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Xiao li often felt back pain when she was pregnant. The husband looked at don't know how to put his wife, anxious. Although try our best to want to share what during xiao li's pregnancy, but in the end can only look at help after. Some people may think that pregnant women with back pain are inevitable problems, but these can alleviate and prevent back pain you know, don't take it seriously.

how to get relief from backache

Why back pain during pregnancy?

Poor posture, the wrong way to lift heavy objects, muscle weakness, tension or injury can put pressure on ligaments and joints, which can lead to back pain. Typically, this kind of back pain is a problem that starts before pregnancy. If back pain often occurs in the afternoon, evening, or after long periods of standing, it's because the weight of you and your baby causes muscles to tire and ligaments to sag slightly. If your back is concave, it won't cause back pain during pregnancy.

What's more, during pregnancy, as the uterus expands, your center of gravity gradually shifts forward and your spine begins to protrusion forward, which keeps your extensor dorsi muscles tense. At the same time, hormones during pregnancy cause the ligaments that connect your joints to become much looser than they used to be, which is the main reason why pregnant women are so proud of their backaches.

How to prevent back pain in pregnant women

1. As ligaments become softer, they are more prone to injury. Try to avoid lifting anything during pregnancy, and squat slightly if you must. Do not bend or twist your body too much.

2. Pregnant women should exercise regularly, as weekly exercise will reduce their probability of back pain. Try to choose a type of exercise that will soothe your body and improve your control. If you have back pain during pregnancy and other painful conditions, it's best to consult your doctor before exercising.

3. Develop proper sitting habits and make sure you have good support behind you as you sit. You can use a special lumbar pad. Then sit on a hard chair with a vertical back, which improves your back more than soft chairs and sofas.

how to get relief from backache

4. Some mothers-to-be feel comfortable in flats, while others want to relieve back pressure and wear shoes with heels. If your lower back has been pushed forward, high heels will make your lower back push forward a lot. So flat shoes are recommended to prevent backache in pregnant women.

If a pregnant woman has back pain, how to relieve it?

Rubbing the lower back often relaxes tired and aching muscles. Lie on the back of your chair or on your side and have your husband gently massage the muscles on both sides of your spine.

how to get relief from backache

2. Hot compresses and hot baths can both reduce back pain, but be careful to get up and behave properly after the bath.

3. Prop up your back with a pillow. A wedge shaped pillow has been shown to reduce back pain while lying on your side alone.

how to get relief from backache

A pregnant woman with back pain needs attention

1. Sleeping with back pain

Avoid lying flat, especially after the second trimester. Because the baby may compress some blood vessels while lying flat, reducing blood flow to the placenta, the pregnant woman may also feel weak. Try lying on your side to increase blood flow to the placenta.

How to get up when you have back pain

Turn your body to lie on your side, bending your knees and lowering your feet along the edge of the bed. Then use your arms to prop yourself up on your side. If you want to lie down, do this backwards.

how to get relief from backache

How to get up from your seat when you have back pain

Sit on the edge of your chair with your back and chest out. Then separate your knees and lean forward just above your knees, then straighten your back. Hold the handrail with your arms and slowly get up, move your head forward and up, keeping your back arched. In many cases, this method can effectively relieve back pain in pregnant women.

The method is not unique and will not be suitable for all pregnant women. When you have back pain, how does it go?

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