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Two, four strokes, exercise different muscles

Although swimming is a full-body sport, different strokes focus on different parts of the body.

1. Breaststroke — leg strength. In both freestyle and backstroke, the legs are whipped up and down, while in breaststroke, the legs are pushed back. The former makes the legs longer, while the latter USES the quadriceps muscles of the thighs more, so it is very effective for strengthening the legs.

Butterfly — chest strength. When butterfly stroke, the arm to the water, similar to doing chest expansion exercise, pectoralis major, back expansion, rectus abdominis muscle more, exercise effect is the best.

3. Freestyle — arm strength. In freestyle, the biceps and triceps of the upper arm exert more efforts, which can effectively exercise the arm muscles and promote the improvement of shoulder muscle strength.

Backstroke — back strength. Backstroke, backstretch muscles will be more hard, can make back muscle stretch. In addition, backstroke needs to lift hip glide, hip is also a kind of exercise.

Therefore, you can also choose the stroke you like and focus on strength training in certain parts of your body, which can also improve your swimming speed.

Stretch in swimming

In swimming, stretching is not only a good warm-up, but also the best way to relax after swimming. Never underestimate this little action, it can prevent you from swimming when the cramps, pull injuries and other sports injuries, but also can make the whole body tight muscle relaxation. In addition, stretching also works in other sports.

1. Stretch your leg muscles. Sit with the soles of your feet close to each other, knees out and as close as possible to the ground. Hold both ankles with your hands. Count to 10.

2. Shoulder muscles stretch. Stretch one arm straight up, then bend the forearm back to the head and relax. Grab the elbow from the back of the head with the opposite hand, facing each otherSlowly pull side, holding for 15 seconds.

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