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(building up loading and shipping)

On the morning of September 20, 2017, qi jian delivered goods to changsha from zhuzhou as usual. After arriving at the destination, he was busy helping customers unload.

He is 46 years old this year, youxian liquor port jiang town under the village ling ling group people, engaged in long-distance freight drivers for many years, is the backbone of the family.

Like many youxian people, he is hard-working and highly dedicated.But the long drive left him with an occupational hazard: a sore back.

"A twist in the waist hurt me terribly, and I cried a few times. I thought I would cure it with all I had." He told reporters that three months ago, his pain is unbearable, although seeking treatment, but the effect is not ideal. Introduced by a relative, he came to qi guohua clinic for treatment.

"Only 20 days of treatment, complete cure." He now drives eight to 10 hours a day, he says, delivering and unloading everything.

No hype

Popularity depends on "mentoring"

Yesterday morning, the reporter came to hetai big street jinghai kindergarten in hetang district (juxian tea village opposite) qi guohua clinic.

After entering the clinic, there are two overturned the impression of the reporter on the clinic: this clinic has a floor (about 700 square meters, general clinic only dozens – more than 100 square meters), the size of the zhuzhou clinic peers as "zhuzhou tall clinic"; Clinic beds are full of patients, and patients are dressing on benches in the hallways.

(spacious and clean qi guohua medical care center)

Learned that is the reporter to interview, many patients involuntarily qi doctor thumb up.

Xiao lixian, female, 50 years old, lixian county teacher. sheShe told reporters that she had severe periarthritis of shoulder and could not hold chalk in her right hand. In her nephew strongly recommended, she specially asked for leave to zhuzhou treatment.

Ask for leave before the last lesson, she sadly told her dozensStudent: "if I don't come to school in a month, this will be my last lesson for you."

After seven days of treatment, the arm is now forward and sideways. After extending treatment 3 days, already can oneself dress, wash gargle.

Mr. Wen, lusong market group clothingPin. Because of cervical pressureForced nerve can not turn his head, seek medical treatment around huge amount of money, little effect, to this treatment has been basic rehabilitation 15 days;

Mr Zhu, taobao shop owner, neckMinistry waist is badly damaged, be being consolidated treatment at present, already can normal "see shop".


"I rarely advertise, let alone hype myself." Doctor qi told reporters, to his patients here, are basically relying on the word of mouth of patients "bring" over.

(Dr Qi kwok-wah)

Halfway to change professions

Determined to be the best treatment of neck shoulder waist leg pain experts

Qi guohua, born in 1966, was admitted to hengyang medical college in 1984 and graduated in 1989. Qi guohua clinic was founded in 2007.

Talking and interviewing, qi guohua impressed the reporter with steadiness, sincerity, directness and professionalism.

"There are thousands of causes of neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, but from the general principle analysis, the main reason is due to patients' bad work habits, posture caused by channels and collateralismblocked, not vigorous qi and blood, Yin and Yang imbalance. He said that many patients, such as qi jijian and xiao, are treated in the same way and with similar principles:Mainly acupuncture, Chinese medicine oral or external application, with massage. The ultimate goal of various treatment means is to achieve "soft tendons, healthy bones, smooth collaterals and live blood".

"I originally studied western medicine, but by chance, I switched to traditional Chinese medicine." He said that more than 10 years ago, a relative of his suffered from protruding lumbar disc. Western medicine works quickly, but it seems difficult to eradicate similar diseases. Although he was a physician, he was unable to cope with the suffering of his loved ones.

"Ten years ago, I was lucky enough to meet professor gao shuzhong from shandong university of traditional Chinese medicine." He said he learned "one-shot therapy" from gao.

"I still remember the first patient I treated with acupuncture." He said the patient had joint pain eight months after giving birth and was unable to squat or, worse, stand up after squatting.

"At that time, I put two needles in the patient's right and left hand, and combined them with massage." He told reporters that the acupuncture point yangming tendon. In a few minutes, the patient was able to squat magically.

Since then, the doctor, who had been skeptical of traditional Chinese medicine, has become the most ardent admirer and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. He has paid homage to huang laoxie, a famous Chinese acupuncture expert — huang xiaochen to learn linshu acupuncture. Learn liquid acupotomy therapy from dang dongxu teacher…

(Dr. Qi is giving acupuncture treatment to the patient)

"Nowadays, many people seem to lose their souls without their mobile phones. "Even if I don't read a book on traditional Chinese medicine for a day, it's like losing my soul." Qi guohua laughed and said that he is now a "traditional Chinese medicine control". He explained that he did not want to flaunt how he loves learning, but the traditional Chinese medicine handed down from the Chinese nation is too extensive and profound, as a half-way to learn traditional Chinese medicine students, if not other classes of traditional Chinese medicine hard progress, is unable to appreciate the subtlety of it.

"More and more patients are recovering… This creates a virtuous circle." He said, at present, computer control, mobile phone control family is common, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain patients present younger, popular phenomenon, although he is over the middle of the year, but still determined to become the best neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain experts, return those who trust in his patients.

Through ten years of continuous study and practice, doctor qi finally mastered the "acupuncture + Chinese medicine + massage" treatment of shoulder, neck, waist and leg pain.

(an endless stream of patients came for diagnosis and treatment)

The biggest dream is to open a free hospital

"I grew up in the countryside and I know the sufferings of the common people." Qi guohua said that since he founded the clinic, he has always insisted on the principle of low fees, hoping that patients spend the least money to cure the disease. I have been practicing medicine for several decades. For patients who come here for treatment, the minimum amount is more than 100 yuan, and the maximum amount is no more than 4,000 yuan.

"Doctors put medical ethics first. If they blindly pursue economic benefits, it is difficult to become a good doctor." He said that his biggest wish now is to be a great and magical promoter of traditional Chinese medicine of the Chinese nation.

(moxibustion therapy hall)

(base of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases)

(children atomization room)

After the reporter interviews the end, qi doctor taught the reporter two moves on the spot, these two moves, is qi doctor for many years to practice summed up the effective move.The first action to relieve back pain – "press the hand sanli point + tiger point + cough twist waist", a bit backache reporters, immediately improved; The second action is used for emergency treatment of patients with cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction who are in coma and extremely dangerous — bend the middle finger of the patient's hands and press them down hard to produce a strong pain feeling, so as to wake up the patient and fight for the time to go to hospital.

"My biggest dream is to open an institution similar to a herdsman's hospital. He said, the dream or to have, in case it came true?

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