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One, often do overwork, lead to overwork, overdraft the body.

In our life there are always some people carry something for us, for example some stevedore and cement industry, etc., they have huge labor every day, they often carry something heavy or cement, etc., and for several hours, the average person is simply can't afford, but shipping them day after day, year after year, after a long time after will easily lead to back pain. For such people, we also have a way to reduce back pain, such as when we carry on first do some warm-up activities, fills twisting, waist, back and then pretended to process should pay attention to rest, when I go home at night fills your family help to back squeezing the shoulder, then suggested to bubble bath, instead of a shower bath, bath will relax our muscles, and relieve our tired.

Sitting for too long can cause back pain.

We are now the vast majority of people every day sitting time much more special, especially some of the it staff and some office workers, they sat to work everyday, all the time is long is especially easy to cause us pain, because when we sit in our blood circulation will be blocked, we back the blood circulation will be blocked, so easily lead to back pain in particular, this kind of people to pay more attention to sports, pay attention to the motion planning every week, every week to exercise, but also often stood up to stretch stretches the limbs, extension extension thoracic, stretch and don't always keep a movement to promote blood circulation, Both have been shown to be effective in relieving back pain.

Crossing your legs often can also cause back pain.

One of the many dangers of crossing your legs is back pain. So in normal times we should sit upright, do not cross your legs, which is not elegant and will cause back pain, so it is harmful to our body.

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