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Back pain is a growing social problem, and scoliosis is a sub-health condition in the body, with an abnormal twist in the spine that causes high and low shoulders, tilted pelvis, long and short legs, and so on. Severe cases can only be corrected surgically, but mild scoliosis can be prevented and improved with proper yoga practice.

Yoga emphasizes the stretching and flexibility of the system, which can help reduce back pain. Exercises that stretch and strengthen the core muscles of the back restore balance of the back muscles, relieve tension, stabilize the pelvis, and correct scoliosis. Most people with scoliosis have been treated or at least children have regular check-ups. So how easy is it to tell if someone has scoliosis?

relief for back pain in

relief for back pain in

As shown in the figure, stand with your hands raised flat in front of you, palms closed, and your body naturally relaxed forward and downward. At this time, the state of your back spine will appear. Whether there is a problem of scoliosis is clear at a glance. If you have back pain or mild scoliosis, or you want to prevent scoliosis, practice the following yoga poses:

1, spread corpse type

relief for back pain in

Lie on your back with your hands beside your body, palms upBalance your feet, focus on breathing, relax your body and mindHold for 3-5 minutesYou can do it at the beginning or at the endIt seems to be a simple relaxation poseBut it's good for physical and physical health

2, supine spine torsion

relief for back pain in

Lie on your back, lift your left leg and place your left foot on your right thighLook at the fingertips of your left hand, stretch your arms out to the sides in a t shape,Hold five to eight breaths and switch sidesThis pose can stretch back musclesExtend the spine and help correct scoliosis

3, small bridge type

relief for back pain in

Lie on your back, knees bent, feet close to hipsYour feet should be hip width apart and your calves should be perpendicular to the groundInhale to extend the spine, exhale to lift the hips upHold 5-8 breathsThis pose can stretch back musclesRestretches and corrects the spineIt is not only effective in correcting scoliosisIt also helps reduce anxiety and stress and calm the mind

4. Cat and ox style

relief for back pain in

Kneel on your knees with your knees shoulder-width apartYour hands are directly below your shouldersInhale, lift your head, exhale, arch your backDynamic exercises 5-8 sets.This is a very simple yoga poseBut it makes the spine flexible and flexible

5. Downward dog

relief for back pain in

Start with the cat-cow pose and straighten your legsLift hips to keep spine in lineBend your knees slightly until flexibleThis posture lengthens the spine and opens the shouldersIt also puts pressure and strength on the spineSo it's a good way to deal with scoliosis6. Baby pose

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Stand on your knees on the floor with your big toes touchingSit on your heels with your hips apartLie hunched over the pillowThis pose is especially effective for lower back pain and can reduce premenstrual syndromeIt gently stretches the hips, thighs and anklesIt can effectively relieve back and neck pain

7. Triangle

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Stand with your feet wide apartLift both hands sideways, turning left foot, left heel to right archInhale to lengthen your spine and exhale to bend your body to the leftHold five to eight breaths and switch sidesThis pose strengthens the back and legsLengthen the muscles on both sides of your body, while stretching the hip muscles

8. Warrior 2

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Standing with legs longer than one,Open your right foot 90 degrees outwards and your left foot 15 degrees inwardRaise your hands sideways and bend your right knee, making sure it doesn't go over your ankleWarrior 2 stretches the chest and lungsStrengthen your back, shoulders, legs, and ankles

Stand on your shoulders

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If you're doing it for the first time, lean against the wall and bend your legsPut your feet on the wall for supportShoulder stands are great for scoliosisIt releases tension in the neck and shouldersIt softens the spine and stretches the back

10. Inverted arrow

relief for back pain in

Sit against the wall, your hips against the wall, then turn your body and your feet against the wall

Lie down with your hands at your sides, palms up

Hold for 5-15 minutes and you can do this asana easily in your daily life

Can promote blood circulation, improve lymph circulation, reduce fatigue

Finally, note that the above exercises are onlyFor mild scoliosis,Patients with severe or very obvious scoliosis should go to the hospital for examination and seek help from a professional rehabilitation or yoga teacher.

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