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In recent years, glucosamine, which is said to be beneficial to the repair of articular cartilage, has gradually entered the public's eyes with the popularization of medical science and the advertisement of businessmen. Many elderly people with poor knee joints take the drug for a long time.

But now there seems to be something new about glucosamine:

I know this because two of my best friends, including several patients, have asked me this question. At first I thought it was strange, but as more people asked, I began to wonder if my knowledge had not been updated.

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So, to find out whether glucosamine, taken, has any effect on lower back pain, I searched the authoritative medical literature. It turns out that authoritative randomized, double-blind, controlled trials on this question have been available for about nine years.

Time is tight, want to see the result of the friend directly, can directly pull to the end of the text to see the conclusion.

In 2010, the leading medical journal jama published an article on whether glucosamine, taken, can help lower back pain.

Professor wilkens p's team designed the legendary randomized double-blind controlled trial. They randomly divided 250 patients over the age of 25 with chronic low back pain and lumbar spine degeneration into two groups of 125.

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One group was given glucosamine sulfate (1, 500mg/ d) and the other was given an identical looking placebo. All were fed for six months, followed up for a year, and compared their lower back pain relief.

The results showed that:

# # the rumor

Simple said.

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Although waist cannot treat, but to conventional knee joint, hip joint osteoarthritis, glucosamine still has certain curative effect.

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As for whether glucosamine consumption is beneficial to knee osteoarthritis, authoritative evidence-based medical evidence shows that:

Yes, it's better than placebo. One.

Just because of such a controversial existence, different countries hold different attitudes towards ammonia sugar:

In Europe, glucosamine is a "prescription drug" because doctors acknowledge that it has some benefits and may have side effects.

In the United States, however, since the fda considers ammonia to have only "adjuvant therapeutic effects," in the United States and Australia, ammonia is classified as a supplement and substitute, known as a "health supplement."

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In China, ammonia takes a median value and is otc. However, it is still a drug, so there are indications, contraindications, course of treatment, side effects and a series of problems, can not be taken all the time.

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