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A hero's

Bend your calves, palms of your feet up, and sit on your knees. Keep your legs as tight as possible and make sure your thumbs are within 30 cm of your body. Put your hands on your knees. While the heroes stretch the back muscles, they also relax the leg muscles.

,In meditation, replace the lotus with the hero.

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The cat and dog type

In the cat-and-dog pose, use your legs to support your body, arch your back, and bow your head to complete the cat pose. Then slowly back depression, head tilt, complete the whole movement. This action increases back flexibility and reduces back pain. Hold each movement for at least 5 seconds.

,The dog pose is also known as the cow pose in yoga.

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Half cobra

Lie on your stomach on the mat, bend your elbows and support your palms. Lift your upper body gently with your arms until your chest is off the ground.

,The half-cobra pose, combined with yoga breathing, not only stretches back muscles, but also reduces stress.

2.Other back stretching exercises

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Twist your back

This action stretches the back by twisting the upper and lower body in different directions. First, lie on your back on the mat, bend your left knee and stretch your left leg toward your right. Keep your arms on the mat and your eyes up. If you can, try turning your head to the left to strengthen the stretch.

,When turning from one side to the other, keep the movement gentle and slow to prevent injury.

,Tighten the abdominal muscles to support the back muscles.

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Use exercise balls to stretch your back

Before doing this, you want to stretch your body first, let abdomen and pelvic area press gently on fitness ball. Place your hands behind your head and stretch your head and neck upward to sag your back. The gym will support your body and help your spine curve naturally.

,Tighten the thighs and buttocks for support during the exercise to prevent overstretching of the back.

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Stretch your back while relaxing your thighs

Supine lies on cushion, double leg and approach, bend double knee, lift crus, make ham and ground show 90 degrees, crus and ground are parallel. Keep your arms at your sides and stretch your back.

,If possible, bring your knees closer to your body to strengthen the stretch in your back.

,You can also turn your legs left and right and keep a small part of your back on the ground to stretch your back.

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Rotating spine in sitting position

As the name suggests, it requires you to sit on the floor and stretch your back by rotating your upper body in different directions. When doing this, bend your left leg, bend your left knee, place your left foot on the outside of your right leg, keep your left knee toward the ceiling, extend your right leg, and turn your body to the left. If possible, place your right elbow on the outside of your left knee to strengthen the stretch.

,Keep your spine straight and stretch your back from side to side.

,If you want to increase the intensity, try looking at the left shoulder with your eyes as you turn to the left. The right hand side is the same thing.

,This movement is similar to one in yoga. It's just that in yoga, you should curl up with the straight leg and rest your heel on your hips.

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Stretch the upper back

Breathe in deeply, open your chest, starting at your waist, turn your lower back to one side, keep your upper back pressed to the floor, exhale and relax.

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Do the cross-legged pilates pose

This pilates move requires good flexibility, and if you've ever had a back injury, don't do it. Sit on the ground, bend and lift your left leg until the left thigh is almost perpendicular to the ground and the calf extends outward. Do the same with your right leg. Finally, bring the center of your feet to face each other and keep your balance. While stretching your back, this exercise also works your abdominal muscles.

,Next, move your forearms under your thighs and wrap your ankles under your calves.

,Hold for at least 20 seconds if you can.

3.How to stretch your back in the office

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Sitting position stretching

The convenience of this exercise is that you can do it sitting down. All you need to do is straighten your back, starting at the waist and working your way up to your stomach, back, and shoulders.

,Do this carefully and slowly. If you turn too fast or too hard, you could strain your neck or back.

,If you want to increase the intensity a little, you can put your hand on the other side of your knee. That is, if you turn left, place your right hand on your left knee.

,If you turn left, try looking at your left shoulder with your eyes. If you turn right, look at your right shoulder.

,You can also place your arm on the arm of the chair you turn to the side. That is, if you turn left, you can mimic your arm on the left armrest.

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The shoulder rotation

It's not just in the office, you can even do it while you're working. Straighten your back and turn your shoulders forward 10-15 times, then back 10-15 times. At least 5 sets in each direction.

,Keep your eyes straight forward as you roll your shoulders.

,Shake your shoulders before or after doing this.

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Around the back

This may seem like a simple move, but it's an effective way to stretch your shoulders and upper back. Place your right arm on your left shoulder and your left arm on your right shoulder as if you are going to hug yourself. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds and relax by taking a deep breath.

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Leaning over the unbroken

This is a full stretch to the back, neck and shoulders. First, sit on the edge of the chair, and note that if you are in a swivel chair, lean the chair against the wall to prevent sliding. Lower your body so that your chest is close to your knees and your arms drop naturally. Next place your hands behind your legs and grab your left waist, forearm, or elbow with your right hand.

,Hold this for at least 10 seconds before relaxing. Repeat for 2-3 sets to feel the stretch.

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Stand up and bend your upper body

While bending, keep your legs and your entire back straight — even if you can't reach them, this will help you stretch the upper and lower back muscles.

,Keep your legs together and your knees straight.

,Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat for at least 5 times.

,Don't overdo it when lifting your upper body to prevent dizziness.

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Stretch forearms and shoulders

Not only will this stretch your shoulders, but also your upper back. All you need to do is lift your right arm and slide it to the left so that your right upper arm is in front of your chest.

,Hold for at least 10-15 seconds.

,When you have finished on one side, do the same on the other.

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Sit up straight and stretch your arms out in front of you, parallel to the ground. Next, place the palms of your hands together, gently roll up your back, and lean forward for 20-30 seconds as if you were glued to a giant ball. Relax your hands and neck. Then return to the original position and repeat at least 5 times.


,Many yoga moves stretch the back effectively while massaging the internal organs, relaxing nerves and helping focus.

,A flexible back is not only essential for everyday life. This is especially true in sports such as golf, baseball and tennis.

,In the action of afore-mentioned stretch back, the auxiliary that has a few need to use fitness equipment undertakes, wait like fitness ball, chair. But most actions can be done directly. We should stretch the back every day, step by step, to improve its flexibility.

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