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With acquired scoliosis

The common scoliosis can be classified as congenital and acquired. Congenital scoliosis is usually found in elementary school health checks when a child is 7 to 8 years old, or it begins in adolescence.As for acquired scoliosis, most of the scoliosis occurs in adults aged 50-60 years old. Most of the scoliosis occurs because of injury or long-term occupation of heavy labor, which causes spinal damage.

The spine

Forward tilt + left-right twist = scoliosis

As the name implies, scoliosis is the abnormal inclination of the spine to the left or right. In addition, the entire spine can be twisted. In the treatment, in addition to the correction of the lateral curve, must also take into account the Angle of torsion, can be said to be the "3d" treatment of the spinal cord.

how to reduce back bone pain

Severe scoliosis can affect the ribs and pelvis, as well as muscles in the back and shoulders that can become stiff and sore. Generally, the Angle of lateral curvature within 15 ° is mild, and physicians usually recommend continuous follow-up observation and physical therapy with the rehabilitator. 15 ° ~ 35 °, must wear the back frame; If the inclination is above 35 °, the physician will cooperate with the patient's symptoms, whether to consider the need for surgery.

Don't worry, pregnant mother

Slight scoliosis is not easy to see in appearance, nor is it an obvious inconvenience in daily life, and must be diagnosed by X-ray.Women who suspect they may have scoliosis should have a pre-pregnancy checkup and take an X-ray before planning a pregnancy.

how to reduce back bone pain

While most women can afford one or two x-rays during pregnancy, avoid them if you can. If be pregnant hind just suspects oneself to have vertebra scoliosis, unless the symptom is very apparent (if pelvic both sides are not the same tall, the body turns forward, have one side the back is more outstanding wait), do not make the diagnosis of scoliosis in pregnancy as far as possible.

If you know you have scoliosis problems before pregnancy, you can consult an orthopedic doctor or a rehabilitation specialist during the prenatal examination, so that even if you do not have treatment during pregnancy, but can reduce the discomfort and psychological pressure of pregnant mothers.

Lateral bending

Large Angle and obvious influence

If you find that you have scoliosis before or during pregnancy, don't worry too much. Firstly, scoliosis will not be inherited. In addition, those with greater lateral curvature are usually treated at puberty.If the Angle of lateral curvature is not big, the impact on pregnancy and childbirth is limited, pregnant mothers do not have to give themselves too much pressure.

Because the scoliosis will press on the chest, the heart and lungs will be affected, plus to supply oxygen and blood to the fetus, the pregnant mother is easy to breathe.Pregnancy is a temporary weight gain and shift in focus, not a long period of heavy labor that worsens scoliosis, but a burden on the spine, so back pain may worsen. At this time suggest pregnant mother to lie flat rest, if the abdomen will be pressed to the body, can lie slightly side, keep breathing smooth, let the spine get support, thereby reducing the burden.

The effect on labor process and postpartum

Side Angle is not big pregnant mother, in the process of pregnancy and childbirth and the general pregnant mother, will not have too much risk; But if the Angle is more than 30 ° pregnant mother will pay attention to! During pregnancy, it is important to explain scoliosis to your obstetrician so that he can make proper arrangements during pregnancy and delivery.

Caesarean section

The birth should be discussed with the anesthesiologist

General cesarean section will use half body anesthesia, pregnant mother although not feel pain but consciousness is still clear, for pregnant mother is also a safer way of anesthesia. When hemihalf body anaesthesia, the back of pregnant mother wants arch rise, the body bends into the shape of shrimp rice, again the anaesthesia enters spinal cord cavity in; However, for a pregnant mother with a larger scoliosis Angle, because the spine is not straight, it may not be able to inject anesthetics in the normal way.Often before birth, the ob-gyn will discuss with the orthopedic surgeon and anesthesiologist whether to inject anesthetics under general anesthesia or other alternative methods.

In addition to congenital spinal scoliosis, and some disease is caused by the lateral bending, such as polio, spurs, disc herniation, spine and pelvis related symptoms will make the bone shape variation, the possible causes of the natural production difficulties, the doctors will assess condition, suggested that gave birth to the baby by caesarean section.

Nevertheless, average puerpera calculates the fault that has vertebral lateral curve, do not affect the labor course that produces naturally basically, want pregnant mother nutrition and weight to control only advisable, add correct motion habit, can give birth to darling naturally smoothly.

how to reduce back bone pain

How to improve scoliosis,

That needs pregnant mother to take care of!

Dietary exercise should pay attention to, early treatment to heal oh ~


Weight · reduce spinal burden

Poor weight control can lead to obesity, and in addition to increasing the risk of childbirth, for pregnant women with scoliosis,As the fetus grows, it puts more strain on the spine. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job during pregnancy weight control, pregnant mother to treat their own body.

Often do

Exercise · maintain strong muscles

Mother can do some can increase the flexibility and muscle strength of the exercise, the pregnant mother of scoliosis is helpful, such as yoga, stretching exercise can strengthen the health with less muscle;And swimming because of the buoyancy of the water, the fetal burden on the belly will be less, at the same time can relax the muscles of the whole body, so these exercises are very good choices.

how to reduce back bone pain


Exercise is indispensable

In addition to rest during the month, but also remember to do postpartum exercise, especially with scoliosis of the motherThe muscles of the shoulder, back and waist do not move for a long time. They will lose their strength and elasticity.

How does postpartum exercise do? There are detailed diagrams in the mother's manual, which are not complicated or difficult movements, so it is strongly recommended that mothers follow them. If there is any doubt about the movement, or if there is any discomfort after exercise, ask your gynecologist at the time of follow-up. In a word, don't lie in bed for a whole month because you are afraid of breaking your bones. Your muscles will be more sore.

Lateral curvature · early treatment

For patients who have scoliosis since childhood, doctors often recommend active treatment of scoliosis before the growth plate is closed (that is, during height growth). So by the time of pregnancy, most of the women with scoliosis are not serious, but it is still recommended that women who are planning to get pregnant,If have lumbar acerbity backache frequently, wear trousers to discover to have the condition such as length foot commonly, can be in before pregnancy when health examination, ask a doctor to diagnose whether to have the case of spinal lateral curvature, in order to be helpful when be pregnant in the future cogent master oneself body condition.

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