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Office crowd cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra gymnastics

Spinal column is the pillar of human body mansion, this pillar is bad can be full of problems — cervical vertebra disease, backache, backache came. Zhao zhexin recommends the following two small movements to relieve pain:

1. Cervical vertebra is not good and hands are lifted

Many people put their hands on the back of their backs when they walk in the evening, which reduces the value of exercise.

Every day with the following action to walk, adhere to 200 steps, the next day cervical spine will be very acid.

Action demonstration:Keep your fingers taut and put your hands up at ten ten on the clock.

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Make sure your arms are slightly back at your sides for best results, with your eyes looking forward and up a little.

Neck pain prevention:Sit for 1 hour every day, get up and exercise your shoulders and neck, rub your neck at any time and anywhere, rub to heat the best.

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2, back pain: don't lie down!

Lumbar spine disease has long been a nightmare for office workers. "some people have backache and go to bed to rest," zhao said.

Action demonstration:Both hands grasp the back of the chair, kick one foot back, knee joint to stretch straight, right and left foot rotation, repeated dozens of times, this movement had better be done in the evening, in the morning.

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No matter what back pain, strain, slippage, muscle sprain, swelling can be effective recovery.

You can feel the sore point in your waist while doing the post-kick. You can tap the sore point 100 times a day anywhere, anytime.

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Knee pain is "underpumping"

In the meeting spot, "the river health news" reporter's left knee patella softens, has played several times to close, up stairs, climbs the mountain up to now is very inconvenient. Zhao zhexin said:

"Softening of the patella in the 20s? This is a disease that only people over the age of 60 have. You stand against the wall."

1, protect the knee to rely on the penalty stand, play close is not good

Action demonstration:Stand with your back against the wall and squat with your legs. Repeat 30 times, twice in the morning or evening.

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The reporter persisted for a minute or two, rested for 30 seconds and then "squatted." the reporter's knees became significantly stronger when he went from squatting to standing.

"There is something wrong with the knee joint. This is like you drink tap water every day, suddenly a day can not drink clean river water, dozen closed, dirty things into, never want to clean up. Only exercise stimulates fluid production."

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2, bad knee is lack of smoke

"Knee problems, not only lack of practice, but also lack of smoking!"

Action demonstration:The first pat is to the front of the knee, the second to the outside of the knee, and the third to the inside of the knee. Pat each part 30 times.

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Frequent patting of the knee stimulates the blood supply and increases the production of joint fluid.

In fact, when we are riding in a car or watching TV, we rub the front of our thighs to increase blood flow to our knees and relieve pain.

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Femoral head necrosis, stand "big" word

How should the patient that hip joint is bad, head necrotic take exercise?

Demonstration movements:Have no matter 'big' word station — both hands level unbend, left leg station good, right leg unbend lift to right side, next right and left leg exchange, be like a 'big' word?

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Tap the pain point of hip joint 80 times every day, which can relieve the pain of hip joint very well.

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Mouse hand, morning stiff, upward warped!

Every day sitting in front of the computer, hand, wrist is easy to fatigue, occupational disease mouse hand immediately find you.

We use the flexor muscles on our hands unevenly and often use the flexor muscles to make the extensor muscles shrink.

Action demonstration:Rest you can put your hands flat on the table, palms do not move, fingers off the table to lift, repeatedly adhere to 1 ~ 2 minutes, will feel a lot more comfortable hand muscle.

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Use computer for a long time, have rheumatic joint pain, the friend that gets up in the morning finger joint is stiff, can use this method to exercise hand joint, acrid.

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We should be clear, most of the pain in the body is due to the cold and dampness of the wind and blood stasis, poor circulation of qi and blood, over time will produce pain.

In fact, the best way to deal with pain is:Get less! More exercise!

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All over the body, from head to toe joint pain treatment methods are in this article, for yourself and your family to collect it!

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