu, yogurt, milk and other foods to reduce bone loss and prevent osteoporosis.

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The substance of cramp of leg of lumbar acerbity backache, it is cold evil to hurt a person more than be short of calcium! – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/pain relief

Remember a period of time, TV ads often play a calcium tablet, there is a line "waist sour backache leg cramps, calcium", causing many people now think waist sour backache leg cramps are caused by calcium deficiency, and added a variety of calcium, ate also not better, but this does not mean that calcium deficiency, but typical characteristics of cold evil cuts.

A cramp is called a spasm in the medical term, and this is called a contraction in the cold property. Close lead, it is the meaning that contract holds fast. Skin surface cold, pores will shrink; Cold evil further invades meridian joint, meridian will be tight, muscles and muscles will spasm, resulting in joint flexion and extension adverse. Because cold is the performance of Yin qi, the most easy to damage the human body Yang qi, Yang qi damage lost warm function, the human body or local will appear obvious cold image, such as fear of cold, cold hands and feet hair. If cold gas invades human body interior, meridian qi and blood loses the warmth of Yang qi, can cause qi and blood to clot block, not smooth. When we don't know what to do with pain, a series of painful symptoms appear: headache, chest pain, abdominal pain, and back pain.

Therefore, when we are in health, we should pay special attention to the cold. Cold is the main gas in winter, cold pathogenic factors in winter, so winter should pay attention to warm, avoid wind. Cold alone can not enter the human body, it must be carried into the wind. So the cold winter, the north wind, we go out to wear a cotton hat, scarf, is to avoid wind chill.

It is worth noting that the winter outside temperature comparisonLow, people are easy to feel cold, warm up and down the effort will be a little more, basically will not neglect. In march, when it is warm and cold, the ancients said that it is the most difficult time to relax. If you are not careful, you will catch cold and typhoid fever. Therefore, we should pay special attention to dressing in spring. The ancients said "covering the spring and freezing the autumn", which means that you should not take off thick padded clothes in spring. Spring is the time when all things revive and evil spirits spring up. It's windy in spring, and the wind is cold. It looks warm, but it's actually blustery. You need to be careful.

So, sorching summer, the person is hot swing sweats like rain, also need to prevent cold? Of course. Summer we often eat cold food and drinks, iced watermelon, cold beer, ice cream, ice lolly, etc, tend to stay in air conditioning room one day again, in the evening, go out from work, stiff leg muscle contraction, calf grieved heaviness, head faint, even the walkway will feel uncomfortable, don't feel my legs like his own. This means that the evil cold has invaded your body.

If you're really suffering from back pain and leg cramps, don't rush to get a calcium supplement. Here are two tips to give it a try.

Peony and licorice soup

Back ache is actually muscle ache, leg cramp is muscle spasm. Spleen main muscle, liver main veins, muscles and veins have problems, we must find the main cause, reconcile the liver and spleen.

Peony acid, sour taste into the liver, licorice sweet, sweet taste into the spleen, so the peony licorice soup is known as a good medicine for pain relief, and not bitter. Peony and licorice soup preparation is easy, peony and licorice these two herbs in the general pharmacy can be bought.

Take white peony root 20 grams, licorice 10 grams, or brew with boiled water, or boil with warm fire, can be drunk when tea. Note that here said peony, licorice must be raw white peony, raw licorice, not processed, processed medicine on the change.

Two, press knead crus

When crus cramps, press down the affected leg with the thumb a little hard, according to the clockwise, anti-clockwise rotation knead by 60 circles each; Then, the thumb in the chengshan hole of the straight line up and down the number of rubbing, the local skin has a sense of heat; Finally, beat crus place with the palm, make the muscle of crus place flabby. After a few minutes or even seconds, calf cramps disappear.

However, although this mark is temporary in addition to, the root of the disease is still in, from the surface to the inside, this has not recovered. Knock by rubbing some meridian points, can be scattered knot blockage, activating qi and blood, but from the root of the cause of disease, or put cold thoroughly removed from the body, so that you can light as yan, jianburufei.

how to get relief from backache

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Changsha truck driver lumbago self hot compress, until paralysis only found that the spine was "eaten empty" by bacteria! – AllPainHealing | back pain/lumbar disc herniation/and back pain

Mr. Wang, 56, had a lot of back pain recently. He thought that the recurrence of lumbar disc herniation was caused by sitting for a long time and being cold. He thought that keeping warm would improve his performance. Mr. Wang was sent by his family

Mr. Wang, 56, has had a lot of back pain recently

He thought it was sedentary and cold

It leads to a recurrence of lumbar disc herniation

Keep warm and you'll feel better

I didn't think it would take a while

After hot compress and plaster

The symptoms are getting worse

Until his legs were weak and he could not walk

Family sends Mr Wang to changsha city central hospital to check, just discover the prime culprit that brings about his lumbago is not lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, lumbar tuberculosis however, because delay is treated, he much section vertebra already was tuberculosis bacillus "eat empty", bring about double lower limb paralysis.

severe lower back pain treatment home

The lorry driver started suffering from low back pain three years ago

Wang, a truck driver, started suffering from back pain three years ago because of long driving hours. At my age, my back was a little sore, and at first I thought it was nothing." As a result of lumbago when good bad, Mr Wang did not take seriously all the time, till October this year, he is in catch cold hind lumbago begins aggravation, then oneself is done at home hot compress, stick the physiotherapy such as ointment, still can alleviate somewhat at the beginning, can come symptom more and more serious recently more than 10 days.

On Nov. 14, Mr. Wang woke up to find that he couldn't move his legs, couldn't get out of bed and couldn't feel anything. His family rushed him to changsha central hospital spinal surgery, the doctor detailed inquiry history found that Mr. Wang had a history of tuberculosis 5 years ago, combined with detailed examination after the consideration of "spinal tuberculosis and paraspinal abscess", immediately admission hospital treatment.

Multi – ganglion spine by tuberculosis bacillus "eat empty" lower limbs appear paralysis

After admission, spine surgery medical personnel for Mr. Wang has carried on the systemic anti-tuberculosis drug therapy, the regularity of the chemotherapy treatment at the same time, considering the section where the spine is n/med tuberculosis bacili "eat empty" caused serious bone destruction, the medical team back to him for lumbar spinal tuberculosis anterior decompression intervertebral fusion tuberculosis kitchen remove solid, after a period of recovery after the surgery, Mr. Wang legs can do minor translation activities in bed, but later still need further rehabilitation training.

"Spinal tuberculosis, commonly known as tuberculosis, bone tuberculosis, lumbar tuberculosis in the majority, followed by thoracic, cervical tuberculosis, often secondary to tuberculosis, digestive tuberculosis, urinary tuberculosis and lymphatic tuberculosis.

According to director of spinal surgery of central hospital of changsha city, chief physician luo weimin introduces, if spinal tuberculosis is not treated in time, can cause erosion to bone destroy, can cause paralysis when serious. Human body cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra to sacral coccyx vertebra may suffer from tuberculosis, if sicken position is higher, harm is greater. For example, cervical tuberculosis prone to double upper limb paralysis below; Thoracic tuberculosis prone to paralysis below the chest; Lumbar tuberculosis is double lower limb paralysis, functional dysfunction and local joint deformity.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Spinal tuberculosis especially lumbar tuberculosis, the earliest symptom is often lumbago, some patients early did not take seriously, mistakenly thought it was lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases, local plaster or local massage, hot compress, thereby delaying treatment.

TB actually cause lumbago and back pain caused by other diseases, there is a difference between TB of low back pain is a kind of persistent low back pain, especially after falling asleep in the evening, patients are often painful, the pain will not improve, for rest and eat painkillers and a lot of patients with lumbar spinal tuberculosis is stiff, bending.

Luo weimin reminds the citizen, if the citizen appears repeatedly lobotomy great meaning, especially had the history of tuberculosis infection or contact history of the population, need to pay special attention to, should be timely to the hospital for mri or ct examination, in order to rule out the possibility of lumbar tuberculosis.

At present, early, combined, appropriate, regular and whole-course anti-tuberculosis treatment with a variety of drugs is still an accepted and effective method for bone and joint tuberculosis. Some patients can be treated with surgical focus removal and internal fixation, or try to use image-localization paravertebral injection for spinal tuberculosis. Additional, pathological change is cured still should notice nutrition, avoid overwork, should strengthen physical exercise at ordinary times, enhance physique, improve airframe resistance actively, in order to reduce recurrence rate.

severe lower back pain treatment home

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Q &a | back pain how to do? These details may prevent back pain – AllPainHealing | back pain/chronic back pain/backache


Obviously has not been hurt, why back also can ache?


Please ask shi wenmin, director of pain department of punan hospital, to make an introduction.

Back pain is a common physical symptom these days, especially among white-collar workers, who spend eight hours a day typing on a keyboard after sitting at a computer.

Obviously has not been hurt, why back also can ache? In fact, many people have experienced back pain, but in less severe cases, a little more activity can return to normal. But be aware that back pain can be a cause for alarm if it becomes persistent and more severe. What's wrong with back pain, and what causes it? The following is an introduction by shi wenmin, director of pain department of punan hospital:

The cause of back pain

1. Back pain caused by cervical spondylosis

Cervical vertebra disease happens in cervical vertebra, how can cause back ache? Little imagine, cervical vertebra the 4th, 5th, after the spinal nerve of 6 cervical vertebra extends to back, innervate the skin muscle of upper back.

When degenerative changes occur in the cervical spine, back pain can occur if the posterior ramus of the spinal nerve in the fourth, fifth, and sixth vertebrae is pulled. In fact, neck is backache, upper limb is weak, finger is become numb, giddy, disgusting see an object fuzziness even, deswallowing is fuzziness the symptom expression of cervical vertebra disease.

2. Back pain caused by periarthritis of shoulder

Periarthritis of shoulder will cause shoulder pain, with the development of the disease, the pain range will continue to increase, some patients will appear back pain.

Back pain caused by ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis patients will appear chronic hair or persistent back and back pain, spinous process pressure pain, morning after back stiffness, back and back pain aggravation when leaning back, improve after activities, long standing or walking easy fatigue.

Most of the patients showed limited activity in the lower back and waist. Physical examination revealed lumbar spinous process tenderness, paraspinal muscle spasm, muscle atrophy and even humpback deformity.

Back pain caused by respiratory system

Many respiratory diseases such as pleural adhesion, lung cancer and tuberculosis, may also cause shoulder and back pain, but generally in the back, back or scapular.

5. Referred pain caused by visceral diseases

Pelvic disease of department of gynaecology, prostate disease can cause low back pain, kidney disease such as stone, kidney prolapse, pyelonephritis and peritoneum disease such as abscess, hematoma can cause back pain, heart disease can cause back pain.

How to prevent back pain

Statistics show that more than half of the back pain symptoms will be repeated. You can prevent back pain by paying attention to certain details of your life, according to the family health handbook.

1. Back and belly exercises are equally important

Gymnastics and stretching can help improve back health. Do more low-intensity exercise, such as walking and swimming, but butterfly also puts pressure on the back muscles, not for people with back pain. Weight lifting, basketball, etc., are not for people with back pain. Additional, besides should notice aggrandizing back muscle when taking exercise, strengthen abdominal muscle to take exercise even, offer better support for the back thereby.

Bend your knees when lifting or bending

When you bend over, the stress on your back is greatest. When picking up or lifting, it's best to bend your knees so that the stress area is centered on your legs, not your back. Also, keep your legs apart and your back straight, keeping weights as close to your body as possible to reduce back pressure.

If the usual weight of the backpack, should pay attention to the exchange of stress shoulders.

3. Avoid tights

Frequent wearing of tight pants can cause the abdominal muscles to be looser and less supportive of the back. Still have high-heeled shoes to be able to increase back burden, the lady should reduce to wear high-heeled shoes, heel does not exceed 2.5 centimeters best, shoulds not be too tall.

Maintain a normal weight

Too much weight can put pressure on back muscles, and most obese people suffer from chronic back pain. Especially if the weight gain in a short period of time, may also increase the back muscles and ligaments of a sudden burden.

5. Sit and stand properly

When you're sitting or standing, you put more stress on your back. The correct posture is to keep your head, neck and chest straight, your pelvis forward, and your abdomen in and your hips in, thereby reducing the pressure on your back. While sitting, also straighten your upper body, keeping your spine as close to the back of the chair as possible, with your knees slightly above your hips.

6. Bend your knees

When sleeping on your stomach, your abdominal muscles relax, which can lead to lordosis. People who often have back pain are advised to sleep on their side with their knees bent, reducing pressure on the discs. If you are lying on your back, place a pillow under your knee to maintain the curvature of your knee. In addition, mattress should not be too soft


After the above explanation, now we know what is the cause of right back pain, if your condition is more serious, you need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment, so as not to delay the best time for treatment, we also need to pay attention to exercise, this is good for the body.

6 simple yoga moves to help you open your shoulders and relieve shoulder, neck and back pain! – AllPainHealing | back pain/neck and back pain/neck problems

According to investigation show, modern often appear shoulder neck and upper back ache easily, serious person still can appear cervical vertebra disease, cause dizziness to have a headache wait for a symptom.

pain at base of back

So why is this happening? There are four main reasons:

Face mobile phone computer for a long time, posture is not correctLack of exercise and exercise, lack of muscle strengthOverwork and muscle strainExcessive exercise, not pay attention to protect the shoulders and neck

pain at base of back

Today I would like to recommend 6 simple yoga postures to help relieve shoulder, neck and back pain and prevent shoulder and neck problems.

1. Counter-prayer

pain at base of back

Simple and easy dish sits, buttock lower part but pad brickBreathe in, lift your chest, and straighten your backExhale, hands back, elbows and palms togetherThe upper arm is back, the lower arm is up, away from the backThe palms of your hands are facing each otherHold 5-8 breaths and return to normal

2. Beef noodle

pain at base of back

Sit with a brick under your hipsRaise right hand, bend elbow back, palm facing backBend your elbow backwards with your left hand and grab the extension strap with both handsThe scapula is drawn toward the midline and the upper arm is retractedKeep your hands close to each other and your shoulders downHold 8-10 breaths and switch sides

3, the hero bending variant

pain at base of back

Kneel, feet together, legs slightly larger than hips apartSit hip to heel, inhale to extend spine upwardExhale torso forward and down, arms straight and extended forwardPoint your forehead to the ground and bend your body to the left side as you exhaleKeep the right hip down on the heel and the fingertips extended far awayHold 5-8 breaths and switch sides

4. Cat and ox style

In the four-angle kneeling position, open your knees to hip widthOpen both hands with shoulder width, crus instep is pressed groundInhale and raise your head, curl your tailbone up, and look for the ceilingExhale, lower your head and arch your back, eyes toward your navelNote the segmental, controlled movement of the spineWith breathing, dynamic exercise 5-8 groups

5. Puppy

pain at base of back

Kneel at four corners, knees apart and hip width apartYour hips are right above your knees and your hands are right below your shouldersInhale and exhale with the hips fixedExtend your arms forward, chest down to the floorExtend your armpit and hold for 5-8 breaths

6. Small bridge type

pain at base of back

Lie on your back, knees bent, feet hip width apartKeep your hands at your sides and palms on the floorAs you exhale, lift your hips up and extend your clavicleKeep your thighs parallel and your calves perpendicular to the groundHold 5-8 breaths and drop hips down

Smoking will destroy your lumbar disc, away from back pain must quit! – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/chronic back pain

Clinical studies from the spinal institute at cedars-sinai medical center found that smokers account for a higher percentage of patients with lumbar disc herniation.The symptoms were especially severe in smokers over 40 years of age.

Smokers were 31 percent more likely to have short-term back pain than nonsmokers.In patients with chronic back pain and severe back pain, the relationship between smoking and back pain was more closely related.Those who quit had much less back pain than those who still smoked.

Why does smoking bring about lumbago easily?

severe lower back pain treatment home


Nicotine can damage the discs and cause lower back pain

Studies show that nicotine in cigarettes can cause itDisc lesioncars onlyThe disc, which ACTS as a buffer between each segment of the spine, has no blood vessels of its own and relies on capillaries around it to absorb nutrients and expel metabolic waste.Nicotine, however, constricts blood vessels and even the capillaries around the discs, which can lead to lesions caused by inadequate supply of nutrients.

Disc lesions can lead to troubling back pain.Intervertebral discs are fibrous bodies shaped like rings of agar-like material. Nicotine ingestion from smoking breaks the outside of the fiber, which stimulates receptors on the outside of the fiber wheel and causes back pain.


Cigarettes cause bone collagen to age in the disc

The disc is made of collagen, which vitamin c promotes growth. However, continued smoking can cause chronic vitamin c fatigue. Disc aging occurs as people age, and the loss of vitamin c associated with smoking accelerates the process.

Nicotine causes capillary contractions that can also cause skin to age, reducing the amount of oxygen that the blood carries, and poor blood flow that causes your skin to lose its luster when you start smoking.

Smokers who smoked 20 cigarettes a day had 1.29 times the incidence of lower back pain as nonsmokers.

The priorityTo give up smoking!

severe lower back pain treatment home

Young people who quit smoking have a better chance of recovering their discs.Smokers with chronic back pain can also find relief if they quit smoking for a while.

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