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Maternal love is natural, from the day of pregnancy, from the baby in the mother's belly to form the day, the mother has a very special feeling, soon became love, love makes the mother become indestructible.

Is the so-called army to stop, water to earth. However, when a variety of discomfort in the second and third trimester, the expectant mothers still want to hlod all the time. Among them, there is "back pain during pregnancy" this kind of inexplicable, unexplainable discomfort.

You know what, mommies?

The "back pain" that plagues you during pregnancy is probably a calcium deficiency! Calcium, as one of the most needed elements during pregnancy, can easily cause loose teeth, osteoporosis, body swelling, backache, leg cramps and other symptoms if not added in time.

The mummy of advanced period of gestation daily appropriate intake of calcium is 1000 milligram, ability assures "make ends meet".

Because individual calcium absorption capacity is different, the safest way is to supplement with calcium.

All that calcium stuff

how to reduce back bone pain

Mommy, this is your choice

General calcium, for the gastrointestinal tract burden is relatively large, easy to produce gastrointestinal discomfort, such as abdominal distension, stomachache, constipation, dyspepsia.

Calcium carbonate, which contains a high concentration of CPP, is ideal for mothers to build a healthy foundation.

"Food tonic" calcium supplement also need to pay attention to methods

Eat more calcium-rich foods such as dairy products, eggs, beans, shrimp, sesame paste, seaweed, seafood and green vegetables.

But must pay attention to the diet collocation, prevents the calcium and certain foods in the phytic acid, the oxalic acid union, forms the insoluble calcium salt, as a result the calcium cannot be fully absorbed USES.

how to reduce back bone pain

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