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With the development of the Internet age, there are more and more people suffering from sub-health back pain, and yoga has long been proved to be very effective in relieving sub-health pain.

However, for many beginners, due to some reasons, such as the movement is too difficult to do, unsafe and so on, so they dare not try.

how to get relief from backache

In fact,The more simple yoga movement, the more safe and effective, the more difficult the movement, the more dangerous injury coefficient is higher, the effect is not necessarily good. Therefore, beginners and people to practice yoga, do not need to have any worry, start with simple movements, physical and mental health is the ultimate goal of yoga.

how to get relief from backache

Here are 8 simple yoga moves that are safe, effective, and super effective at relieving back pain.

Action 1:

how to get relief from backache

Lie on your back with your hips and legs against the wallLegs together, legs apart can bePut your hands at your sidesClose your eyes and focus on your breathingThe body relaxes completely and soothes the nervous systemHold for 2-3 minutes

Action 2:

how to get relief from backache

On the basis of movement 1, open the left foot outwardsSlow and controlled landing on the padHold for 1-2 minutes on the other side

Action 3:

how to get relief from backache

On the basis of movement 1, bend both kneesKeep your feet together and open your legs outwardsRelax and sink, holding for 1-2 minutes

Action 4:

how to get relief from backache

Based on action 1Bend your knees close to your abdomenPlace your right foot on your left thighBring your legs closer to your abdomenHold for 1-2 minutes on the other side

Action 5:

how to get relief from backache

Based on action 1Open your legs to the sideRelax your legs and let them sinkRelax completely and hold for 1-2 minutes

Action 6:

how to get relief from backache

Based on action 1Bend your knees close to your abdomen and twist your torso to the leftHold for 1-2 minutes on the other side

Action 7:

how to get relief from backache

Based on action 1Place your right foot on your left thighTwist to the leftHold for 1-2 minutes on the other side

Action 8:

how to get relief from backache

Based on action 1Bend your knees with your feet as wide as your hipsMove your legs parallel and lift your hips up slowly and deliberatelyKeep your hands on your lower backHold for 1 minute, falling slowly and deliberately onto the surfacePay attention to people with cervical spondylosis or painDon't do this or practice with a professional teacher

Shoulder back pain is not necessarily periarthritis of shoulder! There may be "lung cancer", how to distinguish between the two? – AllPainHealing | back pain/neck pain/leg pain

Shoulder neck pain is not necessarily cervical spondylosis, careful is lung cancer

With the increasing pain in his shoulder and back, Mr. Gu was so painful that he couldn't sleep at night. His family rushed him to the hematologic oncology department of the third hospital of changsha city for treatment.

He was diagnosed as a moderately differentiated lung adenocarcinoma with bone metastases after a biopsy. Doctors believe Mr Gu's shoulder and neck pain is the most likely cause.

Doctors advised Mr. Gu to further improve the genetic testing, and the results showed that he had egfr gene mutation. Since he had missed the best time for surgical treatment, the hematologic oncology team implemented targeted therapy for him, and at the same time, he received anti-bone metastasis and other treatments.

A week later, Mr. Gu's pain was almost gone. "Just shoulder pain and no cough cough sputum, how can it be lung cancer?" He was puzzled about his illness.

Changsha third hospital, director of the department of hematologic oncology sheng zhimei explained: clinical many lung cancer patients are early shoulder pain, will be treated as periarthritis of shoulder.

how to reduce back bone pain

Lung cancer and common periarthritis of shoulder pain are easily confused, but they can be distinguished,

For example, the pain caused by lung cancer is mainly concentrated in the armpit, and the pain radiates down to the inner part of the upper limb.

And periarthritis of shoulder in addition to pain, but also lead to joint stiffness, limited movement, generally do not cause particularly strong pain.

Citizens usually think that the symptoms of lung cancer are cough, cough sputum, chest stuffy short, but often ignore the shoulder neck back pain this symptom, bone is the most common metastatic site of malignant tumor,

70-80% of cancer patients will eventually develop bone metastases, and about 90% of patients with bone metastases will suffer from pain. When they encounter neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain with unknown cause or ineffective conventional treatment, they should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

how to reduce back bone pain

Good news for lung cancer patients: targeted therapy

Sheng zhimei introduced that targeted therapy is suitable for patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer who have been diagnosed by histopathology and cytology or who are not suitable for radical local treatment (such as surgery and radiotherapy). After genetic testing, mutations of egfr gene, alk gene and ros1 gene are found.

Uncle gu had bone metastasis of lung cancer and had egfr gene mutation, and the best treatment at that time was targeted drugs.

Targeted therapy is to design appropriate therapeutic drugs at the cellular and molecular level for the cancer sites that have been identified. When drugs enter the body, they will act on specific cell receptors and signal transduction channels that promote tumor growth and survival.

It can inhibit the growth of tumor cells or promote apoptosis without affecting the normal tissue cells around the tumor and avoid the non-selective side effects and drug resistance of common chemotherapy drugs, so it is also called "biological missile".

What are the characteristics of targeted therapy?

In this regard, sheng said that targeted therapy can effectively prolong the survival time of patients, with small adverse reactions. The most common adverse reactions are rash and diarrhea, which can be tolerated by most patients.

Targeted therapy drugs are convenient to take, patients' daily life is basically unaffected, and even can work normally, which improves the quality of life of patients and enables them to enjoy life more.

Can targeted therapy completely replace chemotherapy?

Targeted therapy is only suitable for lung cancer patients with genetic mutations, sheng said. Others require chemotherapy.

She also cautioned that any drug has its toxicity and side effects, so targeted treatment should be conducted under the guidance of a professional doctor, who will inform patients of the benefits and related side effects and risks, and patients should be reviewed regularly during treatment, rather than simply taking medication.

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Hu zhongdong, the third hospital of changsha

Pain and sour lumbar disease is saved! Sleep it! Say goodbye to backache – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar spine

That's because people's lumbar spine has a radian when we lie down, sit when the waist there becomes a suspended state!

Like a pillow for the neck, if the lumbar spine is suspended for long periods of time without a support, the bones can easily deform.

The spine remains rigid for a long timeCan cause lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc protrusion… In severe cases, they can't even walk and become paralyzed.

how to reduce back bone pain

And for a woman who loves beauty, if hanging in the waist state of sleep, also easy to the original devil figure to sleep flat.

how to reduce back bone pain

A pillow designed for the waist has been created to rest the lumbar spine while sleeping.

how to reduce back bone pain

Click on the image above for immediate purchase

All night care, back pain away from you

All night care waist, daytime no longer back pain ~

Sleep out the waist curve!

how to reduce back bone pain

This waist pillow has a lot to offer. It was jointly developed and patented by overseas medical universitiesPatent no. : zl 2018300711708.

Smart fit waist like the pain point on the body, is pressed as tense muscles instantly relax, the whole waist is held up.

how to reduce back bone pain

The pillow also has the function of hot compress massage

It can heat automatically and massage more

It's like a professional physiotherapist working for you

Immediate relief of lumbar stiffness, swelling, and pain

how to reduce back bone pain

All human bones have the function of shaping

When the spine returns to its normal curvature

The whole body changes together

Change your hump and butt

how to reduce back bone pain

Some people take a step back

Find yourself in better shape

It's starting to curve

how to reduce back bone pain

Double sleeping area is designed to sleep on your back and side comfortably

The source of lumbar acid backache is

The lumbar spine is "suspended" for a long time

A herniated lumbar disc compresses a nerve

Cause a lingering sense of acid swelling

how to reduce back bone pain

This small leaf waist pillow

What use is encircling type to protect waist design

Lie down and when

Like a pair of hands gently lifting the waist

Fill in all gaps between the bed and the bed

how to reduce back bone pain

The center of the waist pillow is specially designed with a 26-degree half-circle arc

It's closest to the lumbar spine

Perfect filling of the waist gap, reduce the pressure on the waist

how to reduce back bone pain

At the same time, it has double sleeping area design

It is divided into flat lying area and side lying area

Let you lie flat, lying on your side can evenly force

Whether you lie on your side or your back

The waist pillow fits the waist curve perfectly

Leave no gap in the waist

how to reduce back bone pain

The waist pillow can adjust its height freely

A detachable "height lift cake" at the base of the waist pillow

Can be mounted up to 5.5 cm

Take it down and lower it by 3.5 centimeters

Quite convenient, so to speak!

how to reduce back bone pain

The booster pad contains 2 energy magnets

Return liver, heart, kidney via filling liver kidney empty

Benefit the waist foot, shock ease the back pain at the same time

It can also help people fall asleep fast and deeply

Massage hot compress lumbar vertebra, dredge back blockage

how to reduce back bone pain

The waist pillow comes with a heated massage pad

Divided into "heat treatment" and "massage" two major functions

how to reduce back bone pain

Hot massage mode waist pillow

A massage motor is built in

Massage intensity is divided into low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency

It closes automatically after 15 minutes

how to reduce back bone pain

(2) hot compress therapy

The temperature is adjustable in three levels

High temperature 50 degrees, medium temperature 40 degrees, low temperature 30 degrees

Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes

how to reduce back bone pain

After heating

Magnets and bian-stones in the Fanny packs release biological magnetic fields

The far infrared light produced activates human cells

Stimulate a few big acupuncture points of the waist

A warm waist improves blood circulation

The stiff, sore muscles of the day are instantly soothed

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

Hard in the middle, soft top fabric on both sides, no mites

Waist pillow most afraid to use for a short time

They deform, they collapse, they break

And sultry weather, inferior waist pillow

Very afraid of sweat mites

how to reduce back bone pain

Small leaf waist pillow

Especially the high density of large hole + small hole

Perforated fabric whole waist pillow

There are hundreds of air vents

Ensure that no mites, no mildew

The waist pillow is hard in the middle

Soft relaxation at both ends

Fill the waist space perfectly

Let you no matter any posture, it can be protected

how to reduce back bone pain

Both sides and surrounding areas are packed with pearl cotton

Soft and comfortable, side sleep does not support the waist

Fill in the middle circle

Buckwheat shell, special cassia seed, bian-stone

Soft in hard, strong rebound

how to reduce back bone pain

Buckwheat shell is the best material for pillow core

It has the effect of tranquilizing and tranquilizing

Can also relieve back pain, lumbar disc herniation

how to reduce back bone pain

Natural stone needle

For rheumatoid arthritis, old cold legs

Have ameliorative effect

how to reduce back bone pain

Pearl cotton has high pomp

Good resilience

Excellent moisture absorption and air quality, not afraid of sweat caking

The well – off younger sister actually measured in the middle is buckwheat shell

The sides are soft pearl cotton

Bending at will is not afraid of deformation

No formaldehyde, no additives

National testing institution certification

how to reduce back bone pain

Already sold 80,000 pieces!!!

Save your lumbago from protruding discs, strained psoas, and even flat figures

how to reduce back bone pain

Discount on the second half price!

Buy one for yourself. Buy another

Send love

Sleep well, spine is healthy, family is more happy ~

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Office workers can't afford to hurt themselves – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/and back pain


Relax your mind, activate your parasympathetic nerves, and be mentally ready to warm up again


Use a moderately stiff foam shaft, fascia ball, oroov.Release the pressure in the fascia so that they begin to rearrange.


After releasing the fascia, the body is rearranged in the right order, new cognitive and control of the muscles of the body, learning the right power, the right action strategies, and fundamentally changing the body slowly.Avoid sports injuries.

Office workers, what are you waiting for?

Sculpt plus pilates's coach came from Eric franklin, the international master of sports who designed the fascia relaxation ball, the second-generation pilates master – Elizabeth larkam, author of "fasica in motion" and centered with madeline black.

inSculpt plus pilates, a sculpt plus pilates specialist, studied stress relieving exercise therapy

Relax your body, correct your posture, and improve your spatial sensing ability

Use your muscles properly and start new and effective exercise patterns.

We bring you the most cutting-edge science in the field of fascia release in pilates

This is sculptpiles1401 with sculptpiles1401 with sculptpiles1401 with sculptpiles1401 with sculptpiles1401 with sculptpiles1401 with sculptpiles1401 with sculptpiles1401 with sculptpiles1401 with sculptpilates

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

how to reduce back bone pain

The guest feedback

"I use the keyboard and mouse in front of the computer for more than 10 hours every day. I often have shoulder back and back pain, especially feeling stiff, heavy and sore around the shoulder blades. Holding try to have a look at the mood to class, the first time to feel a shoulder relax! After two classes I felt no stiffness in my back and shoulders. I felt a sense of relief that all the weight on my back was gone. I used to feel uncomfortable on my shoulder like a stiff pillow the next day and wonder if I should change the mattress. But after a few classes, I found out that I was wrong about the mattress. Now I wake up in the morning without backache. All in all, I really appreciate the teacher's guidance, and the effect is very immediate. I feel a lot easier!"

how to reduce back bone pain

"My experience doing pilates with Claire has been wonderful. She's very encouraging and dedicated to helping me discover and connect with my own body — finding and toning muscles that I never knew Existed; Reminding me that I have a core and use it regularly. I 'd reached out to Claire after completing physical therapy and she' s had been very mindful of my "other" shoulder and personalized each The session to my specific condition. With its ehrs bright and uplifting move, its ehrs no bs attitude as far as reps and hitting the marks she sets for exercises, Our sessions are always challenging but never a dull moment. 10/10 will recommend!"

"My pilates with Claire is amazing. She often encourages me and helps me feel my body and explore what I never knewYour muscle; Pilates reminds me to feel my core and use it regularly. After finishing my physical therapy, I contacted Claire, who took great care of my "broken" shoulder and personalized each treatment to my specific situation. She is outgoing and self-motivated. She doesn't complain at all about repeating exercises and achieving set exercise results. Our training is always challenging, but never boring. 10/10 recommendation!"

how to reduce back bone pain

Back pain, there are 3 possibilities, the article for you to analyze – AllPainHealing | back pain/lower back/about back pain

Back pain is a common physical problem for people who spend a lot of time sitting and have a lot of energy. Persistent back pain can be a warning sign.

relief for back pain in

What causes back pain?

1. Periarthritis of shoulder or respiratory diseases

When suffering from periarthritis of shoulder shoulder joint will have obvious pain, the disease progresses to a certain extent, pain will radiate to the back. It can also cause shoulder and back pain in patients with tuberculosis, pleural adhesions and lung cancer. On top of that, you have tugging pain in your back when you have prostate or pelvic problems.

Ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis patients back will appear persistent or sporadic pain, especially the spinous process site has obvious pain, after waking up in the morning back and waist stiffness, back increased the pain feeling, after a little activity better. Patients have limited movement in the lower back and lower limbs, paraspinal muscle spasms during physical examination, and later atrophy or even a hunchback.

3. Cervical spondylosis

The 456th posterior branch of the cervical spine extends back, innervating the skin and muscles of the entire upper back. Degenerative changes in the cervical spine can cause significant back pain, along with upper limb weakness, numbness in the fingers, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and blurred vision.

relief for back pain in

What about back pain?

1. Exercise more

Stretching and gymnastics can improve the health of your back. More than 30 minutes of swimming or walking a day will improve local blood circulation and strengthen back muscles. You should also strengthen your abs with exercises such as sit-ups or planks to provide good back support.

Bend your knees while bending or lifting weights

Bending over puts more pressure on your back, and when you're picking up or lifting things, bend your knees as much as possible so that the stress area is centered around your legs. Keep your other legs apart and keep your back straight, allowing things to slowly approach your body, which reduces the pressure on your back.

3. Maintain a normal weight

Being overweight or obese puts pressure on the back muscles, especially if the sudden weight gain in a short period of time puts a strain on the ligaments and muscles in the back. People with back pain should sleep on their side and bend their knees to reduce pressure on the discs.

Warm prompt

Wear tight pants as little as possible, which can cause your abdominal muscles to relax and not support your back better. In addition to reduce the number of times to wear high heels, high heels can not exceed 2.5 cm, so as not to increase the burden on the back.

Real Madrid official: marcelo has a sore back and Spanish media say he may miss the match against Paris – AllPainHealing | neck pain/sore back

Marcelo has been diagnosed with post-traumatic neck pain by real Madrid medical team, the club announced after training on September 16, Beijing time. Radio combe later revealed that marcelo would miss the Paris saint-germain match.

Marcelo sprained his neck during a fight with levante last week.

Since diaz's injury on July 14, real Madrid has suffered a succession of injuries: arsenio, mendi, jovic, kurtua, rodrigo, azar, diaz's second injury, hames, isko, modric, valverde, marcelo. It was the 12th and 13th injury suffered by real Madrid this season, with arsenio, isko, modric, valverde and marcelo still recovering.

In addition to marcelo, real Madrid also flander – mendi, nacho can serve as left-back. Real Madrid travel to Paris at 3am on Thursday for their first champions league group game of the season and are third in la liga with two wins and two draws.

The 2019-09-16 beneath

The 2019-09-16 21:59

The 2019-09-16 21:55

The 2019-09-16 21:28

Exercise often knee, back and shoulder pain? How to optimize 4 categories of fitness movement errors – AllPainHealing | back pain/lower back/back and shoulder pain

In the gym can be a safer one of exercise, but wrong fitness movement will also increase your risk of injury, while doing some strength training of the action will let you in a vulnerable state, but this is not to say that keep you away from strength training, do not do the barbell squat, pull hard.

Knowing when you're at risk, and how to avoid putting yourself in an injury-prone environment, is the first step in assessing your fitness mastery. After all, keeping fit is one of the goals of exercise. Before you start exercising, take a moment to check it outThese tips will help you stay healthy and fit, help you prevent injuries, teach you the right, safe moves, and know how to adjust your intensity once you get used to your workout routine.

pain at base of back

Fitness injured

There are two kinds of fitness injuries. One is"Acute injuries"The other is"Chronic strain".What is an acute injury?Dumbbell on the toe, for example, although the probability of this happening is very low, but in case you meet a rash novice, so we still need to pay attention.What is an acute injury?Like when you're doing a dumbbell overhead press and your shoulder is uncomfortable. You hurt your elbow when you bench press; When you finish a set of squats or hard pulls, feel like you're getting more work out of your lower back than your legs.

The pain may start out as mild, and you may think it's no big deal, but over time the symptoms become more severe (such as a strain, sprain, or tendinitis).Most strength-training injuries are the result of overtraining or technical mistakes, and they accumulate over time. So it's important to pay attention to these minor aches and pains.

Strain is preventable, and when your body feels discomfort or mild pain, it's your body's warning signal. You shouldn't ignore it and need to understand what the signal is telling you so you can better address the problem in the first place. You can also consult a professional fitness trainer to learn the details of movement changes that can help you avoid pain.Do not do complex, intensive weight training before mastering the basics.

pain at base of back

This paper mainly discusses four kinds of common fitness movements, explains in detail what common injuries and illnesses these movements will bring, and understands the causes, so as to help people better, more healthy and scientific to participate in fitness.

A movement dominated by knee flexion and extension (e.g., squats)An action characterized by the extension of the hip joint, eg a hard pull.A "push" movement in which the hand is pushed away from the body (e.g., bench press)A "pull" movement that focuses on pulling the hand closer to the body (e.g., pull-up)First, to knee flexion and extension of the main action

Action type:Such as squats, steps and lunges

Frequently asked questions:Knee pain (especially around the kneecap), low back pain

Causes:Knee joint is used undeserved, gluteus maximus muscle strength is insufficient, ankle is not agile

Knee pain:Some people squatThe knee pinches inward(also known as eversion of the knee.) the pinch of the knee in the squat can damage the knee joint, especially the patellar tendon. It's not all the knee's fault. Your glutes are weak. When yourThe gluteus maximus doesn't have enough strengthWhen you're trying to bear a load, your knees can't help but push themselves inward to help you lift the load. Let's say you're working on a personal maximum load. This can happen occasionally, but should never happen again. Although weightlifters push themselves to the limit with their knees tucked in, this is actually a technique they pursue to the limit. Ordinary bodybuilders can't compare with it. They are professionalIt is not recommended to clip the knee in the ordinary training.

pain at base of back

Low back pain:Appear in a weight squatLack of gluteus maximus strengthWhen, the torso will be too barbell pressure forward. There's another caseAnkle stiffness(if you lean forward in a squat, check to see if your heels can touch the ground. If you can't touch the ground, the main reason for leaning forward is your ankle.)

How to improve?

(1)Work your butt muscles. Strong gluteus muscles allow you to move your knees more steadily without having to pinch your knees(keep your knees to your toes when doing the squat). To enhance hip strength, you can add hip bridge to your workout.

(2)If you're doing a barbell squat, to prevent leaning forward and putting too much pressure on your lower back, use the high bar position and place the bar over the trapezius. This will help people with weak torques stabilize their upper body better.

(3)If you can't keep your heels on the ground, it's recommended that you use foam rollers, stretch your calves, do some flexibility exercises on your ankles, or place a small barbell piece over your heel before you squat.

pain at base of back

(4)Before you master the squat, work out with the goblet squat, which makes it easier to squat, reduces your knee sway or lean forward, and you can use dumbbells or kettlebells to add weight.

pain at base of back

Second, with the hip hip extension primarily movement

Action type:Such as hard pull, hip push, and hip bridge

Frequently asked questions:Spinal pain

Causes:Incorrect preparation

Spinal pain:Many people's hips are so low that they look like they're doing both squats and hard pulls, or they're so high that they have to arch their backs in order to lift the barbell. Many people also have a rounded or overly arched back, which puts the spine in an injury-prone environment.

pain at base of back

(1)Maintain a neutral spine throughout the process (the natural physiological curves of the waist, back, shoulders and neck). Whether at work or in fitness training, maintaining a neutral spine will keep your back and waist healthy.

(2)To do this, use as much of your hips as possible and as little of your front thigh muscles as possible. Use your hips to dominate the hard pull, pushing your hips as far back as possible while maintaining balance.

(3)Place a straight stick (such as a broom stick) on your back, keeping it straight and in contact with the three points on your body (the back of your head, shoulder and tailbone), and then hold the back of your head, shoulder and tailbone against the stick throughout the hard pull.

(4)During the hard pull, as you squat to lower your center of gravity, the barbell bars touch or almost touch the thigh bone. Make sure your center of gravity is as close to the center of your body as possible. This will help keep the barbell level closer to your body throughout the hard pull.

(5)If the current weight is hard to pull with a standard motion, there is no need to start from the ground. You can place the barbell on a box or squat rack, which will slowly perfect your movements, avoid distortion, and reduce the range of hard pulls, allowing you to lift more weight. As you get stronger and more skilled, you can trade in lower boxes.

(6)When your movements are limited by your own physical limitations, you can be more flexible by lifting the barbell with something high instead of pulling it all the way.

(7)You can use a small weight to do the front and rear foot posture hard pull. Its advantage is that it has the advantage of a hard pull on one leg, and does not require much balance. When you do a hard pull of a cross stand, the back legs are mainly used as a support point, making it easier for your body to maintain balance.

pain at base of back

Three, to push the hand away from the body of the main "push" movement

Action type:Such as bench press, push-ups, shoulder push and so on

Frequently asked questions:Pain or discomfort in the shoulder, elbow, or wrist

Causes:The wrists, elbows and shoulders are not in the right position

Shoulder, elbow, wrist pain:When doing bench press and shoulder push, the wrist, elbow and shoulder are not properly placed, which can cause shoulder joint instability, wrist bending, and prone to injury. Bench press, shoulder press, etc. without professional instruction or supervision can easily turn exercise into a way to hurt yourself, especially if the amount of exercise increases the likelihood of injury.

pain at base of back

(1)What you can do is correct your posture, from your wrists to your torso. To keep your wrists in normal condition, you need to start learning how to hold the barbell properly. At this point, it must be said that most people's "natural" movements, such as holding a club, are actually wrong when working out.

(2)So how to hold the club correctly? Instead of holding it with your fingers, place the base of your palm on the pole. The correct grip position allows the wrist to remain neutral, allows the forearm to bear more weight, allows you to push more weight, and is less prone to injury.

(3)If you're prone to shoulder injuries while bench pressing, check to see if you're squeezing between your shoulder blades. Also, once you've got the pole in your hands, hold your elbows in (like a cane) and turn them around at an Angle of about 45°. You need someone to assist you when you lift the bar, because your arm and shoulder joint are in an unstable state when you lift the bar, so it is easy to get injured when a person is lifting the bar. As for other moves, do push-ups with tight abs, tight shoulder blades, neutral wrists, no lower elbows than shoulders, and avoid acromion impacts.

Four, to pull the hand close to the body based on the "pull" movement

Action type:Such as rowing, pull-ups, biceps and so on

Frequently asked questions:Shoulder, wrist, elbow, etc.

Causes:Not controlling the centrifugal part of the action

Shoulder, elbow, wrist discomfort:Many people put their bodies in a vulnerable environment because they don't have good control of the pull-up phase. If you're doing a pull-up while your body is falling free from the top, then your shoulder pain may be caused by this. Because gravity plus acceleration in a free fall can tear shoulder blades, shoulders, elbows and wrist joints, once or twice is fine, but over time the injury builds up. The same is true for bicep bends, rowing, and other "pull" moves.

(1)Start with lighter weights. If you can't control the weight, you're hurting yourself. Generally speaking, if you can't hold the weight for 2-3 seconds during the descent, then the weight may be too heavy for you, and you need to lose weight or leverage. For example, when doing pull-ups, you can use your feet to use elastic bands to lend strength, or use pull-ups to lend strength to the machine at the gym. Do arm lifts to reduce weight, or dumbbell arm lifts with the other hand as you lower them.

pain at base of back

(2)It's important to know the details of the movement so that we can turn the disadvantages into advantages and prevent you from getting hurt.The details vary with centrifugal contraction.For example, when I'm doing a pull-up, I spend 0.5 to 1 second doing a pull-up (pulling the body up), and then another 1 to 3 seconds controlling the drop (lowering the body down). It can be used for almost any kind of "pull" and the benefits go beyond injury prevention.Studies have shown that controlling centrifugal contractions in the lower part of the action gives you more benefits and helps you build muscle [1].

(3)Every time you do this, pretend you have a candle under your foot and don't let the flame go out. This naturally tightens your body as you descend to maintain a steady rate of descent.

(4)While pull-ups are a great free hand back workout, back training doesn't have to be free hand. You can do supine rowing by relying on your body weight, by adjusting the Angle of your body to the ground, the distance of your feet, the height, the weight, to adjust the difficulty.

(5)If you've experienced pain or discomfort in your elbow before, try switching to the back or middle grip (palm to palm grip) when you're doing "pull". As the grip changes, so does the Angle of the arm, and the pressure on the shoulders changes, the elbows become more comfortable.

pain at base of back

The above are 4 kinds of common fitness moves, some ways to prevent injury, I hope to help you!

Extended reading:

Reference: (1) higbie e j, cureton k j, warren iii g l, et al. Effects of concentric and eccentric training on muscle strength, cross – sectional area, and neural activation [j]. Journal of applied physiology. 1996, 81 (5) : 2173-2181.

Hangzhou aunt sneezed back pain can not move, a check was actually a thoracic vertebra fracture – AllPainHealing | back pain

Qianjiang evening news · hour news reporter he lina correspondent shen wenli

Hit a sneeze after, the back back got unable to move, emergency call an ambulance to send a hospital, was the thoracic vertebra fracture. Something strange has happened to aunt zhao (not her real name) in hangzhou. Doctors say similar conditions are not uncommon in clinical practice, with more than 70 percent of older women suffering from osteoporosis.

[photo: visual China]

A 67-year-old woman suffered a broken bone when she sneezed

Zhao aunt is 67 years old this year, usually in good health, housework she alone, morning and evening to take time to the community park to dance two square dance, feeling better than young people.

One day not long ago, she did some cleaning at home as usual. Her nose itched and sneezed inexplicablely, and then she felt her back hurt badly. After a detailed examination at xixi hospital in hangzhou, the patient was diagnosed with compression fracture of thoracic vertebra 12.

"I just sneezed and how did it break?" Aunt zhao could not understand the diagnosis at all. Zhang long, director of department of orthopedics, xixi hospital, explained to her patiently: "the root of your disease is senile osteoporosis. Similar cases are not uncommon in clinical practice. More than 70 percent are elderly women."

More than a month ago, an 81-year-old old lady accompanied by her daughter to zhang director of the outpatient service, said that recently back soreness is severe, an examination of magnetic resonance, there are lumbar and thoracic fractures in two places, and then find the cause of fracture, was unexpectedly after a nap to get up. Before there is a 70-year-old old woman, just left on the bus, because the road is not too flat, the car started a bump, she suddenly feel back pain is not line, finally please 120 send her to the city xixi hospital, a check is a lumbar fracture.

Expert warns: 50 years old above must prevent and cure osteoporosis

According to zhang long, osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease characterized by decreased bone tissue volume per unit volume caused by multiple causes. Osteoporosis can occur in different genders and at any age, but is mostly seen in postmenopausal women and elderly men, especially postmenopausal women, because of the lack of estrogen can be 1-3% of the annual bone loss, the most significant in the first ten years after menopause.

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Director zhang long is giving a physical examination to the patient.

The first symptom of osteoporosis is back pain. According to detailed medical history, aunt zhao has been suffering from back pain for the last two or three years. After a day of housework, it is especially obvious in the evening, and after a night of rest, it will be relieved. And clinical go up the patient of a few other unexplainable fracture also has same symptom, they did not arouse attention. With the continuous aggravation of osteoporosis, there may also be tooth loss, shorter figure, hunchback and other symptoms. When osteoporosis, the strength of the skeleton compressive ability is greatly reduced, coughing, sneezing, bending and other small movements may lead to fracture, and fracture good hair at the thoracolumbar.

According to aunt zhao's condition, director zhang led the team of doctors to perform percutaneous balloon dilation vertebra formation minimally invasive surgery (PKP) for her. The pain was significantly relieved on the day after the surgery, and the next day aunt zhao gave medical advice on getting off the bed.

However, after all, it is too late to operate on a broken bone. Zhang long reminded that in daily life, osteoporosis prevention and treatment are key for people over 50 years old.

1, usually should eat more calcium and vitamin rich food, such as dairy products, eggs, soy products, kelp, seaweed, seaweed, shrimp, sesame and so on.

2, appropriate exercise, the elderly can carry out gymnastics, taijiquan, swimming, dancing, fast walking and other sports, promote the new metabolism of the human body to strengthen bone.

3. Bone mineral density examination should be conducted once a year for women over 60 years old and men over 65 years old. Prevention and treatment measures should be taken as soon as possible, especially for postmenopausal women.

4. Once diagnosed, osteoporosis should be treated with calcium and vitamin d. Sun exposure can promote calcium absorption, and severe osteoporosis requires further anti-osteoporosis treatment with drugs.

5. Pay attention to safety in daily activities, be careful of waist bending and writhing movements, and seek medical treatment as soon as possible in case of obvious pain after injury, so as to clarify diagnosis and treatment.

Back pain health measures to develop good living habits – AllPainHealing | back pain/lumbar spine

Bad living habits, a step by step consumption of our body, we do not know this, and even strengthen the incorrect posture, which leads to the aggravation of back pain. Here's a look at some of the most common "right" behaviors in your life to see if you've made any mistakes.

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1. Bend your knees, bend your hips, and lift heavy objects straight:

Using this posture to lift heavy objects, it is unnecessary to extend the waist vigorously. After holding the heavy objects with both hands, the heavy objects will be lifted by extending the hips and knees. The extension hip knee joint mainly relies on the gluteus maximus and the quadriceps. Both of these muscles are stronger, with longer muscle fibers, which work more efficiently than the shorter sacrospinous muscles, and thus have less chance of being torn.

2. Shoulder or overhead load:

It takes less effort to carry heavy objects over your shoulders or head than it does to carry them. The reason is that the "moment arm" is reduced or not, the effect is not vertical, directly on the spine bone, the sacrospinous muscles only need to bear the spine stability.

3. Correct standing position:

The better body position that often stands when working is: knee joint is small bend, gluteus maximus is contracted gently, natural shrink abdominal muscle. This position is similar to the standard standing position, which makes the pelvis slightly backward, the lumbar spine slightly straightened, reduces the lumbosacral Angle, increases spinal support, and leaves the disc unchanged or less damaged by strain.

4. Sitting posture and sitting equipment:

To the person that sits a job for long time, answer to maintain or do not reduce as far as possible inherent lumbar front protruding sit a posture, with chair for leaning on is more appropriate, make lumbar back relies on somewhat, in order to reduce its burden. For the weak or elderly people should try to avoid low-seated posture. Sit with height appropriate and have the back of appropriate back inclination Angle is better.

After the back of a chair tilts 100 degrees left and right sides advisable, tall for 20 ~ 25 centimeters, feel board appropriate to support waist just, its below empty 10 ~ 15 centimeters can make coxal backward move, maintain the position of pelvis (straight), in order to maintain normal before protruding.

Other sit chair sit board height with can make genu ministry flexes 90 ~ 100, two sufficient can lay the ground is advisable, sit board length is pressed with the waist before sit after, its leading edge is on genu just 2 ~ 3 centimeters, crus can freedom flexes extend advisable.

5. Proper bed:

Supine lie when can maintain lumbar physiology before protruding, side lie when do not make spinal column side is bent, flat bed or pad on flat plate thicker mat is best, the bed of take tight second, general soft spring bed worst. Due to wire bed, when lying on your back, the spine is isolated, easy to make waist muscle, ligament, bone joint fatigue, strain.

6. Actively treat lumbar and back injuries:

This is an active measure to prevent chronic low back pain from forming adhesions or scarring. When treating lumbar fracture, do good reduction and lumbar back muscle exercise actively.

7. Sauna and massage:

A healthy sauna and massage can relieve your fatigue and help you forget the stress and worry of work. But for the spinal massage must be careful, especially the spine feel uncomfortable people, at will directly massage the uncomfortable part of the spine is easy to cause more serious lesions.

We tend to overlook the little things in life, but the body is the reactor of life habits. If you treat it well, it will naturally give you back. A healthy body is the foundation of everything, if you can adhere to the implementation of the above measures, form a habit, to a certain extent can reduce the possibility of back lesions recurrence. I wish you good health.

The office can also do "big health care", back pain relief in an instant – AllPainHealing | back pain relief/back pain/pain relief

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