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Maybe it's not just cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder,

Joint disease is so simple,

Probably in the body

Planted a time bomb,

Must not be careless!!!

There is a time bomb in your body

Case a

Mr Qiu, 57, has been suffering from shoulder pain and his left arm often feels numb and weak. About two months ago, uncle qiu was about to leave the house when he suddenly felt weak in the leg and fell to the ground. Uncle qiu had a basic disease of high blood pressure. His family thought he had suffered a stroke and rushed him to the local hospital.

However, after the treatment of the related stroke program, the effect was not obvious. Uncle qiu still felt that the left limb was not strong enough, and he also had mild incontinence of urine.

The local hospital gave him a cervical mri,

After the inspection found: uncle qiuCervical vertebra isA 2cm tumor.

Case 2

Song, 43, is a frail woman who likes to eat hot food in her daily life. But about six months ago, Ms. Song's family discovered that she seemed to have special powers and was not afraid of heat. Once when Ms. Song was cooking chicken soup at home, she accidentally turned the pot on the ground. The whole pot of chicken soup was poured on her feet, causing huge blisters. However, she did not complain of any pain.

Gradually, Ms. Song began to feel that her legs and feet were becoming weak, and one morning, she could not get out of bed at all.

The family panicked and rushed her to the hospital.

On examination, I found Ms. Song'sThere's a foreign body in the thoracic vertebra,

There is a 3cm tumor.

relief for back pain in

High precision surgical excision, less recurrence

Professor gao jiemin, director of neurosurgery, said:

The above two cases are typical intramedullary subdural tumors, common for schwannoma or meningioma, benign tumors in the spinal canal, and surgical removal of foreign bodies is required after diagnosis.

A lot of people hear it is spinal cord

Grow things are very afraid,

It's too dangerous to operate in this position.

"But in fact,For the treatment of this kind of disease, we usually carry out the treatment with the aid of a microscope. Due to the accurate location of the foreign body under the preoperative X-ray fluoroscopy, only one segment of the pedicle is usually needed to be opened, so no vertebral fixation is required after the resection. Because of the minimally invasive treatment, most of the intraoperative bleeding will not exceed 20ml, and the whole operation is very safe."

After radical resection, the prognosis is good, more can cure, less recurrence.

Don't be careless about numbness and pain, seek medical advice in time

Intramedullary subdural tumors of the spinal canalMostly benign tumors,Main clinical symptoms and signsPain, paresthesia, dyskinesia and sphincter dysfunction, most progressive aggravation, but also a few for the sudden acute pain.

Most of them have a long course of disease, with the shortest history in the chest segment.

The cervical and lumbar segments are longer, sometimes lasting more than 5 years.

Therefore, the disease is most likely to be misdiagnosed as cervical spondylosis,

Lumbar disease, delay treatment.

relief for back pain in

"We have been clinically exposed to symptoms that occur seven or eight years later, and the onset of these diseases is like boiling a frog in warm water, which can inadvertently lead to irreversible necrosis of the spinal cord or nerve roots and miss the best opportunity for treatment."

So if you have symptoms, you need to see a doctor,

If necessary, carry out enhanced magnetic resonance and other related examinations.

Don't delay the illness.

The end

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