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1. Wrist joint pain

Many new mothers have different degrees of wrist and joint pain after giving birth, basically in the month of the beginning of the discovery, until after giving birth for a long time did not recover. Pregnant mother is in postpartum and lactation during, because of the change of internal endocrine hormone of the body, can bring about articular flabby, add feed milk, hold the labor such as baby, can make articular load brings about ache, main place is in wrist, finger joint and place such as heel. Because in "month son" was caused by wind and cold, cold evil invasion weak body, easy to cause postpartum rheumatism, joint pain.

Nursing tips:

1) keep hands warm after delivery

Don't use cold water for housework too early. At ordinary times, wash your hands, feet and face using hot water, avoid contact with cold water.

2) avoid cold wind blowing directly on the body

In particular, do not directly because of the enjoyment of cool air conditioning, fan blowing body; Pay attention to postpartum warmth, should pay attention to add clothing according to the change of the weather, lest the joints of the body catch cold.

3) eat foods that contain calcium

Such as milk, bone soup and so on; When sunshine is sufficient, go outdoors more bask in the sun, also be helpful for filling calcium.

4) get some exercise

For example, some soothing health exercises can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, so that the joints slowly adapt and restore vitality.

how to get relief from backache

2. Backache

After giving birth to mother, endocrine system changes will not quickly return to the state before pregnancy, pelvic ligament is still in the state of relaxation in a period of time, abdominal muscles also become weak and weak, the uterus did not fully reset soon, lobuloids if the discharge is not free, cause pelvic blood deposition, will cause lumbago oh. And bathe for the baby, dress, change diaper, need to bend over, cause lumbar muscle strain.

1) pay attention to lactation posture

Mothers can refer to some relevant lactation knowledge, master the correct lactation posture, sitting nursing, can prepare a few cushion for leaning on, after the waist put a, relieve waist pressure, but to remember, cushion for leaning on is not too soft, to have a certain degree of hardness to have support force oh.

2) timely replenish qi and blood

In terms of diet, mothers can choose some foods to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis to get through the body's meridians, so that the blood circulation inside the body unobimpeded, naturally will not backache. Choose blood-enriching food to supplement the energy consumed by mothers during childbirth, and the physical quality will be better, and the backache will gradually improve.

3) proper hot compress

Postpartum back soreness can be relieved with hot compresses, massages, or hot baths that promote blood circulation, relax muscles, and reduce pain and fatigue.

4) take breaks

New mothers should pay attention to the supine position during the break, especially avoid long-term supine position. Side, supine, and prone positions can be rotated. Also, avoid standing, sitting, and squatting. Postpartum as the recovery of the body, can add the action that makes a few lumbar back stretch, also have curative effect more to reduce postpartum lumbar backache.

3, postpartum limb pain

Postpartum limb aches, have a concern with pregnancy, childbirth and lactation, on the one hand, be pregnant make endocrine produce change, bring about articular ligament flabby, flexibility drops, together with fetal need calcium amount to increase and expectant mother did not add sufficient calcium, can bring about bone density to reduce; On the other hand, childbirth will cause qi and blood deficiency, after catching cold easy to cause muscle and joint inflammation; Plus holding a baby for a long time, postpartum limb pain is more serious.

1) keep warm

Postpartum body ache is mostly due to postpartum qi and blood movement is not free or postpartum suffering from wind and cold caused, so postpartum to pay special attention to keep warm, do not blow.

2) diet

And postpartum qi blood movement not free mother can eat some of the food rich in nutrition, such as red beans, jujube, chicken, pig liver and so on.

3) seek medical advice in time

If the symptoms of postpartum systemic pain is very serious, through general adjustment can not be improved, then should be as soon as possible to see a doctor for examination, under the guidance of the doctor for reasonable treatment.

how to get relief from backache

4, postpartum wound pain

Wound pain mainly refers to the pain of the birth of the wound, under normal circumstances whether natural birth or cesarean section, the birth will be hospitalized on the same day, the hospital will arrange timely disinfection and lighting, as long as you follow the doctor's advice, normal health postpartum about a week after the wound basically recovered.

In some special cases, the wound healing is not complete, the pain and itching will continue, such as scar constitution will form in the healing of the keloid. If the scar is too large and there are hard patches on the surface of the skin, there will be pain when pressed.

1) loose clothing

Bao ma should not be in a hurry to wear shapewear after production, but should wear loose and comfortable clothes. Loose clothing helps the wound breathe and heal faster. It also avoids friction and reduces the pain.

2) avoid scratching

Postpartum wounds can be painful and itchy as they heal. Feel pruritus treasure mother must not use the hand to scratch the itching directly, easy to cause wound rupture, but also easy to cause bacterial infection!

3) balanced nutrition

Wound healing is needed for a period of time, it is recommended that bao ma postpartum diet should be light and easy to digest, can prevent stimulation to the wound. Also, eat a balanced diet to promote rapid healing. As a result, the pain in the wound is lessened day by day.

How many have you experienced? After watching these kinds of pain, for the great mother thumb up.

Finally, delivery for women itself will bring a lot of loss, postpartum qi, blood, muscles and bones will become weak, resistance will become poor, so from the beginning of sitting month, must pay attention to diet adjustment, maintain physical and mental comfort, adequate sleep, only mother physical and mental health can give the baby better care and care.

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