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Q: recently, I often feel shoulder pain after eating, always thought it was periarthritis of shoulder, went to the hospital for examination, but the doctor said it was caused by cholecystitis. Excuse me, cholecystitis why can cause shoulder back pain?

Answer: gallbladder is a cystic sex organ of right upper abdominal cavity, be located below liver, have the effect that stores partial bile, this is an organ that grows stone very easily. Gallstones are the most common cause of cholecystitis. In general, gallbladder stones have few symptoms, but if the gallbladder wall is chronically and repeatedly stimulated or stones cause gallbladder duct obstruction, it may lead to cholecystitis. The typical symptom of acute cholecystitis is right go up abdominal pain, can radiate to right shoulder or back sometimes, still often have abdominal distension, disgusting vomiting, serious still can bring about systemic chill, tall fever and liver function abnormality; And chronic cholecystitis, often do not have chill tall fever, disgusting vomiting wait for a circumstance, but can have right upper abdomen or right humeral back ministry unwell, and abdominal distension, the dyspepsia such as acid, similar "gastric disease" symptom.

Many people are very confused, gallbladder stones can cause shoulder and back pain? This is because the inflammation of cholecystitis will stimulate the right phlenic nerve endings, and the phlenic nerve is distributed in the skin of the shoulder. When the phlenic nerve endings are stimulated, it will affect the sensory nerve fibers distributed in the skin of the right shoulder, causing an illusion in the cerebral cortex and the illusion of pain in the right shoulder and back.

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