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Doing these three exercises in your office chair every morning can help prevent or reduce back pain. These three tricks were demonstrated by a trainer at the New York health center, showing us how to stretch in a comfortable office chair.

Action 1:

Place your palms behind your head and twist your torso to the left. From here, bend your torso and lower your right elbow to your right knee. Repeat on the other side.

cure for lower back pain

Action 2:

Sit up straight with your shoulders down and your back back. Lift your left arm outwards, bending your elbow at a 90-degree Angle. Keep your elbows in place and slowly move your forearms and palms up and down. Repeat on the other side.

cure for lower back pain

cure for lower back pain

Action 3:

First, put your left ankle on your right knee. Next, bring your left knee a little closer to your chest and push it down. Repeat on the other side.

cure for lower back pain

I did what my trainer told me to do for a few minutes and really felt my body relax. Let's work together every day.

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Li guomin: backache after cervical vertebra disease, how does treatment do without effect? – AllPainHealing | back pain/herniated disc/backache

Li guomin: backache after cervical vertebra disease, how does treatment do without effect?

Shoulder, neck and waist pain people suffer, find the wrong people waste money! Hello, I'm li guomin, shoulder, neck and waist specialist. Write an article every day to share my actual treatment experience and cases, hoping to give you some inspiration and help. This is the 454 original article.

One, why does backache treat after cervical vertebra disease have no effect?

Yesterday a friend came to consult, his main symptom is back pain.

He went for an mri of his cervical spine, which revealed herniated discs 3, 4, 5 and 6 and spinal stenosis.

Then he did a lot of treatments, acupuncture, physical therapy, patches, hot compresses, medication, cervical traction, and so on.

But without any effect, he couldn't feel better? More and more serious, every day to endure the pain.

Why didn't the treatment work?

1. His problem was not found

2, the treatment method is not accurate

3. Lack of self-training

In a lot of cases like back pain, cervical mri is a problem, but that's not the reason.

And you see he did cervical spine traction, in fact he this piece I think is not the need for traction, so it is fundamentally the treatment is not right.

There is a more serious is no self training, he is only passive to do treatment, not their own initiative to prevent.

So he's getting worse.

2. Benefits of early resolution of back pain.

In terms of pain, I think if you don't treat it early, it's going to get worse and it's going to interfere with your sleep.

It is possible that your pain will become intractable, as in the case of the patient at the beginning of this article.

So treating your pain early can prevent one of its exacerbations.

When you have this back pain, it really affects your work because you can't concentrate on one thing.

It affects your life, you can't do a lot of things, like go on a trip, or you can't go out for a long time, because the pain is always bothering you.

So the second benefit of early treatment is that it allows you to work happily and live a healthy life.

For you, you want your back pain to go away sooner rather than later

This can prevent you from developing some serious complications, and early treatment can reduce your pain.

Shorten your pain and improve your quality of life.

How did she relieve the back pain?

This patient is a housewife. She mainly runs a shop and her daily work is to sit in front of the shop and sell some daily necessities.

In fact, her work is not very tired, her backache came after giving birth to a baby.

She herself is very distressed, treatment for more than a year, but no improvement.

I have seen some therapists in our hospital before, and I have treated them, but the results were not satisfactory.

She read about Dr. Lee on the Internet and came to find out what I was doing. I evaluated her, but the main problem wasn't that big.

Two reasons:

1. Fascia problems

2. Cervical deep muscle weakness

I treated her a total of three times. Her pain is basically better than 80%. The rest I let her do it my way.

The patient recovered well because it was treated for a year without any improvement.

Identify his reason, three times solved more than half.

Have you solved your back pain?

4. A key factor in pain management.

In fact, maybe you can find out why it's so easy for her pain to ease, and it's been so long without any effect.

There's actually a key factor here.


Cervical spondylosis back pain whether pain numbness, or swelling pain, actually I think it must be evaluated.

Because if you don't have an evaluation, all the treatments go up.

It's not the right thing to do. The first one increases your pain, and the second one says I think it's more expensive.

Once you've identified the cause, assess what the problem is, and you can treat it.

So this is a patient who had an mri of the cervical spine, and I did it as a reference, not as a primary treatment.

It's the way you go when you're dealing with cervical spondylosis, and so much of it is because you're over-referencing the results of the cervical spine scan and not focusing on one of your evaluations.

Have you assessed what your problem is?

Specific treatment methods.

Her fascia was loosened, and I gave her a floating needle.

This method works faster, if you have ultrasound treatment, the effect will be even better.

You can also choose small needle knife or tendon needle treatment is the same, as long as you find the problem.

Because as soon as you assess which muscle, which fascia, has the problem, then it's likely that you have the possibility of relief

If you have cervical spondylosis, this exercise is a must.

The best way to do this exercise is the set suspension exercise. Because at present for, strengthen the training of cervical vertebra deep muscle, this method is used most extensive, and effective is faster.

If you don't, I think it's good that you can practice eye exercises, as well as strengthening your deep cervical muscles.

Eye training is actually very simple, a lot of people repeatedly asked, I also repeatedly taught.

The first step is to focus your eye on a solid dot on the wall with your eye, or draw one.

Step 2, turn your neck left and right, a horizontal rotation to the left and right. And your eye can't leave the solid dot.

Step 3. Turn your neck no more than 30 degrees.

The key point here is that your neck moves horizontally, left to right, and then your eyes, no matter what you do, can't leave the solid dot on the wall.

Do this for two minutes three times a day. You can stop if you feel uncomfortable.

I gave this patient here, and the way I did it was by standing up against a wall.

Why did you use this method? Because he had postural problems with his cervical spine.

Any head pain is related to your cervical spine, so you must adjust your cervical spine in the correct position.

So I chose to stand against the wall.

The first step is to place your entire body, back, back, buttocks, against the wall.

Step 2: place your heel between 5 and 10 centimeters from the wall. Your chin is perpendicular to the ground. You can't lift it or lower it.

Step 3. Imagine a rope pulling up above your head

Do this three times a day for five minutes at a time, and stop whenever uncomfortable.

Do you use these methods for your back pain?

Do you worry about your cervical spondylosis can not be cured?

Have you found a good cure for your cervical spondylosis?

Are you still worried about finding a good doctor for your cervical spondylosis?

You can also chat with me, I will give you some good methods and advice.

2 simple tests to determine if you are at risk for back pain – AllPainHealing | back pain/for back pain

In general, if your symptoms are postural, simply changing your posture will ease the pain when it arises.But if poor posture is combined with prolonged immobility, the body can slowly be molded into poor posture.Then, you'll find that simply changing your posture is no longer enough. Further, you'll find that finding a comfortable position becomes a little more difficult, and your spine and limb joints are increasingly limited in their mobility.

There are roughly three types of posture

1. The ligament

The main ligament, myofascial passive tension, maintain the body position, common collapse posture, pelvic tilt back.

2. The muscle type

The main muscle force to maintain the body position, commonly used concave waist (pelvic forward), shrug and other laborious way.

3. The skeleton type

In the case of joint alignment, maintain the body position with the skeleton and place the spine in a central/neutral position.

Simple spinal stress test

The following two tests are designed to give you an idea of whether your posture is putting pressure on your body.Also let you know, make good use of the fine posture can reduce the pain and many unnecessary efforts.

1. Spinal vertical stress test

In the sitting/standing position, ask a person to stand behind your back with your hands at your sides of your shoulders, pressing straight down.Then test and record feelings in three different postures.

how to get relief from backache

2. Anterior spinal stress test

Sit/stand with your palms up, with your hands on your sides like a tray, and ask another person to push down your palms.Then test and record feelings in three different postures.

how to get relief from backache

Notes for testing

If you're the subject

Which of the three different postures is easier, to feel yourself in your original position, than to feel oppressed?

If you're a tester

Feel the other person's original position and feel the pressure in three different positions, which one is more stable and motionless?

After the test, did you find that when you are in the extreme hump, arch posture, it is very uncomfortable to bear?It also has poor support, assuming you've been working in this position all day… You can imagine!how?May not be acidpain?

Hopefully, through this experience, you'll learn more about your body and start being kind to it!

【 recommended 】 lumbago unbearable sit for more than half a year, was a thoracic fracture! She was able to lie flat with 12 steel nails implanted – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

Let ruxueliang feel very pity isguangxioauntThe vertebral fracture wasOsteoporotic brittle fracture, if she had timely and active treatment and minimally invasive surgery, she could recover quickly without too much impact on the body. More importantly, she did not need to suffer from pain for more than half a year. "After fracture, there is no timely surgery, patients with fracture section of the vertebral body was almost no has been compressed, so the patients waist straight up, after the protrusion deformity, not pain relief, and fracture time is too long, minimally invasive surgery has been unable to process, the need for spinal bone cutting protrusion deformity after correction, operation becomes very complex, and the operation risk big, the high cost of."

guangxioauntSuffering from the pain for too long, she and her family agreed to the operation when they heard there was still a chance.

Ru's team performed osteotomy and correction for traumatic kyphosis of the spine + vertebra 12 with old nonunion vertebra plasty + thoracic 12 spinal canal expansion and decompression + lumbar 1.2, lumbar 2/3 interlamina fusion + screw fixation. Say simply, it is the vertebra weight that guangxi auntie is compressed new prop up, give osteotomy correction to hind protrusion, fix with screw at the same time. Twelve visible screws were inserted into her spine, and five days after surgery,guangxioauntHe was able to stand up with the support of the brace.

severe lower back pain treatment home

The curved spine stood upright,guangxioauntHer height gradually recovered and she was able to lie flat. She said that it was the first time in half a year that she could lie so comfortably.

Ru xuanliang said, likeguangxioauntSuch fractures, which are very common in the elderly, must be treated actively at the first time,guangxioauntConservative treatment, the body to bear great pain, but also delay the condition, originally a minimally invasive surgery can be completed, but now the operation, and the late sports will be affected to a certain extent.

Elderly osteoporosis brittle fracture, be careful

Ruxuangliang introduction, young children and adolescents, high content of organic matter, good bone elasticity, not easy to fracture; After adult, the content of organic matter and inorganic matter reaches the best proportion, the hardness and elasticity of bone is the best state. In old age, the content of organic matter in bones gradually decreases, bone elasticity decreases and brittleness increases, inorganic matter content decreases, bone hardness decreases and bone becomes soft. Because the bones of the elderly become brittle and soft, prone to fracture, this kind of fracture is called brittle fracture, also known as osteoporotic brittle fracture.

Osteoporotic brittle fractures are most common:The spine, hips, and wrists. Compression fractures of the spine occur in osteoporotic brittle fractures of the spine, also known as compression fractures of the spine. Its expression is: because the old person suffers from osteoporosis, in low energy injury, probably just fell an flatt squat, be equivalent to the human body to fall in the height of less than one meter, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and conduction to the spine, focus on one or two vertebra, vertebra because of strength drop and then be pressed.

Symptoms are mainly lower back pain, inability to sit or stand, reduced pain when lying flat, but increased difficulty in turning over when lying, especially during the waking process from lying to standing, and even the inability to turn or stand up.

If the compressed vertebral body is not well supported, the degree of compression will gradually increase, leading to severe kyphosis of the spine, leading to intractable back pain, and even the need to perform spinal osteotomy long segment fixation to solve the problem.

Another kind of osteoporotic brittle hip fracture mainly refers to femoral neck fracture and intertrochanteric fracture, which is also a kind of fracture common in the elderly. Immediately after a fracture, the patient becomes incapacitated and unable to stand or walk. Many old people, when the night a night, because the mind is not very clear, poor night vision, fell down, after a hip fracture, the patient can't action won't be able to inform others, if a patient cannot be found in time, most had to endure pain with night, wait until the next day was a bail-out, lung infection tend to occur.

The affected limb that produces fracture as a result of intense ache cannot move, cannot move for a long time, blood flow is stagnant, plus fracture traumatic the injury to hemal endothelium, patient often appears thrombus, lower limb deep vein thrombosis falls off drift to pulmonary artery, can produce pulmonary infarction. After hip fracture, no matter secondary lung infection or pulmonary infarction, will seriously endanger the life of the patient.

Ruxueliang remind that the elderly no matter what kind of fracture, need timely treatment, active treatment.

severe lower back pain treatment home

∆ luliang and patient GUI aunt

Prevent osteoporosis exercise more sun exposure

In daily life, osteoporosis is easy to be ignored by everyone, once the occurrence of osteoporosis fracture is too late. Therefore, the fight against osteoporosis must beGuard against dangerForm a good life habit.

In your diet, eat foods rich in calcium, such as milk and nuts. Get enough exercise and get plenty of sun exposure, because sun exposure can promote the conversion of vitamin d into active vitamin d, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in our body.

Develop good habits of life, disease away from us. The elderly should regularly go to the hospital for physical examination, if there is osteoporosis, to treat as early as possible.

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Source: orthopedics (1)

Guide expert


severe lower back pain treatment home

Chief physician, director of department of orthopedics (1) of zhejiang hospital. Part-time professor of zhejiang university of Chinese medicine, zhejiang mathematical medical orthopaedics branch of the standing committee, China medical education association of professional committee of the orthopaedic spinal branch bone science branch, zhejiang medical association member, combining Chinese and western medicine of zhejiang province institute of orthopedics committee, zhejiang province association of bone and soft tissue tumor professional committee. Engaged in orthopedic clinical work for nearly 30 years, accumulated rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic diseases in the elderly. Especially for some refractory osteoporotic fractures, such as comminuted fracture of the elderly hip, comminuted fracture of the distal radius of the elderly, comminuted fracture of shoulder joint, etc., they are good at using internal fixation and artificial joint replacement. Published more than 20 papers.

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Monday morning (sandun courtyard area)

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Office sedentary party welfare! A few moves will help you get rid of your "back pain" completely. – AllPainHealing | back pain

how to get relief from backache

Working in the office during the day

Usually sit down all day

how to get relief from backache

Watching TV shows and playing mobile phones at home in the evening

Fat at home is sedentary

I'm going to the gym this weekThe end

But every time it's just talk


Such a "modern" state of life

how to get relief from backache

A stiff back and aching back

Has become accustomed to the sub-health state

How back muscles work

The principle of back muscle

In addition to the larger back muscles we are familiar with (such as the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and rhomboid), there are more than 200 deeper muscles in the back. They are primarily responsible for the movement and stabilization of the spine and trunk.

how to get relief from backache

Deep stretching of all back muscles in just a few poses can be a difficult task, but one of the benefits of yoga is the gradual stretching of your back muscles to slowly release the chains on your back.

Before stretching the back muscles, we can do a few yoga postures to relax the back muscles and then move on to stretching.

For example: baby style

how to get relief from backache

For example: supine hand grip toe type (assisted by elastic belt)

Garland, variant I

Malasana, variation type one

Sit up straight in your chair

The legs are one foot wide apart

how to get relief from backache

Push the arms or sides of the chair down with both hands

Lighten your pelvis a little

The pelvis, spine and head

Lean forward as a whole

(similar to making a forward bend)

The torso comes forward between the thighs

Place the back of your hand on a brick or under a chair

(if I can)

The head sagged

Lift the abdomen up to the spine

Sternal adduction near the upper back

Look back for the front of the tailbone

Increase the curvature of the spine

Hold 8-10 deep breaths

Release tension in your back

Garland, variant ii

Malasana, variation ii

Start with variant I

Lift chest to thigh level

how to get relief from backache

Place your left palm on the outside of your left thigh

(near the knee)

Hold the outside of your left ankle with your right hand

Use the pull of your hands to gradually bend your torso to the left

Until the chest and abdomen rest on the left thigh

Elongate right waist

The neck bends softly left and down

how to get relief from backache

Hold 8 breaths

Then practice on the other side

Out of style

The torso is back in the middle again

Push your knees with your hands

Lift yourself up

The above asanas are only for

General back stiffness

how to get relief from backache

Just keep practicing

It's not just peace of mind

It also activates the body's energy

The joy of setting body and mind free

Free your physical body and mind


Foreign woman back pain came to see a doctor found tuberculosis long on the bone – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/severe back pain

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. F from Nigeria was sitting in her hospital bed, happily checking her mobile phone. She was delivering a piece of good news to her relatives thousands of miles away. Three months ago, she was admitted to hangzhou honghui hospital because of severe lumbar tuberculosis. Now, after months of medication, surgery and post-recovery, she is counting down to discharge. And then she only had to take the medicine for a year and a half, and her body was basically back to where it was before she got sick.

Foreign patient back pain unbearable, a check was bone tuberculosis

"On November 13 last year, Ms. F came down to our hospital accompanied by her brother. She said that her back was very painful and she was bent with pain when she walked." Hangzhou honghui hospital orthopaedic nurse zhang lijuan said.

In fact, Ms. F had been suffering from low back pain for more than a year before she came to China. Before she came to China, she also went to a public medical institution in Nigeria. However, the painkillers only partially relieved her lower back pain, and they never did. Until three months ago, she came to China yiwu small commodity market to purchase goods, because of the severe back pain, went to the local hospital to see a doctor, a check found that she had lumbar tuberculosis, the doctor advised her to go to hangzhou.

Hangzhou honghui hospital is the tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment center of zhejiang province. After Ms. F was admitted to the hospital, experts quickly verified that the diagnosis in yiwu local hospital was accurate after various examinations, and gave Ms. F anti-tuberculosis drugs in the first time, gradually stabilizing her condition.

Experts found in the inspection, however, ms f waist 5 s1 vertebral body (in the lumbar spine and the belt cross location) has been severely eroded by the TB bacteria, and almost two-thirds had necrosis, if not timely surgical removal, will not only worsen the symptoms of lower limb pain hemp, will have the possibility of incontinence, and may affect the effect of drug treatment. Hospital after consulting with the patient, decisively made the decision of surgery.

Last year on December 9th, surgery, the surgeon, hangzhou Red Cross hospital, vice President of Shi Shi yuan and his team members to do sufficient preparation, lasts from 9 am to 3 PM, the operation was very successful, not only to remove the f woman necrotic bone, but also took the two-thirds matchbox size from her place in the ilium bones filled to the position of resection, in order to maintain the normal function of the spine.

Orthopedic experts warn that long-term bone pain may be TB

However, from Ms. F, doctor shi shiyuan saw a worrying problem: in recent years, he found that rare extrapulmonary tuberculosis gradually increased, 80% of which were bone tuberculosis related to his specialty. Now, one-third of the patients in their orthopedic ward are bone tuberculosis.

'TB bacteria generally enter our bodies through the respiratory tract, but for some reason, more and more TB bacteria are now passing through the lungs without stopping, instead circulating to other parts of the body.' Shi shi yuan doctor says, because the blood vessel on spinal column distributes denser and corner is more reason, stay in the tuberculosis of this place more and more.

What need everybody to cause attention here is, suffer from the symptom of bone tuberculosis patient symptom and tuberculosis are different, won't appear commonly lack of power, night sweat, short-term weight drops sharply, haemoptysis waits for a symptom, so a lot of people often resemble f madam is same, although the bone is very painful, but won't consider toward tuberculosis respect and delay treatment.

Accordingly, shi shiyuan doctor also reminds a reader through this newspaper, if you are weak at ordinary times, immunity is low, often lumbar ache backache, and oneself or the person around had suffered from tuberculosis again, must cause attention. Correspondent hu huijuan reporter he lina



Chinese medicine balance cupping, relieve back pain – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

A 45-year-old woman surnamed chang (hua surname) has been suffering from stiffness, chills and pain in her lower back for nearly half a year. After examination in the hospital, she was initially diagnosed as myofascitis after excluding skeletal problems in her lower back.

Myofascitis is good hair in lumbar back, it is to point to the aseptic sex inflammation reaction of muscle and fascia, call again "lumbar dorsal muscle injury", namely the lumbar backache that often says. Its pathogeny is cold, damp, traumatic or morpheus position is improper and chronic strain, make local lumbar back muscle fascia namely muscle tissue, produce edema, exudate and fibrous denaturation wait for a symptom. Clinical manifestations are often persistent or intermittent chronic muscle heaviness, pain, weakness, numbness and stiffness, which seriously affect the quality of life.

Combined with chang's pain symptoms, the doctor suggested chang to use balanced cupping therapy. The first treatment, chang felt back stretch, warm, pain relief. After treatment with the equalized cupping system once a week, a course of treatment for 4 times in total, chang's lower back pain disappeared, and her stiffness and coolness were relieved.

At present, the method that treats lumbar dorsal muscle injury is very much, western medicine is given priority to with anti-inflammatory analgesia more, but long-term medication has the side effect such as gastrointestinal tract and rash. In the treatment of Chinese medicine, myofascitis belongs to the category of bi syndrome of Chinese medicine. It is believed that the disease is mainly caused by the weak vital energy of the meridians and the loss of vital energy and blood due to the feeling of cold evil.

Balanced cupping therapy is a kind of cupping therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. Based on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, this therapy selects acupoints according to the classics, and develops the traditional cupping therapy into more than 10 techniques, such as flassing, kneading, walking, rotating, shaking and vibrating cupping, so as to perform benign stimulation such as ironing, rubbing, pulling, squeezing and plucking on the waist and back muscles and "pain sensitive points". At the same time, the use of cupping warm, negative pressure effect, stimulate meridian qi, dredge meridian, regulate zang-fu organs, balance Yin and Yang, improve local blood circulation, relax spasmodic muscles, improve the fatigue state of the tissue, so that the meridian qi and blood smooth operation, to assist the treatment of back pain. During the procedure, the patient is usually placed in the prone position, first passing the bladder through the flashover tank on both sides of the spine in the back. When the pot is hot, apply a small amount of lubricating oil on the back and rub the pot along the vein and bladder meridian. Then shake the pot along the back bladder meridian, and then push the pot along the vein and bladder meridian with moderate suction. Wipe the back, according to different diseases in the corresponding acupuncture points and the lumbar back of the tank 5~10 minutes, at any time to ask the patient to feel and make adjustments. Balance cupping is not only used for the treatment of lumbar back muscle injury, but also for the auxiliary treatment of cold, cough, insomnia, periarthritis of shoulder, chronic fatigue syndrome, acute gastroenteritis, dampness-heat constitution conditioning and sub-healthy people.

The murderer of lumbago found to strengthen this bit more important – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/lower back

Do not often exercise, abdominal muscle flabby, stiff back of the office worker, back pain may also come for company, but sometimes to prevent back pain, but to start from the neck!

Ms. Wu, an accountant, struggled with Numbers all day, counting on her fingers the number of times she looked up to talk to colleagues. After a little grooming at home, he went to bed rubbing his waist.

In fact, miss wu's back pain is preventable. Low back pain is usually caused by persistent poor posture, resulting in muscle and ligament damage. To correct the wrong posture, basically want to strengthen abdominal muscle and back muscle, so come, can reduce lumbar burden, achieve the effect that prevents lumbago. You may not know that exercising your neck muscles is also very effective in preventing lower back pain.

Because the neck support relatively heavy head, if the neck muscles are not strong, the head will tilt forward, easy to cause hump, this will cause great pressure on the waist, and lead to back pain; On the other hand, if you strengthen your neck muscles to support your head, you'll have less back pain.

The following three movements can be done without instruments, as long as one day, every 7 seconds, you can exercise the muscles of the neck; And if you do it every day, the results will be even more noticeable. The trick is to press hard when you press, and then slowly pull back.

However, these exercises certainly do not cure all lumbago. See your doctor if your lumbago lasts more than a week, or if you have a lower limb disease.

1. Fold your palms together and place them on your forehead. Press your forehead with force. (press for about seven seconds, then slowly pull back the pressure, and keep the head still)

2. Fold the palms of your hands together and place them at the back of your head.

3. Press the palm of your right hand to the left of your head.

(China time electronic bulletin)

See song zhixiao super nervous jin zhongguo endure waist pain to help! RM backstage real interaction warm Fried – AllPainHealing | back pain

▲ the 9th anniversary meeting of running man. (image/translation from running man official facebook, ig)

At the meeting, "rm" members came on stage one after another, singing the Korean group btob's song "only one for me". When li guangzhu and haha took the stage successfully, song zhixiao, as the next one, could not help but show a nervous expression on his face, as if he was deeply afraid of any mistakes.

severe lower back pain treatment home

▲ song zhixiao appeared nervous before taking office. (photo/photo taken by iqiyi)

The person is in backstage opposite jin zhongguo, see nervous song zhixiao, immediately show warm smile, take care of each other across the sky, help count time. He first held out his hand to signal that time had not yet come, and then changed his hand to calmly remind his opponent that it was now! Song zhixiao also below the help of partner, catch accurate time point to appear on the stage smoothly perform.

Itself, in fact, plagued by intervertebral disc herniation Kim jong kook, big group photo taken in meeting the day, was found to be suspected of discomfort, all hold the waist, and finally take the shoulder upon Liang Shican, to sit down and photo shoots, Liang Shican is tightly hold in the hands and knees, is under the help of wonderful radio, Liang Shican finally, to be pulled up smoothly.

severe lower back pain treatment home

▲ the jin zhongguo meeting on the same day was actually a low back pain. (picture/translated from SBS enter play youtube)

Even so, Kim jong-kwok still endure back pain, maintain a smile throughout the whole process, performance is praised quite professional, not only that, also do not forget to take care of the nervous song zhixiao, warm lift is to let many netizens moved, also showed the deep feelings between members.

Stretch your back to protect your spine – AllPainHealing | back pain/lower back/back injury


A hero's

Bend your calves, palms of your feet up, and sit on your knees. Keep your legs as tight as possible and make sure your thumbs are within 30 cm of your body. Put your hands on your knees. While the heroes stretch the back muscles, they also relax the leg muscles.

,In meditation, replace the lotus with the hero.

relief for back pain in


The cat and dog type

In the cat-and-dog pose, use your legs to support your body, arch your back, and bow your head to complete the cat pose. Then slowly back depression, head tilt, complete the whole movement. This action increases back flexibility and reduces back pain. Hold each movement for at least 5 seconds.

,The dog pose is also known as the cow pose in yoga.

relief for back pain in


Half cobra

Lie on your stomach on the mat, bend your elbows and support your palms. Lift your upper body gently with your arms until your chest is off the ground.

,The half-cobra pose, combined with yoga breathing, not only stretches back muscles, but also reduces stress.

2.Other back stretching exercises

relief for back pain in


Twist your back

This action stretches the back by twisting the upper and lower body in different directions. First, lie on your back on the mat, bend your left knee and stretch your left leg toward your right. Keep your arms on the mat and your eyes up. If you can, try turning your head to the left to strengthen the stretch.

,When turning from one side to the other, keep the movement gentle and slow to prevent injury.

,Tighten the abdominal muscles to support the back muscles.

relief for back pain in

Use exercise balls to stretch your back

Before doing this, you want to stretch your body first, let abdomen and pelvic area press gently on fitness ball. Place your hands behind your head and stretch your head and neck upward to sag your back. The gym will support your body and help your spine curve naturally.

,Tighten the thighs and buttocks for support during the exercise to prevent overstretching of the back.

relief for back pain in

Stretch your back while relaxing your thighs

Supine lies on cushion, double leg and approach, bend double knee, lift crus, make ham and ground show 90 degrees, crus and ground are parallel. Keep your arms at your sides and stretch your back.

,If possible, bring your knees closer to your body to strengthen the stretch in your back.

,You can also turn your legs left and right and keep a small part of your back on the ground to stretch your back.

relief for back pain in

Rotating spine in sitting position

As the name suggests, it requires you to sit on the floor and stretch your back by rotating your upper body in different directions. When doing this, bend your left leg, bend your left knee, place your left foot on the outside of your right leg, keep your left knee toward the ceiling, extend your right leg, and turn your body to the left. If possible, place your right elbow on the outside of your left knee to strengthen the stretch.

,Keep your spine straight and stretch your back from side to side.

,If you want to increase the intensity, try looking at the left shoulder with your eyes as you turn to the left. The right hand side is the same thing.

,This movement is similar to one in yoga. It's just that in yoga, you should curl up with the straight leg and rest your heel on your hips.

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Stretch the upper back

Breathe in deeply, open your chest, starting at your waist, turn your lower back to one side, keep your upper back pressed to the floor, exhale and relax.

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Do the cross-legged pilates pose

This pilates move requires good flexibility, and if you've ever had a back injury, don't do it. Sit on the ground, bend and lift your left leg until the left thigh is almost perpendicular to the ground and the calf extends outward. Do the same with your right leg. Finally, bring the center of your feet to face each other and keep your balance. While stretching your back, this exercise also works your abdominal muscles.

,Next, move your forearms under your thighs and wrap your ankles under your calves.

,Hold for at least 20 seconds if you can.

3.How to stretch your back in the office

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Sitting position stretching

The convenience of this exercise is that you can do it sitting down. All you need to do is straighten your back, starting at the waist and working your way up to your stomach, back, and shoulders.

,Do this carefully and slowly. If you turn too fast or too hard, you could strain your neck or back.

,If you want to increase the intensity a little, you can put your hand on the other side of your knee. That is, if you turn left, place your right hand on your left knee.

,If you turn left, try looking at your left shoulder with your eyes. If you turn right, look at your right shoulder.

,You can also place your arm on the arm of the chair you turn to the side. That is, if you turn left, you can mimic your arm on the left armrest.

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The shoulder rotation

It's not just in the office, you can even do it while you're working. Straighten your back and turn your shoulders forward 10-15 times, then back 10-15 times. At least 5 sets in each direction.

,Keep your eyes straight forward as you roll your shoulders.

,Shake your shoulders before or after doing this.

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Around the back

This may seem like a simple move, but it's an effective way to stretch your shoulders and upper back. Place your right arm on your left shoulder and your left arm on your right shoulder as if you are going to hug yourself. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds and relax by taking a deep breath.

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Leaning over the unbroken

This is a full stretch to the back, neck and shoulders. First, sit on the edge of the chair, and note that if you are in a swivel chair, lean the chair against the wall to prevent sliding. Lower your body so that your chest is close to your knees and your arms drop naturally. Next place your hands behind your legs and grab your left waist, forearm, or elbow with your right hand.

,Hold this for at least 10 seconds before relaxing. Repeat for 2-3 sets to feel the stretch.

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Stand up and bend your upper body

While bending, keep your legs and your entire back straight — even if you can't reach them, this will help you stretch the upper and lower back muscles.

,Keep your legs together and your knees straight.

,Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat for at least 5 times.

,Don't overdo it when lifting your upper body to prevent dizziness.

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Stretch forearms and shoulders

Not only will this stretch your shoulders, but also your upper back. All you need to do is lift your right arm and slide it to the left so that your right upper arm is in front of your chest.

,Hold for at least 10-15 seconds.

,When you have finished on one side, do the same on the other.

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Sit up straight and stretch your arms out in front of you, parallel to the ground. Next, place the palms of your hands together, gently roll up your back, and lean forward for 20-30 seconds as if you were glued to a giant ball. Relax your hands and neck. Then return to the original position and repeat at least 5 times.


,Many yoga moves stretch the back effectively while massaging the internal organs, relaxing nerves and helping focus.

,A flexible back is not only essential for everyday life. This is especially true in sports such as golf, baseball and tennis.

,In the action of afore-mentioned stretch back, the auxiliary that has a few need to use fitness equipment undertakes, wait like fitness ball, chair. But most actions can be done directly. We should stretch the back every day, step by step, to improve its flexibility.

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