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Remember a period of time, TV ads often play a calcium tablet, there is a line "waist sour backache leg cramps, calcium", causing many people now think waist sour backache leg cramps are caused by calcium deficiency, and added a variety of calcium, ate also not better, but this does not mean that calcium deficiency, but typical characteristics of cold evil cuts.

A cramp is called a spasm in the medical term, and this is called a contraction in the cold property. Close lead, it is the meaning that contract holds fast. Skin surface cold, pores will shrink; Cold evil further invades meridian joint, meridian will be tight, muscles and muscles will spasm, resulting in joint flexion and extension adverse. Because cold is the performance of Yin qi, the most easy to damage the human body Yang qi, Yang qi damage lost warm function, the human body or local will appear obvious cold image, such as fear of cold, cold hands and feet hair. If cold gas invades human body interior, meridian qi and blood loses the warmth of Yang qi, can cause qi and blood to clot block, not smooth. When we don't know what to do with pain, a series of painful symptoms appear: headache, chest pain, abdominal pain, and back pain.

Therefore, when we are in health, we should pay special attention to the cold. Cold is the main gas in winter, cold pathogenic factors in winter, so winter should pay attention to warm, avoid wind. Cold alone can not enter the human body, it must be carried into the wind. So the cold winter, the north wind, we go out to wear a cotton hat, scarf, is to avoid wind chill.

It is worth noting that the winter outside temperature comparisonLow, people are easy to feel cold, warm up and down the effort will be a little more, basically will not neglect. In march, when it is warm and cold, the ancients said that it is the most difficult time to relax. If you are not careful, you will catch cold and typhoid fever. Therefore, we should pay special attention to dressing in spring. The ancients said "covering the spring and freezing the autumn", which means that you should not take off thick padded clothes in spring. Spring is the time when all things revive and evil spirits spring up. It's windy in spring, and the wind is cold. It looks warm, but it's actually blustery. You need to be careful.

So, sorching summer, the person is hot swing sweats like rain, also need to prevent cold? Of course. Summer we often eat cold food and drinks, iced watermelon, cold beer, ice cream, ice lolly, etc, tend to stay in air conditioning room one day again, in the evening, go out from work, stiff leg muscle contraction, calf grieved heaviness, head faint, even the walkway will feel uncomfortable, don't feel my legs like his own. This means that the evil cold has invaded your body.

If you're really suffering from back pain and leg cramps, don't rush to get a calcium supplement. Here are two tips to give it a try.

Peony and licorice soup

Back ache is actually muscle ache, leg cramp is muscle spasm. Spleen main muscle, liver main veins, muscles and veins have problems, we must find the main cause, reconcile the liver and spleen.

Peony acid, sour taste into the liver, licorice sweet, sweet taste into the spleen, so the peony licorice soup is known as a good medicine for pain relief, and not bitter. Peony and licorice soup preparation is easy, peony and licorice these two herbs in the general pharmacy can be bought.

Take white peony root 20 grams, licorice 10 grams, or brew with boiled water, or boil with warm fire, can be drunk when tea. Note that here said peony, licorice must be raw white peony, raw licorice, not processed, processed medicine on the change.

Two, press knead crus

When crus cramps, press down the affected leg with the thumb a little hard, according to the clockwise, anti-clockwise rotation knead by 60 circles each; Then, the thumb in the chengshan hole of the straight line up and down the number of rubbing, the local skin has a sense of heat; Finally, beat crus place with the palm, make the muscle of crus place flabby. After a few minutes or even seconds, calf cramps disappear.

However, although this mark is temporary in addition to, the root of the disease is still in, from the surface to the inside, this has not recovered. Knock by rubbing some meridian points, can be scattered knot blockage, activating qi and blood, but from the root of the cause of disease, or put cold thoroughly removed from the body, so that you can light as yan, jianburufei.

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