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Waist sour backache, the elderly people used to make some symptoms appear in today's young people have become more frequent, the reason is the growing social office gens, young man graduated from university to middle-aged this office is sitting in the office for a period of time, lack of exercise, sitting for long, day long for preventing these diseases of aging is inevitable to arrive. Often when you want to exercise, you can't do it because of various reasons in your work and life, which makes these symptoms more and more serious.

So how can we effectively exercise, deal with the contradiction between work and life and physical exercise? Today to recommend a set of yoga asana, ease to help you solve the pain of backache ~

1. Scorpion style variations

A. Inhale and kneel in. Body forward bend. Elbows on the ground.

B. Exhale, raise hip to go up, leg ministry unbend, waist accomplishs perpendicular.

C. Slowly lift your legs up, feet off the ground, and do an elbow stand.

D. Bend forward. Accomplish baseplate to be close to the top of head. Cross your legs. The right leg rests on the left knee.

E. Hold for 30 seconds and return to yoga kneeling. Switch sides again.

2. The pin pose

A. Mountain stand. Keep your body absolutely relaxed. Adjust your breathing and grip the yoga mat with your legs. Keep your balance.

B. Inhale, bend forward, and do standing forward bends. Support your right hand. Put your left hand on your left ankle.

C. Slowly lift your right foot and straighten it up.

D. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides.

3. Single-leg wheel

A. Get in on your back with your hands at your sides to ease your breathing.

B. Raise your hand toward your ear and place your palm one palm wide beside your ear.

C. Exhale and bend your knees. On the balls of your feet. Lift your body up, support your body with your hands, and bend at the waist.

D. Keep your legs balanced. Inhale and slowly lift your right leg up until it is straight.

E. Push your body forward for 30 seconds and switch legs.

F. Finally back to yoga supine rest.

Life is more than the desk in front of you, there is yoga in action, let's practice together!

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