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October 11th is world pain relief day. One speaks of lumbago, everybody thinks of lumbar disc herniation first, but 10 people nine lumbago, lumbago ten thousand kinds, not only lumbago this one kind.

October 11th is world pain relief day. One speaks of lumbago, everybody thinks of lumbar disc herniation first, but 10 people nine lumbago, lumbago ten thousand kinds, not only lumbago this one kind. Sun yanjun, deputy chief physician of the pain department of the affiliated hospital of southeast university, said that in addition to diseases related to internal organs and immunity, trauma, lumbar protrusion and fracture may cause lumbago with different reasons and treatment methods.

Herniated lumbar disc

Herniated discs are known to cause lower back pain. It is mainly because of the degeneration sex change of each part of lumbar intervertebral disc of different degree, cause intervertebral disc to protrude, press adjacent blood vessel, nerve, dural sac to wait, cause ache thereby. The pain that lumbar intervertebral disc herniation causes, the mainest expression is progressive aggravation. At the beginning, there was only local pain in the waist. As time goes on, pain and numbness in one or both lower limbs may appear, and even some people could not walk, claudication and other manifestations. Among them, the incidence of lumbar 4/5 and lumbar 5/1 was the highest. The main manifestation is lumbago, lower limbs radiate pain. The majority of the elderly population, but there is a trend of younger.

Treatment: lumbar mri is the first choice for diagnosis of a herniated disc. After identifying the herniated disc and the extent of the herniation, the appropriate treatment should be selected according to the situation. Mild protrusion can rest more, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy and other conservative treatment to relieve symptoms. If protrusion is heavier, have apparent oppressive expression, or protrusion is bigger, prolapse is dissociated even the patient, must choose operation treatment as soon as possible.

2. External force or sprain

Acute psoas injury caused by external sprain is a more common type of pain. This pain is often due to improper movement or inadvertent force. Patients with acute lumbar sprain often experience persistent pain after the injury, or only mild discomfort in the lower back after the sprain, but significant pain the next day. The injury can also result in limited movement, cramps and other symptoms.

Treatment: after acute lumbar sprain, must pay attention to more rest. Local hot compress, or plaster paste. Most patients can relieve their pain by themselves. For severe sprain, severe pain patients, it is recommended to go to the hospital formal acupuncture, physical therapy and other treatment, promote inflammation and edema regression, is conducive to the relief of lumbago.

3. Vertebral compression fracture

Vertebral compression fractures are more common in older women and postmenopausal women. Because the hormone level of postmenopausal female is maladjusted, cause endocrine disorder, cause osteoporosis, bone density and bone quality decline, bone intensity decreases. In everyday life, a minor injury or just reaching for something, or even coughing or sneezing, can cause a compression fracture of the vertebral body. Patients with compression fractures have different degrees of back pain, sleep at night to turn over the pain increased, unable to turn over, cough pain will also increase. Compression fractures have a distinctive feature that causes significant pain in the lower back when the hand is struck with an empty fist. When the elderly and menopausal women appear waist tenderness and percussion pain should be vigilant, screen for fracture.

Treatment: clear from compression fracture, as soon as possible in the hospital. Under the guidance of a professional doctor, minimally invasive surgery with bone cement can be performed to prop up the flattened vertebral body, prevent further collapse of the vertebral body and maintain the stability of the spine.

4. Muscle membrane inflammation

In addition to the three main causes of lower back pain, myofascitis can also cause lower back pain. Generally, it is manifested as the pain in the waist, which is intensified during activities and relieved after rest. Most patients are not obvious to non-steroidal analgesics. This kind of pain happens not only in patients with chronic lumbar muscle strain, but also in pregnant women, lactating women, and even obese people.

Treatment: after the diagnosis of myohymenitis, under the guidance of the doctor, small needle knife, pain point injection and other methods, to relieve the pain.

The expert reminds, appear lumbago should have an examination to regular hospital, after the disease that removes viscera and other system, clear lumbago type. The professional doctor chooses the appropriate treatment method according to the situation, and carries on the corresponding function exercise instruction. (correspondent gao zhao liu min)

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Mother-to-be always backache? Learn these tips to ease the pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

A lot of pregnant mothers in late pregnancy abdomen is getting bigger and bigger, often feel back pain, sometimes even pain unbearable. Pregnant mother lumbar acid back pain, because the fetus gradually become large, the waist pressure and weight also gradually become large, weight increase, waist muscle natural feeling pain.

In addition, relaxation hormones are produced during pregnancy. Bones and muscles all over the body relax, causing a loss of collagen, leading to fatigue and discomfort, as well as sore lower back muscles from support.

So, how should pregnant mother alleviate pregnant later backache?

1. Diet

The secretion of relaxant hormone causes serious loss of collagen, which is an important cause of lumbar acid in pregnant women. Therefore, mothers-to-be can eat a collagen-rich food to replenish the collagen in the body, so as to prevent the tendons and bones from weakening. Foods such as pig's trotters, which are stringy, or sticks of bone, which are high in collagen.

Get some exercise

Mothers-to-be can relieve back pain by doing yoga and swimming, especially during the second trimester. These two kinds of exercises can exercise the muscles in the lower back, and they are slow and gentle, so as to avoid overworking the pregnant mother with drastic movements.

3. Watch your posture

Whether standing, sitting or asleep, mothers-to-be can adjust their posture to relieve their lower back pain.

While standing, the expectant mother can bend her stomach forward, bring her hips in and bend her legs. This position relieves pressure on the lower back muscles and relieves pain.

When pregnant mother is sitting, want to keep shoulder and back to maintain as far as possible flat, if have back of a chair, lean on back of a chair as far as possible, hip clingy behind the chair. If not, place your entire hip on the chair and distribute your weight evenly. Keep your feet flat. In addition, pregnant mothers should pay attention to adjust their posture at most every 30 minutes.

Recommend reason: cushion USES arch bridge structure design, fit back, strong support waist. Two side armrests support the waist, provide full support to the waist spine on both sides, let pregnant mother feel more comfortable. The back of the waist pad tilts forward, and seats fit high, to ensure full comfort at the same time, to continue to support the waist, comprehensive care of pregnant mother's waist.

4. Massage properly

Massage is an effective way to relieve sore muscles, and many mothers-to-be will also choose massage to relieve backache. However, the massage should be gentle, do not point massage, avoid using essential oils.

Why avoid acupoint massage? This is because many massage therapists may not be so in-depth on the human acupuncture points, it is easy to press the very dangerous points for pregnant women, such as pressure on sanyin point and yongquan point is easy to cause miscarriage.

Essential oils are also dangerous to the health of mothers and fetuses. Many essential oils contain ingredients and substances that are likely to cause miscarriage, and some essential oils themselves have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. If pregnant mothers want to lubricate the skin, you can choose the ingredients of the safety of the lotion.

5. Use a tummy lift

Abdominal support products can also reduce the pressure on the abdomen, relieve pain. Mothers can also use these products, which not only relieve pain, but also protect the lower back and reduce the risk of developing stretch marks. When choosing to hold abdomen product, had better choose the product that wraps crotch ministry and waist.

Recommended reason: during pregnancy, the pregnant mother's body is under pressure from the abdomen, from six months of pregnancy, pregnant mother can wear belt, help reduce the waist burden, reduce the physical discomfort caused by pregnancy. Belecon special abdominal support belt for pregnant women, with 8 elastic bars, can reduce the imbalance caused by the increase of abdominal weight leaning forward, provide support and protection for mother's waist, and make the whole pregnancy life more comfortable and relaxed

Women often back pain? It may have something to do with the six types of "trouble" that have to be dealt with – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

1. Ovarian tumor

In everyday life, if female always feels lumbago is apparent, need vigilance ovarian tumour. Ovarian tumour is common disease of department of gynaecology, when ovarian occurrence tumour, local tumour volume increases, can compress the nerve tissue around possibly, produce apparent ache to feel even. Patients may experience abdominal pain at first, but when abdominal pain becomes apparent, it may be affected by traction, resulting in significant pain in the lower back. If such a condition exists, timely treatment should be given to prevent further development of ovarian tumors.

2. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

Women usually always feel back pain, need to guard against chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is the disease of common department of gynaecology, in its development process, inflammatory pathological change inside pelvic cavity, congestive, oedema and connective tissue adhesion, can press the nerve around possibly. In addition to abdominal pain, the patient will also feel pain in the lower back as the nerve is pulled. If there is such a situation, should be timely to the hospital for examination, identify the cause of disease and then start treatment.

3. Uterine prolapse

Uterine prolapse is a common gynecological disease, the normal ligament around the uterus is free of movement. If a retroflexion or tilting of the uterus occurs, it can often lead to inflammation or adhesions in and around the uterus, leading to an invasive lower back pain. If a woman has had multiple miscarriages or uterine surgery, she may suffer from uterine prolapse and pain in her lower back. If it is uterine prolapse caused lower back pain, should be timely treatment.

Eastern flexible bonesetting case: lumbago, right arm weakness – AllPainHealing | back pain/lower back


Female, 63 years old


Waist aches half an year more than, stoop aches aggravate, especially after getting up in the morning, want to take a bit lower thing must squat ability. Weak right arm, can not carry a little heavy things, cooking with a shovel stir-fry laborious.Go to massage inn to press at ordinary times can relaxed a few, but repeat after a day or two.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Physical examination:

1. The pelvis is tilted back, and there are free nodules in the upper iliac soft tissue;

2. External rotation of femur;

3. Lumbar back arch, large soft tissue tension in the waist;

4. The thoracic vertebra bends to the right, and the fifth thoracic vertebra protrudes forward;

5. Stiff shoulder muscles in the back;

6. Cervical curvature decreases, sequence disorder, anterior process of the fifth cervical vertebra, backward atlas, stiff neck soft tissue.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Etiological analysis:

According to the patient's condition and the doctor's examination results, according to the eastern flexible bone-setting theory to carry out the etiologyAnalysis of the.

When the patient was young, he fell and sat on a steel rail. His coccyx should have been fractured. There was no treatment and no attention, just a local patch for a period of time that was ignored when the pain abated.

The external force conducts upward, causing the space of the spine to be compressed, resulting in the current condition of the spine after years of accumulation.

The back arch of the lumbar vertebra causes the lumbar soft tissue to be continuously stretched, which increases the tension. And lumbar stability is poor, can cause iliac bone upper soft tissue hyperplasia to form nodule again.

The anterior protrusion of the fifth cervical vertebra and stiff cervical soft tissue were the main causes of right arm weakness.When palpating the atlas, the patient asked if there was any head discomfort. The patient said that there was headache in the area of baihui and below, and atlas retroflexion was the main reason.

severe lower back pain treatment home


First treatment:

Follow the eastern flexible bonesetting "withdrawal, collar, correction," four procedures.

Prone position:

The distal end of the force was released, the lumbar interarticular ligament of the thoracic vertebra was loosened by push-roll method, the pelvis was adjusted backward, and the femur was adjusted outward rotation.

Use the method of palmar pressure and finger pressure to adjust the curvature of part of lumbar vertebra, adjust the lateral curvature of thoracic vertebra and the anterior process of fifth thoracic vertebra, and fully release the back soft tissue from occipital bone to sacrum.

Let patients get out of bed before and after the bending experience, back pain completely disappeared.


The rib cage and cervical sequence were adjusted by push and roll method, and the atlas position was adjusted. When adjusting the anterior protrusion of the fifth cervical vertebra, the effect of pushing and shaking method was not good, so the finger pressure method was used to adjust it. During the adjustment, the patient felt radioactive acid numbness in the arm. The manipulation was used to loosen the relevant soft tissues around the shoulder, increase the shoulder joint space, and adjust the position of humerus.

After treatment, the headache symptoms were relieved, the weakness of the right arm disappeared, and the whole body felt relaxed.

Second treatment:

On July 23, 2019, three days after the first treatment, palpation was performed on the patient, and there was some recurrence of pelvic tilting, lumbar curvature was straightened due to insufficient adjustment at the first time, slight anterior protrusion of the fifth thoracic vertebra, slight discomfort and tenderness of the fifth cervical vertebra when palpated, and other problems remained good.

The distal end of the force was released, the lumbar interarticular ligament of the thoracic vertebra was loosened by push and roll method, the pelvis was adjusted backward, and the femur was adjusted. Using the method of palm pressure and finger pressure to further adjust the lumbar curvature, adjust the anterior process of the thoracic vertebra, local soft tissue release. Patients feel more relaxed in their lower back after treatment.

Supine position:

Release rectus abdominis and iliopsoas.

The cervical vertebra was adjusted by pushing and shaking method, and the soft tissues in the front and back of the neck were loosened until no discomfort was felt in the fifth cervical vertebra.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Patients with feedback

Regularly call back to visit the patients, and the feedback information is recorded as follows:

On July 20th the patient was asked,Cough and urine leakage did not appear. After getting up in the morning, there was no discomfort in the waist, headache disappeared, and the right arm was free of obstacles, no discomfort in lifting heavy objects.

The patient was asked about the situation on July 24, and the patient reported that none of the previous discomfort was repeated.Improved sleep, full of energy during the day, and brisk walking.

severe lower back pain treatment home


I am a beginner of Oriental flexible bonesetting, and I try to make use of what I have learned to adjust for patients.Often witness the magic and joy of flexible bone setting in the east, thanks to the selfless professor of teacher MAO and fellow students.

In self-reported patient just mention lumbago and right arm weakness, but when palpation and treatment actively ask about other problems that may occur, patients just say have leakage, have a headache wait for a phenomenon, indicating that some patients may be the reason why some phenomenon is not clear, do not know bone structure problems may cause problems such as leakage, headache, is only sensitive to current prominent symptoms and easy to overlook other problems. Therefore, in the future treatment, we should fully communicate with patients, ask questions about possible problems one by one, and guide patients to fully respond to their own problems, so as to give full play to the advantages of Oriental flexible bonesetting and help patients feel the treatment effect more effectively.

By | hu rongqing

Beijing, male, 56 years old. Traditional culture and traditional Chinese medicine enthusiasts, two years ago, in order to help family rehabilitation, I attended the eighth session of Oriental flexible bonesetting class held by sanhe university, deeply attracted by the Oriental flexible bonesetting taught by MAO tai's teacher, and constantly felt the magic and profound Oriental flexible bonesetting in practice and learning. Willing to continue to explore, to help families and more people to relieve pain.

Eastern flexible bonesetting

Oriental flexible bonesetting USES gentle force to cure the problems related to bone structure, and the effect is immediate, safe and painless without rebound.

This therapeutics not only can solve common orthopedic painful disease, to the nerve that causes disorder by bone structure, viscera pathological changes, also can obtain remarkable curative effect, can help a patient cure at an early date, take a detour less.

The technique is friendly and safe, suitable for the elderly, children, women and children.

Eastern flexible bone-setting moxibustion series of recent courses

Click to register for October courses in Beijing (10.3-10.7)

To learn more about the flexible bonesetting course in the east, and to communicate with others about bonesetting practice, please press the qr code to add small and WeChat to draw you into the group

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Learn more about flexible bonesetting

Article by hu rongqing

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Old waist aches, should conservative treat still should this operation? News channel – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/sciatic nerve

"Ouch! My old waist!" "This often by the elderly while holding waist side issued a lament, now has become many middle-aged" catchphrase ", but also from the mouth of young adults in their 30s and 40s.

What's wrong with the modern waist? Many patients struggle with the question of whether to treat their waists conservatively or operate on them.

Let's start with a case.


Mr. Wang, an accountant, is known as an "iron abacus" by his colleagues because of his strong working ability and never making mistakes. His workload is large, working posture is also very single, often sitting in front of the computer for a whole day. As a result of long desk work, less than 40 years old his waist is not very good. His most noticeable sensation of late has been a sore back less than half an hour after sitting down to work, and a swelling in his left leg that didn't work with patches or massages.

After checking to the hospital, Mr. Wang is diagnosed as lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, the doctor suggests to do minimally invasive operation treatment, in order to get rid of the trouble of lumbago and leg pain. But Mr. Wang's friends hold the opposite view: "if you don't get it right, you'll be dead for the rest of your life. I heard someone had surgery on a lumbar spine and never stood up again!" This says, can frighten Mr. Wang, it is hard to choose to minimally invasive operation, but the waist leg pain that breaks out repeatedly is his heart disease.

1 "low back and leg pain" due to the lumbar spine disease

In the clinic, Mr. Wang is one of a number of patients with lumbering back problems. They ask all sorts of questions about whether my waist is going to be cured, whether I want to do it conservatively, what will be the after-effects of the surgery, etc. In conclusion, what patients want to know most is the choice between conservative treatment and surgical treatment.

This is probably what happens to everyone when they reach middle age. For example, whereas it used to be ok to drive for seven or eight hours on a road trip, now driving for more than an hour makes your legs ache. Before doing housework every day did not feel tired, now pull back to the waist straight not up. Serious people can't even sit down to attend a dinner party or play chess with old friends. They have to get up and move around several times. These signs, too, are beginning to show up in young people.

Everyone in life should have such experience: people around, many have complained of back pain, some of them 30 or 40 years old, let alone the elderly. Has waist disease become a public disease? This is not an exaggeration.

Lower back pain is associated with leg pain, which clinicians collectively refer to as "lower back and leg pain." According to statistics from the Chinese branch of the world pain physicians association, 1 out of every 10 patients who visit the hospital every year in China is a patient with low back and leg pain. The most common cause of these patients is known as herniated discs.

Low back and leg pain is a common symptom in clinical spectrum. In general, for patients with chronic lumbar disc herniation, lower back pain and leg pain tend to appear successively. Patients with early lumbago because of lumbar muscle injury, resulting in waist dare not bear weight. The weight bearing of the lumbar muscle can account for one third of the lumbar load, when the lumbar muscle strength is weakened or unable to bear normal weight, all the weight of the human body will fall on the disc, causing the disc to form herniation under the action of great pressure, thus pressing on the sciatic nerve and causing leg pain. Lumbago and leg pain can also occur at the same time, this is mostly due to the acute injury is more serious, such as lifting heavy objects beyond the waist muscles and disc bearing capacity, resulting in acute lumbar disc herniation and compression of the sciatic nerve.

Why are human lumbar discs vulnerable to injury

The lumbar intervertebral disc of the person is easy to injure, because be concerned with "person". This is not a tongue twister. Because human lumbar disc herniation is closely related to human upright walking.

When humans sit or stand, the lumbar spine bears almost all of the body's weight. In this respect, the quadruped, which is also a mammal, is fortunate in that it moves with its limbs to share the weight of its body and has little or no bearing at the waist.

Scientists found that the pressure on a human disc in the upright position is four times that in the supine position. The pressure when leaning forward in the sitting position is 7 to 8 times that in the supine position. Bending down to lift heavy objects is 10 times more stressful than in the supine position, which equates to a load of up to 220 kilograms on a lumbar disc.

Therefore, human physiology and lifestyle are indeed prone to lumbar disc injury. This is especially true for some professionals, such as accountants, drivers, teachers, it workers and heavy manual laborers, who are at higher risk of health problems in the lumbar spine due to their working posture and weight-bearing characteristics.

In fact, as a result of the long-term stress on the lumbar disc, humans begin to undergo degeneration in this area at the age of 20. A lumbar magnetic resonance imaging (mri) scan shows a herniated disc in the patient. At the same time, because of lumbar disc herniation, disc nucleus can overflow, contact with the immune mechanism of the body and immune response to produce pain, and secrete inflammatory substances leading to chemical stimulation and immune response, aggravating the symptoms of lumbar leg pain, this is called lumbar disc herniation.

What is the limit of surgical treatment

At present, there are three types of treatment methods for lumbar diseases: conservative treatment, minimally invasive surgery and open surgery. How do patients choose?

Generally speaking, the waist leg pain of inchoate or first attack is more because posture is bad, constant fatigue, exert oneself uncoordinated bring about. This kind of lumbar and leg pain is rarely related to lumbar disc herniation, mainly caused by lumbar back muscle tension or aseptic inflammation of the waist, which is commonly known as lumbar muscle strain. With timely conservative treatment, most people can recover their health.

Conservative treatments include topical plasters; The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers, such as fenbide, futalin, etc. Local physical therapy, such as ultra – laser irradiation, local massage. These methods can relieve muscle tension, promote local blood circulation, eliminate local inflammatory substances and play a therapeutic role.

Need what point reminds is, must carefully choose to massage. In clinical practice, the old person that companion has osteoporosis, because massage forces too much and bring about lumbar fracture, bone fracture is not uncommon. Above all, massage should choose regular medical establishment; Next, not all lumbago can undertake massage treatment, if lumbar spondylolisthesis, lumbar tuberculosis, lumbar tumour does not suit to undertake massage, when lumbago reason is not clear, do not want massage as far as possible, lest bring about illness aggravation, delay treatment.

For patients with chronic recurrent pain in the lower back and legs, first to the regular hospital imaging examination, such as ct, mri and other clear etiology. If a herniated disc is diagnosed, conservative treatment is often ineffective and surgery is ultimately needed to relieve or eliminate the pain.

In this case, the patient should not be afraid to seek medical advice. Modern medicine is changing, and surgery is not always what they think it is. Minimally invasive surgery, which has developed rapidly in recent years, is suitable for patients with early and intermediate diseases. The minimally invasive surgery does not require an operation. Under the guidance of the image, a special needle is used to puncture the disc herniation, and then the disc is melted and vaporized.

If long-term lumbago leg pain is not treated in time, the health harm to the person is great. When lumbar intervertebral disc disease aggravates, can produce intervertebral disc protrusion calcification, bony vertebra canal stricture, lumbar vertebra is medium above slippage to wait. At this point, the indications for minimally invasive surgery were exceeded, and only more invasive open surgery was performed. At present, the main methods of open lumbar spine surgery include artificial disc replacement, screw system implantation, etc., which have more complications than minimally invasive surgery.

Accordingly, the patient of long-term lumbar leg pain, should listen to the remedial proposal that professional doctor gives seriously. No matter conservative treatment, or minimally invasive surgery, open surgery has its clear surgical indications. For patients, it is indeed not necessary to do surgery at the beginning of early or acute stage lesions, but it is really not worth the cost to miss the conservative treatment period due to neglect of the disease, miss the optimal period of minimally invasive surgery due to fear of surgery, and finally have to do open surgery.


Lumbar muscle strain has nothing to do with bone injury

Psoas strain is also known as psoas fasciitis, a sterile inflammation characterized by soft tissue pain and tenderness in the lower back. Cold, strain, trauma and other factors related, and bone injury has nothing to do. The main characteristics of psoas fasciitis include local superficial pain after fatigue or cold, local soft tissue tenderness, palpable painful nodules or cord feeling, imaging examination usually no abnormal findings. Symptoms can be quickly relieved by injecting anti-inflammatory painkillers into the inflamed area of fascia.

The difference between prolapse and herniation of a lumbar disc

Lumbar intervertebral disc is bulging or protrusion, according to the main lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion in imaging diameter measurement to determine. General disc herniation in the lumbar spine line within 3 mm is called extrusion, protrusion 3 mm to 6 mm is called herniation, protrusion more than 6 mm is called prolapse or prolapse.

Clinical treatment of disc protrusion or herniation should not be based on the size of disc herniation as the main basis of treatment, but should be based on the patient's symptoms and combined with imaging findings to develop a treatment program. Prolapse or herniation of intervertebral disc in early and middle stage are indications for minimally invasive surgery.

Prevent lumbar disease from developing early

Lumbar muscle strain, disc protrusion, disc herniation 3 have distinction, have connection mutually again, belong to the same disease of different stage, with lumbago or lumbago leg pain is main clinical manifestation.

The onset of lumbar muscle strain is relatively urgent, mainly manifested by low back pain. There is aseptic inflammation in the lumbar muscles. Imaging examination shows no signs of disc degeneration. However, if the lumbar muscle strain persists for more than 3 months, most of them will develop disc protrusion or herniation, and produce intractable lumbago with lower limb pain. Imaging examination has the same conclusion.

Therefore, for acute onset, lumbago obvious patients can first oral analgesic drugs or local physical therapy, if lumbago can not continue to alleviate more than 1 month or lower limb pain symptoms, should be timely to the hospital.

(author: deputy chief physician of pain department of Beijing xuanwu hospital)

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Is lumbago equal to nephropathy? All 4 diseases cause back pain! – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

Is lumbago equal to nephropathy? All 4 diseases cause back pain!

In our daily life, we often hear the following dialogue:

"Alas, I recently waist a little ache, do not know how to return a responsibility."

"Well, have you got kidney disease?"

After all, kidney problems are no small matter. If they can't be cured, they will be over. This kind of negative mood is very adverse to the health of the body, so small make up here to tell you, back pain does not mean kidney disease, cause back pain there are many reasons, you must not scare yourself!

1. Lumbar muscle strain

What should consider above all when happening lumbago is oneself have twisted recently waist or motion way is improper, caused lumbar muscle strain thereby. Lumbar muscle strain is a kind of chronic injury inflammation, prone to repeated attacks, will increase when tired, will reduce when rest, temperature is too low or humidity is relatively high, may also increase back pain.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Some patients after twist to the waist is often go to the pharmacy to buy a box of plasters his post, a home have a rest over it, later also do feel waist pain eased, but it's so easy to leave, to develop into chronic low back pain, so you'd better to check the orthopaedic detailed, especially the elderly, more cannot ignore.

2. Lumbar degeneration

The lumbar vertebra of the person is the accumulation that can grow as the age, motion time and degenerate gradually, but if do not take care of at ordinary times, or produce sprain, spasm, produce joint problem possibly ahead of time, evolve even lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, these can cause the ache of lumbar, must treat as soon as possible.

severe lower back pain treatment home

3. Urinary system diseases

This is the "nephropathy" that a lot of people worry about, nevertheless urological system does not have kidney only, besides a few kidney problems can cause lumbago, for example: obstructive nephropathy, polycystic kidney, nephroptosis, renal abscess is waited a moment, the tumour of any place of other such as urinary tract stone, urological system also can cause lumbago.

When happening urological system disease nevertheless, can have lumbago only a symptom, the body still can have other expression, be like: albuminuria, hematuria, oedema, hypertensive or urinate is urgent, urine is painful wait a moment, everybody needs more attention, when discovering these symptoms, must treat in time.

4. Reproductive diseases

severe lower back pain treatment home

Common in women, for example: endometritis, appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and so on. Additional, female is in menstruation, also can accompany sometimes the lumbago of different level; During pregnancy, as the baby grows up, the pressure on the waist will gradually increase, which will also be prone to lower back pain.

To sum up, there are many reasons that cause lumbago, whether it is a kidney problem or comprehensive consideration. If the pain recurrent, lasting longer, it is best to go to the hospital to check, carefully examine the cause of disease, in order to treat the disease, as soon as possible.

[yangsheng hall] today 17:25 broadcast "the hidden dangers of low back pain" – AllPainHealing | back pain

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

Bai auntie is old lumbago, she thinks his lumbago all the time occupational disease causes, so what is her occupation after all? How bad is her back pain? What reason lets ignore the white aunt of lumbago all the time went to see a doctor? What is the reason of bai auntie's lumbago after all?

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

"Hidden killer" is very good at disguise, often misdiagnosed, so what disease can it disguise? What are the fatal hazards of delaying treatment without identifying the cause?

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

severe lower back pain treatment home

Is there a good cure for the hidden killer? For more information, please visit this issue of yangsheng tang.

Expert house call time

Huang zhongxia: director of the department of hematology and oncology, west hospital, Beijing chaoyang hospital, capital medical university;

Outpatient service hours: west hospital, Monday morning and Thursday afternoon; Hospital headquarters, Wednesday morning; Special outpatient visit time, Wednesday afternoon (appointment required).

Note: the change of outpatient service time, venue, type of outpatient service (general, expert or special outpatient service) and registration fee caused by unexpected reasons shall be subject to the announcement of the hospital on the same day.

After act, why does the man meet lumbago? There are more reasons than you think! – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

Act back pain, there are several main reasons

First of all, men's lower back pain is probably due toToo oftenAs a result, the amount of activity above the waist is too large, leading to the occurrence of lumbar muscle strain, making the muscles above the waist appear sore, in order to alleviate this situation of lower back pain, it is necessary to control the frequency.

Second,The high tide was not reachedThere is also back pain, because the pelvic internal and external reproductive organs congestion, if the internal and external reproductive organs are stimulated after the congestion, but, and can not be released, so inevitably there is a back pain.

sharp lower back pain

Once again,Break off from married lifeAlso can bring about to appear lumbago, husband and wife life is broken, can bring about whole reproductive system and pelvic cavity to appear the circumstance of congestive, abate not to go down, cerebral cortex and spinal cord are still in very nervous circumstance cannot calm down, seminal vesicle did not empty. Also, the brain is in a state of excitement, not getting good news, so back pain naturally appeared. For male friends, if so often, it is likely to lead to male "penis" congestion, then appear back pain, back acid, decreased desire and other conditions.

In the end, it probably isBecause of inflammation or diseaseFor men, the prostate gland and the kidneys are very important organs. These two organs are very fragile and can be inadvertently affected by diseases and inflammation. Men who regularly hold in their urine or sit for long periods of time can easily develop prostate problems. When the men of these parts of the body appear problem, can cause certain harm to men's waist sacrum, because the male prostate has the waist, reproductive system is linked together, so, if there is something wrong with the male prostate, it is easy to lead to other parts of the uncomfortable, and can also lead to a male friend of low back pain.

See above content, a lot of men can't stand it: tell me how to alleviate lumbago quickly!Here are a few ways to beat back pain:

sharp lower back pain

1, the number of couples to control the life, to have a regular, control the frequency, to prevent backache.

2, in daily life to pay attention to the kidney, to eat more black food such as black beans, black rice, black sesame, can be a good prevention of backache.

3. If you stand or sit for a long time, you can get up to exercise your muscles and bones, and do more exercises on the waist, which can relieve the muscle fatigue above the waist and alleviate the situation of backache.

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80% of "lumbar protuberance" without special treatment, remember five words formula, back pain 10 years not recurrence! – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve

Lower extremity radiate painful: because lumbar intervertebral disc herniation happens in lumbar 4 ~ 5 or lumbar and sacral vertebra space more, it is sciatic nerve root place, ache property gives priority to with radioactivity sting. Radiative pain of lower limbs can precede lumbago, also may appear after lumbago symptom appears, these two kinds of circumstance differ from person to person.

Lumbar restricted movement: this is also one of the characteristics of patients, the patients daily action caused great influence, if patients are not basic fiber ring is broken, and lumbar flexion position before, after stretch limited, lies in the lumbar spine proneness, yellow ligament tension between lamina, added behind the vertebral canal volume and intervertebral space, so symptoms arise.

Sciatica: low back pain, sciatica is a common symptom of lumbar disc herniation. Sciatica typically manifests itself as radiating pain from the buttocks, back of the thigh to the outside of the lower leg, heel or instep.


The exercise method of lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, teacher friend, circle often shares the treatment method of lumbar vertebra disease to see these a few kinds first!


Walk backwards. When reverse walk, choose a flat and safe place to walk backwards. When you want to keep your chest in front, look straight ahead, the hands of natural before and after waving, as far as possible less back, back to go the speed according to their specific situation, to step by step, every time the general reverse 15 minutes, twice a day.

severe lower back pain treatment home


Supine pedal: lying on your back in bed with your legs up like a bicycle. Every morning and evening, 10~15 minutes each time, this method is the majority of patients recommended a method of exercise for lumbar disc herniation.

severe lower back pain treatment home


That is, support exercise, not appropriate to do drape exercisers can do support exercise. Feet shoulder-width apart and body relaxed. Breathe in slowly through your nose as your arms slowly rise. Raise your arms above your head, look up into the sky, and hold your waist up to full height, then pause for a moment. Then, with the arms slowly down while slowly exhaling with the mouth, together a fall into a movement, continuous 20-30.

severe lower back pain treatment home


Use the thing such as door frame or horizontal bar to undertake overhang to take exercise, the waist and lower limbs should be loosened when overhang, make weight nature droop, in order to achieve pull the purpose that pull. Overhang action must be slow and light, avoid jumping up and down to operate the lumbar spine. Movements should be gentle, slow up and down, as far as possible to let the family in the side to help protect.


Stand upright, feet slightly apart, hands on the back of the waist, fingers together. Fingers back, with both hands as support, as far as possible the waist above the body back bent, knees to keep straight. Hold for a second or two, then return to the starting position. Each time you repeat, try to bend your upper body back and back more than you did before to get the most stretch possible.

severe lower back pain treatment home

Note: consult your physician before performing the above exercise to ensure that the vertebra is not displaced and that the nerve and ligament muscles have been unjammed and pulled.

In addition, the acute period of low back pain should not do the above action, should pay attention to bed rest, reduce exercise as far as possible.

severe lower back pain treatment home

This weed, cold and damp, Yang qi, cure back pain! It's just right for now – AllPainHealing | back pain

Drug use

The medicinal value of mugwort is very high, it can be antibacterial, antiviral, hemostatic, expectorant, antiasthmatic, sedative, anti-allergic, liver and gallbladder protection and so on.

1.Wormwood has a good effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, warming and nourishing qi and blood. Eating wormwood can promote blood circulation and thinning menstruation, which is good for warming and nourishing women's qi and blood, and can also significantly improve women's yellow face and long spots.

2.Mugwort can regulate qi and blood, warm the arteries and veins, and put mugwort into warm water to soak feet or bath, which can relieve pain, dispel cold and damp, prevent colds and other effects.

The food in

Mugwort is very convenient to use, in addition to it can be put into the soup, but also can be used to wrap rice directly steamed to eat.

Mugwort has a sweet and delicious taste and is used in some areas to make glutinous rice cakes with mugwort and glutinous rice.

Dry mugwort still can drink water of bubble water directly, perhaps mix honey to rush open with water, can have the effect that clear heat goes to fire.

The home use

1.Mugwort incense good effect, can repel mosquitoes, but also can dehumidify and deodorize, purify the air. Fire the wormwood directly, then find a container to put it in, let the smoke of wormwood smoke the house;Perhaps ignite ai xiang, both neither smoke, have the flavour of faint scent again, still can dispel mosquito stink.

2.Brush directly from mugwort grass juice on the skin, can have the effect that prevents mosquito to prevent fly.

3.Mugwort into the water bath, can promote blood circulation, warm blood, but also to prevent colds.

(4)Put mugwort in the pillow, can promote morpheus, improve morpheus quality.

(4)The ash left over from burning wormwood can be used to clean up odors in the home. Put it in a small bag and store it in the bathroom, refrigerator or bedroom to get rid of odors.

2, such consumption of wormwood, tonic effect is good

Wormwood leaves have sweet wormwood and wormwood two kinds, sweet wormwood leaves yellow green, white, mostly artificial planting; Wormwood leaves are green and mostly wild.

In guangdong, artemisia argyi is a natural health food for women.Fresh mugwort leaves can be used in many delicious health food.

Moxa leaf vegetables

Hakka people have a saying that goes, "if you eat dumplings before and after tomb sweeping day, you won't get sick all year round." Ai dumpling is a traditional snack necessary to hakka people on tomb sweeping day.The same ingredients as qingtuan are glutinous rice and wormwood juice. The shape is slightly different, often pressed into a flat round shape.

soothe lower back pain

A. chop the wormwood leaves, put appropriate amount of flour, water, salt knead into a dough, make a medium-sized wormwood cabbage ball.

B, then put meat or sugar stuffing, pressed into a flat round shape, into the pot steamed.

It can invigorate qi and blood, remove cold and dampness, and has the effect of appetizing spleen and increasing appetite.

Hen mugwort soup

Mugwort soup is also a traditional nourishing soup in hakka area, which has excellent nourishing effect. It is not only very suitable for postpartum weak women, for men, also has a tonic effect.

In addition to its nourishing effect, this soup also has a very attractive taste. The fragrance of grass and trees, combined with the mellow of chicken, is very comfortable and warm to the stomach.

soothe lower back pain

1 old hen, a small handful of moxa root. Wash the old hen and cut it into pieces. Cook the soup with mugwort leaves and ginger.

Invigorate qi and absorb blood, invigorate spleen and calm heart, suitable for menorrhagia, insomnia and more dreams, less abdominal pain and other discomfort.

Artemisia argyi boiled eggs

Egg boiled with mugwort leaf is a common way to eat, but it has a good effect on kidney Yang deficiency in the elderly.

soothe lower back pain

Dried wormwood 10 grams, 5 dates, ginger 3 pieces, eggs 1, brown sugar right amount.

A. wash the wormwood leaves, dates and eggs, put them into a casserole, add adequate water and boil.

B. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shell and cook for 5-10 minutes in the pot. Stir in the brown sugar and cook until dissolved.

It has the effect of warming the meridians dispersing cold, benefiting qi and nourishing blood. It is suitable for women with dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation or weak and cold constitution.

It is worth noting that:The body should not use mugwort for heat.In addition, women with unexplained bleeding, abdominal pain and other symptoms during pregnancy need to be diagnosed,Use drugs under the guidance of the doctor, do not abuse at will.

3. Chen ai has good health care effect.It works all year round

Is mugwort as old as possible, or as tender as possible? In fact, tender has the benefits of tender period, Chen ai has the benefits of Chen ai.

But say medicinal effect, still Chen ai is better. As the saying goes: "the home has three years of ai, lang zhong need not come."

Boiled water to wash

Mugwort leaf has the effect of fight bacterium, antiphritis, boil water to wash a hair to be able to go head oil, stop urticant, dandruff, prevent alopecia, and do not harm hair qualitative reach scalp.

Dry moxa grass add water to boil, wet scalp with moxa grass water, then wrap up the hair with a towel, let moxa grass water on the scalp retain 10 minutes, and then rinse with shampoo or warm water, "ten fingers for comb" with fingers repeatedly comb the hair.

Wash your face and soak your feet

Mugwort leaves boiled face, dermatitis, eczema can play a certain therapeutic role, but not long-term use, 3 to 5 times a month can be. It is important to note that this is not appropriate for patients with fever or hypertension.

soothe lower back pain

Mugwort leaves boiled water can also be used to soak feet, is conducive to accelerate blood circulation, promote the body's metabolism, but also can drive cold, dispel deficiency fire, cure by cold caused by wind.

Bubble foot time is appropriate with half an hour or so, meantime but add some hot water appropriately, in case water temperature drops, bubble perspire slightly is best.

Ai water bath

To some extent, it helps to protect the health of young children.

Still can treat eczema, prickly heat, red bottom to wait, bite to mosquito, antipruritic also very helpful.

To make sachets

It can be said that the most fragrant memory of making incense bag with mugwort leaf, generally in the Dragon Boat Festival family will do mugwort leaf incense bag with the body, is said to be able to exorcise evil spirit. The fragrance of this kind of sachet is pure natural without adding, it is often smelled, also have certain health benefits.

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