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Rockets forward Sam decker played just five minutes against the pelicans on Saturday, limited by back spasms that had plagued him for days, but he returned to action against the nuggets on Sunday. Aside from missing most of his rookie year due to back surgery, he hasn't missed a game since, and the strain this time has nothing to do with last season.

"I'm not really worried," decker said. "People ask me: 'did the back problem have anything to do with last season's injury? It was just a muscle problem and I just needed a massage to calm it down. That's the problem with back spasms. Sometimes it lasts for a week, sometimes just a day, and some days it can tighten the back."

"The coach called me out and said, 'let's look at your situation in the first few minutes.

Decker's playing time has been shortened by the arrival of Louis Williams, Eric Gordon playing more small forward, and trevor ariza starting to play in bendecker's former position.

"I rely on my athletic ability to play and play better to my advantage," decker said. "But when something takes it away from you, it leaves a shadow in your heart."

Sam decker has played 70 games for the rockets this season, averaging 18.7 minutes and 6.8 points, 3.7 rebounds and one assist.


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