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Lumbar disc herniation

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home


Test yourself for lumbar disc herniation

How does ability know whether oneself suffer from lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion? 3 measures:

The first step

Low back pain and limited movement in the lower back

Step 1: low back pain and limited movement in the waist

The first symptom of most patients is low back pain, which occurs in about 91 percent of cases, sometimes accompanied by hip pain. Lumbago can appear after trauma, but also without inducing factors, mainly below the lumbar or lumbosacral spine line sometimes light sometimes heavy blunt pain, acute phase can have sharp pain like tear.

It can also be shown as a limitation of movement of the waist, such as standing or sitting for a long time after the occurrence of bending difficulties, difficult to straighten up.

The second step

Numbness and radiative pain in lower limbs

Unilateral numbness, radiating pain, and increased abdominal pressure (such as coughing, sneezing, straining to defecate, etc.) from the lower back to the buttocks, back of the thigh, and outside of the lower leg to the foot may indicate a herniated disc.

The third step

The straight leg-raising

Lie flat on your back, straighten your legs and slowly raise them. Pain in the buttocks and posterolateral side of your lower extremities may indicate a herniated disc.

severe lower back pain treatment home

If a lumbar disc herniation is suspected, seek medical treatment in a timely manner to avoid further aggravation of the condition, which may lead to symptoms of the cauda equina (defecation disorders, incomplete paralysis of the lower limbs, etc.) or central sensitization (the brain and spinal cord convert all stimuli into pain signals).


Which factors are likely to cause lumbar disc herniation


Degenerative disease


The waist injury

Trauma is one of the important causes of lumbar disc herniation. If trauma affects the fibrous ring, cartilage plate and other structures, it may promote the degeneration of the disc nucleus pulposus herniation.

severe lower back pain treatment home


Chronic injuries caused by poor posture

For a long time directly bent to lift heavy objects

When bending down to lift heavy objects directly, the lumbar disc stress suddenly increases, it is easy to lead to the nucleus pulposus breakthrough the weak area of the fibrous ring protrusion, and then compression of the nerve, leading to lumbar disc herniation.

The right approach should be:First squat, then lift the weight, slowly get up.

Do exercises that require a waist twist

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

Wear high heels for a long time

Wearing high heels will make people's center of gravity forward, not only easy to cause pelvic forward tilt, but also increase the stress on the lumbar spine, increase the risk of lumbar disc injury, thus inducing lumbar disc herniation.

Suggest to wear flat shoes as far as possible, each time wearing high heels should not exceed 2 hours.

Poor sitting or sleeping position for a long time

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

In addition, the bad posture such as odd carry weight, cross one's legs also is easy to injure lumbar intervertebral disc, should avoid as far as possible in the life.


Do 4 types of exercise

Assist to improve lumbar disc herniation

Appropriate exercise, not only can alleviate the symptoms of lower back pain, but also help improve lumbar disc herniation. Do the following exercises:

1, flying swallow movement

Lie on your stomach with your hands behind your back, knees straight, head and legs as high as possible. Hold for 5 seconds, then relax and repeat 15 times for each set. Three sets twice a day.

2. Get up

Lie on your back with your legs together and your hands around your thighs. Slowly lift your upper body so your knees are as close to your chest as possible. Repeat 10 times. Let the waist have relaxed feeling.

severe lower back pain treatment home

3. McKenzie training

McKenzie has been shown to reduce pain and restore motor function in the short term. It has been proved to be a very effective method of self-prevention and treatment of neck and low back pain in many countries.

Especially in patients with lumbar disc herniation has obvious therapeutic effect and better compliance; Core training can improve lumbar spine stability, balance and coordination, and reduce pain at a deeper level.

Exercise 1: lie on your stomach


This is first aid or basic training for Mackenzie therapy and should be done before any other training.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Action essentials:

Step 1: lie flat on your stomach with your arms at your sides, keeping your arms straight and relaxed, and your head turned to one side.

Step 2: hold this position, take a few deep breaths, and then completely relax your muscles for 2-3 minutes.

Practice frequency:

Do six to eight sets a day, evenly spaced, about two hours apart.

Exercise 2: prone stretch

Only after doing exercise one can do exercise two, at the same time as practice three preparatory action.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Step 1: hold and practice a pose.

Step 2: place your elbows perpendicular to your shoulders, supporting your upper body above your forearms.

Step 3: take a few deep breaths, and then try to completely relax the muscles of the waist, holding for 2-3 minutes.

Do it every 2 hours like exercise 1

Exercise 3: horizontal stretching

You should do exercise 1 and 2 before you do exercise 3 for the first time.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Step 1: maintain prostrate position and face forward.

Step 2: place your hands under your shoulders in a position ready to do push-ups.

Step 3: straighten your arms and stretch your upper body as much as you can while the pain is tolerable.

Step 4: at the end of the exercise, stretch your back as far as possible and your arms as straight as possible.

Do three exercises 10 times in each group, as well as 6-8 exercises a day.

Exercise 4: stand stretch

If you can't lie down in case of acute back pain, use exercise 4 instead of exercise 3. After a full recovery, exercise 4 is also a good preventive tool.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Step1: two feet separate stand straight, both hands are put in hind waist, 4 points depend on in vertebra two side.

Step 2: bend your torso back as far as possible, using your hands as a fulcrum.

Practice frequency: anytime!

Exercise 5: lie flat and bend

This exercise can be used to treat the stiffness caused by a lower back injury.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Step 1: lie flat on the floor or bed with your legs bent and your feet flat.

Step 2: bring your legs closer to your chest.

Step 3: put your hands around your legs and gently and slowly bring your knees as close to your chest as the pain is tolerable.

Repeat each set only 5-6 times, 3-4 sets a day, and do exercise 3 immediately after exercise 5.

Exercise 6: sit bending

Whether or not exercise 5 is effective, practice 6 after five weeks of continuous practice.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Step 1: place the chair smoothly, sit on the edge of the chair with your legs as far apart as possible and your hands flat on your knees.

Step 2: bend down and grab your ankles with both hands or touch the ground near your feet.

Step 3: grab your ankles with both hands and continue to bend your body downward.

Step 4: continue bending.

Only do this 5-6 times a day for 3-4 sets. Do exercise 3 immediately after exercise 6.

Exercise 7: stand and bend

Please continue to practice 6 for two weeks before starting 7.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Step 1: stand up straight with your feet apart and your arms at your sides.

Step 2: bend forward and stretch your hands down as far as you can.

Only do this 5-6 times a day for 1-2 sets. Do exercise 3 immediately after exercise 7.

4, swim

When swimming, the body's spine changes from an upright position to a horizontal position, greatly reducing the burden on the spine and the pressure on the lumbar disc, which can help relieve the pain in the back.

severe lower back pain treatment home

It's important to note that,

Patients with lumbar disc herniation

The above exercises are not suitable for the acute period of low back pain.

Appropriate bed rest;

The non-acute phase should also be done according to one's ability,

Step by step ~

Such a practical method,

Quickly transfer to the need of relatives and friends!

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Howard maple leaf: recovery

After decades of rapid development, modern western medicine has entered the era of evidence-based medicine. Compared with previous empirical medicine, evidence-based medicine has solid evidence and is easy to spread and learn. Let's take a look at what resources are available in Canada to promote low back pain prevention and treatment.

The first is the level of family doctors (Canada has a hierarchical medical system). They are the first medical staff to contact patients, and they need to conduct the initial diagnosis of patients, which naturally causes great pressure. It is also said to be the medical group with the highest complaint rate. Therefore, the provincial health education departments attach great importance to the continuing education and training of family doctors. Take alberta as an example. The mission of top(towards optimized practice) is to help family doctors better follow evidence-based medical evidence and improve patient satisfaction. The organization collates and provides evidence-based medical evidence for a variety of diseases and produces brochures for health care workers or patients. The old editor felt that the foreign materials made by the meticulous novel, it is worth the domestic peer learning. Take a look at what they have to offer about low back pain.

1) evidence-informed primary care management of low back pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

2) evidence-informed primary care management of low back pain (guideline)

severe lower back pain treatment home

3) management of psychosocial yellow flags (tools)

severe lower back pain treatment home

4) clinical assessment of psychosocial yellow flags (tools)

severe lower back pain treatment home

5) video

A) introduces the examination process and Outlines the major steps and key considerations inspection process and the main steps and critical thinking

A) viewers through the examination in detail

C) reviews the examination, ignore key elements and ignore key elements

The second is a variety of materials for patients including:

1) patient pain manual for patients suffering from acute back pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

2) patient handout chronic low back pain manual

severe lower back pain treatment home

3) video

A) what to do with acute low back pain? Get back at it! How should acute lumbar backache attack do?

B) living well with chronic low back pain

C) self-management for chronic pain

4) teaching for back pain (Chinese)

Finally, training courses for specialist staff such as physiotherapists

CPA (Canada physiotherapy association) offers extensive online training courses (see figure 1), mainly for evidence-based medicine, while for practical methods, physiotherapists have to sign up for various kinds of physiotherapy courses at work and pay for them at their own expenses. An online continuation course for back pain, for example, consists of four blocks and six weeks of self-study (figure 2)

severe lower back pain treatment home

Figure 1

1. Section one: lumbar spine anatomical and functional anatomy and function lumbar spine

2. Section two: lumbar the conditions lumbar disease

3. Section three: lumbopelvic examination

Section four: LBP management of back pain

Figure 2

The specific contents are not one by one, just the first module as an example. There are three test such as on lumbar spine anatomy, everybody can do so, can do a few?

1. The body of a typical lumbar vertebra is larger than cervical or thoracic vertebra with a transverse diameter greater than the anteroposterior diameter and greater than the height, according to is this? The typical lumbar vertebrae in human body are all larger than the cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra, showing that the transverse process radius is much larger than the anterior and posterior radius and the height of vertebrae is thicker. Why? (radio)

A) it must for allowing large ranges of movement into flexion and extension.

B) the vertebral bodies happens in size as they go from cervical to lumbar areas. From the cervical vertebra to the lumbar spine, vertebral body size has been increased.

C) it needs to support compressive loads under caused by body weight, the ground reaction forces and muscle contraction. The need for weight loss, the ground reaction force and muscle contraction force caused by extrusion load support

D) the vertebral body must be large to accommodate the space that the spinal cord. The requires to have greater vertebral bodies to give the space required for the spinal cord

2. The collagen fibres of adjacent lamellae in the anulus fibrosus are orientated in opposite directions at 120 degrees to each other. According to is this? Why the collagenous fibers between adjacent lamellar layers in the annulus fibrosus are 120 to each other? Reverse distribution? (radio)

A) it makes it strong enough to keep the nucleus pulposus in place

C)it allows the disc to be compressed without damage

C) it enables the anulus fibrosus to resist tensile forces in a medio – lateral direction. The tension of fiber ring can resist lateral direction.

D) it enables the anulus fibrosus to resist tensile forces in nearly all directions. It can make the fiber ring tension resistance to almost all direction

3. Over the orientation may than, the majority of facet joints in the lumbar spine have a curved structure that is biplanar in orientation, The anterior aspect is in the frontal plane and the posterior aspect is closer to the sagittal plane. Which of the following statements is true about the facet joints? Although the direction may vary, most facet joints of the lumbar spine are biplane curved, with the frontal plane in front and the sagittal plane behind. Which of the following statements about facet joints are true? (pops)

A)the frontal orientation allows a great range of flexion and extension.

B) the sagittal orientation provides to hold to rotation. Rotation resistance sagittal direction

C) the frontal plane orientation provides resistance to front shear.

D) the sagittal orientation allows a great range of flexion and extension, in the sagittal direction allows a wider range of flexing and stretching.

E) the biplanar orientation protects the intervertebral disc. The structure of the double planar protect the intervertebral disc.

Human body has 3 lumbago strange point: treat lumbago to have wonderful effect! – AllPainHealing | back pain/chronic back pain/lumbar pain

In old people lumbago disease presses knead forehead waist sore point

Middle and old people make lumbago disease gradually increase, often point knead forehead median can alleviate lumbago.

According to the survey, more than 63% of the elderly suffer from varying degrees of chronic back pain. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks lumbago is caused by deficiency of liver and kidney, stagnation of qi and blood stasis more, the waist pain point in the middle of forehead can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, often press knead this point, have obvious curative effect on the lumbago caused by soft tissue injury, disc prolapse, acute lumbar sprain, lumbar muscle strain and so on.

Method: sit up, knead forehead waist pain point with thumb to point of abdomen (the midpoint of eyebrow center and hairline line), from light to heavy, gradually add force to forehead acid bilge is better. Next press clockwise and counterclockwise turn to knead each 1 minute, at the same time slowly activity waist, with pain can endure for degree. 3~5 times a day, two weeks or so can be effective, long-term persistence can gradually eliminate back pain symptoms.

Lumbar sprain presses the lumbar sore point on kneading arm

severe lower back pain treatment home

Position: 2.5 "under quchi acupoint, 0.5" under sanli hand. The red acupuncture point in the picture. As long as it is lumbago, acute, chronic lumbago can be alleviated.

Acute back pain press pain point on the back of hand

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

Lumbar pain point is located in the dorsal side of both hands, two, three metacarpal bone and four, five metacarpal bone, from the metacarpal knuckles to the wrist horizontal line midpoint, left and right each two.

When acute lumbago, look for the most painful place near this 4 o 'clock, sore place is this lumbar sore point namely.

Instructions: press the acupoints vertically and vigorously with the fingertips of your thumb, releasing and then pressing for 3 to 5 seconds at a time. At the same time in the affordable range of activities waist.

Often backache? Here are 5 things your waist wants to tell you – pain healing | lower back pain/back pain/backache/lumbar spine/lower back/acute back pain/acute lower back pain/lumbar disc herniation

(photo source: panorama)

It is said that about 80 percent of people have experienced back pain at some point in their lives. Why are our waists so weak?

1. The two most common causes of acute and chronic lumbago are muscular ligament and other soft tissue strain. In fact, because of lumbar fracture, lumbar disc herniation caused. The cause of chronic lumbago is much, basically have lumbar muscle strain, osteoporosis, intervertebral disc herniation, lumbar nerve related disease, angina pectoris, urolithiasis to wait a moment. Even in some cases, there is no clear cause, so the treatment is more difficult.

2, different back pain has different characteristics although there are many causes of back pain, but carefully "taste" up, different back pain, there are differences. Back pain caused by chronic strain: pain generally increases after labor; Back pain caused by a herniated lumbar disc: increased pain when walking; Back pain caused by nerve compression: pain is often aggravated by coughing; Back pain caused by rheumatism: pain with no definite location; Low back pain caused by angina pectoris: accompanied by palpitations, chest tightness and other manifestations; Low back pain caused by urinary stones: often accompanied by abdominal cramps.

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3. Lower back pain is associated with these factors: drivers, office workers, military personnel, teachers… Smoking: smoking can cause perivertebral disc vasospasm, thereby reducing the supply of blood to the disc, and then cause back pain aggravation; Weather: rainy, wet, cold and other weather, often induce or aggravate lower back pain; Mood: research confirms that people who are dissatisfied with their jobs have about 2.5 times more back pain than those who are satisfied;

4, these 4 positions most injury waist single hand weight: side light side heavy, waist long term stress uneven, more prone to muscle strain, flash waist; Bending without bending the leg: when bending without bending the leg, the pressure on the waist is 2.2 times that when standing upright; Wrong posture: the wrong posture puts excessive strain and pressure on the lumbar spine and muscles. Standing for a long time: the waist muscles tend to fatigue after standing for too long;

5, when back pain, should do this to move rather than static: when back pain, do not recommend absolute bed rest. Maintaining moderate daily activity within the pain tolerance range is more conducive to relief and recovery. Relax, cold compress can alleviate acute lumbago: when appearing acute lumbago, look for a place to lie down, make lumbar muscle relaxes 5 minutes as far as possible, do not knead. Raise shoulder with bilateral elbow next, abdomen fits the ground, make lumbar paragraph of spinal column is full hind, hold again 5 minutes. This action usually relieves acute back pain.

If it's a lumbar sprain, for the first two or three days, a cold compress can reduce the bleeding and edema, and three days later, a hot compress can promote the absorption of the edema. Take pain relievers: for acute lower back pain, pain relievers are a good choice. Appropriate bed: the bed of a piece of soft hard moderate can alleviate lumbago very well, alleged soft hard and appropriate, it is to point to the body when lying on the bed, there is no gap between the bed and the body; Exercise: swimming, bridge exercise, flying swallow exercise can effectively prevent the recurrence of back pain.

Treat lumbago to do not take medicine, try external stick lumbar kidney cream – pain healing | lower back pain/back pain/chronic back pain/backache/for back pain/lower back/acute back pain

Lumbago as a modern common disease, has not been people's attention, many people also habitually think lumbago is caused by cold days. In fact, lumbago all the year round can occur, and the incidence of disease is very high. The expert warns: because the waist bears the weight of human body majority, lumbar health is very key, do not want to lumbago

Lumbago as a modern common disease, has not been people's attention, many people also habitually think lumbago is caused by cold days. In fact, lumbago all the year round can occur, and the incidence of disease is very high. The expert warns: because the waist is bearing the weight of human body majority, lumbar health is very key, cut to lumbar ache great meaning.

Oral medication to calm pain and treat back pain

Although there are many drugs to treat back pain, none of them are effective. The most common way drugs work is to relax muscles and reduce central pain. In fact, for many acute back pain outcomes, 60-80% of patients with appropriate treatment and rest will see relief of pain symptoms within 2 weeks, even without the use of analgesics.

However, for patients with chronic back pain, long-term medication is often required due to different causes and symptoms. Experts say that because of the complex causes of lower back pain, the effectiveness of medication for chronic back pain is often uncertain, and that mental disorders, drug addiction and abuse can all affect the effectiveness of medication.

In addition, for the elderly patients with chronic back pain, long-term medication is also prone to gastrointestinal bleeding and renal damage and other side effects of drugs. Therefore, patients who are not suitable for oral administration can also use other external treatment methods.

In vitro medicine, meridian points for back pain

For the treatment of chronic back pain, in addition to oral medicine, meridian acupoint stimulation is often used to treat back pain. Among them, waist eye acupoint is most commonly used. The waist eye point belongs to the extraordinary point outside the meridian, which is located under the spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebra. It is in a 3.5-inch depression (hands on hips, thumb in position). It is named "waist eye" because of its shape like an eye socket. Sit for a long time at ordinary times, often feel lumbar acid bilges place to be namely. Press knead lumbar eye acupoint, can alleviate lumbar discomfort.

lower back pain remedies

Besides waist eye point, guan yuan point is often used. Guan yuan point is ren mai, located in the midline of the abdomen, 3 inches below the navel, with the effect of strengthening the foundation and replenishing the lower focus. In clinical treatment, physical therapy of acupuncture, massage and moxibustion can be used to stimulate these two points, so as to treat backache.

As a result of guan yuan acupoint, waist eye acupoint one before and one after, be located in the waist of human body, abdomen, do not suit to remain needle treatment for a long time, and press at ordinary times knead, stimulate not quite convenient also. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine still has the method of treating backache with acupoint plaster. That is to say, the ointment is directly attached to the acupoints and the method of acupoint administration is used to treat backache.

Lumbar kidney paste, plaster medicine for back pain

Lumbar kidney cream, for example, using the principle of the meridians to medicine, drugs to stick on the waist on both sides of the beneficiary hole and umbilical shimonoseki yuan of acupuncture point, through stimulation of the two "cure lumbago" to point, make the local temperature increased, the blood capillary expansion, drugs through the skin, acupuncture points after absorption, meridian on the ren meridian and the waist, the kidney Yang, relieve back pain.

lower back pain remedies

Because the lumbar kidney paste is administered through external acupoints, the medicine is locally absorbed by the skin through acupoints, rarely passes through the liver, and does not pass through the digestive tract, which can effectively avoid the destruction and loss of the medicine in the gastrointestinal tract, and the drug concentration is higher, which is conducive to the development of the medicine effect. At the same time, for the elderly patients with low gastrointestinal function, the use of lumbar kidney cream, but also effectively avoid long-term oral drugs to gastrointestinal stimulation of adverse reactions.

Finally, the expert expresses: to chronic lumbago patient, it is disease of long-term accumulation of overwork and become more, while using lumbar kidney cream to stick cure externally, can take medicaments according to doctor's advice, combine medicine, inside and outside and treat concurrently. In addition, the use of soft bed should be avoided when sleeping, to avoid the waist too hard, for the weak body can also eat food with nourishing effect, pay attention to the warmth of the waist, alleviate backache.

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